First Footage For ‘The Avengers 2′ Airs on ABC Next Month

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Marvel Age of Ultron Comics 6 Arms First Footage For The Avengers 2 Airs on ABC Next Month

The Avengers: Age of Ultron began shooting just recently in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Disney is wasting no time in promoting the next team-up of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With the first season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. soon entering its final stretchCaptain America: The Winter Soldier about to hit theaters, and the marketing campaign just beginning for Guardians of the Galaxy, all of these things will be explored in an ABC TV special next month.

The headlining reveal of course, will be the very first official sneak peek at The Avengers sequel. The ABC television special is dubbed Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe and it will offer a behind-the-scenes look at what Marvel Studios had done to craft their comics-based media empire.

With the long-awaited first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy breaking last week, introducing an entirely new set of characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Captain America sequel also introducing a few new heroes and villains we’ve seen in its ads, Age of Ultron remains the last big question mark of Phase 2 when it comes to new characters. With several new heroes announced in Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision, we can only hope to get our first glimpse of them in action or at least in costume with the film’s first preview, but that may be hoping a bit too much.

From the unofficial set visit photos and footage, the scenes in South Africa shot so far seem to focus squarely on the CGI Hulk doing what he does best in the city streets, and we don’t expect many effects to be completed on that front. Instead, we may just get some behind-the-scenes snippets of shooting with some cast, crew and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige teasing the film and their plans for it.

The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Fan Art Matt Broox First Footage For The Avengers 2 Airs on ABC Next Month

We really do hope they at least expand on the announcement trailer from last summer’s Comic-Con where they introduced the titular villain, Ultron, played by James Spader. We know The Avengers 2 writer and director Joss Whedon will be using Spader’s voice and face for the robotic/AI character and we’re very curious how that will play out.

The early look at Marvel’s biggest project to date aside, the ABC special and its timing will play an important role in boosting ratings for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series, a show that’s battled poor reviews and falling ratings frequently. With the series, led by Clark Gregg’s fan-fave Agent Phil Coulson character, possibly serving to lay down a lot of background for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the ABC special leading right into it on Tuesday, March 18 at 8PM, if that’s the plan, will undoubtedly boost ratings during a key time period for Nielsen ratings’ “sweeps” month of March. This is also why we’re seeing an increased amount of cameos and introductions from characters from Marvel Comics throughout the month.

Bill Paxton signed on for a multi-episode arc as S.H.I.E.L.D. Officer John Garrett, introduced next week in the show’s first episode back( Episode 14 - T.A.H.I.T.I. airs March 4, 2014), and the following week will see Thor and Thor: The Dark World star Jaimie Alexander reprise her role as the Asgardian warrior Lady Sif on a mission to Earth (Episode 15- Yes Men airs March 11, 2014). Since the week of the 18th airs the special during the AoS timeslot, we don’t know for certain if Episode 16 will air an hour later or if that week represents another break for the show.

Bill Paxton Agents of SHIELD Official 700x425 First Footage For The Avengers 2 Airs on ABC Next Month

Agents of SHIELD is on the bubble however, as far as whether or not it’ll get a full second season order by ABC so the next month will be extremely telling for the show’s future.


Theory: What’s Special About Agent Coulson?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns with “Tahiti” on Tuesday, March 4th @8pm on ABC.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: EW, Marvel

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  1. they won’t let AOS die…they keep a defibrillator close by

    • LOL. Marvel/Disney is really pulling out the stops to save AOS. WOW

  2. Marvel is doing a great job, I may not like all of their work but they are THE movie company right now. DC has to meet a high bar with the upcoming films because Marvel has taken advantage of EVERYTHING.

    • Fox and WB were too dumb and too slow to realize the massive goldmine they’re sitting on, Marvel wised up and started a studio to helm they MCU and even then people looked at it as a joke, and I enjoyed most dc films WB put out but at the same time I’m upset that it took them this long to start working on a JL film.

