‘Godzilla’ Cinematographer Reveals Production Start; Will Likely Return for ‘Avengers 2′

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godzilla Godzilla Cinematographer Reveals Production Start; Will Likely Return for Avengers 2

Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla may be two calendar years away from its 2014 release, but it’s already one of the most anticipated upcoming films. The movie, of course, marks the blockbuster franchise debut from the Monsters director and is the first American attempt to reboot the series since the critically-maligned and box office disappointment of the 1998 Roland Emmerich edition.

Already, there’s talk of how Edwards’ take will feature a “grounded” and “more realistic” version of Godzilla. The film may or may not hew closely in tone to something like Cloverfield, although it’s unclear if Edwards will employ the found-footage technique in the film. However, while Godzilla has not yet decided on its specific aesthetic, it appears that answers may be on the way sooner rather than later.

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey – who is handling photography on the Godzilla reboot – has revealed a bit more on the project in a recent interview with Collider. Production on the film is scheduled to begin in March, McGarvey said, and is expected to run through June. While he couldn’t get into specifics regarding Edwards’ approach to the material, McGarvey did comment on the progress in figuring out how the film will look.

“We still haven’t chosen the direction we’re going visually. I’m sort of testing next week, in fact, for that stuff.”

avengers Godzilla Cinematographer Reveals Production Start; Will Likely Return for Avengers 2


It’s unclear whether or not the test footage that Edwards showed at Comic-Con will have any bearing on the actual look of the film, but McGarvey’s involvement – given his experience – bodes well for this new Godzilla. Among his credits, the Oscar nominated cinematographer has worked on films as varied as Atonement, High Fidelity, Charlotte’s Web and Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina (read our review).

This year, McGarvey also worked on a little-known film called The Avengers (maybe you’ve heard of it?) and has suggested that he is likely to return for Joss Whedon’s 2015 sequel, though nothing is official just yet.

Do you think McGarvey’s return for The Avengers 2 is a good sign for the Marvel sequel? Is he the right man to bring Godzilla back to big-screen life? Let us know in the comments.

Godzilla arrives in theaters on May 16, 2014, and The Avengers 2 hits May 2, 2015.

Source: Collider

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  1. Whooo!!! Super excited!

  2. It’d be funny to have Matthew Broderick cameo in this and get crushed or killed

    • Hahaha!!

  3. So we havent gotten to see the trailer because it might not even count….

    • They should put it out on the Internet at some point anyway.

  4. I’m glad he’s (probably) coming back for Avengers 2. I liked the cinematography in the first one.

  5. Oh, man. When this comes out in 2014 it will have been 16 years since the 1998 version. I remember seeing it in theaters when I was 8 =(

  6. CAN. NOT. WAIT. it will have been 10 years since final wars and boy am i missing Godzilla! This is my most anticipated film for 2014. I wonder who they are gonna cast in it? will they go the unknown route, or with more bankable stars?

  7. I just wish it wasn’t so far away!

  8. Seamus McGarvey is a big plus for Godzilla. Great cinematography in the Avengers.

    Minuses: Gareth Edwards? …….. He’s a documentary guy right? I don’t get it.

    BIG, BIG minus: David S. Goyer is the writer. Think Ghost Rider….. Blade III….. Jumper (ouch) and the laughably bad Nick Fury, direct to DVD movie, with David Hasselhoff. Goyer attached himself to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but I can’t believe he was cut loose on that. Not without Nolan to reel him in.

    • Gareth Edwards is not a minus. He’s the reason this whole thing is so exciting. His debut film, Monsters, is absolutely amazing. Watch it, but don’t expect it to be an action movie. It’s a very down-to-earth, emotional road movie, and there just happen to be giant monster aliens around.

      God, I can’t wait for this.

      • I agree. Monsters is fantastic!

    • Even all those 3 Barman movie suck.

    • Gareth Edwards did do some great documentaries, you’re right – In the Shadow of the Moon being a personal favourite.

