Lou Ferrigno Claims Disney is Planning Mark Ruffalo ‘Hulk’ Movie After ‘Avengers 2′

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Thor: The Dark World is currently in the latter end of its theatrical run and about to cross the $600 million mark, continuing the success of the post-Avengers Marvel Cinematic Universe after Iron Man 3 broke records around the world this summer with its $1.2 billion haul. The following two years already have a pair of movies each in development, three of them sequels and the fourth introducing an new character in Ant-Man.

After that, all we have is speculation and rumors as we wait until next summer (likely at San Diego Comic-Con) to find out what Marvel Studios has in the cards for moviegoers in Phase 3. One of the major questions for fans is whether or not Marvel will give franchise newcomer Mark Ruffalo a chance to take the Hulk character on a solo adventure and if they do, when? Previous Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno may have part of the answer!

When asked in an interview by Flicks And The City if he’d like to see Ruffalo get a chance at leading his own Hulk solo film, Ferrigno was quick to interrupt with a confident “they are doing another Hulk movie.” He says that Hulk was a big star in The Avengers and followed up by claiming Disney agreed to do another Hulk movie and that he thinks it’s coming after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ferrigno’s also interested in playing another character in it, something akin to a military general.

At the very least, in The Avengers 2 and any Hulk-related spinoffs or followups, Ferrigno could voice the big green alter ego while Ruffalo pulls double-duty as Bruce Banner and doing the motion capture work for the physical side of Hulk  - like he did in The Avengers.

Incredible Hulk Marvel Now Comics Lou Ferrigno Claims Disney is Planning Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie After Avengers 2

There were rumors dating back to the release of The Avengers that Marvel Studios could be planning Planet Hulk and World War Hulk films but detractors – including overseer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Joss Whedon – claim it wouldn’t make sense for them to do that since such a project would involve very little Bruce Banner, and all CGI creatures in a landscape far too similar to Disney’s financially disastrous John Carter. Whedon even went as far as calling the rumors “nonsense.”

Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige however, was more positive about the possibilities and did mention Planet Hulk and World War Hulk were cool stories and that they’d love to see Ruffalo lead his own film. As for Ruffalo himself, he said earlier this year that he’d love to do one eventually but that there were no plans for such a thing.

We do know that Marvel Studios has three confirmed release dates in 2016 and 2017 and we know they’re going to have a second film in 2017, making it four theatrical releases in those two years. When we spoke to Feige he confirmed to us that the first movie in each of those two years will be for sequels to established brands, followed by the launch of a new IP or character, explaining that it’s the working formula for the studio.

hulk avengers 2 age ultron Lou Ferrigno Claims Disney is Planning Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie After Avengers 2

For us, we figure that means Thor 3 in May 2016, Captain America 3 in 2017 and the other two slots going towards introducing Doctor Strange and the other possibly being The Inhumans (which could potentially double as a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy). In 2018, we can expect The Avengers 3 to kick off the summer so any potential Incredible Hulk 3/Planet Hulk wouldn’t come until Phase 3 at the earliest. Perhaps the story of The Avengers 3 could end with Earth’s Mightiest heroes launching Ruffalo’s Hulk into outer space with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy when they realize he can’t be controlled and is too dangerous.

What would you like to see from a Ruffalo Hulk film and when should Marvel Studios release it?


Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters, Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Flicks And The City

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  1. Am i the only one who wants a hawkeye/black widow movie? i would definitely love those two side by side

  2. Ohhhh Man!!!! I am excited now I want to see The Leader and of course more Hulk.

  3. It might be interesting to do a modern approach to the original story line hat was written for the Hulks first six issues. Where, as Bruce Banner, he manages to create a self firing gamma cannon to either initiate his change into the Hulk or back into the form of Banner. The storyline finding him able to change when he wants to a Hulk retaining some of his human traits so he can fight against a villain. So during the movie, he could change back and fourth a few times before realizing that the last time it took longer for him to change back to Banner. He then thinks it thru that its best not to continue he changing back to the Hulk and stay as Banner. But when Betty Ross or someone important to him is threatened by a super villain, He realizes that he needs to initiate the change one more time to do the rescue, leaving him at the end of the film in the same predicament as he had always been in, at the mercy o his emotions and the hulk inside him.
    How does that sound for a solo Hulk film?

