‘Avengers’ Behind the Scenes Footage & Clip; ‘Iron Man 3′ Shooting in China [Updated]

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The Avengers Iron Man Gets Ready for a Scene 570x380 Avengers Behind the Scenes Footage & Clip; Iron Man 3 Shooting in China [Updated]

Marvel movie mania (say it three times fast!) is in full swing (Thor pun!), now that The Avengers is finally here for its theatrical debut. (Scroll down to learn about some early production details for Iron Man 3.)

After the many trailersimagesfeaturettesclips,  interviewsTV spots and early reviews that have revealed (a bit too) much about  Marvel’s superhero team-up blockbuster, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to give fans a look at how this movie was made, rather than samples of what’s in it. The B-roll of behind-the-scenes footage (seen above) helps to do just that.

[UPDATE]: As soon as we posted this, MSN released yet another clip from The Avengers

<a href='http://video.uk.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&vid=c6e87d84-7e48-4632-a897-58e4aa7b5044&from=sp^en-gb&src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Marvel Avengers Assemble Exclusive Clip - Loki Imprisoned' >Video: Marvel Avengers Assemble Exclusive Clip - Loki Imprisoned</a>



Iron Man 3 Shooting in China

iron man 3 Avengers Behind the Scenes Footage & Clip; Iron Man 3 Shooting in China [Updated]

After it was announced that Ben Kingsley was joining Iron Man 3, rumors ran rampant (say that three times fast!) that the veteran actor was going to be playing iconic Iron Man villain The Mandarin. Marvel has been quick to deny this, claiming that Kingsley is not playing the ‘main villain’ of the film, suggesting that either A) The Mandarin could be played by some other actor, B) The Mandarin is not the villain in the film at all, or C) Kingsley is some sort of supporting character or advisor to the main villain, who may or may not be The Mandarin.

No matter how it plays out, one thing is for sure: these Mandarin villain rumors are only going to get more prolific, as Disney/Marvel has put out a press release that they will be partnering with co-producer DMG Entertainment – a Chinese company – with portions of Iron Man 3 set to be shot in China itself.

Given that the nature of the Mandarin’s origin (son of a wealthy Chinese father and English noblewoman mother – a mixed ethnicity that could Kingsley could embody, BTW), it’s so easy to speculate that this China shoot is being used to bring the Mandarin to life onscreen. But then, it could also be that same obvious-looking answer that could cause us all to jump to some specious conclusions.

THe Mandarin Iron Man 3 Avengers Behind the Scenes Footage & Clip; Iron Man 3 Shooting in China [Updated]

A more recent version of The Mandarin (Cover of Invincible Iron Man #511)

For instance: Bethlehem Pennsylvania (my wife’s hometown) was used to create a sequence set in Shanghai in Transformers 2 - so if that doesn’t prove to you that geographic locations don’t always get represented accurately onscreen, nothing will. I say that to say: filming Iron Man 3 in China doesn’t automatically mean the story has parts set in China. It’s strong circumstantial evidence, but not a certainty. Given that the majority of filming will be done in North Carolina, is could be argued that a Chinese setting is NOT what IM3 has in mind.

Then again, given the long track record of filmmakers and studios either denying or outright lying about spoilers that have been revealed on the Internet – we could point out a few about Avengers and Dark Knight Rises (click links at your own risk!) that have recently been confirmed – Marvel’s denials about the Mandarin, combined with this partnership with DMG, could be a case of the obvious answer also happening to be the right one.

We’ll know more as Iron Man 3 goes into production for its May 3, 2013 release date.

Sources: Disney/Marvel & MSN

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  1. If you’re shooting in China, it’s safe to assume the scene will take place in China….

    • Whether Stark is in China in IM3 is not a safe bet. Shooting a scene or two (maybe the entire film for all we know) however, is a safe bet. Maybe its cheaper to film there, maybe they wanted a forest/jungle scene (Predators with Adrian Brody was filmed in Hawaii because it looked so alien)

      But this news gives me hope that Mandarin will show up and kick some @ss!!!

      All I hope is that Mandarin will not be castrated like Whiplash in IM2.

      • Besides, Dark Knight wasn’t filmed in Gotham ;)

        • WHAT??!!

          • HE SAID THE DARK KNIGHT WASN’T FILMED IN GOTHAM!! Sorry, I had to say that loudly because CrazyMan couldn’t hear BigBaby. 8-)

            • Type that loudly… But I’m just nip-picking.

