‘Avengers 2′: Why Ms. Marvel May Be Introduced & Actresses Rumored to Play Her

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Emily Blunt Avengers 2 Ms. Marvel Ruth Wilson Avengers 2: Why Ms. Marvel May Be Introduced & Actresses Rumored to Play Her

The epic Marvel Movie rumor saga continues today, but instead of new speculation on Iron Man 3Thor: The Dark WorldCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, or even James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re jumping ahead all the way to The Avengers 2, for new discussion about a Marvel superhero who has long been rumored to be a prime candidate for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ms. Marvel.



Who Is Ms. Marvel?

If you’re not all that familiar with the character, in the comics Ms. Marvel (a.k.a. Major Carol Danvers) started as an Air Force officer unknowingly working with alien superhero Captain Marvel. Later, as the result of an explosion involving alien technology, Danvers was gifted with powers including super strength, flight and enhanced agility and stamina. During the character’s evolution through the ’80s and ’90s, she was also endowed with the cosmic powers of energy absorption and energy projection in the form of “photonic blasts.” After fading into obscurity for a time, Ms. Marvel returned as a mainstream character in her own comic book series, and became a major character in the new incarnation of The Avengers in the 2000s.

The Daily Mail reports that Looper star Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson, star of BBC’s hit series Luther, are both being eyed by Marvel for the role of Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel in The Avengers 2. Of course, since it is a British tabloid site proclaiming this, we’ve taken a hearty dose of salt along with the rumor – but it’s not necessarily one we can (or even want to) automatically shoot down, for several reasons.


Marvel Cosmic

Marvel Cosmic Universe Movies Avengers 2: Why Ms. Marvel May Be Introduced & Actresses Rumored to Play Her

If you haven’t been reading up on “Phase 2″ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), you might not be aware of where things are headed next. Aside from the expanding the world of superheroes on Earth (in films like  Iron Man 3 or Captain America 2), the MCU is going to blast off into the cosmic realms of space – in films like Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy - ostensibly setting the stage for Avengers post-credits villain Thanos to become a major antagonist.

Ms. Marvel is one of the main “cosmic powered” heroes in the Marvel Universe, so it makes a lot of sense for the character to appear in the Phase 2 story arc – even if her origin comes as a sort of epilogue to Avengers 2, and helps kick off “Phase 3″ of the MCU. Given the growing evidence that Thor 2 will see Odin’s vault being breached – spewing iconic sources of cosmic power out into the MCU – an origin story for Ms. Marvel (revised from the Kree/Skrull alien origin in the comics) is certainly a possibility.


New Roster

New Avengers Captain America Bucky and Ms. Marvel Avengers 2: Why Ms. Marvel May Be Introduced & Actresses Rumored to Play Her

On the business side of things,  Avengers 2 will see at least Robert Downey Jr. coming to the end of his contractual obligations with Marvel (not to mention possible end to his patience with fanboy mania) – and after The Avengers 3, contracts for the rest of the principal cast start to run out as well. This would presumably open the door for new characters (and subsequently new actors) to take the reigns of the MCU thereafter.

We already speculate that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will kick-off a storyline in which Winter Soldier – a.k.a Bucky (Sebastian Stan) from The First Avenger - eventually takes over the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans); in the mid-2000s comics, Ms. Marvel climbed into the limelight alongside Bucky’s Captain America, so a similar transition in the MCU is not at all out of the question.


Star Power

While I personally think Ruth Wilson would be a smart pick for the role of Ms. Marvel (her work on Luther was pretty impressive), we know that Marvel has been trying to work with Emily Blunt for some time; in fact, she was originally up to play Black Widow before scheduling conflicts killed the deal and Scarlett Johansson walked away with the role. Blunt told us personally that she still wants to work with Marvel, so this Ms. Marvel rumor about her isn’t so out-of-left-field. Given her increased fame, Blunt would also be the type of recognizable (but still affordable) name that Marvel wants to have on a marquee; though, a lot of fans have always held out hope that she will be handed the role of The Wasp. We’ll see.

Previous rumors have stated actresses like  Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski being up for the role of Ms. Marvel, but we’re perfectly happy with the two young ladies (Wilson, Blunt) who are said to be in the running at this point. How about you? Do you have a favorite between the two, or were you hoping for somebody different?


