Where Should ‘Avengers 2′ Take Place?

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Avengers 2 Cosmic Space Discussion Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

In our proud tradition of speculating on the future of comic book movies, we’d like to present this latest string of rumors about Marvel’s “Phase Two” movie initiative – a second chapter of films that will culminate with The Avengers 2 in 2015.

There is mounting evidence (see below) pointing to The Avengers 2 taking place at least partly in space, as the team battles a threat to the universe (as opposed to just their planet). The question for fans is: does that sound good to you?

If you’re the opinionated type, feel free to vote in our poll and jump down to the comment section to share your thoughts.

Read on if you want a breakdown of the situation as we currently see it, and why “Avengers 2 In Space” may (or may not) be a good thing.

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The Evidence

Thanos Imperative 3 Art Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

We already know that Marvel is launching a sci-fi space film (Guardians of the Galaxy) as part of their Phase Two initiative; we also have it through side-channels that Thanos (the villain glimpsed in the mid-credits sequence of The Avengers) will be featured in both GotG and Avengers 2. There has been mounting evidence of Thor 2 exploring different realms, while possibly containing a plot point about objects in Odin’s vault that would pose a cosmic-level threat. We’re even hearing that Tony Stark could be headed into the stars by the end of Iron Man 3.

All of this evidence points to Avengers 2 piggy-backing off of Guardians of the Galaxy and continuing the interstellar story that director James Gunn’s film will introduce. While to many fans this may seem like a natural evolution of what was started by the Chitauri invasion seen in The Avengers, there are just as many fans who say that going cosmic (and even more sci-fi) in Avengers 2 is too much, too soon, and that there are perfectly good villains planetside that could challenge Earth’s (keyword) Mightiest Heroes.

The Earth Option

The Avengers 2 Characters Villains Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

Sure, Loki pissed off Thanos by failing to deliver the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) and Earth proved it was ready for battle on a much bigger (read: cosmic) stage. But that doesn’t mean that battle has to take place in Phase Two.

Marvel Studios Production President Kevin Feige has already hinted at what’s to come in “Phase Three” – including those now-confirmed Doctor Strange and Ant-Man movies. He suggested that elements of the “Phase Two” storyline don’t need to be rushed, and could even carry over into Phase Three – which means that while Thanos could be a presence in films like GotG and Avengers 2, he doesn’t have to be the main antagonist. There is arguably room for a smaller story before the grand cosmic showdown.

We know Captain America: The Winter Soldier will have something to do with the resurgence of Cap’s presumed-dead parter Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan); it will involve Cap going on missions alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., and will feature heroes like Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Agent Sharon Carter and villains like Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and Crossbones (Frank Grillo).

Avengers 2 Masters of Evil Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

It’s long been presumed that Winter Soldier‘s storyline could also introduce any number of elements that could present a terrestrial threat the Avengers sequel could utilize – one of the most popular being the introduction of Cap nemesis Baron Zemo in Winter Soldier, and the formation of his team, The Masters of Evil, in Avengers 2. A game of divide and conquer culminating in a battle between two super teams? Not too shabby! It could make for a smart and exciting plotline, with the right amount of darkness, humor, and good old-fashioned hero villain fights.

Lest we forget, Iron Man 3 will also introduce organizations like tech-terrorists A.I.M., and a Machiavellian villain in the form of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. (We would add Ultron to that list, but with the Ant-Man movie not coming ’til Phase Three, our favorite evil robot seems to be without means for a proper origin story.)

That’s all to say: there are plenty of worldly threats to draw from that would be a natural progression of The Avengers revealing themselves to the world. Space is doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the equation.

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The Space Option

Marvel Cosmic Universe Movies Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

As stated, the notion of Avengers 2 taking things off-planet makes a certain amount of logistical sense. After all, everything in the film continuity thus far has pointed to threats originating from the cosmos – Loki, the Tesseract, Thanos – it’s only the first two Iron Man films that have kept things (almost) completely terrestrial – and the third film may buck that trend. Even Captain America 2‘s seemingly grounded storyline has been at least rumored to include the introduction of a new Marvel Cosmic character; you can see where this is going.

