‘Guardians of Galaxy’ Won’t Be in ‘Avengers 2′; Marvel Phase Two Films All Standalone?

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Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers 2 Guardians of Galaxy Wont Be in Avengers 2; Marvel Phase Two Films All Standalone?

There’s still a long road to go until The Avengers 2 hits theaters in 2015 – but as always, loyal fans have been filling the gap with titillating (and often raucous) speculation about what Phase Two of Marvel’s Movie Universe will bring. The second phase kicked off this summer with Iron Man 3; it continues this fall with Thor: The Dark World; then in spring/summer 2014 we’ll see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the already controversial Guardians of the Galaxy before Avengers 2 is up to bat.

Given Marvel Studios’ history, fans (including us here on the Screen Rant staff) have long assumed that the Phase Two lineup was intentional – the natural progression of an overarching storyline (starting at the end of Avengers) that would culminate in Avengers 2. However, today we have news from Avengers 2 director (and MCU shepherd) Joss Whedon that is changing our entire perception of what Marvel Phase Two might bring. Get your geek hats on for this one.

joss whedon3 Guardians of Galaxy Wont Be in Avengers 2; Marvel Phase Two Films All Standalone?

Bleeding Cool spoke to Whedon – whose Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing is now in theaters – and when the subject of Marvel Movie Universe came up, Whedon had the following to say:

We’re following Guardians at Shepperton [Studios, with Avengers 2] but we won’t be swapping cast members. Every movie is its own thing and has to be. Unless I take a lot of peyote and write a very different draft… and I’m not ruling that out.

Upon scrutiny, that comment is somewhat revealing in the sense that it has long been an assumption amongst fans that Thor: The Dark World would further a cosmic-based storyline that ran through Guardians of the Galaxy - which would in turn be the springboard for a cosmic threat at the center of Avengers 2. What Whedon said about “Every movie is its own thing…” somewhat upsets that entire design.


Avengers 2 – Will It Be Earth-Based?

Marvels The Avengers Review starring Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson and Smauel L. Jackson1 Guardians of Galaxy Wont Be in Avengers 2; Marvel Phase Two Films All Standalone?

The end of Avengers set the classic Marvel villain Thanos up as the “big baddie” for Phase Two, and Whedon himself previously confirmed Thanos would appear in both Guardians and Avengers 2though later on, the company line did change a bit, so as to suggest that a character like Thanos could be saved for Phase Three. In my own feature article, I asked the question “Where Should ‘Avengers 2′ Take Place?”, weighing the pros and cons of an Earth-based story (featuring, say, a rival team of villains) vs. a space-set story (featuring a villain like Thanos).

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky art 570x320 Guardians of Galaxy Wont Be in Avengers 2; Marvel Phase Two Films All Standalone?

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Artwork

My opinion was (and still is) that a sequel featuring a rival team of villains like The Masters of Evil would definitely be a compelling scenario (very Dark Knight in its own way – yeah I said it!); not to mention, one that could easily be born out of the terrestrial storyline of Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardiansmeanwhile, would be left free to establish itself on more independent terms, while setting up a story arc not for Avengers 2, but rather the storyline to come in Phase Three. Based on what Whedon said, that could certainly be the case.


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  1. So Thanos is slowly moving towards Earth and finally gets there by Avengers 3? I could buy it and plays right into what I predicted in April 2012.

    • Why would Thanos even bother with earth at all? Nothing of importance to him is on earth. If he ever comes to threaten the cosmos I’d rather Thor go and get the avengers and bring them to asgard or something of that nature. Might be more compelling, than making it yet another earth centric Avengers movie.

      • Why would he bother?

        Not sure myself but if there’s something on Earth he may want, what’s stopping him? They’ll need an excuse to have the Earth based Avengers in the third movie anyway cause if Thanos is the main villain then people will complain if there’s no Hulk, Cap, Iron Man etc.

  2. I like this Idea…Marvel has yet to let me down since they started with Iron Man 1. So I’ll trust whatever steps they are taking to bring these movies forward.

    Looking forward to all these future titles.

