‘Avengers 2′: Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Definitely Quicksilver

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Aron Taylor Johnson Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Quicksilver Marvel Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson is Definitely Quicksilver

In all honesty, this is probably the most anti-climatic news to come out of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two campaign so far, but it deserves reporting nonetheless: Kick-Ass franchise star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been confirmed as having signed a deal to play Quicksilver in The Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Taylor-Johnson has been pegged to play Quicksilver for months now; in fact, a report from earlier this month gave unofficial confirmation that the actor was signed-on for Joss Whedon’s superhero sequel alongside actress Elizabeth Olsen (OldBoy), who will be joining the cast as Quicksilver’s sister, Scarlet Witch.  

The report about the officially confirmed Quicksilver casting comes by exclusive way of The Wrap, which reports that Taylor-Johnson had to ensure certain obligations to Legendary Pictures were met before he could fully commit to the Avengers 2 shooting schedule. That’s actually the strange bit about the story, really: Taylor-Johnson’s commitment to promoting Legendary’s Godzilla reboot is what held up his Quicksilver casting; Godzilla is a film in which he also stars alongside Olsen, only as love interests rather than brother and sister. Not at all weird.

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Ultimates Avengers Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson is Definitely Quicksilver

The Ultimate (and incestuous) version of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Technically, Olsen has yet to be officially announced as Scarlet Witch by Marvel Studios – but with Samuel L. Jackson already name-dropping her in the role, one assumes that she’s locked into place. The question then becomes: why was Taylor-Johnson’s promotional schedule for Godzilla any more troublesome than hers? Could be a lot of simple answers to that, but it does bear consideration…

In any event, when observing Aaron Taylor-Johnson at a Kick-Ass 2 press junket, the actor opened up about the vast difficulties he had in revisiting that comic book role:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Yeah….I’ll be honest, I think it was a challenge for sure… It’s really hard for me because….I go to a character and then I erase it and I just jump to something else. I find that a lot easier. But to go back to something and then try to make it feel like the same person is actually a lot harder than it seems, I feel.

He actually looked so stressed about the issue when discussing it, that I was afraid to ask him “What would you do about Marvel Movie Sequels, then?

kick ass1 Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson is Definitely Quicksilver

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in ‘Kick-Ass’

Regardless of sequel-itis (after all, we have no idea yet if Quicksilver is a one-off character), Taylor-Johnson is a pretty dedicated and deep actor, who has impressed in both comic book movies (Kick-Ass), dramatic roles (Anna Karenina) and indie fare (Nowhere Boy) – same as Olsen has during her own rapid rise to fame. The two of them together  - especially coming off of the Godzilla experience – should make for one of the better onscreen pairings we’ve seen (provided that Joss Whedon’s script does the characters justice), so this is good news in our book.

FUN FACT: Director Bryan Singer will also be utilizing the character of Quicksilver for his film X-Men: Days of Future Past, and recently revealed the ultra-slow-frame-rate technology he’s using to achieve the character’s super-speed powers. That’s a pretty high bar for Whedon and co. to surpass with their version – but at least they’ve got a capable actor to help them…


The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters on May 1, 2015.

Source: The Wrap 

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  1. Finally, the prolonged wait on the announcement was annoying. Everybody basically knew he was going to play Quicksilver already.

  2. Cool.

  3. I know I’m probably the only person that thinks this but I would have preferred to see him in DOFP and Evans in Age of Ultron.

    • For any particular reason?

      • Not really purely just personal preference as in I feel he would be a better fit in DOFP. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure he and Evans and both movies will be good but in very different ways. I guess if pushed I just really like Taylor-Johnson as an actor and DOFP looks more character driven and feel he may get a little left behind in AOU? but thinking about it that might happen to both Quicksilvers anyway with the amount of established characters in both productions.

