The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

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The Avengers 2 Ultron Captain America Iron Man Official The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Star Mark Ruffalo already spilled the beans on cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron returning to the stage at Comic-Con next Saturday during the Marvel Studios’ panel, giving us our first look at the larger roster of heroes in the sequel all together. It’s a followup to Marvel’s Comic-Con 2010 presentation where they unveiled the core cast of the first Avengers.

Director Joss Whedon has footage to show fans for Age of Ultron, and in teasing the imminent unveiling of James Spader’s villainous Ultron, Entertainment Weekly just released their latest Comic-Con preview cover issue featuring the co-leaders of The Avengers standing alongside the dangerous killer robot.

Below is your first official look at Ulton – or at least, one version of him – from The Avengers: Age of Ultron:

The Avengers Age of Ultron EW Cover The Avengers 2: Ultron Design and Origins Officially Revealed

Long-time Marvel Comics readers will be delighted to see the faithful adaptation of Ultron’s design, but keep in mind that we know actor James Spader (The Blacklist) is performing motion capture and face capture for his role. He’s not just the voice of Ultron so either that robotic face depicted above opens up to reveal something akin to Spader’s real look or Ultron, in his efforts to become stronger, continuously upgrades himself/evolves and we get a slightly more humanoid version later. After all, we know The Vision (Paul Bettany), another new robotic character joining The Avengers 2, will have his real face like the Vision from the comics as well.

Also note the superhero duds of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man  (Robert Downey Jr.). Iron Man’s new suit is very similar to his Iron Man 3 (more tan than red) colors with more red on the chest. Cap’s new suit is a blend of his Stealth Suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but brings back the red with some darker shades for all the colors.

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  1. Don’t know why, but Ultron’s robotic army (the one from the far right) looks similar to BatWing or The Arkham Knight.

    • Ultron: 1968
      Batwing: 2011
      Arkham Knight: 2015

      You were saying…?

      • He was saying they look similar.

        Thanks for the timeline I guess?

  2. want to know how ultron will beat all the avengers at once so do i just watch the cartoon movie the next avengers and watch what hulk does to ultron its AI against one PO’ed hulk must watch

  3. For phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe we have lined up

    -Captain America: The Secret Avengers
    (intro to the avengers black ops team of Cap, black widow, hawk eye, agent 13. Reintro of the Red Skull and soviet origins of winter soldier, introduces the black panther)
    -Thor: Dawn of Ragnarök
    (Surtur, Enchantress, and the excecutioner as villains)
    -Doctor Strange
    (origin, Joel Edgerton)
    -Planet Hulk
    (after hulk gets shipped off to space after Age of Ultron he lands in Sakaar. Sakaar is destroyed by Thanos which brings King Hulk and his army back to earth)
    -Guardians of the Galaxy Annihilation
    (Thanos destroying planets like Sakaar^ Intro to Nova played by Zac Efron, black bolt vin diesal and ms marvel tbd)
    -Avengers The Infinity Gauntlet
    (Thanos destroys half the universe and crossbones and red skull kill captain America)

    Yup Kevin Feige here, you heard it first!

    • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUT?! You must be Kevin Feige because you easily made your name Kevin Feige. Oh, and Kev you might want to see a shrink because Kevin Feige has spoke against those “future” movies… other people’s children I tell you.

    • So…. No more Iron Man movies? Glad there’s no more because the last 2 were horrible. Hope he gets featured on Guardians of the Galaxy: Annihilation though.

      • Dude, I get the disappointment for the 2 and one. But the 3rd one was boss, so was the 1st one. I hope there are more iron man movie!

      • Here here, thanks for saying it. The 2nd and 3rd were shiny tripe, didnt have the feel of the first one at all.
        Love the first movie, the others turned into shallow transformer type bilge.

        • Agreed on the second one but the third at least partly recaptured this feel. And equating them to the Transformers purge is just plain wrong.

