‘Avengers 2′: Scar Jo Talks Story Progression; New Inhumans Origin Rumor

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avengers age ultron logo Avengers 2: Scar Jo Talks Story Progression; New Inhumans Origin Rumor

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting theaters in coming weeks both abroad and in the US, interest in The Avengers: Age of Ultron is naturally being piqued, as Captain America 2 serves as the direct lead-in to Joss Whedon’s superhero team-up sequel. (Marvel Studios’ other 2014 tentpole, Guardians of the Galaxy will literally deal with a whole other side of the Marvel Movie Universe.)

The Captain America 2 cast is currently out doing press for their film, and actress (turned expecting mom) Scarlett Johansson had nothing but praise for the script that Joss Whedon has crafted for Age of Ultron, while a new rumor sort of reinforces one of the theories that we’ve had about The Avengers sequel and the films in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Age of Ultron Script

Scarlett Johansson Pregnant What does this mean for The Avenger Avengers 2: Scar Jo Talks Story Progression; New Inhumans Origin Rumor

Speaking to Collider, here’s what Scar Jo had to say about the story that Whedon crafted for Avengers 2:

“I was just amazed—Joss is something else, he really is. He locks himself away for God knows how long; I think he has the dark circles to prove it. [He] just came out with something totally solid. I was really impressed by his ability to make this ever-expanding Marvel universe feel very close-knit and cerebral and progressive. I mean this movie feels like the continuation of The Avengers, it doesn’t feel like a tag-on or the rehashed version or just ‘let’s throw a bunch of new characters in there and keep the thing alive.’ It really feels like the next step, and all of our characters, our relationships with one another continue to progress, become more intertwined, more complicated, more meshed. And the film has a lot of great comic book moments that the fans are gonna love, but it’s also got a lot of really great dramatic moments that audience members, I think, will really relate to.”

While a lot of that quote echoes Thor actor Chris Hemsworth’s recent (and routine) praise of a “bigger, better” sequel, one has to wonder what the specifics are in regards to the ‘next step progressions’ of the story and characters. In The Avengers, the story and character arcs all centered on the idea of disparate personalities finding common ground to unite for greater purpose; we know the events of Captain America 2 put S.H.I.E.L.D. under scrutiny as a peace-keeping organization, while Iron Man 3 and the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have examined what the world is becoming now that superheroes and aliens have all been confirmed as existing.

Taken altogether, one can see where Age of Ultron might pick up with the next chapter of this grand saga.

Ultron Marvel Comics Annihilation Conquest 5 Avengers 2: Scar Jo Talks Story Progression; New Inhumans Origin Rumor

If S.H.I.E.L.D. is crippled (or deemed obsolete), and new evil is rising up to rival the power of superheroes, one can surmise how something like an artificial intelligence (the robot Ultron, played by James Spader) might run amok and deem that the only way to protect the world is to save mankind from its own genetic arms race… And you’ve probably seen enough sci-fi movies to know how badly it goes when an A.I. decides to save humanity from itself.

Add to that the idea of super-powered beings (good or bad) creating a new and more dangerous world that can’t be policed in the old ways, and there is plenty of conflict present – both in the form of a mad robot, and the notions of freedom, protection and responsibility that the individual Avengers team members may disagree about.

The Avengers 2 Roster Fan Art Avengers 2: Scar Jo Talks Story Progression; New Inhumans Origin Rumor

With Tony Stark now powerless, Thor now earth-bound, Hulk in seclusion and Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye presumably without a home (if Winter Soldier goes the way we think it might), getting these people back together and on the same page is going to definitely be an interesting story – especially when they meet two new super beings in Quicksilver (Aaron-Taylor Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).


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  1. Especially if it is going to be a movie for Phase 3, introducing the concept through the twins in AoU seems like a great way to plug a new IP.

  2. Warner Bros. must really be happy not getting Whedon.

    • Why should Warner Bros care? They have Zack Snyder. Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder have publicly admited they are both huge fans of the source material. Both directors have unique visual styles for their films. I am excited to see what both directors will do with the seguels under their helm. I love what both DC and Marvel are doing.

      • You may not want to speak too soon…

      • Except Zack Snyder sucks.

