Chris Hemsworth on How Ultron Can Hurt Thor in ‘Avengers 2′

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron sees Marvel’s superhero team facing the threat of Ultron, a robotic entity created by Tony Stark to police the world – a directive Ultron believes to be only achievable through the extinction of humanity. When Tony’s greatest creation becomes the world’s worst nightmare, how well can the Avengers protect the world – or even their bond as a team?

That’s one question facing us in Avengers 2, but for the real hardcore fans (and/or those generally curious) there is also the question of how much of a threat a robot poses when faced with the likes of an unstoppable green rage monster and/or a god of thunder – both of whom have been known to trounce gods. From what fans saw of the Avengers 2 teaser footage at Comic-Con 2014, James Spader’s Ultron will be a formidable (and scary) threat indeed – but in the end, isn’t he just metal and wiring?

Comic Con 2014 Chris Hemsworth Avengers 2 Chris Hemsworth on How Ultron Can Hurt Thor in Avengers 2

While at Comic-Con we caught up with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor franchise headliner Chris Hemsworth, to talk about where the sequel finds Thor in his life – and why the Odin’s Son needs to be afraid of one of Tony Stark’s metal men. Here’s what he had to say to that latter question:

Really thick metal. He could be made of vibramian, vibrainian – is that what it’s called?” [Screen Rant: "Vibranium"]  “‘VIBRANIUM,’ That’s it… Look, he’s physically strong, this villain, but also highly intelligent. He is artificial intelligence and has access to every piece of information that is and ever was, so he’s able to manipulate all sorts of things – including the dynamic of the team – and split us up.

The mention of “Vibranium” is a big deal, of course. It’s long been rumored that Ultron could be either made out of or could be getting a Vibranium upgrade over the course of Avengers 2. The mythic metal is the most indestructible alloy in Marvel comics besides Wolverine’s Adamantium – the rights of which are owned by Fox (so no such thing as adamantium in the Marvel Studios continuity). Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium, and it makes sense that Ultron would want to be just as indestructible. Only one problem: Vibranium only comes from Wakanda, home of Black Panther.

Black Panther Marvel Studios Chris Hemsworth on How Ultron Can Hurt Thor in Avengers 2

We (and many other fans) have been keeping fingers crossed that Age of Ultron will act as a backdoor intro to the Black Panther - and upcoming actor (and Star Wars VII star) John Boyega has been teasing it as a possibility. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Avengers 2 has a few more superheroes up its sleeve than we’ve yet heard about – and where there’s vibranium…

As for where we find Thor, in general, at the start of Age of Ultron; some recently leaked plot rumors suggested that Thor could be in a situation where he’s broken up with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster – here’s what Hemsworth had to say about all that:

Well he’s been on earth now, he’s not up in Asgard, at the end of ‘Thor 2′ he decided not to stay there, and so he’s a more human Thor now, and there’s a bit more humor with him, and you’ll see him in some civilian clothes, he’ll be hanging out on earth for bit, so…

A bachelor? No! Nor at the end!

The God of Thunder apparently isn’t the type to be single.


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  1. Thor’s broken up with Jane, eh? Good! Cue the Lady Sif!!!!

    • No Thor/Sif hook up. Sif would be the Rebound Girl in this situation. She’s too great of a character for that. Even in the comics when Sif and Thor got together Thor dropped Sif when he learned Jane was dying. Sif couldn’t seal the deal in the comic universe, and most likely she won’t be able in the MCU.

      • That may be true, but if so, it’s sad. Thor and Sif are the most natural Power Couple I’ve ever seen. They would make great little godlings together.

        • The thing is, rebound hookups and relationships never work out, even when there is history between the two. It always leads to recriminations and hurt feelings, usually with the rebound. The rebound will feel like he/she was being used, but in Richard’s case (Jane’s rebound date in the Dark World) he will feel like he was dumped because in the end he couldn’t measure up to Thor. Or worse, Richard will think Jane is trash for having been intimate with an “alien” and possibly sexually transmitting some part of Thor’s biology that would be harmful to a human. As for Sif, the way she was painted as petty with that side-eye she gave Jane in Asgard (another reason Portman will be back for Thor 3), Marvel will go farther and depict her as a woman scorned who will do something really crazy, like ally with LOKI. Sif may discover Loki’s impersonation of Odin but she’ll keep her mouth shut because Loki will convince her he is better for Asgard and will twist the knife about Thor choosing Jane over her. The rebounds will end up creating a mess for all parties and will have a ripple effect.

          • First of all, that reading of Sif’s character is about as far off as one can get, even ignoring the fact that Sif “HATES” Loki. Sif’s sense of Honor and Loyalty are such that she’d much more likely lay down her life to protect Jane, knowing how Thor feels about her. Secondly, even in the comics Sif was a “rebound” relationship. She and Thor didn’t seriously get together until his relationship with Jane Foster had already ended, and they were a pretty tight couple for many years after that. Third, if the movie francise is to continue into the future, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to find believable ways to keep a mortal Human involved in the action, so it makes a certain practical sense to have him switch his romantic attachment to another Immortal. I actually think that’s why they originally made the switch in the comics, because Jane Foster could realistically become little more than an eternal damsel-in-distress for Thor to rescue. Boring.