    • Planet hulk isn’t looking that likely now tbh, latest rumor has it that the hulk will be part of the GotG sequel instead. Sakaarans are already confirmed by James Gunn for the first Guardians film (they are replacing the Badoon due to fox owning the rights to Badoon), so the Hulk/gotg2 rumor seems likely to me

    • Kevin can we please have a Black Widow movie? 😉

    • “Dawn of Ragnarök”

      Contradictions. Contradictions everywhere.

    • Stop pretending to be kevin d*ckhead its sad nobodys impressed

  4. Looking at the cover that Marvel decided to use for the EW magazine, added with previous articles saying that ‘the Avengers’ are at their weakest when there is fighting within the group, I believe we might have the ‘Civil War’ arc on the horizon. Possibly “phase 3″ or “the Avengers 3″?

    • Not possible as Sony owns the rights to Spidey(who plays a massive role), Fox owns the rights to the X-Men and all related characters including Deadpool and Cable (who play somewhat important roles). While it would make for a blockbuster movie of EPIC proportions (it would have to be at minimum 2 and a half hours long) it would sell so many tickets to the hardcore comic fans, it’s just not going to happen. These companies have a horrible habit of not sharing very well. We’re lucky we get to see 2 versions of Quicksilver.

      • Never say never dude…

        You underestimate how many characters MCU has the rights to that were involved in the Civil War story arc…

        The following are plenty of characters that MCU could use from the actual story arc to make a movie version.

        Cap, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Falcon, Hercules, Thor, She Hulk, Black Panther, Wasp, Goliath, Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Patriot, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Jessica Jones, Speedball, Night Thrasher, Dr. Strange, Wonder Man, Cloak, Dagger, Black Widow, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Yellow Jacket, Hulk, and so on…

      • And what makes you think a movie version of Civil War has to have the exact same roster than the comic book? They can do a similar story without including Spidey, Reed Richards and the X-Men.

    • No we wont stupid. Spiderman and Mr fantastic play gigantic roles in the storyline as well as about several characters disney doesn’t own

      • @LanceUnemployedAvenger

        You realize that Marvel has rights to MORE characters that were part of the Civil War arc than they do less right? X-Men were neutral as was the Thing. The only 2 major Civil War heroes that MCU doesn’t have rights to are Mr. Fantastic and Spiderman.

        Check out this list of heroes that MCU does have rights to which also featured in the Civil War story….

        Cap, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Falcon, Hercules, Thor, She Hulk, Black Panther, Wasp, Goliath, Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Patriot, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Jessica Jones, Speedball, Night Thrasher, Dr. Strange, Wonder Man, Cloak, Dagger, Black Widow, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Yellow Jacket, Hulk, and so on…

        Over 30 heroes. That doesn’t even include villains or characters they COULD add into major roles like Blade, Hawkeye, Ghostrider, Deathlok

        • i think what LanceTheUnemployedAvenger wants to point out is that the CivilWar timeline can not be complete without the 2 characters, Spiderman and Mr fantastic, it doesnt matter how many characters MCU still has, how can they replace the turning point of the CivilWar timeline when Spidey was unmasked in public? or when cloak and dagger helped rescue heroes and villains out of the phantom zone which Mr.Fantastic and ironman manages?

          • Why not use the resources at MCU’s disposal along with a little imagination?

            A)Replace Reed Richards with Banner and/or Pym. Those guys together can build Project 42 prison in the Negative Zone. Not a hard scenario to imagine.

            B) The plot is about characters choosing to register or not. The unmasking of Spiderman was symbolism of that. Unmasking was HIS way of registering. They could find another way to show the symbolism of registering using other characters. Maybe Stark turns over his suit. Maybe Ant-Man turns over his tech? Banner goes live on tv and chooses to sign a paper? Quicksilver chooses to join sign but Scarlet Witch doesn’t.

            C) The Ant-Man movie is coming right? Scott Lang was a thief using stolen Pym tech to be Ant-Man. (meaning his identity is hidden) Maybe, he turns himself in and registers with the government live on tv after Iron Man/Stark convinces him. In return, the gov’t vows to save Langs daughter. Basically swapping Spidey and Ant-Man.