      • Ouch that was rude. Despite what you may think WB and fox are very smart and intelligent. I find it so sad how so many people put down these other studios that are not Disney/Marvel.

        • Marvel Studios took a leap of faith and it worked out. They put a lot of hard work into preparing their MCU, building up their brand, making connections between their films, etc and tried something nobody had done before. Very smart and also a bit lucky.

          WB seems to be a lot more cautious when it comes to expanding the DCU. They didn’t start off great with Green Lantern. But MoS did quite well financially, so only know with a successful movie under their belts (Batman trilogy excluded) are they starting to push towards expanding the DCU. I think Batman vs Superman is a super smart idea – team ups are something nobody has done before, and it establishes characters quicker than having their own movies (a GL and Flash team up would be cool) but I think they are rushing to get Justice League on screen, which could be bad. Only time will tell.

          Fox are also very cautious with their properties, and they seem to lack faith and easily give up on them when the going gets tough, especially when it’s Fox’s fault. This isn’t just for comic boob properties, but other good shows as well.

          • I just said comic “boob” movies…. I apologise.

            But also, I would like to see that movie.

        • In my opinion Marvel has a clear advantage because all they are solely focused on the MCU. WB, Sony and FOX have other interest besides their super hero franchisees so its impossible for them to be able to hang with Marvel. Also, IMO giving total control to Goyer and Snyder is a bit risky.

  3. So, we aren’t getting “A:AOU” footage. We’re getting “behind the scenes” footage. Title is kind of misleading. Although, after two weeks of shooting (what seems to be CGI shots) I wasn’t expecting anything at this point anyway.

    • Remember GOTG was only shooting for two weeks and they had some pretty cool footage at SDCC’13? Not saying we’ll get some footage but hopefully we’ll get some concept images for the design of Scarlet Witch, Qucksilver, the Vision, and Ultron. Like we did for Winter Soldier, Falcon, and Cap etc.

      • Actually, Guardians was only shooting for 10 DAYS when they revealed that footage at comic-con. There can easily, and will easily, probably be a nice little sneak peek at Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’ll be a little more than a month over shooting (or something like that…)

        We’ll probably get both BTS and actual footage (30 secs or less)

        Hey @Rob, did you guys ever do the SR Underground Podcast on Bettany’s addition to AOU?

    • Hmm… How is it misleading and how do you know what we AREN’T getting, lol.

      • Title says: First Footage For ‘The Avengers 2′ Airs on ABC Next Month

        Article says: From the unofficial set visit photos and footage, the scenes in South Africa shot so far seem to focus squarely on the CGI Hulk doing what he does best in the city streets, and we don’t expect many effects to be completed on that front. Instead, we may just get some behind-the-scenes snippets of shooting with some cast, crew and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige teasing the film and their plans for it.

        You tell us what it is. You wrote the article… Yes, “footage” could mean anything. Just felt a little, “bait and switchy”.

        • Let me just add: It means two different things to me when I read “footage from a movie” and “behind the scenes with cast and crew”. “Footage from a movie” implies something finished.

      • Why do you guys (and other sites for that matter) – say that Vision is in the movie ?? it has NOT been confirmed –
        everything about Vision being in the movie is based on ONE – 1 — rumor article of Paul Bettany being on the set in London.
        NOTHING has been confirmed – and if you look at that Variety article – it confirms NOTHING. No source or confirmation from Marvel – no quote, nada.

        is it believable he’ll play Vision – yes. is it confirmed in ANY way ? NOPE.
        same with ALL of the actors supposedly being in the new Star Wars movie – until there’s an official announcement from the producers or company – ie. Marvel or Lucasfilm …. which at this point probably won’t happen until ComicCon – I’ld say be skeptical of any and all casting rumors – for any film – especially films this big.

        re: VIsion – if they were doing make up and costume tests – do you REALLY think they’d be doing it out in the open somewhere where a reporter or spy from the Daily Mail could see them doing it ?? especially this earlier ??
        NO … it’s literally a VERY small team involved in that kind of stuff. and NOT likely something done out in the open of a soundstage.

