Where Should ‘Avengers 2′ Take Place?

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Avengers 2 Cosmic Space Discussion Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

In our proud tradition of speculating on the future of comic book movies, we’d like to present this latest string of rumors about Marvel’s “Phase Two” movie initiative – a second chapter of films that will culminate with The Avengers 2 in 2015.

There is mounting evidence (see below) pointing to The Avengers 2 taking place at least partly in space, as the team battles a threat to the universe (as opposed to just their planet). The question for fans is: does that sound good to you?

If you’re the opinionated type, feel free to vote in our poll and jump down to the comment section to share your thoughts.

Read on if you want a breakdown of the situation as we currently see it, and why “Avengers 2 In Space” may (or may not) be a good thing.

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The Evidence

Thanos Imperative 3 Art Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

We already know that Marvel is launching a sci-fi space film (Guardians of the Galaxy) as part of their Phase Two initiative; we also have it through side-channels that Thanos (the villain glimpsed in the mid-credits sequence of The Avengers) will be featured in both GotG and Avengers 2. There has been mounting evidence of Thor 2 exploring different realms, while possibly containing a plot point about objects in Odin’s vault that would pose a cosmic-level threat. We’re even hearing that Tony Stark could be headed into the stars by the end of Iron Man 3.

All of this evidence points to Avengers 2 piggy-backing off of Guardians of the Galaxy and continuing the interstellar story that director James Gunn’s film will introduce. While to many fans this may seem like a natural evolution of what was started by the Chitauri invasion seen in The Avengers, there are just as many fans who say that going cosmic (and even more sci-fi) in Avengers 2 is too much, too soon, and that there are perfectly good villains planetside that could challenge Earth’s (keyword) Mightiest Heroes.


The Earth Option

The Avengers 2 Characters Villains Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

Sure, Loki pissed off Thanos by failing to deliver the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) and Earth proved it was ready for battle on a much bigger (read: cosmic) stage. But that doesn’t mean that battle has to take place in Phase Two.

Marvel Studios Production President Kevin Feige has already hinted at what’s to come in “Phase Three” – including those now-confirmed Doctor Strange and Ant-Man movies. He suggested that elements of the “Phase Two” storyline don’t need to be rushed, and could even carry over into Phase Three - which means that while Thanos could be a presence in films like GotG and Avengers 2, he doesn’t have to be the main antagonist. There is arguably room for a smaller story before the grand cosmic showdown.

We know Captain America: The Winter Soldier will have something to do with the resurgence of Cap’s presumed-dead parter Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan); it will involve Cap going on missions alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., and will feature heroes like Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Agent Sharon Carter and villains like Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and Crossbones (Frank Grillo).

Avengers 2 Masters of Evil Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

It’s long been presumed that Winter Soldier‘s storyline could also introduce any number of elements that could present a terrestrial threat the Avengers sequel could utilize – one of the most popular being the introduction of Cap nemesis Baron Zemo in Winter Soldier, and the formation of his team, The Masters of Evil, in Avengers 2. A game of divide and conquer culminating in a battle between two super teams? Not too shabby! It could make for a smart and exciting plotline, with the right amount of darkness, humor, and good old-fashioned hero villain fights.

Lest we forget, Iron Man 3 will also introduce organizations like tech-terrorists A.I.M., and a Machiavellian villain in the form of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. (We would add Ultron to that list, but with the Ant-Man movie not coming ’til Phase Three, our favorite evil robot seems to be without means for a proper origin story.)

That’s all to say: there are plenty of worldly threats to draw from that would be a natural progression of The Avengers revealing themselves to the world. Space is doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the equation.


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  1. i think its time. they are introducing GotG and Thanos so its time. Its not being forced either.

    i think that ultron will be the phase 3 villain. it would make sense but do you think that would be a downgrade from more cosmic, universal movie in phase 2? i dont know. all i know is they have phase 2 planned and probably know where they are heading in phase 3, i trust in what the are doing.

    • I think that having Thanos as the big bad villian in Avengers 2 is a bad idea. Yeah he should show up, but not be their main threat. They need some more build up to it. Start focusng on more intertwining stories a la the comicbooks.

