‘Iron Man 3′ Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for ‘Avengers 2′

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Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

[WARNING: 'Iron Man 3' Spoilers Below!]

Marvel Phase 2 and 3 news and rumors seem to be popping up with ever-increasing frequency these days, probably because Iron Man 3 is just a day away from domestic release. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy might take place in an alternate future; Thanos might be the villain in The Avengers 3; and Chadwick Boseman (42) might be up for the role of Black Panther.

And that’s not all. Last week, director Joss Whedon was quoted as saying a brother/sister duo would be appearing in The Avengers 2. Now, a report seems to confirm that the “brother/sister duo” will be none other than Magneto’s mutant offspring, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, A.K.A. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

But first, Entertainment Weekly has a cover story about Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, with a new image featuring Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and an interview with the cast, the crew, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Check out the cover image below:


Iron Man 3 Entertainment Weekly Cover 280x170 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

The image could be considered a spoiler, as it features Pepper (partially) in the armor she wears in Iron Man 3

Gwyneth Paltrow talked about what it meant for her to “suit up” in the film and even likened herself to a superhero Cinderella:

“It’s sort of the comic book version of a Cinderella story. She starts timid and sort of cleaning up after Tony, and then she evolves into full strength and a superhero.”

The only thing missing is a scene where Pepper Potts leaves behind a slipper rocket boot at the ball and Prince Charming Tony Stark has to return it to her.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Action in Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Magazine Cover; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

The article goes on to refer to Tony’s less than pristine condition by the end of Iron Man 3 and what it means for The Avengers 2 (or the much less certain Iron Man 4). According to Robert Downey Jr.:

“[I asked Kevin Feige], ‘What does this mean if we wind up doing an “Avengers 2″ ?’ Kevin looked at me and said, ‘That’s Joss’ problem to solve.’ I was like, ‘Good man.’ ”

Indeed, there’s been a lot of talk around the Internet about Iron Man 3 and how it’s the least stringent – in terms of adherence to comic book continuity – of all the Marvel films. It seems that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have finally begun to loosen the reins and let filmmakers like Shane Black take control in a way that previous directors (Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh) perhaps could not.

Said Black on the ending of Iron Man 3:

“I thought we needed to do something in the third movie to make it feel like a game changer.”

Game changer or not, if the reviews are rightIron Man 3 is one of the best Marvel movies to be released so far.


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  1. Hmm… which means their daddy is all grown up… which means…

    I’m mixed on this one. I love the characters but I think Marvel is making a statement in phase 2 about the source material.

  2. “Whedon hinted at recently when he said he was writing a brother-sister duo into the movie.”

    The 2 people in Item 47, on the Avengers bluray, were they brother & sister or boyfriend / girlfriend ? Might be how they got the weapon to work…

    • They were a couple.

    • the guys in Item 47 were Boyfriend and Girlfriend

  3. spiderman and wolverine were avengers memers in comics. Does this mean they can be used down line.

    • No, their deal is definitely different. Partly because they weren’t Avengers when Sony/Fox purchased the movie rights, and partly (I assume?) because they’re first and foremost Spider-Man/X-Men characters, respectively.

      • Makes no sense. Avengers isn’t one continuous team. Spidey and Wolverine joined Avengers just like scarlet witch and quicksilver.

        • Neither one should have. Wolverine and Spidey are way over-used, like they have to be in everything and the day is not saved without them. It lessens the effectiveness of the characters significantly. Wanda and Pietro will always be remembered chiefly as Avengers by us older fanboys (I am 55), where they were their presence was most significant and enduring. Their association with the X-Men was actually very brief.

    • Nay, tis not so it would seem.

    • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were mentioned specifically in the contract where Fox licensed the X-Men film rights from Marvel. It’s not “we can use any character that was an avenger,” it’s “we can use quicksilver and scarlet witch.”

      • Ken,

        While this may seem like a call out it is not. Where can this information be found?

        Im always eager to attempt to learn of the wheelings and dealings with the character licensing.


        • It sounds like what he thinks happened, which doesn’t make sense considering Feige’s comments.

          If it were as simple as Ken puts it, then Feige would not have described the situation with those two as “complicated.”

          From what I understand, FOX owns all things mutant. With these specific characters, I think Marvel can use them but they can’t be mutant.

          But… if they are the result of coming into this dimension as a result of a dimension tear or something, they have cool powers and refer to a magnetic father, and just never say the word mutant… BY ALL MEANS BRING IT ON!!!!