        stop reporting stuff as fact – based on rumors from other news sources – especially when they’re totally unconfirmed.
        unless ScreenRant has some proof otherwise ??

        didn’t you report Johnny Depp was going to play Doctor Strange ? or that he was in talks ? (as did every other site) – TOTALLY false – and yet you reported it any

        — P.S. – not trying to be a d!ck – just urging you pursue FACTS — and not just copying & rewriting what you read from other sites – ie. The Wrap, Deadline, HWR, Variety – ETC

        keep hitting up Kevin Fiege for an interview – ie. one on one – if you keep putting in the request eventually he’ll give in
        and THEN you can be source of quotes and direct info from the MAIN source – not just searching all the other sites waiting for news to break – be the source of future stories – and have them say: as reported in ScreenRant

        • So angry

  4. LOL the ratings for AOS has been consistent so far, so I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “falling ratings frequently”.

    Can’t wait for this special!! Make mine MARVEL. This whole Marvel Cinematic Universe makes me feel like a child, in the sense of wonder, excitement and expectation of what’s to come. Is hard to describe, but it brings back some very raw feelings of pure adrenaline that you felt as a young. So sharing this experience with a lot of people is even more interesting. The MCU has harnessed the best parts of comics and translated them to film better than any other attempt has, and the speculation, surprises, and fun interconnectivity is essential to the feel of it all. I just can’t…Lawd…

    • Consistent, yes.

      Consistently falling.

      I read your comment, decided to Google a ratings website I like to use for US ratings (I use another for British TV ratings) and yeah, AOS has been dropping in viewing figures and ratings pretty much week by week since November.

      First week of February, AOS had a 2.1 share, down from the previous week’s 2.2 with 6.5million viewers. May not seem like much to you or any other TV viewer but to networks, that’s where panic sets in, especially when it’s a major US network like ABC. The US version of The X Factor was canned recently and it had way more viewers than ABC but was still considered to be too low in viewers to continue running it.

      That’s why they’re doing this special.

      People will see “Avengers 2 footage” and assume they’ll see actual movie clips and so will tune in only to be disappointed by a lack of anything they hoped for but still keep it on that channel for the AOS episode, giving the show a brief spike in ratings for that week.

      I mean, who cares if people are upset by a lack of movie footage as long as they tune into it and then stick around for AOS, right? That’s what they’re thinking.

      • X-Factor isn’t a good example, that show got cancelled because the salaries of some of the judges were insane and the market is saturated with American Idol knock offs including American Idol.

      • You are the most dedicated commenter/troll I’ve ever seen

        • Hey, I’m not a troll just a desk jockey who’d rather be on here then doing my work.

          • Me too haha

            • +1,000,000

  5. If this doesn’t prove their desperation to keep AoS alive then I don’t know what does. Nothing but a ploy to get ratings up. Honestly pathetic.

    • So for such a tv show coming up in the near future, which tv show would you have picked if you ran the studio?

  6. I think that this is all very fun.

    I get it, they’re giving AOS a bump, I watch every week though already. I love it.

    I’m actually wondering if the show won’t be totally changed by season 2. If there is a season 2, could it be likely to no longer called Agents of SHIELD?

    Just a thought.

    • I have said before that if this didn’t work out, they could revamp the second season and make it the Peggy Carter show that’s been talked about. Essentially make it an anthology series ala American Horror Story but instead you just switch each season to follow a different team of Agents. Phil in season 1, Peggy in season 2 and then another new core cast in the third season.

      What they’ll likely do if this gets renewed is use an episode as a backdoor pilot to Peggy Carter and give it a shorter run ala Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

  7. Maybe if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D didn’t take a “break” every two episodes people would keep tuning in. For a show “on the bubble” breaking up the season constantly has got to play poorly with the limited viewership it already has.

    Also, I think that ratings are skewed. Especially with the advent of DVR. I work nights, so I DVR nearly every single show that I watch including AoS. If ratings had a way of factoring that in, numbers might likely be higher.

