‘The Avengers 2′ is Titled ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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avengers age ultron title The Avengers 2 is Titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel showcased footage from their upcoming Phase 2 movies Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy at the studio’s 2013 Comic-Con panel. However, it was all buildup to the final reveal: the official title for writer-director Joss Whedon’s sequel to The Avengers, which is… wait for it… The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Whedon took the stage in Hall H at the conclusion of Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, in order to introduce a brief teaser for the second Avengers movie, which is also the final installment in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The preview included material from the first Avengers film, spliced together with new footage (showing a man approaching an unidentified temple) and the reveal of CGI images that form Ultron’s face – followed by the official logo, which is featured as the header image for this article.

[UPDATE: Whedon has revealed that Ultron will get a new origin story in the Avengers sequel.]

avengers 2 age ultron The Avengers 2 is Titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Ultron, for those not familiar, is a Marvel villain who was introduced back in the 1960s. The character – originally identified as Ultron-5, the living automaton – is the creation of Henry Pym (a.k.a. Ant-Man), a robot who developed self-awareness and intelligence, but then formed an intense hatred for its “father” and evolved into a supervillain.

The Avengers – in printed form – have fought multiple upgraded versions of the dangerous robot, over the decades since the character’s inception in the comic books. As far as his general qualities are concerned: Ultron customarily possesses super-human intelligence and data-processing capabilities, among other “powers” that make him a formidable opponent for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Ant Man with his ant friends The Avengers 2 is Titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it seems, will therefore be Hank Pym’s introduction to the MCU, before the character gets his own standalone feature in 2015 with Ant-Man: the first installment in Marvel’s Phase 3. Whedon using the character in his Avengers sequel script would also set the stage for the filmmaker to include Janet van Dyne/Wasp in the film, given her connections to Pym (she previously came close to making the cut in the first Avengers movie).

Similarly, assuming that Ultron’s origins are not significantly changed or altered for Whedon’s film, this means that Avengers: Age of Ultron should be the third Earth-based adventure in Phase 2, after Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That appears to be the case, given the previously-established importance of the Captain America sequel in the overarching story in Phase 2 (according to the previous reports on that subject) – and thus, the expectation is that Cap’s new adventure will place down the immediate groundwork for an Avengers reunion.


Iron Man 3 releases on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24th, 2013.

Meanwhile, Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: Marvel

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  1. Eh. Excited for DC news more.
    Avengers 2 is now way too crowded. Ant Man, Vision, Quicksilver AND Scarlet Witch.

    • Is Vision in this, and Ant-Man? I know you sorta gotta have Pym to make Ultron. Hope he is Goliath in this if he is inded in there, and brings wasp with him!


      “Heaven, I’m in Heaven,
      But my movie just will not be complete
      ’til I hear Pietro’s super-speeding feet,
      And see Ultron spanking Scar-Witch on her cheeks.

      Heaven, I’m in Heaven,
      Can’t wait to see Pym’s grow-&-shrink feat,
      I hope Iron Man, Thor, & Cap don’t get beat,
      But they just might if Ultron decides to cheat!”

      Heaven, I’m in Heaven,
      Forget the salad, Marvel’s serving up the meat:
      Maybe Wasp will sting Ultron with his defeat?
      Gosh, Avengers #2 is getting really neat!”

    • Where’s Vision coming from. The first film had great character development, minus Hawkeye. An addition of two more characters won’t hurt a thing.

      • The Avengers had great character development???? Are you havin a laugh??

        • Well, you can’t have a banquet at every meal. It was as good as you could do in the amount of time you had. Same with Green Lantern. Room for improvement, sure, but even Adam was not perfect the first time around, before he was tossed out of Eden! Give the movies time to develop….works in progress.

      • Vision will be made by Ultron

        • You don’t really know that. They said that he might be made by Stark. Maybe even Ultron will, which is why Tony isn’t wearing the suit anymore.

