‘Avengers 2′ Opening Act Revealed?

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Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Logo Avengers 2 Opening Act Revealed?

As Marvel tries to promote an obscure new property in Guardians of the Galaxy, recover from its Ant-Man stumbles, and get Doctor Strange into pre-production, there is also this little movie called The Avengers: Age of Ultron which is currently in the middle of its shoot. With so much Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff going on, it’s hard to remember that Avengers 2 is even underway; perfect timing for a new set of rumors about the film to hit.

This is going to be a breakdown of the rumored scenario for the film’s opening act - meaning that if it turns out to be true, it would reveal a lot more about the Avengers 2 than some fans are comfortable knowing up front. In that sense, we must warn that MASSIVE POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOLLOW.








The Avengers 2 Roster Fan Art Avengers 2 Opening Act Revealed?

Latino Review is once again the source of this supposed Marvel movie scoop - and there’s quite a bit of it. Here’s the summary of the what the site posted about the opening act and some general info related to Avengers: Age of Ultron:

  1. Up front it’s said that Scarlett Johansson’s pregnancy has inspired some rewrites, so elements of the film could be in flux, and therefore change from what is being reported today.
  2. The film will be Marvel’s biggest of all time (no surprise), with a runtime of over two hours.
  3. The opening sequence is described as being an Avengers team assault on Baron von Strucker’s HYDRA lair from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier mid-credits scene. The Baron has Loki’s staff, and Chitauri weaponry including a dead Leviathan. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch attack, and the Witch mind-hexes Hulk, who subsequently smashes.
  4. The more experienced Avengers team eventually wins, and celebrates victory with a party in Stark Tower, where they play some superhero-style party games, and it’s revealed that there’s a Widow and Bruce Banner romance brewing (with obvious Hulk problems in the way). Meanwhile, the Thor/Jane romance is apparently done.

For more specific details on these scenes, head over to Latino Review.

Baron von Strucker Marvel Captain America Game Design Avengers 2 Opening Act Revealed?

That opening battle sequence sounds pretty sweet, and is admittedly something we’ve heard described before. Don’t be shocked if the report is accurate. Seeing a more experienced Avengers team working together to takedown actual supervillains sounds like an even better evolution of watching a more experienced Captain America take on an actual supervillain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The party scene is one that I’ve personally gone on #SRUnderground podcast record as saying I’ve wanted to see. Mark Millar’s Ultimates was a small example of how an Avengers party is both a fun and intriguing thing to see.

Thor 2 The Dark World Official Still Photo Jane Date 570x379 Avengers 2 Opening Act Revealed?

As for the romances? Well… Natalie Portman told us in person that she didn’t have any plans to be included in Avengers 2 - and her presence in the franchise has been turbulent ever since Marvel parted ways with original Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins. Portman is contracted for multiple films like so many in the Marvel camp – but the current details of their relationship are currently unknown. For all we know, Jane Foster could be on her way out – and  most fans would probably be okay with that. Thor 3 still has that Lady Sif character waiting in the wings of Asgard…

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avengers 2278 1024x550 Avengers 2 Opening Act Revealed?

The Bruce Banner/Black Widow thing is a different matter entirely. As LR fairly points out, it’s a kind of a Joss Whedon signature (misunderstood geek gets hot super girl) - and  it does mark a sort of evolution to their arc from the first film (see above) – but of all the super men Agent Romanoff has worked her charms on (Stark, Rogers)  I don’t think anyone was pulling for her to end up with the doc. (Side note: whatever happened to Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross? Is good ol’ Bruce just over her?)

Let’s just say we’re not pulling for that part of the rumor to turn out real, because at the end of the day, is the Hulk/Widow romance something really worth spending time on in an Avengers movie? Eventually we do want to get to the Ultron part…

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Personally I think the Banner/Romonov romance will be much to do about nothing, I remember hearing rumors of a potential Black Widow/Falcon romance in ‘Cap 2′ and we seen how that one played out. Sure it could some flirting and little companionship between Banner and Romonov, but in the end probably nothing more than the Cap/Widow dynamic in ‘Cap 2′. But the other news on AOU really sounds spectacular and exciting.