    • They adjust the numbers to take into account DVR, online viewing, Itunes etc. The numbers cited as being terrible are never the actual numbers. The adjusted ratings paint a much better picture of ratings for the show, and most sites which deal with cancellation/renewal odds give the show a solid chance of renewal. It isn’t on the ‘bubble’ especially when you look at other freshman shows. The only other freshman show that has a change of renewal at ABC is the Goldbergs.

  8. I really appreciate this site and the reporting you all do. BUT, this whole thing with Agents of SHIELD continues to show your bias. The ratings are better in the time slot then they have had in years. When the ratings are adjusted after the initial overnights the numbers are incredibly solid. And yeah it costs more to produce then other shows with regards to effects etc but do we really think Marvel is paying any of these people anything more then a bit above scale?

    ALSO, it has been stated in countless articles posted before this that the special will be done as a lead in to AoS. What is the point of this special if not to boost the ratings leading into AoS.

    If no one on your staff is willing to give this show a fair break stop reporting on it.

    • LOL why so butthurt?

      • No butt hurt here. Just tired of people exaggerating the flaws and shortfalls of the show. It’s got more then enough to complain about without exaggeration. Like the commenter talking about it’s wonky schedule of one ep then 3 week break then an ep then a month break. Or everything about Ward and his boring soda cracker self.

    • Hmm… I take it you’ve not read my Agents of SHIELD articles on the site. Hit up the tag and read the ones by me, I put A LOT of work into a pair of features on the show. Either way, fair is being honest. And we’re honest. Being dishonest would be unfair.

  9. This is unrelated to this article, however it does fall within the MCU… First off, does anyone know how to start a petition for an actor to play a certain character because for the last few weeks I have been trying to remember who I thought would be a great Dr. Strange.

    Matthew Goode. He was recently in the film “Stoker” amongst other. He was also in “The Watchmen”. So hopefully WB doesn’t have this guy tide down. This guy can act and he is the perfect age. Older but still plenty of years left to talk a huge franchise. And see pics of him with a goatee and he looks like a solid Strange.


    • He was fantastic in Stoker! He COULD pull it off, but he manages the villain role so much better. What I would LOVE is for Goode to play Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones. He would be PERFECT in the role.

  10. ^ Sorry I can never find any good links to picture to show my example. But anyone who wants a “good” Dr. Strange, then check out some photos of him with facial hair and see for your self. Now lets get this petition rolling….!…Please?

    • I googled him with the beard and consider me sold!

      • Knew it!

  11. This made my day! It would be amazing to at least see some costume concept designs in this behinds the scenes feature, doesn’t have to even be worn, maybe just a sketch. I am dying to see the costumes for Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision.

  12. Yeah it seems like the real reason behind this is to up the ratings for their AOS show, of course for people who care less for that show can probably just look up the footage on the internet after it airs on tv. The show is just darn generic, but how cool would it be if show ends with Ultron vaporizing the team. lol.

  13. Initially when AoS was announced, I wasn’t terribly excited about it. Then after watching the premiere, I figured I’d at least give it a shot. Since then, its navigated through road bumps and potholes to now toward the end of this season, beginning to find a groove.

    However, one thing I’ve noticed and I’m sure alot of other viewers have as well, is in the last few months or so, whenever AoS ratings start to rise, then boom, one week or two week hiatus off the air. And I have to say, this is so annoying. Because, as this article so rightly pointed out, the show has battled mediocre reviews and etc, and still is somewhat afloat. And as well, its only when there’s big guest appearances or a big tie in to another aspect of the MCU that more people tune in. Allow there to be some more breathing room so that the series can sustain whatever momentum it may have gained from prior episodes in the ratings department.

    You know if a show can consistently keep delivering quality content by the strength of its writing and character development, that it would be solid. And while things once again seem to look upward, this is the key area that AoS needs to strengthen in order to continue as a nice TV addition to its cinematic universe.

