Chris Evans on Captain America’s Search For Home in ‘Avengers 2′

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Marvel’s team of superheroes will be severely tested in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, as one of Tony Stark’s mechanical creations (the titular Ultron) runs amok and threatens the entire world.

The Avengers sequel is one of the most anticipated movies of 2015; it also happened to be one of the most anticipated movies of Comic-Con 2014, where we fought hard for a spot on the Avengers 2 press line, in order to ask the cast questions about where their respected characters are headed. In the case of Chris Evans’ Captain America, the personal challenge is still very much the same in this new film: Finding his place as a man out of time.

According to Evans:

That’s gonna be a tougher one to answer without giving stuff away! You know, he is a soldier, so he does look for kind of a hierarchy, a structure, a chain of command. And now that S.H.I.E.L.D. is disbanded, The Avengers are leaning on one another without kind of a– there’s no boss to report to. So [Cap] is looking for a sense of home, in a way – and I can’t give anymore! If I give any more I’m gonna get in trouble!

Comic Con 2014 Chris Evans Avengers 2 Chris Evans on Captain Americas Search For Home in Avengers 2

One thing is certain, however: this time around, Cap will have much more of a family structure underneath him, as The Avengers – once individual misfits briefly united in purpose – are now a full-fledged team unit (when the film begins, at least):

We start out as a team. In the first movie you have to establish the kind of team dynamic, but with this movie we get to hit the ground running. And we’re already a group, and we’re already kind of a team dynamic – and Spader [a.k.a. Ultron]  throws a little bit of a wrench in the works.

This seems to be the running theme of Avengers: Age of Ultron – stretching as far back as Joss Whedon’s initial concept for the film. James Spader’s Ultron won’t just pose a physical (or technological) threat to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – no, the real danger seems to be Ultron’s psychological attack on the team.

EW Cover Ultron Robots Avengers 2 Comic Con Chris Evans on Captain Americas Search For Home in Avengers 2

The fact that Ultron is a byproduct of Iron Man’s design will already invite blame-game tensions into the group – and his ability to access and manipulate digital data can easily divide the Avengers for easy conquer. Given the core nature of the Avengers team (to paraphrase Dr. Banner, ‘they’re not a team, they’re a time bomb!’), there is also the danger of Ultron being able to mess with the psyches of the team’s more unstable members (Hulk) – with Scarlett Witch’s psychic powers being the main culprit for such head games. Lest we forget, Ultron isn’t rolling alone: he’s got The Twins and an army of robots at his side.

avengers age ultron full poster 1024x791 Chris Evans on Captain Americas Search For Home in Avengers 2


For Cap, this war against the machines will definitely be another big blow. In First Avengerhe literally lost his place in the world, fighting for the greater good; in Avengers he found a family amidst being lost in a strange society; in Winter Soldier,he found out the new world he’d joined was much murkier than he ever thought; and in Age of Ultron, it sounds like his fragile family bonds will be shattered.

Early Captain America 3 story details hint at the possibility of Steve Rogers either losing his life, or handing off the mantle of Cap to someone else – which would quite possibly make Captain America the character with the roughest story arc in superhero movie franchise history. It’s all a lot of speculation at this point, though; beyond the Cap’s personal story in Avengers 2, we’re just hoping he’s still the badass guy we saw in Winter Soldier.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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  1. I think Ultron will somehow shatter his shield at one point in Avengers 2. I remembered back at SDCC, Marvel had a display of cap’s broken shield.
    Where does Cap go when his shield is busted ? WAKANDA. Then I can finally see BLACK PANTHER on screen. (Hopefully played by Chadwick Boseman)

    • Although Avengers 2 is more a little concerned about Tony, because of his creation of Ultron, I would still prefer having more Cap scenes, seriously, everything about Cap in Avengers 1 was deleted. Him being the leader of the Avengers and having same screen time like Tony, would be great as it was in the comics.

      • Sh*t wrong button! I hope they will add an edit button in the future

      • Well let’s be honest. RDJ is the real star at Marvel Studio. Therefore he gets the bigger paycheck than the rest of the actors. Also Tony Stark gets more screen time and more dialogues.
        The rest of the actors will get less dialogue than RDJ.