            D) Have a different character unmask themselves. Daredevil? Moon Knight? Ant-Man(as said)

    • It is entirely possible to see Iron Man and Captain America faced up against eachother, with other characters filling the holes left by Sony and Fox. I wouldn’t discount Spider-Man just yet btw, Sony is not having a good track record with the last couple of films. It is still very plausible that Marvel could recover the film rights to Spider-Man.

    • Avengers 3 is almost confirmed to be Infinity Gauntlet (The Gauntlet was in Thor and the recent movies have featured the different infinity gems/stones.

  5. I guessed all of this months ago on this very site… I’ll write the next one :)

  6. I’m hoping Ultron is literally glowing! Like Zeus’ armor in Clash of Titans.

  7. How about having the g****** mask and helmet on for Captain America and Iron Man, respectably?? For once, can Disney prioritize the characters over the actors?? Affleck’s reveal as Batman did not have him without the cowl, did it??

    And people say Marvel do things right and Dc doesn’t……

    • Except both Cap and IM’s identities are out in the open. Unlike Batman, everyone already knows who they are, so they don’t have to suffer hiding behind a mask/helmet except when necessary for safety purposes. Also, how does it betray the characters, exactly? And I’m sorry but assuming from one sole picture that they don’t wear their facial protections is a bit far-fetched to say the least. One last thing: respectably?

      • Because if you read both Captain America and Iron Man Comics, almost all the covers feature their characters with their mask and helmet on. Google their names, and almost all comic book art will feature them with their face gear,but in the cinematic universe, you’ll get 50/50.

        Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it does to me. It’s like in the spiderman movies where spiderman kept taking his g****** mask off every single scene……characters over actors, just saying…

        • Again, how does it betray the characters? Also, I don’t know about Cap because I don’t read his comics, but Stark shows his face quite often while suited up in the comics, notably when he talks to his interlocutors. The covers aren’t the comics themselves, I suggest you open some.

        • Seriously Gerardo?

          You’re making a stink about them not wearing a mask on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?

          The masks are worn plenty in the movies.

  8. Ultron looks cool, but the origin story… Sounds a lot like I, Robot to me.

    • Completely generic “AI tries to take over the world” story. It wasn’t even original when I Robot did it.

      • I, Robot… the bad movie? Or the great book of short stories? Which was in 1950, with some of the stories written as early as 1940.

      • Apart from the change from Pym to Stark as Ultron’s creator, this origin story is rather faithful to the original comics.

    • Technically it would be pretty hard to come up with something that has never been done.

      In fact all stories have been told when you peel of the layers and look at the core i.e. the main problem that must be solved.

      But that’s okay, because it is actually about those layers. That’s what makes stories different and exciting to watch.

      • That’s it exactly. There are only N stories where N is a fairly small number. “It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.” — Ebert

        • Ah, I should probably have clarified that it would be pretty hard to come up with something that has never been done for these particular characters 😉

          I’ll agree that you can come up with some pretty far out stories, when start out with a blank piece of paper.

  9. Cool looks on Ultron also Iron Man’s new design. Can’t wait for SDCC.

  10. I had a suspicion this is what Age of Ultron would be: Marvel’s spin on the Frankenstein story. Tony Stark’s creation goes rogue, but instead of being a simple base creature going on blind rage it’s an sophisticated AI trying to prove the student outshines the master (Stark).

    • That’s always what Ultron stories have been about, though. Just substitute Hank Pym for Tony Stark.

  11. It’s just an error when publishing the article. let it go, let it go, dont hold it back anymore. lol

  12. Um Wasnt that a movie in the late 90’s early 2000’s #I-ROBOT.

    • This issue has already been addressed a few comments above…

    • Or Matrix in the 90s, or terminator in the 80’s, or Ultron in the comics in the 60’s or the Asimov books of the 50’s etc etc etc

      If Avengers 2 is an I Robot rip off then The Dark Knight is a Die Hard 3 rip off

  13. Tangent to the story but….Interesting that the 5’8″ RDJ looks as tall as the 6′ Chris Evans in the pictures.

  14. His logic is undeniable , His logic is undeniable, His logic is undeniable.

    • No it’s not, no it’s not, no it’s not. His logic is massively flawed: how do you expect to save a species from itself by committing genocide? It makes no sense unless you’re a psychopath.

