Chris Hemsworth Says ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is Bigger in Every Way

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor Avengers artwork Chris Hemsworth Says The Avengers: Age of Ultron is Bigger in Every Way

We’re now only three Marvel movies away from the arrival of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will kick off the busy box office summer of 2015. As a sequel to the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time, the pressure is really on for writer and director Joss Whedon to create a worthy follow-up to his initial success.

Many of the details regarding The Avengers: Age of Ultron remain shrouded in secrecy, but star Chris Hemsworth took to the stage at Wizard World Comic Con last weekend to answer fan questions about the movie in as much detail as his non-disclosure agreement permits.

While a lot of the audience questions started with “You’re so beautiful” and “You’re very sexy,” Hemsworth did get a direct query about whether or not he will have more screen time in The Avengers: Age of Ultron than he had in The Avengers.

“I hope so. Everything in [Age of Ultron] is ramped up though. It kind of blew me away reading [the script]. I don’t know how Joss [Whedon] does it, but everyone has gone up another notch and the whole thing is bigger and more exciting and crazier. Yeah, he’s a genius.”

To recap, The Avengers featured Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor teaming up for the first time to take on a massive invading army of Chitauri warriors. In the ensuing battle the Hulk punched an enormous flying alien serpent so hard in the face that it crumbled into pieces, shortly before Iron Man intercepted a nuclear missile and escorted it through a wormhole. Promising that things are going to get bigger and crazier in The Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t a statement to be made lightly.

The Avengers 360 Shot Post Conversion 3D Chris Hemsworth Says The Avengers: Age of Ultron is Bigger in Every Way

Since Loki is preoccupied with his ongoing harassment of Asgard, he won’t be reprising his villain role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Instead, as the title suggests, the powerful AI Ultron will be the new nemesis for the Avengers and will be joined in the villain ranks by Baron von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann). Not to be outdone, the Avengers will also be joined by new team members Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

Early production on The Avengers: Age of Ultron has already begun, as evidenced by the early set videos of what appears to be a Hulk rampage. Hemsworth, however, says that his own shooting schedule might not reflect the broad range of locations that will be included in the film:

“I’m really excited to start Avengers 2 in 2 months and get back on set… Yeah, we’re going to meet in London and shoot there for 4 months, so I’m excited to get back together with everyone and catch up.”

Based on the implication that all of Hemsworth’s filming will take place in London (as opposed to the other far-flung locations being used), it seems that Thor might actually get less screen time in The Avengers: Age of Ultron than he had in the first film. That’s kind of understandable, since the villain of The Avengers was his own adopted brother and as such he played a pretty significant role – though, if Hemsworth is on set for a full four months then he’s probably not going to be completely sidelined.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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  1. As long as there’s more Cap and Hawkeye, I’m good!

    • the fact he aint in cap 2 i think they are gonna replace hawkeye. there is no future for him really. but they better explain him not being in cap because its a shield movie just as much and it doesnt make any sense for him not to be there. widow needs to say that he is half way round the world or something.

      • I think Renner is on the cast list for AoU. But ya they missed a good opportunity leaving Hawkeye out of Winter Soldier.

      • never count any characters out – especially when it comes to Marvel and DEFINITELY not with Hawkeye!
        don’t make any assumptions – especially when NOTHING about the movie is even known yet – other than some actors & locations

        and the fact he isn’t in CAWS – means …. uh … what exactly ? you can’t include everyone – and obviously they wanted to introduce Falcon – following the source material that Cap & Falcon are best friends – not to mention Falcon’s flying is just cool – very evident with the trailers.

        They obviously want to save Jeremy Renner for the Avengers films and/ or may be for also his own film(s) down the road.