        • Me too, when I grew up I always knew Quicksilver as an evil mutant or at least in the brotherhood

          • In the very early comics (I am talking 60s and 70s, when I grew up reading them….I just turned 56 years young), Quicksilver was only briefly in the brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and quickly turned (along with Scarlet Witch) against the bad guys and became good guys. For the most part, Q & SW were Avengers, serving mainly with Captain America, Hawkeye, Goliath, and Wasp (and occaisionally Black Widow, who was very different from how she is portrayed in the marvel movies). Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have always been favorite Avengers of mine, along with Cap, Iron man, Goliath, and Wasp, and maybe Hawkeye (we are talking comics, not movies, here), so i am glad to see they will finally be getting some screentime with Avengers, and I hope they become permanent members. My next big wish: get Goliath/Giant-Man and Wasp in there on the Avengers team ASAP!

    • it would of been way better for just one quick silver. I don’t get why Disney and fox don’t want to share supers. all that would me was more money for both companies. I must be marvel wanting to get their ips back

      • Im pretty sure is Marvel the only studio not wanting to collab. They take a big care of their baby, Avengers cinematic universe, so its normal to not wanting to included characters from other studios, with their own worlds, rules, and all of that. At the same time, Marvel has had two 1 billion movies, so its not like they feel they need characters from other franchises at all. They are on top, they dont really need a plus.

        Fox producers, on other hand, have already said they would love to see both studios working, but it hasnt happened. Why?

        to each its own :D

        • because lets say for the next avengers fox let marvel use spiderman, instead of marvel getting all of the money they have to share it. That is why

          • sony makes spider-man movies not fox, fox makes all x-men movies and mutant-related and fantastic four movies,If you want to know why the three studios marvel,sony and fox wont share a film universe.Watch amc movie talk john campea explains it well

            • i actually do watch it, haha

            • You mind if you place a link were I can see it? Very interested.

        • “I’m pretty sure is Marvel the only studio not wanting to collab.”

          I don´t think so. There were talks about including OsCorp Tower in The Avengers, but the CGI was already finished. So if Marvel Studios would have done that, I guess it´s Fox not wanting to do this huge company crossover.

          • the one thing I think that every one will agree on is that it would be better for all of the fans if marvel got all of their ips back

            • If anything, they should at least have a final say on scripting. That way, other studios can make the movies and profit from them while Marvel takes a small percentage and we have a lot of continuity between franchises.

              Otherwise, Marvel Studios owning everything will mean no more B, C or D-list heroes on screen.

            • “the one thing I think that every one will agree on is that it would be better for all of the fans if marvel got all of their ips back”

              Actually, I don´t. Marvel can only put out two or three films a year. And if they did more, the quality would suffer and people would complain.

      • I am not sure Quicksilver is a good idea for the X-Men movie, but I am glad to see him in Avengers.

    • I don’t think Evans is right for either of the films, but we will just have to wait and see.

    • The DoFP role is undoubtedly a smaller role, so I think the AoU role is better. I also think the Avengers has spotlighted characters better on Average in comparison to any film in the X-Men franchise. I feel like the DoFP role is more akin to a 15 minute cameo in the film. He wasnt even shown in the trailer. On the other hand, Quicksilver is only one of two new recruits currently announced for the Avengers.

      • Don’t forget that being on Age of Ultron (a Marvel Phase movie), also means that he will probably get future roles/cameos in the future Phase movies ;)

        • That is true but he himself describes how he finds it hard to go back to a character and do it again. maybe he is being a bit of a luvvy about it? He must know taking the role (especially with Marvel) will more than likely included future appearances?

          • I hope he meant that the character evolves in the course of a movie and it’s hard to return to the initial mindset when he first stepped into a role.

      • im thinking falcon will be in it too

  4. Hahaha excellent opening sentence.

  5. I think its safe to say that Quicksilver in X-Men will have a far less important role than Quicksilver in Avengers. I’m just curious how Johnson is going to look, if he’s gonna have solid white hair or no.

  6. In this day of age nobody will believe a white man as the fastest man on earth
    Not as long as ursain bolt is alive
    Quicksilver was written white because of the time it was written
    His race is not important to his character
    josh wedon should have cast usain bolt or at least a black male in the role
    It would have brought credibility and some new audience to the franchise
    Scarlet witch could have started white
    This is 2013, mixed siblings are more frequent than you think or one can just be adopted
    Once again marvel missed a chance to make a 21st century superhero film
    Kudos to fox and josh tank for entering the 21st century
    Wished I could have said the same to Disney and josh wedon

    • Sarcastic comment?

