The Avengers 2: Whedon Talks Ultron, Thanos and an ‘X-Men’ Crossover

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Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Logo The Avengers 2: Whedon Talks Ultron, Thanos and an X Men Crossover

Since Marvel’s The Avengers first hit theaters, fans have debated which new enemies and conflicts would be brought in to The Avengers 2, with many citing the film as the point at which Marvel would ‘go cosmic.’ When the aforementioned sequel was revealed to be The Avengers: Age of Ultron at San Diego Comic Con 2013, the speculation didn’t end – it merely changed.

But with confusion over the likes of Ant-Man, the addition of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and the continuing absence of Thanos – the character once thought to be guiding the franchise as a whole – Joss Whedon has offered to explain the sequel’s name, the lack of a certain ‘Mad Titan,’ and why ‘team-ups’ – especially cross-studio ones – aren’t going to be a regular occurrence.

For starters, there’s good chance that when movie fans first heard of the Age of Ultron subtitle, a quick online search informed them of the Brian Michael Bendis series of the same name. Unfortunately, while Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man was Ultron’s creator in that series, his absence in the Marvel movie universe requires some significant changes.

Hawkeye vs Ultron in The Avengers Age of Ultron The Avengers 2: Whedon Talks Ultron, Thanos and an X Men Crossover

Marvel head Kevin Feige has been forthcoming about the changes made by Whedon, and in an interview with Total Film, the director reiterated that while the sequel’s title might be confusing to some, they couldn’t let a title that good go to waste:

“It’s not based on the series. Honestly, we went through a lot of titles – Underoos Of Ultron. None of them landed…Underoos would’ve been better because of the alliteration. But Age of Ultron really stuck. We were like, ‘It’s a book, but we’re still going to use it’.”

“We’re not going to see Pym and all the accoutrements. Ultron is more central to the Avengers as they are. But we will explore the idea of lineage, because he was created by us and we’ve got to own that… Then we have the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and I think that’s plenty, because Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch did not begin their time as friends of the Avengers, so there’s going to be a lot of, well, conflict.”

Whedon’s use of the words “created by us” provides yet another hint at the new origin story of Ultron concocted for the film, and could imply that it’s not just Tony Stark who is responsible for the villain’s creation (as we have already speculated), but that S.H.I.E.L.D. may have a hand in it as well. The decision to remove Hank Pym from the origin story will likely still be a sore spot for Ant-Man fans, but look at it this way: Marvel still seems bent on giving the character his own film, not merely an appearance alongside the Avengers.

Thanos Imperative 3 Art The Avengers 2: Whedon Talks Ultron, Thanos and an X Men Crossover

Tweaking a villain’s backstory to better fit existing themes and characters is all well and good (and apparently an idea Whedon has had for years), but there was a time when Marvel was thought to be risking their grounded approach to superheroes with Phase Two; launching Earth’s heroes into cosmic conflicts. At one point, some even claimed that Iron Man 3 would end with Tony Stark heading into space to meet Marvel’s next super-team, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Though the concept may seem odd in hindsight – given the completely different tone and fiction seen in the Guardians teaser footage – the inclusion of Thanos in The Avengers put the writing in the wall on the first place.

Yet Whedon explains that mixing the Avengers with cosmic characters like the Guardians is a slippery slope, and while Thanos most certainly exists in the movie universe, seeing him put center stage is still a long way off:

“We have to stay grounded. It’s part of what makes the Marvel universe click – their relationship to the real world. It’s science-fiction, and Thanos is not out of the mix, but Thanos was never meant to be the next villain. He’s always been the overlord of villainy & darkness.”

Bad news for Thanos fans, then (even if acting as a a malevolent force behind the scenes is in keeping with his character). While we’re on the subject of disappointment, the subject of an Avengers/X-Men crossover event also came up in the interview.

Whedon Talks Avengers X Men Crossover The Avengers 2: Whedon Talks Ultron, Thanos and an X Men Crossover

Although some in the X-Men camp would love to see the competing studios pool resources for an event film – and Hugh Jackman is dying to “kick Iron Man’s ass” on screen – Whedon has some more bad news:

“That’s not the plan. It would be cool but I think right now I already have a ton of very talented actors in my movie playing a ton of characters, and I’m about to add a few more. So I’m not like, ‘How can we get more licensed characters because I want to kill myself and make a nine-hour movie.’”