  2. The Hulk/Black widow relationship is interesting, I remember the TV movie Death of the Incredible Hulk Banner had a thing with the Russian spy..Black widow knock off…maybe there setting up a Hawkeye/Mockingbird relationship…As for the Thor Jane break up…that’s cool Sif is way hotter…I just hope Cap shouts out “Avengers Assemble!!”

  3. I welcome the news of Jane Foster leaving, I always think the dynamic is between Thor ,Sif and Enchantress. So Thor 3 should absolutely have the Enchantress as the villain/conflicted or jilted lover..Malin Akerman would do just fine.

    • I agree!

    • @manhunter – While I don’t have anything personal against Jane Foster, I do think her character can be dialed back some and definitely that Darcy chick. The best way to make ‘Thor 3′ come off right on the big screen is to make it epic and you can’t do that right if you keep trying to force in unnecessary love interests and comedic sidekicks, Marvel needs to use their brains more and wise up to that. Eventhough I liked ‘The Dark World’ a lot, there’s a few reasons why ‘The Winter Soldier’ is a superior film and a bigger hit, among them is no forced love interests and cooky sidekick comedians. Now if Sif and the Enchantress became love interests it would be much more effective, believable and not as corny because they’re Asgardians.

      • Sif would be a bad call for a love interest because in this situation she would be just Rebound Girl. Sif is too great of a character to be reduced to being Thor’s consolation prize. Being Thor’s childhood friend/comrade in arms doesn’t change that. I hope Marvel doesn’t go done this road because it’s uninspired storytelling. Sif telling Thor she will not be his six-round draft pick because things didn’t work out with him and Jane (still not buying the break up)- but be a supportive friend – would be a good twist.

  4. The action details sound solid enough but there’s no way the romance details are right. Widow wouldn’t have been wearing that damned necklace in Cappy 2 if Marvel were building up to hooking her up with Banner, and Thor and Jane are too solid after two movies to just drop the romance offscreen. Let’s see Transformers 3 for how well new girlfriends translate onscreen.

    • Transformers 3?

  5. If the Hulk and Black Widow rumours are true then Hawkeye doesn’t have much luck: firstly he gets a cold shoulder when it comes to screen time in Avengers and now he may be getting a cold shoulder from Widow in the sequel.

  6. I loved Thor and Jane, I’m surpised people didn’t. Someone needs to explain me why they don’t like them. Anyway, if they really wanne break up Thor and Jane it should happen on screen, I didn’t watch their love unfold for two movies just to hear about it ending. That would just be lame.

    And the opening scene of Avengers 2 seems EPIC!

    • I really liked the Thor/Jane romance in Thor 1, but less so in Thor 2.

      Odin is right, Thor would be better off with Sif. For many reasons.

      • When Odin pushed for Sif it came off to me that she’s the one for political and dynastic reasons. It didn’t matter to Odin if Thor didn’t love her; Thor needed the “right” woman to be consort. It doesn’t matter if Sif looks good on paper or were childhood friends, if Thor doesn’t love her it’s an empty marriage.

  7. After the Hulk being dissed for his own sequel, now the idiots are making him hexed just so he can smash again?! These writers suck! joss whedon already stated he’s a difficult character to write a standalone for. Moron. And after the Winter Soldier, I’d prefer Widow be with Cap or with Hawkeye! Let Banner be lonely, and becoming a gradually smarter, even darker Hulk! That would lead to a great Hulk standalone film! The Avengers 2 will be great, but Marvel is making mistakes. Look at the back track they did after Iron man 3 in the Marvel One shot, revealing that Mandarin is real and alive! I think (crazy talk) Stark should’ve stayed “lost in space” for an Avengers cliffhanger! (Joss hates cliffhangers, He even stated that The Empire Strikes back wasn’t a fave!) Then there would be no panic attacks ridden Iron Man 3 and Stark could’ve been the lead in the Guardians of the Galaxy film! This would make it easier to accept for regular fans. Then after Thor TDW and Cap TWS, Tony would be back for Avengers 2. Don’t get mad, I’m just brainstorming on what might have been. I still liked Iron Man 3 and the other films, but I think they could be better!