  2. Wicked! Looking forward to this even more now.

  3. This sounds really cool.

  4. Ant-Man in November. Avengers months before. Any idea how they’re going to pull this off as far as Pym creating it and it evolving to this point BEFORE the Ant-Man movie? I’m excited though lol

    • I was just thinking of that. Maybe “Age of Ultron” will (to a certain extent) serve as Ant-Man’s introduction.

      • It starts off at the point where Ultron is already becoming self-sustaining and it goes from there. Something like that perhaps?

      • Going by the Ultimate Comics Henry Pym will create Ultron in Avengers II and then will become Giant-Man either at the end of the film or in his own film. Ultron will become self-aware and grow infatuated with Scarlet Witch who is incestuously attracted to her brother, Quicksilver, which will cause Ultron to kill her.

      • I think you’re correct .

    • The movies aren’t released chronologically. Asking how Ant-Man can be released after Avengers 2 is like asking how Captain America can be released after Iron Man… it just can. There’s no reason why ‘Ant-Man’ can’t take place after the events of TA2.

      And even if it’s chronological, maybe TA2 just has Hank Pym – no Ant-Man – where he has a smaller, supporting role (only serving the plot i.e. the creation of Ultron) that leads to his own movie later the year.
      Or, going by what Edgar Wright teased a long while back, ‘Ant-Man’ could take inspiration from To Steal an Ant-Man, where the main focus is on a new character, Scott Lang, who steals the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym (a character already established in The Avengers 2).

      There are many ways it could be done.

      IMO it makes sense to introduce the character in The Avengers sequel -which will help “sell” the character to the audience.

      • Couldn’t have said it any better!

        • wow, so well thought… you summed it up pretty well…

      • But cap does end up in the future when shield is trying to create the avengers team…so All the movies happen around the same time.

        • …and if Ant-man does indeed take place before Avengers 2, that movie could end with a scene showing Pym in his lab beginning work on Ultron.

          Like I said, many ways to do it… it’s not that difficult.

        • Nope, still wrong. Thor takes place before Iron Man. His appearance on Earth is the whole reason why the Avengers initiative is started, as stated in The Avengers.

          • Thor is after Iron Man 2. Did you not watch them. Coulson was there

          • Actually no, Thor takes place at the same time as IM2 and a big part of TIH. It was called “Fury’s Big Week”.

            • thor came to earth in iron man 2.. coulson said I have to leave for a disturbance in new mexico…

              • @ J-SCOTT you are completely right, Coulson leaves Stark at his mansion in IM2 to got to New Mexico where Mjolnir landed. Coulson even says there is a disturbance in New Mexico

          • @ robert w
            “Nope, still wrong. Thor takes place before Iron Man. His appearance on Earth is the whole reason why the Avengers initiative is started, as stated in The Avengers.”

            actually, that was the reason shield was working on the “phase 2″ weapons, because of thor and the destroyer.

            • SHIELD never said that “Phase 2″ was a weapons program (Iron Man said it leading us and all the Avengers to believe him). I think the real “Phase 2″ is SHILED creating their own super-hero army.

              This would explain the Hulk movie and Falcon (in Cap. 2). But I think we will know for sure in AoS

      • Yeah, he could invite Ultron in Avengers 2 and feels so bad for doing it becomes a crime fighter. The Ant-Man movie could be about her rise to being a superhero

      • You’re correct but I hope that Wright doesn’t mess up that movie by making Lang Ant-Man. It’s possible that Marvel wants to stay away from Pym bc of the wife beating story, even though it wasn’t written to be a wife beating instance. I think they should have Ultron introed at the end of Cap 2 & maybe build a little after GotG. Either way, unless they pull a Mandarin, I’m happy. Ultron is one of the best villains in the Marvel universe. But, Mandarin was too…

    • Maybe Pym in Avengers #2, Scott Lang in Ant-Man? At one point I heard Edgar Wright was thinking of using primarily Lang (hope not as Pym is THE Ant-Man to me!). Hope Wright changed his mind on this and is using Pym.

      • He has also stated that he plans (planned?) to use both Pym AND Lang in Ant-Man, manyyy different theories…

        Also…. thinking about those comments about Extremis “popping up” in Phase 2.. gets me thinking (remember at the end of IM3 when Tony says he’s “perfected” or i mean… “cured” pepper?