    • WEell, perhaps a downgrade, but what about while Thor, Cap, iron man, etc. are duking it out kind of cosmically with Thanos & co. (phase #2), Ultron appears (phase #3) and has to fight an Avengers “B-team” (Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Goliath/Hank Pym)? This might even be a place to slip in Black Panther or Vision, or maybe also Kang. One problem I do see with my own idea, tho, is even tho Phase #2 would have the so-far-introduced heroes from Phase #1 out of the picture for Phase #3, I have a hunch alot of fans might miss the Phase #1/#2 heroes if they were not in Phase #3, even tho we know they would be currently dueling with Thanos in space or someplace else. Yeah, I guess I would miss them, also. Er, did you get all that?

  2. Space would be an intriguing and different location. It’d be a smart choice to distance itself from the first film, or maybe it’s because I’m a fan-boy to space-stuff.

  3. ive been saying for months that A2 will feature The Masters of Evil. i feel like its too soon for Thanos and the cosmos. With all the talk about A2 being smaller scale and more personal. Then hearing that AIM will play apart of Phase 2. The rumors about Radioactive man appearing in IM 3, the likleyness that Nemo will be in Cap 2, The Leader still needs to be used from TIH, and whoever else could show up in Phase 2. It just makes the most sense to me.

    Then everything culminates in Phase 3 against Thanos. Until then, hell just be behind the scenes

    • Agreed. The Masters of Evil are pretty much established. If they choose the “Earths MIghtiest Heroes” roster i think it could play out pretty well.
      1) Abomination in the Incredible Hulk. We know he is not dead and Tim Roth has a two more movies in his contract
      2)Executioner and Enchantress in Thor Dark World
      3) Radioactive Man is definitely going to be in IM3
      4)Nemo in The Winter Soldier
      5) Crimson Dynamo .. i dont know

      Also, I read an article that mentioned the possibility of the Guardians dying at the end of their movie.. I think that has a great possibility of happening. They sacrifice themselves at the end of the movie. If they can beat Thanos then what do you need the avengers for?

    • You’d probably want to have a really full roster for the Masters of Evil, to be sure the Avengers got a run for their money.

  4. Keeping the film grounded in Earth allows for relatability and added drama and seriousness in terms if emotion. The Cosmic segment will then allow excitement , escalation of adventure and threats, and allows the stronger characters like Thor to truly reveal their power without having to worry about collateral damage.

    This puts the characters in their respective niche and allow for them to really be analyzed in a dramatic artistic way. Films after Avengers 2 can then not be awkward in dialing back to earth completely or pushing to being completely in space. Splitting up film allows for balance escalation.

    Either way I hope the film cuts deeper into the characters and not afraid to be a bit darker and emotional without compromising the film’s fun and humor. The deleted scenes and interviews with Whedon showed this is what he wanted but the studio just wanted to be fun. I think it was a good choice maybe but the film sometimes loses the dramatic weight that Whedon intended to bring to characterizations and the overall story. I think Whedon has more sway to do an Avengers film that we now deserve: smart, fun, exciting, yet deep, emotional and less tongue in cheek. Whedon can succeed I believe hopefully Marvel will allow him to do this

  5. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see some sort of split like you wrote in option c.
    I’m not at all familiar with the comics so I’m just rambling here but I think it would be interesting to see it play out along the lines of like Empire Strikes Back. You have the characters split up doing different things like Kofi mentioned in Option C.
    The only problem with that IMO would be that I’m sure Disney will want them all together again for a big “boss battle” at the end. Everybody knows and loves that classic shot if the team torwards the end of the first film so I’d be surprised if we don’t see that again.
    Like I said before I don’t know squat about the comics so I’m sure one of my fellow Ranters will tell me how that could happen. ;)

  6. I think it’ll be part-earth and part-space. “It’s only logical” ;)

    My “wish” for Marvel’s master plan though, is still for Avengers 2 to have Ultron as the main antagonist (making it an earth-based), and then have the full-blown cosmic space battle against Thanos in Avengers 3.

    Having Ultron in Avengers 2 is also a great way of bringing in Hank Pym, which in turn, would be a great way of “advertising” the character for his solo story a few months later.

    The big thing, as my future-self, mongoose, has mentioned many times, is that having Thanos in Avengers 2 would leave very little to no challenge for Avengers 3. Thanos is THE villain (that Marvel can use), so saving him for the conclusion to the assumed trilogy would be the best way to go IMO.