    • i guess you did not watch iron man 3 then

      • theres plenty of people who liked IM3, myself included. but i was unaware you were the deciding factor in these things, i’ll refer to you in the future.

        That’s sarcasm if you cant tell.

        • +1

      • Yeah I saw Iron Man 3 and really liked it. I really Enjoyed the Mandarin twist, I thought it was hilarious. It was a while since I was surprised by a blockbuster movie, I appreciated that twist. Was never a big fan of the Mandarin, so them making a joke out of him was ok with me.

        RDJ was in top form and the action was great. I had very little problems with it. I could understand people not liking it, But I did.

        • Yeah. So if they kill Iron Man and Captain America in Avengers, permanently with no revivals, you’ll like it? It’ll definitely be an unexpected twist. IM3 was a good movie, not as good as IM1 but not as bad as IM2.

          By the way that was NOT the Mandarin, anymore than I’m the Batman villain Bane just because my name is Bane.

          • If they do it well then yeah sure ill like it.

      • Thor, Iron Man 2, and Hulk are the ones I’d point out. Wasn’t too big on Captain America, either.

  3. I’d like to see The Avengers battles new, timely villain like: Tranny in A Trans Am!

  4. Whedon is pulling our chains… if GoTG is no where connected to the avengers 2 it will most likely lag unless done well.. with unknown comic book characters its going to be a very long shot for GoTG.. unless Thor or hulk or even the kree will show up

    • I just think he’s saying is that those characters won’t pop up in Avengers 2, but the movies will be somewhat connected.

      • I can see it being something along the lines of a standalone movie in space with Thanos pulling the strings trying to get one of Odin’s treasures to help him succeed where Loki failed but the new minion fails thanks to the Guardians and the Mad Titan moves slowly towards the Earth after deciding to do it himself in Avengers 3.

        That way, The Avengers will HAVE to rely on the Guardians and the Nova Corps as the only ones who know about Thanos and have felt his fingerprints in the cosmos, plus Drax living purely to destroy Thanos.

        I can see Drax coming close to doing it but becomes a distraction, only for one of the team members we’ve seen in the first movie to kill him instead, pissing Drax off and starting a bit of a feud with that member, even if they never come to blows.

        Maybe whoever is in Avengers 2 is also serving Thanos somehow and if an Avenger dies, Thanos somehow gets the body and offers it as a gift to woo Death.

        • Think we have a prayer at seeing an on screen adaptation of the Living Tribunal?


          If they do Death, they might as well do the other cool cosmic stuff.

          Love and Hate wouldn’t be hard to pull if you embody Death.

          What I’ve always been fond of with Marvel is how out there they are willing to go. It’s fun.

          • @Dr Mindbender

            If we saw any of those, I’d whoop in excitement. I agree with you, Marvel going “out there” helps everyone and if mainstream audiences accept stuff like that and help boost the profits for movies like this then it also helps DC with their more “out there” and less-grouded properties too.

            Win/win whoever you are, comic book fan or not.

          • While I would LOVE to see the more cosmic and deific characters in the MSU, I think something like the Living Tribunal is a bit too deep for the average movie goer to, “get”

        • Too bad it won’t be the original Drax. The 1st time he fought Thanos,their fighting blew up the planet lol

    • Unknown characters?…. Hmmm okay because everybody in the world knew who Black Widow and Hawkeye were before Avengers.
      If people can’t handle new characters then why would they even go to any movie ever made throughout the history of movies?……

      Anyways, hopefully GOTG connects in some form. It would be a let down if it doesn’t. Unless they are doing a solo series with more GOTG movies, and then them showing up to fight Thanos.

      GOTG will be wonderful.
      People enjoyed being introduced to new characters from space when Star Wars first came out, so I am sure they will enjoy this,even though I hate people comparing the two.

  5. This is what everyone wants right? Standalone movies. I read it everywhere on how phase 1 films had too much setup for the Avengers. Well now, they’re not going to be setup films, but I bet people will start complaining how each movie has no reference to other characters.

    • What ever makes the most money will be done. I hated Iron Man 3 but look at how much it has made. It is an Industry like any other.

