Kevin Feige Talks New Characters in ‘Avengers 2′

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Avengers 2 Characters Kevin Feige Talks New Characters in Avengers 2

During the Avengers panel at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige had to field several questions about a topic that fans are already buzzing about: Where does the Marvel Movie Universe go next, once The Avengers is finished its run in theaters?

In addition to what Feige said during the panel about possible Marvel Cosmic projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, he also dropped word that Avengers 2 will likely feature a different team roster than the first film.

IGN was able to get the scoop when they asked Feige direct if we would be seeing some different Avengers in the next film – to which Feige responded:

“Absolutely. That’s the fun of it — introducing new characters. Seeing: ‘How will things change after Iron Man goes through his next adventure? After Thor goes through his next adventure? If we do another Cap adventure, how will things change? The dynamic between them? Their own worlds? So that the dynamic in Avengers 2 is actually quite different than it is in the first one.”

Now, on the surface, this is a no-brainer: Marvel has signed a lot of the actors in The Avengers to multi-film contracts, yes. On the other hand, there are actors in the cast  (like Robert Downey Jr.) who will have been working on Marvel projects for over half a decade by the time Avengers 2 even begins pre-production; Downey could (and will likely) want to move on to other things.

Equally real is the fact that A) the general movie going public could be ready for some new blood in Avengers 2 (Black Panther, Hank Pym, Wasp), and B) Marvel is probably going to be expanding their universe anyway, trying to introduce characters like Dr. Strange and/or Ant-Man.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Kevin Feige Talks New Characters in Avengers 2

Will Cap be back? Will Panther Assemble for duty?

Then there’s C) the fact that the introduction of new characters and new stories for established characters (in sequels like Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2), will change the entire circumstances of Marvel’s movie world. In that sense, the Avengers sequel could, say, have Tony Stark as an administrator for S.H.I.E.L.D., or some metahuman liaison to the government, rather than playing an active role in the team  (cue brief RDJ cameo and War Machine replacement).

The only question is: which Avengers would assemble for the sequel, and which ones would be missing from active duty?

Which knew Avengers would YOU like to see in the sequel?

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

The Avengers 2 doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but we do know Marvel is currently planning to have another major film event in 2017.

Source: IGN

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  1. I think its obvious that Ant-Man is going to be in The Avengers 2 because of his solo movie, but Iron Man (Tony Stark), Cap, and Thor have always been Avengers and need to return, even without RDJ. They could always use the theme of Bucky taking over the Captain America role, even if its temporary, and I would honestly love to see Black Panther for a nice classic Avengers line up. There’s no reason why the Hulk shouldn’t come back either.

    • Wasnt Dr Strange in The Defenders?

      • Yes he was

  2. Black Panther would be a good choice but I am rooting for Doctor Strange. But who will play Doctor Strange? I think Djimon Honsou should do Black Panther. After all he was the voice of Black Panther in the animated movie.

  3. Well, I can’t say I know the current team line-up, but Dr. Strange is NOT an Avenger, the same can be said about any and/or all the members of the Fantastic Four. The core members need to be there- Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor. Hulk left the Avengers not long after their battle with Loki (in the comic), Black Widow and Hawkeye could go work for S.H.I.E.L.D. so that would open the door for Ant-Man and Wasp, setting the storyline for AVENGERS 3 to bring in the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, as the team battles ULTRON. The third film could bring in War Machine, but I think (and hope) he will be in IRON-MAN 3 (and the storyline for THAT film will be set partly around THE ARMOR WARS).

    Overall, I want to see the Vision in the next Avengers film.

    • iron man 3 villian is the manderan (cant spell) wolverine and spider man is in the current avengers line up. the red hulk is in the current avengers line up though. but hawkeye, captain america, thor, hulk, spider man, wolverine, black panther, and ant man would be nice to see together

  4. I totally get the talk of new characters for The Avengers sequel, but honestly if there were new faces on these suoe heroes, then I wouldn’t watch it. Downey has been associated with Marvel for about a decade, but can you see anyone else that could possibly be ‘Iron Man’. and I don’t think you could replace Heartthrob Chris Hemsworth. Bottum Line, everything would be alot easier and make everyone that much happier if the roster would remain the same. I would love if there was a movie about Hawkeye, or both Assassins. The first Avengers film didnt have enough about their characters. (Only Jeremy Renner).

