New ‘Avengers 2′ Set Photos; Lou Ferrigno Returning to Voice the Hulk

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Hulk The Avengers Angry Face New Avengers 2 Set Photos; Lou Ferrigno Returning to Voice the Hulk

Now that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a bonafide hit (both at the box office and among reviewers), attention now turns to the final “Phase 2″ Marvel movies – Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. No doubt, with the announcement of Captain America 3, along with rumors of a Doctor Strange movie, the studio has far-reaching plans (all the way to 2028) but before fans get worked into a frenzy over the new adventures we might see in “Phase 3″ and beyond, the studio is still busy preparing two of its most ambitious projects to date.

For now, Guardians of the Galaxy is locked away in post-production and we’re at the mercy of the official marketing machine; however, thanks to a steady stream of set photos and interviews with the ensemble cast, production on The Avengers: Age of Ultron continues to provide intriguing details along with some downright silly glimpses behind the scenes. As a result, it should come as no surprise that today we’re privy to an exciting confirmation as well as tongue-in-cheek antics on The Avengers 2 set.

Speaking with Nuke the Fridge at last week’s WonderCon, former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno confirmed that he is returning to voice the mighty green “other guy” in The Avengers sequel. While the confirmation shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, especially to viewers who already knew that Ferrigno voiced the character in several animated films as well as The Incredible Hulk (where he got to say “Hulk Smash”) and The Avengers (where he was responsible for the character’s grunts and roars), there was always the possibility that Joss Whedon would simply alter the voice of Bruce Banner, and Hulk motion capture, actor Mark Ruffalo – as he did with the “Puny God” line in the prior film.

Hulk in The Avengers New Avengers 2 Set Photos; Lou Ferrigno Returning to Voice the Hulk

It’s unclear at this point what exactly “voicing” the character indicates and the source report doesn’t provide any context for what the actor might have been saying. Does Ferrigno just mean that he’s just supplying monster noises again – since Ruffalo was responsible for the Hulk’s dialogue in The Avengers – or will Ferrigno be expanding his duties and supplying the character’s entire audio track? Most likely, the comment is simply confirmation that he’s back for select vocals with Ruffalo being utilized for the “speaking” parts. After all, the design for The Avengers‘ Hulk was based on Ruffalo’s appearance, facial expressions, and movement – because Whedon wanted the audience to see the man inside the monster. For that reason, it wouldn’t have been a complete shock if the director had decided that including Ferrigno’s voice in The Avengers: Age of Ultron (at all) would be more trouble than it is actually worth. Nevertheless, Ferrigno (and his recent contributions to the character) are a fun nod to fans that remember the good old days of Bill Bixby’s David Bruce Banner paired with Ferrigno, a Brooklyn body-builder, painted head-to-toe in green make-up.

Given the character’s scene stealing line in The Avengers, moviegoers will likely be hoping to hear Ferrigno and Ruffalo get a few more opportunities to flex vocal chords in Age of Ultron – especially since the first movie implied that Banner was beginning to gain some control over his monstrous alter-ego. That said, anyone familiar with the Mean Green Machine will know that a chatty Hulk probably isn’t in the cards, yet (at least not until the oft-rumored Hulk solo film sequel). Still, Whedon is a major fan of the character, as evidenced by his ability to turn one of Marvel’s least successful live-action protagonists into an Avengers scene-stealer, so there’s plenty of reason to expect that whatever the filmmaker has written into the script for Ruffalo and Ferrigno, it should be memorable.

Bill Bixby Lou Ferrigno Bruce Banner Hulk New Avengers 2 Set Photos; Lou Ferrigno Returning to Voice the Hulk

In other Hulk news, Mark Ruffalo recently tested the boundaries of super-secret Marvel movie making – by tweeting out set photos along with cohort Robert Downey Jr. (who recently joined the social network service).

Unlike bystander shots that revealed key details about what viewers will get to see in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ruffalo’s photos are a harmless and fun glimpse behind the scenes – but that didn’t stop the official Marvel twitter account from trying to put a lid on their Bruce Banner.

Check out the full series of tweets below (including two from Robert Downey Jr.):

Aside from finding out that Downey Jr. will wear a shiny purple jacket (and has the shortest cast chair), the pair’s photos don’t offer substantive details – especially since Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) moves too quick for casual snapshots. Still, it’s fun to know that when The Avengers cast assembles, they still have a good time on set – in spite of all the pressure (and potential for A-lister egos).