            • Thor and Sif became serious, but she failed to seal the deal, meaning they never married. Sif never became princess or queen of Asgard when Thor reigned. She does hate Loki, but she can be swayed. Check the alternative comic universes on these characters. In one thread – Earth 811225 (What If #25 – Sif did side with Loki in an Asgardian civil war, against Thor, and it was about Jane obtaining immortality. (Odin was against it.) As for Jane, she and Thor still have a connection over the years (despite of having other lovers and spouses)and Jane was made a “goddess”. She gave it up in one thread but she kept it in another. For the Civil War, Jane was on the Anti-Registration side and joined the Resistance group. And she was a confidante for the Avengers (while she was a doctor). The point is, Marvel Studios has a lot of source material from the comic book universe to work into its own (Earth 1999999) to justify keeping the “mortals” around.

              • Well, given an infinity of universes anything can — and inevitably will — happen, but I’d say the chances of Sif siding with Loki in THIS universe are pretty small. And when it gets right down to it, I simply don’t like the Jane character and DO like the Sif character, so any logic that justifies keeping Jane around is bad and evil, and any that justifies a larger role for Sif is good and righteous. Obviously! :-)

                • Remember, Natalie Portman is contracted to do Thor 3, so Jane is going to be around. And Marvel may flip the script; on Age of Ultron Tony Stark creates the Frankenstein AI, not Hank Pym. If Marvel is willing to gamble and roll out an obscure comic like Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio will believe it can do anything and it won’t hurt the bottom line. Whedon has said he doesn’t care if fans protest about certain decisions (like no Black Widow movie right away). If they decide to have Sif go to the dark side they’ll stick to their guns despite upsetting Sif fans. The $94 million dollar opening of GotG shows Marvel that going against the grain and fans wishes pays off financially (which is what they truly care about at the end of the day). Even Jaimie Alexander mentioned she’d like to do “Lady Loki”.

                  • Well, maybe, but I just think that’s a pretty unlikely tack for them to take. Jaimie Alexander’s Sif is pretty popular, so I don’t see them turning one of their few stand out heroines into a bad guy. Too many other ways they can go with the character for that to be one of their top choices, in my opinion. I don’t think they’d be as concerned with alienating the “Sif” fans as they would the ladies in their audience in general. The female who turns “bad” because her guy “done her wrong” is a pretty worn out trope that I would HOPE they’d stay away from. Sif is a pretty classy character. Keep her that way even if (maybe ESPECIALLY if) she doesn’t get the guy.

                    • That’s why I mentioned that side-eye Sif gave Jane in Asgard, when she was walking past Jane and Frigga at the palace. It made Sif look like a petty, jealous shrew. That’s another reason I’m against the Thor/Sif hook up in this universe – making Sif look like she’s waiting for Thor to break up with Jane so she can help Thor pick up the pieces. That’s another worn out trope. Frankly I would rather see Sif turn Thor down flat, telling him she won’t be the consolation prize because he and Jane didn’t work out.

                    • aquarius64:

                      “That’s why I mentioned that side-eye Sif gave Jane in Asgard, when she was walking past Jane and Frigga at the palace. It made Sif look like a petty, jealous shrew.”

                      I hardly think giving someone a disapproving glance makes one a “petty, jealous shrew.” That’s mighty thin evidence for such a base assessment of someone’s character. It could just as easily be read as, “So that’s my competition, eh?” And Sif’s a warrior-woman raised among warriors. It’s not at all unnatural that she’d show some consternation at Thor being attracted to such a “weakling.” Doesn’t make her base, just makes her a product of her environment. It’s like: “Her? Really?”

                      Although having Sif tell Thor to go jump in the lake works for me, too. That would be a fun scene.

  2. What Thor3 needs badly is Amora the Enchantress, the dynamic of a powerful sorceress,with the hots for Thor is definitely much more interesting than the Jane relationship. I’ve always wanted a great female villain in a Marvel movie and she is as nefarious and as beautiful as they come. Now all the Marvel guys need is cast a blonde femme fatale in her role and presto… Malin Akerman or Rachel Taylor would do just fine.

    • Remember, DISNEY is in charge here. That studio will not go super sexy on that character like she is in the comics. The studio wants the kid dollars and well as the adult ones so it’s not going to put out anything that would risk the PG-13 rating. Look at Age of Ultron; the Scarlet Witch is covered up. What she wears in the movie is not even close to what she wears in the comics. If there is an Enchantress, it won’t be a sexually explicit one.

      • Well, X-Men: First Class is PG-13 despite Emma Frost showing all sorts of skin in her various costumes/underwear and using her powers of seduction with a politician, and Angel Salvadore being a stripper and getting recruited on the job as I recall.

        I know those aren’t Disney, but I just want to show that PG-13 doesn’t draw the line at sexy. You can move around within these guidelines and film makers know how far they can go.