        • I’m not going to go digging for it, there’s too many articles and not much extra time today. Basically one of the SR articles about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had Feige mentioning that those two characters where specified in negotiations a while ago. The gist of the information was that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had been avengers in the comics at some point, but that’s not the reason they are usable by Marvel Studios.

        • From what I recall, and Screenrant has posted the “list,” Fox has access to all characters that are designated as “mutants” and only a limited numbers of actual named were delineated. My guess would be that a bunch of people with limited knowledge (and patience)deliberated the name list until they realized they couldn’t handle the task and a general “access” came to be.

          I am sure there are some qualifications involved, i.e, was a character known for spending most of their time as a member of a non X-related comic; was a character a member of a team before becoming involved with an X-related comic; was a character specifically discussed for shared usage (which is what I understand Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to be).

          There may even be a priviso in place stating that since certain characters haven’t been developed or given screentime by Fox yet, they could be accessible by Marvel now (this could especially apply if a character has spent a lot of its time in comics outside of X-related ones, for example, Namor, who is, in fact, the first mutant to be published by Marvel).

          The other remaining question is whether or not the “mutant” term is limited to Fox only. Obviously, mutations can occur in the natural world, whether it is the Marvel world or the X world, so I kinda doubt Marvel can’t call any particular character a “mutant,” they just may not out of professional courtesy or to prevent confusion.

          • Thanks both of you.

            @Void that is the dirty information I wish we could get a hold of. The “you can use this but only like this”.

              • n October 1993, Marvel and Fox signed an agreement (the “1993 Agreement”) pursuant to which Marvel licensed to Fox all the rights that Fox may require in order to produce, distribute, exploit, advertise, promote, and publicize theatrical motion pictures based on the “X-Men” comic book series. The “X-Men” comic book series, referred to in the Agreement as the “Property,” includes the X-Men Characters, specifically the “core” Characters and the Characters of the “X-Universe”; their origin stories; storylines from individual comic books; and “all other elements relating to the Property and the Characters.” The rights granted to Fox included “the right to use the title (or subtitle or portion of the title) of the Property or any component of the Property as the title of any Picture or related exploitation.” The Agreement reserved all television rights to Marvel, subject to a proviso, critical to Fox’s pending contract claim, that Marvel would not “produce, distribute or exploit or authorize the production, distribution or exploitation of any live-action motion picture” without Fox’s consent (the “Freeze”).

  4. Well that cover is freaking awesome!! And also I can not WAITTO see iron man 3 tomorrow night at midnight in IMAX!

    As for the other news. Cool. I think it would be cool to have more members but how many till things get crowded cuz it’s also a possibility to have falcon and war machine show up at some point right?
    And why isn’t war machine technically a part of shield? Is it cuz he has his own thing with the government?
    And if they do include these guys in A2 the do we think well cameos in Thor and cap a la Barton and black widow in Thor and iron man 2
    I do think they will be shield agents with modified abilities. Though I’m not sure how you could modify their abilities.

  5. Keep in mind that Magneto being their father was a retcon instituted 14 years after the Maximoffs joined the Avengers, before that they didn’t know who their father was.

    Also, Wanda’s powers do not come strictly from her mutant gene. She was influenced at birth by The Other/Chthon (who the guy in Avengers who serves Thanos is based off of) and given her reality altering powers through him. Their birth also involves the High Evolutionary. They could introduce the characters through those two without having to mention their mutants, and this is all their canon comic origin. It barely involves them being mutants at all and does not require Magneto at all either.

    • “The Other” in Avengers is entirely made up by Joss, not based on Chthon at all. Chthon having an alias of “The Other” at one point in the comics is entirely coincidental.

    • Well said Ben!

    • I’ve never heard it claimed that the Magneto reveal was a retcon; it always seemed more like a prolonged mystery to me. When was it revealed that their real mother’s name was Magda? Because it’s pretty obvious that once that name was put to paper, the writers KNEW Magneto was going to be the father.

      • During the origin story I was talking about that was written4 years before it was revealed Magneto was their father. Either way, it was a retcon. Stan Lee never intended for them to be Magneto’s children and obviously anything instituted 19 years after characters are introduced is a retcon.

    • Hmmm, good point, BB.

    • Magneto being their father may have been back story, but sine they debut in X-Men #4 I can see how some people would still associate them with the X books. Scarlett Witch ended up being more of an Avengers mainstay while Quicksilver just drifted around for a long time.