      I’m guessing sarcastic comment.

      • yeah, this kinda of idea always leads to great places.

    • *cough* samuel l jackson *cough*

      • Based on the ultimate universe
        Doesn’t count
        So cough yourself to death

        • You’re ridiculous dude. Dont try to create a race issue where there isn’t one.

          • But casting Michael b Jordan in fantastic four made it a race issue where there wasn’t one

            • Easy bro I’m just saying that casting Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver doesn’t make Joss or anyone at Disney a bigot. It would be ridiculous not to mention fallacious to make such a claim.

              • ok I guess I can speak to that. Your original post just seemed irrationally predatory towards Joss and Disney or anyone involved with casting of Marvel movies.

                • I won’t stop till white people play black superheroes and black people play white superheros
                  I wonder who Warner brothers will cast for flash if they’re serious about a justice league movie
                  I hope it’s Omar sy

                  • More power to ya man. My only suggestion would be that you think about restructuring your argumentative style. Cuz up there you came off as angry and belligerent and I’m assuming that’s not what you had in mind.

                  • Not angry
                    Do I sound angry ?
                    I didn’t mean to
                    I will be seeing this movie on the first night and complain about it the next day

                    No way I’m seeing the fantastic four movie tho

                  • Glad to hear it :) I’m sure we’ll meet again in another comment thread. Cheers!

                  • White people can play black heroes when the situation is reversed when cbm’s become saturated with more than 5 prominent black characters then they can start switching race.

                    for example its ridiculous to feel like at this point it would make sense for a white character to play a black one, like really? Black people only have Falcon and Rhodes and they are secondary characters to white leads you should never at this point even use the eye for an eye deal with a black character turning white its ridiculous that people even think that’s ok

                  • So you can officially stop. There is a confirmed black human torch. It shouldn’t matter either way personally. I will see a movie if it’s worth watching despite race. Also I don’t quite agree with your broad generalization of blacks. As humans we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t mean we need to be placed in a category of fastest or strongest. It’s a movie, plain and simple. Watch it or don’t. Complaining won’t change it.

                  • Directed at drool monster. Forgot to mention that bit ;)

                  • Can´t you troll on another website?

              • no problem here man.

              • Race has nothing to do with Quicksilver’s abilities and speed so casting a black man in the role just because Usain Bolt and many other black athletes dominate sprint events doesn’t make logical sense. I’m not saying having a black actor play Quicksilver would be a negative but the justification being that a black guy is the fastest man alive in real life doesn’t mean a damn thing in a comic book movie where superhuman powers are manifested in a variety of ways and are not determined by race. I believe that when race is not a crucial identifier to the character then they should just pick the best actor for the role (eg. Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White)

              • That’s because his ability to run at supersonic speeds is based upon powers, not his race, smarty. Also, not all black people can run fast. I’m one of them.

              • well quicksilver’s mom sister and father are white. you sound like Obama who has no clue how dna works. lmfao you are great. you do understand that those blacks that you are claiming are the fastest are all juiced up and white ppl can take roids too?

    • He is a superhero. That’s like saying Hulk should be German because those guys always win the world’s strongest man competitions.

      • The hell are you saying
        Hulk is not a f*cking strongman
        He’s half of a split personality
        Dr. Jerkil and Hyde ?
        When did you start reading comic books ???
        If ever ?

        • With the way you talk to the others on here, I have a very strong feeling you won´t be on this site for long.

        • (Ahem) “Kills” (Blush!)

      • Magnus Samuelsson wasn’t German though.

        Man, I used to watch World’s Strongest Man when it was an Easter tradition (Bond movie in the afternoon, WSM immediately after) and it was mostly Swedes and the Icelandic who won from what I remember.

        Has nothing to do with your comment or Quicksilver though unless we have Hercules of Olympus as a contestant in the next few years.

        • I used to do exactly the same thing growing up! Whenever I hear about strongman comps my mind always goes to Samuelsson, dude was a beast!