    • Yeah everyone was complaining about how they bridged every phase one movie to the avengers.. now they came up with stand aLone ones.. so which is it really people ?

      • This isn’t a fascist regime. There are always going to be people on both sides of the argument, and when news comes that contradicts what they desire for future films, they’re gonna voice their opinion. Not everyone wants the same thing.

        • That makes so much sense. Thanks for saying something reasonable.

  6. I definitly am fine with this, as long as the villain isnt Thanos. I like your Masters of Evil idea but I think Ultron could also work(but not based on the info I just learned of the siblings not making things easier). They could have Ultron be the villain and Ant-Man joins them to help defeat Ultron. I can definitly see them holding off on GotG being in Avengers 2 because of the point you made about them possibly flopping.

  7. Yeah, I like the loosely connected standalone movies. Remember the Avengers don’t have any clue about the trouble they’re about to get into. It will take three phases to set it up properly.

    I can’t wait for GOTG though, and I hope they do an Inhumans movie for Phase 3.

    • “Like” for Inhumans

  8. I definently want all stand alone films. I felt thor, cap and iron man 2 all suffered from being connected to something bigger. Just make a good movie first, dont always look towards the future. Even tho i wasnt a fan of iron mam 3 i appreciate its stand alone quality

    • Yep, especially Thor.

  9. Yeah that could be a possibility. They could be waiting to make sure GOTG connects with the audience and if so Phase 3 will be about connecting all the dots and end with a big finale. Then anything afterwards could be open to almost unlimited story-lines.

  10. I never expected them to be…were we expecting them to be?

  11. What if hulk turn out to be the villain in the avengers n then get ready for planet hulk

    • I dont mean to be rude, but i feel planet hulk is fanboy dreams at its hightest level. A movie about the hulk being sent away then crashing on another planet, then becoming the king and coming back to earth for revenge sounds horid. No bruce banner, just a giant green 100 million dollar cgi main character. No need for ruffalo anymore. Thats a horid idea. Now making the hulk the villain via mind control or something is a passable and in many ways intriguing idea

      • Plant Hulk will NEVER happen on the big screen.

        1. No Mark Ruffalo (apart from 30secs when Hulk allows the grey chick to see him), that aint gonna happen, we all love HULK SMASH, but Banner is the story

        2. Cost, did I mention cost, oh yeah COST. The Hulk shots were limited in Avengers due to the cost (as mentioned by Joss himself on the commentary). A whole film with nothing but CG Hulk plus there rest of the bloodbrood or whatever they called themselves woould be rediculously expensive to do properly otherwise…. see 3.

        3. If all the characters are CG even if the do a load of mo-cap the majority of the sets you be CG so you end up with the StarWars prequals… a lot of CG cr@pness.

        4. If the majority of it is CG then it’s an animated feature and that’s already been done for Planet Hulk.

        I’d like them to expand on the Hulk and his different forms, all we get is Savage Hulk, which is cool but I think moving it along no that Banner has “accepted” the Hulk as show by “suiting up” then they could/should move the character along till we get to The Professor and even incorporate aspects of Planet Hulks Green Scar persona.

        • I actually just read an article that said they were planning on doing planet hulk for the next stand alone hulk movie and then doing world war hulk afterwards. possibly as an Avengers movie. It could all be BS though.

          • Kevin Feige was asked about it later and denied it was happening

  12. I wonder if Quicksilver will be played by two different actors for X-Men:DOFP & Avengers 2.

    • Yes they will. I feel as if the avengers quicksilver will be older than DOFP version

  13. How about Madonna as the villain?

    • She already is IRL, no need for her to invade fiction.

  14. The villains are probably the Masters of Evil and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch start of as members. Maybe Thanos knowing That the Avengers protect the earth sends The Other (or someone else could be Red Skull or Zemo) to assemble a team of Anti Avengers to take them down. Then when they fail (because they probably will) Thanos decides to get his hands dirty.

    • I like to see another crack at red skull, i found him pretty dull in cap

  15. Also I thought everyone knew now how Thor showed up on Earth? Are we really still jabbing at it when they released a prequel comic explaining it and said they would elaborate in Thor the Dark World.