        Logic trumps reason.. or whatever… um.. Tony may in fact inject himself with Extremis and have his Iron Man suit just.. (wait for it.. hold on…) my mind is blown from any logic surrounding Extemris + Iron Man suit and ULTRON (not saying he makes Ultron) but…

        an Extremis enhanced Iron Man suit/Tony Stark fighting off against Ultron..

        I think I’ve literally died from the excitement of that proposal.

        • @ Nick – I think that those are all great options.

          I think that Extremis will show up on Agents of SHIELD. They could also have Ultron introduced in that show, since Pym was supposed to be a SHIELD agent. Ultron was good for a while before becoming sentient.

    • It could be that Hank Pym is introduced in Avengers 2, but he won’t be Ant-Man, if you know what I mean, just invent the technology.

      That’s fine with me if they go that route.

  5. So which news is bigger? Batman/Superman or Age of Ultron.

    Not that it has any bearing on this film, but I just finished reading the Age of Ultron story arc….it blew.

    • Batman/Superman.
      It was expected to be this for A:2.

      • No it wasn’t. It was expected for DC to go World’s Finest. People thought Thanos was going to be the villain. Along with Thor, Cap, GOTG, and this. This is more exciting. 4 films beat 1.

        • Quantity means nothing. Quality does. You fail to understand how big Batman and Superman are alone, one of them is the reason superheroes even exist. They’ve always been bigger, and it’s going to stay that way.

          Marvel’s best writing arguably was with Amazing Spider-Man, it’s a character that people loved to read about a lot. Why do you think he’s given the most crucial decisions to make? He’s their Batman, and that’s why he does so well without Marvel Studios. I don’t remember anybody talking about other Marvel heroes except Wolverine or Hulk every now and then when I was a lot younger. I’m not saying these Avengers aren’t interesting, but the writing didn’t really seem like it was anything special.

          • And the writing to Man Of Steel was special? That was the most critiqued thing about Man Of Steel. Everyone expected the sequel to Man Of Steel to follow with a World’s Finest film. It was the obvious way to go. No one expected Ultron this soon. Everyone thought Thanos was going to be the villain.

            And it doesn’t matter if no one knew who they were, they know these characters now.

            • No one expected World’s Finest. No one expected anything because Justice League kept getting tossed around, then MOS 2, and then “Batman Beyond”. You’re pulling things out of thin air to make yourself have a right answer because you aren’t willing to challenge what I’m saying.

              Pretty much ANY Avengers villain was expected after Thanos was confirmed not to be in this, especially Ultron after word of Ant-Man.

              • I honestly had absolutely no clue that they would announce Batman in the sequel. That caught me by surprise. The idea of a Batman Superman team up on the big screen has been around for what? 20 years?

                Knowing the title of Avengers 2 is awesome, everything they unveiled is awesome but in my opinion, all those things put together does not even come close to the Batman announcement.

                There’s an audio recording of the conference online when Snyder made the announcement and the crowd went completely nuts. The build up was funny as well since you can hear people muttering, “Oh my god”, “No way”, again and again and can even hear people squealing.

              • Are you kidding? Everyone expected a World’s Finest. At least us hard core fanboys did. The idea has been talked about and thrown around since the mention of WB wanting to do a JLA film. I can find articles and comments on almost every genre site concerning JLA that references to a worlds finest movie.

                He’s not pulling things out of thin air. You personally aren’t an Avengers guy, so those announcements are meh to you. I’m a true comic book fan so I don’t get pulled into those silly “my D#$K is bigger than your’s” arguments. But I at least know how to be truthful when someone likes you comes into an article about one thing and flames about something else. Go to the Superman/Batman article and give praise all you want. Don’t come into a Marvel article and FALSELY talk about how a Superman/Batman announcement was (in your head at least) better. The Guardians of the galaxy announcement ALONE was bigger and better than anything from the DC panel. The Avengers announcement only solidified Marvels Number one spot.