        • Well that’s one good reason. But after Avengers 3, both RDJ and Evans will be leaving the MCU. And you can’t balance out their screen time.

          The fact is, that there hasn’t been a great sequel of Iron Man, but it was
          RDJ’s acting skills that made him a true Iron Man and boosts up excitement.
          But Cap 2, is greater than any other before, it showed true leadership and a model of true freedom. If this isn’t implemented in Avengers 2 or if Cap doesn’t get to be the leader anytime soon, I can be a little disappointed for it.

          • Yeah, other than Hawkeye, Cap definitely got the short end of the stick in Avengers. A goofy costume, having some great scenes get deleted, and being made fun of by EVERYONE’S favorite character, Tony Stark, for half the movie.

            Hopefully he’ll be dealt a better hand in AOU.

            • Yeah, but when the fighting started, everyone on the team looked to him for direction. That right there showed who the leader of the team was. In times of crisis people gravitate towards true leadership.

              • That doesn’t count as a good reason why they can’t give Cap a little more screen time

            • I think we can see the writing on the wall with tony being the leader. He is trying to become an administrator IMO he is going to build ultron to help defend so in the field Cap will be the leader/Field General And stark will be the eyes and ears…. IMO So I think Cap will have alot more going on in this time.

        • Stark is the leader for a long time before he realizes that he needs to step down and let cap be the leader….I think that will somewhat play out in the movies….Then again since Chris Evans is only going to play up through avengers 3….His death is iminent. Would be kind of cool if he passes the mantle to The Winter Soldier….Then Assuming Avengers 3 is the infinity gauntlet story line they take 1 last ride together buck and cap……… where cap will loose his life? Just A thought?

      • I love how Tony and Steve are opposites in the comics. Tony is progressive, pro-active and offering lives for the greater good, while cap is conservative, responsive and “no man left behind”. I hope the focus shifts more to this relationship where they are buds, but proffesional rivals.

      • Actually, Cap had more screen time than any other Avenger

        • Yeah, like Iron Man didn’t do sh*t?
          Go watch Avengers again to see who had the most screen time.

    • From the descriptions of the Comic-Con trailer, I think Cap’s shield being broken comes from the same scene as Tony seeing all the Avengers dead on asteroid. This sounds like a nightmare/vision, rather than something that literally happens, so I think Cap’s shield might be safe for now. Then again, I could be very wrong. The shield being broken and him going on a mission to Wakanda to fix it would be a decent enough gateway for Cap 3, though I would personally rather see that movie be about him and Falcon on a search for Bucky, like a reverse Bourne movie.

      • Good call. Besides we know the shield can take a blow from Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. So, Ultron destroying it would be a stretch. Although in the comics Ultron does eventually get an adamantium exoskeleton. Hmm… I think I might be a nerd.

    • No one ever seems to bring this up but at the end of CA: TWS cap drops his shield into the water and says he won’t fight Bucky. Did he ever get his shield back or will he have to go to wackanda at the beginning of age of ultron to get a new shield?

      • There was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot in the hospital later that showed the shield propped against Cap’s hospital bed, so somebody must have gotten it out of the water for him while he was unconscious.

  2. They need to do alot more with Thor too. He should be able to fly and hover without having to launch the hammer. The hammer should be for when he needs to go supersonic, or make an impact into something. He needs for aerial maneouvers – can we get a badass fight in the skies? Give us a different look as well, like having him wear the helmet for a while. Show that Thor can go toe-to-toe with bad guys, and doesn’t have to have his hammer for the win.

    • Yes, yes, and yes! More helmet! Make him wear it for the whole flippin movie to make up for its absence!

      • +1,000,000 I am so angry that, they havent even attempted to let Thor wear his helmet. He rarely doesnt wear it in the comics, so why do we only see him wear it for 2 flipping minutes in the first Thor movie? Marvel Studios are amazing but they need to pick up the ball on that issue

        • Chris Hemsworth has said in interview that he hates wearing the helmet, which is why it’s hardly appeared. I think the bug guy needs to suck it up and put it on, but then again, I’m not one to argue with the god of thunder.

        • Thor doesn’t wear a helmet because the studio isn’t going to pay that kind of money to have one of their lead wear a helmet the whole movie. It’s the same reason Wolverine doesn’t wear a mask and Cap only has his on during battle scenes and even then he takes it off for no reason.