  6. I’m mixed about this:

    1. Since Marvel are able to use these characters, they won’t be able to call them mutants, so backstory will be changed, and that probably won’t be a good thing.

    2. This means that Hank & Janet probably won’t be involved.

    3. Somebody already on the roster won’t be present in the second film because with these two additions, things will become crowded.

    4. Unless they’re playing villains, I just don’t see how they can be introduced effectively.

    • Ant Man is getting his own movie in Phase 3 and Janet will be in that one too.

      • Hope so. Has this been confirmed about Jan? And oh, I do want to see Goliath and Wasp in Avengers! (Hank Pym=Goliath, cool blue/yellow costume, exactly like in the early comics, please!!).

    • 1. Since Marvel are able to use these characters, they won’t be able to call them mutants, so backstory will be changed, and that probably won’t be a good thing.

      Why not?

      While we have a lot of here-say about what Marvel can and can not do have we ever been shown or ever heard from the horses mouth this is fact?

      I mean I have heard about getting sick from rats running over cans that have been stored for a long period of time……

      Not saying you are not correct in your assumption, it is just I have never seen anything official that supports this statement. If you have links etc that support this from an official source I would love to see it.

      • Of course it isn’t confirmed, but most things never are. It was confirmed until a few days ago that Marvel received the rights back for Daredevil, but we’ve known that for months.

        • So why would you say it? That just propagates the possible fallacy and breeds disdain for the movie that hasn’t even started filming.

        • Glad Daredevil is back. Hope now we get that long-ago proposed movie of Daredevil versus Mr. Fear and The Kingpin!

  7. I’d hope for the crossover. The last thing I want is non-mutant versions of them showing up.

    • I agree. I am too big of a fan of The House of M story. They are more interesting in the X-Men universe. If there isn’t a crossover of the 2 universes, I feel that this move might be out of spite.

    • Them being mutants hasn’t been a big part of their character until the last decade with the Bendis stuff though. There’s literally 40 years worth material with them being completely absolved from being mutants besides the random story or two and the Magneto retcon storyline. Them being mutants is pretty much just a way to explain their powers.

      • Screenrant needs to let Ben write a proper Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch article to hopefully clear up all the obvious ignorance and confusion involved with these characters. Believe me, Marvel knows what they’re doing.

      • Hmm, I think you have to strain pretty freaking hard to ignore their existence as mutants in the comic book universe. They were created as part of the Brotherhood of Evil MUTANTS. Quicksilver in particular has been a member of X-Factor for a longer period of time than The Avengers.

      • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch also were involved at one point with The Inhumans, I believe. I recall them also in the early X-men comics and Avengers comics, but I always associate them formally with being Avengers. In fact, some of the best Avengers comics in the early days had the team as Cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, Wasp, and occasionally Black Widow.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how they’re all that interesting if you separate them from their background as the previously villainous mutant offspring of Magneto.

      • Weird, I feel like saying that’s the only thing that makes them interesting to others is a large disservice to their characters.

        • To each his/her own. I just don’t particularly think they’re worthwhile characters from the get-go if you remove some of the most important details of their background.

  8. They could introduce the characters through those two without having to mention their mutants, and this is all their canon comic origin. It barely involves them being mutants at all and does not require Magneto at all either.

    • This.

    • How does being in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants barely involve them being mutants?

  9. oh goodness, make a new x-men franchise, please. i can’t stand the ruined continuity even if they’re fixing it in days of future past

  10. I mentioned this above but I seriously think this move of theirs is in spite. It’s the “because we can” mentality IMO. The 2 characters have such depth in the X-Men universe and to deny them of that, their “mutant” powers, and their connection to their father is just despicable. Having them as SHIELD agents, just another gun, is so dumb. But who am I to say anything.

  11. Oh no I was also hoping for Hank Pym and Janet, they are my favorite marvel couple by far.

    • Hank and Jan (as Goliath and Wasp) rank pretty high up there on my list as well. Need these two ASAP, altho I am also very glad for Pietro and Wanda to be included, something I have wanted for ages!

  12. people forget that beast was an avenger for a short while too. So thats three characters currently in marvel films that have a right to be in the avengers films as well. I honestly hope to the high heavens that a massive crossover film doesn’t take place. although i like the idea of scarlet witch and quicksilver being a part of the avengers I think they should keep spiderman x-men and avengers seperate universes. However if i fact they wetr to do the infinity gauntlet for avengers 3 it would be pretty cook to see them merge the three franchises for one big movie.