    • Well how am I supposed to respond to that?!

      All I can do is add……an Ultron focused movie would also have the additional benefit of introducing Vision, one of my favorite Avengers! He can then be a part of A3.

      Plus this gives Marvel the option of having Ultron return as a higher numbered version later on if they decided to extend the Avengers trilogy to a quad!

  7. I agree with Nick. Phase two could, ( and I think should) build up to Thanos in phase three. IF you go cosmic you’re first time out, where are you gonna go from there? That’s pretty much my complaint with Green Lantern. (That and the incredibly weak story). It should be remembered that a huge amount of comic stories took place on earth.

  8. I say 50/50. Some movies should be in space and some on earth. I think it makes most sense for the Avengers to face off against cosmic threats because SHIELD handles all of the earthly villains. But if they did do Masters of Evil they could bring back Abomination and Leader and Radioactive Man. I’m glad Thanos is in this but my only concern is that once they have done the Thanos story, there really is’nt another villain in Marvel that can hold a candle to Thanos. Ultron and Kang are great but they are nowhere near the threat Thanos is. So everything after Thanos would be like a step down and not as epic. But yes, SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

    • I sort of mentioned elksewhere in the comments of this article that perhaps Kang and Ultron could face a “B-team” of Avengers: Goliath, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Wasp. If the heroes needed shoring up, perhaps Black Panther or Vision could be introduced to lend a hand.
      (And I am still hoping to see Skrulls some day).

  9. Ultron should be saved for Phase 3,you know after Ant-Man is introduced

    • Why does it have to be in Phase 3 though?
      Why not introduce HANK PYM (no superhero persona – just as a scientist) in Avengers 2 creating Ultron , and then have his origin story (where he becomes ANT-MAN) in his solo movie.

      If written correctly, I think it would make for some great entertainment – and it would be a clever move on Marvel’s part for keeping up interest in the characters and stories because let’s face it, EVERYONE’S looking forward to Thanos. Once they do the cosmic story with him as the villain, Marvel is most likely going to run out of steam with ways to go bigger than that.

      • That’ll be fine, but it looks as if Hank won’t be introduced in the sequel.

  10. the 50/50 sounds great, the big cosmic heroes up in space, the Earth heroes down on earth. And yeah, I do count Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk among the cosmic ones, because they’re on a very different power level than the “normal humans”. Especially since Tony is going to be post-extremis at that point.

    I am very excited. We’ll see about the new characters as the movies come out and that should give us more ideas about what to expect for Avengers 2.

    Having to fight a war on two fronts sounds like a dire enough situation for our heroes.

  11. Don’t forget Galactus

    • We won’t be seeing Galactus anytime soon.

    • I think Fox film rights to FF includes the character of Galactus.

      • You’re right. Sony still owns them.

        • I mean fox

  12. I´d like to see a quasi-Operation Galactic Storm adaption.

    • Is that an Avengers story?

      • Yup. Classic late 80s crossover between Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Cap, Thor, Quasar and a busload of other titles.

  13. I don’t care where it takes place, I just wish Marvel would cancel a potentially lame Ant-Man movie.

    • The test reel was met with positivity, so who cares about you not caring for an Ant-Man film

      • You cared enough to respond.

        • I’m in favor of Ant-Man. Just hope he can carry a film by himself. I am more excited thinking about him joining The Avengers as Goliath, tho. In the meantime, if Ant-Man were so impotent power-wise, all he would have to do is shrink down, stand between your legs, point his fist skyward towards your crotcherino, expand up to full-size, and “Pop Goes Your weasel” as your lights go out! Ant-man wins!

    • I just wish you would quit complaining about the potentially awesome Ant-man movie.

    • Edgar wright is the most talented director marvel has hired. Im very excited for any man

    • Just to clarify……..

      Scott Lang Ant-Man = Lame version.

      Hank Pym Version = Awesome.

      I don’t care how supposedly talented Wright is perceived to be, if he goes through with making Lang the main protagonist it will ruin the movie (and Ant-Man persona)

      • +1

      • Yes, I definitely vote for Hank Pym as Ant-Man, forget Scott Lang.