        AND most important … Hawkeye becomes the leader of the WEST Coast Avengers – which is likely to be party of Phase 4 or 5.
        Hawkeye – Mockingbird – Wonderman – Tigra and … Iron Man (or may be War Machine ???)

        don’t worry – Hawkeye isn’t going anywhere – they either have plans for him OR at minimum they want to leave options open

    • Good news for you man I hear Whedon has been having fun writing for Hawkeye and he apparently has a pretty big role in this one, as much as I love the Avengers I always wished Hawkeye could have gotten more screen time in the movie I love Hawkeye and I am a huge Jeremy Renner fan I thought he was so brilliant to play Hawkeye for the movie I’m hoping he gets to do more Renner said he wanted to do more to I also am dying for some sarcastic dialogue from him to Cap… I remember when Hawk first joined the team Captain America became the leader and was giving the new members a tour of the mansion and at the end of the tour Cap asked if they had any questions and Hawkeye responded, “Cut the kid stuff glamor pants we get the message.” thats why I love Cap and Hawkeye its a little like Cap and Tony they give Cap sarcasm which he’s not used to because he’s a soldier and is used to orders and routine but the two of them are used to other things… sorry to go on a rant but bottom line your in luck because I think your getting your wish lol :)

      • For the love of God, please use punctuation. I gave up reading your comment at the halfway mark.

        • Yes, he does. I went to comic con and he was actually there! During a special sneak peek, in which I mean a verbal sneak peek, he stated that Hawkeye will have a much bigger role and have as much screen time as thor and the hulk. As for the new characters, falcon is making a cameo, scarlet witch and quicksilver will have a lot of time in the film, and there are a couple of surprise characters and hints that will help establish a connection between age of ultron and avengers 3.

        • +1, to the punctuation comment. People are use run on sentences are the bane of humanity.

    • Hasn’t Joss public stated that to “make up” for what happened with Hawkeye in A1 that he’s written him a much large role in AoU

      • Ah…. didn’t get down to Conor’s post…. at least I didn’t imagine it

  2. As long as the green screen is better I’m good!

    • better? what are you talking about? the cgi was amazing in the movie…

      • I am not an Avengers hater, I liked the movie but there were some shots that straight up looked like a TV show, the same thing happened in Thor: The Dark World.

        • watch more tv please.

        • I’ll have to disagree on The Avengers comment. The CGI, I thought, looked as realistic as it possibly could have, and comparing it to TV is a little funny especially considering the budget differences. For exampl,e Game of Thrones have more expensive production values than most shows, and yet the visuals still look artificial. While Avengers looked quite authentic for a CGI infested movie.

          • The CGI was great, but Joss Whedon’s directorial style does resemble his time on television. I know he wasn’t the cinematographer, but it’s his vision that the cinematographer has to try and capture through the lens. It’s a criticism that a few critics (including Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw) did bring up when the movie was released. Not saying I the movie was poor in its aesthetic, but rather, that Joshua is not alone in his observation.

            • THANK YOU

            • The reason why The Avengers looks more like a TV show is that it’s the only Marvel movie that uses the narrower 1:85:1 aspect ratio, which is close to the 16:9 TV show ratio (1,78:1). All the others movies are in the more cinematic 2,35:1 aspect ratio.

              The CGI were fine and the camera work itself was cinematic as well. Nothing wrong there.

              • Nonsense. You could just as well say that it’s a taller aspect ration.
                It depends on how wide angled are the lenses. You could just shoot it exactly as wide if you want it and the extra height will just add to the experience.
                IMO 16:9 is just better because in practicality you never never so wide screens that you can’t add a bit more vertical area (neither at the theatre nor home), so 21:9 just comes of as slit like.

            • Whedon does have a “TV” style. It’s evident in Avengers, for sure.

        • I’ve noticed a lot of hate on the CGI in both Avengers and Man of Steel. I enjoyed both a lot and thought the CGI was pretty cutting edge. However it is still far from perfect. It is probably going to be another decade before it ever looks real enough for a total acceptance of the fictional representation. Even then, I feel like people are still going to watch a huge superhero battle on screen and think….. no way is that real. It is a simple matter of images that the human eye will never observe in actual reality. Even when the CGI is like mirror reality level clarity people are still going to not fully accept the images.

  3. i dont think there will be a death yet but i really want one. i think MCU is really a universe and they might continue for decades. they will need to kill off characters or retire them so that they can bring in new characters and replacement characters. i think we will eventually get 3 marvel movies a year too and a team up every 3 years. may be too early but phase 3 will have a major death and that really never happens in movies.

    top candidates are stark and cap. they can have successors, all we need is a leader and a ss serum and all stark needs to do if give the person he trusts the suits. also RDJ is losing interest in the movies and wants to do new things and chris wants to teak a break after his contract is up.

