‘Avengers 2′: Ultron Mk. 1 & Captain America’s Broken Shield Images

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Comic Con Captain America Shield Header Avengers 2: Ultron Mk. 1 & Captain Americas Broken Shield Images

Unfortunately for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are a limited number of badges available for San Diego Comic-Con 2014, and an even more limited number of chairs in Hall H. Only a lucky few got to see the first trailer/sizzle reel for next summer’s blockbuster The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which debuted alongside the news that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has been confirmed for release in July 2017.

Fortunately for our readers, Screen Rant was among those lucky few in Hall H, and we have a detailed breakdown of what happened in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. The teaser revealed the first movie footage of Ultron, who first appears as a very old, very battered version of Iron Man’s suit that moves in a zombie-like fashion. After a montage of ominous scenes, Tony Stark is left standing in what looks like a barren wasteland, with the rest of the Avengers laid out before him – apparently dead – and Captain America’s shield shown shattered upon the ground.

For those who have trouble closing their eyes and imagining what the above images might have looked like, we have good news. Marvel brought some of the props seen in the trailer to Comic-Con, including Ultron Mk. 1 and Captain America’s broken shield, and today released images of both. Now that’s one creepy robot.

Avengers 2 Captain America cracked shield Avengers 2: Ultron Mk. 1 & Captain Americas Broken Shield Images

Avengers 2 Ultron Mark 1 Avengers 2: Ultron Mk. 1 & Captain Americas Broken Shield Images

There are a few theories bouncing around regarding what the final scene of the trailer might mean. An exclusive set of posters for The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released over the course of Comic-Con, showing the entire team (including Vision) engaged in what looks like a hopeless battle against Ultron’s army of robots. Two of them are shown gripping Captain America’s shield as he attempts to fight them off, so it’s possible that what was shown in the trailer was the aftermath of this battle.

The other possibility, of course, is that the entire thing is a vision conjured up by Scarlet Witch, using her powers to get inside’s Tony Stark’s head. The trailer also showed Hulk brawling with Iron Man (in his Hulkbuster armor), which could also be the result of Scarlet Witch working her influence on the big green guy.

In addition to the trailer reveal and props, most of the main cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron were in attendance at Comic-Con this year. To see what they look like out of costume – and standing next to some of the other cool movie props that were showcased – check out our massive gallery of photos from SDCC 2014.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives in theaters of May 1st, 2015.

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  1. vibranium vs vibranium = this? i cant think of anything else than ultron making himself out of the stuff… not even thors hammer could damage the shield and it was reflected back onto him. what ever did this must be extremely powerful.

    i wonder if thanos makes a brief appearance to retrieve a gem in this movie and in the process does this to the avengers. also a lot of theorys that its actually a scene that scarlet witch dreams because she can see the future. what ever it is i just cant wait to see it.

    the audio for the trailer leaked and ultron sounds terrifying

    • That would be too much going on to the story.

      • not really… it marvel and they set up. the scene i described could be the opening to the movie and scarlet waking up. 2 mins top. we would think it would be at the end of the movie and when it never happens she could say that its not over. 3 mins out of the movie. wont shock me if this 2 and a half hours. im sure A1 was

    • got a link to that, cant find it anywhere?

      • comicbookmovie com

    • dude you CAN’T say the audio has been leaked and not have the decency to provide a link, that’s just cruel!

    • I heard it just now, sounds just like Spader. However you feel about the guy, you can take that however you like (personally, I thought at times, he could sound terrifying on The Blacklist).

      I kinda liked the music but honestly, my verdict is “Meh” because I need to see an actual video and hopefully one that doesn’t include the constant noise and whooping of the crowd in Hall H because a lot of the time, I found it hard to hear what was being said in the teaser.

    • Tony: “If I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?”

    • Ultron creates a vessel made of adamantium.

    • Actually, Ultron’s armour was made out of the same stuff as wolverines claws. Its called adminium. Its a less pure form of vibranium, and can be broken, but only by the force of an atomic bomb. Caps shield eventually breaks (at least in the comics)by “vibranium cancer”. a defect in the captains shield is the catalyst to the problem.

      -The Hood

      • Actually, that is incorrect. Wolverines claws are made out of “Adamantium” and no, not even a nuclear bomb can break his claws. The only thing that can break/damage his claws/adamantium skeleton is adamantium itself (That’s why in the Xmen Origins Wolverine movie striker shot wolverine with an adamantium bullet in the head multiple times, causing him to temporarily lose his memory). But ye, adamantium is extremely close to indestructible. Your nuclear bomb theory is also ruled out as in the next wolverine-only movie, wolverine protected a man from getting killed by a nuclear bomb by using himself as a shield, and his bones did break, melt or retain any damage. ONLY ADAMANTIUM CAN EVEN SCRATCH ADAMANTIUM XD

      • first of all ultrons outer suite is made up of adamantium
        and adamantium is an alloy of vibranium and steel (so it has a homogenous ratio of both the compound , hence makes it stronger than vibranium) under stood vibranium is an inperfect adamantium. read about it first then talk

  2. The fact that they are going this hardcore (breaking caps shield, potentially killing multiple Avengers), makes me wonder exactly what they plan to do with this. Like, are they going to totally prune the roster, or introduce a multiverse?

