New ‘Avengers’ & ‘G.I. Joe 2′ TV Spots; First ‘Battleship’ Clip

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Avengers gi joe 2 tv spots battleship clips New Avengers & G.I. Joe 2 TV Spots; First Battleship Clip

So far 2012 is shaping up to be a fairly good year for movies – and the biggest lineup of blockbusters is still on the way. Today we’ve rounded up some new movie clips and commercials from around the globe to share with you.

We have TV ads that give us a look at Marvel’s lineup of superheroes for The Avengers, as well as the comic book-style action we’ll be seeing in the (hopefully improved) sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Finally,  we have the first clip of Peter Berg’s Battleship, an alien-invasion action flick (very loosely) based on the Hasbro board game.

The Avengers

Not a lot more to say about The Avengers at this point; we’re all pretty much looking forward to it, and trailers and other TV Spots have shown it to be a blockbuster good time.

Check out this latest TV spot that “Roll Call’s” the roster of superheroes that will be kicking butt onscreen:

The Avengers will be in (U.S.) Theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Fans who were disappointed by the first G.I. Joe film, Rise of Cobra, have been, in general, warily optimistic about what they’ve seen in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailers. Jon Chu was seemingly a good pick to replace director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy), and with action stars like Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson stepping into the franchise – along with a much-improved  Cobra CommanderG.I. Joe Retaliation could be a case of getting it right the second time around.

Check out the latest TV spot from Japan:

G.I. Joe Retaliation will be in theaters on June 29, 2012.

Source: Paramount


There’s not a love for Peter Berg’s (Hancock) adaptation of Battleship out here on the Interwebs. People have gotten a look at the film’s trailers and almost universally come away saying it looks more like Transformers 4 than a movie based on a Naval simulation game using plastic ships and colored pegs. Throw in aliens, pop-star Rihanna trying out acting, an overall experience that feels like the second coming of Michael Bay, and there’s all the reason some people need to write off this film completely.

This new clip from Battleship (by way of China) isn’t likely to change naysayers’ minds, either:

Battleship will be in theaters on May 18, 2012.

Sources: Yahoo Movies China (via Coming Soon)

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  1. Will not watch any more clips from any of these movies. I will already be seeing them all.

    • Completely agree, been avoiding the tv spots for these movies cause ive been sold on seeing them after the first trailer of each! well except Avengers, i knew i was going to be seeing that like 5 years ago!

  2. Both films look excellent. Can’t wait to see both of them.

  3. I am not going to see Battleship. It will be a rental at best. GI Joe I may go see in theaters if it gets good reviews. For The Avengers I am there opening night!

  4. Doesn’t the avengers have enough tv spots already lol

    • They have obviously learned from the “John Carter” marketing debacle and are thus keeping and holding everyone’s interest until the movie hits the theaters.

      • LOL, well, they had their marketing strategy figured out long before John Carpenter bombed, and they didn’t have John Carpenter’s primary problem…most people have no idea who John Carpenter was, didn’t know there were books, didn’t care about the film.

        It came across as a random CG kiddie action flick from Disney, when in fact its source has a long, storied history that inspired most other popular sci-fi…those problems all due to awful marketing and a lack of awareness about the books. The Avengers don’t have that problem at all…even people who aren’t comic nerds know who Iron Man and Hulk and Cap are.

  5. I’m looking forward to watching all 3 of these movies.

    As much as people have already decided Battleship won’t be any good…it just re-inforces how much I want to see it.

  6. Man, they certainly are marketing The Avengers. I kinda want to count the trailers just to see how many different ones they released.

  7. I just purchased my tickets for The Avengers :)
    May 4th 1:00pm the earliest showing at the theater.
    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • Why aren’t you seeing the midnight release? Not attacking, just a simple question.

      • Crowds.
        I’m not naive enough to think the 1:00 show won’t be crowded but it won’t be as bad.
        The midnight shows will be packed and anything after 4 on Friday will be just as crazy.

        • See, i like the crowds at the midnight showing because everyone there is excited for the movie so its a nice atmosphere and just fun, plus im always first since i show up at least 4 hours early to releases like The Avengers!

      • Personally I won’t be seeing it in at midnight because these days people don’t know how to shut the f@ck up and enjoy a movie. When you have a full theatre it’s even less likely that people will behave properly. I’m going to see Avengers opening week, but it will be in the afternoon when there are fewer moronic knuckleheads.

        • i really want to go to avengers midnight showing, but i have class at nine the next morning so idk if i should go or not.

        • ^^ This

          I’ll go Friday to the 9am show…

          • @Ken That is very true, but you get that more with movies like Paranormal activity, i think there will be too many avid fans of the comic books/movies to let the morons ruin it, plus my theater has started to threaten kicking people out which is nice!