    • Thor can´t fly without the Hammer, he needs to throw the hammer, even in comics.

      • Well in the Avengers EMH animation, he can certainly fly and hover without the hammer.

        • Thor can’t fly. Period. Either in actual mythology or the Marvel Comics, which are the only sources we should be concerned about. He throws the hammer and the hammer flies. He can also spin the hammer and create a vortex which keeps him aloft. He is also strong enough to battle Hulk toe to toe without the hammer. That’s power. With the hammer he defeats the hulk. Thor is the most powerful super hero in the Marvel pantheon. Hulk is second. Anyone care to rate the top 5?

          • I think Thor’s powers have been hugely mishandled in the films. He seems fairly ordinary without his hammer, when in fact the character should still be at least as strong as Hulk. He’s Marvel’s Superman. He should be allowed to show it instead of going toe to toe with Iron Man in a fight where he doesn’t do as well as the Extremise guys in Iron Man 3, getting his arse handed to him by the Beserker dark elf in Thor 2 and being thrown all over the Helicarrier by Hulk and – and this is the big one – actually look like he might lose a one-on-one with Loki just moments before Loki is smashed to pieces in an instant by Hulk. As a big Thor fan I’m very happy we are seeing Thor movies, but I’d really like to see some consistency in his power levels!

  3. I think too many people are buying into the whole “Cap is going to die and Bucky/Falcon will take over”…. I know it happens in the comics, but as we’ve already seen so far in the MMU, they don’t always stay within the confines of the source material. Every article or rumor has Cap supposedly dying.

    I don’t feel that Evans will extend his contract, however I don’t think they’ll kill off Steve Rogers. Like they’ve mentioned in the past, they’ll more likely recast roles (Stark, Rogers, Thor) than kill off characters and lose the franchise main character arc.

    It’s not just the dynamic of the actors that makes these movies great, it’s their characters dynamics that also make it great. A Bucky Cap or a Sam Cap worked well in the comics because you could flesh out their personas and interactions over long multi issue story arcs, but taking away that character from the film world would change the tone of the movies, and their interactions with other characters (Bucky Cap wouldn’t interact with BW, Fury, or Stark the same way). I just don’t buy that Marvel/Disney would lose main characters anytime soon.

    • They have Sebastian Stan signed on for 7 more movies. Chris Evans is only signed on for 2 more. The odds of them NOT having a Captain Bucky is much lower than them not doing it.

    • Who’s to say that the interaction between a Bucky Cap or Falcon Cap, wouldn’t be just as good or better as what we’ve seen? Bucky especially would add a edge to the interactions you’ve mentioned. Imagine the interaction between him and BW, the ex-spy vs the ex-killing machine. Or the interaction with Tony (assuming RDJ) is still around. He’s always given Cap a bunch of crap, but you know he respects the guy. How would he interact with the guy taking his place? How would Fury interact with the guy that helped take down S.H.I.E.L.D.? I think it would be interesting.

      • Not to mention that Bucky and Blackwidow eventually get married so there’s a lot they can do there, and Bucky kinda killed Starks dad so tension between the two would be insane.

  4. Why would he give the mantle up of cap in Cap3 when he’s signed up for Avengers 3??

    • I think it would be goofy to have him give it up. It’s such a part of his personal life. I would rather he sacrifice himself in Avengers 3 and have Bucky or Sam take up the mantle to honor it.

      Also, more main characters in solo movies please! A big part of liking Winter Soldier was the dynamic between Widow, Fury, Cap, Falcon, Bucky and a great turn from Robert Redford. A big problem I had with Dark World was how it was really a Thor/Loki duet. That’s more of a writing issue. I want Thor 3 to feature Lady Sif and the Warriors three like Winter Soldier featured the non-Cap heroes.

  5. The story arcs for Cap and Stark will come to an epic and tragic peak somewhere in Avengers 2 – especially for Stark. It’s not gonna be pretty. I think by the end of Avengers 2 Cap will be leader of the team and Tony will be broken. Cap 3 should have the Wakanda connection and introduce the Panther. Avengers 3 and the potential battle with Thanos will bring the end of Rogers as Cap through death or resignation and the mantle being passed to Bucky. Should be pretty epic – even if I’m way off track!

