First Trailer for ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’ Animated Series

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Though summer won’t see the return of Marvel’s Avengers in movie theaters until 2015 when The Avengers 2 arrives, the small screen will see the superheroes assemble in July of this year.

Disney XD will premiere the animated series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (which is replacing Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) on Sunday, July 7th, and a special one-hour preview episode will air on Sunday, May 26th the week before, both airing in the morning at 11am EST.

All of your favorite heroes are featured in the series including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. And the animated series will get a jump on Captain America: The Winter Soldier by introducing Cap’s sidekick Falcon.

The one-hour preview episode on May 26th serves as a sort of precursor to the series premiere and is separated into two parts. The Avengers Protocol: Part I sees Captain America, apparently destroyed by Red Skull, forcing Iron Man to get the team back together, avenge Cap’s death and defeat Red Skull’s army. Then in The Avengers Protocol: Part II, Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. get their hands on Tony Stark’s armor, forcing the tense assembly of heroes to overcome their differences in order to stop New York City from being destroyed.

marvelsavengersassemble avengers assembled First Trailer for Marvels Avengers Assemble Animated Series

Then the series premiere, titled Ghost of a Chance, introduces Falcon to the team. But the rookie is forced to prove himself by stopping an invasion of Earth as The Avengers fall victim to body-swapping Space Phantoms.

Yes, these episodes sound exactly like what fans should expect from weekend morning cartoons following superheroes. And if you watch the trailer above, the re-purposed monologue from Tony Stark in The Avengers doing a headcount of the team is filled with zingers and humor that kids will just eat up.

It’s clear that this will utilize much more of Marvel’s comic book mythology by blending villains and heroes that we’ve yet to see work together on the big screen, and it will continue to keep the younger crowd interested in Marvel’s superhero ensemble in between the big blockbuster films. And there just might be something for older comic book fans to enjoy as well.


Marvel’s Avengers Assemble has a one-hour preview May 26th at 11am EST, and the series premieres July 7th at 11am EST on Disney XD.

Source: Marvel

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  1. The animation style is more realistic, but Stark and Falcon sound horrible. Do we at least still have Fred Tatascorie as Hulk?

  2. It’s Spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man TAS all over again!

    • Marvel should make an animated show about Daredevil for crying out loud.

  3. That stark does sound like edward norton..

    • No it doesnt. Its the guy who played Nathan on Heroes.

    • Marvel should make another show about the fantastic four, that might spark more interest for Marvel fans and I don’t like what marvel is doing with hulk and the agents of smash the animation is an eye soar and painful to look at.

  4. By Odin’s beard…no. Disney needs to get their head out their asses as well as Marvel when it comes to super hero shows. Look at Ultimate Spiderman. That is honestly the worst incarnation of Spiderman that has been conjured up in years and I can say with a straight face that that show is a steaming pile of dog sh*t. They cancelled EMH for this crap? Thank you but no thank you. Disney, you could take a hint or two from DC. Look at all the popular and successful shows they’ve had, most recently with Young Justice. Disney likes to takes good things and ruin them by targetting what’s meant for an older audience and aim it at younger kids. Look at Super Hero Squad, was that show even necessary? And another thing, Spiderman gets cheated out of a spot in the Avengers for…Falcon? Yeah, I’ll pass. Thanks for ruining everything Marvel stood for Disney

    • I think Disney and Marvel are trying to build hype for Falcon so he’ll be accepted by the general audience in Avengers 2.

      I can see why, given that his powers are flight and guns. Both of which Iron Man already has, with tons of other stuff. Falcon is only necessary to the team as the token black guy, it seems.

      • They are definitely trying introduce the Falcon because of Cap America 2. It doesn’t change the fact that the Falcon is pretty lame and they could have used any number of Avengers who are more interesting than him. I just can’t watch Disney flush the magic they had with EMH down the toilet. If it is anything like Ultimate Spider-Man I will not watch past the preview episodes.

    • Actually, this takes place in the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man.

  5. As much as I like ‘The Avengers’ movie, this campaigning is really staring to annoy me.

  6. EMH is gonna be hard to beat. That being said, I’m still gonna tune in when this airs.

  7. This promo is pathetic!!! So they cancel “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” for this “Avengers Assemble” non-sense?!?! SMDH

  8. So… this isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. If its available on Hulu, Ill watch it. But its nothing to order cable over.