            @ Draagyn I have class the next morning as well but ive been looking forward to this one for many years so theres no way im missing the midnight showing for The Avengers!

        • I hear in America it is normal for people to cheer, whoop and shout at the screen. In the UK, that would just pi** us off. We laugh out loud, but apart from that most people hate having other noises interrupt a film.

          Maybe in a comic convention screening with lots of nerds it would be fine, but in a regular screening it’s a no-no.

          • There are some people who behave this way, typically teenagers and early-20s folk who have no idea how to enjoy a film experience. It’s not “normal,” most people don’t hoop & holler, but all it takes is a few to ruin it. The only people who don’t hate it are the ones who take part in it.

            • There is absolutely nothing wrong with applause when something amazing happens like when someone saves someone in an epic way. I love that. For other noises, I agree, no need for audience commentary… Unless the movie is terrible, then sometimes audience commentary is hilarious… 😀

        • ^^^ this!

  8. I definitely want to see Avengers and G.I.Joe, Battleship… not so much.

    • If you enjoyed Transformers, then you should enjoy battleship but if you werent a big fan, then i wouldnt go!

  9. I’m really hoping G.I.Joe is gonna be good. I want further sequels and more Bruce and Dwayne.

  10. I remember going to see Star Wars Return of the Jedi when it came out the first time. When Vader picks up the emperor the whole theater went nuts. It was awesome. There have been a few movies like that where the whole place cheers or gasps. Most of the time its a class crowd. Very rarely have I found excessive talking or devices going off. Most people are pretty good about it. and May 4th 10:30 AM The Avengers in 3DIMAX for me. The Saturday I will see it a couple times with various nephews and other family members. But Friday is all mine.

    • The dark knight magic trick scene made people go nuts at midnight huuuuge gasp

  11. Crappleship is more like it.

  12. Now, see idk why people bash transformers and Battleship so much, they’re just fun popcorn flicks 😀 If you’re going into these movies expecting Superb acting then yes you’re going to be disappointed. lol idk I enjoy a solid action summer flick from time to time, why all the hate? XD

    • I haven’t got a problem with battleship. But Transformers trampled on many parts of an established franchise. That is the main gripe most people have.

  13. people comparing Battleship to Transformers really have no clue. the trailers for Battleship CLEARLY show there are aliens attempting some kind of invasion, and they have arrived in some pretty weird looking crafts. it also appears some of there weapons are not traditional guns/cannons/lasers/photon torpedoes, but some kind of “sentinels” (see The Matrix) would you compare ID4 to transformers? No. Transformers are giant robots. There are no small people inside controlling them (see Meet Dave,or MIB). They are living machines. Do all previous “alien invasion” films now look like transformers? because something is big and loud, doesn’t make it a transformer, or transformer rip-off. the giant “whatever” in The Avengers is not a transformer. 1 theory i heard, and agree with, is it’s some kind of creature wearing some armor. fin fang foom, or mid-gard serpent, i don’t know, but we will know in just under 4 weeks. I just thinks it’s a shame that everything has to be compared to everything else, but everyone is entitled to their opinion…no matter how wrong it is.

    just kidding

    • You’re taking very superficial differences as examples, and saying “See, they’re nothing alike!” when in fact the larger aspects are very similar. The cinematographic style, the effects, the plots, the storytelling tone are all very similar between the Transformers films and Battleship.

      • ^^^ Totally agree!

  14. 3 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours 22 minutes

    • Dude, you’re off by like 3 hours! jk, cant wait though, gonna be awesome!

  15. Avengers will Rock The Casbah!

  16. Dont read unless you need more Avengers minor spoiler

    Oh my lordy there is another commercial out that I saw just seconds ago on line. It actually has Captain America saying, “Hulk!” and the Hulk turns and looks at him. Then Cap says, “SMASH!” And the Hulk smiles and is very very happy about it. (And Im not kidding either)

    • Yeah, saw this after they wrote about it on SR a while back…this is possible one of my favorite TV spots so far, because I’m a Hulk nerd. Wish I could find the pics from 1st grade when I dressed as Hulk for halloween.

  17. Watched Battleship today, The audience were laughing it was so cheesy and predictable. but good throwaway fun.

  18. watched battleships yesterday and it blow me away action was brilliant and very enjoyable. must buy for blu-ray…

  19. Yes seen Battleships two days ago and im nominating it for lots of awards.
    Trashyiest picture of the year. Picture least likely to tax your mind.
    Picture most likely to give you ambition that if thats acting then you got Oscars coming out every pore.
    Best jingoistic speeches of the decade.
    Multi role playing by a crew that can drop any job and be the only action heroes on ship.
    The best poser shots by Rhianna with machine gun against alien battleship.
    Best acting of a moron by Taylor Kirsch , wonders if it was method acting?
    Superb acting of old navy crew to rescue scene. (Made one want to cry).