The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

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The Avengers 2 Ultron Captain America Iron Man Official The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Star Mark Ruffalo already spilled the beans on cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron returning to the stage at Comic-Con next Saturday during the Marvel Studios’ panel, giving us our first look at the larger roster of heroes in the sequel all together. It’s a followup to Marvel’s Comic-Con 2010 presentation where they unveiled the core cast of the first Avengers.

Director Joss Whedon has footage to show fans for Age of Ultron, and in teasing the imminent unveiling of James Spader’s villainous Ultron, Entertainment Weekly just released their latest Comic-Con preview cover issue featuring the co-leaders of The Avengers standing alongside the dangerous killer robot.

Below is your first official look at Ulton – or at least, one version of him – from The Avengers: Age of Ultron:

The Avengers Age of Ultron EW Cover The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Long-time Marvel Comics readers will be delighted to see the faithful adaptation of Ultron’s design, but keep in mind that we know actor James Spader (The Blacklist) is performing motion capture and face capture for his role. He’s not just the voice of Ultron so either that robotic face depicted above opens up to reveal something akin to Spader’s real look or Ultron, in his efforts to become stronger, continuously upgrades himself/evolves and we get a slightly more humanoid version later. After all, we know The Vision (Paul Bettany), another new robotic character joining The Avengers 2, will have his real face like the Vision from the comics as well.

Also note the superhero duds of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man  (Robert Downey Jr.). Iron Man’s new suit is very similar to his Iron Man 3 (more tan than red) colors with more red on the chest. Cap’s new suit is a blend of his Stealth Suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but brings back the red with some darker shades for all the colors.

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  1. Perfect.

  2. Does anyone else see Domo Arigato on the right side of the cover? … Mr roboto

    • Haha, yeah!

    • DP Yep had to blow up the pic but it’s there.

  3. Movies sounds amazing!

  4. I don’t even care much for Marvel but this movie is looking much better than the other crapfests in the MCU lol

    • Agreed, tbh, I’m looking more forward to Guardians of the Galaxy more than anything else in the MCU. First Avengers sucked big time, for me at least, hopefully they do things differently this time around.

      • Considering Whedon is still at the helm, we’ll probably get the same level of respect for the characters and the original medium and end up with the second most faithful comic book movie after the wonderful gem that was Avengers 1. Which means you’ll probably hate the sequel too.

  5. ohhhh lawd!!!!!! look at ultron!!!! wayyy cooler than what i imagined…i mean looks and feels scary,menacing and super robotic. 2015 cant come sooner…comic con cant come sooner. way to go Marvel!!!!

  6. Perfect. Ultron looks way more intimidating than sentinel or green goblin. And RDJ… Damn how i miss Iron Man.

  7. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  8. Who cares about Ultron, look at that Cap suit. Have we seen it before? Looks awesome. Love the way they reintroduced the colors without returning to the slightly campy look of the first version.

    • It’s quite clear that you care about Ultron.

      • Only as much as one murderous AI would care about another murderous AI.

  9. “We’re privatizing global security.”

  10. The levels of angst on Steve’s face is astounding. We’re gonna suffer a lot..

  11. Captain Americas uniform looks great. Might become my favorite one yet.

  12. You really get a better look at Captain America’s costume than Ultron.

    I still like both, Ultron has the Iron Man feel to it, but also looks like what we get in the comics, which I think will please most fans, both from the comics and the movies.

    While Captain Americas has the classic red, white, blue, and reflectors for some reason. ;)

    • Ultron goes through many forms, I am guessing the Ultron on the cover is his origin look. It’s going to be crazy when he inevitably starts upgrading in the movie and we see an awesome shiny metallic finish.

    • Reflectors?

  13. I think at first all the Avengers will have help from Ultron but when he goes rogue and starts “offing” or imprisoning fellow Avengers, it will pit Cap against Iron Man.

    Maybe that’s the symbolism of why Ultron is in between them. He causes a rift between the 2 leaders.

  14. It’s really hard for me to get excited for this movie. Between taking away one of the only interesting story’s ant man had and giving it to the already over saturated iron man. And the fact that this movie will unfortunately focus even more on iron man by way of explaining why tony stark has a new suit after the ending of iron man 3. Oh well hopefully the action will be wrote price of admission and I can just turn my brain off while watching this shallow action comedy.

    • Perfectly said. Too bad almost every blind Marvel fanboy doesn’t know how shallow these movies truly are.

    • Then … don’t go see .. it? I’m having trouble following your logic , and if you were really bothered by it you wouldn’t give it the time of day but I digress.

    • Explaining why Tony Stark has a new suit after the ending of Iron Man 3?

      That’ll take like 2 seconds where Tony Starks says to Captain America: “Btw. I made a new suit. It’s pretty cool.”