    • “Hulk being dissed for his own sequel”? Are you loaded or something? Marvel Studios already has a plan of movies up to 2021. Every MCU movie needs to have a sequel, but not every sequel has the same cycle of release.

  8. I’m pretty sure that thor 3 is ragnorok and thor would be the last survivor from asgard while he will attempt to resurrect the asgardians with help from the infinity stones/gauntlet. The reason behind asgard being destroyed will be the theft of the tesseract and gauntlet it only makes sense. I believe that my guess will be pretty accurate and makes for some good plot points and progression of the story line

    • It would be better to save Ragnarok for Thor 4. Reason? The Enchantress (with her minion Skurge) needs to be the villain in 3, acting as Loki’s lieutenant just like she did in the comics when he usurped the throne of Asgard. Then she can come back in 4 to help in the fight against Surtur. I think it would interestingly mirror Loki’s actions in 1 and 2.

      Also, if Thor is to resurrect Asgardians using the Infinity Gauntlet, it needs to be back in the hands of the good guys, which will only happen after they defeat Thanos in Avengers 3.

  9. I’m not buying the “leak”, especially with Jane breaking up with Thor and taking up with Rebound Richard, as claimed in the Latino Review. Thor put everything on the line for Jane, and Jane was willing to put her life on the line for Thor. The breakup comes off as too jolting, and many pro – and anti- Thor/Jane are not going for it. One, Richard came off as desperate to win Jane’s affections, and he came off a relationship that ended badly (the ex cheated on Richard with numerous men according to him.) With that amount of personal baggage Richard would be too insecure about Jane’s past with Thor. Add her connections with the now-declared terrorist organization S.H.I.E.L.D., her friendship with Eric (a topic Jane evaded like a collection agency coming after her) and infection of the Aether into the mix and Richard couldn’t handle it. If Thor and Jane broke up and she goes “mortal” it has to be with a guy strong enough not to be threatened by a super-powered ex. Richard ain’t it. Full disclosure is needed for the new relationship to have a chance. Besides, it’s a tired trope: the hero’s former love can never come clean to the new guy about the superhero ex out of fear regular guy will dump her. The new guy’s jealousy is old hat too, along with new guy finding out the wrong way about Super Love. In the latter what usually happens is new guy drops her when the truth comes out.

    Another tired plot device in the love triangle is new guy turns out to be BAD GUY. I can see Marvel making Richard into HYDRA. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America 2 showed HYDRA can be everywhere – and anyone. I remember in Thor the Dark World Richard was asking about Eric during his date with Jane. Why show interest about Eric; and why bring up on a date Jane may have her heart engaged elsewhere? I think Richard would be sent in as an unlikely “honey trap”; knowing what buttons to push, Richard gets close to Jane to find out more about Thor, Asgard, possibly the Avengers, Eric’s research and hand it over to HYDRA. HYDRA uses the info to further its plans for world domination. Everyone finds out the truth, it’s all over the media, Jane feels like an idiot for dumping a demi-god who loves her for a mortal criminal who just used her, but no reconciliation. I hope Marvel comes up with something more inspired to deal with the inter-realm romance without triangles, especially when the third side is an insecure jerk and/or crook.

  10. Not buying the Thor/Jane breakup, not after what they’ve been through in two movies. Throwing Richard in the mix is a tired trope: he would be an insecure jerk or a villain using Jane to take down the Avengers.

