Joss Whedon: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch A ‘Huge Part’ of ‘The Avengers 2′

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Scarlet Witch Surrender Marvel Comics Joss Whedon: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch A Huge Part of The Avengers 2

Disney raised a whole new set of questions over the last few weeks by confirming three release dates for unannounced Marvel Studios films coming in 2016-17, but one of the more interesting mysteries fans still have is regarding two new characters joining Earth’s Mightest in The Avengers 2. It was at the world premiere of Iron Man 3 where Joss Whedon first made public his intentions of including Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, aka Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Within weeks though, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer unveiled over Twitter that he was also introducing Quicksilver (to be played by Even Peters) in Fox’s own cinematic universe. What does that mean for The Avengers 2 and is there any chance that previous interviews with Fox execs expressing interest in working with Marvel are hinting at something more?

At the Saturn awards this week, Crave Online caught up with Joss Whedon on the red carpet and asked him about the confusion behind the “brother-sister act” being of interest to both his own film for Marvel Studios and for Bryan Singer in the next X-Men team up for Twentieth Century Fox.

“It’s a huge part of the movie. I’m really excited about it and I don’t know what they’re doing – I’m determinedly not knowing… They’ll do their thing, I have to do mine.”

Not the words fans hopeful of Fox and Disney-Marvel deal to share characters are hoping to hear. Seeing two different versions of the same Marvel Comics character less than a year apart on screen, with at least one of them being drastically different from the comics doesn’t do anyone any good and it makes us wonder why they’d be used even in the first place by Whedon. The only explanation we can think of is that Scarlet Witch’s ability to alter reality may have have a crucial role in the story of The Avengers 2.

Marvel Comics Avengers Academy 7 Quicksilver Tron Joss Whedon: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch A Huge Part of The Avengers 2

If Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios have talent in mind for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for The Avengers 2 this early out – and rumored names including Aaron Johnson and Saoirse Ronan have surfaced since Whedon first confirmed his intentions of adding the characters – it could be officially announced as early as three weeks from now at Comic-Con, or at Disney’s D23 event in August. The Avengers 2 begins shooting March 2014. It’s also possible that one or both of the characters appear beforehand in Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy, not unlike Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye made supporting/cameo appearances before The Avengers.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Crave Online

Quicksilver art from Avengers Academy #7 (TRON variant) by Ed McGuinness.

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  1. I bet fox only use quicksilver & scarlet witch in cameo roles, I believe they’ve got too many other characters in x-men days of future past for them to have anything bigger than a cameo.

    • Agree, I remember what they did to Emma Frost in Wolverine. Just a mere cameo. The DOFP is already flooded with character (look what happened to XMen The Last Stand)

    • That wouldn’t be a bad idea it’d probably make distinguishing between the two quicksilvers better for the audiences, I kinda hope that’s what happens because although I look forward to DOFP I am more excited about Avengers 2 so I guess I want that to be better. In the end of the day Whedon and Singer I always felt were pretty different directors and writers so odds are they’ll make it different to fit their stories.

  2. I’m guessing they will be among the bad guys in this movie… since the two was basically villain at first. I sure hope Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne will be introduced prior their movie (Ant-Man) as well, to make the team complete. With the movie released only several months after TA2, I’m sure it won’t be hard to insert them in the team.

    • @Averagemoviegoers: yes, yes, yes! Thoroughly agree on Hank Pym (Goliath/Giant-Man) and Janet Van Dyne (Wasp). Gotta get them in there, and the sooner the better! Re: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch: I think if they start out battling the Avengers, that by the end of the movie, they will be buds with and members of the team. Now what bad-guy could egg them into it? kang just might be able to fill the ticket, and I also have Ultron, Whirlwind, Skrulls, and maybe Diablo on my “would like to see” list of evil-doers. perhaps later on down the line (once we get Goliath, Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch established), we could consider expanding a bit with Black Panther and Vision.

  3. Riiiiiiiight.

    I’m 99% sure Whedon also said Avengers was going to be from Cap’s perspective and look how that turned out.

    I also hear science is involved 😉

    • People actually think that Whedon had ( has ) full reign on The Avengers.

      That’s simply not true. How? He had NO big screen, motion picture experience as a director. The ONLY thing he did was television ( which is why I wouldn’t even consider “Serenity” which was basically a made for TV movie. )

      Whedon is merely the spokesperson while Feige and all the rest of the “suits” AND the motion picture technical teams look over his shoulder and inform him as to how to frame a shot.

      • Hey! Don’t diss ‘Serenity’. That was a excellent and enjoyable sc-fi movie.

