‘Avengers 2′: Joss Whedon Talks How to Approach the Sequel

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With Marvel’s The Avengers just weeks away from hitting theaters, one would think all hands involved in the film would be focused on the task at hand. However, fans are always thinking ahead (and studios are now too), and talk of Avengers 2 began even while story details of the first film were still being hammered out.

We’ve already heard Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talk about possible new characters in Avengers 2, and today we have a bit from the film’s writer/director Joss Whedon about how he would craft the sequel.

Whedon told SFX how he would handle the “Go bigger” policy when it comes to blockbuster sequels:

“By not trying to [go bigger]. By being smaller. More personal, more painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself.”

At the risk of starting a geek feud, that approach Whedon describes is arguably the same one that has made Chris Nolan’s Batman films so good (at least, in my opinion). Batman Begins and Dark Knight each tell a complete, thematically rich, self-contained story (with a few intersecting threads) and each has its own unique color palette, narrative structure and tone. You truly got a fresh experience with a Nolan Bat sequel – and from the looks of it, The Dark Knight Rises will be a standalone creation as well. Marvel would do well to follow that example with Avengers 2 – not to mention, the second round of standalone character films the studio has on the way (Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, and Thor 2).

avengers second trailer Avengers 2: Joss Whedon Talks How to Approach the Sequel

Of course, some fun-loving superhero movie fans will automatically cry foul at Whedon’s suggestion that an Avengers film should be “more personal, more painful,” but so it goes. The director went on to also talk about what his goal was, in regards to giving each of the Avengers members their due development:

“I want to know what makes them tick, what makes them flawed, what makes them fight – and ultimately, what makes them awesome. I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches.”

While we’re a little wary about the “overwritten speeches” part, it’s good to hear that the man writing and directing this flick has a general interest and knowledge of the characters he’s playing with. The Avengers trailer that recently premiered pretty much sold the world on seeing this film, but the fact that we could get a rich and fulfilling character piece along with the epic action is pretty sweet.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: SFX via Digital Spy


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  1. So, Joss wants to make a smaller, more intimate Avengers? Maybe he SHOULD stick to television.
    All too premature. Whedon should be talking about Avengers 1 not the follow up.
    Kenneth Branagh isn’t directing the Thor sequel nor is Joe Johnston attached to the next Cap A flick
    Wait till the reviews and the box office returns come in , Joss. The eggs haven’t hatched yet.

    • i commend you mr josh you did a great job more deff of the hulks muscles would have been great but hey make it up to us i know alot of people that are pissed about 1 major thing the movie ind. does they release the movie elsewhere before in the usa and thats why downloading is going on so much but to be honest if i downloaded the film id still pay to see it at the movies your just that good and from a serious hulk fan and marvel fan and wing chun student tell stan and the rest of the bunch just plane old THANK YOU

      • oh and one last thing ask stan if the hulk 3 is possible he really has no idea how many people out there take there anger out thru watching that character, i know he takes my frustrations out when i watch him ohhhhhh i know introduce hulk vs red hulk that would be great id picture frame that dvd lol thanks again stan josh and crew

    • Guess what? Joss’ Egg has hatched gloriously.. Let’s see yours.. :)

  2. Sequel talk already! Thats a bold statement!

    Well im all about the Ultimates now. Great Read for those who havent! So maybe he can use a story arc from that.

    • I’ve noticed that with the most recent CBM’s, there’s always talk about the sequel before the movie comes out.
      (Amazing Spider-Man 2 already has a release date, before X-Men First Class came out, they were already talking about the sequel, when Cap came out, there was already speculation about where and when the sequel will take place, before Green Lantern crashed [see what I did there? ;)] into theaters, some of the cast were already talking about the next one, etc, etc.)

      • Its called forward planning. Nothing wrong with that. I’d be more concerned if movie producers were saying, “I have no intentions of working on a sequel becuase the first one was trash”.

        The Avengers itself is part of a much larger movie continuity. It was in production and planning long before some of the stand alone films were released. I’m glad that they are thinking foward, not taking a wait and see approach.

        • No need to tell me dude ;)
          I was just telling ‘Former Golden Lord’ how common it’s become for these types of movies to plan ahead…

          • lol. probably should have mentioned who i was responding to. It was aimed more to kryptonic.

            • Yeah, I just assumed you were replying to me, since your comment was indented underneath mine…
              No big deal.

    • The Ultimates comics are trash and self-destructed so they should stay away from those stories.