Once you begin aiming for the stars, it can be an almost fatal flaw to start lowering the bar. When you’re talking about the kind of box office phenomenon that was The Avengers, needless to say, the law of sequels demands that you go bigger and better. And after going with an invading alien horde in your first film, something like the threat of a super villain team may not fill the prescription for a sequel.

Thanos with Cosmic Cube Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

Thanos with The Cosmic Cube

Marvel Studios has a grand history of epic cosmic storylines to pull from – and many that feature presumed Avengers 2 villain Thanos. The hunt for the Cosmic Cube and Soul Gems (already in progress onscreen), “The Infinity Saga,” “Annihilation,” “The Thanos Imperative/Avengers Assemble” – using any one of these stories (or an amalgamation of of them) as the basis of the Avengers sequel would be a safe bet, sure to appease both hardcore fans and casual moviegoers.

Granted, Avengers 2 writer/director Joss Whedon has said that he isn’t interested in just “going bigger” – he wants a sequel that cuts deeper into these characters, and tests them in more serious ways than we saw in the first film. While a more character-centric film sounds intriguing from a creative standpoint, it’s doubtful that Disney has plans to favor artistic endeavor over blockbuster $pectacle – and having a superhero team-up film, in space, would definitely be setting a new bar for that kind of spectacle. In short: this deep character story would still likely get a big outer space stage to play on.

 The 50/50 Option

Avengers 2 Earth Team Space Team Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

Why should we be arguing about this when there is an obvious (and quite likely) option “C” staring us in the face? Have two concurrent storylines running through the film – one set in space, the other on Earth.

There will be so many characters to juggle – potentially double what the first film offered. Add the Guardians of the Galaxy team and auxiliary characters like War Machine, Falcon – or any other new characters we may meet by 2015;  Marvel Studios will need a way to fit everybody into the big show and keep their writer/director/architect (Whedon) sane while trying to piece together this enormous puzzle. So why not approach it in two halves?

Iron Man Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers 2 Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

Iron Man with the Guardians

Picture this: Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy establish the cosmic threat, while films like Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3 give us an idea about worldly circumstances in the post-Invasion eraAvengers 2 pulls some of our characters (like Iron Man, in his slick space armor) onto the galactic stage, while other heroes (you know, the ones not necessarily adapted for space) are back on Earth trying to aid their comrades and/or deal with some Earth-based problem that needs solving (hold off villain’s goons, locate crucial plot McGuffin, etc…).

This would clearly and cleanly compartmentalize the storylines, equalize screen time distribution, character relationships and set pieces. On the production side, it would require less time for the growing gang of actors to spend on set (shooting half a movie takes less time); it would give the filmmakers a clear, segmented blueprint for how to build the film. As an added touch, it might also balance the film better in terms of the visuals: Go nuts with your green screen work for the space segment; keep it more grounded and natural with the Earth segment.

There’s also the simple storytelling fact that there needs to be some kind of tether between all the increasingly fantastical elements of this universe, and grounded human perspective. Whatever happens when Iron Man, Thor and/or Hulk start smashing up spaceships (those would be the characters I’d send into space), it needs to be filtered through the context of Earth and humanity, in order to reflect in more relatable terms how dire (and epic) these events are – and how important these heroes are.

Plus, let’s be honest – you gotta give characters like Cap, Hawkeye, Widow and Falcon SOMETHING to do. If they already look kind of questionable trying to take on aliens in the street (compared to their mega-powered teammates), it doesn’t seem like they’d be all that effective in space. On Earth, working as a unit, is probably where those military-style characters are going to shine. Add in a bit of War Machine, and you’d have a pretty good division of labor there…

Avengers 2 Thanos Imperative Where Should Avengers 2 Take Place?

How about you – where would YOU like to see The Avengers 2 head? Into space? Around the Earth? A combination of both? Discuss with us in the comments.


The Avengers 2 will be in theaters on May 1, 2015.

All artwork is the property of Marvel Comics.