  11. Marvel’s The Ragnarok: Fall of Asgard.

    Infinity gauntlet causes this gigantic cosmic event, all realms torn asunder and collapsed. War erupts, only one realm shall stand, or not at all. It’s incursion of the MCU !!!

    The Avengers fight Thor, while the dark elf resurrected (again) from the calling of Aether, Chitauri invaded Jotunheim !!!.

    And Thanos is smiling with his gauntlet…

    • Sounds good to me.

  12. After reading comments here and other threads, I’m of two minds here:

    Since Latino Review’s credibility has been called into question, it made have cooked up this “leak” story to get clicks. I’ve noticed the more solid entertainment blogs (People, Entertainment Weekly, E!) and the grande dames (Variety, The Hollywood Reporter) are not piggybacking like other blogs. Stories are out with a recent visit to an Avengers 2 set (with pictures) has been released, not given out plot.


    Marvel may have orchestrated the “leak” of possible story threads to a controversial blog to get online feedback. Call it the Internet being used as a focus group. At the end of the day Marvel/Disney is out to make money. If they see blowback of any
    certain plot device that would make moviegoers stay home (or spend their money on another movie) it will be rewritten or dropped from the film. There’s a lot of negative reaction to the Black Widow/Hulk “romance” and the Thor/Jane breakup.

  13. I think there is some charm in Black Widow being an independent female super-heroine; she doesn’t need to be catered around as “love-interest” for the boys. More specifically, her chemistry with Rogers in Cap2 was nothing short of delicious — they are platonic and professional about it, not jumping for each others’ pants, and that says a lot. A female character CAN stand on her own without being shoe-horned as a love-interest; however, on that same page, it’s sad that Marvel Studios has yet to give her her own film but has had to rely on the male-heroes to sort of relegate her as a “secondary hero.”

    Hmm… the woman with secondary status in a male-dominant world?


    • Couldn’t agree more! Her relationhip with Cap is exactly like you said – platonic and professional. She’s the strongest female character in the MCU so far, which is also why I think if there IS actually a Widow\Banner romance in this movie, she’s the one pushing it forward while Banner is afraid, as is said in the article. But she’s the one pushing for it. She ain’t just a love-interest sort of thing, she’s an independent character with her own wills and wants.

    • I think Marvel is going to give ‘Black Widow’ her movie, but it won’t be quite on her own, I think she’ll share top billing with Hawkeye and it will be like a spy/action thriller. But Black Widow has been great and I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Scarlet Witch’ in AOU next year, it’s always refreshing to have some female superheroes on the big screen as well. I’ve been saying for a while now the only two things the MCU has been lacking is more female superheroes and that leading black superhero alas BLACK PANTHER. With DC bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen in 2016 hopefully Marvel will step up some more and bring Ms. Marvel and Wasp to the big screen, I would love to see She-Hulk as well.

  14. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but this page is about ‘Age Of Ultron’ here, what the hell does ‘Breaking Bad’ have to do with that, who cares about that on this page man haha.

  15. I would have liked to have seen a Widow and Hawkeye romance. As for Thor romance Sif would be idea.
    I am concern about the lack of Scarlet Witch’s costume. While I dont expect it to be quite like what she wears in the comics, such an iconic character such as her does deserves a decent costume, as CAP THOR AND IRONMAN have.

    • @richard w – Yeah no one should have expected ‘Scarlet Witch’ costume to look like her costume in the old comics. That being said I think the pics we’ve seen so far of her is before she’s an official member of The Avengers, I would expect her to have an updated outfit later in the film most likely. I expect her to have perhaps some sort of combination of the classic comics look and the modern day comics look in the end.

      • I was just about to say that. Considering that, with the notable exception of Hawkeye whose costume is ridiculous in the comics anyway (and unlike a certain other film company that makes Marvel movies with mutants), Marvel Studios have been rather faithful to the characters’ original looks so far, I think it’s fair to assume a more “witchy” costume will show up at some point. Just, please Joss, don’t make her wear her original headpiece!