    • There’s no way they’re killing Stark. RDJ is signed on for one more movie after AoU. Cap, though, is a big possibility. After all, Chris Evans has stated that he wants to take a break from acting after Avengers 2…and Bucky DOES become the Captain America successor in the comics…hmmmm…

      • I doubt they kill off ant Avengers in AOU, but judging from the trailer someone does die in CAP2.

        • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !! – stop making assumptions about ANYTHING – when you have ZERO information !!!

          and also – why does everyone assume someone will die in AoU ? more important – EVEN if they do – it might just be a fake death – ie. like Red Skull – OBVIOUSLY they’re going to bring him back

          and if Cap or Iron Man “die” – it likely just means what will really happen is they get transported to …
          1- a different place – likely to outer space …. and that one character then meets the GotG
          let’s say it’s Tony Stark – he then builds a way to contact Hank Pym – bingo bango — Avengers / GotG join forces

          2 – character X “dies” and ends up in limbo – not unlike Cap’s comic book death
          Thor or Scarlett Witch leads to Dr. Strange being introduced and bingo bango — other dimensions

          3 – character X “dies” and yes someone takes over for their superhero name (ie. Winter Soldier for Cap) – but actor X still has movies in their original contract – so Marvel has them on hold while they decide how to continue
          and in the meantime they introduce new characters and most likely try to get all the lead actors to sign extended contracts

          4 – who knows what else they’ll come up with – remember there are 60 plus years of comic books … !!
          don’t make assumptions … heck Kevin Feige probably hasn’t even decide 100 % yet on certain things

          just cause an actor has X number of films in their contract – DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING – they can always add more and in the process earn insane amounts of money – like RDJ – become producers on their solo films, etc

          plus Disney can always do what many studios have done for other major stars — “come on … do our popcorn movie and we’ll green light your drama or whatever else you want” — it’s NEVER over unless the actors die.

          look at Leonard Nimoy – no one likely ever imagined he’ld still get to be playing Spock even after the reboot.

          try to always be optimistic about things – you’ll live longer :)

          • @ Guest

            Deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth and chill…..

            Part of being a fan is to get excited, to go wouldn’t it be cool if…. , I wonder if this will happen.

            It’s stating a desire, it’s trying to get on the wave length of the production team, it’s Ha Ha I TOLD you that was gonna happen how awesome is my fannish :p

            It’s also the whole point of message boards like this, you ping an opinion out there and see who plays along, see who pings out another idea

            Play along, join the fun…… to speculate is to accumulate

            • uh … what do you think I was saying ?? the OP said “no way they’ll kill Stark or Cap, etc”
              and I countered with — DON’T make assumptions – sure they can kill anyone they want

              I then went into a few options aka ideas HOW they can do such a thing and similar have in other movies – ie. Spock
              or as you might say – stating a desire (which I didn’t really state)
              rather I specifically “tried to get on the wave length of the producers” (as you put it) – ie. think logically what might they come up with creatively to both further the story AND introduce new ideas, characters, locations, etc

              but rather than give my opinion, I stated what is possible, there are various possibilities and the ones I presented are the most likely (but just to be clear obviously I don’t know everything – so I included Option #4 – who knows what they’ll do)

              so basically my entire post was saying EXACTLY what you suggest, not sure how you read otherwise
              but I was doing so logically and keeping in mind with HOW Marvel has done things up to this point AND how it can make sense for future stories. and more important how there are 60 plus years of comic books they can draw inspiration from – including KILLING any character, and then bring them back whenever they feel like it.

              oh yeah another possibility, The Collector will at some point decide he’d like to a few superheroes to his collection (which at first they’ll make the audience a character died, POOF in the middle of a battle, but then in the sequel film it will be revealed that they were transported by the The Collector and then the rest of The Avengers start going POOF one by one, until someone comes to save the day …. Enter Captain Marvel.

              for those who don’t know, look up Marvel Comics The Contest of Champions (it’s considered the pre-curson to Secret Wars).

          • You said to stop making assumptions with Zero information. All that you just said has no solid ground. You pulled it out you but.