      • Who said anything about genocide?

        Maybe he justs wants to control everything and everybody. He wouldn’t understand concepts like freedom and happiness. He’d consider a society a succes if people are breathing and producing like effective little knots and bolts in a well-oiled machine.

        • The original comics said anything about genocide: eradicating the human race (moreover, all life on Earth) is what drives him. Considering Whedon has a tendency to stay faithful to the characters and their motivations, you can expect Ultron to go Nazi on mankind. Furthermore, while not being explicit on the subject, Whedon himself hinted at this turn of events: hit page 2 to read his statement.

          • Whedon doesn’t say genocide. He says it will be violent and appalling. He could be talking about a lot of collateral damage. He talks about Utron wanting to make things better and save us, and that’s why I think it will mean that Ultron wants to take control. But that won’t happen without a fight. Hence the appalling violence 😉

            • Did I say he said that? I believe my words were “hinted at.” And “violent and appalling” rings more bloodshed than control to me. Also, please consider my other arguments.

              • No you didn’t say that he said that, but you’ve been stuck on genocide from the first comment. Whatever Whedon hints, he also very clearly says that Ultron wants to make everything better and save us.

                That to me would indicate that “violent and appalling” doesn’t hint genocide and eradicating the human race.

                I have considered your arguments about Whedon’s tendency to stay faihtful, but if he was talking about genocide and eradicating the human race, he wouldn’t say anything about saving us and making everything better. I don’t think we can ignore those words and focus solely on violent and appalling.

                Sure it rings more bloodshed than control, but how would Ultron (attemtp to) seize control without some bloodshed?

                If he wants to make everything better i.e. stop all wars and conflicts, people hurting and killing each other and so on, we’re not talking about control from the shadows through manipulation and corruption of people in power. We’re talking about control of the actions of every human. And that kind of control would not be obtained without blooodshed.

                So he would indeed go Nazi on us, not to kills us all, not even Hitler attempted that, but to concquer us all. We should probably mix in some ultra-communism too. People living behind walls and under constant surveilance. To a machine that might seem better because nobody is dying and everybody is productive.

                • i was kinda quoting I, Robot.

                  • Yup, and to me it does sound like that is what Whedon is hinting at. Ultron will attempt to save us and make everything better, but it will be the same kind of “greater good” logic that allows him to get violent and appalling against those who doesn’t fit into his version of that greater good.

                • At the end of the day people are DEAD. Wiping out humanity is genocide. The only reason Marvel would pull back is the R-rating that it would catch, hurting the box office.

                  Hitler killed six million people.

                  • Yup, wiping out humanity is genocide. But it doesn’t sound like (this version of) Ultron wants to wipe out humanity.

                    Man of Steel was rated PG-13 and it had a villain that wanted to wipe out humanity, and Superman killed that villain by snapping his neck.

                    Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was also rated PG-13 and plenty of people dies in those movies.

                    The line between PG-13 and R isn’t simply wheather or not people are dying.

                    Yup, Hitler committed genocide against the jewish people. I know that. What I mean was that he didn’t want to kill all people i.e. wipe out humanity. His ambition was also to make everything better and save us, and his method was violent and appalling.

                    • You don’t have to literally kill everyone for your actions to be deemed genocidal: Jews still exist yet Hitler committed genocide on this people. There are still Hutus and Tutsis yet what happened in Rwanda was called a genocide.

                      Also, there are plenty of sci-fi stories where psychotic AIs are bent on eradicating the human race in order to save it. Yes, it’s contradictory but that’s the very nature of psychosis: a flawed logic. Back to square one.

