Marvel Studios President Hints at Buildup to ‘Avengers 3′ Infinity Gauntlet Storyline

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Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet War Thanos Marvel Studios President Hints at Buildup to Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet Storyline

The Marvel TV/Movie universe is in rapid expansion right now, with new TV projects in development and a mix of anticipated sequels and new property launches coming to the big screen soon. There is also development in when we’ll see Marvel blockbusters hit the big screen, as Thor: The Dark World prepares to test the brand’s might in this 2013 fall movie season.

But with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on TV, and so many movies (and potential new movies) introducing more and more elements to the Marvel Universe, one has to wonder: where is it all leading? Well, we may have confirmed a seriously cool destination on that road to come.

While at the press junket for Thor: The Dark World, I had a chance to sit down with Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige and pick his brain about everything we here in the Screen Rant bullpen have dissected and analyzed (on the site or on our podcast) since long before Phase Two even began. And based on what we’ve seen and heard about films like Thor 2Guardians of the Galaxy - and possible future properties including Doctor Strange and The Inhumans – it’s been clear that there’s a cosmic game afoot, and that that grinning Thanos at the end of Avengers is still in the shadows watching it all – but to what end.



[WARNING: The Following is Speculation that could be considered MILD SPOILERS for every Marvel Movie until Avengers 3. Just saying: we’re usually on the money about these things. You’ve been warned.]




Thanos with Cosmic Cube Marvel Studios President Hints at Buildup to Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet Storyline

Given that The Avengers 2 will be about the earth-bound threat of Ultron, I asked Feige straight up if clues like the Tesseract and Loki’s mind-control scepter in The Avengers – or the  recent revelation that Thor 2 villain Malekith the Dark Elf is chasing “The Aether,” another god-like power - are leading us to an Avengers 3 scenario where Thanos takes hold of the dreaded Infinity Gauntlet (last seen in Odin’s vault in Thor) and essentially achieves that godhood. Feige’s response:

“Well, I don’t know that I would spell it out that clearly, necessarily, but certainly fans of the comics could surmise that all of this is leading somewhere. That Joss’ decision to have Thanos turn around and smile for the audience at the end of ‘Avengers’, our reveal, was always the plan.”

Feige continues, speaking of certain MacGuffins in The Avengers and Thor 2, explaining that upcoming reveals (including a big one in Thor 2) tie into Guardians of the Galaxy.

“…And where it goes from there, we’ll see… But yes, the MacGuffin of ‘Guardians’ certainly plays into MacGuffins of the past.”


WATCH: The FULL Video Interview with Kevin Feige


Guardians of the galaxy concept art Marvel Studios President Hints at Buildup to Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet Storyline

For anyone not clear, “MacGuffins” are a term for THAT object in a movie that everyone is chasing after/fighting over. What Feige has just confirmed, essentially, is that the sought-after items in Avengers, Thor 2 and potentially, Guardians of the Galaxy are all connected, and form a loose blueprint for the Marvel Movie Universe that could run from The Avengers in 2012 as far as that point in 2021, which Feige has previously confirmed as the fullest extent of their current planning. In short: without directly saying so, Feige is acknowledging that an Infinity Gauntlet storyline comics fans may know well could be getting re-fitted for the movies.

Comic book fans have likely been expecting (read: hoping for) this since the end of The Avengers, but for the casual film fan: The Infinity Gauntlet is a glove that has six gems (time, space, power, mind, reality, soul) that grant the wearer godlike power. In the famous ’90s comic book storyline by writer Jim Starlin and artists George Pérez and Ron Lim, Thanos gets the glove and lays waste to the Marvel superheroes, until he is betrayed by his companion Nebula and defeated by the heroes. Nebula, of course, will be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy - so you can see just how intricately and deliberately this web is being spun.

