‘Iron Man 3′ Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for ‘Avengers 2′

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Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

[WARNING: 'Iron Man 3' Spoilers Below!]

Marvel Phase 2 and 3 news and rumors seem to be popping up with ever-increasing frequency these days, probably because Iron Man 3 is just a day away from domestic release. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy might take place in an alternate future; Thanos might be the villain in The Avengers 3; and Chadwick Boseman (42) might be up for the role of Black Panther.

And that’s not all. Last week, director Joss Whedon was quoted as saying a brother/sister duo would be appearing in The Avengers 2. Now, a report seems to confirm that the “brother/sister duo” will be none other than Magneto’s mutant offspring, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, A.K.A. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

But first, Entertainment Weekly has a cover story about Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, with a new image featuring Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and an interview with the cast, the crew, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Check out the cover image below:


Iron Man 3 Entertainment Weekly Cover 280x170 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

The image could be considered a spoiler, as it features Pepper (partially) in the armor she wears in Iron Man 3

Gwyneth Paltrow talked about what it meant for her to “suit up” in the film and even likened herself to a superhero Cinderella:

“It’s sort of the comic book version of a Cinderella story. She starts timid and sort of cleaning up after Tony, and then she evolves into full strength and a superhero.”

The only thing missing is a scene where Pepper Potts leaves behind a slipper rocket boot at the ball and Prince Charming Tony Stark has to return it to her.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Action in Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

The article goes on to refer to Tony’s less than pristine condition by the end of Iron Man 3 and what it means for The Avengers 2 (or the much less certain Iron Man 4). According to Robert Downey Jr.:

“[I asked Kevin Feige], ‘What does this mean if we wind up doing an “Avengers 2″ ?’ Kevin looked at me and said, ‘That’s Joss’ problem to solve.’ I was like, ‘Good man.’ ”

Indeed, there’s been a lot of talk around the Internet about Iron Man 3 and how it’s the least stringent – in terms of adherence to comic book continuity – of all the Marvel films. It seems that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have finally begun to loosen the reins and let filmmakers like Shane Black take control in a way that previous directors (Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh) perhaps could not.

Said Black on the ending of Iron Man 3:

“I thought we needed to do something in the third movie to make it feel like a game changer.”

Game changer or not, if the reviews are rightIron Man 3 is one of the best Marvel movies to be released so far.


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  1. I think Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch should still be mutants in ‘Avengers 2′. Personally to me it would add a new aspect to the team and therefore may make room for more mutants to join in later :)

    • I agree i hope that they stay as mutants i always thought that them being mutants brought the sort of feeling that everyone was allowed on the team and just expanded the Marvel universe in a really fun way. I hope Quicksilver and Hawkeye have some arguments because i always felt that whenever one of the members argued with Hawkeye it became more fun and real. I also want to see more arguments between Cap and Hawkeye i thought they were funny together as well.

  2. Those characters are all Marvel’s to begin with .. From Spiderman , wolverine , magneto , silver surfer to glactus. All Marvel. Fox and Sony should just stop their movies cause they clearly dont know what the hell they’re doing.

    • Here here

      • Yeah they have no clue… xmen first class was a hit along with x-1 and x-2. Not to mention an extremely successful spiderman 1 and 2 and the amazing spiderman. Stop being biased and realize fox and sony are making some quality films

        • X 1 and X 2 absolutely. First Class is good, could’ve been better but it’s a fact that it was rushed due to dead-lines. Sorry you lost me after that. Especially since those FF movies exist.

          I just wish it was all under one roof, Galactus would have never been a cloud, Rogue would have never been a whiny whiner mcwhineypants, Phoenix Saga would have never been Phoenix Fart, etc, etc.

          That’s probably the root of my cynicism

          • Here’s the deal: If Marvel Studios owned the film rights to X-Men and Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, it would actually be to the fan’s disadvantage. Marvel’s only going to put out 2 films a year and they already have a full plate with what they’ve got in the pipeline. If Fox or Sony aren’t making Marvel character films, and those rights are in the hands of Marvel themselves, those characters won’t see the light of day for a long time.

            Yes, sometimes it’s obnoxious the creative choices an outside party like Fox makes with our beloved comics characters, but think about the downside of Marvel being the only studio doing it…they just got the rights to Daredevil back, but there likely won’t be a DD film for a long time.

            • If Fox or Sony did Avengers it would not have look like a tv show.

  3. On a quick note, i hate shuler donner, she knows nothing of comics and yet has a major role in many comic film, hearing her talk about spiderman hurts my brain. to heck with her. moving on…

    I dont think that fox deserves to have their movies blended at all with the MMU, aside from possibly hugh jackmans wolverine. sonys spiderman is rumored to be getting slightly blended in with marvel as rumor is oscorp may pop up background wise in IM3 the game, whi ch directly ties to the movie. spiderman is a single hero and can be more easily brought in to the MMU, but with all the mistakes in foxs xmen franchise i dont see how their broken continuity wont ruin the avengers established timeline. not too excited for wanda and pietro to be in the movie, but in whedon i trust so im on board.