Hard to argue that Whedon will have a hard enough time making Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye more important in the sequel, maintaining Scarlett Johansson’s Widow as a “huge part” of the story, and introducing both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Perhaps it’s best to keep superhero characters in a single film down to a dozen?

There’s nothing saying that Thanos fighting the Avengers, Ant-Man joining the team or Marvel and Fox’s movie universes blending together can’t happen at some point down the road, but for now, let us know what you think of the decisions. Should Tony Stark be made the creator of the team’s next foe? Should the Avengers stay rooted in the real? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases on May 1, 2015

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Source: Total Film (via CBM)

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  1. “We’re not going to see Pym and all the accoutrements…”

    There it is. In Whedon’s own words.

    Pym will not figure into the Age Of Ultron.

    Can we all move along, now?

    • God, I hope so. It’s getting as annoying as the “Bale might come back to Batman” comments that have been clearly stated by those involved to not be the case yet people still argue that it will still happen.

      I also don’t see the need in a crossover just yet but down the line, it could indeed be possible. Maybe after Avengers 3 when Fox, Sony and Marvel have established more characters than they currently have?

      • Right on.

        As for a cross over – it’s probably inevitable. But not anytime soon. Maybe another ten years….

        It WOULD be cool to see Wolverine and Spidey and Iron Man and The Hulk TOGETHER duking it out, though.

        If Marvel hadn’t sold the rights to Spiderman to Sony, it would be the web slinger at the center of the Marvel flicks.

        Spiderman has/had always been the reining character in the Marvel books.

        Things would have turned out a lot different.

        • +1000000000

        • The only crossover I’m interested in is Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel movie-verse.

        • -Infinity

          If that is so, I doubt Marvel will even launch a Spider-Man franchise since they already have so much in their plate. And anyways, this new reboot has not disappointed me and possesses so much potential to equalize the epicness of the Dark Knight trilogy due to the incredible library of villainry icons Spidey provides as enemies (i.e. The Amazing Spider-Man film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser Trailer), not to mention the variety of legendary comic book arcs he stars in.

          I am crossing my fingers that in Avengers 3, Thanos messes with the Time/Space gem of the tesseract and see Wolvie and Spider-Man wind up in the Avenger-verse. Maybe it will not happen, but a guy can only dream.

        • A cross over movie would rock. I’ld be happy if they just put easter eggs in the various movies. A reference to Stark tech in the xmen for instance.

      • +1

    • Every heard of a lie? Happens all the time!

      Parent’s said I’d never get an N64 countless times.. Then one night I unwrapped a gift, which turned out to be a N64!

      • Are you trying to see we’re children?

        • I’m saying that there is a chance Wheadon can be lying about Antman not being in the avengers 2. People lie! It can make for a big surprise if everyone believes your lie

      • This is not helpful. Please move on.

    • No, my dydees are bunched, and I’m proud of it. Granted, this film sounds pretty full right now. I am glad we are getting Ultron, Quicksilver, and scarlet Witch, all things on my “shopping list”. But I think Pym should create Ultron, and I want Goliath and Wasp in the worst way. They had better figure heavily into Avengers #3 at the very least! And just as an aside, I want to see Kang fight the Avengers or Fantastic Four or somebody eventually as well. And Whirlwind. And Skrulls. And……!

      • I don’t see why other than the big 4, people like Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Pym, etc. Can’t just sub in and out depending on the villain and what skills are necessary. Like what if Hulk needs Spiderman’s help to fight the Rhino, or the Avengers need Beast to help fill Banner or Pym’s scientist aspects. Then the main MMU characters can have their own or show up in another hero’s movie within the current or next phase. I mean don’t do it for the sake of doing it, but FF would help the Guardians better than the Avengers. Then why couldn’t Fox and Sony take some of the load off of Disney and do crossovers or things like the Deffenders or Marvel Knights so the Inhumans and etc. Can be introduced without sacraficing others.

        • Why none of that will happen anytime soon;


          • +1

            Don’t forget, corporate greed, creational jealously and the fact that entertainment is a business done for the money not the good of the audience and the medium.

            [Adam Sandler specifically & Grown Ups 2 I’m talking about you]

  2. While I agree that keeping the super hero characters down to a manageable number is the way to go I still hope to one dsy see a scene with few dozen, hundred, facing off against some cosmic threat (as you often see in the huge marvel comics cross-overs). You could still focous on the core group and just give the fans something to squeal about in one nice scene towards the end. Maybe in Avengers 3 or 4 or something.

    • Yeah that would be one cool visual. Maybe they could even sneak in none-licensed characters as Easter eggs. Like some red and blue suited figure swinging from a line.

