Thomas Kretschmann Will Play Second ‘Avengers 2′ Villain

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The Avengers 2 Baron Wolfgang von Strucker Thomas Kretschmann  Thomas Kretschmann Will Play Second Avengers 2 Villain

While this week’s barrage of Marvel movie casting rumors and reports have focused in on Ant-Man, the second project entering production this year for Marvel Studios is their biggest one to date: The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The sequel to the third largest grossing film of all-time brings back the heroes from the first team-up but aims to shake things up with multiple new villains.

James Spader (The Blacklist) was cast as the evil artificial intelligence known as Ultron early in The Avengers 2 process and more recently we learned that writer and director Joss Whedon and co. are on the search for someone to possibly play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. German actor Thomas Kretschmann is that someone.

THR has the scoop that Kretschmann, who currently plays Abraham Van Helsing in NBC’s Dracula TV series (Marvel must love NBC primetime), has joined the large cast of The Avengers 2 as another key villain. It had been previously rumored that Marvel was interested in Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) and Marton Csokas (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) for the part, a male actor in their forties, but it seems they’ve chosen a German-born actor to play a character who fought for Germany in WWII. That is, in Marvel Comics.

We know in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, at least a few characters from the past will resurface in the present – namely, the villainous Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) – but we don’t quite yet know if they’ll be connected to von Strucker.

Click here for a High-Res image of Baron Strucker for the Captain America movie tie-in game.

From our last post on the character, below is my description and how he could (should?) be introduced in Captain America 2. That film just so happens to have started reshoots this week and serves as a bridge between The Avengers and its sequel. Perfect timing to get Strucker into a scene (maybe a post-credits button)!

Recognizable by his facial scarring, Baron Strucker uses a combination of HYDRA supersoldier serums and a special bionic arm (called the Satan’s Claw) to maintain his strength and youth throughout the ages. The ex-Nazi served in both World Wars, carries a sword and is dangerous in every sense of the word, as a melee, ranged or undercover combatant/spy. Having this character in The Avengers sequel but not introduced The Winter Soldier would seem an odd choice for the obvious reasons of being able to include him flashbacks for both Cap (from the WWII days) and in flashbacks with Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) – a character Strucker helped become the dangerous assassin she’s renowned as.

The character may serve as a villain early on in the film before Ultron becomes the primary antagonist and its possible that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, originally villains before becoming heroes in Marvel Comics, may work with him before joining The Avengers.

Share your thoughts on the casting in the comments!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: THR

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  1. Great!
    I would like to see Baron Zemo, maybe on Captain America 3

    • if they completely cut the purple out of his costume like they did hawkeye i will be PISSED

      • Hawkeye’s vest was a dark purple. The movie costume was supposed to be based on his new age version.

      • Marvel Studios and 99% of the world’s population will continue not caring that a few comic geeks want the ridiculous canon costumes.

        • Or color. lol.

      • I still say giving Hawkeye the costume he had in the comics would only enhnce his movie presence. I hope Quicksilver looks like–well, Quicksilver, and the same for the Scarlet Witch. I am a fan of the comics costumes. Granted, how Hawkeye has been presented movie-wise (more spy or secret agent than costumed super-hero) would probably not lend itself to his blue and purple and masked togs. But if I could move back time….!

    • Strucker could actually become Baron Zemo as they are both Barons

      • Will their movie costumes present them as “Bare-on Naked”?

    • Don’t think they’ll be making a captin America 3 phase 3 will probably be mostly magical and intergalactic dealing with thanos I don’t really think captain America fits into those 2 categories

      • Last I checked, “mostly” didn’t mean “exclusively.” If Cap 2 smashes the box office like the previous two films, you can safely bet there’s gonna be a 3rd one. Also, keep in mind there will be a total of 7 movies in Phase III, so there’s room for a 3rd outing.

  2. Yeah I think he’ll be teased in Winter Soldier and with Avengers 2 it will be interesting to see how the script handles all of this characters really hope no one gets short changed like Hawkeye did in part one.

  3. For a very brief moment there, I wondered what the ‘Handyman’ from ‘BioShock: Infinite’ had to do with this movie…

    • That’s funny, cause when I first saw handyman in BioShock I thought they ripped off Baron Von Strucker. Then again, everything in BioShock is cripped from something that’s pre 2007.

  4. robert redford is baron strucker in CA:TWS this new casting just continues my belief that redford will use the satan claw to steal someones youth and replacing him with thomas kretschmann for age of ultron.

    who’s youth will he steal? i reckon it’ll be winter soldier.

    • Robert Redford is Alexander Pierce, not Baron Strucker.

      • He is listed as playing Pierce. My crazy theory is Pierce is the Red Skull. Was there ever an explanation what happened to him? Was he killed or did he go somewhere?