  4. Can’t the studios get together and do contract that allow for characters and elements to cameo in multiple cinematic universes. We could see them even starting to affect each other as well. If Marvel can pull that off then they have essentially recreated the comic book experience but through movies. With multiple studios owning movies, (whereas WB only has 1) they can churn out a continues story presentation. Iron Man 3 opened up bigger than the Avengers did for a reason. That reason is because this continues the story of the Avengers and I want to catch up. Everyone saw it in theathers, but what about the ones that didn’t. They want to catch up too. I expect this to be a trend with Cinematic universes movies. That they steadily increase in fan bases.

  5. Personall I will only believe it if Rob K writes about it!

    As far as these two go, I would much rather see 2 different characters but it is what it is! And Whedon will not change it for me.

    Im also kind of pi$$ed at what Shane Back did to Tony Starks character in Iron Man 3…he really screwed with something that did NOT need to be screwed with!

  6. I just can’t see Fox partnering up with Disney. Fox has to feel upset about losing Star Wars to Disney, so their has to be some bad blood there. I know, Fox only had (and still has until 2020) the distribution rights to Episodes I-III, V & VI. (Episode IV distribution rights remain in Fox’s control forever.) No way Fox would split or share box office revenue with X-Men characters. And no way Fox will let X-Men go. Not only to lose a multi-billon dollar franchise but to give it to their hated rival, Disney.

    • But if Fox decided to do a crossover with The Avengers – the biggest superhero franchise currently – they’d be splitting not only the profits, but the costs. They’d be making money, period. I can’t believe they’d be like, “No, sir, we don’t want this free money you’re willing to split with us.” Now, Marvel, on the other hand, might have reason not to do a crossover with X-Men. After all, they probably don’t want Fox to have the rights to their properties.

      I also have a hard time believing Fox is really angry about losing distribution rights. I mean, sure, they won’t be getting that money anymore, but it’s not like Disney pulled some underhanded move or anything.

      • Maybe allow permission to use a character. But they will never work together as a collaboration. Marvel will want to do their thing, and Fox will want to do their thing. Too many people will be involved in the creative process.

        • I’m sure the logistics make the whole thing unlikely, but as I wrote in the article, the X-Men producer is on the record as saying she wants to do a crossover, and Marvel ALMOST did a mini-crossover in The Avengers (they were going to insert Norman Osborn’s Oscorp building next to Stark Tower, but ended up not having enough time to do it).

        • Studios have teamed up many times in the past (AKA Towering Inferno, etc.) There is nor reason this can’t be done in the Marvel Universe.

  7. Cool hope the mutant thing don’t cause a lot of legal bs

  8. Would like to see SAG nominee Armie Hammer (Social Network, J. Edgar) as Pietro.

  9. Well keep them as mutants or don’t put them in the movie at all. I’d imagine that it may be difficult to translate Scarlet Witch’s powers to a live action without making them look cheesy, but I believe they have the talent to pull it off. I’d much rather have this duo join the team instead of Ant-Man and Wasp.

  10. Wolverine and SpiderMan should be Avengers 2 or maybe by the time Avengers 3 is made Sony And Fox will make a deal with Marvel that could allow it. Quicksilver+Scarlet Witch along with Black Panther and Iron Patriot will be in Avengers 2 which is great.

  11. I wonder who is going to play them if it does end up happening (what i heard its only the first draft of the script that they are in) I hope they are palyed by European actors who actors who can do good European accents. Who would you guys get for Pietro and Wanda

    • I always pictured Wanda as being of a demeanor and personality something like the reserved but slightly proper, regal, and imperious (not sure that is the word I am looking for) attitude, somewhat introverted, as Storm. Pietro also is intoverted and a bit stand-off-ish. European actor/actress I these parts is a good idea, with perhaps that slight slight accent.

  12. Marvel studios is flawless, marvel can do no no wrong. Iron man Rt 79% and declining with the speed of light. lol

  13. I actually am not thrilled about this news, if it proves to be true. I never cared much about those two characters, and I do think others should be introduced first, like Ant-Man/Giant-Man and Wasp. Say what you will, but pretty much everybody agrees that since they were founding members originally, they should have been there earlier. Yes, there is an Ant-Man movie coming along, but only for Phase 3. While I think it should have happened earlier, maybe not a solo movie, but at least an introduction to the characters, I still hope people at Marvel know what they are doing and that it will fit together in the end.

    As for SW and QS, the only way it could work for me is if they are originally introduced as minor villains, who would later reform (maybe not in A2 even). But they have to be mutants, it’s the only thing that actually makes them interesting, especially SW.

    So all in all, meh…

  14. Quicksilver meh.

    The Flash is THE SPEED FORCE!

    • Quicksilver would be the second speedster Marvel character in a movie, Flash is so tv, sad to say but that’s how it is if a movie is not made, even Angel took the wings from Hawkman.

  15. Making them mutants would be good, although I am not sur if the word as such would be banned in Avengers. The flkick does not have to list their heritage as far as who their parents were. keep their costumes just exactly as in the early comics. The look is cool and viewers familiar with the characters identify with their look. Is wasp actually confirmed for the Ant-man movie, or is that just loose speculation? I also want to see Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp in Avengers #2! Integral part of the Avengers mythos! Could also lead to Ultron in #3!