                The most original idea they could come up with was to have Harry/Henry Lennix read a line from TDKR? Seriously? Why not have the actual new Batman actor read those lines? Now THAT would have been deep. The FACT that they didn’t shows/proves that this was a last minute knee-jerk reaction to what Marvel was going to announce. I’m sorry dude. I loved MoS and I can’t wait for Superman/Batman but that announcement didn’t take peoples breath away (like you’re wishing it did) like the announcements from the Marvel Panel did. Grow up dude.

              • If you were paying attention many hours before World’s Finest was announced it was rumored and they were just waiting for a confirmation Avengers age of ultron was shocking and nobody had rumored or predicted that this would happen

                The question is why was Thanos teased at the end of the avengers when he isnt the villain in Avengers 2

                • That’s the thing, you know how many rumors about this movie there were? I saw the rumor the same day and just passed it on, it was no different than any other. I guess the question is, which is bigger, the first time Batman and Superman are on the same big screen, which people have been waiting for an announcement on at comic con for years or the super villain of the next Avengers? Your pick, who cares what anyone else says. But to me, it’s gotta be the Superman and Batman reveal.

            • “No one expected Ultron this soon.”

              No one? Guess that makes me “no one” then because I have been postulating using Ultron for the next Avengers movie even before Avengers was released. Don’t believe me go back and read any past thread here on SR dealing with Avengers speculation. It was the best possible choice imho and either great minds think alike or they read my posts and decided I was right! 😀

              Have also been saying that having Thanos be in A2 would be anti-climactic and best saved for A3.

    • I seriously doubt Avengers 2 will be based on the new Ultron story arc. They’re almost certainly just using the title.

      • You know, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch combating with The Avengers that are already established could take up most of the film, with Ultron appearing towards the end just before the credits of Avengers #2. Stranger things have happened, but I am just speculating here.

        • An entire movie of the Avegners fighting Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?
          No thanks. Something like that doesn’t take up 120+ minutes.

          If Ultron isn’t the main villain of the movie, they wouldn’t have called it Age of Ultron.

          • and boom goes the dynamite..

            QS and SW are British, they tango with the avengers about how to go about fighting Ultron presumably.

            jesus so MANY possibilities.

            also, the story arc for Age of Ultron isn’t THAT TERRIBLE.

            • I dunno man.. Age of Ultron was pretty bad imo. I’ve noticed that with these new Marvel Comics “events”, the story always starts out being big and interesting, but just collapses on itself mid way through.

              From the interviews I’ve read/seen, and looking at the first Avengers movie, it seems as if Whedon take most of his inspiration from the more classic story lines and infusing them with some of the new stuff.

              • You’re right, wasn’t so impressed with Avengers v X-Men either but I think the artwork had a lot to do with that.

              • well if thats the case, Ultron has been around for a LONG long time, and Age of Ultron could jus be the use of a name, and a name alone.

                I’m very, very excited about this.

                But the biggest question here….

                WHO WILL PLAY ULTRON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

                • He’s going to be CGI, obviously. :p

                  • Not necessarily ALL CGI because I’m sure there will be plenty of conventional robot models but yeah, not gonna be played by a real person.

                    The more accurate question is……who will be the voice?

          • I think there will be other villains besides the not-really-so-villain-y Q & SW. They may be msitaken by the avengers as baddies at first, but by the end they will be on The Avengers’ side. Someone may gear them up to it at first, and then by the end Ultron will make an appearence, but I think we will see another evil influence first by someone. Hmmmm, Kang would be nice….

    • Hey, I’m a die hard and I DO love The Avengers. More than anything I love those old storylines in THE BOOKS with The Scarlet Witch, The Vision, The Beast, ( never really cared for Wonder Man ) and ULTRON !! Ultron!!!

      I know those books. My cousin gave them to me and they are gold to me.

      And now it’s gonna be a Movie!

      That said….on the other hand…..

      SUPERMAN vs BATMAN! What more needs to be said?