      However, he was primarily chosen to direct Godzilla following his feature film debut of Monsters, which was an excellent alien invasion/survival/romance movie. He shot the movie on a shoestring budget ($800K) and did all the FX work on his laptop at home, it’s a remarkable achievement and puts most big studio efforts to shame.

    • Goyer is a mixed bag. He’s penned some stinkers, but he also wrote Dark City, which forgives a lot.

      And I think he was probably a good influence on the Batman trilogy. While Nolan pushed for militaristic realism, Goyer’s job was to push back and make sure the key mythologies of Batman came through (you can tell from his resume he’s a comic book guy). They met in a good place in the middle and, besides, where the trilogy is weak it’s weak in ways that are typical of Nolan, whoever he’s working with.

      So maybe that’s his this will work. Goyer pushes towards the classic Godzilla mythology while this Edwards guy pushes towards gritty realism, and we get a great movie in the compromise?

      • No. The credit for Dark City should go to Alex Proyas who wrote the screenplay and directed it. Goyer got a co-writing credit for helping to adapt it for film.

        Goyer did co-write some comic books( DC’s JSA), but I don’t think he was got the sole writing credit on any of them.

        Any time Goyer is the only writer on a project…… it’s terrible. Look it up.

  9. Please for the love of all that’s good in cinema, no found footage cinematography please. I am now done with the genre and it needs to go away.

    • Plus I think that would be really weird in a Godzilla film.

    • If it is a found footage movie I will personaly go to every theater and destroy every copy of this movie. Then I will destroy all of the origionals and test fottage and data. I will then mind wipe everyone involed with this film.

  10. I cannot wait to see Godzilla when it becomes a live action ?

  11. Know what would be kinda cool?

    A mix of regular movie and found footage.

    That way, we get a great monster movie like Monsters and the classics but certain perspectives (news reports, initial footage near the beginning before Godzilla is fully revealed) is found footage and filmed home movie style like a “what the hell do you think did this?” sort of situation.

    • Thank god you’re not doing this movie.

      • Why? How would you do it then? Which blockbuster movies have you written and/or directed? Do you have a book about to be published like I do?

        If not then quieten down. Your simple-minded posts aren’t needed here.

        • Actually, I agree with Trilladude.

          I dislike the found footage phenomenon, and can hardly wait for it to go quietly to its grave.

          No amount of bluster on your part regarding your soon to be published book will change the fact that found footage is a trend that many people feel has passed its due date.

          And before you say “what have you done” and bring up your book again.. I’ve published 2 symphonies, countless chamber music works, 3 filmscores, and have been teaching for 30 years. I guess all that’s left to say is “so there”?

          • Just to get it out of the way. I have nothing published an have directed no blockbusters.

            Godzilla is not a film that should be found footage. There is a place for found footage and it is in cheap horror, and porn.

            • Much agreed!!

    • I think that would be cool. That’s what they did with REC 3 and it worked well. Just when I was getting tired of the shaky cam, they transitioned to regular movie cameras. They just used the “found footage” to introduce the story through the perspective of the characters.

  12. Wow, “grounded and more realistic” has become the new “dark and gritty”. Both of which just scream “we want some of that Batman money”.

  13. Monsters is a killer movie, I just watched it again yesterday, ironically enough.

    I have really high hopes for this film. I wish Akira Ifukube was still alive. :( RIP


  14. It will be nice, funny and hilarious, if the Old Man that ‘fish’ ZILLA out in 1998 came back and ‘fish’ the real thing out in 2014.

  15. Good choice for cinematographer!! More excited than ever about the new G film — however, Godzilla is a tough egg to crack. Through all the aborted versions and the Emmerich version, I never felt any of those worked or came close to the quality of films Toho made. The ONLY thing the Toho films needed (in my opinion) were US quality visual effects…although they were gradually getting pretty close to the standard set in the US.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

  16. Crazy idea – why not have Godzilla appear in a future Avengers movie? Marvel once had the comic book rights to Godzilla and they did just that in the comic books.

    Why not extend this to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Why can’t this work?

    • The answer why it won’t happen is because the big fans of Godzilla don’t want to see him get beat or killed by the Avengers. (which is the only way that movie could go).