Whedon Teases Ultron’s Origin & Scarlet Witch’s Powers in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Scarlet Witch Marvel Manga Cover Whedon Teases Ultrons Origin & Scarlet Witchs Powers in The Avengers 2

During Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con 2013, the brief encore segment of the presentation involved Joss Whedon coming on stage and revealing the title for The Avengers sequel with a short bit of teaser footage and the official logoThe Avengers: Age of Ultron places the spotlight on a new villain joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Ultron isn’t the only new key character in the ensemble.

For months the film – which hasn’t even begun shooting – has generated buzz with talk of two new questionable heroes joining Earth’s Mightiest. Ane of them might be involved in the magical creation of Ultron.

Speaking with EW, Whedon explains why Ultron was a great pick for him to serve as the primary antagonist of The Avengers 2.

“I knew right away what I wanted to do with him. He’s always trying to destroy the Avengers, goddamn it, he’s got a bee in his bonnet. He’s not a happy guy, which means he’s an interesting guy. He’s got pain. And the way that manifests is not going to be standard robot stuff. So we’ll take away some of those powers because at some point everybody becomes magic, and I already have someone [a new character, Scarlet Witch] who’s a witch.”

Whedon had Ultron in mind while shooting The Avengers and here, there’s a lot of interesting messaging in the writer-director’s words, especially when it comes to Ultron’s origins not being “standard robot stuff” followed by the confusing phrase that “everybody becomes magic.” From the introduction of the the Age of Ultron title at Comic-Con we know Ultron – or at least one incarnation of him in the film – will be built from an Iron Man suit. We also know that Whedon has a new origin story for the character that’s not from Marvel Comics – where Hank Pym (Ant-Man) was responsible for creating the villain. Ant-Man writer-director Edgar Wright also recently touched on why Ultron was never a part of his movie’s story.

With the brother-sister act of  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to be introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Whedon now confirming that Scarlet Witch’s powers will involve magic, perhaps she has something to do with Ultron’s creation. In the Ultimate comics they do share an interesting romantic relationship – and it’s that version of Scarlet Witch who makes one of the Ultron robots learn emotion. It’s also that very same robot that ends up killing Scarlet Witch later in the series so it’ll be interesting to see just how intense The Avengers will get with Whedon promising to “twist the knife” and vaguely teasing “death” when referring to his script.

Vision Scarlet Witch Love Marvel Comics 570x412 Whedon Teases Ultrons Origin & Scarlet Witchs Powers in The Avengers 2

Whedon continued, explaining that he’s attempting to “ground” the Ultron character, even as an angry supervillain robot, and explains that he loves the character, “because he’s so pissed off.” Can you picture Elizabeth Olsen (rumored contender for Scarlet Witch) sharing a relationship with Ultron? Will the introduction of Ultron lead to the introduction of the android Avenger, Vision – who also had a relationship with Scarlet Witch?

Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: EW

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  1. What you need to realize is that MOS does not need Batman in it right now. MOS was good enough to make a sequel, so there is no need to bring in Batman at this point. Some more time should go by before Batman is re-booted, and quite honestly Iwould rather see one of Superman’s villians that has never been adapted to the big screen before. Superman vs. Batman should be a stand alone movie or a spin off like Avengers is and not a sequel to MOS. If he were to be mentioned in the sequel than that would be cool, but not in it as a main star. If they are going this route though than I would love to see something different like Scott Adkins playing the role. Those that don’t agree, well I would like to see it.

    • Wrong thread?

    • Whoops!

    • What ? MOS DeF the rapper ?
      What does he have to do with Avengers ?

      • I’m starting to think that this guy is posting that comment on purpose repeatedly until someone starts to agree with him. He can’t “accidentally” post the exact same thing for several weeks on multiple articles.

    • @ Dazz

      Then he needs to be addressed so he/she knocks it off -

      @ Cue

      What you need to realize is in order to establish a proper shared universe than there are certain characters who need to show up immediately following the events of MoS. In this case, the two characters that make the most sense are Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor.