  9. Set it up for my nephew but do not know if I will watch.

  10. Wow… that’s really creative… it must have taken the writers a long time to copy and paste Whedon’s script like that -_-

    Guess I’ll be watching old episodes of EMH when this goes on air.

    • Indeed I will be as well. Watched the first episode, and I’m really disappointed. I’ll keep watching for a bit, but this is a step-down for Disney, and not a step up. I even prefer the animation style for EHM much more.

  11. If they needed a “token” guy I think they should of gone for Black Panther esp as they wanna do a film! Just saying

    • Falcon will be in Captain America:TWS… So it makes sense that Falcon will be in this.

  12. Needless re-boot, if you wanna bring the spotlight on Falcon have him in more EMH episodes, not sold on the new character designs over EMH.

    Anyone know about the continuity (yes i know this is marvel and it’s a dirty word, just askin’, geez…. lol) with the stroylines from EMH

  13. I personally wasn’t a fan of EMH, will check this one out.


    • bring back young jusice DC, it’s just common sense to do so.

  15. It looks terrible, bring back Justice League Unlimited please….

  16. “Prince” of thunder? What’s that about? Don’t tell me Marvel’s suddenly being sensitive to the religious at this stage of the game.

    • With all the overprotective parents out there (read: parents who don’t have anything better to worry about, and essentially, don’t have lives of their own), I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney wanted the word “God” out to ensure they don’t get into any “trouble” with said parents.

      …sometimes I hate the world we live in :(

      • Actually I was surprised at the lack of any (at all) problems so far, but at this point it seems the cats out of the bag, the milk’s been spilled. Haven’t most of these kids seen Avengers by now?
        “Prince of Thunder” is going to sound weird. “Thunder Prince?”

        • Prince of Thunder… is anyone else picturing Will Smith armed with a war hammer?

      • They should have named him “Person of Thunder”. But, then again, thunder offends my dog, so I call a boycott of using it in his name. So “Person of Static Electricity” may be alright until you find the people who were offended by static electricity. Like the real Prince, it may be better if they use a symbol.

      • power pack show for the kids, it’s the best possible route for Marvel.

  17. …. People do realize this is on Disney XD right ? a place for kids , I mean they arent marketing towards adults if they did that then it would be on adult swim , smh one person even said it looks like a saturday morning cartoon may be because it is ? ;/ lol silly ass people

  18. There’s no…no distinct personalities here. They all seem to be the same person. Why does Cap sound so…so…not Cap?

  19. No, no, no. Audiences of ALL ages are following these characters.

    Bring back Spectacular Spider-Man, the one before Ultimate on Disney XD.

    Bring back Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

    Leave Earth’s Mightiest Heroes be. It was great.

  20. For a company devoted to animation (Disney), they sure do have crappy-looking Marvel cartoons. Why can’t they see how DC does Young Justice; now there’s some prime animation!

  21. when they dumb down the programming like this (aka make it more “kid friendly”) they make me feel like a housewife who’s just been dumped for a younger stupider model

  22. I saw the 1st episode its ok but they seriously need spiderman on the team i dont like how they did spiderman in ultimate or emh they make spidey seem un experienced and he only uses his webs seriously come on disney spidey dose more than just web he has super strength 2 hell he is even stronger than captain america he can lift a freakin car and all they do is have hime fight with webs i miss the animated series spiderman and spiderman unlimited spectaculer was ok the designs kinda looked childish but any way they need to put spidey on the team hes there biggest charecter and probably the most know super hero in the world he has super man status and they still dont got him on the team hes even on the team in the comics even tho i dont read them and u dont have him on the show disney needs to start thinking straight

  23. This cartoon is an insult to every fan. This show sucked too much for words. I was hoping at least something to work with, but no. Nothing.

  24. The annoying thing about this series is the way iron mans suit looks and the fact that he always wears the same suit of armor, I mean when is he going to wear the stealth armor or the hulk-buster armor, you people are slowly killing iron man and not to mention falcon. If you want an idea marvel make iron man wear the stealth armor in avengers 2 if you want to save iron man’s reputation as an awesome marvel hero.

  25. How did this get a second season? Each week is the same story with pretty much the same few villains. No vision, the character nor the stories.