      • What…Captain America jumped out a window in the big city and got stuck on somebody’s clothes-line??

        • Cap is red white and blue…joke fail.

          • No, not joke fail. I did not list every color on his uniform, nor did I have to. Did not say those colors were not there. Everyone else got the joke and are currently rolling on the floor caught in the throes of unbridled gales of unrestrained laughter. Except you. You are too busy going “Duh”…!

          • Maybe he washed his suit *with* with a brand new Santa Claus costume (hey, it could happen) and as a result, the whites became red.

            • Umm. It was obviously a Spider-Man reference. I get the joke but I think he meant what a lot of people want. The epic Spider-Man/Wolverine/Avengers crossover. Of course they won’t do it now. But possibly in 4th one. Marvel has a lot on their plate to contact Sony about Spider-Man rights for a movie or two.

  3. Whedon said “i already have a ton of very talented actors in my movie playing a ton of characters, and Im about to add a few more”. I wonder who those “few more” characters will be besides Ant-Man.

    • I think he meant “a few more” as in Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Ultron. Ant-Man isn’t in his movie (that we know of).

      • Yeah. “We’re not going to see Pym” kind of sums it up I think.

        • Exactly.

          Hints maybe since his movie is next but no Pym.

          Shame some people can’t read.

          • Not that I don’t believe Pym won’t be in it, but it’s not like if he was this would be the first time a director was less than truthful about a character not being in a movie (*cough*Khan*cough*.)

            • Well thanks for that … I still haven’t seen into the darkness …I hope that’s not what u were referencing

    • NooooooooCould used a character that made more sense than quicksilver and the scarlet witch. And also why didn’t they ask about spiderman instead of the X-Men!

      • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are mainly affiliated with The Avengers. X-men and Spiderman belong to a different studio right now, and would just disrupt the current direction of Avengers.

  4. To have an avenger/x-men movie crossover would be super awesome. Yes, we would like too see the Wolverine kicking Tony Stark’s iron butt. But I think Whedon’s got a point here. It’s a very risky project for both of the studios. And let’s face it, Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. has been the most significant character in Marvel cinematic universe, not to mention the biggest money maker for Marvel. Marvel launched the cinematic universe with the first Iron Man movie. By making Tony Stark as the creator of the main villain in the Avengers 2, I think they’re trying to play safe.

  5. Just had a thought.

    Maybe Tony blames himself for Ultron and quits due to it being his tech but we’re introduced to Dr Pym in Cap 2 and it’s a SHIELD creation like others have hypothesised?

    That could leave a gap in the roster and maybe a War Machine solo movie in Phase 3. Wouldn’t it be great if all that led us to a West Coast Avengers spin-off?

    • I think SHIELD still has destroyer armour in captivity. Couldn’t it be destroyer armour gone rogue while Shield was experimenting on it.

    • It makes sense that Tony Stark would creat Ultron after the events of Iron Man 3…SPOILER ALERT… I could see Tony done risking his life and create Ultron as a means to protect the world without risking his own…I can’t help but think that Whedon used the title Age of Ultron as a means of beating FOX if they wanted to use the title Age Of Apocalypse…I heard rumors Apocalypse will be their version of Thanos

      • Yeah, that’s another possibility I considered due to the armor being remote controlled now.

        Maybe SHIELD make a note of Tony’s reluctance to return as Iron Man so they use his tech without a guy in the suit, a JARVIS AI to control it like a drone with its own sensors etc and using elements of the Destroyer in the construction and design of it.

        They could even replace the adamantium that Ultron is made out of and exchange it for vibranium instead if Fox own the rights to that fictional metal.

        • This would be their own Iron Man since War Machine/Iron Patriot is a US government thing and SHIELD has no government controlling it so Ultron would be their version.

            • That’s what I’m saying though, use Destroyer tech combined with Stark’s drone style pilotless suit.

    • War Machine is a little too like Iron Man (not that I don’t like him or anything; he’s OK). But if they did a spin-off of Avengers like a West Coast Avengers, what about that team being something like Quicksilver, Goliath, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and maybe later Black Panther and Vision? Could you imagine an Avenger-style flick every year or so (even-numbered years: Avengers; odd-numbered years: West Coast Avengers)?

