‘Avengers 2′ Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes [Updated]

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Avengers 2 Ultron Design Set Photos Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

The Avengers: Age of Ultron has started its ambitious multi-content shoot – and as is now standard in the case of big blockbusters (particularly superhero films), set photos and videos from paparazzo both amateur and professional have started to appear online. Avengers 2 set photos from the South African set already got fans talking – and some recent examples of character and action sequence concept art has them talking even more about Joss Whedon’s sequel chapter to his groundbreaking superhero team-up film.

Today’s Avengers 2 set photos (by way of Italy) add yet another piece to the Age of Ultron puzzle – which is why some fans may NOT want to see what we have to share.


Age of Ultron Art Marvel Comicsjpg Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]




The first and foremost thing to discuss is the silver metallic figure in the set photos, and whether or not it is in fact Ultron (James Spader) or some other character entirely. We know that there is going to be another major robotic character in the film - The Vision (Paul Bettany) - and from the very first teaser trailer there have been strong hints that Ultron (and subsequently Vision) could be a character that evolves out of one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor designs. The figure in the set photos who is wearing the bulky silver garb definitely looks to be garbed in something like one of the plastic armor suits they use on RDJ when filming Iron Man sequences.

Vision Fan Art Marvel Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

Keeping all things open to possibility, it’s easy to contend that the figure in the photos could be new Iron Man or War Machine armors, The Vision, or some nameless lieutenant-bot –  but the smart money would probably be on it being Ultron. It just looks like something akin to the classic comic book version of the Ultron (balanced with the Iron Man movie designs, of course); the way the crew are walking the actor in the silver armor to the set under a literal cloak of secrecy says a lot; and finally, the figure looks like something that could be modeled off of James Spader, whose physical appearance will be incorporated into the character design.

Taken altogether, it’s compelling evidence that we’re seeing the first of Ultron here. [UPDATE - YUP THAT'S ULTRON.]

Official Quicksilver Concept Art The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 700x425 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

The next bit of focus will be the set photos as a whole, which seem to depict a battle scene between an Avengers squad, Ultron and his minions, which are played by the guys in full mo-cap suits. Much like with the first film, a compelling villain is great, but a team like the Avengers need big numbers of faceless goons to beat on. So Loki had his mo-cap suit Chitari henchman, and now Ultron has his mo-cap suit robotic soldiers. Makes sense for an A.I. bent on world control to have foot soldiers… multi-tasking and all that.

We already identified such henchman in the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver concept art that was recently released to the public (see above) – but is that silver-haired character sitting on his rump in the set photos really star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver? If so, this could perhaps be the exact sequence the concept art was depicting.

Hawkeye Still Frame Andy Park 570x324 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

Finally: There’s Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) on the set! Hope he brought enough arrows to take down an advanced army of robots! If not, he could be pretty screwed come battle time…

UPDATE: We now have a look at Hakwkeye and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in battle – along with CONFIRMATION of the Ultron design and Quicksilver silver hair. CLICK ANY OF THE PHOTOS FOR DETAILS

Official Scarlet Witch Concept Art The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 570x341 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]


The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1, 2015.

Source: Bad Taste via Bleeding Cool

Update Source: CBM

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  1. Too shiny and different design that IM or WM. That looks a lot like Ultron to me.

    • The rounded aspects of the Ultron suit remind me of Chitauri tech. Food for thought!

      • Good call.


  3. It looks like Ultron’s head from the comics from the side. Hope we get the face too. 2015 is gonna rock.

  4. quicksilver has silver hair! he already looks better than the fox version

    • Yeah, but where did he get the beard? Oh, I get it…he’s running because he’s late to work (or the Avengers Assemblage) and did not have time this morning to shave!

  5. Nice, already getting some Hawkeye too, that’s a bonus.

  6. All the MOCAP guys appear to be Ultron’s droid army.
    MOCAP = Motion Capture
    This would be inline with the conceptual art we saw of Quicksilver running through a pack of droids.