      The way you should look at it: following the events of MoS, it would make ZERO sense to NOT have Batman in the sequel. It’s shared universe time. The solo stuff has been done man. Time for a new script.

      • I totally agree, with both of your comments there.

      • +1

        • I hope no one starts flaming in the comments about the next Man of Steel sequel. It’s an Avengers thread, why not keep it that way.

      • No, is there no other villains in the MOS universe? Can someone please name other villains than Lex or Zod!

        • Really? Mmmkay… Doomsday, Brainiac, Bizarro, Black Adam, Darkseid… just to name of few…

          Now it’s your turn-

          Name the villains Marvel Studios can use not named Loki, Red Skull, Ultron or Thanos.

          • I never knew Black Adam was a Superman villain

            • @ ColdSC

              Oh yes, and one of his more worthy opponents since his power is magic based -


              • Awesome! I wonder if we’ll ever see him as villain in a future Supes film. He’d be a great way to introduce the whole magic weakness to the film audience. I know a lot of people who still think Kryptonite is Superman’s only weakness lol.

                • Magic isn’t supermans weakness… He just isn’t invulnerable to it like he is to everything else… It hurts him like fire hurts us… Kryptonite is his only weakness..

          • I’m going to answer my own question about the Marvel Studios villains-

            Off the top of my head:

            Kingpin, Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Memphisto, M.O.D.O.K., Enchantress.

            This is fun… someone name some more!

            (BTW, since the MoS universe is actually the entire DC universe… they have access to each and every single villain that has ever been created)

            • Kang, Immortus, In-Betweener, Masters of Evil, Maestro, Tyrant (though, he may be locked to Fox), Molecule Man.

          • “Abadee-abadee=abadee…uh, that’s all folks!” (…with apologies to Porky Pig…)

          • My point being is its time to show other villains in future Superman movies other than Lex and Zod, especially Lex. Does anyone else agree?

            • Anyway, your right, this is the wrong thread.

            • Actually, all joking aside, I agree. I would personally not mind seeing Brainiac. Overuse of such characters as Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Magneto, Green Goblin, Loki, etc. can be a real danger to holding the viewer interest, which concerns me as well. The heros and villains both have quite large stables to choose from; hope the studios utilize them.

          • Korvak, Kang, Baron Zemo, AIM, MODOK, Leader, Hydra, Thanos, The Kree, Hela, Wrecking Crew,Surtur, Enchantress, Masters of Evil, Ronan, Abomination, A-Bomb (if they wantedhim a villian), Madam Viper, Red Hulk, Absorbing Man, UFoes, The Hood, Living Monolith. Just to name a few.

            What was your point again?

            • Korvak, Kang, Baron Zemo, AIM, MODOK, Leader, Hydra, Thanos, The Kree, Hela, Wrecking Crew,Surtur, Enchantress, Masters of Evil, Ronan, Abomination, A-Bomb (if they wantedhim a villian), Red Hulk, Absorbing Man, UFoes, The Hood, Living Monolith. Just to name a few.

              I am also 99% sure that Marvel/Disney own each of these characters I have listed. Kang, The Kree, The Hood and Living Monolith are the only ones I am not 100% on.

          • Baron Zemo, The Leader, Apocalypse,Magneto, MIster Sinister, plus hundreds, im not a DC hater, just hate their villians, most of them…

    • What you need to realize is 1 dude this is a marvel thread about age of ultron (and your an a hole) and 2 DC is desperate, let me repeat that DESPERATE! To build a movie universe like marvel has and yeah it might be a bit soon to reboot batman but if they want to reach their goals uniting batman and superman is the best way to start and btw a avengers is not a spin off lol

    • What you need to realize is 1 dude this is a marvel thread about age of ultron (and your an a hole) and 2 DC is desperate, let me repeat that DESPERATE! To build a movie universe like marvel has and yeah it might be a bit soon to reboot batman but if they want to reach their goals uniting batman and superman is the best way to start and btw
      avengers is not a spin off lol

  2. Hmmm magic huh? I always thought her mutant genes being able to warp reality was a bit weak. Imean if she was a omega level mutant she should be able to do more than affect probability.

