First Trailer for ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’ Animated Series

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Though summer won’t see the return of Marvel’s Avengers in movie theaters until 2015 when The Avengers 2 arrives, the small screen will see the superheroes assemble in July of this year.

Disney XD will premiere the animated series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (which is replacing Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) on Sunday, July 7th, and a special one-hour preview episode will air on Sunday, May 26th the week before, both airing in the morning at 11am EST.

All of your favorite heroes are featured in the series including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. And the animated series will get a jump on Captain America: The Winter Soldier by introducing Cap’s sidekick Falcon.

The one-hour preview episode on May 26th serves as a sort of precursor to the series premiere and is separated into two parts. The Avengers Protocol: Part I sees Captain America, apparently destroyed by Red Skull, forcing Iron Man to get the team back together, avenge Cap’s death and defeat Red Skull’s army. Then in The Avengers Protocol: Part II, Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. get their hands on Tony Stark’s armor, forcing the tense assembly of heroes to overcome their differences in order to stop New York City from being destroyed.

marvelsavengersassemble avengers assembled First Trailer for Marvels Avengers Assemble Animated Series

Then the series premiere, titled Ghost of a Chance, introduces Falcon to the team. But the rookie is forced to prove himself by stopping an invasion of Earth as The Avengers fall victim to body-swapping Space Phantoms.

Yes, these episodes sound exactly like what fans should expect from weekend morning cartoons following superheroes. And if you watch the trailer above, the re-purposed monologue from Tony Stark in The Avengers doing a headcount of the team is filled with zingers and humor that kids will just eat up.

It’s clear that this will utilize much more of Marvel’s comic book mythology by blending villains and heroes that we’ve yet to see work together on the big screen, and it will continue to keep the younger crowd interested in Marvel’s superhero ensemble in between the big blockbuster films. And there just might be something for older comic book fans to enjoy as well.


Marvel’s Avengers Assemble has a one-hour preview May 26th at 11am EST, and the series premieres July 7th at 11am EST on Disney XD.

Source: Marvel

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  1. Looks way too cheesy, even for a saturday morning cartoon! haha.

  2. Meh! IMO I still believe it would have been better to keep Avengers emh on the air. Yeah the animation looks a little better , but the overall feel of it reminds me of those direct to DVD Marvel cartoon films and some of those suck!

    • Bingo

    • The voice acting, characters, visuals and action were prestine in that show this looks really bad.

  3. I enjoyed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes quite a bit, and it was something that me and the kiddo could watch and both enjoy. I really don’t understand the need to cancel that series and reboot to “The Avengers, almost the exact same as that show we just cancelled but a little different”

    If they wanted to focus on stories relevant to the MCU, then just shift the focus of the show and mix up the characters. It makes it hard to get excited about TV shows anymore (aimed at any age group) because of this knee jerk cancellation/replacement BS.

    • +100

  4. Marc Worden was way better as Stark.

    • First thing I thought.

    • +1

      Wordern sounded eerily similar to Robert Downey Jr. I loved that about him.

  5. Ok Disney XD, don’t let me like this show and cancel it after 2 seasons like you did Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

  6. Lame. Earths mightiest heroes was great

    • EMH was repetitive.

  7. Not at all impressed. I liked the stylized look of A:EMH much better than this which almost looks amateurish is places.

    Doing this also means we get the lame and boring Hawkeye outfit and no Black Panther or other characters because it needs to mirror the movieverse.

    Yeah, I want A:EMH back and for Loeb to be given the big ol’ boot.

  8. Pathetic, just like the last one.

    C’mon Disney.


  9. Looks so bad. Did they ever watch a DC anime ?

    • They’ve an anime? Though Marvel has quite a few out there. Blade, Iron Man, X-Men

    • They’ve an anime? Though Marvel has quite a few out there. Blade, Iron Man, X-Men …

  10. wow theey are going to milk this as much as possible they just took the dialogue from the live action film and pretty much used it for this animated show its just not cutting it for me

    • It’s just a trailer. Way to judge an entire series from one minute of footage.