    • well, if you had read any of the articles before the avengers came out, you would have been informed that the cap’s perspective had to be scrapped tdue to time considerations. you have been fairly vocal on your dislike of the avengers, so really, anything i say is just noise to you i’m sure.

      • I voice my opinion because others like to challenge it. I’m open to positive things…if there were positive things to be said. Do I think Avengers is the worst movie ever made? Absolutely not, but I find it average. The Averagers: Earth’s Bearable Heroes. I liked Phase 1 until Averagers came and I can’t find any reason why I would want to watch it or own it for that matter. I tried watching it for a 3rd time…and it only made it worse. I don’t go looking for flaws; obvious ones jump out.

        So I have solid reasons to dislike where the MCU is heading. I don’t troll Marvel, but their material is personally starting to spiral out of control. I WAS a fan and now I’m not. That happens.

        • Well said. My sentiments exactly.

      • Jeffro, You cant convince that DC slurping junkie of ANYTHING when it comes to Wheddon or Marvel it is a waste of good oxygen to even try!

        BUT If you say something bad about DC he will cry all night long and post every 5 minutes just to PUSH his point across

        • I should have read a bit further!!! HE ALREADY HAS POSTED ON EVERONE ELSES COMMENTS, Geez, Find a woman Krypto the wonder dog

        • Oookay, sure dude. Yes, I’m just tearing Marvel to shreds and trolling everyone here. I’m just a mindless twat who enjoys doing something…civil?

          Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, I’m sure I’ve wasted your time already. Doing so much to offend you.

          • @ACW

            BB’s comments about you (and probably myself, as well) are purely in the minority.

            pay him no attention.

    • @ACW: A lot of Cap’s scenes ended up on the cutting room floor because the movie was getting too long. Some of those scenes were included on the Blu-Ray, and if you’ve seen them I think you’ll realize they just didn’t really “work”. Also, a lot of the stuff Whedon wanted to do with Cap’s character ended up being saved for Cap 2 – to give that movie something to work with.

      • I’ve seen the Cap deleted scene. It honestly would’ve made me feel better to have it in their, I don’t get why the leader of the team gets the short end of things. If a new Power Rangers movie was released, you expect a prime focus on the Red Ranger. In a Transformers movie, you expect a prime focus on Optimus Prime. They’re all leaders, and leaders need to be shown why they are destined to be leaders. Cap got the short hand in Phase 1 and it shouldn’t have been that way at all. He’s not my favorite Marvel character, but I know his importance.

        • i 100% agree with that statement. i know JW said he’s not going to do a directors cut, but, those hollywood people tell stories all the time (thats what they are paid to do) and maybe we will get that version someday.
          it did seem like most of the focus was on Tony Stark, even have him figure out where loki was hiding the tesseract. i just wonder how much truth was in RDJ’s statement when he was talking about the avengers during an interview, he made a joke about scrapping most of whedon’s script. it seems like the situation is similar to stories i read about star trek:tos, wherein shatner had to have more lines than anyone else.
          i don’t call people “dc slurping” or anything like that. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion…no matter how wrong it is…lol

        • *there

        • It’s kind of ironic actually, seeing as Cap had the most screen time in the entire movie.
          You make some fair points though, even though personally I’m one of the few who loved Cap’s arc in The Avengers.

          The prime focus of The Avengers wasn’t on the leader, it was on the TEAM – which is very fitting seeing as this was an origin story. In the next movie I suspect we’ll see more of Cap – having to make tough decisions and so forth.

          Something that just dawned on me as well: we all assume Cap was the leader, but where in the movie did it state that? As far as I could gather (and I’ve seen the movie more than a few times ;)) The Avengers were a response team for SHIELD. The leader was Nick Fury.
          If the source material is any indication, that’ll change though. Cap was never the leader of the Avengers from the start. He eventually took on the role because no one else could do it – that’s very likely to still happen…

    • I hope I’m wrong on this but I hope that science being involved isn’t a reference to the Extremis virus this the reason why Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver possess “superpowers”. And we all know the mastermind behind the Extremis virus! Just a thought

  4. Scarlet Witch has not been confirmed for DoFP. Doubt she’ll be in it. Fox just did an asshole move by bringing Quicksilver in last minute. I though Mark Millar was better than this.

    • There’s no reason to claim Singer added Quicksilver in to the film “last minute.” Singer has announced multiple cast additions after his announcement of Quicksilver being in the film. Also, Mark Millar has had no involvement with Days of Future Past whatsoever.