  14. 1st the Olympics take up ABC now all the new shows and sing off shows…..bring it back now…..can’t wait for that footage!!!

  15. About ratings…(Sorry about length but this proves that SHIELD is doing well)

    It’s all speculative based on the site you go with.

    Wikipedia shows that the show’s pilot was very high in viewers and ratings but then dropped until mid November when viewing spiked again. The numbers of viewers for the 4 weeks following were as follows (dipped, raised, dipped, and raised) …Consistent…

    According to the Nielsen current graphing you can see that ratings are roller coastering since the mid November spike at a pretty even pace. just like Wiki shows. Again that shows consistency not falling

    Another thing to think about is that NCIS (one of t.v.’s most viewed/highly rated shows) is also on Tuesday night at the same time as AoS. So, AoS has that competition.

    Also, Nielsen data points out that the AoS massive spike in viewers in November was due to it not going up against a new episode of NCIS. In other words, it seems NCIS and AoS may be sharing viewers back and forth.

    TV Guide has AoS ranked 14th ahead of popular shows like; The Voice, American Idol, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, The Following, Revolution, and Arrow

    According to an article by TV By the Numbers, ratings for 18-49 age group viewers ending the week of Feb 3-9 shows AoS was among the top 25 broadcasts at #20. Of those 25 broadcasts, 5 of those broadcasts were on Tuesday Feb 4th the same as AoS’s last airing. AoS and Biggest Loser tied. AoS beat person of interest. NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles were ahead. NCIS is really the only competition on that Tuesday but it has had a big following for years now. In other words, of all the shows that aired on that Tuesday night, Agents of Shield was in the top 3 (4 if you count tie with Biggest Loser). AnD of all the shows that aired that week, AoS was top 25 in viewing.

    All I’m saying is there is a lot of info we can get from various data. To say that the show is consistently falling is misrepresenting the data. Is it a lot lower since its premiere? Heck yes. But it is starting to stablize and seems to be finding its core audience.

    • It’s because of the Winter Olympics that recent TV shows ratings got a notch downhill. And next summer we’ll have the World Cup in Brazil.
      So I’m guessing about HALF of the world’s population will switch their channel to ESPN or Fox Sports or any other channel that will cover the World Cup.

      The recent cancellation of Piers Morgan Tonight is another story though. You can Google it yourself to find out.

  16. This still won’t save this show from the lack of anything useful going on.

  17. I’m so excited about this. I’ve already got it DVR’d. I can’t wait!!!!

  18. Bill Paxton? Seriously??? I recently considered giving AOS another shot, but Bill Paxton is the absolute worst. No thanks. Avengers: Age of Ultron a definite yes though.

    • I’m not a big Bill Paxton fan, but you should see him in the movie Frailty (also with Matthew McConaughey.) He was excellent in that.

      • Also, AoS sucks. Leave Clark/Coulson, cut everyone else. Add in more Marvel movie cameo’s. Just my 2 cents.

  19. oh my…. GAAAAAAHD!

  20. The title of this article is extremly misleading.

    To say we will get first footage and then revel its a behind the universe thing…shame shame shame.

    Also trying to promote a sinking ship. Agents of sheild was a risk. It tried to enter a domain it was not contending. With continuous delays of episodes people are tunijg into something else. With arrow even in its first season it had a decent fanbase. Same with smallville. With aos it seems to struggle to find a fanbase. By now over halfway into the season we are finally startijg to see characters from the comics associated with sheild from the comics. It comes little to late for many. With failing rateings and yes regardless of what numbers say the first half the season dropped veiwership in a bad way.

    I really wanted this show to succeed, but I say stick with movies. They seems to have a hard time staying on point for the show.

    They seems to have a hard time staying

  21. I hope RDJ and James Spader share a few scenes. *Tuff Turf* AGH!!! I can’t wait for any of these things!!! Well… I can wait for SHIELD, which I stopped watching, but I guess I’ll catch up now for the cameos and guest-stars.

  22. uh, yeah it never aired.