  4. I’m with Whedon on this one all the way. I think that planet hulk and all the related stories are nonsense. Really, what kind of superhero fan wants to see their favorite hero turned into a villain! And then be blasted into space by a team he is apart of and puts the “mighty” in! The hulk is an avenger, a hero, not a villain! Quite honestly seeing marvel follow through with that dumb plan would be atrocious!! So enough with this turning Hulk evil nonsense! Whoever came up with that dumb idea should be fired! So lame! Seriously turning a hero into a villain! Marvel may as well just save it if they cant come up with anything better than that atrocity! No offense to fans of “Planet Hulk” but just sayin. They need to stick to letting Whedon pick movie plans, because obviously Feige cannot come up with good hulk ideas. Just because hulk is a rage monster, that does not mean you can turn him into a villain! Its just such a lame idea! If they wouldn’t turn Captain America into a villain, then why would they turn hulk into a villain! Hulk is just as much a hero and an avenger as all the rest! FYI marvel, stupid ideas like this is not what will make you money. Its ideas like this that will let DC out do you! So just keep that in mind and choose a different story line that does not turn hulk into a villain! Yes marvel should make a hulk sequel with Mark Ruffalo, just one that keeps the Hulk a good guy!

    • This fan.

      • Well you must not be a very good fan then. FYI, I wasn’t asking for an answer to that question. Its STUPID that someone would even consider that garbage. If anyone actually wants that crap converted to live action film, they are NOT worthy of calling themselves a REAL hulk fan. Only a REAL hulk fan (such as myself) could see how stupid that idea really is. It totally misrepresents Hulk.

    • This fan too.

  5. The sequel should come out in 2014, before the avengers sequel. But I guess its to late for that. That being said, It should come out either in July in 2014, or in June 2015. I refuse to wait beyond 2015! Its already been 6 years! By 2015 it will have been 7 years! So don’t make us wait until the next decade! Sequels should only take 2 to 4 years! Its been way to long for them to still be debating the story line! I was willing to give them the 5 years because of the avengers coming out in 2012, and the end of TIH being set up for the avengers. Leaving other years for development. I could understand them taking 2 years after the avengers for movie development. But the fact that they have had all this time and are still debating is ridiculous! And now turning the hulk evil even being able to come into their conversation! Now they have waited all the way into Avengers 2 development still discussing the TIH sequel!!! But anyway, the sequel should be called The Incredible Hulk 2. Further ideas will be in my next post.

    • Hulk is Marvel at it’s Best, but unfortunately, Hulk fans don’t have a voice in this phenomenon. The general public only want to see heroes that act and think as themselves, total duche bags. Anyone who disagrees with Hulk or deminishes his capacity will undoubtedly clash with me. I’m a real Hulk fan and have been since I was a kid. Nobody is going to mess with me.

      • So, does that mean we are on the same side? If so, awesome. But not awesome if you support the Planet hulk movement, witch totally misrepresents the hulk. I love other superheroes to, but hulk is definitely my favorite. I am more for the misunderstood hero representation.

  6. I want Mark Raffalo to play in his own movie (PLanet Hulk) and action figure toys.

  7. Gosh I really hope ferrigno is right the marvel,universe just wouldn’t be the same without the hulk and to me he was one of the best parts about the avengers movie he’s cool because he’s angry if he was going to he another solo film though I would imagine Marvel would go all out crazy trying to make it more successful than the last couple hulk films, I absolutely loved the incredible hulk movie as well as the tv show with bixby and ferrigno I think what the series did really well was make banner a regular average day man with a secret that even he sometimes couldn’t understand or cope with the thing that I think works really well with characters like spiderman and hulk is that both of their secret identities hate their alter egos but at the same time they rely and need their alter egos I think I like rufffalos hulk better than Norton’s because he has the bill bixby every man charm to him and I see more of that in him than in norton. For the sequel I really want liv Tyler and William hurt to come back I also really really really want the leader in the sequel so Id happily welcome Tim Blake Nelson back into th picture another bad guy that I think would just be cool in at marvel film overall is the absorbing man but he was in the fist hulk which I didn’t really care for at all I also think red hulks really cool maybe he can do hulk 3 if the first sequel ever happens

    • All agreed! But I didn’t know spider man hated his alter ego.

  8. I know i’m in the minority for this thinking but i’m just not sure if i want to see a solo Hulk movie with Ruffalo as Banner. Do not get me wrong I’m a huge Hulk fan and he is hands down my favorite and has been since i was a kid and i want more than anything to see another Hulk movie but Ruffalo just didn’t convince me in The Avengers and it is the only thing i did not like about that movie. Every time i watch The Avengers the scenes with Ruffalo are ruined for me as he is just completely unconvincing as Banner. Again i know that i seem to be in the minority with this but i still do not understand why Marvel didn’t bring Norton back. I understand there where contract negotiation issues but from everything i have read that was all worked out until Joss pulled the plug. Regardless of the reason, out of the last three people to play Banner, Norton’s was my favorite. I like Ruffalo but he is no Banner and i just do not think he could carry Banner convincingly through an entire solo film. I would love to be proved wrong but with all the movies i have watched of Ruffalo’s i highly doubt i ever will. It is for this reason that i think if they do another Hulk movie that they should just remove Banner and do a Planet Hulk story.