  5. I use to respect Bryan Singer as a director, but after all the ” Mud Slinging” he does i definitely lost it. And it shows that Joss Wheaten is a classy guy for not even stooping to that level. And anyways i think Joss Wheaton will use the characters better..

    • Ahhh, man. So Joss Whedon is the new “Chris Nolan.” Please.

      It’s a laugh how he says he’s gonna feature Scarlet With and Quicksilver prominently in AV2.

      Besides the few people who know who these characters are, the general movie going audience has NO CLUE as to who they are.

      Bryan Singer has been around for a LONG time and even though his past few flicks have been duds, he’s still a much more experienced film maker than Whedon will ever be.

      AV2 will still be a live action cartoon. Singer’s DOFP is the REAL Marvel flick to see.

      • * Witch

        • Joss Whedon was a well-respected writer and director (at least in the nerd community) well before Nolan was a fart on anyone’s radar. The criticism of him being “just a tv director” is silly. Television and franchise work is almost identical writing. Continuing multiple storylines while having a plot that anyone can “tune in” as their first “episode” and follow. As for people’s awareness of the characters: yeah, everyone knew who Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Widow, and Hawkeye were before Phase One. Newsflash: most of the “general moviegoing audience” had no idea who they were or only a passing idea of Tony and Cap. I am also looking forward to DoFP, but why the Whedon-bashing? Still mad about MoS underperforming?

          • +1 But why the Nolan bashing?

            They’re all awesome directors and writers in their own fields.

          • First of all, I am NO Nolan worshiper. I was referring to the fawning all over Whedon .

            You essentially backed up what I said about him. I said his backround was TV. Sure, as a writer. I didn’t take anything away from him as a writer, did I? NO.

            But there is NO way you can tell me or ANYONE else that he is a tried and true director like Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan. Well, you could try. But you’d only end up making a fool out of yourself. (You’re off to a good start, though)

            I’d rather see a GREAT movie that wasn’t a member of the billion dollar club (MOS) than a lame, Sat morning made for TV flick that only played it SAFE in order to make it’s money (Avengers).

            MOS 2 is green lit. In the meantime, you can enjoy your lame, safe, predictable DISNEY/Joss Whedon flick all you want.

            Good luck with that.

            • We just want different things from superhero movies, apparently. I don’t mind a “live action cartoon”. Though I will argue that Whedon is a better director than Snyder. If all of Whedon’s appeal is writing, than all of Snyder’s is cinematography. His films LOOK like cartoons and tend to be flat and two-dimensional. I’m just not sure about your point when it comes to TV vs film. When the current state of television is far above and beyond the state of film, isn’t it better to have a background in TV? Just curious what your opinion on Thor 2 is, being that Alan Taylor is only known for his work on Game of Thrones.

              • “We just want different things from superhero movies, apparently.”

                I salute you for that! Agreed.

                That’s why we’re here talking about those things we love so much in the first place.

                I’m holding out hope for AV2. Who knows? Maybe you can’t go wrong when Scarlett Jo has sealed a 20 million dollar deal.

              • Christopher Nolan is an acclaimed director, period.

                • Nolan is , or has been , one of – if not The most successful directors in recent memory. No argument about that. And not just due to his Batman flicks.

                  But that doesn’t mean I’m into the “Trust In Nolan” or “Nolan is god” or “Nolan for president” crap. He still has to use the toilet.

                  He’s excellent at what he does but I don’t worship at his altar like so many other people do.

                  Spielberg was once thought to be the greatest acclaimed director. Things eventually change.

              • Agreed. Television is much better today than films. You see it in shows like Sparatcus, Game of thrones, Breaking Bad…ect. Most big screen films today are more flash than substance.

              • “When the current state of television is far above and beyond the state of film…”

                LOL. This is the guy who’s only notable success in TV was 90’s camp classic Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. It’s not like he was lead writer for “The Wire”

        • Seriously dude you’re a waste of space. Get outta here. Now before I call Jarvis and tell him to find your heat signature and disable you with extreme prejudice.

      • See, here’s the quandary I’m in.

        The X-Men movies have kinda sucked, whether handled by Singer or not.

        On the other hand, I haven’t enjoyed any of Joss Whedon’s output since the Buffy TV show first aired (hated that show).

        Which side of this debate am I gonna defend?

        • Right. I’m with you on that.

          I LOVE the Avengers. But I’m talking about the books. It’s not easy for me to watch the flick. It had so much potential. I liked the flick. But it could have dealt with REAL LIFE issues. In the books, The Avengers always dealt with complicated issues of life and death and ethics.

          This is what the X Men flicks do. They explore complex and interesting themes. They take risks.