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  1. Totally agree that Earth needs to be present for at least a significant amount of the story, to ground these characters – after all, they’re ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’.

    I’m not against a space setting for parts of it, but just because the origin of the threat is cosmic, it doesn’t mean that the battle has to happen there too.

  2. If Whedon chooses to go with a ‘Masters Of Evil’ storyline for “Avengers 2″ i’m cool with that, because we all know big bad ‘Thanos’ is coming baby, sooner or later. So if they do ‘Masters Of Evil’ for “Avengers 2″ & ‘Thanos’ for “Avengers 3″, that would work just fine for me, and if they’re going with ‘Thanos’ next, bring it on. Either way these ‘Avengers’ sequels will be EPIC.

    • I think it would be a waste of time to bring Thanos in for part 3. I say that because Ant Man creates Ultron and if the math is right then that story line will start bubbling in phase 2 and become center stage in part 3, with Ultron becoming the villain for Avengers 3. Successfully completing the trilogy. I’m not sure where I read it – more likely here – but the Avengers movies are “disaster movies” I think phase 3 will see more crossover and involvements from other characters in the marvel movies. They could essentially even go a far a making phase 3 one on going movie, dealing with one event, Ultron. Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note

  3. you think any chance black panther is in phase 3? hes a personal favorite

    • @SeanCrowe – ‘Black Panther’ has to at least show up by ‘Phase 3′, he better show up by ‘Phase 3′. If we don’t see ‘BP’ within 3 years i’m through with Marvel man, he’s just too great of a character with too rich of a background for Marvel to be pulling some some silly racist s… and pass up bringing him to the big screen, that’s how i see it.

  4. Annihilation: Conquest set on Earth would be a crazy Avengers 3 movie; have Ultron lead the Phalanx to Earth, instead of to the Kree Capital World.


    Have Avengers 3 be World War Hulk!

    Overall, whatever Marvel does, it should be awesome. Let them do what they gotta do, as long as it makes scene.

    Hopefully Nova is introduced in Guardians. From the Concept Art, it looks like Nova Corps ships in the background. I hate to say it, like in “Super Hero Squad,” it might be Thanos who destroys Xandar and not the Annihilation Wave. It might not be the Kree but the Nova Corps to have Star-Lord in charge of an expendable team of ex-cons.

    Does Fox own the writes to the Kree Empire?

    • Nova would make an awful lot of sense really. If you consider the unofficial Guardians tagline naming them as ex cons it makes sense for the Nova corps to have something to do with it.

  5. I have a feeling Josh will reel it in a little. Make it smaller and more about the characters. I think the Avengers was great and introduced everyone to this new team in a cool way. But judging from Whedon’s style in Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse etc, he likes to develop characters so I expect Avengers 2 to be more intimate.

    • I’d like to be intimate with Wasp and Scarlet Witch, if I was a comic book hero!

  6. Since nobody else is actually voting for Earth or Space here… I guess I get to be the first.

    I feel like planet Earth should be the location of choice, at least for most of the movie. We already have Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy taking us into the cosmos, let’s bring it back down to Earth for Avengers 2, I say. We can always save the “Shark Jumping” for episode 3.

  7. Anybody thinking of the possibility that surtur may appear as the big bad in avengers 2, and then we will see Thanos with Ultron as his servant in avengers 3 ???

    • Ultron as Thanos’ servant makes no sense to me, story-wise.
      IMO that’s the type of move Fox would try and pull if they had the rights to The Avengers.

      I do like your idea of Thanos having a known Marvel villain as his servant though… maybe if Marvel has the rights to Ronan The Accuser? It would be awesome to see the two of them fighting EMH.
      And also, if memory serves correct, Ronan was Thanos’ son in the ‘Ultimate’ continuity so there is that connection in the comics…

      • I agree it makes no sense PLUS how the heck would Thanos even get to Ultron in the first place since it is essentially Earth-centric villain. Not to mention the base model hasn’t even been created and introduced yet which is it’s own complete story (which is why we want Ultron to be the focus of the next Avengers)

  8. Earth.

    Just seems cheesy when it’s not on earth for a full movie, look at Green Lantern, not even another planet could save that script.