Dr. Strange Character Art 570x220 Marvel Studios President Hints at Buildup to Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet Storyline

Though he didn’t directly address it, Feige also acknowledged my speculative claims that films like Doctor Strange and Inhumans seem more viable for theatrical release now, since they have the notable advantage of being further opportunities to introduce more mystical “MacGuffins” (possibly Infinity-related objects) into the movie mix. Even Avengers 2 could use their non-mutant (for legal reasons) version of Scarlet Witch as a springboard an Infinity Gauntlet piece – since her “witchy” powers need to come from somewhere. Going forward, it’s all about which of the Gauntlet pieces best correlate to each respective movie (in terms of plot and themes), but there seems to be little doubt about the destination: an Avengers 3 showdown with the mad titan and his god-gauntlet. Count us in!

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Watch the next step in our journey towards an Avengers 3 Infinity War when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on October 30th in the UK and November 8th in the US.

And STAY TUNED: We have more big news to for you from our Thor: The Dark World junket experience.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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  1. First!

    • Do you say that during relations with a lady with as much pride as you did just then?

    • Who cares!! INFINITY GAUNTLET!!! :o :o :o
      It would be awesome if they followed that arc.

      • Hope they realize the more characters they bring in,the more they need to kill the heroes.

        • Well, that’s why there was speculation over who might die in Avengers 2, if anyone (I still say Stark loses Pepper and retires from the team).

          • RDJ is signed for avengers 3 though.

            • In what role though?

              They signed Billy Dee Williams to several Batman movies but replaced him with Tommy Lee Jones when it came time to turn Harvey Dent into Two-Face.

              We haven’t even had Avengers 2 start filming yet so it’s way too early to say that RDJ’s Avengers 3 contract is ironclad. Anything could happen in the next few years.

              What if he decided to leave the franchise? What if Stark was reduced to a lesser role in the final movie, like a consultant rather than a member of the team?

              • I think that iron man and cap will be killed in avengers 3. I can see the ws becoming the new cap and wm/ip becoming the new iron man. I think hawk eye/black widow/nick furry getting killed in this one. maybe cap but I think that he will be in all three cap films. Tony starks might get killed and be in avengers 3 in a dream or flash back. Im hoping that after avengers 3 iron man ( either tony or wm) and thor join the guardians of the galaxy in future stage 3/4 films.

              • Dazz, I highly doubt that RDJ is going to pass up on the massive payday for Avengers 3.

            • Plus, Pepper isn’t going to be featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

          • If someone must be dumped–and hopefuly not–I would say dump Hawkeye, Black Widow, and maybe Hulk or Nick Fury (yes, I realize those last two are awful close to heresy), and add Goliath and Wasp. In the meantime, since the gauntlet affects time, how about adding in that time-traveling villain, Kang? And maybe sprinkle in a few Skrulls or Super-Skrulls?

            • And if heroes must be sacrificed, War-Machine/Iron Patriot as well.

    • Infinity Gauntlet should be a 2 film epic. They brought solo characters together in Avengers as the climax of phase 1. Next logical step would be team crossover, GOTG and Avengers getting together for the infinity Gauntlet (picking up strays like Doctor Strange who aren’t part of any team). Maybe even a very, very tiny cameo from AoS (still waiting for it to pick up, “eye spy” was the only episode that really satisfied me, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement). Marvel would be doing cinemtaic history again. Crossing over teams and acknowledging a tv property in a cohesive universe.

      • Excuse me, but I’m old school. Dr. Strange was the leader of “The Defenders”. I don’t know if that series is still around, but he was most definitely part of a team.

    • Not first! And I was the first to say that about myself!

  2. Interesting stuff. I look forward to see where Marvel is headed. Only one slight correction, Nebula is actually Thanos’ grand-daughter.

    • So she claimed…

  3. Infinity Gems, dammit!


    • Sure… “gems” not “stones”…

      How could I make that mistake….