        • To red skull? He did get sucked up into the rift created by the tesseract.. I’m thinking though that it didn’t send him to a distant pint in space but that it sent him to a different point in time.. Present day MCU.. Would fit nicely and explain the resurgence of Hydra, their leader is back.. And probably inside shield..

          • If they bring Red Skull back, they need to make his head more realistic. That über-cheesy mask was so ridiculous !

            • That was actually pretty canon the Red Skull originally wore a mask to strike fear into his opponents, later the mask fused to his face

              • Didn’t know that! I never liked the character so I didn’t care to know his history and I just thought he was skinned alive and somehow survived. Still, the mask lacked realism, much like everything else in the movie, including Cap’s costume. Thankfully, the sequel looks set to rectify that.

    • Michael Douglas/Hank Pym’s youth?

  5. Somewhat unrelated, I’d like to know just a little more about Arnim Zola’s role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, unless it would be a big spoiler. But I mean, we haven’t exactly heard anything about him ever since Toby Jones was confirmed to be part of the cast, have we?

    • Same here in regards to Zola, I am also wondering why they still havent shown Batroc the Leaper either, and I still hope they keep his costume, woldnt be him otherwise

  6. Another villand, this movie is getting to crowded!

    • yes, thank you. someone said it. people mention batman vs superman being crowded but never the avengers 2 movie.

      • Yes, but we have seen Whedon successfully handle a mass of characters time and time again. I’m sure that if anyone can handle a cast like this, it’s him.

        • Is just getting to crowded, I dont think even Whedon can’t handle so many characters, I have a bad feeling about this movie.

          • Zola was in the first capt for what 2mins? Bat roc will be in one scene? Maybe? They cast GSP.. The mma fighter.. Dont think there will be any character dev there, physical presence only. Zola might get a mention and a brief scene or two if that. Dont see what the fuss is about.

    • trolololol

    • Look! It’s Telly Savalas/Kojak dressed in the Nazi look!
      Actually, I am fine with Strucker in this film. Since there are multiple heroes, multiple villains are fine with me. The X-Men movies have done it with some success (I am thinking of the first two X-Men movies).

    • I love you man…I was literally thinking the same thing. BvS got flack for introducing batman and wonder woman…but scarlet witch and quicksilver no one complained about. Plus now there are 2 villians by comic movie standards…apprently spiderman 3 and xmen….also whedon isn’t a movie master…

      I’ve come to the conclusion that comic book fans are hypercritcal. Before bvs was announced everyone said shy away from marvel route…so they did…now we need solo movies no time too crowed…blahblahblah…..I mean a movie has 4 main heroes….three support characters….and a dozen or so one time characters no one cares about….that is not over crowed but a movie with three heroes is a nono…

    • No it isn’t.
      LOTR was more crowded and it worked.

  7. This is the kind of Marvel stuff I love and why Cap & Fury are my favorite characters. Von Strucker served in WWI & WWII. When they do these stories with a historical context I just think it gives Marvel the kind of gravitas that DC can only dream about.
    Plus, once they do THE RED MENACE and play out Red Skull’s storyline they can introduce THE MASTERS OF EVIL. The way Red Skull was left in limbo in Cap1 and the introduction of Von Strucker lead me to believe that Marvel has more than 3 films planned for the Captain America franchise.
    This is starting to get good…….

  8. I wonder if this has anything to do with the reshoots for Cap2 this week… Hmmmm…

  9. probably.

  10. The only Marvel movie I’m looking forward to besides Cap 2.

  11. Hopefully they will have the Red Skull, Crossbones, Sin and even the Taskmaster in Cap3.

    • Taskmaster….now there is a villain I had not thought of, but would not mind seeing at all. Good choice!

    • Would love to see Taskmaster… And M.O.D.O.K.

  12. When are they gonna focus on Thanos? You think GOTG post credit scene or wait for the end of Avengers 2? Cause that post credit scene is gonna be the most anticipated ever.

    • Guardians will probably focus on Thanos a bit, and he’ll most likely have a presence in The Avengers 2.

    • Would be random to have a post credit scene after avengers 2 dealing with Thanos… Since there’s no connection at all (in the sense that the story is earth based with no cosmic angle). A brief Ronan/Thanos discussion button after the credits is prob what we’ll get in GotG.. If Thanos doesnt show up in the movie at all. Besides if only 2 of the five “stones” have been identified, then in GotG prob a third… I don’t think we’ll see the big showdown until avengers 4. They did say they have a plan until 2021… Assuming that’s when Avengers 4 would play.. Then idk, do an in-continuity soft-boot of certain characters (Rdj if he dosent get a new contract for more IM) just change some details/actors that can be explained from the effects of the infinity gauntlet messing with reality during the climactic battle and no doubt ensuing reset to normality.

      • I thought that I read somewhere, that Kevin f said that we will get more then jus a head turn and a smile from the mad Titan in gotg..