        • Zack Snyder is not in Joss Whedon’s class, let’s face it. Zack Snyder is a very poor film maker, it’s so obvious by the movies he makes, & I’m a huge DC guy. Joss Whedon on the other hand has made the single highest grossing comic book movie of all time, & the best comic book movie to date in The Avengers. Anybody that denies that (DC fanboy or not) is just being silly, dishonest and disingenuous.

          I wish everyday that WB/DC had a guy like Whedon doing their movies, I really do. But we have to settle for Snyder (& Goyer). Every time I think of what he’s (they are) doing to Superman & now Batman, I cringe.

          Marvel is killing WB/DC, literally, because WB/DC simply doesn’t have true talent like Whedon, like Fiege, like the Russo brothers, or even quality writers for that matter, on their side.

          It’s so sad, because we have such great characters that are just being wasted. While Marvel pounds out movie after movie, WB/DC sits on the sidelines befuddled, aimless & putting their great characters (Flash) on the CW.


          • As a die hard Marvel fan…. I have to disagree. Snyder’s films are beautiful works of art. Whedon is good at fun – popcorn date movies, but Snyder actually constructs deep dramatic pictures. I wish someone like Snyder would tackle Thor.

            • you must of thought 300 was “deep” then.

              • 300 is about as “deep” as Avengers is -__-. Both Snyder and Whedon are good at taking comic book material and adapting it for a film, obviously Both have different styles, It’s stupid to compare the two when regardless of what others may think both didn’t butcher their films and delivered us the same crap hollywood was shelling out in the 90s.

            • @SteveRogers, “Snyder actually constructs deep dramatic pictures”.

              Seriously! You call CGI and over the top slow motion action scenes deep dramatic? Gotta have one on what’s your drinking.

          • The Dark Knight FOOL!!!

            • In reference to the “best comic book movie to date” of course. Grittiest, most realistic action, best villain, etc. But aside from my Heath Ledger man crush, I’m not bias at all. The more success they all have, the more we fans get to enjoy…

              • Amen. Its my favorite movie of all time

              • TDK is one of the best action movies, but hardly the best comic book movie. For a movie to get best comic book movie it should actually follow some of the source material instead of being batman by name and costume only.

            • Nolan doesn’t work for WB anymore , and Snyder has a lot to shoulder on, Whedonwas rejected for his Wonder Woman project, but I think Avengers 2 we will see what he can really do since he has more creative control now.

              • I truly believe that WB Animation curb stomps Marvel’s, especially when Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers Assemble are the best they got now, compared to DC Animated movies.

                They should just get Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and give them some storyline authority for their Live action films.

          • WB and DC could do some things to shore themselves up (Flash making an appearance and an Hourman show and the Bats/Supes thing are all steps in the right direction.) However, if I were in charge of WB and DC, by now we would have another Green Lantern movie with Hal Jordan as GL. perhaps it would be a team-up between Flash (Barry Allen) and GL (Hal Jordan) against Sinestro and professor Zoom. Maybe bring Time Commander in as well. We would have a team-up movie between Doctor Fate and Hourman. We would have another team-up movie with Martian Manhunter, The Atom, and Hawkman. We would have a Deadman TV show or movie. Maybe even Spectre. Some of these obviously would be fast-tracking JLA movie members to get them introduced. And fans would love it.

  3. Great bit of insight into what is coming with Avengers 2. This could be epic.

  4. Is there any chance the avengers might start this movie on different sides?

  5. Tony Stark powerless? All he did was remove the reactor from his chest. How does that NOT make him Iron man still?

    • I’m with you on that… I hear so many people complaining that they didn’t like ending of Iron Man 3 because he got rid of the arc reactor in his chest… Which according them, means he isn’t Iron Man anymore. I seriously can’t believe how so many people seem to be completely oblivious to the message (Given as clear as day by Tony Stark as a voice over) that HE is Iron Man, with or without the suit, it is Tony Stark, inside the suit that is Iron Man.

      • Remember the scene in Iron Man 3 where he destroys all his suits?

        I think that might be what they are talking about, not just the BATTERY that POWERS the suits located in his chest that was taken out at the end of Iron Man 3.