          • Why do you bash those that make assumptions more correct than you, than make assumptions that you pull out your butt. Don’t tell others do do one thing when you do it as well. For the good of man, lower your usage of “-”, you don’t even use it correctly. There’s more punctuation that “-”…

  4. Maybe but, I keep wondering just how much darker or serious a tone this one will be? Well, maybe not darker but serious at least

    • if you watch whedons stuff he is always making lighthearted characters. but they do get serious when the time comes and he does make really dark and serious stuff like buffys mums death. but i keep needing to remind myself its disney so i wonder if they would impact any potential deaths or darker stories.

      • They killed Mufasa. I wouldn’t put anything past these sadists.

        • @ Raymonde
          Great comment.

  5. Idk, they might not go that route (killing off a character) but might have one or two quit the team. The only reason I say that is cause of the potential back lash from parents who might think that tone is too far from the first & where they can take their kids without worrying about too much violence

    • If they’re the type worried about violence I doubt they take their kids to see Marvel movies…I’m sure hundreds of people died in the alien invasion in the first Avengers and Coulson was impaled.

      • You know I’ve been trying for everto make people see that. Its an action movie with super heroes and supervillians.

        I would find a movie where the character stands with his arms crossed with a smile and life leasson on his lips boring.

        What many movies in this genre fail to address….in marvel films…is the amount of damage and destruction caused by the collaterial damage from superhero villian fights. Hulk smashed thru buildings destroyed thousands in property damage. Also we saw not every building in new york was emptied. The death toll was not mentioned but from a realistic standpoint people say it was a few blocks….butin new york city a few blocks house a few thousand on a daily basis and its nearly impossible to evac all of them. Try thousands of people dided.

  6. That must be hard on Hemsworth, his twins are due shortly and he will be in London for four months? i think he would be glad to negotiate a reduced role for personal reasons. Mind you, three kids under 3…. he may want to be away ;-)

  7. I bet this movie will be awesome I really hope Thor gets plenty of screen time as I do with all of the avengers Thor is one of my favorites so fingers crossed

  8. I hope the Avengers battle a REAL formidable villain this time. Please be real Ultron. No more jokes and tricks Marvel. The villains have been MIA in recent Marvel movies

    • I agree.Personally,I wish they would have gone with another villain than Ultron,maybe Kang,MODOK,or possibly Graviton(who was a MAJOR bad @$$ in the cartoon,and not the one that’s on AoS).

  9. I’m fine with Thor getting less screentime, we’ve seen much of him in his own personal sequel anyway. I just hope that short screentime is a group scene where everything is badass, just like the ones featured in the first movie.

    Oh, and with the big number of cast, we can safely assume/speculate that:
    - Baron von Strucker will have very limited screentime as well, considering he’s rumored to only appear briefly on the start of the movie
    - the role that the Korean actress played (Monica Chang?) is probably gonna be small as well
    - Any of the love interest for the core Avengers will have a brief cameo as well, most possibly Jane Porter (in The Dark World BTS, Natalie Portman and Hemsworth shot a scene with Thor wearing Midgard clothing. A scene that never appeared on the movie, nor on the deleted scenes), Banner’s love (Betty Ross I hope), and Pepper (if she’s on the movie)
    - Hawkeye, the Twins, and Ultron (Duh!) probably going to have more screentime.

    • Jane Foster*

      Jane Porter is the love interest of Disney’s Tarzan. XD

    • I read somewhere, Black Window and Hawkeye get the most screen time in AOU.

    • And don’t forget War Machine! Everyone keeps forgetting him when referencing characters in the movie. I’m curious how much screen time he’ll get. I bet he’ll be used towards the conclusion of the film when they need every person possible to defeat Ultron.

    • You know, that would probably make a great ‘end credits’ bonus shot…the wives/girlfriends of the heroes sitting around a table trash talking..

      Pepper – “I’ve got red tin suits stuffed in every closet!”
      Jane – “Have you seen the cost of a long distance call from L.A. to Asgard??!”
      Betty Ross – “We’re on our 6th home…on a Scientists salary!”

  10. Just curious…has anyone ever said that a sequel was going to be “smaller”, in any way, from the original? No?

    • I’ll name three – Reddick, Hell Raiser, and Ghost Ride.

      • typo – Ghost Rider

        • Do you have any quotes from the actors/directors indicating that their sequels were going to be “smaller”?