    • I have to disagree. Ruffalo did an excellent job on Banner. He even had that look. I don’t care weather they use Ruffalo or Norton to be honest. Ruffalo had more of a nerdy look and did a good job of showing Banners geek side. But Norton looks younger and did a good job of showing that on the run hard core side of Banner that knows what to do. Also Norton is taller wich is better I think. But your idea of PH sucks! I hate that crap! They should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do THAT stupid atrocity of a movie!!!! Its a disaster waiting to happen! They can skip Banner and do PH when hell freezes over!! NEVER should THAT become a movie in the MCU! I seriously dislike whoever made that comic in the first place! It was fine for the comics, but it WONT work with the top of the line live action hulk! Now enough with that trash!

  9. I agree that the Planet Hulk Storyline should not be used at all anymore. I think that Marvel has already committed to the fact that Banner can pretty much control himself when he wants to “change”. There are plenty of other story lines that Marvel could do with Hulk. Personally, I would love to see a “Science Bros”/Hulk & Iron Man team-up. But anyways, Marvel knows what they are doing and they also know who makes the money. I think they have the right people where they need to be and in the end, they’ll make the right decision based on where this Cinematic Universe is going.

    • I’m sorry. Its just that after all these tries at trying to get the perfect hulk. We finally get one, and marvel wants to turn him evil! It scares me that such a great company would do something so foolish. Also, I’ve been waiting to see THIS sequel for 6 years now, and such bad ideas really get ME PO’ed. I am a HUGE hulk fan, and would HATE to see my favorite superhero get turned into a villain. Doing such a stupid idea would really screw everything up! Not to mention its effect on the avengers. While others see it as just more of hulk smashing. I see it as, taking away character development, the elements of a good movie, ditching the main character and only showing his alter ego, and turning hulk evil and against his own team. So basically, a total screw up. I mean, just imagine a batman movie with NO Bruce Wayne, that has JL shoot him into space for having to much rage in his heart, and then to top it off, batman turns evil at the end and unties an army of aliens to destroy the earth. Then in JL, batman fights against the Jl rather than fighting the battle with them. Everyone would walk out like “worst batman movie ever”!

  10. I loved both the Incredible Hulk and Norton as Banner. I really hated the Avengers’ Hulk and the entire handling of the Hulk story line. The Hulk should’ve had the sweetest entrance of all of the characters! When He finally changed into the Hulk, he should’ve created devastation for at least a one-mile radius. Not wrestling in the bottom of the Hellicarrier with Thor (with minimal damage).

    I didn’t really care for Ruffalo either. The first Hulk was so horrible, it isn’t even worth commenting.

    Regardless of the eventual villain, the Hulk should be portrayed as the misunderstood anti-Hero with good intentions, but questionable methods due to his anger problem. This may help resolve the Hulk-as-a-villain issue.

    The Hulk is best portrayed as an anti-hero (like Magneto, Wolverine, Batman and others) who believes that the end justifies the means. Yet, the Hulk can add more complexity due to the inner struggle with his Banner persona. Side note: This is how I imagine that Superman and Batman will tangle since Superman’s fight devastated an entire city… Although The Dark Knight Batman is the more suitable anti-hero… However, I digress…

    The Hulk next movie should highlight the inner struggle between his intelligence and his uncontrollable rage! The angrier/stronger he gets – the more reckless he becomes.

    They should also make the CGI more like the Incredible Hulk with the scary menacing teeth-gritting angry Hulk… Not the baby-faced Ruffalo version (which I HATED!!!) This should also include darker grittier overtones. Kill the bright green hue and make him someone we wouldn’t want to even be on the same street with.

    I’m more of an old-school X-Men fan, but with the plethora of superhero movies there has been weaker plots, cartoonish action scenes, and cheezy costumes. For example: If (in the Avengers) Banner was in such control, why was his first Hulk-change initiated by a brief altercation with the Black Widow? That made no sense… Is he in control or isn’t he? Banner’s relationship with the Hulk should either be stable (controllable) or unstable (uncontrollable)!

    In short, I hope the next Hulk movie brings back the scary Incredible Hulk with a solid plot!

  11. Personally, I think Hulk has long since heroic been changed way too far from his iconic and popular roots into something truly monstrous and villainous. I thought it was bad when, instead of being a massive powerful monster that is actually a gamma powered manifestation of the powerless, rage-filled child deep inside Banner with a heart of innocent gold, he’s become a smarter, yet mean-spirited bully, in essence, the father that used to beat him, and a villain. He went from a character that I loved all through my childhood into his antithesis. Now, even worse, under Disney direction, he’s the intelligent, voice of mature wisdom and reason in a team of hulk posers, effectively the patient, ever exhausted straight man and father figure to their antics, ending each episode with his soul searching, introspective educational teaching moment of father Hulk knows best?! Please oh please Marvel, return hulk to his essence; an innocent but angry child lashing out in frustrated rage at those who represent the villains of his tormented world with the godlike strength he’s been granted by Banner’s desire to prove himself.