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

Source: The Daily Mail

Ms. Marvel Header Image Art courtesy of JPRart; All other Comic Book Artwork is property of Marvel Comics.

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  1. Ms.Marvel shouldn’t be in any of the films, to say there should be no super powered females at all or any super powered humans. It just makes if seems to border line X-Men territory despite knowing they are too completely different origins and basis, but it still border lines that territory heavily. Thor is a God not a super powered human being. Captain America’s main power is in his muscles not shooting lasers. Iron Man is a human in a powered machine. Hulk is a laboratory experiment. Adding a element like Ms.Marvel would not work at all or in any form. Actual cosmic beings not humans are different because of an alien origin. What I’m trying to say is humans turning into super powered beings from an alien in a Marvel film were most of reality has been established, no. Like I said super powered humans tread X-Men territory which is also an on going franchise in the making with the reboot X-Men First Class and the now upcoming Days of Future Past.

    • You are splitting the most finely-cut hair I have every seen.

      Enhanced humans = OK
      Superpowered Aliens = OK
      Superpowered Humans = NOT OK?

      Seems a bit silly to me.

      • JerseySchindler is probably just a troll.

        • Probably just a troll? I think you’re being way too nice.

          People who want “realism” in their super hero movies are missing the point… I’m just glad Jersey isn’t the head of Marvel Studios.

          • I wouldn’t take Jersey’s comment, that makes no sense at all, and use it against people who want a little tie to reality in comic book movies. I don’t mind the Hulk or mythological gods, but talking raccoons and trees is where I draw the line. Ms. Marvel is a classic, one of the best, because the story is great. Rocket Raccoon, not a memorable story. In fact, none of the Guardian’s stories were that good except for Adam Warlock and that was due to Thanos.

            I don’t care what you say, you don’t have that cord to reality in any story, it will not work unless it is relying simply on comedy or action alone. Give me great action, but let me use my mind at least a little.

          • But he makes a valid point that is does seem very X-Men form. Just because someone has an issue with how something is brought about they automatically are labeled internet trolls. So then what are you guys then, pure homers?

            If I say I am not a fan of Bucky (Sebastian Stan) taking over the Captain America mantel(based on the recent Captain America Reborn comics)does that also make me a troll?

            If I say when you have The Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver in A2, and also see their characters in X-Men DOFT that it could bring a nagging comparison the whole time I am watching A2?

            In my opinion, keep the core Avengers as the core Avengers. I hope in the future we don’t go into movies like Avengers West etc. Things can get played out quick…

        • take the word “probably” out of your sentence and I agree completely ;)

          • Good point lol

    • What?? Thor has been established as an alien more so than a God in these films. not to mention GOG coming out. she fits fine….

      I prefer blunt she is a great actress and would have made a better black widow.

    • The Hulk is also a “super-powered human”… or would you not call him that?
      He didn’t get his powers from aliens, but he was still a normal human who turned into a super-powered being.

      Then there is Ant-Man… also a human with super-powers.

      I don’t see why Ms. Marvel would be such a big deal after that, especially after “Guardians of the Galaxy” opens up the doorway to more cosmic beings than just the ones in “Thor” (Asgardians, Jotnar, Elves etc.).

      Plus, we don’t know whether they’re going to keep her origin-story the same in the first place.

      They need to include more female characters. Joss Whedon talked about that, so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna include her in ‘Avengers 2′.

      They should include Wasp too, IMHO.

    • well actually ms marvel is not a mutant , she got her powers by being hit by an explosion of an alien device , which would fit with the end of the 1st avengers. they better pick someone hot and muscular to play her or i simply wont watch it !

      • I glad you mentioned the connection to the aftermath of the Avengers. I was trying to think of a way to intro her without Captain Marvel that wouldn’t seem forced. The aftermath could be it. I still think it’s a little of a cheat.

    • Sooo, MS Marvel goes against the REALITY that was Established in the MCU… You Mean… The One with Aliens Invading New York, The Introduction of THANOS (who can alter reality with his infinity Gauntlet), You mean the reality where a villain has a RED SKULL, or FROST GIANTS, or HAWKEYE being BRAINWASHED with a Sceptre?