                      Maybe I read too much into Whedon’s comment, maybe you don’t read enough into it. I like to think I’m right because Whedon stayed so true to the source material in the first movie that I don’t imagine him straying away for the sequel. I guess we’ll see.

                    • That is true. A genocide isn’t necessarily everyone.

                      But you did talk about eradicating the human race (which by definition would mean everyone) and you pointed out the contradition between that and the idea of saving us. That is why I proposed that perhaps (this version of) Ultron wasn’t planning to eradicate the human race.

                      I agree that a flawed logic could make him think that eradicating us would somehow save us. But I was at the same time thinking of him as a machine incapable of having a psychosis and that’s why I suggested that his logic wouldn’t really be flawed, it would just be the logic of a machine.

                      I don’t know which of us is reading too much or too little into Whedon’s comment, but we definately focus on different parts of the comment.

                      Personally I don’t think it would be such a big stray if Ultron wants to control humanity instead of eradicating it. In both cases he’d be a very serious threat to humanity.

                      Yup, we’ll see. And I am sure it’ll be great no matter who’s right 😉

                    • “I was (…) thinking of him as a machine incapable of having a psychosis”

                      Except Ultron’s not just a machine, he’s an AI. Which means he has the ability to reason, which in turn subjects him to the possibility of being wrong, and furthermore developing mental illnesses just like us humans.

                      But yes, either way I’m positive it’ll be a total blast!

                    • Yes, he could be that type of AI.

                      I was just imagining a type that is only driven by logic and calculations. A type that wouldn’t consider if humans are living a good life because he wouldn’t understand that concept. He’d reduce it to a set of parameters. Is the human functioning or not funtioning. Producing or not producing.

                      He’d look at all of our irrational behavior and our conflicts and all the stuff we do to each other as disruptive and unproductive, so he’d want to help us by correcting all that, by trying to control everything we (can) do.

                      I don’t know if I am right, that is just what I was imagining.

                    • What you’re describing is not a real AI, only a simple computer. Calculation is not intelligence. The not thinking, not self-aware programs that fit your description and that we call AIs today actually usurp this designation as they’re not really intelligent. I was going for a literal interpretation of the term, like in the movie of the same name or Asimov’s books.

                    • Data (Star Trek) is driven by logic, but that doesn’t mean he’s not self-aware or thinking. It just means he’s rational and makes decisions based on logic.

                      Skynet is also AI, but we’ve never been presented with an actual being that also has emotions and the capacity for irrational behavior.

                      I think feelings and emotions are still very much a human thing because they’re just as much based on chemical reactions in our brains, hormones in our body etc. A machine wouldn’t have that.

                      I also think mental illnesses have a lot to do with our capacity to feel. I am not sure an AI would become mental ill. Or at least if would be something very different from our mental illnesses.

                      I haven’t read Asimov’s books. I have seen both AI and I, Robot. But even they display different types of AI. As I recall (though it’s been many years) the little boy in AI is able to feel. But I don’t recall any of the AIs in I, Robot having that capability…?

                      In I, Robot is comes down to the AI drawing conclusions that goes against humans because they don’t have a human side. So they don’t take in to account what it actually means for a human to be human. Our desires to love and live happily (ever after). Our need to be free to make any decision, even irrational ones.

                      I wasn’t imagining a version of Ultron that is as simple as a computer game AI (of today) and only able to make decisions based on a pre-existing program with a limited set of parameters. I mean that he would understand humans by analyzing us and reducing us to a set of parameters he’d understand, and from that he’d determine a greater good for us that he would believe is better based on his logic, and to achieve that greater good, he’d need to seize control, and he’d accept collateral damage, because he’d consider the better life for billions to outweigh the death of thousands.

                      But again, we can only guess. And you could easily be right also. I just wanted to clearify what I was imagining.