    • I know she does that later in the comics, but early on it was supposed to be that she altered probabilities, made unlikely or seemingly impossible things happen. The writers occasionally go wild when they have to do their yearly cross-over messes.

      • Exactly right. Her current power level is due to the merging of Chaos Magic with her probability (Hex Power) altering power.

    • She is beyond omega level in the books.

  3. I hope they keep that outfit for the movie.

    • Try to watch Barely Legal, the avengers edition.

    • Scarlett with has to have the most bs power for a film writer. Now whedon cam do anything and all we can say is “thats impossible, oh wait”…

      • Like Isaac Asimov said when writing sci-fi mysteries, they have to define the rules early on and stick to them, as opposed to pulling any solution out of midair.

        They COULD do that. They could establish some limits for her. But movies and stories often don’t follow that rule. We’ll see.

      • Trey is right. The Scarlett Witch has always never really amounted to anything other than a cheap writing trick. With her around, you can get away with whatever you please and then change it all back like nothing happened.

        • Wat about the house of M,…didn’t Scarlet Witch play a huge!!! part in that? Or am I wrong, Besides this isn’t based on her or Quicksilver, they are going to be side characters(besides Scarlett Witch) this movie is OBVIOUSLY setting up west coast avengers…Get it? Whedon is doing great, he got his own Whedon Weekend for crying out loud.

          • Maybe that is the story here, she messes something up, BADLY, then the Avengers are assigned to fix, thus creating Ultron in some time continuum,Avengers use him to find Scarlett, the Avengers she his flaws, they somehow tick him off. Ultron finds Scarlett Witch as he gets stronger and crazier. Ultron gains superior knowledge form Scarlett, becomes evil mastermind. Scarlett gets frustrated from what she does, thor kicks her butt, and she cries fries Ultron from insanity by storing him in a alternate world.

      • Here’s hoping it’s cleverer than that… but not a complete rip-off of Bioshock Infinite.

      • I doubt Whedon would do that. He knows his way around a story. He’ll most likely have to limit her, for the very reason you said. If she’s so powerful, people will say “Why doesn’t she just do all this s*** herself?” and no one likes seeing their favorite hero get upstaged by another.

  4. Someone needs some proofreading…….might be the worst typed article from Rob ever lol.

    Other than that, it should be interesting to see how Ultron shakes out in the Avengers. Not sure I like that most of this comes from the Ultimate storyline, but if it works, it works.

    • Totally my bad. Should be fixed now. Got home from flight on no sleep, straight to farm to help parents (couldn’t shower with no power) and slept for 4 hours after that to write that first thing. Also no food.

      Just a bad bad set of circumstances this morning that led to this half-mobile written piece :|

      • Thanks for the piece regardless. Some of us need or daily fix ;)

        • *our

          • A typo is most fitting. Yes, we all suffer the indignity :D

      • Haha, no worries Rob, we still made out what you meant and we still love you. Well, not in a Northstar sort of way……not that there is anything wrong with that.

        • Although I still see “Whecon” as the first word after the Vision/SW pic. Unless thats the new convention coming up this year. If so, I am there!

          • Well, we have Hallowhedon 5 coming up this October with stars from Buffy doing signings and photo ops so….

      • I would not lose any sleep over it, Rob. Hardly a disaster.

        I did not even notice anything until I read the comments.
        Whatever the “errors” were they are the kind that hide in
        plain sight to every writer particularly when under pressure.

  5. I didnt think he hated humans he just wanted nookie from Wasp. Then each subsequent defeat made him hate humans…. :D

  6. I figure Wanda will be pulled into the plot because some organization wants to use her probability altering powers to “jump-start” some tech to make a weapon. A weapon that of course will be in complete control of it’s users from then on. Not.

