The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

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The Avengers 2 Ultron Captain America Iron Man Official The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Star Mark Ruffalo already spilled the beans on cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron returning to the stage at Comic-Con next Saturday during the Marvel Studios’ panel, giving us our first look at the larger roster of heroes in the sequel all together. It’s a followup to Marvel’s Comic-Con 2010 presentation where they unveiled the core cast of the first Avengers.

Director Joss Whedon has footage to show fans for Age of Ultron, and in teasing the imminent unveiling of James Spader’s villainous Ultron, Entertainment Weekly just released their latest Comic-Con preview cover issue featuring the co-leaders of The Avengers standing alongside the dangerous killer robot.

Below is your first official look at Ulton – or at least, one version of him – from The Avengers: Age of Ultron:

The Avengers Age of Ultron EW Cover The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Long-time Marvel Comics readers will be delighted to see the faithful adaptation of Ultron’s design, but keep in mind that we know actor James Spader (The Blacklist) is performing motion capture and face capture for his role. He’s not just the voice of Ultron so either that robotic face depicted above opens up to reveal something akin to Spader’s real look or Ultron, in his efforts to become stronger, continuously upgrades himself/evolves and we get a slightly more humanoid version later. After all, we know The Vision (Paul Bettany), another new robotic character joining The Avengers 2, will have his real face like the Vision from the comics as well.

Also note the superhero duds of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man  (Robert Downey Jr.). Iron Man’s new suit is very similar to his Iron Man 3 (more tan than red) colors with more red on the chest. Cap’s new suit is a blend of his Stealth Suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but brings back the red with some darker shades for all the colors.

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  1. Nooooo waaaaay….. Awesome.

  2. I don’t know anything about Ultron, but he looks cool.

  3. It looks crap, this film will bomb, blah blah blah.

    Now that I said everything rolan, the fake Lee whoever else that’s negative about pretty much anything and everything might say, hopefully we can have people talk about how sweet these designs look.

    • Once again, proof that freaking out over leaked set photos is usually a waste of time…

    • I agree that his costume looks better but I’m gonna miss his less patriotic stealth suit. Not everyone in the world is American, and non-Americans are not comfortable with how Americans like to shove their flag in our collective faces.

  4. Yesss I’m so glad they will have a classic-ish looking version of Ultron in the film; I can’t wait to hear Spader’s altered voice coming from that face.
    Also, anyone notice the robot drone in the back right saying “Domo origato” (as in Styx’s Mr. Roboto)?

    • *arigato whoops

  5. Loving the new costume and Ultron designs.They all look badass

  6. LORD have mercy! I can’t wait for next year!!! Batman vs superman? We still got 2yrs before that! This is what I’m Hyped up for!!

  7. Wow! Ultron looks awesome!

  8. Despite my meh feelings about Ultron as a character (pretty much a superhero Terminator like Amazo), I will say that’s a very well done design. Looks just like him.

  9. Look at my Main Villain Ultron, he bout to be a BADASS!

  10. Marvel vs. DC debating aside. This movie man, I just can’t contain how excited I am for it. Ultron looks so fantastic. And if we get 3 different versions of him…. THIS IS TOO AWESOME.

  11. I hit the refresh, and on the home page, to my pleasant surprise, Cap, Iron Man and Ultron are just there, looking right at me. Thank you Screenrant, you made my day!

  12. Anyone else notice that it says ARKHAM MANOR up top? Wtf is that?

    • New comic series starting in October. Not many details about it yet, all we know is that it debuts alongside Klarion, Deathstroke (volume 3), Lobo, Trinity Of Sin and Gotham Academy, especially now All-Star Western, Batwing, Birds Of Prey, Superboy, Trinity Of Sin: Pandora and Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger have all been cancelled.

    • It’s a new comic coming out this fall.

    • New Batman comic series coming up. Don’t know too much about it. All I saw was the cover of an issue that had Bats sitting on a sign that said Wayne Manor, only the “Wayne” was scratched out with spray paint and replaced with “Arkham.” Looks interesting.