        • Pretty sure he can make another suit…the arc reactor in his chest doesn’t seem to matter in the last movie for some reason… He kept needing to charge the suit… Also Rhodey doesn’t have an arc reactor in his chest and he does just fine…

          • War machine shoots bullets, not pulse blasts of energy. Arc reactor powered those blasts, thus notion of powerless.

            • War Machine has a arc reactor powering his suit also, just like Obadiah had one powering the Iron Monger suit

              • Yup the reactor is just in the chestplate of the suite… Didn’t understand the whole charging the suit in IM3… Didn’t make any sense..

            • Pretty sure he needs some power source to… I don’t know frikkin fly? Power the HUD/comms?, etc…

          • In the comics he managed to use the suit without having the battery in his chest, until writers decided to shove back in again for who knows what but you get the idea. Its Not the parts in his body that make him Ironman.

        • Honestly, some people need to analyze and consider the films’ greater universe before complaining.

          Remember the House Party Protocol? Each of those suits was flying under their own power, with their own arc reactor. Heck, the Mark 2 had its own arc reactor, and that’s how Rhodey was able to hijack it in the 2nd movie.

          Plus look at the manual information on all those suits. Examples: Python- Long Distance Suit, Midas- High Altitude Suit, Shades- Extreme Heat Suit, Tank- Heavy Combat Suit.
          They’re much more specialized than the previous suits Tony had (which were more versatile). By the time of Iron Man 3, he wasn’t out to improve on his Mark 7 but instead tinker to cope with the PTSD. He can make a new suit when he wants.

  6. If these Inhumans rumors are true and Marvel Studios does indeed go the Inhuman route for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, I am sure that is going to really piss of 20th Century Fox. What a way of Marvel Studios throwing up the middle finger at 20th Century haha. But Apocalypse in 2016 is going to be epic. Thanos will be great I am sure, but Apocalypse is the real deal.

    • Give me Thanos over Apocalypse any day. While Apocalypse has threatened all off man kind several times, Thanos once wiped out half the known universe. Thanos is a danger on a galactic level.

  7. I think that Nick Fury will die. I think he will be brought back in a similar fashion as Coulson. This will be one of the tie-ins with the tv show. I think Pierce is Red Skull in disguise and operates the splinter cell it appears Cap is fighting.

    • AOS already tied up the mcguffin responsible for bringing Coulson back from the dead. From now on, dead is dead for SHIELD.

      • No they didn’t.

        • Well the blue guy, the guest house and all of the drugs/medicines/etc got blown up and buried at the end of that episode. It’s a reasonable assumption to believe that that was all they had, but this is Marvel and Fury we are talking about: no doubt he has back up plans to back up plans. Sure he has another bunker or storage of the blood samples somewhere.

          • Coulson lived on because he was a surprise star of the Avengers for many people. Marvel wisely moved on that reaction and AOS happened. I don’t think that was planned before Avengers, could be wrong.

            If Fury dies in CAWS then my guess he will stay dead. If Fury does die then expect Henry Peter Gyrich to arrive in Avengers 2.

        • Yeah they did, the whole SHIELD facility where the “miracle” medicine was destroyed in an AOS episode. The alien body, under a mountain of rubble.

  8. Im so annoyed with the whole movie rights thing being all over the place, but whatevs im sure i’ll still love the movies

    • I think the missing rights to marvel properties is a significant part of the creativity and originality Marvel Studios has exhibited in their films. Would we have independent Avenger films if Marvel were also producing Spider-man, X-men, FF and Wolverine films?

      I believe the detriments to the Sony/Fox properties are balanced by the awesome benefits to the remaining properties. I am more excited for Cap 2 and GotG than I am for X-men DoFP or ASM 2. If Marvel Studios were producing the X-men and Spider-man films as well, I would likely still be more interested in the fresher properties. Still iffy on Ant-man though…

      • Spidey should be with the Fantastic Four.

        • Look up “Future Foundation”…

  9. The whole story behind The Inhumans seem plausible as well as the origins of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. At least the people at Marvel know what they are doing and they are better at casting actors.

    They respect the origins and the looks of the characters. Unlike the laughable F4.