    • It was more about how haphazardly the issue was handled. Thor being stuck in Asgard at the end of the movie was portrayed as a bit of an problem. Then his appearance in Avengers was written off with one line of throwaway dialogue by Loki, which a lot of people interpreted as lazy writing on Whedon’s part. And if you wanted to figure it out, I guess they gave you a homework assignment in a prequel comic to explain everything, but not everyone is interested in doing that much research just to enjoy a movie.

      • If you’re not interested in doing the research then why do you care? They gave an explanation, what more do you want?

        I mean, a movie is only so long, you can’t possibly explain every detail. Do you really expect them to hold your hand and guide you through the whole big scary movie universe because you don’t understand what’s going on?

        • FIlTHpig, don’t condescend to me. It was the Avengers, so I knew exactly what was going on because it requires little intellectual effort to enjoy a fun summer blockbuster. I was just pointing out that a lot of audience members were left scratching their heads at Thor’s sudden appearance in Avengers after the big deal they made about him being stranded on Asgard at the end of Thor. Yes, it was explained with Black Magic, but that was just to keep the plot moving along. It contradicted Thor’s cliffhanger, so myself and others got mildly annoyed with it. And as for movies that require research before going in to further understand the plot, that shouldn’t be required of an audience in a tight, solidly written film. I don’t recall The Godfather or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest being co-released with prequel comics.

          • Comics are the reason why the movie exists in the first place. It’s not out of the question to think that there might be more knowledge available by picking up one of the tie-ins (and that way Marvel makes even more money; pretty smart if you ask me).

            The comics are there for folks who enjoy getting all of the small details explained due to them not fitting in one movie. The Avengers was solid enough that most people didn’t need everything explained to death, and if they do need it, the comics are there to help. Just use the tools that they gave you.

            You’d actually have a better reason to complain if they DIDN’T have a tie-in to explain things.

            • Agreed. Tie-in comics are a great thing for a fan to have who want more than just what the movie had to offer, and are absolutely a marketing tool and a way for the studio to make more money.
              My two cents was just that Loki’s one line of dialogue exposing Thor’s presence on Earth could be constued as lazy writing if only because it completely negates any suspense the ending of Thor had to offer in terms of it’s cliffhanger and makes any subsequent viewings of Thor anti-clamactic. Just my opinion.

  16. I’m guessing it will be Avengers/SHIELD vs. World Security Council. The WSC could assemble an international team with Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver from Britain, Batroc from France, and others we haven’t seen yet. Heck, they wanted Blonsky in “The Consultant” short, and he’s Russian-born, so he could be the team’s Hulk.

  17. Whedon did say, “Unless I take a lot of peyote and write a very different draft… and I’m not ruling that out.”

    So by him not ruling that out, does that mean there is a chance the script will change?

    However if it does stay the same, there’s still a slim chance Richard Rider will be in Avengers 2 bcuz he will not be in Guardians if Dey is in it.

    Nevertheless what will most likely happen is that Thanos will be the only one to bridge the two movies.

    • No, that would be Whedon making a joke.

      • Oh I see, just like how I am.

  18. Thor is better off without the Avengers. So the less he has to deal with them, the better.

  19. (because, you know, Thor can just show up out of the blue! No explanation needed!).

    Odin sent him.

    • It was explained in Thor 1 that there is more than one way to travel across dimensions. Later in Avengers Loki confirmed this ability by referencing ‘dark magic’.

      There was no laziness.

      • Then they shouldn’t have treated Thor’s separation from Jane with such melodrama. It was implied at the end of the movie that Thor yearned for Jane but could not get to her and that for a reunion, Jane had to strive to understand the nature of Einstein Rosen Bridges. Then we just figure out in Avengers that there’s a back door called ” dark magic”. So is the rainbow bridge being destroyed a big deal or not? They sure made it seem like it was in Thor. They can’t have it both ways.

        • at the end of thor, when you think loki is dead, he shows up in the mirror watching selvig and fury. that should have been the clue right there that the bifrost wasnt needed to get to earth. and it wasn’t “dark magic”, but rather dark energy.