  7. Following the link, there were some pics of multiple people in mo-cap suits. Maybe this scene contains a bunch of Ultrons. I really don’t know much about him but he can multiply or something, right?

  8. LOok how simple it is to do Quicksilver right and make fans happy FOX! I like that they’ve made the sliver hair an obvious fashion choice and not genetic. It will help sell Johnson and Olsen as twins (they already look related side by side).

    Also definitely Ultron! So excited for 2015!

    • And how do we know it’s a fashion choice? All these shots just tell us that he will be having silver hair in the movie (and I vastly approve). Also, you do know that fraternal twin look no more alike than any other two pairs of siblings right? Pietro in the comics has had silver hair all this time and he’s always been Wanda’s twin.

      • If it isn’t a aesthetic choice then it’s some sort of external factor because his hair has very pronounced dark roots. Not the kind of roots someone who is naturally blond can sometimes have. The kind of roots someone who bleaches their hair and has let it grow out almost a month…

        I do understand the differences between identical twins and fraternal twins thank you. I just meant they share a strong resemblence to one another which is nice (unlike brother and sister duo Jessica Alba and Chris Evans in F4).

        What works in the comics doesn’t always translate to the movies and I think it’s a wise decision to make Pietro a natural brunette rather then being done up to look like Anderson Cooper Jr.

        So thanks for trying to school me, but no thanks.

        • Umm, I wasn’t trying to “school” you, I was just stating facts. I can still do that, can’t I?

          Anyway, a little farther in the comments below I and a couple of others commented on why his roots are dark and why he has darker facial hair. I think it just has to do with what looks better on film. I gave Storm as an example of someone who has been starting to show dark roots, as well as has dark facial hair despite her hair being white/silver. I also think, that these being only set shots, they will probably do more with his hair in post-production with computers.

          I really don’t think he’s just going to have silver hair and then say “I dyed it, because it looks cool.” I think it will be naturally that way. I can see DOFP’s QS saying that, but not this one.

          And I do totally agree about the F4 siblings, who looked nothing alike. I do however think that even if Pietro has natural silver hair here, his dark facial hair, and even his angular facial features make him look similar enough to Wanda that they do look like siblings.

          • Saying that fraternal twins look no more alike than any other two pairs of siblings is stating a fact. Preceding that statement statement of fact with “You do know that” and appending with “right?” takes it out of fact stating and into the realm of making a jab at, especially since the addition of “right?” transforms the entire statement into a question.

            All that aside, I am anxious to see what the final product will look like since I am well aware that unofficial production photos will never give an accurate representation of what will end up on screen. I quite like how SW’s costume indicates a person who is independent and has come into their own in their own way while QS has selected function over form (for their introduction).

        • Blondes have more fun….

    • Haha. Olsen Twins.

  9. I’m just glad to see that Quicksilver has silver hair! HELL YES!

  10. Quicksilver vs Ultron.
    Would this be the physics experiment of an immovable object (Ultron) meeting an unstoppable force (Quicksilver)?

    • Unstoppable? Quicksilver would be like a bug on a windshield running head first into Ultron, though this movie may have a different version of him. I don’t think Quicksilver is invulnerable when he runs.

      • Have to agree. Quicksilver is pretty much just like the Flash, He’s not super strong or anything, but he can do amazing things with speed and vibrations. However, he’s in no way unstoppable. If he ran smack into a brick wall, unless he decided to scale it or vibrate through it, he’s getting stopped and painfully. And against someone like Ultron, he’s not much of a threat. Ultron’s powerful enough to even stop the Hulk if he wants to (with preparations) in some iterations, so yeah, Quicksilver’s just a speedster, he’s going to need more than that to stop Ultron.

        • Nothing can stop the hulk, because his rage becomes overwhelming. Hulk picked up Mjolnir.