    I also wonder if Ultron will “win” in the end, defining the events of Phase 3, leading into Avengers 3.

    • He will not win win, because the win for Ultron is extermination. And if he exterminates everyone… well that will be the end of MCU as we know it.

      • I think his objective is the extinction of the Avengers. Check out the Next Avengers, the kids grow up in hiding in a world where Ultron has ruled for years.

        I don’t think they’ll go that route, but I’m wondering if all of phase 3 will be “the age of Ultron.”

        The title refers to a period of time, which can only really be set up during a single movie. I haven’t read the Age of Ultron comics, so someone else may have more input as to how that all goes down.

    • Well they have the Scarlet Witch so they could always go the “House of M” route and have the whole thing be an alternate reality or revert it back to a previous reality. Obviously they couldn’t use Xavier as the other half of the equation but I’m sure they could come up with something suitable to replace him as the power boost for Scarlet Witch’s powers, like say a Cosmic Cube.

  3. If Captain America Shield breaks in Avengers 2, then I’m sure it’ll be fixed in Captain America 3, if not by then definitely in a Black Panther movie before Avengers 3.

    • Any mention or cameo of BP in this movie and I will squeal like a preteen at a god awful Justin Beiber concert.

      • @ Agent 0. I’LL be right w/y right w/y :-)

    • What if this is an open door to Cap’s photonic energy shield?

  4. I have a feeling that this whole thing with the avengers all getting killed except Tony might not be a vision, but reality. It could be an interesting way to involve the time gem to the marvel cinematic universe in which the only way to defeat Ultron was to make sure he was never created, Maybe be a bit too much like DOFP in terms on how they defeat the villain but would still be pretty epic regardless. Plus It would leave everyone wondering how they’d finally tackle Thanos as they wouldn’t re-use they same plot device from the comics or this film as its too obvious.

    • Someone threw out an nice idea that maybe Scarlet Witch gives Tony a dream of the future of what would happen if he doesn’t stop Ultron.

    • That’s a very good theory.But it’s unlikely to be used as it’s already done in DoFP (and that also involved killer robots).At least it won’t be there in the exact form as in DoFP.But since ‘age of ultron’ involves a whole army of ultrons it wouldn’t be possible for the Avengers to defeat them in a single go (like the chitauri).So time travel might be there in some form, to manipulate things against ultron.

  5. I can’t wait. I have the Avengers ultron unlimited in singles and is great. He’s one of my favorite villains. I have a feeling vision is gonna kick some ass and black Panther makes a cameo.

  6. There is only one country with the technology to put it back together. Tells me Black Panther is in the works in Avengers 2, in a stand alone movie or part of Captain America 3.

  7. I think the focus on Cap’s shield may mean the death of the First Avenger. No one wants any of the Avengers to die, but Whedon plans to do “death, death and death” in this film.

  8. I have a simple theory. I know its going out on a limb- but I think that scene with all the dead avengers has nothing to do with Scarlet Witch. I think Kang the Conqueror will show up as a surprise in this movie showing Stark the eventual outcome of Ultrons conquest (which will effect his timeline) and provide Stark with the solution to destroy Ultron. Why do I think this? I read an article some time back from a journalist visiting the set of Guardian of the Galaxy and seeing hover chair and a set up of Kang at the end. If this is true- then his entracne into AoU will make sense. This final scene is also reminiscent of a scene in Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes TV Show, when Kang shows the team the bleek future if they make a bad decsion. So i’m betting Whedon is going all out and will bring Kang into this. Let’s see.

    • Yeah emh had that kang future thing. Believe was caused by the kree/skrull war or some such and why kang wanted to kill capt. Whom was a skrull.. I mean kang would be great. The scarlet witch angle is certainly plausible, as im very thinking its a vision or dream of some sort tony has. Or could be real lol who knows, anything can happen (finally, less pridictable marvel movies would be nice).

    • That’s the whole premise of the DC Heroes mmorpg too, with Lex Luther time traveling into the past to warn the heroes about Braniac :P

  9. here is the auto to the trailer


  10. This could all be a nightmare in Tony’s head just like he had in IM3 where his suit comes to save him in his sleep.
    The HulkBuster could also be the result of Tony dreaming about Banner getting out of control.
    If it involves Scarlet then she could be viewing a possible alternate reality.
    Either way it should be an epic good time!
    If this story involves Africa, which it does, then that could explain Ultron getting Vibranium and taking on Cap.