  20. Thank God!!!! GREAT NEWS!! I am beyond excited for GotG but honestly don’t give a flying **** about anything else in the MCU or it as a whole. Knowing this gives me hope that none of the Marvel heads/execs are pressuring Gunn to make it “fit” with the MCU more.

    Keep the standalones coming! Inhumans next? Maybe Runaways?

  21. So far I’ve been let down by phase 2 and judging by everything I keep reading that’s not gonna change. I really hope I’m wrong though. I really wanna trust in Whedon

  22. Guardians is set in 2045 so obviously no common cast members. Now that Marvel’s firmly established it’s presence among moviegoing audiences they have less need for cameos and tie-ups between movies. I’d actually like if Marvel films were more stand-alone from now on.

    • Ummmm…what?

      The original team was in the 31st century and the 2009-current version is in present day. So obviously there ARE common cast members. They will be a part of the Avengers 3 if the main villain is finally Thanos. Seeing that 2 of the characters exist solely because of Thanos. Drax will destroy Thanos.

  23. Masters of evil would be sick in a movie immall in

    • Masters of Evil sound like a cheesy 80′s heavy metal band.

  24. sorry to nitpick, but it’s “Scarlet Witch”, not “Scarlett Witch”.

  25. I think they should make it an all connected in a saga, an over-arching storyline. Don’t overload it with connections to the test of the MCU (Iron Man 2) but don’t just leave it on its own (Iron Man 3) Give the fans what they want, little cameos here and there and incorporate the main over-arching plot little by little with each film until it reaches Avengers 2

    In Phase One they just established that everyone lived in the same universe with the little hints and cameos and name drops and what not. I think they should do the same for Phase Two except do it with the villains and the what Avengers 2 will be about throughout the entire second Phase. Don’t overload but don’t underload (actual word?)

  26. I’ve always said Thanos being the main villain in Avengers 2 makes very little sense. He’s THE villain (next to Galactus, which Marvel can’t use). Having him feature in Avengers 2 leaves very little for Avengers 3 – you can’t go much bigger than the Mad Titan.

    Masters Of Evil could work, although I think there would have to be something else at play too. Ultron would obviously be my first choice.

    Anyway, I’m glad the movies will be standalone. Marvel’s formula of having solo movies with their own stories and character development, and then leading those movies into an “event” movie, works. It does clearly take some adjusting for Phase 2, but they can still work with that formula.
    …just ease up on the “twists” please ;)

    • Marvel has reacquired the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer. This leaves room for Avengers 4 and 5.

      • No, I’m pretty sure they have not done that. Fox is rebooting the FF soon, and Galactus and SS accompany that property. Do you have a link supporting your claim?

  27. i want Avengers 2 to be set in both Space and on Earth

  28. Too bad GoG and Avengers2 aren’t sharing characters. I would have loved Peter Quill in both those movies. Though it would probably require a much larger and epic story instead of the small and personal one Whedon had in mind. Also there would be some timetravelling required, as the casting info of GoG had revealed earlier. And in my opinion, timetravelling has been too much a cliché in movies. But who knows, with the tesseract acting as a doorway all the time, it might not feel so cheesy.

  29. So i’m not a marvel guy so someone help me out but doesn’t this sort of make sense? I thought that ‘guardians’ would take place in the future? but the other movies (including the avengers) take place in the present. doesn’t seem like it would make sense for a guardian movie to take place decades in the future and then have them team up in with present day avengers unless of course there will be time travel. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!

    • Guardians will be present day just like Thor is, the guardians us just in space as oppose to on earth…

    • Guardians will be present day just like Thor is, the guardians is just in space as oppose to on earth…

      • Cool. Not sure why I thought it took place in the future.

        • cause that’s where the comic is set…. 2027 or something

          • Ah ok thanks

            • The movie is set in the future. 2045, i think.

              • hmm which would bring me back to my original point question of how they would have present day avengers fighting heroes that exist in 2045.

                • Please present the official James Gunn statement that Guardians will be taking place in the year 2045.