Following his run-in with the Marvel twitter account, Ruffalo hasn’t posted any new photos or set details but it’s probably only a matter of time before the actor tests the line again (or gets an official go-ahead from PR) and drops more tongue-in-cheek glimpses at life in the Age of Ultron production.

After all, he can only contain the Hulk for so long, right?


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Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014, with The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016, as well as unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5, 2017.

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Source: Nuke the Fridge [via Cinemablend], MarkRuffalo, and Robert Downey Jr.

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  1. HA!!! Loving the chair!

    Oh, and first!

  2. Okay, I have to say I loved Ruffalo’s portrayal of the Hulk (or Banner) better than any previous incarnation (and I watched every episode of the Ferrigno Hulk growing up), however….

    I very much liked the Ed Norton CGI ‘Incredible Hulk’ version much better than the Avengers version. There was just something about the skin texture and musculature and tendon definition, and the look of the injuries, that seemed much more realistic than the comic-booky feel of the Avenger’s CGI Hulk.

    I mean, the ‘Incredible Hulk’ version made it seem like there were real muscles and ligaments, and muscle and tendons, and muscle in there….while the ‘Avengers’ version just seemed like a hulk muscle cast filled with that stuff they used to put in the ‘stretch armstrong’ action figure.

    If they could make that ‘Incredible Hulk’ version with the features of the Ruffalo Avenger Hulk, it would be awesome.

    • I know I put ‘muscles’ in there like…a bunch of times…it was intentional.

      Also, there was just something more inherently threatening about that Norton Hulk; true anger/rage. He was willing to throw a forklift at one soldier and kick another one into a tree, breaking nearly every bone in his body. That’s the Hulk that got sent into outer-space to protect the Earth.

      Except for a few moments, the Ruffalo Hulk just seems like he’s alternating between having fun and being sad.

      Neither point is critical of the actors; screenwriters perhaps, but mostly I just like the Norton Hulk better for several reasons.

      • I agree, the Norton Hulk seemed a lot more dangerous and threatening, the one we got in The Avengers seemed more like a playful gorilla.

        I also preferred Norton as Banner too, he looked thin enough to pass for what I always pictured Banner to be, a polar opposite of The Hulk (instead of being a rampaging beast, he was a slightly gaunt and nervous genius who tried to stay out of trouble). Didn’t help that in The Avengers, I felt that Banner came across as slightly arrogant and cocky.

        • the way i see it, the Avengers Hulk looked more photo realistic, I was convinced that Hulk was on the set with those actors, but it didn’t have the muscle detail Ed Norton Hulk had. But the Ed Norton Hulk looked fake despite all the rage it was able to emote and his godlike figure.

      • Yeah, I agree. Ruffalo hulk was fine, but I prefer the Norton hulk.

    • You have a very good point, but I think The Avengers is such a CGI overload the budget couldn’t withstand getting the smaller details in which is a shame.

      • Seriously? CGI overload?! Dude, compare that to TASM2 you tell me which is which. No wonder your name is Art.

    • I have to disagree about the CGI. First of all, both actors were good, but I like Ruffalo better for some reason.
      Second, the Norton-Hulk did seem realistic for it’s time, but the Avengers-Hulk looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better! And someone said they didn’t put the little details in him? He has friggin’ stubble and chest hair! He has a few white hairs like Ruffalo! Heck, he REMINDS you of Ruffalo, because they made sure of including his facial features!
      The difference between the two Hulks is the Norton-Hulk was ripped and, as I read somewhere, and I quote, “looks like a surfer”. It’s not bad, but Hulk is not supposed to be some kind of male-model with green skin. So the reason you see all that muscle and muscle and muscle (and muscle) is because they made him ripped as hell. Plus, he looks meaner. Almost sinister. I think that’s what you guys meant in that he looks more dangerous. But Hulk is NOT evil (most of the time), just misunderstood and really angry, remember?
      The Avengers-Hulk is waaaaaaaaaay more loyal to it’scomic roots – from the facial-structure (someone mentioned a gorrila? Look at the original looks of Hulk – it’s not far from that. He looks a bit like the popular depiction of the Frankenstein monster) with the bigger lower-jaw and the rather small nose and big forehead\brows. And he’s not ripped. He’s got some meat on him. Maybe a bit too much, but each and their taste. And you can definitely see muscle (and muscle) on him, like when he tries to lift Mjolnir.