  7. in the ultimate line ultron is in love of scarlet witch

    • Maybe this is the different love story Vin Diesal refereed to. Maybe he’ll be playing Ultron and Ultron will assume a human form at some point.

      Then Vision down the line.

      Personally I don’t like the idea of Vision because he’s supposed to be an android, but then played by an aging actor (the Data aging chip is lame). Then again, Vision is cool.

  8. OK this is how it’s gonna go down: Wanda will be a former love(r) of Stark’s.-(no surprise there) She comes back into his life for some reason or another. Being a jilted lover was something she never really got over but is trying to ignore. With that said; while working with Tony old feelings resurface. Tony spurns her yet again (or so she thinks being a somewhat unstable woman) due to the relationship he currently has with Pepper. As she continues to work with Tony the feelings of rejection & hurt becomes more and more intense. And at a crucial point during Ultron’s creation these feelings/emotions are somehow embedded into his consciousness. And when she in turn rejects Ultron he/it vows to destroy them all!….

  9. I was hoping DC/WB would be the first to pull the trigger on the “Magic” in comics because DC has (in my opinion) more established sorcerers and magic users. If we look at what a success Harry Potter was you’d think WB would say: “let’s reboot Constantine or throw out a Doctor Fate or maybe even a Justice League Dark?” Apparently DC will have to wait. In the mean time good luck MARVEL with the new magic/super powers/science/psychic stuff because it will obviously work for you.

    • Yep but I guess WB/DC may be waiting to see how audiences react to this before introducing their own magical characters, rather than risk another flop.

      I have a feeling that once they see audience reaction to GOTG, we’ll hear of a Green Lantern Corps movie being written too.

      Interesting to note, I was watching a Superhero Special last night and most of it was Mark Millar talking about comic books and his work with both DC and Marvel and his own creator controlled line and in Millar’s own words, he stated that:

      “Marvel are more like real people with powers and you can relate to them because they have personalities while DC characters are mostly just fairy tales and one dimensional characters whose personalities can be summed up by mentioning what power they have. The only exceptions are Batman and Superman.”

      • I dont think marvel heroes have many more dimensions than dc character atleast in the mcu. Yeah ironman has the demon in a bottle storyline but marvel hasnt touched it. Everyone else outside captain america if they actually delve into the new time period he woke up in is pretty straight forward. But anyone can have dimensions added in by a good writer, all heroes have fears

        • Well this is why I brought what Millar said to the comments section, to see what others felt about it because me personally, I feel both companies have their three and one dimensional characters, it just depends how you perceive them.

          To me, Captain America is one dimensional and his stories seem to be boring and mostly just to push a patriotic agenda while Captain Britain is one dimensional compared to the insanity around him that appears more interesting than the main character himself.

          Others would disagree and I’m cool with that because it’s all down to perceptions. I identify more with Batman than any other hero but my fave comic book character is Harley Quinn.

          I dunno, what say you, Rob? Think it’s worthy of an article for discussion on its own rather than hijacking this one? Maybe Hannah can grab the half hour special on Sky Movies Superheroes since the Sky website and channels are UK based and content for those outside this nation is locked?

      • An interesting statement and quote. Although I agree with your statement I think I would disagree with Mark Millar. If we look at Green Lantern (not the horrible excuse of a movie, I mean the comics) Hal Jordan is a “powerless” being with only strong will to his advantage. Thus bringing in the emotional aspect of the hero. He is then empowered by the ring and corps which allows other emotions and back stories to be exclaimed. To me personally I wouldn’t say I view either MARVEL or DC as one dimensional because neither of them really are. The problem is that the heroes Mark is referring too are not as well known and I don’t think he knows them that well either.

        Plus it is obvious (based upon his works) that he favors MARVEL over DC which is fine too but considering his limited knowledge of the DC universe I am not sure I could hols his opinion in a high regard.