    • Except with the FF, you’re ignoring the several years of Ultimate FF comic books with character origins that match what Fox are using (because they’re plundering the Ultimate FF stories in a similar fashion to Disney plundering the Ultimate lines as far as Avengers characters and Sony doing the same with Ultimate Spider-Man).

      So yeah, count this reply to your comment as one of those “get your facts straight before you complain about something you don’t seem to know anything about” things.

      • Basing a movie on a canceled comic isn’t a great idea, especially since the original FF is still selling comics.

  10. So the Inhumans are likely to come from the Moon then in the movies instead of Attilan being discovered in the ocean before being moved to the Moon?

    I ask this because if it is definitely the Moon where they originate then I can imagine Joss using the age old “Nazis on the Moon” conspiracy theory as a reason how Strucker got his hands on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

    • That’s an interesting option (Nazis on the moon thing) but I think it would be a pity not to use the Paul Jenkins storyline where Attilan is moved to the moon. It was such an excellent story and could be a great introduction to the Inhumans after them being revealed in AoU (Should they be revealed of course).
      What I’m really wondering about is, should Marvel brand Inhumans as their own Mutants substitute, does that mean we can possibly see more of the X-Men characters as Inhumans? Maybe some of them who were Avengers too, like Beast and Wolverine? That could be interesting.

  11. The tattoo/marking in the blue guys chest on AoS, is the same as the marking on the chest plate of the Ronan toy from the guardians movie, pretty obviously making him a Kree.

  12. I’m not entirely convinced that the blue creature from AoS is a Kree. Yes, it looks like the Kree in the comics, but Korath and his guys looked nothing like that in the trailer for GotG.

    • If you look closely on the alien’s chest, it has strange scratches identical to the ones on the action figure for Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t know exactly what the hell they did to Korath.

    • Geez, read a comic… Not all Kree are blue… Most look like any other human….

      • Yes, but for the most part, they have always been coloring Kree characters with blue skin.

        • Mar-Vell was white… Actually i think Blue Kree are a minority…

  13. The only movie rights i ever wished Marvel could get were Fantastic Four. They could center an entire “Phase” around them and Galactus, as well as bring another member of the Illuminati to the table. The added bonus of having Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom would be sweet cherries on Marvels Cinematic cake. The Inhumans theory definitely fits in line with this universe and would work well. Im excited for all these new franchises to start popping up, Inhumans and Guardians are definitely the movies in looking forward too the most.

    • I agree completely. FF stories lend themselves well to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Silver Surfer and Galactus would be phenomenal in a face-off with the Avengers. The Thing deserves a cinematic match-up with the Hulk.

      • I know! Everyone else can be lost without much care, maybe Norman Osbourne for the Civil War storyline, but these guys hurt. You could have Reed Richards for the Illuminati, the Hulk vs Thing rivalry, Silver Surfer, Galactus, and imaginr Doctor Doom and Loki onscreen together. Out of all the different franchises Marvel sold away, this one hurts the most because they play so well together with the current line up of heroes. Add to that how the Fantastic Four have lots of adventures in space and the ability to use them as a vehicle for cosmic tales and it sucks even more so.

  14. Tony Stark will most likely be put in a situation were he has to have Extremis injected in him. And build a New suit to correspond with it but Tony doesn’t need the Ark Reactor in his chest to be Iron man he built The Mark I in the cave were he was being held captive not because of the Arc Reactor. Now if he was in a accident and was declared brain dead then yes he couldn’t do anything because he’s very smart :)

  15. Your theory sounds awesome and I hope it’s true. Including the Inhumans would be beautiful, I assume Vin Diesel was meeting with Marvel initially to either play the role of Black Bolt or the role of Thanos, the latter being one I hope is true.
    I also feel like they are going to have to go pretty crazy in Phase 3 just so Avengers 3 does Thanos his justice as one of the best characters in Marvel (just my opinion being a psycho Thanos fan). Which Doctor Strange/Guardians of the Galaxy 2/Inhumans would definitely do.

  16. I like it. Bring on new properties!

    I really don’t think Vin D will casted as Black Bolt. I think they will stay close to the source material and cast someone in their mid-30′s that brings a real presence to the screen. I am not even talking about a hulking/OMG HE’S SO RIPPED presence, more less his demeanor, since he won’t be doing too much talking. I haven’t really thought about it much, but I think Jake gyllenhaal could fit well into that character. idk why.