      • They were referred to as Stones instead of Gems on the Super Hero Squad show. Which interestingly enough, is probably is the Marvel show that most closely resembles the comics story lines, despite being a silly kids show.

    • Aren’t gems also stones?

      • Yep.

        I think Nerd was living up to his username and being pedantic on purpose.

      • Gems = Stones

        Stones =/= Gems

        Makes just as much a difference as it does for every situation where it can only be applied one way but never the other.

        • Jesus Christ! They’re minerals Marie!

          • +1

            • The Infinity Minerals. There.

              • lol!

    • Oh my aching jewels!! And where is Mandarin’s rings? And Mandarin (the real one)?!

  4. Well Thanos is obviously going to be involved in future otherwise he wouldn’t have been in the end seen of Avengers? and the infinity glove has already been shown so I think it’s safe to say Thanos will get hold of it.

    I really doubt Marvel will want to face another reaction from fanboys like they did for Iron Man 3 (wont go in to for the sake of people that havent seen it)

    • Incredible box office and positive reception from critics and general audiences?

      Yes, I’m certain Marvel are shaking in their boots at the very thought of something like that happening again.

      • @Rukaio101

        +1, for infinity

      • …no, dumb crap, poorly presented story, and dull & pointless (if not outright butchered) characters. THOSE criticisms.

        • Pretty sure they will be fine with that when a movie performs like IM3 did.

        • You have a funny way of spelling ‘opinions’

          • My spelling of OPINIONS is the same as yours; my opinion about IM3 simply differs from yours. Sure, it made a ridiculous amount of money, but that, to me, just means Marvel (Disney?) will feel justified in releasing more crap as time goes on. This saddens me…

            • At least they actually cater to the fans by providing elements and storylines from the actual comics themselves. The introduction of the Extremis virus in Iron Man 3 was brilliant, in my eyes. It’s certainly one of the most interesting story arcs for that character. Also, the main controversy over the film is the Mandarin’s character. Who cares if it’s not as close to the originating comic-book persona? I, myself, would have loved to have seen the traditional Mandarin performing those bombings and attacks, but as Shane Black said, he is viewed as a racial stereotype. At least they incorporated the Mandarin’s character into the cinematic universe in some way. However, you are entitled to your opinion. Sorry for the brief rant.

      • Easy I was talking about the reaction not what it took at the box office. I also didn’t say it was bad but you felt the need to react like that?

        • You’re talking about the reaction of a small minority of IM3′s audience which, despite all the fuss they tried to kick up on the internet, didn’t make any notable impact on IM3′s box office takings (the only real thing the studio cares about) or even its critical reaction.

          Iron Man 3 succeeded in almost every possible way for Marvel, despite the so-called ‘fanboy reaction.’ I think Marvel would be more than happy to face that again for the same sort of success IM3 had.

          • So once again you completely ignore me saying I’m not talking about box office takings? What I’m saying is that I doubt they would point towards Thanos and the infinity glove and then not follow through on the story? Much like they released trailers for IM3 alluding to Mandarin then well you know the rest.

          • Not a gamble I would take. IM#3 was not that great. Not horrible, I mean I bought the DVD, but I would have written almost everything start to finish different.

            • Moving past the obvious hypocrisy in the fact that you are expressing your displeasure in a movie you have purchased on home video, I have to (un)kindly disagree with your implied assertion that you would have written a better movie.

              I can say, with near certainty, that no matter what anyone’s opinion of Iron Man 3 was, people from all walks of life would join hands in unison and collectively agree that it was infinitely better than absolutely anything you would’ve, or ever could, write.

              Don’t believe me? Write a script for a 10 minute screenplay and see how incredibly hard it is. Now extrapolate that difficulty to a 200 million dollar, 2 hour blockbuster and hang your head in shame.

              Let’s all just thank Allah you didn’t write Iron Man 3.