      • I get what Millar was trying to say, but I think he’s looking at it the wrong way. Marvel and DC character have different dimensions to them, some are more well rounded out than others on both sides.

        I think the real difference is that the DC heroes draw more from classic archetypes like all of the cultural myths throughout history. They’re viewed more as gods walking among us normal humans (hell the recent DC fighting game even has it in the title). The world becomes reactive to these almost mythical beings, some of which have an incredible and almost limitless amount of power. Even Batman, who is supposed to be a normal human walking among the gods, is almost invincible against much powerful beings because his intellect and resources allow him to gain the upper hand in almost every situation.

        On the other hand, the Marvel approach seems to be of mortals given the opportunity to ascend to a powerful level, and how that responsibility and those abilities change the world that they’ve already been living in. Marvel heroes usually lead normal, often unfulfilled lives and have a whole set of problems to deal with before they even get their powers. The powers complicate their lives while also enriching them, and they must balance their prior humanity with their new found power.

        It can be a subtle difference, but its definitely a noteworthy one. Both companies have done wonders with their approaches and both have incredibly rich and diverse characters in their comics. At the end of the day, it comes down to the writers more than anything. With the right vision, any one-dimensional character can be rounded out more clearly.

  10. Jesus. This is just going to be a mess. Ultron with no Pym? Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver with no Magneto. They left out Mandarin’s power ring because magic didn’t have a place in Iron Man, made Thor and alien because the whole magical god thing didn’t work for them and now we bring in Scarlet Witch to be a magic witch. It really seems like they do their best to jack up these story lines. I don’t have a real problem with altering things, but it sure seems like they don’t even try. Like they get a bunch of comics look at the pictures and then try to make up what’s happening.

    • Nope, that’s not what they did at all.

      Marvel just took some stuff from the original comics, filtered it through the Ultimate comics and then added their own touches because they are in their own movie-verse.

      I don’t think much has gotten jacked up whatsoever if you look at the movies as a separate universe.

      • Marvel themselves have classified the Marvel Cinematic Universe as existing on Earth-199999 in their multiverse while the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies are in another universe, the original X-Men trilogy exist in another, etc etc.

        • How do Magneto’s children exist in another universe? and once again, I don’t have a problem with little changes (nobody looks good in spandex) but we’re talking about origin killing stuff here…….and everything “Ultimates” is garbage. The stories are already there. It wouldn’t take a genius to coble a script together around them. They keep dragging in all these high dollar actors/actresses which really affects the bottom line, then try to “push the envelope” to create a movie that will bring in more money, but every change they make has to be backed up by changing something else. In the end, you get a muddled up time line and have X-Men all over again. And Yes! I will see the movie and every other Marvel based movie they make.

    • @ cripplecog

      Sometimes things being changed for the movie-verse makes more sense than it does in the comics.

      For example: Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk had ZERO to do with him trying to unlock the super-soldier serum, but it makes more sense that way.

      Same goes for Ultron: the way the MCU is set up, it’s pretty obvious that it’s Tony Stark who’s going to create him. At least it seems that way as it would make the most sense.

    • Mandarins rings arnt magic. Tech based powers.


  11. DC/WB are just now beginning their universe & I doubt Dr.Fate being on film will come anytime soon. I have second thoughts about the Batman Vs. Superman film after reading some articles online.

    • (*sigh* …more generic black leather…)

  12. I have no idea if Scarlet Witch is a major figure in Marvel.
    I do not know her from the Wicked Witch Of The West.
    I am probably not in the target audience for this film.

    • Not even if they put her in the crimson bustier unitard? ;)

      • IMO, that sounds nice, but it would be a disaster. This is one costume that won’t work in real life. Whedon has already said her costume will be different and might have allusions to the comics with the shape of headwear or something.