    • suoe= was suppose to be super.

  5. Well i think that iron man, Thor, Capitan America & Hulk should be in the next sequel of Avengers Assemble movie because these 4 are the pioneer heroes from the first movie, just expand the team by introducing some new characters such as Giant man, Wasp, Black Panther & someone from Fantastic 4 or X-men series. Add any three from the above given choices & team up with the old ones and see that they could work.

    • i like to see thor, captain america, hulk, wolvrine, spider man, hawkeye, black panther, iron man

  6. Don’t change the lineup. If you keep it the same group, people will be more familiar with the characters. First movies are usally the best but if you want to make a series keep to the same core group. Add others if you want but don’t make them as big as the orriginal four.

    • well spider man and wolverine would be a nice addition to the movie. i liked to see them added to the roster. maybe black panther and ant man/giant man as well.

      • Movie rights to Spider-Man are held by Sony, not Marvel Studios. It’ll be years, if ever, before Spidey shows up in an Avengers movie.

        • Finally someone who understands that

  7. WAAAASSSPPP!!!! Woo!

  8. surely the same cast with small cameo roles from spiderman wolverine or even daredevil would be unexpected and awesome. they have all appeared albeit in a minor fashion, in the avengers.

  9. Here is another idea for consideration in characters and actors to play them- Doug Jones as the VISION. He portrayed the SILVER SURFER perfectly (and think he could have handled the voice part as well), and think both characters are very similar in physical frame, that there would be no doubt that Doug could be excellent for the role. I want to see him play the SILVER SURFER above anything else, but with years of rumors and no concrete proof of the film in actual production, it seems very unlikely that a SILVER SURFER movie will come to the big screen (which is upsetting, because I really wanted to see Galactus portrayed the way he’s SUPPOSED to look like, which is a 200 ft. giant man in a purple/blue armor and bucket helmet), so why not have DOUG JONES as the android VISION, and while we’re at it, ULTRON as a villain.

  10. Don’t mess up this blockbuster film by removing anything just add to it. We need Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor. One thing everyone is antisapating the Black Panther and I will even play that role. I’m 6’3″ 240 lbs and will make him intense like Ray Lewis on sunday’s afternoons and I’m a new face not the same old thing….

  11. Carol Danvers. She should have been in the first one. She could have been irradiated by the teseract or something and debuted as Captain Marvel in the sequel. Her new costume and title change seem movie ready.

  12. WOLVERINE, SPIDERMAN, iron man, hulk, Thor

  13. Forget ant man/giant man, lose wasp and black panther. they belong in the animated versions. outside of that, look at there abilities, they are as useless as spiderman. keep Thor, Iron man, Capt. America and the hulk. they played the biggest rolls in most if not all of marvel. And anyone who says wolverine…nay. hes over rated. you would have to make another movie about him to work him in anyway and hes no good without the x-men.

    • Well, in my opinion, wasp and wolverine would be a good addition to add, but it all depends on the villain and circumstance. I mean you could have thrown in spidey into the avengers due to Loki and his “army” but in his movie it worked out a little better. It just depends on what Joss chooses for the circumstance they’ll be in.

  14. it would kinda cool to see spider man , war machine , wolverine that would be cool.

  15. Keep all the current heroes, add Henry Pym (Giant-Man, Goliath, Antman, and/or Yellowjacket) and the Wasp.

    • I like your thinking. This was The Avengers lineup when I was collecting comics. I remember the court marshall of Yellowjacket. It was a great series back then.