          • I mean if Ultron is prepared he can stop the Hulk, and without using brute strength, I mean, but using strategy. I still remember when Ultron made his debut in the series Avengers: EMH, Ultron was smart enough to have a specially designed Gamma weapon that emitted a signal that was able to turn the Hulk back into Bruce Banner. After that he would have killed Bruce easily if his teammates hadn’t been there.

          • Aaahhh… when?

            • I’m wondering this as well.

              In the Avengers, there is a whole scene built around the fact that he can’t lift it. Hulk’s hand is actually pinned underneath Mjolnir and he can’t budge it.

              If we’re talking comics, I can think of:

              Journey Into Mystery #112 where Thor had Odin suspend the enchantments to fight Hulk unarmed. Mjolnir was stripped of all magic turned into an ordinary hammer.

              One instance in a dream sequence.

              The Ultimate Avengers cartoon movie where he could barely handle it but then seconds later he picks it up one-handed and tosses it with ease, which is a bit ridiculous when you think about it. In the Ultimate Comics, Mjolnir has never had the worthiness enchantment.

              Once where Red Hulk was able to use it in zero gravity (which could be attributed to Loeb’s crappy writing).

              Indestructible Hulk #6 (the most recent) is not Hulk lifting it on his own. Thor is calling the hammer back to him and Hulk mistakenly thinks he has lifted it.

        • The level of durability is debatable, but in the comics he is durable vs. kinetic impacts and heat. It remains to be seen if they apply that to the film version.

          • In the comics and series I know he has made his body out of both adamantium and vibranium,two of the toughest nigh-indestructible metals in the Marvel universe. I don’t know if they will go with that here, but I’m guessing Ultron will be pretty durable.

            • My post was in response to your discussion about quicksilver, not ultron.

              • Oh! Well, in that case, I would say he’s probably going to be as durable as say Hawkeye or Tony sans-suit. ;)

        • No, The Flash is way faster and more powerful that quicksilver could even dream of.

          The Flash: Infinite mass punch – Flash, traveling near the speed of light acquired the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with the force of a white dwarf star.

          The Flash SPEED OF LIGHT!!! 299,792,458 meters per second

          Quick Silver barely beyond Speed of Sound, like mach 5! 1,701 meters per second

          • -_- Well, really, all these characters’ powers shift and change in scope depending on the writer, so I don’t really care about who’s faster or anything as that could change tomorrow for all I know.

            I was just making a comparison of power set. Flash is the most obvious character I can compare Quicksilver to, and not matter how fast either of them are, they are still similar in abilities.

            • I don’t know about new 52 but in all other incarnations of flash he was not just faster than light but pretty much as fast as he wanted to.
              Quicksilver is consistently as fast as supersonic speed. I read in some where he once reached the speed of electromagnetic wave though.

          • I’ve been called pretty fast myself. For instance:
            “Hey baby, come here often?”

    • They already did that experiment in Avengers 1 when Thor’s hammer met Captain America’s Shield :)

    • He bounces off?

  11. Sure looks like Pietro to me! Could be his “early days” before getting captured by Von Strucker. Looks very promising for a couple of set photos!
    Right when the second DoFP trailer hits !

    • They’re not official photos. Some random site decided to post them because some idiot took pictures of these guys on set/location. The timing is coincidental.

  12. The silvery Ultron looking guy is probably there for lighting purposes, which is why he’s lying on the ground close to where the motion cap guy ends up.

  13. i can’t see shyt…i thought it was IM’s Mark 2 suit


    • I agree, it could be Ultron, but remember that Ultron likes to make several subordinantes that all look similar to him. Also, remember that Ultron is the electronic king of making several back-up bodies for himself, along with being able to take over and hijack any computer or machinery he wants. Stark’s stuff is actually the most at risk and I’ve no doubt that Ultron will probably hack quite a few of Tony’s suits and use them against the Avengers.