        • my biggest problem was that the mandrian was just an actor . He was im biggest foe and an all around bad ass. This can be redeemed in a future movie with some with with magical powers who turn him into his persona. witch would be bad ass and make iron man 3 a lot cooler but at the same time iron man 3 was the best super hero movie in 2013 so far

          • …in your opinion. I found both MOS AND “The Wolverine” to be vastly superior films. Even KA2 was, at least, a little more palatable…

      • Are you sure you watched Iron Man 3?

  5. I wanna hear that option currently winning the poll to be said in a montage video by all SR staff. Just sayin’…

    Yeah, felt obvious this was where it was going. I think moviegoers have been sort of trained to look out for minor background things (objects in the shot, throwaway lines) that give a hint at something much bigger.

  6. didn’t read. my brain will explode if I do. :/

    Want this to happen SO BAD.


  7. I love what Marvel Studios is doing, just love it. Sure there’s been a few missteps but overall what they’re doing is fantastic and Thanos done right could be something very special.

    • That’s the big question.

      Will they CGI Thanos for everything other than closeups or will it be Damon Poitier on screen all the time?

      I say this because he seems as big as The Thing or The Hulk in the comics.

      • I think he’s getting replaced, Fiege already stated that Porter did that as a favor, and wasn’t ever credited as Thanos only Man #1

        • I hope he isn’t replaced.

          Besides, he was a post-credits button, why credit him as Thanos? Was Samuel L ever credited in IM?

          It’s also like Christian Bale being credited purely as “Bruce Wayne” in one of the Batman movies.

          • CGI or no, I’ll cry if Thanos is a normal human sized purple dude. He should be huge, bulky and intimidating like the mad titan he is. I want a scene where Hulk just goes batsh*t, lunges at Thanos and Thanos just smacks him out of the atmosphere.

            • He’ll be the same size, if not bigger, than Hulk (current incarnation)

            • It wouldn’t be hard to have Damion wear a specified costume to enhance his size, while also letting CGI sneak in and provide some advantages as before, just like with Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk.

          • CGI or no, I’ll cry if Thanos is just a normal human sized purple dude. He should be huge, bulky like the mad titan he is. I want a scene where Hulk just goes batsh*t, lunges at Thanos and Thanos just smacks Hulk up out of the atmosphere.

            • +1
              In order to give Thanos the credit due to the character, they should do him CGI completely and obliterating any and everything in his path (after attaining the gauntlet that is).
              The infinity gauntlet arc is all I could think of from the moment Thanos’ smirk saturated the post credits screen.
              Implementing Adam Warlock/Silver Surfer into this arc is integral to this storyline and I staunchly revere the thought of them being omitted.

              • No Silver Surfer dude. Thank Fox for that.

                • Honestly the Silver Surfer didn’t do all that much in the actual Thanos Infinity Gauntlet storyline; he can be omitted without any trouble.

                  Omitting Adam Warlock, on the other hand, is like leaving Balder out of the Thor storyline…oh wait….

                • Or Marvel for selling him off. Marvel characters were not stolen by rival film studios. They were sold for lots of cash. Regardless of our opinions of non-Marvel Studios Marvel films, could we stop blaming other studios for Marvel not having access to characters? Much thanks.

      • I hope they us a real actor and just make him look bigger with special effects .

  8. I knew that’s where they were headed since Thor 1 with the Infinity Gauntlet easter egg. The Thanos stinger solidified it for me. And I’m not mad since this is probably one of the best story arches Marvel has to offer.

    • same here I was like “holy sh#t was that the ig?” in the first thor then you knew when you saw thanos were the mcu was heading . im not sure how It is going to get there but that’s part of the fun

  9. This all depends on avengers 2 being a good movie of course.
    not saying it won’t break records but there is always the possibility that something bad could happen. Like Thor making only 80 million domestically or captain America making only 70 million domestically.

    i hate to say it but THOR2 doesn’t have me all that excited. it looks ok but they were wise not to include it in the summer lineup. it looks ok not godlike. Certainly not avatarish.

    it looks kinda like “masters of the universe” to be perfectly honest.