    • I’m starting to believe that Thanos won’t show up until Avengers 4. I think Feige even said that it not written in stone that he’d show up that soon. Looking at what happen in the MCU there are still several more stone to discover. I think it’s safe to assume that Avenger 2, Cap 3 and Ant Man have nothing to do with the stones. That leaves Dr. Strange, GoG 2 and maybe Thor 3 as possible infinity story lines. I guess GoG 2 or Thor 3 could lead into Avengers 3, but I have a feeling it’ll end up being something like Civil War, with Cap’s death at the end. Off all the major characters Evans seems the least likely to extend his contract.

      • This guy gets it!

  6. Theyneed to kill off Cap in cap3. Replace chris evans with a female. Also, recast all the avengers with women after Avengers3. Then change the name of the team to “The Vaginers.” That oughta shut up the femi-nazis.

    • I see you’re excited about Expendebelles…

    • Is this the part when the slow clap begins, ultimately growing into a crescendo of thunderous applause? Because I don’t hear anything broseph.

  7. It wouldn’t be a surprise if one avenger is with Hydra

    • Ya, youre right. It wouldnt be a surprise…it would be freakin retarded!

  8. Yeah listening to Evans talk he definitly sound like someone who has had enough ;)

    • I think he’s still excited about Cap 3 and Avengers 3. He does sound like someone who sees the end and is ready to embrace it.

  9. I don’t know if anyone caught this, but Chadwick Boseman was recently spotted at an airport on TMZ wearing a sleeveless shirt, and they commented on how ripped he looks. Could he be preparing to take on the role of Black Panther? It surprised me that they didn’t mention how he’s been rumored for that role, but they did comment on how hes the go-to guy for black biopics.

  10. How can Steve possibly pass the mantel of Cap to someone else when Chris Evans still has another Avengers film AFTER Cap 3?

  11. As much as i like rdj the show must go on and if one
    Thing guardians of the galaxy proved that the marvel
    Brand is strong enough to replace the characters. Iam
    Eager to see a actor with more depth to play a seasoned
    Soldier play cap. Hemsworth and renner seem to want to
    Continue their roles so keep them. I want to see a real
    Russian redhead play a russian fulltime. 20 million for
    Scarlett is ridiculous when money could be used towards
    Movie. So iam ready for change.

  12. The ‘team dynamic’ Evans spoke of was one of the things I loved in Avengers but it literally took the whole movie to get to that level of functionality.
    With Avengers 2 we have that dynamic right out of the gate and I am stoked to see a 2hr movie full of it.

  13. I’m curious to see what makes Thor grab Stark by the throat and lift him in the air. But the head games are a re-hash of Loki’s strategy of dividing and conquering the Avengers in the first movie. Ultron’s army is replacing Loki’s Chitauri. Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are working from Loki’s playbook, the only difference is they’re splitting up the dirty deeds. I’m disappointed that Whedon is not going for an more original plot. Critics and bloggers are going to pick up the similarities of the two movies.

  14. When fighting against the Avengers, it says something like “don’t forget, with Ultron he has the Twins and the robotic army”.

    How is it that he “has” the Twins? Baron “has” the Twins and if Ultron’s sole mission is to eradicate all of humanity, wouldn’t it not make sense for him to team up with other humans?

    I assumed, when the Twins do end up teaming up with the Avengers, it’ll be to protect humanity/themselves from Ultron’s army

  15. Cap is going to go bye-bye one way or another. Expect it.

  16. ‘titular’

  17. I think Cap will do great in A2-Age Of Ultron.Look at what he did in CA2-The Winter Soldier.He was outstanding in that movie,all the Avengers will be tested in A2,so I’m told.This movie has to be better than the Avengers,Marvel sequels these days are usually better than the first movie.CA2 was way better than CA-The First Avenger,it blew that movie out of the water,it had more action and better fight sequences.The scene when those guys were trying to get Nick Fury was just awesome,great car chase and I loved his assault vehicle,that jeep was full-proof great action scene.Can’t wait to see A2,I’ll go see it about 3 times at the theather.REAL TALK.