          • Well, Kevin Yagher has discussed how a Hellraiser sequel was filmed in 2 weeks on a couple hundred grand.

  11. Is it just me or have several comments (including two of my own) disappeared?

    • oh oh…i think Ultron has arrived

      • @::..:….:::::.. LOL. @ Dazz, yes I think they are cracking down on hate comments. I used caps and hate words and they disappear lol. We gotta be nicer.

  12. screenrant sometimes exggerates too much on the special effects and visuals. of course avengers
    2 has to be bigger! Despite being a marvel fan it only took MOS half a movie to pass the
    special effects and visuals in avengers 1 because
    1. it was not a massive chiaturi invasion, it was an insinuation because we saw a few aliens
    here and there with the avengers looking at alot of blue screen.
    2. the nuke scene was cool but it was only 1 scene.
    3. the destruction of new york city was as isolated as the destruction in incredible hulk.
    4. that being said the movie was greatness and surpasses all other superhero movies as
    respects to action but now they got to pass MOS in the action department.

    • It does not have to pass MOS in action, as it was already a much better movie in many other ways, and I would argue even including the action. MOS was either loved or hated by many, with most thinking it just mediocre at best. Avengers did not garner the same amount of divisiveness, with most liking or loving it.

      • …by the way, the box office numbers objectively prove this, with MOS making less than half of what Avengers made.

        • Numbers always lie. And I suggest you actually take a class in objectivism before throwing it around.

          • How do the numbers lie? Clearly, many more people saw Avengers, based on the box office receipts. Clearly, both critics and fans liked it better, based on RT percentages. If you believe MOS was the better film, more liked by the masses, you might want to look in the mirror and question your objectivity.

        • Funny you said that considering MOS grossed more worldwide than all marvel movies except The Avengers and Iron Man 3 according to Box Office Mojo.

          • The initial and only comparison by the previous commentator was between Avengers and MOS…no other films. Between those two, MOS came in a distant, distant second.

            • Don’t get me wrong I loved The Avengers but for you to compare MOS, an origins story, to The Avengers that had many great movies to build its following seems an unfair comparison. If you compare MOS to other CBM’s and their box office numbers it seems fair to say MOS holds it’s own despite audiences love/hate attitude.

              • That could be true, but admittedly speaking as someone who did not care for the film in any sense (except for Cavill as the star and Crowe as his father), I believe even the creators of it felt a certain concern for how the sequel would do, and thus, the addition of Batman and Wonder Woman, diverting into an early Justice League movie, instead of making a true sequel to MOS.

                • That might very well be true but I cannot make the assumption of a JL movie just because of the addition of these two characters. Until I get more substantial information about what the plot will be I will not pass judgement on a movie before it begins filming.

                  • I agree Superhulk, I would like to point out that Iron Man 2 was not an ‘Avengers’ movie just because Black Widow and Nick Fury were in it.

                    I also loved MoS at least as much as Avengers, and probably more than any other ‘origin’ film except maybe the original Iron man.

          • Bwahahaha.

            What two movies are they discussing? MOS and Avengers.

            Do you always bring up irrelevant points in arguments, straw man?

  13. never said MOS was better then the avengers. while avengers made more money and
    had a better storyline then MOS, you have to be a total buffoon to just disregard MOS
    action sequences. they raised up the ante on destruction and i surely hope marvel will
    not sit its behind like they have done for iron man 3 and thor 2 and spit out a few villians
    with little screen time.

    • The story is what is important in a film, not the amount of action/destruction, unless, of course, you are a teenager who gets dazzled by the flashing lights and sirens.

      • I’m over 40 and I like the action as much as a good story, especially in a movie based on a comic, that is listed as an “Action” movie.

        This isn’t ‘Of Mice and Men’, it’s a freakin’ comic man. Yeah, the story should be interesting and consistent, and hopefully follow canon, but people aren’t taking their kids to see these movies based on character development, they’re taking them to see Hulk Smash!!

        You may be happier sticking with pretentious indie films…with good stories.

    • MOS should have been titled – Superman Depression (Ain’t no sunshine)

      I felt the great finale was lame (Superman would never destroy an entire town (or fight aliens in Smallville), of the two films featuring General Zod, Superman 2 was by far the best picture.