    • I can’t remember is it was Joss or Ashley Olson that said the Scarlett Witch has the ability to see other realities. Would be interesting if she see’s this as a possible reality if her and Quicksilver don’t switch sides.

  11. It can not be a dream, if it were, the vision was not created.

  12. Black Panther to be introduced in Cap3 would be perfect! That’ll mean we’ll get to see him on screen much sooner than Doctor Stange.

  13. Don’t waste your time going to the link, you can’t really hear anything – The halfwitted Americans whooping and cheering everything drowns out the sound of the trailer

    • That’s my main complaint with the audio, can’t hear what’s being said 95% of the time. This is why they need to debut things at Comic Con but then release them online for the rest of us who can’t attend and have to rely on leaked, barely audible footage/audio (not just from cheering crowds but also because the sound quality is obviously going to be poor when recorded on a device).

    • Half witted? Last time I checked millions a year come here legally or not.

    • “Halfwitted Americans”? How do you know they are all American? Even if they are all American, do you know who else is American? The people who created the comic books this movie is based on and the movie itself. So, you pretentious foreign d bag, don’t assume things just because people are cheering at an event they payed for.

      • You could’ve just threw your shield at him.

        • Don’t listen to him…he’s a Skrull……

      • Insults aside, that audio made me roll my eyes and constantly check the time stamp. (Ultron comes in about 1:10 btw) I only heard the first bit but it wasn’t funny, and the audience continued chuckling and drowning out whatever else was said. I can’t believe people still get giddy seeing celebrities.

        • I think I heard the “path to peace….your extinction” line (that I already knew about last Tuesday after reading a leaked description on another site) and then Ultron saying “I don’t have any strings”. The rest was pretty much just a garbled noise that I couldn’t make out at all because of the chuckling and such that you mentioned.

          That’s the great thing about the Batman V Superman teaser that gave me goosebumps every time I saw it. People at that panel seemed to sit in awe at what was showing on the screens and then cheered at the sight of Batman and then Superman with a third cheer during the logo reveal, which is great because there were no lines to be heard anyway but they were still mature and patient enough to watch in silence for the most part. The music used in that teaser was epic.

          When I said before that British cinemagoers hate noise during films, that AOU crowd is a perfect example of the kind of thing we hate. I’ve seen films and caught people a few rows in front of me asking for their money back because small groups of people in the room decided to whoop, holler, cheer and laugh during the film and it ruined their cinema-going experience completely. Hell, twice in my lifetime, I’ve seen rowdy people get kicked out by cinema staff for making too much noise and yet, that Marvel panel audience were even louder than the people who got kicked out of the cinema.

    • The cheering is kind of the point of a live reveal to a crowd of people. It has nothing to do with “half-witted” anyone. That’s part of Comic-con, part of these reveals, people are excited, and you’re upset because you have trouble hearing poorly recorded audio of a reveal at an event you were unable to attend. We’ll get our own trailer in time, and then some. Let the Comic-con crowd have its fun – it’s not like we never get to see any promotional material, trailers, or, of course, the ACTUAL MOVIE. People whining about Comic-con reveals because they weren’t there are impatient and, honestly, kind of sad.

      • In that case, lets not cover Comic Con next year, Screen Rant, we’ll find out any and all news when things officially release at cinemas or on TV. Lets have a complete media blackout during the entire weekend and then make those who attended sign documents similar to the Official Secrets Act that most government employees sign upon earning a job in a certain department.

        • You just proved Theo’s point even further. Technically, that leaked audio is illegal, so it goes without saying that we shouldn’t even be allowed to hear or see anything until something official is released online by Marvel themselves.

  14. My personal Theory is that the Hulkbuster armor gets hijacked by Ultron and that Banner mostly has control by now.

  15. I think there is a possibility that Tony Stark, being the only one among the core members of the Avengers without superpowers and military skills, had analyzed each member of the Avengers’ strengths and weaknesses to come up with a contingency plan to subdue (or maybe even exterminate) them if they ever go rogue or as an insurance to his own inferiority complex. It’s very similar to the Justice League Tower of Babel storyline. Those information is stored in the new AI Stark created that goes on to become Ultron. That could explain how Ultron could defeat the Avengers and bring about the age of Ultron.

    • ^THIS^

    • So the guy with no military skills or training, has devised tactics to take out two super spies, a human fighting machine, a god and the most powerful mortal on the planet? That’s was believable when Batman did it, because he’s a tactical genius. While he is a genius, Tony is not a strategist, which is exactly why he and everyone else on the team defers to Cap during battle situations. It doesn’t appear that Ultron has any special tactics to beat the Avengers. From what we’ve heard his tactic is to overwhelmed them with a infinite number of Ultron bots.