      • First off I think you’re preaching to an audience who doesn’t understand and thus cannot appreciate where the Avengers Hulk came from and why the Norton’s Hulk was done the way it is. Secondly, I think believe many here actually can appreciate the level of CGI used for the three Hulks thus far (Ang, Norton, Avengers). Norton’s hulk, while seemingly having more detail, really doesn’t. The movie hides many of the faults by having most events shot in the dark. This is a normal thing to do to “improve” upon your not so good CGI. Secondly, they made him muscle ripped and the added injuries, scares, dirt and what not contributes to this visual that they are describing. Hulk fans while undoubtedly know this can’t happen as he heals extremely quick. Norton’s hulk does not heal quickly and at times doesn’t heal at all.

    • You are probably the onlyone who liked the other Hulk version which was a mainstreamed slimmed version that was not Hulk at all…The Avengers hit it right on the nose…Been a Hulk fan since 1970 and it cannot get no better then the Avengers version…Body, power, attitude all there for what the Hulk is!

  3. I am so glad that Lou is returning to do the voice. The few lines that Hulk had in The Avengers were great and all, but they sounded terrible with Mark doing the voice. That was one of the great things about the Incredible Hulk was Lou doing Hulk’s voice.

    • lol it was lou that voice the hulk in the avengers

    • *face palm*

    • reading comprehension is not your strong suit, eh?

  4. Funny how Mark is like the Hulk… a little bit out of control.

    My only issue with him (and Bana) is they are a bit to bulky to play Banner. That’s why I liked Norton, he is what I envision when I think of Banner.

    • Too bad Norton is a nightmare to work with, just like Christian Bale.

      • Could you imagine him having to share the spotlight with RDJ?

        • He probably would have tried to take over the entire MCU.

          • Hah! That’s funny. Ed would probably re-write every single script going forward to 2028 as well.

            I love me some Ed Norton but the man has too much of his grandfathers in him (Edward Norton Jr. and James Rouse, a couple of heavy hitters).

    • You really thought Bana in Ang Lee’s “Hulk” was to bulky?

      • @Aaron:

        Bana is not a small guy. He’s 6’2″ and very fit.

        At least Mark Ruffalo is short, but he’s a bit thick and not very nerdy looking.

        Banner to me is a thin frail guy, the opposite of the Hulk.

  5. So the original Hulk is going to be the voice of the new Mark Ruffalo Hulk in Avengers 2?

    That should be interesting. Now that I remember Ferrigmo didn’t really look like Hulk aside from a 60’s throwback.

    • Lou voiced the Hulk in The Avengers (2012) as has had cameos in Hulk and The Incredible Hulk as security guards.

      I’m glad Lou is coming back to breath life into the Hulk once again.
      I’ve heard they blend Mark’s voice and Lou’s voice to create the Hulks actual growls and stuff.

  6. I liked Edward Norton, but not enough to have him cause any friction in the MCU. I like Mark Ruffalo a lot more than I thought I would. His Hulk does look a lot more throwback than Norton’s though. Norton’s Hulk seems a lot bigger and stronger. The only thing I didn’t like about Norton’s Hulk was his bed head hairstyle. It looked wayyyy too boy bandy.

    • Thanks! I’ve clarified that point in the post.

  7. If I’m reading those tweets right, Mark Ruffalo just got scolded by Marvel Studio for posting pictures on set.
    Folks at Marvel are very hush-hush when it comes to their next project. Just ask Don Cheadle.

    Kevin Feige runs a tight ship, but it pays off in the end for everybody

  8. Good to hear some new news about the hulk. For a second there I almost thought they forgot about him. I put myself in their shoes when Rob was talking about them still having fun despite the pressure. And I’m glad to hear they are going through with it. This is marvels most highly anticipated sequel ( at least that’s the way it looks) and they are the guys that have to carry it out. I couldn’t imagine MYSELF doing that. When Rob says “fun nod to the past” I just sit there thinking fun nod for others. Myself on the other hand, I STILL watch the old hulk on netflix. Heck I just LOVE it. Its nice to see it being recognized and respected these days, despite new technology and all. As for Ruffalo’s photos, I think Marvel should leave the guy alone. Its good to get a glimpse at what we’ll be seeing in the movie, and what they’re up to backstage. Besides, those photos hardly uncovered anything of importance to the film anyway.

    • Sorry, I met to say Ben. I am just used to commenting on Rob Keye’s articles.

      • I am extra tired today, so try to ignore writing mistakes. I just realized, I typed “met” instead of “meant”.