  6. I have to admit my interest in the avengers sequel reduced significantly when I heard Thanos would not be the primary villain. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Ultron can’t be a capable adversary for the Avengers, I just think that Thanos would draw a much bigger crowd(hardcore fans and casual movie-goers). I really thought (maybe more hoped) that the Avengers sequel would feature Thanos to begin the Infinity Gauntlet story just to leave everyone hungry for a possible Infinity War in the 3rd Avengers installment.

    • But as I said in April 2012, Thanos should be saved for the third movie because he’s too big a threat to have as the main villain in a sequel and a villain in a third movie would seem small fry compared to him.

    • We knew Thanos would be a background player until the big finale in Avengers 3 long ago.

    • Actually, I think Ultron is better known than Thanos to hard-core earlier Avengers fans like me.

    • Casual movie goers had no clue who was the big blue guy at the end of The Avengers. They don’t know Ultron either. It’s all the same to them, and they are the majority of the audience. I don’t think box office wise it would make a difference…

  7. I am not a reader of comics, but I LOVE the MCU films.

    All I know about any characters who are not currently featured in the films are literally from internet research and what you guys on this awesome website say.

    So, couldn’t Pym still be the maker of Ultron, but not make an appearance in Avengers Age of Ultron? Is it possible he could be foreshadowed and hinted at toward a future appearance, or even cameo in the Avengers sequel? Is it possible Edgar Wright’s film could depict Pym in a time before the Avengers, and have similar structure in terms of release and film continuity to Captain America? Is that something that may work with the fans?

    I only ask because I am interested in these characters, and would like to see an opinion of somebody regarding them rather than facts of their history etc. Ant Man to me personally, sounds a little weak in terms of his power, though I do understand his efficiency with spying and stuff. But then again I am often proved wrong on these things, so it would be nice to gain a little knowledge on the topic.

    • Well, according to an interview several years ago, Edgar was considering having both Ant-Man characters, the original Hank Pym set in the 60s and the modern Scott Lang version.

      How that could work, I’m not sure but obviously things change.

      • Prefer Pym a thousand times over Lang. I would not waste time with making lang in these movies, but Pym…gotta have him!

    • You do know that, “Ant”-Man is a bit of a misnomer right?

      Because with the Pym particles he can make himself grown to 100’+ tall (although 60’is more his average). Add to that he can use this ability on other objects.

      Not sure how that is “weak” :)

      • But then that would be his Giant Man persona, not Ant-Man. Takes his movie into a whole new territory.

        I don’t even think he should grow bigger than his regular human height unless they have a team movie where Hulk rampages and he’s the only one able to defeat him. Or somehow we cross over and have Galactus standing there like in that FF story, towering over New York.

        • So he shouldn’t use a completely awesome ability just because it would possibly overshadow say IM?

          And someone correct me if I’m wrong but he has used growth while under the Ant-man persona (I know for a fact he in in the A:EMH animated series)

          • I think it’s the other way around, at least in the comics. When he became Giant-Man, he still could shrink, but never really went back to being called Ant-Man (except for that time he went inside Vision, who had fallen “sick”; at that time, he was not an active member of the Avengers).

            I guess some confusion came from there… Pym never was Ant-Man for that long in fact. He was already Giant-Man by the time they found Cap frozen in ice (issue #4). And since then, he kept his ability to both shrink and grow, as Giant-Man (or Goliath, never liked that name…) and Yellowjacket.

            That’s probably why some thought the Ant-Man movie would be solely focused on Scott Lang, who was Ant-Man since he stole the suit, and came back as Ant-Man when he came back from the dead… although I don’t really understand why people would think that since Lang has never really done anything having a big impact on the MU; I don’t see why there would be a movie only about him 😉

            • I prefer Goliath to Ant-Man, and liked Giant-Man as well. Some of the best Avengers stories, art, etc. in the early days were when the team was Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Goliath, and Wasp (with occasional appearances from a Black Widow much different than the film version). In those days for awhile Widow was actually Hawkeye’s girlfriend. he did OK with the women, as later on in the comics he was Mockingbird’s guy.

        • Giant Man can’t defeat the Hulk, he’s a P*ssy.

          “Puny Giant Man.”

          • NO ONE can defeat the Hulk.

            Hulk is strongest there is! 😉

            So, from Hulk’s point of view, everybody’s a p*ssy.

            • Exactly!

  8. (New Ultron orgin)
    Stark & Shield EXPERIMENT with some Chitauri tech. And voila! Ultron is born…

    • Has everybody forgotten that destroyer armour is still with SHIELD and that armour could be Ultron.

    • The idea of Tony being responsible for the creation of Ultron is… okay. But if he will be the guy who make the sacrifice play (again), I think we’ve seen that enough in the first movie.