      • I’ll tell you what needs to be said, even though it probably goes without saying for alot of us:


        • +infinity

    • Doesn’t mean the film is going to follow the same path, evidence by the fact that half the principle characters of the crossover don’t exist or can’t be used in the MCU. It doesn’t even have to involve time travel. It just has to involve A) Ultron being a major antagonist like he usually is B) the Avengers opposing Ultron and eventually successfully defeating him and C) having a good story to tie it all together and make it worthwhile to the viewer.

    • Superman and Batman hands down

      • I know this is kinda like trying to take a serious piss through a strainer at this joyous and glorious time, but I’d rather see a Green Fantern/Flash team-up movie than a Superman/Batman one (don’t get me wrong, I am pumped for that, also).

        • Flash is awesome, I can’t wait for his movie.

          Lantern…meh, I never was interested in him, even outside of the Ryan Reynolds film. The concept of the rings and their color meanings/powers are incredible, bur I never got in the characters per say.

    • I do think Batman/Superman is bigger news, although personally I’m more excited for Marvel movies. But that’s just because they are writing the characters better IMO.

    • batman and superman has me way more excited been waiting years for that to happen

  6. Cool, but to be honest, it really doesn’t hype me up all that much.

    Sorry Marvel, you dropped the ball at Comic-Con. You should have revealed this BEFORE DC revealed Superman/Batman. I’m a thousand times more excited about that than this.

    • +11

      I’m excited for both, but I agree with you; THIS time, DC had the upper hand.

    • Even if they were first, all they did was release the title of the movie along with the main villain’s name.

      That was Superman and Batman, two major superhero icons that have always been bigger than any Avenger.

    • Warner Bros./DC may potentially have the bigger news but I fail to see how Marvel “dropped the ball.” They’re still the King of the Hill and it’s just business as usual for them at this point.

      Meanwhile, WB/DC is trying to get some sort of footing. While I didn’t like Man of Steel, it obviously turned out to be very successful. I just don’t trust this team or WB/DC still.

      In my opinion, I think WB/DC is pushing this on Snyder and Goyer. All of the interviews I’ve seen with them and with Cavill pointed to them wanting to take their time with Superman first.

  7. I actually stayed awake for the liveblog. Getting close to 5am here, and I don’t see how I’ll be able to sleep for at least a week after all this! 😛

    First Batman/Superman and now Avengers: AGE OF ULTRON??!!!!!
    Dreams… dreams coming true…

    Great move on Marvel/Whedon’s part. I’ve always been of the opinion that Ultron would be ideal for A2 and that Thanos should be saved for the third one, and now Marvel’s doing just that! Now I just hope they do it right: Bring in a good actor to play Hank Pym (keep Ultron’s origin close to the source material) and make this thing!!

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! and…..yup-yup-yup as well.

      • No…..nope.

    • OMH can you believe it Avenger? We are two of the few who held out hopes for this for well over a year, even during the darkest period with the Ant-Man/Wright info, and WE WERE RIGHT! 😀

      I admit when I read the title my heart actually skipped a beat.

      Face to all the doubters and those thinking Thanos would be the primary villain!

  8. So how does he tie in to Thanos?? and well doesn’t he seem much more required to be the bad guy in the Ant-man movie and not Avengers granted he is an iconic villian. he would just be fighting Tony the whole time and his body is destroyed because he is just an AI…or he would fight Ant-man

    also im not very well versed in comic book lore and i only have some moderate knowledge from tv shows, movies, and wikis

    • “So how does he tie in to Thanos??” …good question

  9. Ultron is the definitive Avengers villain for me. I stopped caring about the Batman announcement the second I read this. Time to jump on Netflix and rewatch the Ultron episodes of Avengers:EMH. Love that voice.

  10. Marvel has 13+ awsome upcoming films and all I can say is Thank you

  11. I think then this is why they need Scarlet Witch for Avengers 2. In the Age of Ultron comic book, time travel is required to defeat Ultron. Doesn’t Scarlet Witch have crazy time-altering powers?