    • what do you mean? the jamacians that broke all those records were juiced up. Why can’t white ppl take steroids too? only a fool would think we should change a persons race just to please some moron white liberals or the 17% of the country that is black. Mexican’s need way more reps then black do. they got nick furry, storm, bishop,falcon so far. no one is crying for you buddy and no one cares about your tears

    • (Can’t wait ’til “White Bolt and the Inhumans” comes out….) lol
      dude only black ppl are allowed to take roids like bolt so only black ppl could be fast in a comic book movie

      • You mean black bolt

  7. This dude is a too soft for this role, and Olsen’s cans need to be enhanced in order for her to hold up that strapless leotard. I’m not feeling these two.

    • I’d like to feel Scarlet Witch if she is like in the comics….

  8. Meh…..still think there were others out there far better suited to play the role. He doesn’t even look like Pietro.

    • And Norton looked more like Banner than Ruffalo does but hey, we got Ruffalo now permanently by the sound of it, to the delight of most people.

      • I wouldn’t recommend going there (Norton was a much better Banner. Felt like he was channeling Bill Bixby to me). Though yes, for better or worse, Ruffalo is the current one (until he and Disney have a disagreement).

        To that end, ATJ is who we get and, at least for me, it’s going to be a hard sell. Not an impossible sell but there is something about his voice, acting style, attitude and look that just doesn’t jive with the QS I have in my brain.

        At least on the looks front I think Tom Felton (of Harry Potter fame) would have been a prefect match. Now weather he has the acting chops to pull off the part idk but I would have given him a shot.

    • You can alter looks very easily, especially with the modern day make up process or even more than that, CG.
      What will be hard to change is the talent beneath it, and I’m sure that is the main reason why Marvel studio went for Aaron.

  9. Yes the news is a bit anti-climatic, still good news tho.

    I really liked him in KA and KA2. I’m excited to see him in Godzilla, should be good. In Godzilla I’m more pumped about seeing Cranston tho :D

    • I’ll still always picture Cranston as Malcolm’s dad.

      • I know right? haha Breaking Bad might help with that :) He’s an incredibly versatile actor. You wouldn’t know that from Malcolm. But after seeing him in Malcolm, Breaking Bad, Total Recall (in which I enjoyed his performance not as much the movie), and Drive I noticed he’s a different person every time. The dude’s really good.

        • I forgot it says steveChow on this computer.. this is movieDude

        • That’s the thing, I want to see Breaking Bad but the first few episodes I caught didn’t interest me and the show is so completely overrated that I just can’t bring myself to watch it until all the hype has died down.

          He was great with Ben Affleck in Argo though. I thought he was as diverse as you could get in Malcolm too.

          • Yeah I’ve heard he’s great in Argo, I really need to see that one.

            Breaking Bad may be overrated but it remains one of my favorite shows I’ve ever seen start to finish. If its not your thing I understand. People tend to oversell it because they say how amazing it is but they never mention that it takes a long while to get to the pay off. It moves slow but builds up to some incredible moments if you invest the time. But I understand that the slow pace can be a turn off.

            • It’s not even a slow pace that bothers me at this point, it’s the whole “this is the best show ever” heard all around the world and when something is declared as “best ever”, it generally puts me off and makes me not want to get involved.

              I’m so anti-authority and hate being told what to do so much (thanks childhood, lol) that it feels like a majority of the “this is the best thing ever” crowd, whether it’s a show, movie, song, whatever, could just be repeating something to fit in.

              I like being an individual and having my own opinion and while this “Breaking Bad is amazing” sentiment is ongoing, I feel like if I tried it again and enjoyed it, I’d feel almost dirty and question whether I do actually like it on its own merits or if I like it cause I heard others talk about how good it is.

              I have a confusing mind.

              • Hey Dazz, as someone who didn’t watch Breaking Bad for the exact same reasons as you’ve stated I say watch it on its own merits. I mean I was determined not too like it and towards the end of season 1 i was succeeding then without realizing I became hooked and marathoned the final 4 seasons in about 2 weeks.

                • That’s the thing though, I’m not determined to hate it, I just don’t like when people talk about something so much that it becomes overrated.

                  I still haven’t seen Fight Club or The Godfather Part II for that same reason.