      Or do you mean the reality in PHASE TWO, where IRON MAN will be taking on the MANDARIN, with 47 armours, or Where THOR will be going through all the nine realms, taking to us Hel (which is basically like HELL), or Captain America’s Best Friend who was thought to have died in ’40′s, but who is infact alive and well, and who is now a brainwashed assassin who hasnt aged since then. Or you must be talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy, where we will see a Talking Raccoon, a Tree that can only say “I Am Groot”, A Alien female warrior in Gamora, Drax the Destroyer who was once a man, but got powers through a Alien??

      Marvel’s Phase Two looks to embrace Fantasy, from here on in, I think you should expect a lot more characters, places and villains that will embrace the fantastical elements of Marvel…

    • I totally agree with JerseySchindler. I can’t understand how you people are so blind! No offense, of course. I’m a bit upset that Marvel might be adding new characters like Ant Man, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, etc. Maybe that’s because I’m no big comic fan like some of you are, but I mean one or two more heroes might be fine, but we already have 6. Do we really need more? I just hope Marvel doesn’t ruin the whole thing with too many characters. And I keep wondering how far they will go with this franchise. ?? @scyllaya: No, Hulk wouldn’t fall under the catagory of “super-powered human”. He’s a lab experiment. He wasn’t born like this. There is a perfectly logical explaination for what he is. The explaination for Ms. Marvel seems silly, and unrealistic.

      • I have an idea: maybe pick up a comic book and read it before you start bashing? Then at least you’d have some sort of reference and background that would save you before you make a clueless comment.

        Just an idea…

      • A lab experiment that resolved in a explosion granting him superhuman abilities. An alien explosion resulting in her gaining superhuman abilities. Oh yes, I can see just how soooo far apart those ideas are.

        • other possible choices for the role of ms. marvel include:

          -kelly carlson

          -maylin ackerman

          -katee sackhoff

          -jennifer aniston

          -january jones

          -jennifer love hewitt

          -kristin davis

          -sarah jessica parker

          keep in mind these are choices that have been talked about occasionally.

      • She was not born like that she got here powers from an alien device that blew up in a lab.

        • Lolol wow ms. Marvel wouldnt make sense in MCU? What are you smoking? If Hulk is considered a lab experiment where his physiology was altered or whatever by the gamma-rays, why in the heck is it sny more of s stretch to say that caro danvers was exposed to cosmic rays altering her and giving her powers. Fyi as per her origins she was in an accident where alien tech blew up, captain marvel being a kree but in human disquise protected her but the explosion merged or rather hybridised danver with kree dna/energy, hence how she can do what she does. To start making arguments based on a short and rather incomplete description of her origins by the author of the article is wasting everybodies time.

        • It was an explosion, but the essence of Cap. Marvel was the reason for her powers. Those two heroes are connected from the start. So are they going to intro Cap. Marvel too?

          • They are prettu much tied at the hip so to speak, so to intro ms marvel, u kinda have to intro cap marvel.. Well at least the fact that hes a kree. Avengers 3 then leading to skrull/kree shinanigans? Could be Interesting. So many avengers stories to choose from though, only time will tell. If she gets introed then they are going down that path (kree/skrull wars etc).

      • If that is your definition of “super-powered human”, Ms Marvel would not fit that description at all. Her story fits perfectly within the Universe and I think she will have a big role in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Speaking GOTG, you’re not going to be happy when you see Rocket Raccoon. That’s why Marvel is so cool, there are so many characters you can play with. Lastly “Black Widow Fan”, I’m a woman and I would love to see more women heroes. Carol Danvers is my favorite and I would FREAK if she got announced.

      • LOL how does Ms. Marvel not fit into the Marvel movies? In the MCU filled with aliens, gods (and soon to be talking raccoons) super powered humans are too much? Really? How is this make any logical sense to you?
        “There is a perfectly logical explanation for what he (Hulk) is.” Perfectly logical? A man being hit by radioactive rays that would really just kill him? How is that any more realistic than Ms. Marvel’s origin?
        Blackwidowfan and Jerseyschindler are Trolling. You guys remind me of my friend who didn’t like The Avengers because “Iron Man doesn’t fight aliens” Tells you how much he knows about comics.

        • I call shenanigans anyway because Jersey’s “X-Men” logic is completely destroyed by the simple fact that Rogue’s base powers were permanently absorbed from Ms.Marvel to begin with in Avengers Annual #10 :P

  2. Emily Blunt should defiantly be The Wasp not Ms. Marvel IMHO. Also, Yvonne Strahovski is who I would love to see as Ms. Marvel.

