‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ & ‘The Avengers 2′ Will Both Feature Thanos

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Thanos Imperative 3 Art Guardians of the Galaxy & The Avengers 2 Will Both Feature Thanos

Six interconnected superhero films formed what is officially dubbed “Phase One” of the Marvel cinematic universe with The Avengers serving as the closing chapter. It wasn’t until last summer however, with Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor did moviegoers get introduced to the larger cosmic universe and the otherworldly characters it hosts.

The Tesseract, or the Cosmic Cube as it’s more commonly referred to as, became the McGuffin that drove the plot of The Avengers, forcing together the characters we met over the last few years and throwing them headfirst into a battle against Loki and his army of alien invaders. Loki was introduced in Thor and after putting on a show this summer, returns for his brother’s sequel Thor: The Dark World next fall. But as we learned during a few off-planet scenes in The Avengers, Loki was merely a servant of someone and something much greater.

When Joss Whedon was brought in to helm The Avengers he completely rewrote the script previously drafted by Zak Penn. Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige only had a few guidelines for what Whedon’s film must include: a Tesseract-powered portal opening in New York leading to an alien invasion. The Chitauri and their leader who showed up during the mid-credits sequence, Thanos, were selected by Whedon, and it was done so very intentionally.

Thanos in The Avengers  Guardians of the Galaxy & The Avengers 2 Will Both Feature Thanos

For years, Feige has namedropped the Guardians of the Galaxy as a property he and Marvel Studios were legitimately interested in adapting into a feature film in an effort to bring fans deeper into the cosmic side of Marvel Comics. If Iron Man were a B-List character before he got his own movie, the Guardians are D-List. The success and acceptance of The Avengers and its sci-fi elements has allowed them to take even greater risks and as we learned (officially) at Comic-Con, that’s exactly the plan. It’s always been a near certainty that Thanos would return for Guardians of the Galaxy but his role in the bigger picture plans for the future of the franchise hasn’t been so clear.

On the Screen Rant Underground podcast we talked in detail on several occasions about our theories of Guardians introducing a new set of characters to battle Thanos in a story that would serve as a lead-in to The Avengers 2 the following summer. Since that time, Joss Whedon signed to write and direct The Avengers 2 with a release date in May 2015, meaning it’s picking up where Guardians of the Galaxy will end. Can we then expect Thanos to be the primary villain of The Avengers 2? Yes.


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  1. @ Rob…I read nothing that would imply that Thanos is the “Primary” villain in either GotG or Avengers 2. He might play a larger role than just appearing at the end of a button but to use him in especially Avengers 2 as the main villain would leave us nowhere to go but down (and having him be the primary villain on both Avengers 2 AND 3 is not a good idea either.)

    • Thanos is best used as the string-puller, the shot-caller. We pretty much know what his aim is, if they are faithful to the comics. Whedon didn’t drop that “court Death” line for nothing. We know that’s his main goal. However, that’s all a bit too heavy and deep to immediately make obvious. Those who know the comics know what that means. But it went over the heads of the majority of the audience, so they have to build to it. Every step, every move that Thanos makes, either by himself or via one of his proxies, is leading to that. So it’s good that Whedon is signed on and acting as the godfather to make sure that all movies are lining up for that eventual buildup.

      • Thanos seems to be more like the Emperor in Star Wars. I alluded to it in an other article’s comment section, but it looks like the Avengers 2 will need to be played out over 2 or 3 movies just so they can properly implement the menace that he is and also for them to counter the Justice Leaugue.

        • I agree to part of what you said about Thanos being like the Emperor in Star Wars. I would say Thanos is more like Vader and the Emperor combined. He does play in the background, but when he has to he will come to the forefront and put a boot in someones chest if needed. He is the type that will use his pawns to set eveything up so he can come in and knock all the pins down so to speak.

          • definitely, I think that Guardians of The Galaxy however will serve as his origin story… similar to Thor being a perfect origin story for Loki. After watching the Avengers, going back to Thor we ended up seeing a completely different movie. So I’m looking forward to seeing how this all play out. If the math is correct though, due to the nature of Iron Man 3 we will only see Captain America and Shield make a cameo in that one.

  2. Smart move by Marvel to put out Thanos well before Warner Bros. gives us Darkseid in a Justice League movie. Even though Darkseid is a much more relevant villain in the DCU, the similarities to casual audiences with only benefit the character that gets onscreen first…Tie goes to the runner.

    Too bad Warner Bros. didn’t have the foresight to feature Darkseid as the villain in Man of Steel as opposed to the General Zod retread (Michael Shannon would’ve made a GREAT Darkseid, by the way).

    • Nah, Darkseid can still easily and effectively be put out into whatever DCMU forms without being cut down by the presence of a previously-released Thanos in the MCMU. Different stories will allow for different experiences in the respective films…if done well.

  3. I just hope they show the Leader at sme point gen he was created in the Hulk film and is a smart villain that could be used to create a Genetic army and was one of Hulk biggest villains.