    • And this is the perfect reason why I want Hollywood to stop this whole ridiculous notion of “we’ll determine a franchise’s future based solely on US box office” because it’s almost like they’re xenophobic.

      • Well, Hollywood is doing that less and less, Dazz.

  10. No one can stop The Mighty Thanos!

    • No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! (Oh wait, that was Monty Python…).

  11. I have a funny feeling that Vin Diesel not officially being cast in GOTG means he could possibly be playing THANOS. As it was said that there was an idea to bring Diesel in to the fold further down the line i.e phase 3, but Marvel decided they would give him a smaller role now he could do outside of working on FF6 as the fans wanted him in the MCU. And its been teased that he’s Groot but still unofficial. I reckon that he’s been cast as THANOS as its already been said we will see more of him in GOTG but they’re using Groot as a distraction/ smoke screen for this especially if they use CGI as all he has to do is some motion caption and voice over work which is the same as what he would have to do as Groot. plus I know he says he would do a small role but don’t think it suits the guys Riddick for crying out loud, and i think the role makes much more sense seen as theyre recasting the original role stated by Feige. This is just an idea but could it really be that far out?

  12. Okay, good theory, but where does Adam Warlock play in all of this? Isn’t Warlock the one that leads the heroes fight against Thanos? Warlock was a “perfect” man created through science. Will he ever be introduced to the Movie Marvel Universe? How can you have a storyline with the infinity gauntlet in the marvel movie universe without Adam Warlock, the leader of the infinity watch, the bearer of the soul gem? How do you introduce any of the Adam Warlock storyline before Avengers 3? Maybe these are the macguffins that are talked about?

      • Those ‘Eh Maybe’ Adam Warlock tweets don’t even line up in that post link since the second one is 3 hours before the first one. Bad reporting on that Guard The Galaxy website.

        • M’bad didn’t check the dates end of the day just have to wait till 1st August 2014.

    • Who says Adam Warlock would even be in any of this? This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not the comic book universe and things are adapted from what is known in the books.

      • Really hope they introduce Adam Warlock in a Guardians sequel, possibly the last movie before Avengers 3.

        They could have the Guardians take on the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth. This could set up a scenario where the Guardians have to team up with Thanos to stop the Magus, allowing viewers not familiar with Thanos to get their first in-depth look at how powerful he is without having to pit him against the movie protagonists to do so.

        Then the movie could conclude with Warlock having his own soul taken to prevent him from becoming the Magus with the Soul Gem entrusted in the protection of Thanos, followed by a post credit scene revealing that unbeknownst to the Guardians, Thanos has already collected the other 5 gems and has now completed the Gauntlet.

    • I was created as the perfect man through the result of a broken rubber (thanks, mom and dad!).

  13. Its simple:

    Avengers – teserract/mind gem
    Iron man 3 – extremis/power
    Thor: the dark world – the aether/space
    Guardians of the galaxy – unknown/time
    AV3 – Scarlett witch/reality
    Doctor strange – unknown/soul

    Ha, didn’t take that long to figure it out.

    • This makes no sense. How is Extremis an Infinity Gem? Try again.

      • And the cosmic cube is not an Infinity Gem.

        • Correction the cosmic cube isn’t the Teaseract and the Teaseract IS a infinity stone !

    • Iron Man – Swagger
      Hulk – Veins
      Thor – Hair
      Hawkeye – Nose
      BW – Curves
      Captain America – Class

      Look, I made up something too! This will somehow be in a movie someday.

      • Cap has the looks as well.

    • Similar idea, but more likely and less dumb:

      Mind Gem, Blue -
      – Powers: Gives the owner psionic powers like telepathy and telekinesis
      – May have already been introduced as the power behind Loki’s Scepter in Avengers. Powers sound similar and they even share the same color.