                    • At least the main robot character in I, Robot (which is an adaptation of a short story by Asimov) is able to feel emotions such as sadness and anger. Regarding Skynet, I wouldn’t call it an AI as it’s actually just a supercomputer, as shown in Terminator 3. The Ultron you imagine is basically Skynet in a body. Like I said, the term AI is largely overused and applied to programs that are unable of intelligent thinking. In the AI film, only the boy and the distant future “liquid metal” beings qualify, the other robots are just that: robots. Not AIs.

                    • It sound like you would only call something an AI if it is excactly like a human brain. Correct me if I am wrong.

                      I don’t think the Ultron I am imagining (or Skynet; the movie does state that it becomes self-aware) is only a supercomputer. A supercomputer would only be able to make pre-programmed choices if pre-programmed criteria are met.

                      The decisions made by the Ultron I am imagining (or Skynet) are not pre-programmed.

                    • No, I’m just sticking to what even scientists seem to have lost sight of, which is what the term actually means: artificial INTELLIGENCE. As I said earlier, calculation is not intelligence. As for Skynet, I don’t remember it becoming self-aware. If it’s indeed the case, I stand corrected.

                    • Okay, so you’re stuck on that word: calculations.

                      I wasn’t just talking about adding numbers together. To calculate something can also mean to analyze, to estimate, to reason based on facts.

                      For example a calculated risk isn’t necessarily (usually not) based on mere numbers. It’s an estimation of a probable outcome based on available information. And that wouldn’t just be something a supercomputer could do. Because it’s a matter of understanding the available information, being able to determine its importance, being able to see how different pieces of information can influence each other etc.

                      And even after you’ve determined the probable outcome, you have to decide if you want to take the chance or not. That can also depend on a lot of things.

                      People use methods like that all the time. It doesn’t mean their decisions aren’t intelligent.

                      So I don’t agree that just because I am talking about logic and calculations, I am only talking about a supercomputer.

                      I try to use logic all the time myself, but I don’t think I am a supercomputer 😉

                      Kyle Reese in Terminator:

                      “They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence. Then it saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. Decided our fate in a microsecond: extermination.”

                      The Terminator (Arnold) in T2:

                      “It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.”

                    • I based my assumptions on your own statements. Seems like I misinterpreted you just like you misinterpreted me. By the way, probabilities are numbers too. 😉

                    • Yup, that can happen 😉

  15. Has anyone noticed that the Ultron in the background is saying “domo origato”? That’s hilarious.

    • Yeah, we can read too.

      • Chill out, man.

        • ?

  16. Say “I” if you think Ultron looks like the Arkham Knight!

    P.S. This may not be an official picture, since its an artist drawing, but it’s still cool.

    • Ultron’s first appearance: 1968
      Arkham Knight’s first appearance: sometime around NEXT year.

      What’s that you said again?

  17. I honestly and truly, if this is anything close to Ultrons look for The Avengers:Age of Ultron, I hate it!!! He looks too alien like. The comics version or even the Comic Con version look so much better, scarier….

    • Uhh… he looks A LOT like the comics version, to the point that except a few minor details, it’s almost a carbon copy. Also, Marvel said he’s gonna have 3 different looks throughout the film.

  18. I figured that Ultron would by an Iron Man suit, but that the AI would having something to do with Armin Zola, since the reveal of is afterlife presence in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” had to be for more than just that one scene.

  19. Okay. They’re bringing Ultron now, and some people say they’ll bring Thanos as the main villain for the 2018 movie. I just can’t figure out what they’ll do next, like, Thanos is the greatest villain of them all? Feige says they will keep making mcu movies until 2028! What are they gonna do after Thanos? Well there is an option where these current members’ era will come to an end with Thanos, and some new avengers will take over in phase 4, 5 and 6. That could be a way to not make the Infinity Gauntlet story so long.
    What do you guys think?

    • I’d say Super Skrull. They’d have to change him since his super powers come from the FF, but they could do something. Or they might do something like Civil War or pull a big baddie from one of the phase 3 heroes like Doc Strange and use Dormmamu. Feige did talk about him ushering in a number of other mystical characters so maybe they’ll go in that direction next.

      • Do they own those rights, or do they belong to Fox with FF?