  16. The picture of Pietro and Wanda with Magneto is Ok, except Pietro looks like a vampire leering there!

  17. How about Emily Blunt for the Scarlet Witch!

    • I think you are on to something there, she’s been in multiple marvel meetings, and if she isn’t the wasp then Wanda may be right.

  18. OK, here are some things for you to chew on: we need Ultron, which Hank Pym is responsible for. We do not need Lang as Ant-Man, but we do need Pym. We also need Pym as Goliath/Giant-Man. Not as a nut or wife-beater or anything like that, but just the heroic Goliath we fanboys who grew up with the early comics member: a scientist/hero. We need Wasp as well, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. They were around before War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, etc. Those other guys are OK too, but later. We also need villains that are important for them to fight, like Ultron, Kang, maybe Diablo and Whirlwind (Human Top), mandarin with rings zapping away (a REAL Mandarin, Fu Manchu look and magic/tech/whatever rings all as 10 formidable weapons versus IM), and Skrulls would be OK, too. Let’s keep costumes exactly as they were in the comics–no good reason to change them, only dumb bad reasons. Let’s not overuse some characters (irregardless of studios owning rights). Loki, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Wolverine, & potentially Green Goblin all variously come to mind in assorted movie franchises. Great characters, yes; good actors, indeed; but there are more characters in the comics and movie universes than just them.

  19. I will beleive it when I see it . they say that ironman 3 will help introduce the gardians of the galaxy . A BIG LIE theres no gardian of the galaxy in ironman 3 .

    • No one said that. When the space suit was revealed in the IM3 promotional materials, some fans speculated “oh I wonder if he’ll meet GotG in space?” There was no marvel statement suggesting such a thing.

      • thanks for the clarification . I was so expect it to see some gardians of the galaxy member like rocket racoon to be introduce after the post credit but no gardians was there . but IM3 movie was excellent

  20. A bit sad these two get to be Avengers before TWO of the founding members will be.

  21. Is there an actual contract stopping the word mutant being used? What about post-human? Meta-human? Homo-superior? Advanced human? There are som many ways to introduce a higher evolution. I’ve been thinking that’s were they are headed since watching The Avengers.

    Nick Fury: Last year, Earth had a visit from another planet that had a grudge match that leveled a small town. We learned that only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously outgunned.
    Thor: My people want nothing but peace with your planet!
    Nick Fury: But you’re people out there, are you? And you’re not the only threat. The world is filling up with people that can’t be matched, that can’t be controlled!

  22. yes but will there be hints of incest?

  23. A bit sad these two get to be Avengers before TWO of the founding members will be.

    • Thief, thief! but I approve :)

  24. Let’s not take things to literally all of the time, Marvel does throw smoke screens out there. The brother and sister duo could be figuratively speaking. This could be a reference to Hank and Jan, NOT AS “REAL” SIBLINGS but more like a brother/sister relationship before it develops into anything else. Even in the Avengers EMH, the relationship with Hank an Jan wasn’t very romantic AT ALL, Hank acted more like a big brother than a boyfriend. So let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, however, I do want Marvel to use SW &QS an the Skrulls FIRST before Fox does.

    • FOX owns FF and thus owns Skrulls.

      • I’m pretty sure that like QS and SW, the Skrulls are fair game for both. Fox only owns the rights to the Super Skrull.

  25. Meh, I don’t like the inclusion of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. I think as it goes in the movies they should keep X-Men and the current Marvel Universe Separate…I dunno…If you’re going to add a mutant type to the avengers don’t use those two…go big or go home…Wolverine…but I dunno…if you can’t add other mutants, why add these two…there’s enough characters for avengers already…get black panther in there…ant man, wasp…even Vision or Miss Marvel…I think adding these two is too much…I’d rather see the other non mutants…if you go too crazy with too many it gets a little dicey…just my two cents…

  26. 3 letters: A v X

  27. They HAVE to be mutants. If you make them something else, it shuts the door on the Xmen joining the fray later on, if you do– then it opens the door for a collaboration or selling of the rights. Plus, I think that Iron Man 3 has set the stage for mutants to happen anyway. They introduce the Mandarin and his warriors as having been genetically altered… but not as just super-strong, they have these crazy super-heating abilities. This, of course, sets the stage for mutants to show up. I’m excited about it and I hope Marvel gets the rights from Fox– Fox screwed up and then Cancelled Firefly. They’re forever OFF my Christmas list because of that.

  28. Let the games begin. More people trolling ideas over a smidgen of unconfirmed gossip. This will last for two years, yea. And will all these children STOP saying Spider-Man and Wolverine should be in an Avengers movie! A) Both characters have had enough to far too many movies as is. B) Wolverine is the most boring overrated character there is. He NEVER deserved his own film, but I chalk that one up to Fox’s desperation for money and their horrible casting of Storm (who is a FAR more interesting character than Wolverine).