    • no to beast.
      the qualifier isn’t “we can use any character that was an avenger,” it’s “we can use scarlet witch and quicksilver.” Feige says “Because they were avengers” because he doesn’t go through the whole explanation every single time. That’s the basic rational, they were avengers, but the actual *reason* they can be used is they were specified in the licensing with Fox… at least that’s what was reported by Screen Rant and everyone else back when Feige first mentioned this.

    • I vote for Spiderman being kept seperate from Avengers as well.

  13. How about focusing on bringing Wasp and Hank Pym into the fold instead.

    • maybe cause they are planning something else -_-

      they have done everything right this far so if they dont want wasp yet then i dont want them yet because id rather have a interesting character than a character just thrown in there because people demanded it. after avengers 2 we get antman for if she aint in there she will never be

        • Iron Man 3 was a solid film and a step up from the second.

          • Just cause its a step up from ironman 2 doesnt mean its not a step down from ironman 1 and the avengers. I agree tho solid film

        • “Certs s a brath mint!” “No, Certs is a candy mint!” “You’re both right!” We need all four: Jan, Hank, Pietro, and Wanda!

          • Oops. “Breath”.

  14. I hope the draft changes.
    Without the mutant backstory, the characters’ origins will have to be drastically changed, and after IM3, “drastically changed” hasn’t really been something I’m particularly looking forward to lol.

    For the second film, they should just use Ant-Man, Wasp and Black Panther as new characters! Villain: Ultron. It’s a no-brainer.

    • so tell me genius… how can we get ultron without hank creating it? -_- antman is after the avengers 2. there is nothing wrong with what they did n iron man 3. they would never been able to do him properly anyway.

      ultron should be an arc like thanos and loki. there is no way they can do it justice for one movie. thy need to introduce it with the intention of how hank made it then at the end give it a sentence or make its lights go red or something like that.

      i think the no brainer is thanos since what happened at the end of the avengers lmao

      • Im not a genius however there are many storylines within other movies books and TV shows where a computer type program becomes sentient.

        It could easily be a by product of the Xtremis virus. A set of Armor of Starks can become ‘aware’. TADA no Hank Pym.

        While it deviates from the comics it can easily be incorporated.

        • I doubt that will happen since they’ve confirmed Ant Man for Phase 3.

        • lmao, thats not ultron. go read a comic…

          • LMAO more. All you asked was “how can we get ultron without hank creating it? ”

            I provided the solution. You on the other hand decided it was not what you wanted to hear. That I can not help you with as it is probably a deeper issue probably relating to your upbringing.

      • @COREY_1993: Genius?! I’m flattered! :p

        Here’s something to wrap your head around: what if the events of Avengers 2 take place after the events of ‘Ant-Man’? (Cap:TFA was the first movie chronologically, but the last to be released after all the other solo movies – people seemed to understand the time difference easily enough)
        Or, what if ‘Ant-Man’ is about Lang stealing Pym’s Ant-Man tech? (therefor, it’ll be a Lang origin story, not a Pym origin story – Pym’s his origin could take place in The Avengers 2)
        From what I’ve heard Wright say, the latter choice seems more than possible, due to his love for the “To Steal an Ant-Man” story arc. The point is though, Pym can be introduced in The Avengers and create Ultron, just like in the comics… Ultron goes wrong and the Avengers have to step in. Maybe Pym feels regret for what he’s done and wants to make amends. He creates a suit/helmet using his Pym-particle tech and becomes Ant-Man, helping the Avengers stop Ultron.

        To me there is no going bigger than Thanos (and it seems Joss Whedon feels the same way), so if you do Thanos in Avengers 2, where do you go from there? If The Avengers can take down the Mad Titan, then they can easily take down Kang, Masters Of Evil, or any of the other famous Avengers villains.
        It’s movie-franchise 101. You always have to go bigger in some way – and looking at Thanos, I can’t see anything bigger than that guy…

        Ultron is the logical step between Loki/alien-horde and Thanos, imo.

        • Thanos is the avengers 3 villain its beenc

        • Thanos is the avengers 3 villain its been
          Confirmed correct?

          • Not confirmed exactly, no, but Whedon did say he wants to save Thanos for the “big finale” I believe – and by that, I think he means Avengers 3.
            It just makes the most sense ya know?