  15. Very interesting, however I really don’t buy that the mysterious silver figure is in fact Ultron, or at least what he will actually look like in the final product. Wouldn’t a Character like that be completely realized via MOCAP, rather than having James Spader clunk around in bulky silver costume, and wouldn’t Ultron be taller then the average human? Now I could be totally wrong about the height thing but he has to be at least as tall/big as an ironman suit, which I guess this figure could very well be, I just imagined that they would make the villainous AI humaniod death machine at least 7-10 feet tall to make him more imposing. I’d say there’s a much better chance what we are seeing is some pre post-production version of Vision rather then Ultron, who i assume will be created entirely from MOCAP.

    • It is probably just a visual that is the same height as Ultron and the like so the actors can focus their eye line appropriately and create a reference point for be cameras. He will be MOCAPed, they just edit the guy in the half metal suit out and viola! Ultron.

      • JerseyJoe seems unfamiliar with the concept of a stand-in… either that or routinely makes comments about how he doesn’t buy that guy with the cardboard Hulk head attached to a pole on his back who isn’t Mark Ruffalo is actually the Hulk.

    • Surprised you have time to post that, Dale the Hall Monitor, shouldn’t you be out making baseless assumptions and being a general embarrassment to yourself, pal?

      • da heck? was this really sucha necessary put down, even IF dale here hadn’t actually posted this link just a LITTLE while before screenrant updated their article to include some of the same images? like really, what’s so wrong with giving directions to those interested in seeing some more images?

        if there’s some other reason for this rebuke then feel free to tell me but I’m sorry dude, that just seemed a bit mean.

        • There is another reason for it. Nothing to do with his comment here.

        • @ Iro
          it was a case of mistaken identity but now im not so sure I was wrong BECAUSE IT WAS 6 hrs ago and NOT ANOTHER WORD was said about it! But whatever, cant sweat the little things.

          Thanks anyway Iro

          • no problem dude. thanks again for the link btw, it was much appreciated. :)

          • @Dale

            If you’re the guy that said I was posting under two names then yeah it was not mistaken identity. It was you trying to be a smart guy, being proven wrong and then running away with your tail between your legs instead of apologizing.

            Please just stop trying to seem like you’re bigger than the situation YOU created.

  16. why does quicksilver have white hair with brown facial hair and we can see his actual brown hair under the white wig as well.

    • Mhmmmm not sure, it could just be that the silver hair is a fashion choice instead of genetics , but in the end guys these pics look really cool i mean you gotta realize that the outfits will look so much better on film compared to on set, plus they r likely to add height for ultron as with the hulk they based t on mark ruffalo’s body height and facial features but had a 7 foot tall guy running around for the height so maybe the same thing will be done for Hulk.

      Also theirs this may not even be the beginning of the film might be later, as it looks like quicksilver and scarlet witch are with jeremy renner in this scene, and ultron is already out in the open so likely this may be in the middle of the film or somthing.

    • Sometimes in movies they will keep darker facial hair because having it white just makes them look off and closer to albino. Storm in X-men is a great example. Storm has white hair and blue eyes in the comics because of her mutant genes. However in the movies, they keep her eye color, eyelashes and eyebrows dark, because changing it to white just makes it look off. And remember that her hair has undergone different shading throughout the years, in the first movie it was platinum blond, but it looked really fake. Now you can see darker streaks in it that make it look more silvery, but natural.

      I think they will be doing the same with Quicksilver here. His hair won’t be straight silver since that looks really fake (I’m looking at you, DOFP!), and they will probably touch it up some with computers and such after everything has been shot. And they will more than likely keep the dark facial hair for the same reasons that I mentioned with Storm.

    • Several points here…

      With the dark roots on his head, it could either be someone who dyes their hair and has let it grow out, but also naturally blonde people sometimes have darker roots anyway.

      Facial hair color doesn’t often exactly match head-hair. I have brown hair and dark red & black facial hair. So even if he’s supposed to be naturally blonde (which I don’t think he is, since he’s got the “dyed hair grown out” roots) his facial hair would normally be a different shade than his head anyway.