    • I’m still thinking it will be Vin to compensate for his voice being used in Guardians.

      I also don’t see the point in recasting Thanos when Damon Poitier could continue the role for closeups and providing his voice while he could still be a hulking brute via CGI in fight scenes and wide angle shots.

    • Vin Diesel is exactly the kind of superstar persona that can make people care about a fringe character like Black Bolt. The character would also belong to him, in the same way the Chris Pratt feels towards Peter Quill. Vin Diesel also portrays an obstinate, tough-guy character well, which, as I understand it, suits Black Bolt.

      • I’m not all that familair with Black Bolt but Vin Diesel playing him sounds kind of waste don’t you think? For character that can’t whisper without turning the dude in front of him into pudding is it wise to get an expensive a list actor to just do nothing but look serious. I like the idea of Vin playing him but getting someone who isn’t that well known could work just as well.

        • It would be a waste, considering Vin Diesel, also know for his voice, would play a mute character…

  17. Love it! Can’t wait! Move over Fox, the big boys at Marvel Studios got this!

  18. I personally think that Vin Diesel is going to be Black Bolt. The Inhumans coming into the MCU makes a lot of sense. Since you can’t have any of the X-Men, Fantastic Four or Spider_Man battling Thanos for the Infinity Gauntlet (all those were major players in all of the Infinity Gem series.) So Marvel/Disney is pretty much telling those other studios that they can make an epic movie without having the rights to the “Big 3″. Pretty much saying that the Inhumans will be the MCU’s version of X-Men. I love it!

  19. just out of curiosity who owns the rights to the skrulls? cause it would be cool to have a skrull/kree war eventually

    right now all im hearing is this:

    Fox — X-Men and FF
    Universal — Namor the Sub Mariner
    Sony — Spiderman
    Marvel — everything else

    • IIRC, the Skrulls go with the Fantastic Four.

    • Universal has Namor? Well that explains it. I was wondering why we hadn’t heard even a whisper about him being in the Avengers. Seriously in the run up two both the first one and to a lesser extent this one there was some pretty wild speculation but I never anything about him.

  20. AoS did make mention of the Kree as well as other creatures/aliens and it makes Perfect sense that they tie in the show with the overall M.C.U.

    • possible….i think they will tie in Pym and Tony’s dad some how working on the tech in flashbacks (didn’t have the technology to create it)…then Tony with Jarvis or Shield miss use it somehow creating Ultron…something along those lines…maybe i’m dreaming but i think they will give at least a nod to Pym

      • Really? You don’t think that ship has sailed?

      • Funny.. cuz I was also thinking about the pym-stark connection.

  21. I meant Tony not Yony. Dont hate

  22. Not sure on that one, I have a feeling that SHIELD create ultron to battle the german, after Tony Stark destroyed his suits, They used his tech to create the ultimate fighting machine, Then all goes Haywire, Tony Stark and Jarvis could then go ahead and create vision to go to battle against Ultron.. Still un-sure, Either way, its gonna be a cracker of a movie.. Or maybe JARVIS creates Ultron, amd he could be stolen and bought to lifeby Scarlett, Quicksilver and Vonn Strucker, Leaving Tony to create vision to go head to head.

  23. Some Marvel things we need to get rolling: Goliath and Wasp (Hank and Jan) in Avengers ASAP. A Moon Knight TV show or movie. That Inhumans movie. Let’s hop to it, Marvel!

    • Keep dreamin’ old timer.

      • SissyBooger

        He will Dream on…… Dream until his dreams come true. And he WILL Capture the Dream.

  24. @goldilocks

    Speaking of Moon Knight, his new comic book is gonna be rebooted. This time with Warren Ellis as writer.

  25. I’m shocked at the lack of calls to boycott this film by fanboys upset with the canon being changed. I wonder who kidnapped those people. Maybe they are busy preordering tickets to movies they said they would boycott lol

    • @Muzachmam, I’m pretty sure they explained the reason why they have to change the canon because of some rights issues. Now, If you can’t get over it then go and just read the comics no one is forcing to watch this movie.

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