  14. It would be very stupid to split the team up. The wole point of the avengers is to see all these characters TOGETHER. Whedon already stated many times don’t go bigger go deeper. Avengers 2 won’t have the avengers AND the guardians AND thanos running around. Way too much for the movie. You are either going to lose character depth or underdeveloped story. Might be even both. A2 is gonna be grounded and more personal and there is nothing wrong with that. Most likely masters of evil. We don’t need the “avengers in space”…not until phase three anyway. Make it personal, they already saved the world, make them come together to save themselves.

  15. @ Kofi, How about an Opition D, If this movie is as epic as it sounds like it could be, I would love it if Avengers 2 is a 2 pert movie like the LOTR trilogy was basically 1 big long movi just broken up into segments! I THINK this would be THE BEST way to go about making such a huge movie with so many characters, how would they get this all done in 2 or 2 1/2 hours? this sound more like a 4 and a half or 5 hour movie to me! They could explore everything and then some.

  16. I say make some of it on earth and some of it in space. By no means do I think Whedon is an idiot I think that ifnhe were to divide the movie into part earth part space he would have a great chance to build up to the space part and explan just why exactly the heroes are going into space and how exactly they know who thanos is. Great article very interesting

  17. A separation of duties makes sense. Of course, a great writer like Whedon will probably intentionally put one of the heroes out of their element. It would be great to see Hawkeye fighting in a spaceship, against villains that are way over his head.

  18. Personaly, I am still rooting for a Henry Pym ant-man in A2, then have the steal an antman as the movie, and have pym take up another identity for A3 or a movie inbetween.

    I think Masters of evil would be great, and it definately would be personal

  19. I’m probably among the majority (or minority) who will definitely watch and like it either way XD…
    But I kinda feel it’s best to leave the space thingy for Phase 3. Then again, in Marvel I trust haha

  20. Personally, I think we should push back space until Phase 3. I mean, let us get adapted to Earth for a bit more, have the whole Avengers (plus Falcon and War Machine perhaps) fight one more battle here so that they as a team can be whole, so that for their third big battle they can add more (Ant-Man, Doctor Strange perhaps Wasp) and then send the more bonded team to space. Cap and the rest of the earthlings barely had time to ‘bond’ with Thor, and Hawkeye needs more screen-time/storyline/backstory, and one more big Earth battle for Avengers would give them time to accomplish both of those things without the complication of space, IMO.

  21. Bane as the villain

  22. Why add the option “Get a life geeks”? That’s a little offensive

    • you mad bro?

  23. For me the appeal of superhero movies is to see what extraordinary characters do in an ordinary world. I’m not a fan of the whole cosmic storyline. Space should be reserved for ordinary people in extraordinary spaceships. ;)

  24. I have no doubt Kofi could make an excellent Avengers movie. Great ideas :)

  25. I definitely agree that it needs to be partially on earth as well as in space. One way to do it would be to follow the GOTG/Thor battling Thanos (or whoever is wreaking havoc in Avengers 2) building up to the ultimate confrontation on earth involving the rest of the Avengers. Depends on which characters are returning and which earth-bound villains are featured, but I think that might be a good way to go 50/50 while keeping the two storylines connected and maintaining the tension in each.

  26. Bring in Black Bolt and the Inhumans!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am ready for that proposed Inhumans movie….

  27. Im just worried that the films will become too ambitious and crumble under their own weight. Avenger’s didnt have to compete with The Dark Knight, it kept the story simple and focused on the characters present. Adding too many characters so fast and forcing them into a battle field that is literally the size of the universe, might make the films too vague. With not enough time to focus on the characters and story lines needed to be done proper. And with the structure they have set up, they have plenty of time to do.

    And setting them into space might make us loose interest. The phrase “if i can’t see it, its not there” comes to mind. The Avengers battled in New York City and other locations around the world, locations real and relavent to us. Setting it in space might down play the sense of urgency. While it may literally be higher stakes, it wount appear so to the audience.

    • Well, I can sort of see your point. The Roman Empire got too big and top-heavy, over too large of an area, and couldn’t sustain itself….

  28. i hope they have kang and ultron as main villains for third avengers now that would be pretty frikin epic

  29. I could see “Avengers Assemble #7″ being a core story in here somewhere the question is of course how will they stage it? Across just phase 2 or into phase 3 as well.