              And CrazyManHandcuffs, next time Ill type slower for you ;)

      • I can’t see how it would be cheaper to film in China: that would mean moving the ENTIRE production (including cast and crew and even some set items) halfway across the WORLD – no way that’s gonna be cheaper IMO ;)
        And it’s easy enough to make a set of a jungle or forest, OR they could easily find a suitable location closer

        Nah, I think they’re filming in China because (parts) of the movie will take place in China – there’s even rumors going around that there’s a casting call for Middle Eastern and Asian/Chinese extras.

        • Production costs are a lot lower. Yes, you’re taking some crew, and the cast, and some equipment across the world, but you’re also employing Chinese crew and equipment to do the filming and sets and everything else. Chinese crew and equipment is cheaper to acquire than American, by a long shot. Combined with their long history and experience with creating film, it should be an interesting mixup. Can’t wait to see the results.

          • Then why are they still shooting MOST of the movie in the US?
            It seems unlikely that they’re shooting a large part of the movie in North Carolina and then moving the rest of production to China because it’s cheaper.
            That doesn’t really make sense to me… if it’s cheaper, why not film the WHOLE thing in China then? It’s less of a hassle.
            IMO, the explanation is this is because the location has to be China, since some of the movie (but not all of it) takes place in China…

            I guess time will tell, but I’m sticking to my guns with this one:
            I honestly believe we’ll see the Mandarin (and China) in this movie.

            • You asked why it would be cheaper to shoot in china. I never stated the reason they’re filming in china was because it’s cheaper, I was providing information pertinent to your question.

              I think you made a leap that I wasn’t making myself… I think they’re filming some scenes in China because it figures into the plot, but you asked why it’s cheaper to film in china. When I answered your question, you thought I was saying “they’re filming there to save money,” which isn’t what I was getting at.

              • Fair enough, but I never asked why it was cheaper though…
                My whole comment was about how it couldn’t have been cheaper. I never asked any questions on the subject. ;)

                • You said you couldn’t see how it could be cheaper. Just because there wasn’t a question mark doesn’t mean you were unsure. There was an answer to your thought. I knew what it was.

                  Easy peasy.

        • I never meant to say that the movie wasn’t gonna be in China at one point, I was just stating the other possibilities of why they are in China and not the US.

          Honestly, I hope IM3 is (partially) set in China because of the Mandarin, I was just trying to make sense of it all without the possibility of it not being Mandarin as the main villain and therefore, being upset.

  2. BE WARNED. The first video is NOT 31 seconds like it says it is, I’ve been watching for about 7 mins and it’s still going!

    • Jesus, it’s about 10-15 mins long. I lost track.

    • It’s 19:46, according to the player. I love “shooting the scenes” stuff, can’t wait to start watching it.

  3. I’m just going to go tangential here: Woo Bethlehem!

  4. Just because Sir Kingsley won’t be the MAIN villain, doesn’t mean he won’t be The Mandarin (and Feige’s dismissals are, IMO, just a way of throwing us off since they want to keep things secret – they never even said he WON’T be the The Mandarin).
    I think we’ll see The Mandarin (portrayed by Kingsley) in a “watered down version” (just a wealthy businessman – no magical/alien rings and no dragon) pulling all the strings: financing the “main villain”, controlling the Ten Rings and maybe even unleashing a corporate/environmental war.
    And yeah, the fact that they’re shooting parts of IM3 in China, only strengthens my belief in this theory ;)

  5. @Kofi

    how Ben Kingsley can embody a mixed character like The Mandarin who is half white and chinese. Ben Kingsley is of Indian descent. if you going to casted someone who is mixed chinese and caucasian you would cast actor Russell Wong

    • yeah, I question the casting as well… even though Kingsley is great. It’s like The Last Airbender all over again.


    • I concur! Those 3 words say a mouthful, and anything less than that mouthful would be hard for us fanboys to swallow!

  7. I have alot to say bout this. One, does anyone know what Kingsley was knighted for? Just curious. Two, is it even confirmed that Ben is playing a villian? That stated, I’ll go ahead and confess I’m on the Mandarin bandwagon same as everybody else. Third, since they’re shooting in China, I sure hope the sound track is in sync with everybodys lips moving. :)

  8. they are filming in China because a Chinese company is attached to the production of the movie. China also pays lots of money to see movies and apparently love 3D thats y iron man 3 will be post converted into 3D.
    1 week and 1 day until the Avengers WOOO, new clip looks awesome!!!!!

  9. For what its worth, there was a casting call this past Sunday in Raleigh, NC for extras in IM3. They were looking for all types of people, but did stress a partuclar need for those with Asian heritage.

  10. Marvel movie mania (say it three times fast!) is in full swing (Thor pun!)

  11. That behind the scenes video was 20 minutes of pure awesomeness!
    At @ 4:15 there’s a clip of Whedon and Johansson talking and I couldn’t help but think that Whedon’s the luckiest man on the planet:)