                  • If you haven’t watched it, how can it be overrated? You can’t rate it, you haven’t watched it. Therefore you can’t compare your rating to other peoples ratings.

                    Sure the best show in the last 5 years is overrated, Dazz.

        • @steve “moviedude” Chow you forgot Drive! (unless you haven’t seen it?) He was great as Shannon.

          • @ EddieFelson No I mentioned Drive! Check again ;) I loved him in Drive, he was just this nice guy caught up with the wrong people. It was a real tragic character.

            • Oh Sh*t you’re right sorry dude my bad! Same here I felt so sorry for him pretty much the whole way through the movie! I can never get sick of that film.

  10. That Son Of M image at the top of the article looks like a down-on-his-luck Tobey Maguire. Nevermind Quicksilver, looks like ol’ Tobes needs a quick buck.

  11. Oh so he will be the fake Flash

    • Surely that would be The Speedster?

      Or would it be like my old parody clothing line, Ronnie Gilfiger?

  12. One of the most well-known secrets. Im glad the part goes for him.

    I want to actually see him kicking some ass for serious time.

  13. the photo is him in a Quicksilver clothing ad

  14. “But at least they’ve got a capable actor to help them…”

    Was that a crack at Evan Peters? Snap.

  15. Great news.
    Talent wise, I’m sure Aaron Taylor-Johnson will do this role justice. I think he will look good in silver hair as well…

    As for DoFP’s Quicksilver… personally I’m not too confident I will like him there. He’s definitely going to have smaller role, just like Havok or Banshee in First Class. And the fact that he will be the ‘Past’ member of the movie (in the 70s) had basically told us that he will NOT be Magneto’s son… which I think is a really wasted opportunity for a studio who own’s the right for that part of the character.

    • They could’ve had Quicksilver as Magneto’s kid, introduce Scarlet Witch then when it’s time to replace the original actors, hex things up and converge the timelines to retcon the crap out from the original movies and have Lawrence’s Mystique as THE Mystique, like Rebecca Romijn was never in an X-Men movie.

      Maybe do it with older Magneto dying and the twins angry and upset and using Wanda’s powers to try and bring him back.

      • Im thinking marvel is going to replace magneto with the mandarian in avengers 2 . he will either be working with qs and sw or just causing havoc at the same time causing tony to build ultron

  16. Wouldn’t he just be Aaron Johnson or has he taken his wife’s name like she added his? Or am I confused here?

    • He did take his Wifes name, he’s been Aaron Taylor-Johnson

      • Cool, thanks.

  17. Yeah!!! Gonna start calling him Quick-Ass now!!!

    • Lol, good one.

  18. Hated him in kickass, rocked every other movie.

  19. …this is a “kick-ass” news! really liked this actor from the “Kick-Ass” and “Savages” movies.

  20. I find it hilarious that the incestuous relationship of their Ultimate incarnations are somehow materialized XD

  21. Well, I’m not familiar with any of his roles beyond the two Kick-Ass flicks. But I think that’s quite enough for earning some superhero credentials. And that he did.

    When it comes to the brother-sister act being used again in future installments, it could go either way. They could clash with the Avengers again and break away from the team after AoU. But I’m prettay prettay prettay pretty sure the writers won’t go so far as to establish them as villains/antagonists after this movie.

    What I would appreciate, though, is the following: Kill off Captain America right at the beginning of AoU. That way it could be left open whether there’s gonna be a threequel to the character at all or whether The Winter Soldier will take on the late Steve Rogers’ duties henceforth. Then, by the end of the movie, get rid off Hawkeye as well. The studios screwed him over in the first one anyway. Renner has been complaining (allegedly) and nobody had enough trust in the character to include him in CA:TWS. Why not let him go out in a bang (no, Goldilocks, this one doesn’t have anything to do with Black Widow) and have him sacrifice himself for the team?

    Then, include Ant-Man and Wasp and let the Avengers fail to defeat Thanos in the third film (or even detect a chink in his armor, for that matter). Actually, have them all bite the dust and end up in Hel the Norse netherworld they have to fight their way out of – which would put the spotlight on overlooked/underrated avengers such as Black Panther (maybe Doctor Strange who somehow shielded himself from the effects of Thanos’ attack). Just be ballsy enough to put a fresh spin on the tiring formula. Of course, once they have found a way to return to the land of the living, they should finally take down Thanos.