        • I think the Skrulls are associated with the FF franchise.

    • Well, mcu movies will probably include a lot of other solo movies also.

      I was browsing through comic book history and there is a storyline named Acts of Vengeance where Loki assembles a team of arch-villains. That might be something.

      There’s also Civil War, that would pitch heroes against heroes.

      There’s Secret Invasion, but that would require the rights to Skrulls.

      I don’t think we can expect every threat to necessarily get bigger than the last. But as long as they’re eaqually great, I’ll be happy.

  20. Looks awesome!

    For Phase 3

    Hulk Sequel
    Ant man
    Doctor Strange
    Ironman 4
    Captain America 3
    Black Panther
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    really want that Hulk sequel with Leader as the main villain he could be a great baddy.

  21. Just because someone does a mocap role, does not mean they will show his face. I think Ultron looks like Spader already.


  22. I don’t like the eyes

  23. Hey, listen. What if HYDRA would hypnotize Stark with the scepter, (it would work cause the arc reactor is gone), so he could create Ultron in order to destroy the Avengers and help HYDRA control the world. To do so they must have some Vibranium, so Strucker travels with Crossbones and the Maximoffs to Africa to steal it from T’Chaka in Wakanda, (Whedon filmed in South Africa), who is responsible for it. Crossbones kills T’Chaka, Strucker doesn’t want to buy anything, and that’s where T’Chakas son T’Challa ties in to the story. Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman. He begins to seek revengeance, and becomes a member of the Avengers. Okay. Stark is in Wakanda too and Hulk tries to stop Stark. That’s the battle between Hulk and the Hulkbuster armor. Stark then creates Ultron and the robot army when he’s hypnotized, and then, after a while, he breaks out and helps the Avengers destroy Ultron. They beat Ultron and Strucker, the Maximoffs become Avengers and everything continues as Joss wants it. It then ends with Hulk leaving earth. That’s another story.

    What do you think of that origin story?

    • So, basically you want them to rehash Avengers 1… I think Whedon can do a little better than that.

      • I know, the scepter… but the main thing was that HYDRA would create Ultron with Stark’s help… I don’t like the idea of Stark creating Ultron in order to gelp the Avengers… and that Black Panther thing too… it would be perfect.
        But I think Whedon will make a great movie anyway! :)

        • Why don’t you like the idea of Stark creating Ultron?

          It kinda makes perfect sense. He’s made AI (Jarvis) and he’s made suits that can move without him. Putting the two together is the next logical step.

          Ultron was originally create by Hank Pym, so that’s a minor tweak. He is a creation that ultimately turns against his creators. If he was created by HYDRA to go after the Avengers from start, that would be a monumental change of the character.

          • I didn’t say I don’t like that Stark is creating Ultron. That’s the best they can now when they don’t have Pym yet. The thing is I don’t like in what purpose Stark is creating Ultron. I wanted him to be manipulated by HYDRA. Like, he’s sort of the only one who knows how to make such a robot. That’s why they would use him.

      • Like, Loki tried to hypnotize stark in A1 but it didn’t work but now when the arc reactor is gone… everything fits perfect!

        • Again, it puzzles me that anyone would think that Whedon will stoop to rehashing the Hawkeye plot from his previous movie, and furthermore that it might be a good idea.

  24. I am looking forward to seeing Cap step into a leader role, that is what made winter soldier so great also was he became more sure of himself and was not the school boy he had been in the previous movies. Especially with Shield gone but slowly being rebuilt by Coulson from the ground up with only trusted personnel Cap will finally be in charge. Oh sorry I should have said spoiler alert but it ain’t my fault if you have not watched agents of shield. Yes Coulson is alive and Fury is making him rebuild Shield so essentially he is the new director.

  25. The Ultrons in the background look very similar to the Black Panther. Let’s hope and pray that he somehow makes it into this movie!

  26. All I know is that I want Captain America and Iron Man to keep their masks on. It’s a superhero movie and I want to see them in their outfits, not them running around without their masks on.