      Come on. They don’t need to explain why he’s got a new suit. He’s Iron Man. He’s been making new suits all the time in the past movies. If he hadn’t made a new suit, then we’d like an explanation. Otherwise it’s business as usual. His name is Tony Stark, he is Iron Man, and he makes new suits ;)

    • I don’t see how that will take up so much time in the movie. Rhodey is able to power up the suit without an arc reactor so I don’t see how Tony can’t do the same thing,especially since he made Rhodey’s suit. Its pretty straightforward really
      And I think the reason the The Avengers movies focus on Iron Man is simple,he’s Marvels poster boy,for now atleast. Its more like how most of X-Men is centred around Logan

      • Actually, Rhodey does power his suit with an ARC reactor. It’s just in the armor’s chest, not his own.

    • Explaining? What explaining? Have you somehow missed the final scene in IM3 when Stark restates that he IS (not was) Iron Man?

  15. I also think we may get cameo’s from various villains as they are being rounded up by Ultron and his drones.

  16. Ultron-Looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to see him take on the team.

    Captain America-His new uniform is OMG amazing. I don’t like the fact that IronMan and Captain America are co leaders.

    IronMan-Is it me or does he look younger?

  17. You hear that DC? Lol Age of Ultron will make $115million opening weekend, easy. It’ll make Transformers Age of Extinction look like Daredevil.


    Ahem, I meant AgeOfUltron will make BatsvsSupes look like a campy frendship team up, smh plus they have to compete with Captain America 3: The Civil War(title I’m going with) opening night so R.I.P

    Plus I’m a DC fan

    • The age old art of predicting a movie’s demise before seeing a single cell of film.

    • Oh please, don’t start like that.

    • Don’t start this ridiculous argument. Wait till 2016, BvS might just shut your mouth up, boy. I’m a fan of both universes, but even I’m not that excited for Avengers 2, first one sucked big time. Looking forward to Guardians of Galaxy more than this.

      • The words you’re looking for are “first one rocked big time.”

        • The first one had barely any plot. Basically loki comes out of nowhere kidnaps to characters blows up some place then we see Captain America fight loki and somehow hawkeye is there and then Thor and Iron man fought over Loki then Captain America fights them just so Loki gets on the helicarrer anyway then Hawkeye blows up the helicopter and Hulk rages and then Iron Man fixes the ship then Hawkeye turns normal and all of a sudden we’re in New York watching an over drawn fight oh yeah somehow Hulk can control his anger even though just half an hour ago we saw him rage through the helicarrier. It would’ve been less insufferable without all the stupid banter and jokes and too long fight scenes

          • What you just described is a sequence of related events, aka a plot.

            • Lol!!! Well said Ron!

          • What Ron said. Also, the words you’re looking for (again) are “hilariously clever banter” (both a comics and Whedon trademark) and “just the right length fight scenes.”

            This film is very literally a comic book brought to life: the humor, the action, the characters and their interactions, and last but not least the use of the camera are spot-on to a point that was unimaginable before its release. Now if you don’t like comic books, what are you doing watching comic book movies?

  18. Why would Tony Stark ever risk his life again, when he can just pilot a suit remotely from his house? Thanks IM3!

    • Maybe when stuff starts to get bad, he will have a spare suit that isn’t connected to Jarvis for him to fight back against Ultron and drones

      • That’s probably correct. Assuming that it’s Jarvis that goes bad, he’ll probably have a suit that isn’t connected to Jarvis so that he can’t be compromised.

        • It’s a good point.

          Wheather Ultron is Jarvis or not, it would make perfect sense that a villain like Ultron would go online and control everything connected.

    • Because, if you read the EW story, Ultron takes over the remote-control suits for Tony. When Ultron turns on the Avengers (and humanity in general), Tony’s going to need a suit that only he can control.

      Thanks, Iron Man 3, for providing a key plot device to the Avengers 2 storyline that will raise the stakes and provide for some excellent action and intrigue!

      • Newflash, Tony can’t operate a suit with out Jarvis’ AI. So, there’s that…

        • Newsflash, Jarvis and Ultron won’t necessarily be the same entity. It makes no sense for Tony to delete Jarvis and replace him with Ultron. Far more logical for him to design a new program based on the Jarvis AI that’s more combat-proficient. So there’s that…

          • I’m still going with my thought that Jarvis develops a split personality and one becomes Ultron and the other Vision.

            • It’s possible.

              But Jarvis is program. So even if one version of him would evolve into something else and go rogue, the original program could be reloaded and Tony’d still have original Jarvis.

          • Who said anything about Tony deleting Jarvis, or Jarvis and Ultron being the same? My point is Tony can control the suits remotely, why would he ever risk his life getting in one again? The answer was “because Ultron takes over his suits.” How does that negate the fact that Tony can still remotely control his suits? Especially if we use your logic that he just creates new AI, we are right back to my original question: Why would he get back in a suit, instead of controlling it remotely from home?

            • Because the remote-control capability, which is not standard tech for the armor (see Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers) can likely be tapped into by Ultron, who has been tailor-made to control and operate Iron Man armors. So Tony’s going to need to get all old-fashioned have a suit that cannot be operated remotely, but by a human pilot in the armor, in order to ensure he has control over it and it cannot be compromised.

              I apologize if that was not clear earlier.

              • Im with you Aramis….