    • I completely agree. I clicked over to the old article about Yvonne Strahovski being Ms. Marvel and Kofi wrote this which immediately crushed my dreams. “Too good to be true.” I do not think we’ll get what we all want.

    • +1

  3. You guys are crazy. After seeing Luther, ill watch Wilson in anything. Give it to her

    • Oh man I didn’t notice that was her. she is amazing in Luther.

  4. Oh, I think Allison Scagliotti (Claudia Donovan) of Warehouse 13 would be so PERFECT for Wasp! She’s my #1 pick!

  5. I hope RDJ at least does three more Iron Man movies.

    • I don’t think that will happen. He’s getting old. I hope he still has cameos through out the MCU though.

      • He could become Secretary of Defense like in the comics at one point and make non-Iron Man appearances.

        Or if Sam Jackson gets tired of the role or something or they kill of Nick Fury… Tony can be the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D… like again, as in the comics.

        Plenty of non-action roles for Tony Stark, without the superhero gig, and RDJ is not too old for that. Even if only for cameos, it would be good.

        • +1
          I’ve also been thinking that he could become Secretary of Defense (there was even a reference to it in IM2 – at the court case scene), but with movie-Stark’s personality, I think he’ll have to go through a lot of changes and development before that would be believable…

          Still, you’re completely right: RDJ can keep doing this gig for years to come. The real question is, will be WANT to keep doing it…

          • Well, there’s a big personality change coming up with the “extremis” doing a number on him as far as I know. That may work well on the long run too.
            Post-extremis Tony might be suitable for that future, and yes they referenced to it in IM2, so it seems like a plausible road to me.

      • Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are “old” and they are still going pretty strong with their own movies. Turning fifty, which I believe is the age RDJ will be around after Avengers 2, isn’t always the cut off date where you can write off an actor as too old. There are plenty of actors like this who still work into their 60′s and 70′s and even keep on doing their own stunt work. Besides RDJ seems pretty spride, I mean he’s already playing a character who is marginally much younger than he is now and he’s pulling it off wonderfully. Its gonna be his choice.

  6. Blunt is an interesting choice, but like someone else said I think Yvonne Strahovski would be a good Ms.Marvel while I’d personally like to see Summer Glau play The Wasp.

  7. Clearly it sounds like marvel has already made their mind up with casting blunt as Ms marvel, though I prefer strahovski for that role. Marvel could care less what I or anyone else thinks so with that said guess we’ll see blunt gracing the screen in the summer of 2015 as part of avengers 2.

    On another note wouldn’t surprise me if Im3 and avengers 2 was RDJ last outing as Tony stark, so let the casting speculation get underway as 2 who will eventually replace Rdj as Tony stark.and no Mr Tom cruise you are not in the running even if you wanted 2 be.you had your chance and you blew it. (Which actually was probably a good thing)

    • As far as the next Tony Stark, I do think they are going to try and find someone who is like RDJ now and not like Tony Stark. He put his spin on it and it has been amazingly popular and accepted by the general public. (***Salutes*** “General Public”)

      • nice HIMYM reference!

  8. Ruth Wilson is brilliant on Luther, but I don’t see her Blunt as fitting the role from a physical standpoint. I know Whedon has a fetish for the butt-kicking waif type, but they can’t all look like ballet dancers while beating up on full grown men powers or not.

  9. RDJ’s contract with Marvel is up after Avengers 2?? I thought it was up after Iron Man 3. Regardless, why hasn’t marvel resigned him yet to a nice big fat loooooong contract to lock him up for years to come? He makes the whole thing go/work. He can’t be replaced as stark, so just sign him already. With or without the rest of the Avengers, I would watch sequel after sequel of RDJ as Iron Man/ tony stark, he is that good.

  10. 2 things…

    “On the business side of things, Avengers 2 will see at least Robert Downey Jr. coming to the end of his contractual obligations with Marvel” — I thought he was only signed for 4 movies. Did he extend it to five? I missed that. Seems odd they would only sign him for ONE more movie. If that’s all he was willing to do, then that would have made headlines everywhere!

    “(not to mention possible end to his (RDJ) patience with fanboy mania) –Where has this been a problem? I may have just missed this story too.