  13. That Photoshop job on Chris Evan’s face is hilarious

  14. Ultron. The Vision. The Maximoff siblings. HULKBUSTERS! The Avengers: Age of Ultron will not disappoint!

  15. Ahaha! I am one handsome hero!

  16. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, indeed!
    Ultron looks pretty fantastic and spot on.
    Two things I want to see/hear: Cap, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye doing something as a team – even if it’s just briefly, and Stark calling out Avengers Assemble.

  17. I am so glad that comics are getting the recognition they deserve. If you were a comic book fan 40 yrs ago, people would’ve laughed at you. But now, they break box offices and can also receive tons of awards. Does it really matter if Marvel or DC are the better? Can we all be just happy that comic book movies are getting the recognition they deserve?

    • Word!!

  18. I’m usually not a stickler about these sorts of things, but my god, do you authors submit this stuff to editors or what? Typo-nation and grammar error-city.

    • As they’ve told previous people who can’t overlook mistakes, they don’t have a lot of time to write these articles. Errors happen when you’re in hyperdrive.

    • It’s fixed. I wrote that in minutes on a mobile device. It’s been updated with additional info about Ultron’s origins (and more images) since it first went live as a short piece.

      • great article Mr Keyes.

  19. Notice Ultron is mimicking Tony in posture/position?
    Is he an extension of IM3 where Tony controlled the other suits?
    He starts out as friend/ally made by Tony then decides he must follow Loki’s lead as humans were ‘made to be ruled’?

    • I think his Ultron project will humble Stark by the end of the movie. I don’t think he’ll be in a happy place.

      • I think Ultron follows on straight from Tony’s IM3 lessons. Tony chose to bow out of the suit 24/7 at the end of that and instead probably have his alter ego Jarvis (Ultron) do his bidding. In doing so he finds out that things aren’t black and white (logical) and that he should not have a device (Ultron)in his stead that is purely logical. To remedy Tony must go low tech (see IM3 again) to find a solution to Ultron.

  20. Honest question, because I’m kind of an ignoramus in this instance…which storyline came first, Terminator or Ultron?

    • Ultron in the pages of the Avengers around 1967-68.

  21. I think that is one sick a$$ picture I see Spader’s physical appearance in Ultron and I am loving the crap out of the new suits, can’t wait to see a picture of Thor.

  22. Ultron looks &^%$ing awesome!

    All of those copies in the background…… oh man, this is going to be good!

  23. The description of Ultron at the bottom of the article is the same as ever other movie villain in the last decade. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be cool.

    • Ultron predates the last decade by 36 years…

  24. Looks badass. I hope they pose a serious threat because the Chitauri were a joke.

  25. Ultron looks a lot like the Arkham Knight.

    • its him !!!
      Robots in disguise !!!

    • You might want to reverse that sentence.

  26. I’m just curious to how Tony Stark is going to power his ‘Iron Man Suit’ without his arc reactor? The main reason I disliked ‘Iron Man 3,’ was that in the last ten minutes he threw away his toys, and removed his source of energy to power his suits. So, this new movie will just in the first ten minutes throw away what the last movie did? Marvel needs to stick with a back story and stay focused. Just an fans opinion here.

    • Well his new suit still has the arc reactor in it. It’s just not attached to his body anymore. Simple fix.

    • Iron Man 3 was just all kinds of wrong. And Marvel sees that now. If only they could just ignore its existence in a way like Fox did with X3 for DOFP.

      • But why ignore a great film like IM3 just because a few whiny children didn’t understand what was so great about it?

        • lol Great film. Ok Dazz. You keep telling yourself that.

          • To be honest, Iron Man 3, to me, holds up better than Iron Man. It’s more exciting, more entertaining.

            • A lot of people liked the hell out of IM3, and I was one of them.

              • Totally agree! I don’t get what the issue is with IM3. My biggest gripe was that I thought the Extremis guys were too big of a leap into comic bookiness for Iron Man but resolved that after Avengers 1 the doors were blown open for straight scifi.
                Otherwise I thought it was a pretty damn smart movie. People complained that Tony was hardly ever in the suit… First of all, if that finale at the docks didn’t have enough epic Iron Man suit action for you…
                Second, the whole thematic arc hinged on the “low tech” aspect and about what happens when you take away Stark’s suit and house and things, that was the point of the movie and him being Iron Man, not the suit.
                Say what you want about the Mandarin twist; there was no way they were going to have a super racist Chinese man with a fu manchu and magic rings flying around. I thought it was brilliant.