                I thought many people were making it clear that Stark will probably have to make a suit that cannot be corrupted by AI. A suit that is only operated by a pilot inside the suit.

              • I agree d’Artagnan….I mean, Aramis.

                • You guys aren’t getting it. The suit can NOT be operated without AI. It is that AI that Ultron would be hacking, whether it is Jarvis or another program. Whether the suit is operated remotely, or with Tony in it. It still needs AI to operate. So, if the answer is “because Ultron hacks the AI,” then what is to stop Ultron from hacking whatever AI Tony uses in the new suit. And if the new suit AI is “ultron hack proof” why wouldn’t he be able to remotely operate it, again?

                  • The remote control technology is likely what gives other systems access to the suit. Any wireless technology needs a receiver to interact with. If Tony’s manually-operated armor doesn’t have such a receiver, there’s nothing for Ultron to interact with, and therefore it will be impossible to hack. Jarvis could still be loaded onto the suit manually, like installing software on a computer that doesn’t have wi-fi. So he still can use his AI, but he needs to be physically present to operate the armor.

                    • I just might be able to buy that explanation, Aramis.

                  • How are you not getting what I, and others, have said.

                    I said “he will have a spare suit that isn’t connected to Jarvis”

                    I’ve also said, “Stark will probably have to make a suit that cannot be corrupted by AI. A suit that is only operated by a pilot inside the suit.”

                    what is so hard to believe about one of the smartest mechanics/engineers/etc. in all of Marvel creating a suit that is manually operated by a pilot. A suit that can’t be corrupted by A.I.

    • Because he’s a rock star. And despite promising Pepper to quit, he’ll have a really hard time living up to this promise. He just loves being Iron Man too much. Also, Ultron.

  19. I really hope the story works for the best. I also think that they should have kept both Tony and Hank Pym as the creators but at least Whedon respected Ultron’s design. Something we cannot say about the piece of turd that is the next f4 Crap.

    • I know right?! A black man really RUINS EVERYTHING! (sarcasm)

      • When his sister is still white? Most definitely.

  20. I guess since Maria went to work for Stark, she will be the first to figure out Ultron has gone rogue?

    • *Thumbs up!

    • it’s ironic that she works for him since she had nothing but contempt for him in TA.

      • Possibly him saving the world in a bold, selfless act at the end of Avengers 1 might have changed her opinion on the guy. Also, as evidenced by one of the final episodes of AoS season 1, she really didn’t have much choice on the matter.

  21. Sigh.

    This was actually my biggest issue with Iron Man 3. The character of Tony Stark is Iron Man. He needs to be in the suit actually BEING Iron Man. It’s rather silly to have him sitting in his livingroom with a headset on trying to save the world.

    If there’s more of that this time around, and it certainly seems like there will be all kinds of it, then I’m nowhere near as excited to see this film as I once was

    • I’m guessing that will be a major part of this film, though. Stark will realize that he can’t entrust Iron Man to anyone, especially a remote-control artificial intelligence, but himself. He will be forced to recant his decision at the end of Iron Man 3 and don the armor again. My guess is that all the heroes will go through something similar, realizing they can’t retire, they can’t quit, even when they want to. Tony quit for Pepper, Thor quit for Jane and the sake of his moral compass, Steve Rogers quit to find and help Bucky, Natasha quit to rebuild her life in the shadows. They’re all going to see they can’t do that. The world needs them.

      It’s been a central theme of Phase 2, each hero retiring for their own reasons and in their own way. Now they’re forced to come back together. This really has been the plan since IM3.

  22. Haha no body cares if you’re not excited or skeptical about the movie
    “well blah blah my opinion”
    So? Your opinion isn’t needed everywhere this update/article is or those obviously excited for the film to come out of you’re not “sold” or excited about this movie now then lets face it
    1) Nobody cares, honestly
    2) If not by now you aren’t excited then again no one cares and you just won’t be excited at all at this point
    We’re still going to see the movie when it comes out and you’re still going to moping like a potty little phuck about Iron Man 3
    Smh losers

    • Let me tell you how much I don’t care that you don’t care about how much other people don’t care.

      • Nah, I don’t care.

  23. 2 mistakes in this article.. 1 Iron Mans armor is ed and gold not red and tan. 2 The A on Captain America stand for America not Avengers and he usually had it on his mask.

  24. Ultron looks awesome. Could do without the creepy photoshopping of Chris Evans, though.

    • I think they’ll be mo-capping his face throughout the movie to look just like that.

  25. They already made this movie, its called IRobot

    • And then they made it again and called it Eagle Eye..

  26. I’m looking forward to seeing this film. I just wonder how Ultron will fight all the Avengers at once.

    This cover has me excited for this movie.

    • How could you possibly fail to notice all the Ultrons in the background?


  28. It will be interesting to see the new dynamic of a fractured SHIELD and the continually growing Avengers roster. I look forward to that.

  29. So Ultron is basically the Reaper Catalyst from Mass Effect 3?

    • more like the other way around since the basic design of Ultron goes back to 1969, and ME3 does not.