          So, everyone makes a big deal about how much money the flick made. So what? Big deal. Of course it was gonna make a ton of money. On the surface, it had everything going for it. They had Disney making all the calculations as to how much money it was estimated to make.

          It’s the business model that James Cameron and 20th century fox used to make sure AVATAR so profitable.

          I’d much rather see a compelling and enthralling Avengers story than a live action cartoon that has no pulse.

          How awesome would it be if Zack Snyder and Nolan filmed their take on THE Avengers.

          Now THAT would be epic.

          • I mostly view The Avengers as sort of a celebration of the first team up film. Never really looked at it as a complex movie. I really enjoyed it though, but when I walked out of the theater, I was glad that was out of the way and they can really focus on the story and emotion of the characters for the sequel. I think Avengers 2 is going to be the film where Joss Whedon shines.

            • Well, I am hopeful that you are RIGHT!

              My comments are strictly about the first AV flick. Like you, I share the hope that AV 2 will actually have some dramatic weight to it.

              Maybe Feige and Marvel can learn something from MOS and TDK flicks.

              • While I agree that MOS and TDK have some great stories and Whedon can learn a lot from them, I always found Whedon has his own tricks up his sleeves, even if he’s more or less a TV director. He knows how to handle characters and their interactions with others, while delivering a compelling story. In my opinion though, his stories don’t necessarily have very many themes or ideas running through them, as opposed to MOS and TDK.

                • +100 !

            • I totally felt that way too!

              I mean, this was the first time in recent film memory where a cinematic universe culminated in a meeting of it’s main characters. To give it a very complex story would have been trying too hard, and taking on moviegoers to follow several characters and a deep storyline simultaneously. Take it one challenge at a time; deal with the characters reactions to each other, then go into a deep story with them.

              The spectacle was simply seeing them all there, and the plot was decent enough.

        • Not really. X-Men 1, 2 and First Class were better than IM2, Thor and Cap.

          The Wolverine has a chance of being the best comic book movie of the year.

          • If The Wolverine turns out to be the best comic book film of the year, it’ll be by default since Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel are so polarizing. I’m looking forward to it but I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be the best comic book film this year.

            Still, with the divide among fans on Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, it and Thor: The Dark World do have a shot.

            I think it’s safe to say that Iron Man 3 will be the most profitable comic book film of the year, though.

            It can be argued that The Avengers and even The Dark Knight Rises are the last two big films to come out where the majority reviewed it positively.

            The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man of Steel have come off as polarizing to me. I wonder what changed.

            • The majority reviewed Iron Man III positively, both among critics and the GA. The haters for IM3 are in the minority, decidedly. Even MoS, the majority seem to like it well enough.

          • X-Men 1 was crap. X2 is overrated, and First class, while decent, didn’t feel like a X-Men movie. Thor was good, without the earth scenes, and Cap had the best origin.

          • IM2, yes, but Cap & Thor were better than any X-Men movie so far, though I have hope for the Wolverine film. X1 & X2 are overrated, and wastes of the true potential of the material. Their main accomplishment is to be the first super-hero movies to have convincing special effects, showing that a serious comic book film is possible.

          • I agree with X-Men one maybe, but Thor and Cap beats the other ones. First class was better than X2, but it still didn’t make me care about the characters the way Thor and Cap did.

            Yes, the Earth part of Thor was a little weak (especially the romance), but the Asgardian part made up for it and Loki’s tragic descent into villainy was just amazing.

            Captain America had its mistakes too, but it did what a first movie should and got me invested in the character. Not just Steve, but Bucky and Peggy too. It was a great origin movie.

          • @ Rob
            I agree, Wolverine could actually be the CBM of the year, but I believe Thor 2 will be right there as well..
            IM3 was not what it could have been and MoS was just flat out disappointing.

        • Join my one-man bandwagon begging someone to start a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents franchise!
          Dynamo. Noman. Menthor. Lightning. The Thunder Squad.
          Geek ’til I squeak!!!

        • Just don’t tell the Browncoats you hate Firefly

    • what mud slinging has he done? im not being argumentative, im legit curious.

      • I was going to ask the same question. What is this “mudslinging?”

        I can only infer that what Shawn Sendio was referring to was that singer chose to use a couple of characters that will also appear in AV2.

        But I’d hardly consider that “mudslinging.”

        Bryan Singer and 20th century fox have every right to use those characters.

        • Would you shut up you pretentious twat? No ones gives two craps about your stupid opinions. Make your comment, and leave the thread. Get over yourself you DC groupie butt pirate.

        • I had to sensor most of my comment to just an FYI, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to post it. My words were much harsher.