          • Yep, I’m pretty sure Feige recently confirmed that.

        • I of course concur. ;)

          The point however is, while there are numerous ways to have Ultron without Hank Pym, ALL are less desirable alternatives to using the correct storyline.

  15. I like the idea of them being included and if they really did not know who their father was at first in the comics, then they can be added like that. They have these powers and they have no clue who their parents are. So Magneto won’t be mentioned.

    I don’t know if changing them to non-mutants would be bad or not, because if their powers are the same it could work. But I see how keeping them mutants would be awesome too, but I don’t know how that could work on the long-run.

    If they leave Ant-Man and Wasp for Phase 3, then the two of them could be a nice addition for the Avengers 2.

  16. Good! Hopefully this will lead to the downfall of Fox’s horrible comic book movies and lead to a true Marvel Universe under control of people who actually make good films. I’m all for it!

  17. are people really annoyed they they cant be called mutants -_-

    really… you all complain about how you want these characters yet when you get it you complain. just be thankful its marvel using them because they will get their characters justice because even joss has wanted these.

    • Exactly. Marvel will do these characters justice like they do all of their characters, something Fox can only say about … well, they can’t say it about anybody.

    • I for one never complained about wanting these characters in Avengers 2…
      I’d love to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in an Avengers movie, but only if done right. Without the proper origin (and that includes the mutant background), why bother? It’ll just be half-@$$ed.

      IMO, this is actually the exact type of thing Fox would try and pull: messing around with the backstories of beloved characters, just for the sake of including them in the movie.

      If anything, if they do go through with this and the characters end up being different than they are in the comics, get ready for even MORE complaining from people – because I can tell you now, that’s exactly what’ll happen.

  18. Out of curiosity, when does Avengers 2 begin filming? Like late this year or early next year?

  19. I’m more concerned with the implications of adding Scarlett Witch to the marvel cinematic universe. Her powers dwarf most others, she is unstable and she can go phoenix-like with her temper. She’s always been a “problem” in the comics, and at times, has caused some serious damage to this universe and others.

    unless, the avengers need someone like her to repair what Thanos does, which I predict will be to eliminate Earth. Wanda could reverse it.

    As far as their origins go, they could leave it mysterious so maybe down the road they’d have the option of an xmen/avengers crossover, where they’ll reveal their true origin.

    • Your last paragraph is the most likely scenario IMO… FAR down the road.

  20. Why do they have to explain their powers in Avengers 2? The audience knows that there are metahumans in the MCU by what Fury said in Avengers. Also, a little mystery isn’t a bad thing; look at Alien. I see nothing wrong with this.

    • If your posts aren’t written in bold, I cannot read them.

      • How is this, petaQ??!!! :-P

        • Ouch, you were burned by Kahless! But as the Romulans would say, only a [b]veruul[/b] would use such language in public! (name that story)

  21. Just koined Screenrant so I can comment for the first time but been a long time reader..

    Just like Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2 (“Well, it’s me, and I’m here, so get over it and move on!”) I somehow see a line by anyone of them “You know who our father is so let’s cut the crap” or something like that, a nod to the fans…! No more, no “M” word, but keeping it real.

    • Sorry, *joined*

  22. There could also be some truth to Marvel “sticking it” to DC/WB, for example…

    The addition of Thanos somewhat derailed DC’s plans for Darkseid in JL.

    Guardians will possible “stick it” to green lantern, and show WB how a proper space superhero movie should be made.

    and now… Quicksilver will likely be on screen before DC’s The Flash, so Marvel will, in the eyes of movie-goers, have the first speedster. Flash might not do as well.

    WB/DC seems to chasing behind and trying to pick up the pieces.

    • Great, now the DC fanboys with an inferiority complex will attempt to burn this thread down like they did in the Black Panther article. ;)

      • Let they come, I’m ready. lol

        • The flash will always be far more recognizable than quick silver.. its really no competition. Plus the addition of hawkeye didnt hurt the arrow tvshow any

          • No arguement as to who is more recognizable, I simply meant that Marvel will beat DC to the punch when it comes to portraying a superhero speedster on the big screen.

            Good point about Hawkeye, but as you said, Arrow is TV… it’s apples and oranges.

            • Thats fair i suposse it will all depend on how the superspeed will be portrayed. With thr advancement of special affects there is a ton of ways to attack it

              • I actually thought the effects in The Flash TV series were pretty good.