  9. I think screenrant needs to do an epic breakdown of these photos. You know…like how that purple jacket is from an iconic comic book story arc… Or how the gruffness of RDJ’s goatee proves that they aren’t filming any press conferences or board meetings at this time. You can do it!

    • hahahaha, that would be to die for!

  10. Another reason I have been at odds with Marvel….Norton was brilliant and everything he did with The Hulk is what we ALL wanted to see. The fact MARVEL forced to edit out the Arctic scene at the beginning of Ed’s Hulk, a week before release was flat out bullox, especially when the Cap Easter egg was right there and had been planned. Ruffalo’s casting I still do not understand, or ever will. The money does not matter to Mr. Norton, the art does.

  11. I thought Ruffalo was terrific as Banner/Hulk and fit into the MCU a lot better than Norton did. I also think Ruffalo is a better actor than Norton

    • …really? You’re going to pull a better actor card with Ruffalo and Norton?

      You know, I’ve been eager to see Ruffalo emote for once in his freaking career. I didn’t like him in “Shutter Island” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and his Banner is so…dull. I don’t buy he’s a scientist; I buy that it’s Mark Ruffalo trying to sound smart.

      • To me, Ruffalo is a better fit as Banner because Ruffalo comes across as weak, dorky, timid, and shy.

        Norton’s version of Banner seemed more confident and didn’t really show much nerdiness either.

        Hulk and Banner are polar opposites. Having said that, Ruffalo is more opposite of Hulk than Norton is opposite of Hulk.

        However, as far as actors are concerned, Norton is one of my all time favorites.

      • I have to disagree with you. Ruffalo never seemed shy or weak. In fact, I was convinced he could kick my butt without the hulk.

      • Whoa whoa whoa! Hold up there. Did you just call his Banner dull? Ruffalo portrayed that part perfectly. He almost seemed more like a scientist than Norton. In my opinion, both of these guys were great actors. Lets not go saying untrue things about them just because you like one more. If there WERE flaws on Ruffalo’s part, its his look. It would be better if he were 3 or 4 inches taller. I also wish he would die the grays out of his hair. And maybe some working out wouldn’t hurt. I am a GUY just so you know. I am not some girl on here giving tips for Ruffalo to look better, just a guy giving some advice to another guy.

        • I don’t think so Mark Ruffalo is not a good Bruce Banner like Edward Norton if they would of stay with Edward Norton Bruce Banner it would be worth watching Norton knocking the role out the park as Bruce Banner.

  12. I prefer Norton as Bruce Banner and The Hulk. He portrayed Banner like I always thought he was in the comics. Paranoid, determined and miserable. He hated the Hulk so much that he never referred to the hulk as a person but always called the hulk ‘it’ or ‘thing’.

  13. Plus, whenever I heard Ruffalo’s Banner talk about science it sounded like he was reading off a piece of paper.

  14. I just hope the hulk doesn’t turn bad in avengers 2 and they send him off, I think ultron is controlling the hulk buster armor

    • I hope the same thing. And I hope we are right. No one except us can really seem to understand that if they do this, it would ruin everything. It would be an injustice bigger than the hulk himself. First of all, it would make it impossible to do hulk as a SUPERHERO movie franchise. Also, it would take away the muscle of the avengers. Nobody on the team can strike fear in villains hearts like hulk. In addition, it just wouldn’t go with the way he has been set up in TIH and the avengers. As soon as Banner gains some control over hulk, he just turns into a super villain?! He is not even that kind of guy! And to add to that, seeing Him and Stark’s relationship as friends, and the way he saved Stark’s life in the avengers. It would make ABSOLUTELY NO sense at all for Stark to send him into space. And even to add to that, it would totally go against the characters personality. The personality is misunderstood hero with a really short fuse. NOT raging maniac bent on destroying earth and the avengers with his own army of aliens. Sorry Marvel, but this story line goes against the character completely. This character was made a misunderstood superhero, so lets leave nonsense stories like planet hulk and WWH in the books where it should stay. People post things chanting “planet hulk” ignorantly. Well I say thanks but no thanks Marvel.

      • Preach it, brother!!