        Also, the Marvel movies aren’t marketed as Disney movies. I’ll bet the majority of moviegoers don’t know that Disney owns Marvel.

        Yes, Scarlet Witch has been covered up compared to the comic books. But it doesn’t look like she’s in costume yet. So let’s wait and see.

      • Disney is good at hiding sexist and sexual inducing jokes. Even if a bit stale, I think Enchantress is definitely a villain to include.

  3. @David A. Young:

    ” It’s not at all unnatural that she’d show some consternation at Thor being attracted to such a “weakling.” Doesn’t make her base, just make her a product of her environment”.

    Sif is suppose to be a woman of great character by your assessment, and her environment doesn’t excuse how she looked down her nose at Jane. Odin practically hand-picked Sif to be Thor’s wife; she’s just mad because Thor didn’t cave in to his father. Thor doesn’t love Sif, he never led her on, so she had no excuse to look at Jane in any negative way. Jane did nothing to her. The environment defense comes off as snobbery.

    • “Jane did nothing to her.” And what exactly did Sif DO to Jane? Give her what you interpret as a dirty look. Unforgivable. The beatch should be horse-whipped. She certainly shouldn’t have any type of an emotional reaction to losing someone she’s had feelings for for years, and whom she hoped would some day return them. Slut.

      I’m being too snarky, but it just seems to me you’re taking a perfectly natural emotional reaction and using it to make an extreme aspersion on the character of an individual who has, in all other ways, shown herself to be a brave, noble, and admirable character. And that’s really all I have to say on the subject.

  4. Wait… so after the guy sacrifices an entire mythological pantheon and refuses to essentially be the protector and guardian god of the 9 realms of the universe and comes to stay with you on Earth as a humble family man and just dote on you … you sorta just dump him?

    For shame Dr. Foster, for shame.

    • That’s why I think this “spoiler” is ridiculous, after everything they went through. If they do this, it’s over Thor’s Avengers duties – putting out fires all over the world and the distance was hurting the relationship. I also bet if they put Richard in the mix, he is going to turn out to be a BIG mistake for Jane. Richard is either going to a jealous jerk who feels he can’t compete with Thor or who looks at Jane as trash for having a relationship with him previously. I should have thrown this in as the other romantic triangle trope: Richard is a HYDRA agent who is only dating Jane to get information about her and Eric Selvig’s researches to further HYDRA’s goals. That would be a mess – dumping a guy who gave up a lot for her and following up with a guy who doesn’t give a flip about her. Richard may get inside information to get close to Jane – the best bet would be Darcy. What a kick if Darcy turns out to be HYDRA as well, working with Richard, and the annoying political science intern is just an act. (The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showed HYDRA can be everywhere.) Jane’s self-esteem would take a hit; her reputation would too. Who’s going to believe she didn’t know her long-time intern AND her new boyfriend are members of HYDRA? That would be a good character arc for Jane: personal, Earth-bound betrayals would have her hit bottom, especially when they seriously hurt the people she cares about. How she deals with it without super-powered help would be interesting if written correctly. It would force her to re-think her relationship with Thor, and force her to grow as a character.

  5. I want to see him break of with Jane, have Ultron trying to convince him that earthlings are unpeaceful, and have Thor beat up the Avengers until the point that Ultron is plotting to destroy everything, then he kicks Ultron’s metal ass to where is was born.

  6. Read Ultron Unlimited (miniseries from The Avengers comic series). Ultron wrecks Thor in a fight. Absolutely mops the floor with him. And he does this while most of the other Avengers (I don’t remember if Hulk is in this scene, but Iron Man and others are) are trying to attack him as well.

    Ultron is absolutely a physical threat to the Avengers.

  7. OK, since when does any earth metal have the strength and properties equal to the mystical hammer Mjolnir? The only thing I always hated about the avengers since I was a little boy is that they always seem to want to “humanize” Thor and make him less powerful than he really is. Thor is the most powerful of the avengers, second in physical strength only to hulk and only by a little bit. Together with the indestructable hammer Mjolnir, Thor is by far the mightiest of the avengers with the possible exception of the silver surfer. I am sure that a wonderful story can be written that would still be wildly entertaining without degrading the raw power of the God of Thunder.

    • The thing about making a character too powerful is that you’ll have no real challenges for him.

      Also, vibranium isn’t a metal from earth. It is said to have arrived here with meteorites.

  8. Even though I’m not certain of this, I’m going to go ahead say this might be a *SPOILER ALERT* so read with caution. Fortunately, this will probably be one of the early scenes to take place. Once more…


    Ready? Okay. Whedon keeps saying characters will die, but they’re almost all slated for future movies. So here’s what happens. That whole scene with them lifting Thor’s hammer? Massive foreshadowing. Thor is going to die first, and either be sent back to Asgard or their underworld (I would prefer the latter for some fresh scenery.) From there he will have to find his way back to Asgard and return to Earth, and along the way discover some important plot elements. I’ve also heard it rumored that Ultron kills Thor with his own hammer, but I don’t want to see that happen honestly.

    So there you go, more characters dying without really dying. It’s to be expected, and I am still psyched for this movie.