  23. Thank God!!!! Marvel is definitely doing its thing, I think they should keep the bro/sis as mutants. This at least teases a Xmen/Avenger crossover. They have orchestrated this francise into a masterpiece!

    • I agree, and we can thank Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige for that.

  24. After seeing IM3 I think the Iron Man franchise is just one more installment to surrender to fart jokes and having Adam Sandler as a guest star. Honestly, does the ego of Robert Downey, Jr. can grow bigger? You need more evidence? Rhodey? Missing-In-Action. ‘Happy’ Hogan?Jon Favreau is playing the role of the jerk friend that in a Ben Stiller comedy could fall on Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn. And the Mandarin … Oh, my sweet Lord… THE MANDARIN… I don’t know how much Marvel has paid Ben Kingsley to be humiliated in this way on screen, but if I were him I would return the Oscar he has for ‘Gandhi’ and would not appear on a film. Never. And I thought Marvel could not do worse than the second installment… My goodness, how awful! For IM4 i hope they will bring back the writers of IM1 and stop hiring cronies of Downey. Jr.

    • Well, here’s our first troll… since I haven’t seen the movie yet, anyone care to counter? From the reviews I’ve read, this commenters opinion seems a little off base and overly harsh.

      • The reviews I’ve read all seem to say the same thing :

        -If all you know about Marvel is what you get from the movies, you are absolutely going to love Iron Man 3.

        -If you are a fan of the comics… then there is a good chance that Iron Man 3 is going to really tick you off.


        I’m actually mad at myself for not seeing this coming. Its DISNEY for crying out loud. The end game here is GLOBAL MARKETING. A global market includes China… which means the absolute LAST character you will ever have is a proper Mandarin. Involve China in the mix, and the Mandarin has to disappear completely.

        That’s what happened to Iron Man 3. Shane Black wasn’t given carte blanche to write and direct whatever he wanted. He was given a very specific out-line from Disney for what needed to be included and what could not be included, in order for Disney to successfully sell there product globally. (Whedon had the same requirements for Avengers, although he fails to go into specific detail about “what” exactly those requirements are. He insists he won’t have that list at all for Avengers 2)

        This is my biggest worry for Disney owned Marvel moving forward:
        It’s not so much about telling a story so much as it is about selling a product.

        • Exactly dr. Mindbender

          On my first viewing i really enjoyed it cause i was getting to see ironman. But on round two yesterday oh brother the problems with this film. Disney cut the alcohol supplot which could have added
          Fantastic depth. IM1 was so good cajsw faverau got to do what he wanted. Then he was restricted by IM2 and he and rdj stated how much marvel imterfeared

        • Ironically, the Chinese audience is also PO’d at Iron Man 3 anyway, for the blatant product placement the movie was doing. The “additional footage” that was reported on a while back, is actually just a bunch of random scenes – that have nothing to do with the overall narrative – featuring some Chinese actors basically “promoting” milk drinks and stuff.

          I wouldn’t say it’s just Disney though… I mean, this movie had some dark themes… The “twist” could easily have been a creative decision on the writer/director’s part. Shane Black did originally say he didn’t want to use The Mandarin, describing the character as a “racist characature”, and since everybody else wanted The Mandarin (including RDJ and Kevin Feige), maybe the “twist” was the only way they could compromise around Black’s persistence to not include the Mandarin in the movie…
          Just a thought.

          • Are you serious?? Product placement with some asain guy? Lol stupidest thing ive ever heard

        • How is being a comic book fan who is passionate about a classic villain being called a troll here? You are right about 1 thing… you havent seen it so you cant say anything but insult someone. They screwed over a great character from our past and believe me… The Mandarin got screwed. It is an action packed movie, the media calls it the best IM ever but after this issue with the mandarin and then what they did with pepper… this movie sucked!!! And thats a fact not an opinion

          • I haven’t seen it, but I’ve read about it. I know what the did to the Mandarin and I’m okay with that. The movie universe it separate from the comics and as long as they continue to get most of the characters right, Marvel still makes the best comic book movies IMO.

            I’m sure they’ll mess with my beloved Guardians of the Galaxy somewhat and change something here and there, but you have to accept it for what it is, a big screen adaption of a comic book.