  17. Everything looks great. Seeing the CGI Ultron will be the better story. I love Olsen’s Scarlet Witch the most.

  18. These set pics just proved one thing… concept arts are CONCEPTS. The inner clothing of Scarlet Witch is black instead of white, and QuickSilver does have light blonde hair (which was something Aaron doubted will work). But I thiiink he’s going to have shorter hair by the second half of the movie. And about Ultron… hmmm, not sure if that’s really him. It could just be a version of his ever mutating, I mean changing forms. Dude can rebuilt himself easilty right?

  19. Marvel should license a black poofy winter coat with chrome Ultron shoulders and hood.

  20. I’ve got three comments and one honest question: 1. Scarlet Witch looks sexy, regardless of the costume. Its a good take on it. 2. Nice running on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s part, looks just like Quicksilver running in the comics. 3. Ultron looks kick-a$$ so far, can not wait for the finished product.

    My question, you think when Ultron speaks that they will have his face open up? You know, showing more red?

    • I actually hope so. I’ve never read any of the comics with Ultron but I’ve seen him in two different series of the Avengers TV series, and he’s awesome in each one. I still remember the episodes in Avengers: EMH when he debuts and he actually is able to turn the Hulk back into Bruce Banner on a whim and then has no qualms about shooting the now vulnerable Dr. Banner point blank. It was then that I knew Ultron was going to be a badass villain.

      However, one thing I always liked was his insectoid design, which was of course intentionally done by Antman. And the way the red goes with his unmoving features just makes him look chilling.

  21. Finally some real good looks on the (twins) costumes!
    Do agree that the silver robot might not be Ultron; could be one of his henchmen. It WAS stated that there will be some James Spader-esque inspiration/combination with the suit.

    • *This might be early on the film too, I’m sure these won’t be their final uniforms

    • I like the costumes too. I like how they included Quicksilver’s lightning bolts without it looking garish. It goes seamlessly with the rest of the outfit. As for Scarlet Witch, I think it will look better after post-production, but it looks good too.

  22. I am loving Wanda’s costume in the shots from the set. Just the right amount of sexy, the right amount of punk/goth (almost reminiscent of her in one of the X-Men cartoons where they are all in highschool?). Love the super subtle homages to Pietro’s classic costume as well. Gotta say they are two super kick ass adaptations for the screen. It will be interesting to how they visualize the twin’s powers but I am sure they will be epic. Especially since they will be able to look at what X-Men does right and wrong for Quicksilver in DOFP.

  23. Already looks and sounds impressive – cannot wait !

    Still confused as how Quick Silver will appear in both Avengers & X Men – with Marvels blessing ! Mabey this is the link that eventually will unite all Marvel/Disney/Fox & Sony movie Universes !?

    • I think it maybe because Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in the gray area where they are both X-men characters AND Avengers characters. And I think there was just some legal loophole they used to have the characters in the Avengers, of course with some limitations in place on how they can be depicted.

  24. Lol’d.

    QS hair looks retarded. And whats going on with ultron? I hope CGI makes him look better cause atm he looks dumb. I feel like this is a cartoon.

    • You do realize that these are just set shots right? There’s going to be a ton of CGI and other computer and editing work before this is finished. If this is Ultron, he’s going to look much more complete by the time we see it on the screen, the same with Quicksilver.


    Scarlet Witch. Cool. Quicksilver with silver hair. Cool.


    (I’ve had 3 cups of coffee)

  26. Here’s a thought, perhaps his hair color changes because: A) increasing use and strength of his powers B) He has been experimented on to enhance his powers, and that in turn is causing his hair to turn silver/white

    Also Quicksilver is slightly more versatile than just speed, like it was previously said, he can mess with molecular speed, which means at a certian speed he can phase through walls, eventualy he gets enough speed for limited flight, and I think there was one story involving time travel, but then again most speedfreaks can do that if properly boosted

    • Like with RedBull.

      Gives ‘em wings.