      • To what sacrifice play are you referring? I recall no sacrifice

        • @Eddie

          So flying himself into a wormhole with a nuke wasn’t a sacrifice then?

        • The whole disapppearing-into-the-whole-with-a-nuke-and-almost-dying sacrifice.

        • Well, basically Tony almost got himself killed by redirecting the missile meant to destroy New York. In a way, he proved that he could make a sacrifice play.

          • Attempted sacrifice lol.

          • B*lls a-clankin’, and it wasn’t just his armor needing oil!

            • Biggest risk they all took was eating that awful Indian food in the useless after-credits scene…and it sure looked like no one was enjoying it at all!

      • Agreed.

        • Schwarma is not Indian.

  9. Good news. People complain (as do I) about the differences Iron Man 3 had to comics but that was mostly Shane Black not giving a crap. Joss Whedon twinking origins is fine because he knows the comics and what fans love so I have faith in Whedon. As far as X-Men are concerned, this is why I hate Fox, they keep all the awesome things from happening. I would love to see Marvel make an Avengers vs X-Men movie which would lead to Uncanny Avengers or something. But no, Fox is just making crap movies just to keep the film rights. Wolverine was great but DoFP sounds to overstuffed and convoluted and Fantastic Four is just a disaster waiting to happen… for a third time.

    • +1.

    • Is “twinking” like tweaking something, but with twinkies? ‘Cause if so, I’m never tweaking anything ever again. Twinking FTW!! 😀

      • Yeah, all the Avengers will have twinkies.

      • That’s one big twinkie.

        • 5 inches, but its thick.

          • No, that would be a “Ding-Dong”.

          • 12 inches, but that’s only if I fold it in half!

      • Twinkerbell??

  10. The Avengers will face THANOS eventually, of this I have no doubt. They’re doing it right, they’re building it up, they’re making it count. Give it time… Who’s to say there won’t be an Avengers 5?

    • The Infinity Gauntlet/War could have a trilogy of it’s own. Honestly if the studios could get over themselves, the Infinity War is the perfect situation to cross over spider-man/x-men/avengers/fantastic four. That trilogy/franchise would be worth 10s of billions (if done right). No possible Justice League movie could even sniff the used underpants of that movie/those movies.

  11. Even though I have a couple of reservations about potential changes, I’m still super excited and I’m just going to wait and see what they end up bringing to the table/film. If it’s utter crap, then I rage, lol.

    • *I’ll

  12. Loki, the main villain in the first movie, was introduced in Thor. As for Ultron, don’t you think he (she?) needs a proper introduction in one of phase 2 movies? Say.. in Cap movie, maybe?

    • they did say cap movie will be a huge factor for phase 2 so om with you

    • But casting spells and having the power of telekinesis is much more interesting than being able to grow and shrink a little.

      • I second that. Scarlet Witch is hard to defeat when playing Marvel Avengers Alliance on facebook. Just saying.

        • LOL.

        • In Watchmen you can see a giant blue package tea-bagging skyscrapers.

      • Oh, well, it’s all a question of taste really. I think Pym’s powers are more interesting that SW’s, but of course I’m biaised by the fact that I like Pym and don’t like SW (“Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”… nope, still don’t care…) But to be fair, I really like QS’s powers, although I really don’t care for the character, so I honestly don’t know what that means! LOL

        We all have our favourites, and I truly think that all the heroes have interesting powers and abilities, if not for me, then for other people. So, let’s not turn this into a contest about “my hero is better than yours” because there cannot be any winner, and will only end up getting everybody angry.

        Having said that, I do apologize about that SW joke I made in my first paragraph.

        • I could live without Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye in the flick if I could have Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Goliath, and Wasp!

      • Funny because Pym just doesn’t grow and sink “a little”.

    • mongoose,


  13. How great would it be if Hank Pym was a SHIELD scientist that had a hand in the hardware and/or software Stark/SHIELD projects that end up creating Ultron…

  14. hello………………i just have one thing to say…CIVIL WAR TRIFECTA

  15. I’d like to see the Avengers stay on this planet.. and I like when the movies stay close to the comics.

  16. I was screw a cross over movie!!! Lets make phase 4 or 3 or what ever Civil War and then just make 8 movies that are all taking place at the same time over the course of two years!

    • Especially a crossover with any Fox properties.

  17. Dear Joss Whedon,
    We do not want you to kill yourself, but we DO want you to make a nine hour movie.
    That is all.