  4. Thanos will be primal vilain guardians of the galaxy,the avengers 2 and general zod is the vilain superman:man of steel and they will bring loki back thor 2 ,thor 3 the avengers 2,3 and also they will bring darkseid from the justice league movies and will we will see future vilain in marvel,dc movies.

    • I think the whole point of Thor 2 will be for Loki to steal the Infinity Gauntlet. Effectively setting up the events in The Avengers as a distraction to what the real plan is

      • It’s actually been stated that Loki will not have a major role in Thor 2, he’s just there because you can’t have a Thor film without him.

  5. why no mention of adam warlock???

  6. I thought it was kind of a given that Thanos would be involved heavily in Avengers 2 and Guardians, since they teased him at the end of Avengers. Aside from Loki they haven’t established and other villains and unless the Red Skull comes back they are going to have to start pulling names out of the hat for future films.

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  8. Big ups for Thanos showing up, now I wonder if we will see Galactus (one of my fav villains) knowing they did a lot of battling (and even helped each other) in the comics.

  9. They’ll probably use Thanos in The Avengers 2, but as for 3, anyone else interested in seeing one of the Earth-based villains rather than endless alien invasions?

  10. Adam Warlock was the only one who could stand up to Thanos. The Soul Gem was the reason. Another factor no one is bringing up is Mephisto. Very odd that we will see a ‘cosmic’ direction with these new movies and the one guy, The Silver Surfer, is not available. Nova, Quasar and The Guardians are altogether worth one Silver Surfer. Then there is another cosmic character people overlooked, The Watcher. Avengers 2 will be act 2, if they are going for trilogies of Cap and Thor then part 2 cannot resolve anything, unless, Through Adam Warlock there was Magus. That is the order of events in Marvel, Infinity Gauntlet (best), then Infinity War. If they reboot Avengers down the road, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ‘Civil War’. Until Marvel can use the entirety of ‘The House of Ideas’, we will always grumble about What If’s.

  11. Just want to know if the hulk will be in any of these movies??? Also if he is will he be looking like he was in Avenger’s which he did not look as cool as he did in the second hulk. Which I think he look very real. In Avenger’s he look like and ape. I think Avenger’s was great, I just didn’t like how hulk came out after seeing how he looked in the second one.

  12. Thanos is gonna be pretty badass in GotG and A2. I’m hoping we get another Hulk movie as well, that’s one thing I want more than any of these movies.

  13. These should be a game in gamestop

  14. kudos to Marvels the Avengers! what im excited about is the credits,,with the appearance of the Mad Titan ,,am sure that he will make Avengers struggle. and silver surfer will make his appearance in avengers 2

  15. ultron would make a great villian in avengers 3

  16. or maybe dr doom or dark surfer these are just examples

    • Owned by Fox.. Sorry to crush your dreams.

  17. the truth is i am iron man

  18. OH! I have a great idea for A3, What about galactus being the villan? I got really dissapointed in F42 for making GALACTUS A CLOUD

    • Owned by FOX

  19. I would like to converse about the Marvel Villain ‘Thanos’, which is reported that he’ll be the next villain in Avengers2, however, this debate will arise, Thano’s character’s appearance resembles Darkseid DC and if Justice League movie comes out in 2015 and I know that Thano’s character has been changed to look more like Darkseid, people will say who copied who? After reading an article pertaining to Marvel character Thanos, it was altered, to look more like Darkseid and when both movies do get released, it’s Marvel who’s copying DC. If DC Justice League do use Darkseid in the movie and Marvel Avengers use Thanos, the similarities will surely will be noticed and it is Marvel that’ll be copying the DC Darkseid’s character.

    Furthermore, in 2004, Jim Starling working on the Marvel character Thanos , was instructed to alter the character’s physical appearance.

    If DC Justice League want to use Darkseid and why shouldn’t they and I know one thing for certain, it’s the aforementioned that are copying an idea of DC Comics.

  20. Nope, they just confirmed that they’re saving him for the third Avengers movie.

  21. Ultron is the A2 villain not thanos

  22. It should still be Damion Poitier! I don’t think Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are so weak minded that need that “popular” or “well-known” or even “Hollywood” in their Marvel characters.

  23. I’ve read these comments, and half are correct, half are absurd.
    Let’s just clarify something, the Thanos/Darkseid thing, completely irrelevant, quite honestly die hard fans of Marvel/DC will always argue over every character and who is better and who ripped who off etc.. For the neutrals, no one will care.
    Secondly Marvel have renegotiated the rights to Silver Surfer and Galactus *exactly like the did with the Fantastic 4* it was an inevitability, although I doubt you’ll see either until phase 3, they’ll both be used in relation to Thanos’ actual assault. With GotG and Thor 2 exploring the universe more it opens such possibilities for the Devourer of Worlds and Zenn-La’s favourite son, quite honestly the Surfer is one of the most important characters to Marvel, it was only ever a matter of time before they regained cinematic rights.. They need the Ultron story to continue a character evolution arc, anyone familiar with Joss Whedon’s approach to storytelling know full well that he builds a lot before a massive point, view phase 3 as his ultimate finish, enjoy the ride until then