    • And he had the foresight to do that but didn’t have a contingency plan in place for his own inventions (the Ultron bot task force). Hmmm.

    • That makes sense. Stark may have made the Hulkbuster without any of the Avengers’ knowledge. He probably has a Thorbuster stashed away too. It would explain one scene in the teaser Thor grabs Stark by the throat and lifts him off the ground. That, or Stark’s Frankenstein hurt Jane during a rampage. Face it, Stark is the money for the Avengers. But I bet he’s secretly envious of all of his comrades, especially Cap, Thor and Banner. Banner could rival Stark in brilliance. Rodgers and Thor are skilled in battle tactics, they are much older than Stark but they can still pull the ladies (probably do better than him.) Stark is an egomaniac that wants to be top dog.

  16. the broken Cap shield, can only lead to one thing, and that is the introduction of Black panther. the shield is made out of vubranium,which can only be found in wakanda,and guess whose the boss in wakanda? yes,T’Challa.#Excited

  17. Noooooooooo!

  18. I had to wash my eyes out with soap after seeing such blasphemy!

    Seriously tho, Black Panther should either be introduced in, I dunno, anything else? Like Age of Ultron or
    Ant-Man, or Dr Strange or,
    He should just get his own solo.

    They gotta do right by my boy Cap. It’ll be his grand finale.

  19. It seems that pictures like this are big hints and ruin the movie for people like me, now its pretty obvious that Cap is going to get killed….. He may get resurrected somehow

  20. They have already talked about Ultron continously upgrading himself, so vibranium body makes most sense.
    Completely different note: They’ve talked about the struggle between Hulk and Banner. I hope they portray the Hulk persona getting stronger by being allowed more room (from being let out more often as part of the whole Avengers thing). That would lead perfectly into an uncontrollable Hulk and some kind of Planet Hulk-like story.

  21. Ultron reminds me of Cell from DragonBall Z. Now the only question is who’s Trunks (killed by Cell), who’s Goku (makes the ultimate sacrifice, but ultimately fails) and who’s Gohan (the one who defeats Cell)?

    The Ultron Games should be entertaining.

    Justin Hammer = Hercule/Mr. Satan :P

    • Hah, I love this.

    • Trunks was killed by Cell? Are you sure about that?

      • It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure, shoots him through the chest with a beam, it sends Vegeta into a rage.

  22. I’m wondering if this isn’t a dream that Tony has POST first Ultron encounter – think his breakdowns via IM3. Where they destroy the Ultron Mk 1, but not before Ultrons consciousness makes his escape. Banner & Hawkeye chasing him down & destroying him. But its the threat that Ultron makes prior to disappearing that forces Tony to put the suit back on instead of being remote like IM3 ended with.

    Just a thought.

  23. that scene described at the end of the comic-con footage was so obviously a dream sequence of some kind. maybe it was a Scarlet Witch-induced glance at an alternate reality, but either way it’s not going to be what *actually* happens.

    they’re not gonna kill all their starring characters coz then they have to either leave them dead and kill their franchises or bring them back to life which severely undermines death in their universe (and given Thanos is coming, death needs to feel real). I know they brought Coulsen back, but that was in a TV show. he won’t appear in the films again, and besides that he’s Coulsen, not the staring roster of the Avengers.


  25. Why is everyone saying cap will die? He still has a movie on his Marvel contract, and I seriously can not see them bringing in Time Travel just yet.. Maybe in a couple years with the Galactic/Cosmic/Magic being introduced over time. I also think Ultron will be the only bot made from Vibranium, The rest will be iron bots. Somehow, either stark goes to Africa to get the vibranium to build Ultron, or when Ultron LIVES, he will himself go to Africa and get it himself, We may get a small Cameo from BP, But not much more than that.. And I agree that the AGE OF ULTRON will continue in PHASE 3 all the way up until Thanos is properly introduced. If Ultron was ONLY in Avengers 2, Wouldn’t they call it “Ultrons DaY” or something silly… Hell AVENGERS 3 could even be Ultron & Thanos v the Avengers.. And stark wont die. If he dies, Where do they get all their funding from?

  26. But caps shield couldn’t of broken from fighting anything because its made from vibranium and this is a almost unbreakable material as told from many sources . so unless its vibranium vs. adamantium but where would ultron (I guess ultron is who broke caps shield) find enough adamantium (what wolverines claws are made of) but then again only adamantium can break adamantium so therefore his armour when he’s not broken must be adamantium so he is indestructible and that my theory on captain America’s shield.