    • all the pluses

  18. I would just be happy if they took one or two characters from X-Men and The Avengers and gave them a movie together. It wouldn’t have to be an all out X-Men and Avengers crossover. At least….. not yet.

  19. I think Sheild created ultron . That’s the phase they were talking about in avengers where they were creating weapons . Maybe ultron is part of that.

  20. 1 reason the avengers sequel dropped Thanos is because another skrull( chitari) attack would be involved. Most likely. And the destroyer/ tony/ SHIELD ultron is a fantastico. In avengers they mension a nuke- gun made for the destroyer when Thor approached earth. Plus a modern tweak with chitari shapeshift abilities( witch were not used in avengers) wouldnake much sense. Uh oh realized that ultron could solely be created by chitari. Poop tony making him the chitari want their revenge. They send ultron down to earth in disguise as Hank Pym as easter egg twist. And he finds out everything about shields destroyer guns eich coulson used. Ultron hacks jarvis controls ironman while not having control of his body the avengers have more indivuale ” hate” more civil fights. As u go im giving my genious ideas.!!!! Im saying this is the way to go…thus leading sending tony to space. Under control of chitari to were GoG has to defeat Thanos to get tony back.!! Cool right??

    • hm?

  21. Btw did any one see the infinity gauntlet in the treasury room in thor? When the frost giant freezes the guards play that scene through to when Odin Loki and Thor enter the doors. Thanos might see that while sending ultron to the realms as well on earth in my theory above. Hint hint i do not work as a script or sypnosis writer but i sure wish i did!

    • Yep, everyone on this site knows about the treasury contents. There’s lots of marvel nerds on this site.

  22. Marvel needs to wait patiently on the xmen, molding both of these universes together would be pure stupidity. Better for marvel to introduce xmen into their universe without fox’s mess. If this ever happens iam done supporting marvel movies much like when i abandoned collecting their comics years ago.

  23. If they do make an Avengers vs. X-Men movie, it would be the highest grossing comic based movie of all time and probably the best!

  24. I would love to see a large scale Marvel movie that isn’t necessarily tied to the Avengers. It would be awesome to see a movie based on the Civil War event, or even the Skrull invasion.

    I know it’s not realistic at all, but I really wish that the various studios that own the movie rights to Marvel’s characters would come together and share a common universe allowing for crossovers. In my mind it could make good financial sense for Sony to allow Marvel limited usage of their character. They could even make a deal where Marvel incurs the cost of including these characters in their movies, but they share the profits with the other studios. How cool would it be to get an avengers movie that includes Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and Spiderman, and a good version of the Fantastic Four? Oh well, we can dream can’t we?

    • “A good version of fantastic four” LOL

    • umm…u do know the chitari are the skrulls in the ultamite world…right? Watch the ultamite avengers animated movies. In the ultamite world only one can shapeshift

      • Except that there’s also actual ultimate version Skrulls in the ultimate universe now and also Chitauri in the mainstream universe so that all doesn’t really mean anything now.

  25. I’m hoping for Ultron to make Vision so he can join the team. I haven’t seen any reference to him by Marvel yet. But i’m hoping its a surprise or something.

    As far as a crossover goes the only characters I would care to see are Spiderman, Wolverine, And Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom

  26. Wow, this discussion certainly has run far afield! Interesting, though…

    For what it’s worth, I think Marvel Studios is on the right track here – Thanos is perhaps my all-time favorite villain, BUT Ultron is the a more grounded (and just as formidable) arch-nemesis to the Avengers – he is deeply interwoven in their history, and no one except maybe Kang has caused them more grief. And it’s much more personal with Ultron, as (1) he was created by the Avengers (practically family, sort of the ultimate black sheep), and (2) he is the living (!) embodiment of technology gone terribly awry – in many ways the counterpoint to Tony Stark – and by inference, modern humanity.

    And another interesting spin – for those of you familiar with the late but fantastic Avengers EMH, part of this has already played out there, where Tony Stark was deeply involved in the creation of Ultron, as well as the circumstances around its “turning to the dark side” – it was skillfully done there, and there’s no reason to think that Whedon couldn’t do at least as good of a job in Avengers 2.

    Heck, as a longtime Iron Man and Avengers fan, I’m still tickled pink that we are even able to HAVE this movie discussion – Bravo Marvel!

  27. since every movie in the xmen series sucks, a crossover would take away from the avengers universe. i’m sure everyone involved knows this and would never let it happen.