‘Avengers 2′ Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes [Updated]

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Avengers 2 Ultron Design Set Photos Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

The Avengers: Age of Ultron has started its ambitious multi-content shoot – and as is now standard in the case of big blockbusters (particularly superhero films), set photos and videos from paparazzo both amateur and professional have started to appear online. Avengers 2 set photos from the South African set already got fans talking – and some recent examples of character and action sequence concept art has them talking even more about Joss Whedon’s sequel chapter to his groundbreaking superhero team-up film.

Today’s Avengers 2 set photos (by way of Italy) add yet another piece to the Age of Ultron puzzle – which is why some fans may NOT want to see what we have to share.


Age of Ultron Art Marvel Comicsjpg Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]




The first and foremost thing to discuss is the silver metallic figure in the set photos, and whether or not it is in fact Ultron (James Spader) or some other character entirely. We know that there is going to be another major robotic character in the film – The Vision (Paul Bettany) – and from the very first teaser trailer there have been strong hints that Ultron (and subsequently Vision) could be a character that evolves out of one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor designs. The figure in the set photos who is wearing the bulky silver garb definitely looks to be garbed in something like one of the plastic armor suits they use on RDJ when filming Iron Man sequences.

Vision Fan Art Marvel Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

Keeping all things open to possibility, it’s easy to contend that the figure in the photos could be new Iron Man or War Machine armors, The Vision, or some nameless lieutenant-bot –  but the smart money would probably be on it being Ultron. It just looks like something akin to the classic comic book version of the Ultron (balanced with the Iron Man movie designs, of course); the way the crew are walking the actor in the silver armor to the set under a literal cloak of secrecy says a lot; and finally, the figure looks like something that could be modeled off of James Spader, whose physical appearance will be incorporated into the character design.

Taken altogether, it’s compelling evidence that we’re seeing the first of Ultron here. [UPDATE – YUP THAT’S ULTRON.]

Official Quicksilver Concept Art The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 700x425 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

The next bit of focus will be the set photos as a whole, which seem to depict a battle scene between an Avengers squad, Ultron and his minions, which are played by the guys in full mo-cap suits. Much like with the first film, a compelling villain is great, but a team like the Avengers need big numbers of faceless goons to beat on. So Loki had his mo-cap suit Chitari henchman, and now Ultron has his mo-cap suit robotic soldiers. Makes sense for an A.I. bent on world control to have foot soldiers… multi-tasking and all that.

We already identified such henchman in the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver concept art that was recently released to the public (see above) – but is that silver-haired character sitting on his rump in the set photos really star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver? If so, this could perhaps be the exact sequence the concept art was depicting.

Hawkeye Still Frame Andy Park 570x324 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]

Finally: There’s Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) on the set! Hope he brought enough arrows to take down an advanced army of robots! If not, he could be pretty screwed come battle time…

UPDATE: We now have a look at Hakwkeye and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in battle – along with CONFIRMATION of the Ultron design and Quicksilver silver hair. CLICK ANY OF THE PHOTOS FOR DETAILS

Official Scarlet Witch Concept Art The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 570x341 Avengers 2 Set Photos Reveal Ultron Design, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Costumes  [Updated]


The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1, 2015.

Source: Bad Taste via Bleeding Cool

Update Source: CBM

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  1. Let’s recap what we have here:

    -Two new characters who we’ve been told will have a large role in the movie.
    -One underdeveloped character from the first movie.
    -What is presumably the first battle in a movie that has been called darker than the first. Therefore, this battle should set that tone. A darker tone in a superhero movie typically means a dead character.

    This is kind of like when Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock went down to the uncharted planet’s surface with Corporal Jimmy. Just who in the frick do you think isn’t coming back?

    • lolol. I guess Hawkeye brought the knife arrows to this gunfight.

    • “A darker tone in a superhero movie typically means a dead character.”
      Thats cliche. The best would be for a hero not to be able to save soemone. High hopes for Spiderman on that front though.