      • He is a bit harsh but i wont argue it has severe problems with its plot that contradicts all previous installments. John faverau is still the best thing the marvel mcu had besides feige. Ironman 1 is perfection

        • Unless you’re talking about Iron Man 2… and the first two IM movies only glossed over Stark’s alcoholism, and it wasn’t even mentioned in The Avengers. So, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

          • Its not by any means a deal breaker but it would have added some more internal conflict to thr film. Still a fun movie tho i dont think it dissapoints nor is near as bad as im2

  25. The whole chinese cut thing i just read about is beyond bizarre. They had to get some kind of money to include the owner of a chinese milk company and the constant drinking if it lol

  26. Can someone please include Logan and Parker in the Avengers team for its 3rd iteration?

    • No :P They already have solo films and/or teams films. I’m all for meeting new heroes (new to the general public, that is), not seeing the same ones over and over again.

      I like Spidey and Wolverine, but hey each have four films each. Give other heroes a chance ;-)

  27. “Game changer or not, if the reviews are right, Iron Man 3 is one of the best Marvel movies to be released so far.”

    That pretty much says it all right there.

    • Thats not the reviews anynmore lol it went from a 94 to a 81% while holding a 7.2/10. Not by any means top tier aka the avengers and iron man 1

      • Let’s not act like 81 isn’t a good rating from RT. Most movies there don’t even cross 60

        • That’s not true every marvel film has crossed into fresh rating even Iron man 2. Its expected to be fresh, a great film will be 88% or higher. Its not the percentage that even matters its how its rates out of 10. 100% of people can give the film over a 3/5 and it would get a 100% fresh rating. A 7.2/10 is a solid film nothing more.

          • I wasn’t talking only about Marvel movies. I’m talking about movies in general.

            • It doesnt matter certain films gain expectations

    • Due to ignorance of the source material and a lot of action at the end. Must be the same ppl/media that said the Transformers 1,2 or 3 was good. Say whatever but the media is never right. Just good at brainwashing ppl and giving those who know nothing of the material they are portraying a leg to argue on

      • The stories in comics have absolutely no bearing what so ever on the quality of a movie. None. At all. Ever.

        You can argue all you want about whether its a good adaption, but a good movie? No. It has nothing to do with it. Same argument I used to make when people would say X-Men sucked cause of all the changes. No, it’s quality of a film has nothing to do with how much or how little it took from the source material. A comic book movie is not only good if it is a scene for scene recreation of a comic book. Movies are far more complicated than than that.

        The quality of Ironman 3 as a movie has nothing to do with The Mandarin having or not having magic rings and talking or not talking like that guy from The Hangover movies. The directing, script, acting, lighting, effects etc is what makes a movie good. People are allowed to enjoy the MCU version of the Mandarin. I did. But I also laughed to myself thinking of fan boys like you, having their heads explode and not letting themselves enjoy what is one of the better super hero films out there, because it didnt treat a comic book as some kind of Bible. Kind of makes it harder to judge Fox and Sony now, doesn’t it?

  28. If they are confirmed for the next avengers movie, instead of changing their backround and not making them mutants etc. could they not just have the avengers in an alternative reality to the x-men films? So when Scarlett Witch uses her mutant ablities they can switch between avenger and x-men realities rather then suddenly have the mcu suddenly go oh btw theres mutants like wolverine that have had massive battles in the past but we didnt want them when loki came?

    • Sorry, I have no idea wtf you’re talking about. If you read the comments above, these two found out they were the offspring of Magneto much later… after they were members of the Avengers. That in and of itself fixes the whole mutant/non-mutant conundrum temporarily.

  29. [Edited for spoilers]

    • Post a spoiler warning when you say things like that.
      Remember, this movie hasn’t even been released in the biggest market of them all: the USA -and on ScreenRant, most of the readers are American.

      Let’s just show some consideration for others huh…

      • I didn’t post any kind of spoiler.

        • Yes you did.

        • Try imagining you’re a person who has only seen the first two or three trailers, and haven’t read any of the spoiler-articles (i.e. those three trailers were the extent of the person’s knowledge of the IM3 story line)… now re-read your second paragraph…

          • welp, my bad then.

    • I agree. However this is Disney and Marvel. The chances of that are close to impossible if they dont do something like that with Avengers 2. Again, RDJ may not get a contract extension to show back up in A2. Plus, we have waited since 2008 to see Mandarin on the big screen… now ( if they do do something like that) we will have to wait till 2015. I was hoping for him and Fin Fang Foom to create havoc throughout the world in A2.