        • The only reason he hates the Avengers is because it is so popular and it made a ton of money. He’s just a stupid hipster prick.

          • @ Miles

            I think a lot of people on here are like that.

            • Unfortunately. Hipster ruin everything lol

          • lol… well put.

            • Wow. Three big-mouthed doofuses…and Wally supporting them. Big shock. How cute…

              • I am so honored that someone actually went out of their way to register a screen name about me.

          • As if we don’t know that Miles is the same person who registered the “other” Kryptonic screen name.

            You’re not fooling anyone….

  6. they better have proper costumes! if quicksilver doesnt have a massive bolt then i will be pi**ed

    scarlets costume is more out there like hawkeyes so hers will change but i trust marvel because they do do justice to the characters in the costumes.

    • Except for Cap in Avengers. It pained me that Coulson helped design it

      • I thought Capt’s costume was fine as Coulson was saying people could use alittle old fashion. Wished the same could of been done to Superman’s costume in MOS.

      • Cap’s costume in The Avengers was a modern version of his “propaganda suit” and not his actual suit. It looks exactly like what he wore while he was selling war bonds.

        SHIELD probably copied his “propaganda suit”, because it is what the general public recognizes. That’s the suit that was in posters, in movies, cards, in comics etc. That’s the “Captain America” the people remember.

        His actual suit that was designed by Howard is something only the military and his fellow soldiers knew.

        Never forget that Cap is an icon too, a national hero/symbol, SHIELD definitely won’t forget that. That is something that can be used after all, to get the people to like him. And Steve could care less about what he’s wearing as long as it works well and gives him enough protection etc.

        So yeah, I don’t think there was any problem with the costume in the context of “The Avengers”.

        • I can appreciate all the reading in between the lines you did for that (and it does fit) but there was no reason to remove the modern version’s scale-mail top.

    • To a point the clothes do help make the man (or woman) when it comes to hero and villain costumes. I think all costumes should look just exactly like the ones in the comics. that includes Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the X-men…all of ’em! Just look at how close Spiderman’s looks. pretty neat, huh? It is a part of what helped make him famous. The man of Steel Superman one looks OK, despite some small alterations, but at least it is not just a black leather jumpsuit, which impresses no one and makes the man on the street say, “Who is this?”. Even Green lantern’s was not bad (although i would have preferred it a bit more like the early comics). If you have access to Netflix, check out the old Flash TV series. The costume is a reasonable attempt at Flash’s costume.
      Speaking of Scarlet Witch, by the way, when I die I want to come back reincarnated as her bra!

  7. Don’t know a lot about them but they seem cool. Expecting great things from the sequel.

  8. no more mutants…..

    that will be Marvel’s answer to Fox’s hold over the mutant characters 😀

  9. I’d be much more excited to hear about Thanos getting a huge part.

    Instead of just smiling at the end of this movie, he smiles AND gives a thumbs up.

    Hate to be so cynical about it, but it’s starting to look that way…

    Have to wait for Guardians and Cap 2 before we know for sure though.

  10. Since I am not all that familiar with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
    and Whedon has no idea how he is using them I’m drawing a blank.

    Say Rob, you’re a Marvel expert, is this good news or what?

    • Wait…what?

      • That’s what I say. And I wrote it.

    • Did you get confused by the quote by any chance? Cause when he says he doesn’t know what they’re doing, he means Singer and their crew. Well it’s what I got from it anyway.

      • Something like that. I dashed in and dashed out.

        • Ah understood!

    • Whedon’s referring to having no idea how Fox is using the characters. He already wrote the script for The Avengers 2 and knows what’s happening there :)

      • That’s what I deserve for rushing in and out of here 😀
        Hey, it’s Saturday night. Thanks for straightening that out, Rob.

        • saturday night’s alright for fighting…

          • Saturday night used to be fight night.
            Reading up and down this thread
            it still is for some and this film
            is not coming out for years.

            • ha!

  11. Quicksilver has to have the massive bolt on the costume thats like Supermans costume without the S or Batman costume without the bat. I think Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch will have a little bit more than a cameo in DOFP, but less then a main role because those two awesome characters arent very known to the public like Wolverine or Magneto. Something tells that they wont be Magneto’s kids because he didnt mention them in First Class and DOFP only takes place like a few years later, but you never know.

    • most costumes look gay i.e the line in X-men ” What you want us to go out wearing spandex”

    • There’s probably more than a few people back in my nold neighborhood near Chicago who wouldn’t admit to who they fathered, either. Guess this is gonna be a reality show??

      (“Who’s My Mama”!?)