  9. Here’s what I think will happen. Phase Two will lead up more and more into space ending with Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy. The GoG stop Thanos but he moves his eye to a new target, the Cosmic Cube on Earth it’s then up to the GoG to get the Avengers to stop him from taking the cube, save Earth, and the entire universe.

    They are EARTH’S Mightiest Heroes after all

    • Especially if Iron Man is in GoG. He rushes home to kick Thanos’ but a second time with his science buddy Bruce Banner as his wingman.

  10. Adam Warlock for Phase 3.. Nuff said

    • Yes

      Or Phase 2..

  11. Having Black Panther in Avengers 2 would make perfect sense. Wakandan technology would be an asset to the team should they face another alien threat in Thanos. T’Challa is Marvel’s answer to a cinematic Batman, and he would be a welcome respite from too much Iron Man after four previous movies over a six or seven year period.

    • @Xmasevebaby – What’s going on buddy, good to hear from you again. You are so right about ‘Black Panther’, his screen presence, background and technology would be the perfect contrast to ‘Stark’. The richness ‘T’Challa’ character would bring to the ‘Avengers’ team would be priceless. Just like ‘Thor’ and his ‘Asgard’ background brings a whole new element to the ‘Avengers’, so does ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Wakanda’. Joss Whedon and Marvel really need to add this new element, they need this new flavor. As much as i love the ‘Avengers’, they can use a strong new dominant personality to join the scene. I would love to see him introduced in “Avengers 2″. I really hope Marvel is not using ‘BP’s’ race against him by not choosing to bring him in, because he’s too fanscinating and too fantastic of a character not to explore.

      • Y’know, at this point, the Avengers are starting to resemble the cast of Friends or any random Woody Allen movie.

        Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye was just functional, but to continue to relegate Black Panther to development hell when his presence in the sequel would break up the homogeneous monotony of the group is damn shortsighted on Marvel’s part.


        • You’re right ‘Xmas’, you know how we have been constantly asking what’s up with ‘Black Panther’ finally being brought on board. I’ll tell you this, if we don’t see ‘T’Challa’ on the big screen within the next 2-3 years i’m really going to want to pull the wind pipes right out of ‘Feige’, ‘ Quesadea’ and the rest of those Marvel Studios guys throats, lol.

  12. Just give us some HULK !!! I want to see him deveoped more & Mark Ruffalo given some serious screen time in-order to make it work !

    • @Braveheart – I’m not worried about the ‘Hulk’ because we’re certainly going to see more of him, we’ll be seeing plenty more ‘Hulk Smashing’, trust me.

      • I’ notto sure about that! they have shown us the lineup almost thru phase , with a cpl characters LEFT OUT so I dont think we will see another Hulk fim which seriously dissappoints me!

  13. I think we all know that ‘Thanos’ appearing in an ‘Avengers’ sequel is inevitable, but what’s so great about the ‘Avengers’ sequels is they have a great list of villians left to choose from. Man you have ‘Ultron’, ‘Masters Of Evil’, ‘Kree Empire, ‘Sultur’ if you choose not use him in ‘Thor 3′, hell ‘Thanos’ storyline alone could span two movies. They also have the great ‘Civil War’ storyline they could choose to do. My only problem with this is i think three ‘Avengers’ films won’t be enough to fill our hungry appetites, haha. If there has ever been a film franchise that’s tailor made for 5-6 films this it. Assuming the sequels introduce these great characters in the future and the films keep being well made and box office smashes, i can see more than 3 ‘Avengers’ films being made when it’s said and done.

    • IMO “Civil War” shouldn’t be done without every Marvel character being in the same universe. I mean, the only reason I read it was because of Spider-Man’s involvement

    • Ultron for sure, and maybe Masters of Evil. But don’t forget Kang and the Skrulls. They could really mix up some trouble for The Avengers if they tried!