            • Well then I guess you’re easy to please with some flashy lights and cheap humor. I hear Michael bay has a new movie coming out. You should go see it.

              • Just because your disgruntled inner fanboi is throwing a tantrum doesn’t mean IM3 sank to Transformers level. Grow up.

                • I still don’t get why people spell boy with an ‘i’. It seems trite. I don’t know what you’re calling a tantrum, but I don’t think I’m the one who needs to grow up. On that Transformers note though, IM3 has a 7.4 on IMDB and the first Transformers has a 7.2. That’s close enough for me.

                  • Because it’s ridiculous, as fanboys often are (as evidenced by how they reacted to the Mandarin and that great twist). Perfectly fitting. Equating a clever action movie to one of the dumbest ever made is proof of your bias on that matter.

                    Also, since when the public’s taste is an indication of quality? You do realize IMDB ratings are calculated from the users’ votes, right?

          • Hey, I liked IM3 too. Thought it was a ton of fun, a total blast. Don’t get the hate for it at all.

            • The hate comes from the fanbois who would have preferred to see a one-dimensional, ridiculous, borderline racist cliché, Dr. Evil type villain instead of the great performance sir Ben Kingsley delighted us with.

          • Can we PLEASE not go in to the Iron Man 3 “suck” tantrum … It’s been a year please let it go.

        • Because the majority of people, including Marvel, disagree with you, Dazz. Accept it, move on. You are not the end all authority on anything, though you would like to think you are.

          • He’s right, though. Despite the sense of humor, Iron Man 3 told a more mature and interesting story about Stark facing up to his limitations and framed it around a conflict that was very relevant in our modern world. You guys are the ones who wanted a flashy-lights, magic ring-slinging showdown instead of one that reminded who the real villains are out there in the world.

            I don’t think Marvel has said anything against Iron Man 3, and the fact that Ultron is going to be an extension of IM3’s Iron Legion and the remote-control MK. 42 suit elements is proof positive that the film is being fully embraced by the MCU.

            If Rhodey can run a suit without having an arc reactor in his chest, Tony definitely can.

            • The real villains? You mean a drunk actor and some little dweeb who got his feelings hurt like 10 years ago? By they way, that little dweeb gave himself flashy super powers. I would have much preferred the Mandarin just be what he was advertised to be. No magic rings, no ancient spaceship. That would’ve been fine. Or, even cooler, if he did actually have 10 rings and they each were a button or control device for different weapons at his disposal. That would have been pretty cool. But they didn’t do any of that.
              The humor was also terrible and kind insulting. They made PTSD something to laugh at and I can tell you as someone who knows 3 people who are dealing with real PTSD that it is not funny. That whole weird relationshipw ith the kid was dumb too. I know they were trying to tell a more mature story, but all that goes out the window when his suit comically falls apart all the time, including the final fight. Just a terrible movie. And Marvel doesn’t have to actually say anything against IM3. Of course they won’t. Why would they? They’d lose money. But the fact that All Hail the King exists is evidence that they know they messed up.

              • I have friends going through PTSD, too. I never laughed at the PTSD portions of IM3; they weren’t funny. Stark of course tried to cover up the attacks with humor, because that’s always been his shield, the front he throws up to keep people from seeing what’s really going on.

                The real villains being well-dressed, successful corporate execs and politicians who either fabricate, exaggerate or cause villains like the Mandarin in order to acquire more power, control and wealth for themselves. They try to keep us afraid of the evil people ‘out there’ so they can continue to fuel their multi-billion dollare arms and security industries. That’s way more relevant than a dude with magic rings or rings that remotely control weapon systems.

                • You’re also reading too much into All Hail the King, I think. Drew Pearce and Ben Kingsley really wanted to another Trevor Slattery story, and they found a great angle to tell it from. It did nothing to invalidate the plot of Iron Man 3.

                  The centrality of plot points from Iron Man 3 in the premise for Avengers: Age of Ultron is confirmation enough that the movie is being embraced by the MCU. I don’t think you’re going to see the same level of connectedness with other Marvel properties like Thor: The Dark World, but I could always be surprised.