    • I’m also a little confused with that statement: at this year’s SDCC RDJ said that his (and Cheadle’s) contracts would end after IM3 – not Avengers 2. I know this because I watched a recording of the whole IM3 panel on youtube.
      Unless there’s been some story I missed after SDCC (which I doubt ;)), there might be a mix up somewhere.

  11. I’d like to see blunt. I like her. She fits. As for te wasp I still vote lyndsy fonseca of Nikita fame. Perfect choice. Love her.

  12. Really hope they introduce Ms. Marvel. I don’t know why they don’t give her a solo orgin film before any Avengers affiliation. With everyone clamouring for Ant-Man or Black Panther, I’ve always wanted to see Carol Danvers before either one of those boring charecters. Plus the Universe could use another female in the mix.

  13. Both Blunt and Wilson are good actresses, but:

    Blunt has been in too many recent films, that despite garnering fans towards watching a marvel film with her in it, it’ll water down her affect in the movie. Furthermore, Blunt has a very thin face and body, that I’m assuming, even with any sort of bulking up, she wouldn’t be able to fit the image of Ms. Marvel.

    Wilson, in my opinion, also doesn’t fit the image of Ms. Marvel. Also she looks a bit short.

    Strahovski also doesn’t work. She’s more appropriate in terms of height and build. But, facially, in my opinion, she doesn’t fit. Moreover, from what I’ve seen of her, she isn’t that great of an actress.

    Glau is just too skinny and small to appropriately fit many physical roles.

    Scagliotti isn’t a good actress. And she has too many facial quirks to be taken seriously.


      • That’s a good suggestion. She’s a decent actress, looks the part (both facially and physically), is athletic, isn’t overexposed and is sort of known. She’s kinda of short though.

  14. Both Blunt and Wilson are good actresses, but:

    Blunt has been in too many recent films, that despite garnering fans towards watching a marvel film with her in it, it’ll water down her affect in the movie. Furthermore, Blunt has a very thin face and body, that I’m assuming, even with any sort of bulking up, she wouldn’t be able to fit the image of Ms. Marvel.

    Wilson, in my opinion, also doesn’t fit the image of Ms. Marvel. Also she looks a bit short.

    Strahovski also doesn’t work. She’s more appropriate in terms of height and build. But, facially, in my opinion, she doesn’t fit. Moreover, from what I’ve seen of her, she isn’t that great of an actress.

    Glau is just too skinny and small for many roles.

    Scagliotti isn’t a good actress. And she has too many facial quirks to be taken seriously.

    • Its a super hero movie. The acting doesnt need to be great they need to look the part more than anything else. The guy who plays thor isnt the best actor but he fits the role.

      • ill take great acting over looking the part anyday

        • Agreed with Trey. “Looking the part” is nice, but does not necessarily lead to good storytelling.

          I’d MUCH rather they find someone who can successfully embody the spirit of the character, i.e., ACT.

          That being said, I somehow see more of Scarlet Witch in Ruth Wilson’s features than I envision Ms. Marvel. However, I’m betting she could do either role perfectly well. And I’d love to see her in Avengers 2.

      • What?! He’s a great actor. He IS Thor. Seriously, watch the beginning Star Treck (2009)as George Kirk, he’s awesome.

  15. Would love the girl from chuck she actually looks like ms marvel already

  16. It’s a shame Hollywood production companies are slaves to trends and what sells. Instead of writing a phenomenal Avengers 2, it appears we’ll more likely get a hashed remake of the first film, except we’ll have to force a smile knowing the characters (and by extension, actors) who made the Avengers a success are on their way out. Plus, we’ll have to be bombarded with spin-offs and introductions to new characters who don’t have the A-list quality (and thus don’t require A-list actors portraying them). Then in time the Avengers will become so diluted with filmmakers’ attempts to try to squeeze out every dollar yet include every fanboy-satisfying cameo, that we’ll all grow to hate it anyway.

    And yes, I realize Robert Downey, Jr. is just one guy. But that one guy started it all in 2008. Let’s not all try to show him the door at once.