    • You really believe they film movies chronologically? Chances are this scene is from well into the film.

      • I know they don’t film scenes chronologically, I just figured this may be the first fight scene, possibly introducing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at the same time it’s made clear that Ultron is gonna be the bad guy. It’s entirely possible that I was wrong and this is from well into the movie, like you said. I was just guessing, and perhaps I should’ve made that clearer.

    • I love these new pics thanks for postin em man. :)

  2. That Ultron design is HORRIBLE. I hope it’s just a faux costume. Ugh…

    • The CGI is not done on it, it hasn’t even begun actually…

      Besides, it might be Ultron Mark one or maybe just one of Ultron’s “expendable goons”? After all, wasn’t it confirmed that James Spader would play the actions as well as the voice of Ultron?

    • That’s just a stand-in model. When they animate it he will look better.

    • Guy calm down, its what they use to center the cgi on.

  3. Scoot over scarjo, elizabeth olsens here.

    • Not-hot-snot!

  4. Is aaron taylor wearing lots of makeup?

  5. I think it’s really cool to see Renner back as Hawkeye I love Renner as an actor I think he’s incredible and I love Hawkeye also and it sounds like he’ll be getting tons of screen time in this one so I’m down with that, I think Olslen looks really cool as Wanda and I bet she’ll do greatin the role now for Ultron and Quicksilver well when I first saw the set photo of Ultron I got worried but then I said to myself they haven’t added a lot of the effects for him yet I imagine the red glowing eyes will be much larger in the film itself also I don’t really care for the picture that much from a quality stand point and just the overall look of what the person is wearing ( I have no clue if it’s Spader or a stunt double or something) the big bulky black coat along Witt eh shiny shoulder stuff and all takes away from a lot of the ultrony stuff the person may have the coat on to stay warm or maybe it’s just something they need for the mo cap stuff I don’t know… Bottom line I don’t like the picture that much butim pretty sure it’ll look cooler when I see ultron on screen. As for Quicksilver I honestly think he looks like Brad Cooper in Ameican Hustle if he had silver hair that is lol, but anyway I was shocked when I saw the picture of him though because it didn’t look like the concept art that much he has silver hair for one thing but no cool blue gear and stuff… At first I was thinking about what my friends would think but then I started thinking more from my own perspective and honestly I like it just fine what’s cool about it and I think this can go for Scarlet Witch also their costumes at least what we’ve seen so far are really more like clothes than super suits I find it interesting how Pietro is wearing running sneakers and body armor that has white stripes that I wanna say resemble the white lightning bolt he had in the comics but I think everyone looks cool really I can’t wait for this movies bet it’ll be awesome.

    • This is the worst thing I have ever read.

      • +1

        • I need to lie down

      • You read it? I saw a giant run on sentence and skipped it, lol

        • I’ve told several people on the site, “people just skip it if you don’t use sentences or paragraphs” and they just get mad at me. I figured the whole reason they posted it was so other people would read it, but I guess not.

          • We post it to share our thoughts, maybe start a conversation, and see who agrees. NOT to get our writing attacked by losers who think they are English teachers. There is a difference between people reading posts, and people attacking others writing. Don’t want people to get mad at you, then leave them alone about insignificant writing issues. People don’t come on here to get there writing criticized or be called prideful by the likes of you ken.

      • Eh, I’ve seen worse.

        • This was to Shaman Iguana, in case you were wondering.

  6. Ok im not thrilled with this.

    Olsens costume and look are ok but i really wished they did not dye quicksilvers hair, and that costumes is so lame! It looked 100% better in concept art!

    Glad hawkeyes getting some screen time.

    And the cgi better look good because that ultron/ironman plastic crap is just horrible.

    • Again, they only filming right now, and in a movie like this, it’s only really half of what you see. All the real work is after they finish filming. The costumes and their appearance will look sleeker and more complete, and Ultron will be a finished product. This is only the beginning.