  12. I like the costume design of Quicksilver in the picture above. Hope his costume will be like that in The Avengers 2.

    • It’s definitely cool but it’s not his standard uniform. It’s from a TRON Legacy-inspired variant cover while Disney was promoting the film in 2010.

      • @ Rob Keyes

        I see. Still cool design they could with that id like. Aslong as Quicksilver has his bolt design on his costume.

      • Who these days wears their, “standard” uniform in the movies? /lloks a Superman as the most recent example.

        I personally like the TRONesque look because it does make sense that a superspeedster would need a special outfit to withstand friction heating. It could literally be a coolant suit.

        As long as the bolt is there I’m good.

  13. I trust Whedon will put these characters to great use. Really excited about this movie!

  14. It’s long stretch but it would be nice to see Fox & Marvel/Disney work together. On unrelated issue, Fox & Paramount were both involved w/ James Cameron’s Titanic film alone. They’d could make a good team.

    • +1 It would really be nice but what are the chances? agh They may surprise u
      s though.

    • It’d be nice but it’s highly doubtful. There’s just too much politics and ego involved for them to work together and want to share.

    • No way… please keep Fox’s convoluted mess far, FAR away from the Marvel movies.

    • -2.

      I don’t want Fox’s versions of the X-men, “infecting” the MSU. They have twisted and contorted the IP they have bought so much it scarcely resembles the comics anymore.

      Fox’s recent use of Quicksilver also demonstrates they are not in a “working” mood.

  15. don’t even worry about whats going on in the xmen movies they are terrible any and bryan singer is a terrible director. those movies don’t even count.

    • I quite enjoyed Origins aside from Barakapool, that was a total abomination. Not saying it’s a masterpiece, but I watch it constantly. Nearly all X-Men movies are good entertainment for me, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine being the prime factor.

      And I wish Reynolds would cut the BS about Deadpool, I highly doubt they’re ever going to get around to it. And by the time they do, Reynolds will probably be either un-interested or too old.

      • And with your post, you just confirmed what most of the x_men movies are…they’re Wolverine movies. Except for first class, all the movies so far revolved around him being central character with the rest being back-up. I like the X-men movies, don’t get me wrong, but i see them as they are not as they should have been. Maybe DoFP will change that.

        • Agreed, other characters deserve way more love

      • Sorry but Gambit was atrocious. No red eyes, no Cajun accent, fail on so many levels.

    • +1,000,000

    • Says you and one other person.

      • Says us and Fox’s dwindling box office numbers since the ultra-sucky X3.

        • Fox is better than what Sony is doin to Spider-Man. Singer didn’t direct X3 & atleast they’re trying to fix the franchise again.

          • They can try all they want, but it’s too late… and I actually liked ASM.

  16. Can’t imagine what the 2nd movie will be about. The 1st movie was a huge epic battle against an alien invasion. I wonder will top that. Will there be another invasion?

    I have a feeling Wanda and Pietro will be the lead antagonists throughout the movie. They could change sides toward the end but who knows.

    Hopefully they work Thanos in there somehow with a tiny bit more screentime. He could be the one who sends in the twins. He can be controlling them with the Mind Gem.

    • I can’t wait to find out.

      • I know right! I think it will be a Secret Avengers movie.

        • They might be from the look of CA2 and the Marvel NOW stuff.

          • and in IM3, they hinted at the Iron Man Stealth Armor.

    • If Wanda and Pietro are the main VISIBLE antagonists, someone is gonna egg them on from the villain side. By the end of the flick, I bet they become Avengers.

      • @Goldilocks, For once I will have to agree with you. However I don’t know if you are being sarcastic.

        You should watch the movie “Super” bcuz it will change your mind about Guardians of the Galaxy.

        • Nope, not being sarcastic, I am serious. In the old comics (60s, 70s era), they had only a small part in X-men’s world, then became rather grim good guys. In the Avengers, they became faithful members of the Avengers as well.

      • Different from the comics, but it sounds plausible to me.

  17. I guess I’m the only one excited for both DOFP & AV2. I find it funny how people think Joss Whedon can do no wrong.

    • he is a genuis as am i in my time that used to be celebrated i am guessing something is wrong

    • +1 I’m looking forward to both of them!

    • @ War clown

      I thought the samething about Nolan & Goyer. Well just Nolan, since Goyer delivered a crappy Blade film & Ghost Rider film story treatment.

    • It’s not a zero-sum game; both can be good, and I would be happy. However, I expect AV2 to deliver. DOFP has me…concerned…as to how it will turn out.