      • Actually the first episode can be found online

  11. Marvel needs to get away from these cheesy poorly drawn kiddie affairs. This just reeks of Saturday morning cartoons. Follow WB/DC’s formula or bring back the ultimate line of animation (even those were kinda crappy looking in comparison to DC). I’m not even a big DC fan, but f’n “Young Justice” pokes all of this in the eye quality wise.

    I’ll probably pass

    • Yup, and now that Young Justice is gone, and Tron is gone…

      Well, Legend of Korra is coming back, at least.


  12. Wow. All I saw from this was a guy doing a bad Robert Downey Jr. impression.

    He sounds more like Edward Norton!

    • It’s Adrian Pasdar. He’s voiced Stark/Iron Man in Marvel Anime.

      • Never been a fan of Marvel’s anime except for Wolverine when it first started.

        I mean, if you’re going to scrap a previous Avengers show in favor of marketing your precious film franchise, at least get good people to voice them over. Adrian Pasdar might fit the anime Stark, but not a RDJ-based Stark.

        And it looks like I was right about one thing; Captain America is merely a side character to that franchise now, there is no point in trying to justify his reason to be leader of The Avengers. Great job Disney, you ruined one of my favorite characters remaining in my slim connection with Marvel these days.

  13. Since when is May 26th the week before July 7th?

  14. Hello Mr. Loeb, please let me introduce my foot to your a**. Perhaps he can block you from continuing to crap on Marvel fans.

  15. This looks terrible, bring back Earths Mightest Heroes.

  16. um, all i care about is loki…who i did not see. :/

  17. This is supposed to be better than EMH? FAIL!

  18. Uh, Cap should be #1 leader. Always.
    Iron Man should be #2 in command. Always.
    Time to irk a few of you dissenters. Always.

  19. I’m relieved to see everyone feels the same about EMH & this new crap as I do.

  20. prob won’t get into it but i’m happy to see it’s a show about the avengers not the “little avengers” or the “next avengers”…..*looks at DC*

  21. Totally agree with “billy”.
    At first I thought it was Spider-Man narrating, then when I saw it was Tony Stark I was like wow what is he 17?
    Earths Mightiest Heroes was the best superhero cartoon I’ve ever seen.
    This is the perfect example of unnecessary rebooting of an already great show just.
    Besides that the art looks really nice, but wish EMH never got cancelled.
    Such a shame…

  22. Meh

  23. Lame, EMH was a great cartoon. Plus the animation on this looks like crap.

    What I dont understand is why Disney would reboot to match a movie that is old now? Wouldnt it make more sense to keep the large group of characters that EMH had so that in 10 years when this crop of kids are older they can make mega block busters with these characters too?

  24. The widow is beyond useless – and the Justice League is better/cooler

    • JL is gayer too. Just thought I’d point that out.

      • ( Facepalm) If you are referring to the cartoon or comic series….please see past your fanboy biasness. Neither a DC or Marvel fanboy…but marvel thus seem to release pile off crap cartoons & animated movies. They should aim at all age demographics & Disney should stop trying to milk the cash cow. Just do a standalone cartoon series introducing lesser known avengers EMH was a good show this looks like crap.

    • While I do agree the old DCU was incredible, we won’t be getting something like that back anytime soon. I could live off of watching every series though: BTAS, TNBA, BB, STAS, SS, JL, and JLU.

  25. I’m not a fan of the animation for this or EMH. It just looks like something out of the coloring books you find at a dollar store or something.

  26. Part 1 of the hour preview is up on itunes to watch for free. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, some atrocious jokes, but it wasn’t awful

  27. Still waiting to hear more of Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

  28. It annoys me so much that they canceled the EMH (Earths Mightiest Heroes) so they could release another cartoon that more closely resemble the live-action movie. So now we don’t have anything that is close to the actual comic book characters. Not to mention the fact they got rid of the extended main character line up. I enjoyed them having wasp, black panther, ms. marvel and antman. I also feel like the stories are going to suffer as they try to keep the characters the same as the ones in the movie franchise. As for falcon he going to make an appearance in a movie soon so that’s why he made the cut. All in all they should have just left EMH on the air I’m sure it will have been a way better show.

  29. Oh, how I miss Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…