  14. Earth in America!!!!! It’s Captian AMERICA!!!!!I want him here!!!! Btw, I never read the comic books!

  15. Oops! Wrong topic! But the Avengers2 should take place in NY again!!!

    • @Liz – Not everthing should take place in NY, with a pontential galactic threat like ‘Thanos’ on the horrizon, one city let alone country is too small to host a threat that massive. I would think this film will be shot on location in several cities around the globe, i’m sure NY will play a big part again but it will be sharing billing this time if i we’re a betting man.

  16. How come nobody mentions Galactus as the main villain in Phase 3? Wouldn’t that make the most sense? The supervillain that consumes planets can be hinted at throughout Phase 3 with it culminating in the Avengers 3. So the films that build up to that final installment can realize that something big is coming and hint at that throughout those films until the last film reveals that Galactus is coming.

    • Belongs to Fox. Remember Rise of the Silver Surfer? Giant space cloud tries to destroy Earth? Yeah, that was him… They own it. It’s kinda a package deal.

    • Fox owns Galactus, for better or worse.

      • Galactus, one of the Marvel universe’s prime forces, turned into a gas cloud and allowed to be destroyed by the mere herald he himself created and imbued with only the tiniest fraction of his powers? Yeah I would say, “worse.”

  17. So what happens after Phase III? Any one wanna make some suggestions as to who they’ll bring in / WHT Phase 4, 5, and 6 will be like?

    I sure as hell don’t know, but this would be interesting to explore.

  18. I think you guys forgot the option where Thanos comes to Earth himself and f**ks s**t up. That’s a way to bring the two elements together.

  19. I don’t get how some people STILL don’t know which characters belong to which studio. Thanos is THE Ultimate villain but if Fox won’t collab or let Marvel use Galactus and SS, then there are other characters that can take their place. Some of the more powerful beings are The Celestials and The Beyonder and others.

  20. If The Masters of Evil make an appearance then I doubt very seriously that they would call themselves that, the name is too campy. I could picture maybe Tony Stark calling them that in a comical way. If they did call themselves anything close to that, it’d sound better as The Masters of Evolution.

    • That’s why I think they need to be the Thunderbolts. It’s not AS campy, and I’d like to see a little “Justice, like lightning”. It could make some interesting plot points. Just have the Masters of Evil line up pose as a team of heros with a secrete agenda, like the comic Thunderbolts but without the requirements to use actual classic Thunderbolts members that haven’t been introduced yet. Or atleast thats what I’d like to see…

  21. Avengers 2 partly on earth and partly in space. I also hope that more movies come we go farer, but that does not have to mean farer in space. Some stories fit to space and some on earth. Like iron man 3 and that’s how it should be done.

  22. WE need the master’s of evil first, yes the name is campy, but its also classic, I mean its no worse than the champions, or the defenders or avengers really.A bit flagrant of course, but it works. However I have also been a big proponent of the Thunderbolts too, however my thought is that it might be a phase3/4 SOLO movie, not part of the avengers. esentialy my thought is, that something is going to happen to all of the heroes in A2/3 so with them gone, the Thunderbolts show up, you have a couple of news flashes, then a confrantation that exposes them, then a threat comes and they show themselves to actualy be heroes afterall, or something like that

  23. I think it should take place in space and on earth they shouldn’t use too much cgi

  24. Guys and gals on my Avengers shopping list:

    We need Scarlet Witch, Goliath (Hank Pym with his cool yellow/blue costume like in the early comics), Wasp, and Quicksilver in the hero arena. For the villains, Kang, Ultron, and Skrulls would make me very happy.

    • @Goldilocks – Make my hero line up ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ & ‘Thanos’ as the villian, he’s the most powerful and intemidating of the villians. But i’m with you on ‘Goliath’ & ‘Wasp’ as well, they would be cool too.

    • @Stavros81 – I agree, i would love to see Marvel focus on bringing ‘Black Panther’ & ‘Ms. Marvel’ into the picture. You make some more very good points as well there.

  25. first and foremost- can Marvel Studios please buy back all remaining marvel characters from whoever owns their rights.