      • Avengers 4? I hope they don’t drag this Thanos story that long or people will lose interest. You can only tease for so long. Thanos is cool but he is no Galactus. They had better have Thanos for Avengers 3. They still have so many good stories to tell, The Skrulls, Kang, The Prison Break story.

        I just hope they don’t try to drag The Thanos battle out to 2021.

        • Thanos has taken out Galactus before in the Comics, once without the Gauntlet, besides, Disney doesn’t have the rights to the big G…

      • All I saw was 2021 and thought 7 more years for a ruddy conclusion

  13. you know Red Skull is gonna show up, Hydra is all up in this shiet

    • Redford/Pirece=Red Skull + Tesseract

  14. You might remember him from King Kong

  15. Ok I just had an idea.

    What if this guy, Von Strucker, will be the one behind getting Ultron? And/Or supporting Ultron once he goes Rogue.
    The Ant-man article painted a picture of heroes in the 60′s. With Shield coming together and fighting off the last remaining Hydra groups. If this guy was around that time and saw the technology that Shield was using. Specially if they play the part that Hank Pym is the creator of a certain kind of AI intelligence. The first and best AI intelligence which in turn has lead Tony to create Jarvis and just advanced the world as a whole from that initial point. But what if this initial AI was “concealed” or kept locked bc it was already a bad AI that Pym created and that has hated him as a father ever since.

    In Avengers 2, Ultron finally escapes with the help of Hydra, with Von strucker as it’s leader. Lending resources to Ultron in order for It to team up against destroying the Avengers and Shield once and for all. Ultron is then able to take over Tony’s technology and become the Indestructible machine he is.

    They can even show how Hydra knew about the Vibranium in Wakanda and how Ultron, once he gets one of Tony’s suits. Travels to Wakanda and steals some Vibranium. Hence why they are shooting some scenes in south Africa. (this will also allow for Black to become involve post AV2).

    But any who thats my take on it. Im super excited!

    • As plausible as anything else out there.

    • We already know that Ultron will NOT be Pym’s creation. Whedon said so.

      • Whedon’s going a a bit out of canon for that, Ultron has always been a creation of Hank Pym or at least in Ultimates.

        • Uh, yeah, so? It’s not like the MCU’s been following the Marvelverse canon closely so far… The comics and the movies are two separate universes, much like MC2 and Ultimate are different from the regular Marvelverse.

  16. Excellent casting….not only do I like him as an Actor,but they got an actual German to play Strucker

  17. Marvel must be planning 6 Cap movies, they are introducing way too many villains from Caps rogue gallery (and they still have to develop S.Carter as Caps love interest) for only two more films.

  18. They are rushing things!!!! There needs to be a solo movie to establish who Baron Von Strucker is!!!! Herpa Derpa Der!!!!!

    Did someone say “crowded!?!?” Super Duper Der!!!!!

    • That would have made more sense in a age of ultron article. As it stands now this comment makes you look a wee bit like a butthurt jackass. No offence of course.

      • I think he just unintentionally implied that Wonder Woman is on the same level of importance as Baron von Strucker.

      • HA! Why does having fun equal butt-hurt?

        Just echoing the same stupid rhetoric being spit on the other thread, and intentionally making fun of myself in the process.

        You should note, that “Super Duper Der!” indicates my intentions.

        Thank you.

        • To be clear, Good Doctor, my response was also tongue-in-cheek.
          I do not think jit’s was, however.

  19. They can just do a Tarantino style intro for Strucker like he did for Stiglitz and
    Goebbels in Inglourious Basterds…..

  20. I’d be shocked if he wasnt in Captain America, there is a reason this was announced when Cap was doing reshoots

  21. …..hmmmm idk….after everyone has been bashing bvs for 2 villians now we have this and everyone is cool with it?

    My biggest fear is that they will add von strocker…god I hate rying to spell…..only to have him in a few seconds . With ultron as the big baddie how will he fit into the story? We see more heroes entering….how can we prevent an issue like in avengers 1 with hawkeye who was in my mind the best part of avengers among other things…..was regulated to a villian and support role….also I feel that scarjo and rdj as well as loki took the show. Thor got relativly shafted the for half the movie.

    I think this is a problem with any big hero film…because with so many stars… or two shine brighter than the rest and others are just left to dull. Bvs may have this problem, xmen may have this problem, and avengers 2 may have this problem.

    • One huge difference between the X-Men films and Avengers is a guy named Whedon

  22. “Marvel must love NBC primetime”

    Yep, Chuck was in THOR 2 instead of Prince Charming.

    OR….Disney is using Marvel to distract NBC’s top talent so ABC can remain on top in the ratings even with shows like Agents of SHIELD on the air.


  24. Fegelein! Fegelein!! Fegelein!!!