    • I agree, people are ripping on the Quicksilver look from DOFP but this doesn’t look a whole lot better in my opinion. Scarlet Witch looks decent though.

    • “i really wished they did not dye quicksilvers hair”

      I would surmise that finding a relatively youthful individual with naturally silver hair who is also an actor is likely next to impossible, thereby necessitating dye to achieve the look.

    • I agree. For me I was more concerned with SW’s concept art, and liked QS’s more. But now seeing them, it’s the other way around.

  7. That Scarlet Witch costume blows…

    • Is that good or bad?

      • Scarlet that blows is obviously a good thing.

    • I’ll be interested to see what her costume looks like. This is just her clothes.

  8. I imagine that’s the stand-in for Ultron, made to be as weird and freakish as possible so that people can really look unnerved when they look over at him/it.

  9. Picture of Scarlet Witch looked like somebody’s be-yotchy boss at Wal-Mart wearing Granny Clampett boots. Picture of Ultron’s mask looked like someone’s bitter pucker-faced granny. Picture of Quicksilver looked like, uh, well…still working on that. Some guy dressed in spandex running from the cops after he robbed the Spandex store maybe? I don’t know…first impressions–you know how they often run. Sometimes the finished product looks a bit different. (And I’d still put Hawkeye in his traditional early-comic purple and blue costume and mask!)

  10. Gotta say, the word that came to mind was, “underwhelming” right across the board.

    CGI might make up for the Ultron deficit but SW…….BO-RING, QS is just some guy wearing a sports shirt? Y-A-W-N. Then Hawkeye is the same.

    When are our superheros from the comics going to appear on screen? I’m not asking for full on spandex and bright colors but come the freak ON! Would it have killed them to give QS white hair and a bit more high tech of an outfit? (remember QS doesn’t have the Speed Force to fall back on to explain away the problems of traveling supersonic so the outfit needs to be more special than a shirt and pants pulled off of the rack)

    SW looks more like a reject from an Emo gathering than a heroine able to bend the powers of time and space to her will.

    And I really wish Hawk would have a few notes from his original costume like maybe the chainmail shirt, loincloth and a bit more color (getting real tired of black being THE color.

    Yes, underwhelming.

    • Mmm. Scarlet Witch doesn’t look so much like a heroine in that photo as she does someone on heroin (sorry if that offends anyone). Maybe as a witch she likes some good old herbal remedies. But in all seriousness I actually like that style, although I’m not so sure about Quicksilver and Junners.

    • The amount of chafing Quicksilver must get from those jeans… urrraaarrraaaaaa.

      • it’s actually the same spandex and stitching as the running top.

        • Oops. There goes my credibility.

  11. It’s not hard for me to imagine that this is what the characters are wearing before they get their “superhero” costumes/uniforms.
    It’s not even speculating if you ask me, It seems highly likely. Who really thinks this is their final outfits in the story?

    A guy who runs wearing running spandex? Pretty normal. I’ve seen more outlandish outfits here on the Nike hq campus (we have a track circling the property).

    I saw some people on another site griping about Wanda’s outfit as well: it’s not all that weird. Looks like a regular 20-something going to see a local band on a Friday night. I guess some of those people complaining live in some bland place where people don’t get dressed up?

    As for the Ultron stand-in, it’s a stand-in. It’s not even the basic model that they’re then going to fix up later in CG…it’s only there to properly capture what the lighting will be like during the scene, so it’s correct and accurate when they do the finals in post production. They are also used simply for blocking, so the actors know where the character will be during each part of the scene.

  12. LOL that first Hawkeye pic. Should’ve brought your shades, Clint.

    • Haha I say the same thing about him all the time

  13. I’m sorry but anyone wanting to see Hawkeye or Wolverine in their original comic costumes on screen is just being silly….Those would look ridiculous on screen.

  14. whats that thing Hawkeye is holding?