  3. they need solo films introducing hank pym and black panther.

    if the ant man solo flick has a strong focus on ultron that would be a cool way to get two birds with one movie.

    introducing a new avenger but also setting up the villain for the next avenger collaboration.

    sort of like how loki was a central part of thor and now he is the main baddie, the audience knows where he is coming from and is familiar with his character.

    • OR, they could roll out both in a joint movie! (with Wasp as backup) Pym would be exploring what the material Vibranium is all about which leads him to Wakanda and Black Panther.

      The only problem is working Ultron into either a Pym specific or joint movie since it really requires the Avengers and a global threat to set up the Ultron robot concept properly.

  4. Why oh Why must the Dark Knight films claim a monopoly on all things Superhero? It was, in fact, the Raimi Spider-films that initially did what Whedon suggests in having a self-contained, inward-looking story to follow up the first. The first Spidey was about discovery and the use (and abuse of power). The Second story differed drastically thematically and in actual filming approach, focusing more on the acceptance of responsibility now that this great power has been defined. Dark Knight may arguably have done this better, but it was not first.

    That being said, I hope they followthe Ultimates template. Ultimates 1 set out a lot of what we are likely to see here – a global threat forcing a team to become a team. Ultimates 2 (which I think was superior) went into exploration of what happens when you make yourself a global target representative of the west – and included many more solo character moments as well as attacks on the bonds of the team.

  5. It all depends on how well the Avenhers movie does. I think Whedon has a plan that might spread beyond even Avengers 2. Besides Dark Knight Rises, this is the movie I wan’t to see most.

  6. Mr. Whedon has the right idea for a sequel, i heard from Liam Neeson that although every sequel is different the key to making almost any sequel satisfying and as entertaining (or even more) than they previous one is digging deeper into the human element of the story and the characters. If look at anything from Batman to Godfather or even Wrath of the Titans, all of those sequels put the characters in different situations and made them have a more relatable human reaction that the fans loved. I wonder if Agent Phil Coullson will get replaced by another agent of Shield, that would be really fun and interesting Whedon said that he loved Clark Gregg and all but Coulson basically assembled the Avengers thats why him dying had such a big impact on all of them, now with him gone who is going to reassemble or assemble (depending on whether its a new team or not) them again. I would find it hilarious if they had a comedian doing it or even a whiny female that hates her job because both are so different from Phil.

  7. These next couple of years are gonna be pretty interesting for Marvel we’re gonna have a ton of new solo movies for the super heroes and a ton of new movies introducing new superheroes

    We’re Gonna have
    Iron Man 3
    Thor 2
    Captain America 2
    Black Widow (maybe a solo movie)
    The Hulk TV show (depending on whether that has anything to do with the Marvel movies hopefully it does)
    Another Hulk film maybe in 2015
    Doctor Strange
    Gaurdians of the Galaxy

    and a hell of a lot more. So listen up everybody get ready for MARVEL STUDIOS PHASE 2!!

  8. I really hope the Amazing Spider-Man coming 7/3/12 will contribute to the avengers yeah its unlikely though right they’re both from different companies both of which are actually pretty big rivals. But it would be a lot of fun just to watch the amazing spider-man wait until after the credits and just see Nick Fury come up and talk to him about his parents (for those of you that don’t know Peter’s Parents actually worked for Shield) or if he had to deliver Pizza to Tony Stark (god that would be hilarious), or if he was studying for about WWII for school and found papers and essays written about Captain America, or if he saw a news channel talking about the Hulk. Man i would love that so much. But its not likely because they are on different sides of movie making as we can call it. I am still staying after all the credits for ASM just to make sure. LOL

  9. well if there is a sequel they should use the “Civil War” storyline, for those who have no clue what i’m talking about:

    The introduction of a “Superhuman Registration Act” in the United States. The act requires any person in the United States with superhuman abilities to register with the federal government as a “human weapon of mass destruction,” reveal their true identity to the authorities, and undergo proper training. Those who sign also have the option of working for S.H.I.E.L.D., earning a salary and benefits such as those earned by other American civil servants. Characters within the superhuman community in the Marvel Universe split into two groups: one advocating the registration as a responsible obligation, and the other opposing the law on the grounds that it violates civil liberties and the protection that secret identities provide.

    Tony Stark was among those working to prevent passage of the act.
    Steve Rogers balked at leading a force to apprehend rogue heroes

  10. Really? It actually doesn’t make any sense to make a smaller, more intimate movie for the Avengers because isn’t that what movies like: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc. are for, it’s called character development!? When the avengers get together, there job is to basically blow up the screen in front of you while cracking jokes at each others expense, then going back to the smaller, more “intimate” self titled movies and building on their characters there… Come on…