    • And in the meantime, the West Coast Avengers could take care of business: War Machine, Wonder Man, Vision, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, maybe Tigra, possibly Spider-Woman (should they be able to agree on a studio deal).

      This line-up would offer a larger variety, too – with potentially three women, one African American (or is Moon Knight also black?) and a robot. I’d be all for it. Who’s with me?

      • No, Moon Knight is a white dude. Several white dudes, actually.

        • Several incarnations, you mean – just like there are several Green Lanterns and Ant-Men?

          • One guy, multiple personalities.

            • OK, I’m beginning to see why there are so many advocates for a Moon Knight TV show – lots of character drama, inner demons to battle and balance out etc.

              • Maybe on cable, or Netflix

      • I don’t think spider-woman would be owned by soney. how is their going to be a west coast avengers with out hawkeye…… sad sad sad. I guess he is too white for you

        • lol Nice one. But actually, he just came across as way too annoying. If they somehow manage to give him more depth and all-over-appeal … by all means, keep him around.

          And: my half-baked idea with the West Coast Avengers was never about political correctness, rather about engaging characters that happen to be more diverse than the current line-up. I’m sorry I can’t offer any heated discussion on the topic. But that’s just it. Purely and simply.

  22. I believe Evans signed a 6 film contract from memory which would bring Cap 3 and Avenger 3?

    It would be great to see the introduction of some strong female leads that don’t predominantly rely on the scissor leg take down.

    • Yeah, but does that necessarily mean that he HAS to show up in six movies or did they put that kind of contract in place to POTENTIALLY secure him for that many films?

      Scissor leg take down? I gotta have some air bubbles in my brain because I don’t follow.

      • Yeah that’s true, he might just cameo in other Marvel movies. I’m not Captain Americas biggest fan but the trailer for Winter Soldier looks really interesting and if it does live up to that I think it would be a shame if dies in AOU.

        The scissor leg take down is Scarlet Widows signature move.

        • Headscissors takedown. Pro wrestling move, used mainly by guys in that business but in movies and TV shows, they’re used by women for obvious reasons.

  23. As an African, and a gay man. I can honestly say that the argument made by Drool Monster on quicksilver and colorblind casting was absurd.

    Are you really a black person? I wonder about these things online…you sound like someone out to expose what you see as the hypocrisy of minorities concerning casting. What you say sounds fair. But the vitriol behind it makes it suspect. We love movies and comics here. Stop the instigatory behavior. We all have to much to deal with in real time. Love and comics people!!

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a versatile actor. He will get to show his dark angst-ridden side as Pietro. Juxtaposed with Ms.Olsen’s wonderful quirkiness and tendency to come across as not entirely sure of herself, (perfect for Wanda!!)I’d say things bode well for the franchise.

    I say to you Mr.Taylor-Johnson what I said to Michael B.Jordan on the occasion of his casting confirmation. “Knock em dead!”

    • Fantastic comment. Totally right too and I hope Quicksilver is angst-ridden because Aaron can play it pretty well.

      If anyone’s missed out, check him out in the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy or Anna Karenina. Great movies and you can see his talent shining through much more in those movies than in the Kick-Ass flicks.

      • He was good in Savages as well. That movie though, what was going on at the end? one ending may as well of been “oh it was all a dream” Jeezus Stone if you cant figure out which ending to use then show it at screenings and compare reactions! and then he has the audacity to say the end of Breaking Bad was sh*t, I’m not even saying it wasn’t but people in glass houses! rant over

  24. Thank you! Because if he wasn’t, I was going to cry.

  25. ATJ and RDJ sharing the screen together? PLUS James Spader?! hell yes.

  26. Little pissed of that the same actor is not playing the same character in both movies. The MCU should be in sync!!!

    • VERY small price to pay for not having the MCU infected by FOX’s often twisted and perverted versions of Marvel’s X-Men.

  27. This is surprise news?…we all knew it was bound to happen with or without marvel’s confirmation