        And I would just add, please move away from this Ultimate Marvel crap, in general. Sticking to the original source material/origin stories is the safest way to go. Why? Because they are better! I am beyond disappointed with the liberties Whedon and company have taken with regard to the formation of the Avengers and the glaring omission of Hank and Janet Pym. It was Hank who invented Ultron, for crying out loud. Plus, the Ant Man solo film that’s currently in production is supposedly going to turn Hank Pym into an old guy (Michael Douglas), which will permanently screw up any future storylines that could have featured Hank and Janet (originally, founding members) joining the Avengers as a couple. I don’t understand Whedon’s/Fiege’s logic behind this. Ditto for the addition of Scarlet Witch and the extremely silly-looking Quicksilver, when there are far cooler and more interesting characters who should have been added (e.g., Black Panther and the aforementioned Ant Man/Giant Man and Wasp).

  15. That pic of Lou as the Hulk from the old TV series reminds me of some college boy who got drunk and dressed up in Halloween makeup and perhaps his funky mama’s wig after a long all-night party. If I were a villain and saw that coming after me, I would probably laugh myself to death, and Hulk could then just point to my prone body laying on the ground, and roar, WIN!”

    • I see. There is really no winning with you is there? Painted bodybuilder hulk looks like some weird college kid to you. And you have some weird things to say about CGI hulk. Interesting. So if you don’t like either of those, what DO you like? Its not like they have a real mutant to use for hulk. So its either one or the other. And lets be honest, if ANYONE were a super villain and saw THAT coming after them, THEY wouldn’t laugh. They would wet their pants. Of course some dumb-dumb might try to fight hulk,… and end up in the ICU.

    • I dont get you man, back then, i think it was the best possible Option to show Hulk, even tho it might look kinda Primitive to you.
      It was still nonethless amazing back in the Day and i can only say that, since i watched and loved the Series.

  16. Look on the face of the CGI versions, and the Jolly Green Giant loks like he is gonna spit up (“The Incredible Hork”?!). And is that top picture someone trying to squirt him in the titty with milk?

  17. “nod to fans that remember the good old days of Bill Bixby’s Bruce Banner paired with Ferrigno”……Bill Bixby played David Banner not Bruce Banner in the old TV Series…just saying. Bruce was not considered Tough enough in that era (Bruce cough cough Lee)

    • Trust me, anyone who watched the show knows this. I guess he just forgot to say David. As much as I liked (and still like) the t.v series, one thing I could not understand was how they thought the name “Bruce” was to soft to use. Seriously, what girl would you find out their named Bruce? I highly doubt that a mother is just going to look into the eyes of their little girl and go “Oh, I think I’ll name you Bruce”. Really, I don’t think that will ever happen. But you never know, society comes up with some crazy names for kids these days.

    • I don’t know why the name Bruce would be considered soft. What girl would you find with the name Bruce? Exactly, NONE. Although I wouldn’t deny that there might one day be one, with society’s crazy choice of names these days. But seriously, what mother would you hear say to their baby girl after birth, “Oh, I think I’ll name you Bruce”. Yeah right! Bruce is a guys name, so how is it girly?

  18. I’d really love to hear the Hulk talk alot more in the next Avengers – that would add to his character – not just appearing for fight scenes and smashing stuff – I’ve been a Hulk fan for 40years – He speaks in the comics – he has his own view & reasons – and hates Bruce Banner !

  19. Oh yeah! I agree with the idea that there is a coincidence.

  20. I used to love Bill Bixby’s Hulk, now there is two actual contrasting – they didnt use Bruce because CBS thought it sounded to ‘Gay’, rediculous as it sounds. I know Kenneth Johnson wanted to seperate it from the comic, change of name (apparently he took the rapp for that), occupation, gamma incident.
    I just cant help watch them when they are on though, must just be the musical interlude. 😉

  21. there are, a lot, of unnecessary commas, in this article.

    • Theres also a lot of anal, unnecessary dicks in these comments

      • i count one.

        • turntored wins “Best Comment!”

  22. I like Edward Norton Bruce Banner way better than Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner because Norton looks far more like Bruce Banner and Norton is more caring Banner than Ruffalo. And Ruffalo wasn’t the caring Bruce Banner like Norton. I know Mark Ruffalo really didn’t nailed Bruce Banner role and didn’t play Bruce Banner role right. If they would of keep Edward Norton in the Avengers 123 Norton would of nailed it and would been the Best Bruce Banner in Avengers and the for Hulk Sequels.

  23. Mark Ruffalo wasn’t bad at voicing The Hulk, but I think Lou Ferrigno is a better choice. Because he has been doing it for years and he can put power behind the phrase “Hulk Smash”. Also haven said that Banner and Hulk are to totally different personalities, granted in manny animated incarnation Banner and Hulk were always voiced by two different men.Personally I love Lou Ferrigno voicing the Hulk