      Reality Gem, Yellow -
      – Powers: Allows its user to alter reality to what one wants or break the laws of reality and logic.
      – Besides obviously being used on your original post to defy logic, it seemed to me that this is a perfectly legitimate way of introducing the Scarlet Witch’s powers in Age of Ultron without using the “M” word (mutant! …gasp!). Sounds very much to me like her canon abilities. If Joss rewrites her as the Yellow Witch now we’re really cooking.

      Space Gem, Purple -
      – Powers: Allows its user to manipulate space anyway one sees fit (…) can increase the speed of the user.
      – Similar as above, the first thing I thought of was Quicksilver. Not only would this make sense in introducing Yellow Witch and Quickpurple’s powers, but it gives motive to WHY Thanos even backed the invasion of Earth in the first place or why he would even come back to see us in Avengers 3: Avenge Harder. I mean, Loki gets a planet to rule, the Chitauri get the Tesserect, what was Thanos after and why would he really even care that it didn’t work? Maybe a couple of crazy kids on Earth playing around with some Infinity Gems.

      Soul Gem, Green -
      – Powers: Craves souls, allows imprisonment of souls and recall of abilities and memories of imprisoned souls.
      – Total guess, but first thing I thought of was the Collector. We know that he will not only be in GotG, but Thor’s mid-credit scene as well, he’s gotta be important. Seems like an Infinity Gem would be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why/how he is collecting remarkable individuals of the universe to me.

      Time Gem, Orange -
      – Powers: Grants its user visions of possible futures (…) allows time travel.
      – No clue for this one… but that’s what Phase 3 is for! Yay!

      Power Gem, Red -
      – Powers: Grants its user unlimited stamina and can increase the user’s strength to unlimited levels.
      – I’ve seen a lot of speculation (except OP’s awkward Extremis call from left field) that this will be the power behind Aether. I find that very, very unlikely. From what I’ve seen the powers don’t match at all and the color red isn’t much to go on. Much more likely that it’ll also be introduced in Phase 3.

      • Using my Time Gem, I foresee comic nerds tearing apart my post because these aren’t where the gems came from in their dusty comic books.

        Well guys, the MCU is not exact to the comic books. As with all things in the marvel movies, expect slightly (or drastically) altered origins, powers, maybe even colors. So suck a butt.


  14. Marvel movies. Nuff said!

  15. so. much. yes.

  16. Really? So Avengers 3 is the end of franchise? You can’t just pop up with such stuff in one movie, it must be build up as something big. Besides if Thanos would’ve wanted it he’d take it while Odin sleeps. For some reason he didn’t do anything when he had a perfect chance but now when he lost the cube he is ok with attacking/stealing from awake Odin? Damn, his brain is cold.

    • Actually no ones said avengers 3 is the end. There’s a good chance it’s the end of the franchise for most of our current avengers to make way for other stories, but definitely not the end. I’m sure there’s a reason Thanos didn’t take the gems from Odins vault when he slept.

      It’s been revealed one of Thors other brothers meets with the Collector at the end of TDW and there’s a good chance that ties into the infinity gems somehow.

    • No no, friend. The Avengers 3 is 2018. They’ve got until 2021 already planned.

  17. I still believe the “084″ device in “Agents of Shield” is an Infinity Gem.

    My vision for A3 is, it’s 10 years after the battle of New York, and superheroes are literally everywhere. Throw in every possible cameo you can think of, they don’t even need lines. THANOS invades to finally assemble the Gauntlet, which he does, destroying half the universe in the process, on a whim to please death. He is defeated, but in the process, there’s a catastrophe involving heroes which cause the death of innocent people, setting up the need for the Registration Act and Civil War in A4, which leads into the Skrull Secret War in A5.

    • Only problem with this is that the Infinity Gauntlet is already assembled and sitting in Odin’s somewhat misnamed weapons vault.