    • Maybe they’ll run into Wolverine along the way 😉

      And yes, I’m aware of the studio differences. It’s a joke, laugh

      • Heh. No need to explain to me. lol

        Sorry, Joss Whedon. You don’t have access to The Wolverine or the Beast, etc all….

  12. Yeah, people have been waiting several decades for a Superman/Batman movie, and marvel comes out with this? HA! Marvel sucks – enjoy the lame quips and “jokes”

    • Marvel has absolutely nothing left to prove. They have 5 movies coming out in the next 2 yrs and they are a couple of movies away from becoming the most successful film franchise in history. They did this in less than 6 years. You are forgetting that what they did with Avengers is the reason Fox and Sony and now DC are all putting together cohesive universes. You dont have to like them but don’t try to downplay what Marvel has done for superheroes in pop culture.

      • Exactly, batman and superman was not much of a surprise because apparently there is no never any plan to begin with, i knew dc was not going to be able to do jla next.

  13. I like Ultron, but that’s a stupid title IMO. Sounds like a cheap video game.

    Avengers 2 sounds much better.

    • Exactly.

      “We” may know who and what ULTRON is, but not the general movie going audience. Hell, maybe not even a lot of fans.

      Ultron goes way back in the books.

      • lolz, as long as it says “Avengers” in the title, I think the general movie going audience will have everything they need to know 😉

        • Teaser:

          Norman Osborn: “AVENGE MEEEEEEEEEEE!”

          (cue Avengers theme, title screen fades in)

        • Hey, I’m there. And you’re right.

          But, “The Age Of Ultron?”

          If “The Avengers” is all you need, why complicate things with an un necessary title with “Ultron” in it.

          Folks that don’t know the character and the books will be thinking: “Is it a triple A battery of a double A ?”

          • I know we live in an age where people are pretty stup!d, but I think most people are still smart enough to deduce that “Ultron” is the villain, just like most people deduced that The Winter Soldier is the villain in the new Cap movie.

            It’s trend to have subtitled movies and in most cases it makes the title sound that much cooler. Besides, by your logic of not complicating things unnecessarily, we’d have movie titles like Star Wars 5 (instead of The Empire Strikes Back), Indiana Jones 3 (instead of The Last Crusade) and LOTR 3 (instead of Return of the King).

            Relax about it 😉

            • “The Scranters: Age of Moron”


            • I’m relaxed. Just being the devil’s advocate, as usual.

              I look forward to BOTH SUPES/BATS and ” The Age Of Ultron. ”

              Because THIS IS ” The Age Of Ultron!”

    • This news actually kind of disappoints me the more I think about it. I was really looking forward to Thanos being the villain in Avengers 2 :/

      Ultron is cool and all, but they should have saved him for the final movie, Avengers 3. Not the other way around.

      • Thanos is so much more powerful than Ultron. It makes sense to use Ultron for the smalle more personal movie before unleashing Thanos for the epic finale. You don’t go big before small.

      • You don’t go from the galaxy’s most dangerous villain, the Mad Titan Thanos, to Earth’s greatest villain, Ultron.
        Story telling 101: ‘ya build up to the big finish.

      • Marvel has no plans for any sort of “final movie.” They are going to keep on making Avengers films for a loooooong time.

    • It sounds like a 50s sci-fi movie title.
      Which in this case is not a compliment.

      • “The Day The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Stood Still”

        • LOL !!! Keep it up ACW !!

          You’re on a roll!

        • Dude. Yes.

        • 😀 Exactly 😀

    • I actually think its an apt title because #1, its BETTER than just slapping a “2” on it and calling it good and #2, because “age” brings with it something more than a one shot villain. Ultron is nearly impossible to snuff out so he can always be brought back as a reoccurring thorn in the Avengers (and Shield’s) side.

  14. This news is exciting, but there’s no way it could top a Superman/Batman film. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  15. So, no Thanks then?

  16. Staying away from another alien adversary is a wise choice.
    I cannot say some super robot sounds very exciting, however.

    • We get it. Geesh. Mr. Negativity.

      • Please. You got the wrong dude, dude. You speak for yourself only.