  16. I’m convinced: Latino Review is full of it. Mark Ruffalo responded on Twitter about the alleged Black Widow/Hulk romance. It may be pot stirring; but you don’t respond to an Internet yourself unless it’s not true. There’s one report coming out that Natalie Portman is NOT in Age of Ultron (she’s not listed in IMDB cast), so how does that jive with LR’s supposed leak of the Thor/Jane breakup? It looks like LR’s article will be shot full of holes by week’s end.

  17. Okay…Sounds cool. The romance aspect is whatever but…I like the idea of a fully functioning Avengers squad to start the movie. The AOS show set that possibility up, so I’m willing to go with that.

  18. What about the possible Black Widow/Hawkeye angle. I liked the chemistry they had in the first Avengers and the tiny glimpse at some past history between the two. I was hoping to see a bit more in the next movie, that is unless the Hawkeye character is recast (which I hate when they try to pull that one on you) or not even included.

  19. Everyone always talks about her (BW) with Hawkeye, which I never want to see! I personally don’t see why a romance is needed to be a kick ass character. Why can’t she just stay single? :-)

  20. widow had been a good role during ironman and avengers, anyway it was too much of the widow in avenger for ny taste, but in captain america i just hated her, i felt her charachter was forced into scene, is been more annoying than interesting, it is the scrip or just the actress? captain america could have been much better without her, cmon the hired robert redford, i bet a litle longer screen time with redford could be better than widows screen time

    • @sho – Damn man, what the hell film was you watching haha. I thought Black Widow was terrific in ‘Cap 2′ and she had great team chemistry with Evans in the movie, as well as brought a great dynamic. Plus the fact that the film had a lot of espionage and was a great spy thriller made her character fit even more into the film’s premise. Don’t know what film you we’re watching, because ‘The Winter Soldier’ was fantastic.

  21. I feel that it should be a Black Widow/Hawkeye romance in the second film of the avengers just because they have the chemistry and the potential to be together. I mean in the first movie they always looked after, and when Hawkeye was possessed Natasha Romanov set her sights to get him back. THEY HAVE THE CHEMISTRY TO BE TOGETHER!!!!

  22. Interesting that the leviathan is mentioned…..this fits in perfectly with the plot outline I’ve been told!

  23. Anyone else wanna see a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie about Budapest?


  24. I don’t see why they put these useless love stories into action movies. I don’t see any on-screen love between Thor and Sif anyways.

    • Well, she sure has the hots for him anyway, though he only has eyes for Jane. Also, action movies that are nothing more than action movies equate to any random, meaningless, neutered Michael Bay crap. A little heart is never useless.

  25. Widow and Hulk….Beauty and the Beast! I can buy into the possibility of this and find it interesting. Remember Worf and Troi on STTNG? Can you imagine Bruce turning into Hulk during their lovemaking and actually being gentle with the Widow? That she would be the only Avenger able to calm him down? Is there a line between Hulk calming down and changing back to Banner where Widow’s love for him can bring out the Banner personality while he’s still the Hulk? And how would Hulk react when Widow is threatened? Hoo Boy! I love the possibilities here!

  26. I don’t really think that Widow is with the doctor – there’s too much going on with the fan approved partner (Barton) and the previously canon relationship with Cap. Personally, I heading towards BlackHawk/Widow’s Eye/Clintasha but we’ll see what happens when the movie is released, won’t we?

  27. “Mark Millar’s Ultimates was a small example of how an Avengers party is both a fun and intriguing thing to see”

    A very…VERY…small example. Most of it was utter garbage.

  28. Thor and jane are the maini charators in thor 1, 2, and 3. How could they possibly end the romance? Then what was the point of ploting the romance in the thor trilogy. It is jane foster who brings out thor emotions regarding earth and the reason why he feels so strong in protecting it.
    When are we going to see the woman together? ( Potts, Betty ross and Jane foster)
    from a fools romance?
    is the green lanturen coming in the picture