  16. i think it should be the same characters but maybe add more heroes cause i loved the group of heroes in the avengers and i also think they should make a movie about hawkeye and blackwidow and if they do make the avengers 2 all the same characters with like spiderman and someone else also cause i absoultuly love the avengers and the group of heroes thats in that movie and if it were another group i dont know if i would like it as much as the first

  17. Spiderman! Plz oh plz oh plz be spiderman>.<

  18. Dude you guys kill me like WTF? Why ant man and wasp…? Welp idc what you say because spiderman would be way cooler stop downin him you know how much money would come in like trillions just to see spidey like he isn’t a weak character he has speed agality he can lift 10 tons very strong webbing he is reliable I freakin hate you people some time you want to see lame people.. Black panther, and wolverine is an exception but in my count spidey and BP and that’s it

    • Well, the Villan IS Thanos, and as far as I know, The Thing and Spiderman defeated Thanos once, right? Wait, no that can’t be right… Thanos is WAY too powerful. Perhaps it was the Avengers as a whole then? MORE RESERCH MUST BE DONE!! But my point is, Spiderman in an Avengers movie would be purty cool. Especially because I love Spiderman.

    • @Aldino- The overall possible reason of why people mention Ant-Man and the Wasp is the fact that they are part of the original comic book lineup, and two of the original founding members (Iron-Man, Thor, Hulk, Wasp and Ant-Man). Captain America became a member in issue four, just after the Hulk left. As for Spider-Man as a member? He may still be a member in comics (I’ve been burnt out of reading comics for nearly the last four years to know), so it’s plausible for him to be in the next film, but I think Hollywood producers (and Marvel) seem set on keeping curtain characters and teams separated for the time being (as in, no possible chance of seeing a Fantastic Four member as a Avenger, or the Baxter Building appearing in the movie). For me, I want the original COMIC team to be in the next film, and think it can work (lineup mentioned above), but I expect THAT will not happen, so I purpose the VISION instead, who could be powerful enough to help battle Thanos, as well as set the storyline for Avengers 3 and their battle with ULTRON, I hope.

  19. It should be like this:
    A bew threat passes its way over the world as we know it.. The monsters from Asgard is now going on humen teritory with *name* in command. The team shall and will once again gather together to save the world..

  20. it would be disappointing not to see the original cast along with new blood such as deadpool or colossus, I also think that mixing them in with such other groups as the x-men or the fantastic four would make for an excellent story line and would sell some a lot of tickets

  21. Well, we know that the Villan is going to be Thanos, which could be a problem. I mean in the Comics he was (almost) undefeatable. I really can’t see the first 6 Avengers in the Movie defeating him by themselves. (No offense to the 6.) They are going to have to bring in the Fantastic four, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Wasp,… well y’all get the idea. The the Fantastic Four could pose a problem as well. The Human Torch and Capt. America are played by the same person, wich could be diffucult in any high action fighting scenes. All I’m sayin is, if their gonna bring Thanos into this, there better be a few more Supers in the Avengers.

  22. thor and iron man should must be there including hulk otherwise they can drop or pick any other superheroes up.

  23. They Shouldnt Do The Movie Wothout Robert Downey Jr. and should deffinatley bring in black panther spiderman wolverine and the vision While Keeping the original Line-up they should also add Deadpool

  24. I know the comics universe is huge and a lot of characters are involved but I want them to focus on the core 6 avengers in the sequel. It’s going to be hard to give everyone enough screen time if they are going to add more characters to the sequel. And the Avengers looks like a Iron Man movie to be honest, along with Captain America, rather than a the Avengers movie.

    Anyway, I hope to see more of Tony/Bruce and Thor/Steve bromance with Clint/Natasha romance in the sequel…

  25. You need all of the original characters and bring in the new. All of the original actors and actresses. If you do not do it that way no one will watch it. We all Love the original cast. Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansen, Etc. You mess with the Original cast and your going to have problems.

  26. I think that audiences will be clamoring for several new characters by the time Avengers 2 rolls around in 2015, whether they realize it now or not.

    Hopefully, Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige realize this and push for the inclusion of Black Panther in the sequel.

  27. If the leaked storyline of Avengers 2 is true, plack panther won’t be in the movie. The cast will be the same with the inclusion of the Ant-man, the Wasp and perhaps Dr Strange.
    Tony Stark will mention that he is planning to create a super-robot named Ultron, which means that we won’t see the Vision before Iron Man 4 or Avengers 3, despite what it is said about Clark Gregg or Vin Diesel.