                  • Eric seems to be the only guy who understands. Kudos to you, sir, for being one of the few thinkers around here rather than being one of the herd.

                    • What self serving pompous horse dung!

                    • Thanks, mate!

                    • Dude, he’s not reading too much into anything. Anyone with half a brain can tell they back peddled on the Mandarin thing. And stop being so pretentious Dazz

                    • @Jar Jar’s Death Scene

                      Anyone who uses more than half their brain can tell, based on the content of the short, the content of previous Iron Man films, and the interviews and comments surrounding its production, that All Hail the King was not meant to undo anything that happened in Iron Man 3.

                      Killian and Slattery invented a figure based on the Mandarin in order to ensure people remained in fear of terrorism and further their nefarious goals. As seen in previous Iron Man films, the Ten Rings was also a very real organization. All Hail the King filled in the gap and opened up new story directions in the process. Trevor himself said that, in addition to all the drugs and luxuries Killian’s people gave him, they also gave him plastic surgery. That implies he was altered to look like someone, perhaps the actual Mandarin? I think that was more than a throwaway line.

                      As I stated before, everything in Iron Man 3 happened exactly the way you saw it, and Marvel is doing nothing to back away from it. Continuing Tony’s semi-retirement, the Iron Legion and basing his new armor design and color pallet on the Mk. 42 in Age of Ultron is evidence enough of that. If they want to introduce a more supervillainy rendition of the Mandarin as well, they have that prerogative. I personally do hope they follow up on All Hail the King.

        • You did not just say that IM3 was a great film…whiny children? Whiny children love the crap that MCU throws out, especially with IM3. My god…

          • No, whiny children are those very vocal, if few in numbers, fanbois who would have preferred the villain to be a walking cliché rather than the relevant character(s) Marvel changed him into, and who are dismissing a brilliant performance because they’re unable to get past their frustration.

            • Totally agree. The Mandarin of the comics was a walking, talking magical Chinese xenophobic stereotype. The Slattery version was equally cliche, but with one important difference: it had a reason to be. It played into every terrorist cliche because it was meant to be everything an average American citizen would think a terrorist was like. And convincing people that he was a scary terrorist was the linchpin in Killian’s plan.

              Iron Man 3 was a good film that subverted expectations and delivered a relevant conflict, as opposed to a ‘magic vs. technology’ conflict that really doesn’t mean much outside of the fictional realm.

      • @Alexx

        They didn’t ignore X3. When Xavier goes into Wolverine’s mind, he sees him killing Jean Grey. That happened in X3.

        They ignored the part about Xavier dying. But that’s about it, I guess.

        • And even then, X3 did show Xavier’s consciousness awakening in the body of that coma patient in the post-credits. They really only didn’t explain why he still looks the same.

    • Same way the Iron Patriot suit and others still work. More arc reactors or other power sources.

    • How does War Machine power his suit?

  27. Everything looks awesometacular! Can’t wait.

  28. What the hell is wrong with Evans face?
    Photoshop fail?

  29. Curious as to Stark’s design of Ultron, given that it seems Stark designs Ultron with the mindset of his ‘Iron Legion’ in IM3, but yet Ultron looks nothing like that of Iron Man’s main suit, or any other suits, or any similarities with the ‘Legion’. Guess I’m wondering what will be Starks reasoning for designing Ultron look different from any other suit, or if it Ultron that changes his own look, after Stark creates it looking like one of his normal suits or ‘Legion’ suits. Either or……


    • Unless JARVIS is corrupted and becomes its own creator, putting itself in a self-assembled body and Stark manages to snatch some uncorrupted code from the CPU as the only way to combat Ultron, hence why Vision is around.

    • In the original comics, Ultron altered its (his?) form from the original design so maybe they’re going for that also with the movie.

      I’m actually glad they seem to have gone somewhat with the comics design for Ultron. In the comics, he was designed with a look mimicking an ant’s head (cause you know… Ant-Man = creator). He still sort of does, so I’m wondering as to the explanation for that… but maybe I’m trying to find resemblances where there are none.

      • That’s why a lot of us have been assuming that he’ll start out as forgotten Iron Man armour then improve himself into an ultimate form, which was sort of confirmed a while back when they said Ultron will have 3 looks.