    2nd, there was no mention of how the Vision fits into this or if he fits.

    3rd, the only way Thor stands a chance against the likes of Thanos is if he assumes or consumes the Odinforce.

    4th – When does Ms. Marvel come in? What about Thanos’s goons and lieutanants. What are Thanos’s thoughts and plans for Earth after the failure to acquire the tesseract?

    5th – when will quasar make his appearance.
    and Last, will the avengers communicate with ear pieces in this movie and not act or play like they have them when they speak?

    • @Beserker – 1) I would love to see Marvel get the rights to their other characters, but to be honest it does’nt seem like that’s happening anytime soon. 2)’Ant-Man’ has to get etablished on the big screen before we can see ‘Vision’ who i would love to see hit the big screen. 3)I think Marvel has to definantly eventually go this route, i to want to see ‘Thor’ aquire the ‘Odin Force’ and gain that massive spike in power. 4)The ‘Thanos’ questions should soon be answered. 5) ‘Quasar’ is cool, i would have no problem with Marvel bringing him in, so long as we get ‘Black Panther’ in the mix. But the ear piece thing, is a little too much nitpicking for me, just because the movie did’nt show the ‘Avengers’ putting them on don’t mean they did’nt have them. Hell we seen ‘Black Widow’, ‘Nick Fury’, ‘Agent Coulston’ & ‘Maria Hill’ use them, you did’nt see them put earphones on either, but you did’nt have to know to realize they we’re wearing them.

      • I was making fun of the ear piece thing. I saw that on Youtube’s honest trailers. I wasn’t a fan of a solo Ant Man movie, but realizes its importance if there is to be a Vision appearance. I mentioned Quasar because I heard of his involvement in another story.
        The Avengers 3 should hit the big screen by at least 2018, hopefully, maybe, marvel would have bought back the rights for its other characters by then.
        Depending on the magnitude of power that they give Thanos, believing that he will acquire the infinity gems, the tesseract and everything else he wants for Ultimate power, i dont see this group of Avengers and heroes to come defeating Thanos without the assistance of the FF4 and allies and the X-men.

        Although this might not happen. it would also be great to see the Super Villains assist the heroes to battle and defeat Thanos.

        If I was Magneto or Doom or any other earthbound super Villain, would I want a cosmic force come to my planet that I live on and trying to conquer destroy it and me on it.

        What bad guy wants another bad guy messing on his turf. At some point even 2 Hells is one hell too many for Satan.

        I know it’s too much to ask on film, but it would be intersting to see. Hell they can make an animated movie like the DC trailer for DC online

        • @Beserker – I hear you and you definantly make sense. I was telling someone the other day who said the ‘Avengers’ did’nt need to add more members to their team and i told him yes they do, especially if they’re taking on the likes of ‘Thanos’.

    • I would also like to see ‘Thor’ pushed real hard, perhaps by some tragedy or something where he goes into ‘Warrior Madness’ mode, it would be insane seeing how much his power would explode in this mode, especially against villians like ‘Thanos’ or ‘Sultur’ where it would really be needed.

  26. Thanos is obviosly gonna bee the main viilian in A3. There may be a little bit of space action as well. Especially where Stark is gonna be exploring space in some way come IM3. I think we can all agree that as long long as A3 isnt based entirely in space, we will be happy.

    • @jay – You seem pretty sure of yourself that they will hold ‘Thanos’ back until “Avengers 3″. I don’t know about that, but if ‘Whedon’ does indeed choose to save ‘Thanos’ for “Avengers 3″, i would’nt be too mad about that.

  27. Have Thanos be the main big bad, but also have a secondary villian. Have Hulk,Iron Man and Thor plus maybe the gaurdians take on Thanos in space somewhere while Captain America,Black Widow take on the secondary villian on earth.

    You could have it be a universe level threat, but also center it on earth with Thanos going after the Cosmic Cube.

    • @Reid – Not a bad idea, i would’nt mind seeing some scenarios like that take place in “Avengers 2″ myself.