  17. I’m a DC fan myself but I’m looking forward to see what they do with Ultron.

  18. I’m sorry, but we don’t need ant-man for this. Just substitute in tony stark for hank. Iron man 3 hinted at the idea that tony is working on AI for his suits. He could be the “father” of ultron and we all know what kind of daddy issues tony has. Could be interesting.

    • But with the Ant-Man movie in the works, at least introducing Hank Pym is a win/win.

    • Too late, Nick.

      Ant Man is coming our way.

      Load up on the insect repellent!!

    • I was just thinking that. ^^

    • If something IM3 taught Marvel is that you don’t get to mess with cannon without the fans going wild about it. Just think about all the rant they got about the Mandarin… Now you expect fans just to stand by while they change the entire origin of one of the best villain of the Avengers?

      I don’t think so, friend.

      • It’s one thing to stray from canon.

        It’s another to waste Ben Kingsley’s acting ability with toilet humor.

        • Well if anyone is curious? The real mandarin has decided to show up. But in the wrong movie, enders game lol..

      • Soooooo…they learned that by messing with the canon, they can make billions of dollars? I don’t think Interweb rage is all that important compared to Lego sales.

  19. Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yummy-Scrummo!

  21. @basedgeek

    marvel does have 13 movies coming out. but dc is greenlighting the ultimate superhero movie above the avengers. if done correctly this movie will be more compelling than the 13 marvel movies combined.

    with that said im eager to see marvel direction. but right now im super excited for dcs future. worlds finest is going to be epic I hope

    • Not as long as Goyer is involved. It will be okay but has the potential to be better.

    • Snyder appears to be directing. “if done correctly” is a big, fat “if” now. I can’t get excited about Superman/Batman news because of his involvement. :(

      • I’m not as excited for the film as I should be since both David Goyer and Snyder are really some hit or miss kind of guys. Though I have to say they do understand the character very well as well as being huge fans of the character so that lifts up my hopes a bit. I’m still cautious and will just wait for a trailer.

        • Which one? It is clear neither understands Superman at all. Goyer’s take on Batman was alright, but also not terribly true to the character.

    • wow, spoken like a true DC famboi that cannot be swayed into believing in the sun even when it’s shining on their face.

      He lemme correct you a bit…..”if done correctly this movie will be more compelling than all of DC’s previous movies

  22. Hank Pym is introduced in A2 after creating the Ultron tech. Maybe the after-credit scene is a glimpse at him becoming Ant-Man and leading into that movie…

  23. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    *I’m clearly not excited by the way.

  24. So does Ultron = Vin Diesel..is that who hes playing?

    • That’s ANOTHER thing!!

      Marvel could have at least had Mr Diesel at the convention to at least “tease” the character he’s playing.

      I’d wager Vin is gonna be The Vision.

    • That would be a good guess, IMO :-)

    • It will be cool to see him in a Marvel movie

  25. What the can do, and what makes the most sense considering Hank’s a major pacifist, is at the end of TA2, Hank realizes it was primarily his fault for the destruction wrought by Ultron, and so the Ant-Man film could more than likely be about him trying to make amends for the mistakes he’s made prior. And if Vision IS in it, I bet it’ll only be a teaser, like we’ll see him on a table in the background when there’s some kind of Ultron Lab scene happening. I don’t think he’ll be major. Although I could be wrong considering Scarlet Witch is confirmed.

  26. What happened to Thanos?

  27. Wahooooooooooooo!

  28. “…this means that Avengers: Age of Ultron ought to be the second Earth-based adventure in Phase 2, after Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

    I’m confused by this. Was Iron Man 3 not phase 2, or did it not take place on Earth??

    • Perhaps they mean with movies that are not out yet, or perhaps they just dun goofed

    • D’oh! My bad, you’re right, thanks for the catch.

      It’s been corrected.

  29. You know, the villain speculating for these films because of their importance makes me laugh because it reminds me of that goofy conversation between Venom and Spider-Man on the rooftop in the PS1 SM game:



    “The…Sub Mariner.”

    “Sub Mariner?! Get serious, will you?”

    “The Mighty Thor!”