  18. Jeez, if people hate Whedon that much then dont watch the next Avengers movie. I mean it’s hard for me to respect the opinion of anybody who likes most of Fox’s CRAPPY X-movies, but a simple solution is to not pay money to see them and hope they go away.

    Unfortunately, for some people the Avengers and Joss are not going away as his last movie was almost universally liked by critics and fans and made record money. Too bad we can’t say that about any of Fox’s movies, can we?

  19. Fans are being ridiculous if they think that fox’s marvel trashed out and incoherent universe should join mcu. Whoever cameup with this lame idea
    Should be fed to the wolves….. its bad enough shane black got off phase three to a terrible start storywise and we have to wait for thor 2 to give us something solid
    To look forward to.

  20. Is Scarlet Witch even going to be in the new X-Men movie? I know it looks like they are casting while they shoot, but I think it would have come out by now if she was originally in the script

  21. If it’s an X-men character in a Fox movie, the characters are almost ALWAYS drastically different from the comic book version. It’s THE reason I hate everything Fox has done so far with the X-men. You have no idea what Whedon is going to do but he doesn’t have to stray very far from the comic book versions of the characters to keep from mentioning the mutant origins of Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch and they never have to mention Magneto or mutants or anything! I heard someone say just the other day that all that they have to do is say that they have no idea where their powers came from or that the powers activated when they were teenagers and and leave it a mystery until Marvel-Disney get the rights away from Fox. I DO NOT WANT THAT FOX-MEN FRANCHISE ANYWHERE NEAR THE MCU!!! Which fans are even calling for that?! The X-men movies have been terrible. Every last one of them. X1 I was let-down. X2 I was just disappointed and pissed. X3, don’t even get me started on that crapfest. Origins was one of the worst cbm’s ever made, but so was its predecessor. I couldn’t even make it past the title of FoX-Men: Burst Ass without getting furious. And you expect people to be excited about the possibility of Marvel merging that turd sandwich of a franchise into their cinematic universe? The day that happens, I’m done with it all.

    • Well, a good majority of people including myself happen to love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Or it was until suddenly a bunch of people started hating him because of his height. It’s the Daniel Craig James Bond hair color thing all over again.

      I think people at least want Jackman’s Wolverine in the MCU

      • +1

        Hugh Jackman is a great actor and would love to see his chemistry with the folks in the Marvel Universe.

        I have to disagree with Nathaniel, the majority of the X-men films were great. First Class has to be my favorite, great script, great actors and a great director.

      • Uh, actually…no. I am tired of everything being The Wolverine Show. Let’s just start thinking about being done with him. On the other hand, I like Scott Summers, so here it comes…the windup, the pitch (he’s gonna say it….): WHERE’S CYCLOPS!!!???

        • You really think Cyclops can sell a movie, like it or not he was not even the most popular character in the comics.

          • Yeah but we need him so everyone else can be cool and awesome, Cyclops role in the X-Men is to make all the other characters likable. Do you think anyone would like Wolverine if he wasn’t going against everything Cyclops said?

            • Yes. He was the best part about Origins and he’s getting another movie about him. Funny how people get sick of Wolverine taking X-Men’s spotlight, but not one seems to be bothered by Iron Man having his face being shown more than any other Avenger. We’re back to leaders getting the short hand. Cyclops is no different than Cap in terms of leading a team.

              • Anyone that thinks Wolverine is not going to get a lot of screen time no matter what medium or company is involved must not have followed comics for the last three decades. And while some of the complaints about the amount of focus Wolverine has gotten in the three X-Men movies, there is so much more blame to go around in regards to bad character development it just seems short-sighted.

            • Thanks, JamesF. You are corect. As to Slayer’s thoughts, no, Cyke porobably could not sell a movie on his own, but he is an integral and vital lifeblood of The X-Men. Wolverine was just a tough little rag who could kick alot of butt. For some reason, he caught on, and the movie writers/producers/directors decided that would appeal to the movie-goers.

              • I might think, where would the fantastic Four be without their leader, Mr. Fantastic? Where would the Avengers be without their leader, captain America? A little harder to define in this context, but where would the JLA be without their main field operatives, say Green Lantern or Superman (this is a little more nebulous, as they don’t exactly have a leader, at least not back in the era where i read comics, mainly 60s and 70s; more like a monthly rotating chairman, a position that most of the members really did not seem to ever hold. I gues Supes and GL were more like their main power-houses). In that line of thinking, I go back to where would the X-Men be without their leader, Cyclops? I trust you get my meaning? Besides, Cyke is really cool with a number of good backstories.