        • (*sigh* …more generic black leather…)

        • Alas, it’s true. But the outfit isn’t so different from how celebrities dress, actually. I mean, you don’t see Beyonce fighting crime in her Single Ladies getup, but then, damn, imagine Beyonce fighting crime in her Single Ladies getup. :)

          • Hee-hee…I see what you mean! You aren’t so “aging” after all!

      • Well, that would no doubt get my attention :D

        • Thought so. ;)

      • That would make me run around like Quicksilver makes noises like the “cuckoo for Coco-Puffs” bird!

        • +1 ^ This. :)

    • I would expect something like her costume on this thread……


      Look down the comments to :

      Synsidar says:

      07/01/2010 at 11:41 am

      and you will see which one I am talking about. That is much more functional for real life.

  13. I prefer the theory that Jarvis, feeling threatened after Tony destroys all his Iron Man armor, creates Ultron. It seems like they’d really have to shoe horn Scarlet Witch into Ultron’s creation since she doesn’t really have anything to do with the science side of what Ultron is. Sure, she can “magic” an already built machine to gain consciousness, but it isn’t very economical story telling. Tony Stark’s creations have already laid the ground work for a reimagined Ultron birth.

  14. Love this website, and I will continue to read it for years to come. But with that said, let’s take a little more time on our editing before posting new articles. This was painful to read.

    • It happens. Especially when you’re trying to get a story out quickly. I bet it’s corrected w/in the hour. ;)

    • It’s fixed. My bad. Explanation further above in the comments if it matters. :(

      • Love all your work. I just hold you guys to a high standard. :-)

        • I do too. I go Luke Cage on my desk when I make errors.

          • You’ve got a friendly audience. No need to go Luke Cage!

  15. Nice, Ultron is starting to look like he’s going to be a badass villain. I know next to nothing about everything Marvel is adding to their films so everything’s going to be completely new to me lol. I also think it makes sense for Tony Stark to create Ultron. I’m not sure how it works out in the comics but the audience knows Stark at this point, and it’d make it all the more compelling and significant for him to end up creating the villain. It just makes more sense to me.

  16. If Tony Stark creates Ultron it would have to be indirectly.
    By accident or someone misusing his developed technology.
    Stark can’t have blood on his hands if lives are lost by Ultron.

    • Or, he does… makes for a more compelling story.

      • Not sure I could take an angst-ridden Tony
        Stark tormented by guilt over any lives lost.

        • PTSD Tony Stark complete with kid side-kicks and Dora the Explorer references more your speed? ;)

          • Ahh, no. At this point I would like to see a
            Tony Stark in command including of his demons.

          • I had to look up Dora the Explorer :D

        • Well he was having panic attacks and questioning himself in IM3 so this could be the push needed to make him quit and allow Rhodes to take over as the guy on the team that wears the weaponized armor.

          • I had enough in IM3. I’d rather see Tony back to emotionally stable.
            And I would never want to see Rhodes taking over. Don’t care for him.

  17. Ultron magical? Sounds lame to me. I love the Marvel movies and I love what Joss did with The Avengers. But the more I hear about this movie the more I question where Joss is going with this. Some things need to be changes due to the medium of live footage. But why change things that do not need to be changed?

    • I think I am starting to agree with you. While introducing magic is not so bad they do need t link it to science a bit. For example the Tesseract was magical (I presume) but they talked about it as a power source (Captain America) a portal or method for traversing other worlds (Avengers) without explaining how it worked. If it started making things appear out of thin air then it would have been a jarring to the audience suspension of disbelief.

    • Ultron is not going to be magic based. That quote was wildly misread. He’s just saying that he has to power down Ultron and other characters a bit or else it becomes “magical” (figuratively, not literally).

      • Yes, my reading of it was like this also.

      • Exactly!