  17. RDJ/Stark could definitely transition into a non-combatant role in future movies. He could take over for Fury possibly. There might even be a scenario where Fury goes missing and SHIELD has to find him. Stark is drafted in, against his better judgment, to become the acting director. In the MCU, he’s not anywhere as in bed with SHIELD as he is in the comics, but perhaps out of loyalty to his father, who was a founding director, he takes up the job. Besides, he’d get to wear civilian clothes all the time and not have to suit up. They’ll probably let Rhodey become Iron Man or someone else.
    Dan-O, this is the inevitable problem that the studio faces with trying to maintain a continuity with the films. Unlike the comics where you just keep drawing the character the same, and he stays 29 years old for 30 years, the actors age. So if you’re going to go into Phase 4 or Phase 5, you’re talking about a crew who might be 12 years older than when they first started. So now you get into the problem of do you keep the same characters but replace the actors (i.e. James Bond) or do you replace the characters with new ones but risk alienating the fans with what appear to be lower level heroes?

  18. Ms Marvel should have a HUGE rack and so none of these actresses really qualify.

    I’d like to see Alexandria Daddorio in that role.

    • A woman with a big rack like Scarlett’s would be nice.

      • kim kardas. or stacy keibler, great buts, but i think also that these two can´t act.

  19. Do I want to see Miss Marvel?

    How about no.

  20. Ms Marvel making her debut on the silver screen would be awesome, especially as an addition to The Avengers (under the direction of Joss Whedon to boot)… but it wouldn’t be awesome if Blunt or Wilson were to play the role.
    Neither of them look the part, but more importantly, neither of them have the personality and presence that I’d imagine Ms Marvel has. Blunt can’t do an American accent to save her life and I don’t think Wilson has even done an American accent on screen.

    Luckily this is only a rumour, spread by “The Daily Mail” – I’m taking it with a grain of salt lol.

    Yvonne Strahovski for Ms Marvel!!!!!!

    • Yvonne is the only one that I can see. Epic casting!!!

  21. Jennifer Hale for Ms Marvel!

  22. Neither one of these are a good choice; they don’t look at all like the character. having said that, I would much rather see The Wasp and Scarlet Witch appear in Avengers #2 before they look at any other female characters.

  23. It’s funny how many folks speak about how the avengers have too many heroes. Someone is going to die. Everyone doesn’t seem to get it though…..hate me if you want but I for some odd reason think that Tony stark is going to die in either iron man 3 or avengers 2. Why I say this because RDjr has only one more marvel movie contract and it hasn’t been renewed, so who knows?

  24. Well the great thing about Iron Man to me is the people inside him are interchangable. Iron Man is a symbol much like Batman. Ive heard Rumors about the extremis storyline in IM3 may kill off RDJ as Tony Stark.

    But the Avengers much like the X-men can go through line up changes without so much as a blink…and most true fans would be understanding. X-Men: First Class proved that audiences were ok seeing new team members in the movies.

    • But much like Batman/Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark has and always will be the guy in the suit/costume that the audience wants most.

      Bruce Wayne IS Batman and Tony Stark IS Iron Man… no matter how many times other characters have tried replacing them in the comics, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have always made their way back somehow.

      Chris Nolan couldn’t even kill off Bruce Wayne, so I doubt Marvel Studios would.

    • we have just seen some pics from the set and you say that you heard that he will get killed. pppffft !

  25. id rather have yvone strahoski play ms marvel shes perfect for the role

  26. Ms. Marvel starddles that X-men/Avengers line. Although she is associated with the Avengers, she had some of her powers stolen from her by the X-man Rogue. It can go either way, almost like Scarlet witch and quicksilver (Mutant Children of Magneto). In order for the true marvel story to be told, in inclusion of X-men/spiderman/fantastic four will have to be added

  27. I love Emily Blunt, she’s very hot!

    I would also love to see a super powered Emily Blunt kick A$$!

    Hotness aside, she’s also an awesome actress…


  28. Can we have at least one major female marvel character get her own film? It’s a sausage-fest at the moment.

    • As a woman and comic reader, I agree. Ms Marvel movie would be awesome!!! I would expect to see her in a solo movie in Phase 3. I just think that it’s too soon but I assure you, it will be coming.

  29. I can understand wanting to add another female to the mix but why go with another character with super strength? I mean the group is full of them already. Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. I think a more interesting addition in terms of abilities/powers would be the Scarlet Witch. It would add a different element other than just the super powered smashers. My personal favorite is Moondragon but the general public might not be familiar with her so that’s not a likelihood.