          • Betcha he was more popular than you think, just not in your household. Incidently, who seems to be a “main man” in the comics right about now? Cyke, that’s who, as they have built several series around him. Wolverine is just like Spiderman…don’t know who to throw into the mix, hey, I got an idea…what about Wolvie?! Overkill, overkill, overkill. How can he be so many places at once? Must’ve given up eating, sleeping, pooping, and watching C-Span (all important in my life!).

            • If you are talking from a book sales standpoint, the X-Men have done fine with or without Cyclops. The original run was not a big seller and it was pretty much cancelled and relegated to reprints until they revamped it in 1975. As for the character, he had some major story arcs in the X-Men books but he gained more popularity when X-Factor came out and he was not actually the leader of the X-Men anymore. As for the X-Men, they seemed to hang around without Cyclops being present for years at a time (along with Xavier).

              As for your other analogies I never read much DC so the power structure of the Justice League is not known to me. With the Avengers I always felt like the original team were all solo characters first and Avengers second. I never saw anyone as a leader so to speak, and so many people came and went from those books it never seemed to matter. The Reed Richards analogy is funny because if you go by the story from X-Men vs. FF4 he purposely rigged the rocket to mutate them, so his motives became rather murky. The other side to that is like Wolverine, the Thing was more popular as a singles character and was branched out in multiple comics in the 80’s.

        • Well when they made a movie that wasn’t a wolverine show (first class) everyone cried about how it wasn’t a real x-men movie!

    • “…someone say just the other day that all that they have to do is say that they have no idea where their powers came from or that the powers activated when they were teenagers and and leave it a mystery…”

      Oh, man. The sad thing is I can imagine Whedon actually doing something like this. It’s only slightly worse than “Banner can control his transformations now. We don’t need to explain why.”

      • I’m pretty sure they explained how Banner was controlling his changes at the end of The Incredible Hulk. I don’t think many people were upset about Banner’s role in Avengers 2. In fact, he couldn’t control it all the time. Just look at what happened when the Helicarrier got attacked. He changed even though he was trying not to.

  22. So much fighting going on here… feels like pre-school all over again lol.

    Anyways, I’m still unsure about including these two characters, but hey, Whedon seems pretty adamant about having them in the movie so I’m hoping for the best!

    • Aha so true.

      Whatever serves the story!

  23. Singer using Quicksilver for one scene is ridiculous and a waste of Evan Peters’ talent.

    • Right? I read somewhere that he’s only going to be in the one action scene and will probably just be there for a coolness factor and nothing more.

      • Link?

  24. I am not really a big fan of quicksilver or scarlet witch. He can add other characters why them two? especially with all the rights problem. I hope they make a new script and don’t add them in .__.

  25. I really wish Fox would just reboot the X-Men film series. As much as I like Jackman as Wolverine, I’m willing to replace him for an overhaul.

    Truth be told, while I enjoyed First Class to an extent, I was disappointed when I realized it was more prequel than reboot.

    Again, I love me some Jackman as Wolverine, but they could do a really great job in the X-Men Universe and not even need Wolverine in them.

  26. X-men movies always screw up when it comes to casting. Why did they choose that guy for Quicksilver? They’ve also chosen the wrong people for Angel, Emma Frost and Gambit in the past. They should just leave them for Whedon because its obvious they won’t be done justice. By introducing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Whedon might have a whole universe of mutants to work with unless he completely changes/ignores their original backstory.

  27. I promise you that Witch and Silver will have no reason to be in Days of Futures Past except to say they were in the movie. He’s riding on unearned success. The origin X-men movies did well because of there novelty. We all wanted to see our favorite characters, on the big screen in whatever form or fashion. But now, especially after the Avengers our expectations are higher. A standard was set. We know it can be done the right way and now we expect to see that way. Some people are creative and others capitalize on others creativity. Bryan Singer has done it the wrong way time and time again and, even if he manages to emulate the Avengers to some degree, I have no confidence in his ability to produce inspirational or exceptional work. In fact, I believe, he must have relatives prominent in the industry to even get another opportunity.

  28. Who are you going to get to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Jackman IS Wolverine. If there is an Avengers 3, i hope the story is Civil War or the Secret Invasion. That would be great

    • Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine and RDJ IS Ironman/Tony Stark. Just the same, I don’t see anyone else being Blade other than Wesley Snipes. Some actors fit the roles they’re given perfectly. Another i would abolutely not recast is Ben Grimm, the original casting was that good.

      • Chris Pratt IS going to be Peter Quill. He’s too perfect.

  29. Scarlet Witch will resurrect Coulson and open up the magic aspect for Phase 3.