      • Okay. The Scarlet Witch does not have a relationship with Ultron. She never gets killed by Ultron. Her Hex Power will not be even partially the cause for Ultrons creation. Ultron is not magical. What Joss Weadon want’s to do is to contrast the super science that is Ultron with the magical that is the Scarlet Witch. In the books, out of all the Avengers, the only one that has the power to stop Ultron is the Scarlet Witch because of the combination of her Hex Power & Chaos Magic. This is what Joss Weadon wants to carry over to the film. In the picture above is the synthetic man called the Vision that Ultron creates to destroy the Avengers. It is him that Scarlet Witch forms a relationship with. Another reason to have Scarlet Witch in the movie if Joss Weadon includes the creation of The Vision in the movie.

  18. Someone mentioned Dr. Fate up above. I would LOVE a Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up…it’s on my fantasy wish-list!

  19. And what about The Vision?

  20. Is it just me or is this whole Avengers 2 starting to get kinda creepy. Elizabeth Olsen and Ulton and or Vision… Scarlet Witch’s thing for robots is bad enough, now you have have barely legal Elizabeth Olsen playing the part, rubbing up all over Ultron, then possibly jumping form him to Vision at some point down the line? Not to mention one (or both) of those robot characters possible being played by Vin Diesel. GROSS!

    Avengers 2 Production Meeting:
    “Ok, were getting rid of the Scarlet Witch’s costume, but how can we make this movie even creepier? I know, we need to find some jailbait to play her!” “Hell Yeah! That will look great on screen making out with robot Vin Diesel!”

    • Umm. Ms Olsen is 24. You do know what the term jailbait means, right? Shes old enough to vote, drink and do many other things that wont get you sent to jail if your lucky enough to be the one doing those things with her. Assuming your also of the legal age of course.

  21. I’m interested to c what they do with ultron he’s a cool bad guy who do u guys think would be good for playing him or maye voicing him

  22. If it was me, I would make Ultron linked to the Avengers to explain his hatred of them.
    I would have Tony trying to make a new cyborg “Iron Man” to replace himself with using Jervis as the AI, the Destroyer from Thor as the new tech and skin it in Vibrainium (hello Black Panther cameo).
    Scarlett Witch comes in and goes all hocus pocus on it and viola Ultron!

  23. They are talking about “powering down” Ultron, and making him more…what–human? What will they wimp him down to–a wussy can-opener, hot-wheels turbo-engine, or a vibrator? Naw, leave him tough enough to take on The Avengers. They are in the movie, too, remember?

  24. Based on previous posts of Vin Diesel saying that “It’s an interesting love story,” it sounds more likely then that he is or is voicing Ultron.

  25. “Whedon continued, explaining that he’s attempting to “ground” the Ultron character”

    Sure, created with magic and turned out to be failed buthurt lover(damn, even in the comics Wanda always gets the short stick at this department). And you’re going to kill SW but after Coulson return(level 7, right?) can you see anyone actually dying? I hope drama part will be good.

  26. I reckon Sanaa Lathan, the lead-actress from Alien vs Predator should be Scarlet Witch. And Vin Diesel should be the Vision.

  27. I’m setting these comments back on the right track:
    I would love to see Thanos as the last Avengers villain and making it so that every hero in the MCU had to fight him, such as G of the G, Ant man, Doctor Strange (if they decide to do him), etc.

  28. So who would his army be? Or is he mandroid enough to fight all the Avengers single handedly?

  29. Okay. The Scarlet Witch does not have a relationship with Ultron. She never gets killed by Ultron. Her Hex Power will not be even partially the cause for Ultrons creation. Ultron is not magical. What Joss Weadon want’s to do is to contrast the super science that is Ultron with the magical that is the Scarlet Witch. In the books, out of all the Avengers, the only one that has the power to stop Ultron is the Scarlet Witch because of the combination of her Hex Power & Chaos Magic. This is what Joss Weadon wants to carry over to the film. In the picture above is the synthetic man called the Vision that Ultron creates to destroy the Avengers. It is him that Scarlet Witch forms a relationship with. Another reason to have Scarlet Witch in the movie if Joss Weadon includes the creation of The Vision in the movie.