      • typo – grand finale

      • Agreed. Not only was Superman 2 a better film, but Terence Stamp was, by far, the better Zod, as generally speaking, he played him more cool and calculating, instead of full of anger and rage, like Michael Shannon.

      • Yeah but those things that you say Superman wouldn’t do, he did them. Glad I can like both Avengers and MOS. So, the MOS final fight was “lame” and Superman 2 was a better picture?

        I disagree, MOS did raise the bar in the action sequence department, that takes nothing away from the Avengers amazing action scenes. Two of my favorite scenes are the camera following the Avengers fighting through New York and Superman super-punching Zod in the air…. just awesome.

        So you think this was better?

        Guy doesn’t even care about Coca-Cola’s marketing costs.

  14. I don’t think any single character will get as much screen time as in the first one, with the exception of Iron man.

    • I will be extremely disappointed if Hulks screen time is shortened as he is my favorite superhero/anti-hero.

    • Whedon said the heroes that don’t have solo films will be featured; therefore, the Hulk should have plenty of screen time. AOU could gross 2 billion and led to Black Widow and Hulk solo projects.

      • If that is the case then I am even more excited for AoU and a future Hulk movie.

  15. Hey, let’s make it bigger and better yet! Bring in Wasp and Goliath (Hank Pym) on the good guy side, and Kang, Whirlwind, Skrulls, and a REAL Mandarin on the bad-guy side, and let’s get ready to rumble!

  16. Why do people keep bringing up MoS a movie that is about to be a year old like damn yall need to learn to let go. But then again there are people that keep going on and on about Superman Returns … so yea doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon lol

  17. The first Avengers was completely overrated. People praise the Avengers as if it is some epic masterpiece. The film had a very television look and feel. Mediocre at best.

  18. Hey I know, we can add more sexual content and more blood and gore. Oh and throw in the eff words as well…(sarcasm) Hollywood doesn’t understand bigger and better. They think all the bad things make a movie good, they don’t. Marvel can take bigger steps for sure, but they better not “step-up” with the cursing and sexual things and drug use and every other over-used thing. Blood and gore is fine by all means, especially for a CBM, but we don’t need a bloody massacre, and thank goodness we haven’t had one yet. Go MARVEL!

  19. Hmmm..I don’t know.

    I like black widow and all but I keep seeing solo movie…scarjo is one of myleast favorite parts of the marvel universe.

    I mean she was a nice addition to iron man 2 and her and war machine were the only things I enjoyed about that movie. In the avengers it seemed she was very monotone and bland. I understand the charcter is like that but it was so dry it kill me to see her all upset and yet had the same tone and mannerisms even when loki freaked in his cell. Also the fact she found out about loki wanting to release the hulk and about the scepter closing the portal. I’m all for her character having a big role but a solo film? Pass.

    I really hope they utilize her well in AoU and caws otherwise I’m dreading watching her scenes.

  20. 1st off, Thor 2 when they arrived in the apartment and THOR hanged his HAMMER on a coat hanger? I thought its supposed to be super heavy? Cause when that thing dropped its like a million tons heavy! LOL!

    Not a fan of Cap America or any other they called Super Hearoes that dont have any special powers. They should just be called action heroes cause our action heroes itself like Arnold, Bruce Willis, Stallone or whatever can basically do what Cap America can do. LOL! Just sayin… have y’all watch the rebooted The A-Team?? They look like Super Heroes and can do what Captain America can do.

  21. I really wish they would make another Hulk movie before the second Avengers. Talk about a character left in the shadows.

  22. “I really wish they would make another Hulk movie before the second Avengers.” That would be awesome man :)

  23. I am a huge fan of all the super hero movies, but top of the list is definitely Thor and the Avenger movies. I am sorry to hear that Thor will have less screen time in the AoU movies. Thor to me, is the man and nobody plays him better than Chris Hemsworth. I hope they never replace him. The same Loki, the one that everybody loves to hate. It would not be same without Tom Hiddleston. I really look forward to AoU. I have the whole collection and watch them often. I tire of them.

  24. I predict hawkeye will be killed in Avengers age of ultron. He’s a nobody in the MCU. nobody’s get killed in movies.