    • Also, it’s a TESSARACT-powered device. you obviously didn’t see that episode and are just speculating up a storm. lol. staph

  18. I assume they are going that direction, but I don’t think Infinity Gauntlet was ever very interesting. It’s just too big. Someone can do anything and everything, so they can only be tripped up by some logical/character/philosophical flaw that has nothing to do with the Avengers.

    Also, the staircase thing that Thanos makes in the comics is a terrible set design. Presumably they’ll come up with something better though.

    • Is this where I make the comment that Thanos having the gauntlet explains how the Human Torch will be black and how there will be two different Quicksilvers?

      It might also help to explain the entire Shane Black debacle as well.

      Just saying. :)

      • ^HA!

        Pfff…. Scarlett Witch could do that WITHOUT the Infinite Gems.

      • The gauntlet was the reason that IM3 exists? Well I definitely got to get me one of those, cause IM3 was awesome. Thanks Infinity Gauntlet!

        • And this is the reason the gauntlet should never fall into your hands…

  19. Good. We need more single-glove tales besides the Saga of Michael Jackson! Really pumped for this. Hope Goliath and Wasp are in Avengers #3!

  20. IT’s funny though. The Gauntlet is for the left hand, when it’s actually a right handed-device. lol.

    I’m soooooo excited for this!!!

  21. Infinity gauntlet story line will be in thor:the dark world,guardians of the galaxy and the avengers 2,doctor strange,inhuman, and the avengers as well and thanos will be the vilain the avengers 3.

    • I am waiting to hear who the villain of Avengers 13 will be….

      • Mole Man in Fantastic Four crossover.

        • Actually the Molecule Man would be awesome since your bringing up FF villians…but I digress.

  22. CIVIL WARS /


  23. Also,

    Kofi, this doesn’t even Confirm ANYTHING..
    It may HINT at the possiblity of them using the that particular storyline, but it is NOT confirmed. so thank you for changing the title.

    Good article too, man.
    Very well thought out.

  24. Infinity Gems so far;

    Time =
    Space = Tesseract
    Power =
    Mind = Loki’s Staff
    Reality =
    Soul =

  25. Since the Infinity Gauntlet is simply Thanos’s left glove with the 6 gems/stones he gathered during the Thanos Quest mini series mounted/attached. So how could it be in the background of a scene in Thor?

    Oh wait, I forgot, it’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means, do whatever we want and cannon be damned. Since it’s a way more interesting story for Thanos to have to quest/gather the gems, rather then just steal it pre-assembled from Asgard, let’s not do that.

  26. Marvel will find a way to mess up the story if not this may be the only Marvel movie i go see.

  27. Luke Evans as Dr. Strange! Luke Evans como el Dr. Extraño! 卢克埃文斯怪博士!Люк Эванс в роли доктора странно! لوقا ايفانز في دور دكتور غريب! Luke Evans, όπως ο Δρ Strange! לוקע עוואַנס ווי ד”ר מאָדנע! ドクターストレンジとしてルーク•エヴァンス!Luke Evans jako Dr Strange! ლუკა Evans როგორც დოქტორი უცნაური,닥터 스트레인지로 루크 에반스! לוק אוונס כד”ר מוזר! डॉ. अजीब के रूप में ल्यूक इवांस! Lucas Evans bilang Dr Kakaibang! Luke Evans kiel Dr Strange!

  28. No Gauntlets. They should use Thanos as himself for Avengers 3, then in Avengers 4 he’ll be a subvillain with Galactus as the main. Then in Avengers 5 or 6 they can do the Infinity Gauntlet.

    There’s no reason to rush into the Gauntlet storyline, this isn’t Warner Brothers. :/

  29. I wonder will a lot of fanboys get angry when MCU Infinity Gauntlet will not be as powerful as the comics :?

    • If that does become true, you know it will happen. Changes seem to be the spark that lights the flame on hardcore fanboys’ fire-induced rages.