  15. that can’t be what quicksilver looks like, he’s wearing a wig, has a beard, and a sweater that looks like its from target…please someone assure me that this is not the actual quicksilver PLEASE! (if it ends up like the concept art then i’ll be totally happy)

    • sweater? lol

  16. I don’t know what people are really expecting from a comic book movie. There’s nothing wrong with their costumes. There’s something wrong with people’s expectations. I guess people wanted to see a half naked, evening gown & weird tiara wearing Scarlet Witch & a genetically engineered person to look like Quicksilver. Some folks don’t even deserve these movies. lol

    • Haha I like this comment sums up what I feel about 64 % of the people on this site.

    • Problem is, it has to actually LOOK like a costume to be a costume 😉

  17. Ultron looks pretty good. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look amazing. Lets hope that Hawkeye doesn’t die in this scene. 2015 can’t come soon enough.

  18. I’m in the underwhelmed column. Scarlet Witch’s getup is straight from the Craft. It screams mid 90’s alternagirl. Unless they changed her origin so that she got her powers after being bitten by a radioactive Tori Amos, something a little more contemporary and less derivative would be nice.

    Quicksilver’s outfit’s ok, but the hair ruins it. The obviously bleached hair plus weird shirt make him look like a ravekid who lost his pacie and backpack. Otherwise the outfit itself would be fine.

    Ultron will be so heavily CGIed, you could show me a paper plate on a stick and I’d respond, “looks good so far.” So no judgement there.

    • @Smikal – “Radioactive Tori Amos” ….*giggle snort* well played sir.


  19. I am probably the only person here who don’t care for Avengers outside of sis and bro mutants. I really hope they’ll get some lots of screen time and wouldn’t be shitted down the road.

    • You’re right,you are probably the only one here who doesn’t care for the avengers. But its okay to share that opinion on here, I just wouldn’t say it in public. Lets just say there are some avengers fans out there who are even more hardcore than I am.

  20. I have two theories on that ultron looking costume. I think either this costume is just something for the actors to look at to help with acting and later put the actual CGI Ultron like they did with the hulk in the old 2003 film where they just simply held up a cut out of the Hulk’s head on a stick to help the actors be able to look up at him like he was actually there and then of course added the CGI hulk in. The other theory is that maybe it is just one of Ultron’s minions that he sends out and they are using the same strategy as i first said and will later use CGI. I just think Ultron will be well over 7ft or atleast the size of ironmans suits. Preferably over 8 ft for me! So thats why im leaning towards it being a minion. Either way can’t wait! this movie is going to be great!

  21. I highly doubt that is Quiksilver’s ACTUAL costume. There is no way the dude is wearing those atheletic shoes lol but im pretty sure everyone knows that. Plus that suit will probably be added on with CGI. I’m not real familiar with Quiksilver or Scarlet Witch but I trust that Marvel wouldn’t cheat their fans out that bad haha. Scarlet Witch looks good though and so does hawkeye.

    • It’s admirable of you to believe everyone realizes these are just their civilian clothes, I wanted to believe it too. But no. There are people here who think this is their Avengers combat uniforms. Sad, really.

  22. Wow, these look great. And any reserves I had about Scarlet Witch’s costume are gone.

  23. Sad about Quicksilver due to “Kick Ass” and his acting ability, or lack off. Casting mistake and could be worst part of the film….that and changing Ultron-5’s name, origin, etc. etc.

  24. Scarlet Witch looking like a goth chick with those boots :/
    I’m looking forward to that character, especially with her friendship with Vision, hope it’s all done well *fingers crossed*

  25. I personally don’t see what everyone is complaining about with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch’s outfits.
    By the sounds of it, they’ve been held captive for god knows how long, and it sounds like they’ll be with Ultron for a while, so it makes sense for them not to have a costume.
    And I, personally, think that they’re outfits honestly needed toning down for films. You can’t have a woman running around in a bathing suit, an M on her head and a cape can you? Same as you it wouldn’t be taken seriously for Quicksilver wear the outfits he wore in the comics.
    Only problem I have is Quicksilver’s hair, you can see the brown roots, and his facial hair it brown!