Joss Whedon Talks Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Iron Man in ‘Avengers 2′

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Iron Man Movie Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Joss Whedon Talks Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Iron Man in Avengers 2

While talking with media on the red carpet for the LA world premiere of Iron Man 3, Joss Whedon intentionally and happily confirmed that the first draft for The Avengers 2 script was complete and that – while Marvel pres Kevin Feige said things can change in six months – it would feature a pair of new characters he described as a “brother-sister act.”

Immediately that led us to believe that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch of X-Men fame, and early members of The Avengers in both the main Marvel Comics universe and the more grounded ‘Ultimate’ Marvel Comics universe, would be joining Earth’s Mightiest on the silver screen. Various media outlets confirmed through inside sources that these were in fact the characters in question, one even going so far as to say they’re already modelling Scarlet Witch on Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan.

IGN caught up with Joss Whedon himself during the ABC’s Upfront, where his Marvel television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was picked up with a full-season order, and sought a little clarification on the matter. Whedon, who’s not only writing and directing 2015′s still-untitled The Avengers 2, but helping oversee all of Marvel‘s “Phase Two” movies lead up to it, confirmed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are duo being introduced in the sequel.

“You know, they had a rough beginning. They’re interesting to me because they sort of represent the part of the world that wouldn’t necessarily agree with The Avengers. So they’re not there to make things easier. I’m not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier.”

Reports indicate that the redesigned mutants (who won’t be mutants in the film) will be of British origins as opposed to their fictional Eastern European origins as the children of X-Men villain Magneto in Marvel Comics. Is Whedon referencing other countries as not agreeing with the superhero/vigilante ideals or is he referring to the mindset that the heroes should be accountable for their actions and the resulting disasters (see: Battle of New York), a common sticking point in stories from the books? We have been told repeatedly by Whedon that The Avengers 2 will be a lot more person and that this time, he gets to “twist the knife” so to speak, when it comes to the team dynamic and relationships.

The next little bit from Whedon is based on spoilers from the ending of Iron Man 3. Don’t read ahead if you’ve not seen the film yet.








Iron Man 3 Second Trailer Discussion Joss Whedon Talks Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Iron Man in Avengers 2

As moviegoers who helped Iron Man 3 reach a billion dollars at the worldwide box office (as of today) will know, Iron Man 3 ends with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) blowing up all of his suits and leaving his destroyed mansion behind as he speaks on how he’s changed that he (and not the suit) is Iron Man. What implications does this have for his return appearance in The Avengers 2 if he’s done with the armor? Whedon says that may not necessarily be the case:

“Well, I feel like in Iron Man 3, even though he said,  ‘I’ve changed’ — he blew up his remote suits, but I don’t think anybody thinks he doesn’t have one anymore. The question is, if The Avengers are called, does he show up? And the answer is, ‘Yes!’”

What would cause Tony Stark to suit up and fight again? Would it be a personal threat to him or Pepper Potts again or would the urge to help others force him into action once again? Is he really done “privatizing world peace” or could some other plot line from the comics – like an out of control Hulk – pull him back into the fold since he’s close friends with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo)… and because fans still need to see the real Hulkbuster in action.

Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes how you feel about Magneto’s kids being redesigned for The Avengers 2!

Source: IGN

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  1. Congrats to Iron Man 3 for crossing the billion dollar mark. Just hoping that RDJ is in Avengers 2 as Iron Man. Welcome Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    • 100% Agreed! RDJ as Iron Man or nothing!

    • Agreed! I am very excited to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the next Avengers movie. Next I want to see Hank Pym (Goliath/Giant-Man) and Wasp in there, also. Looks like that could slowly be worked around, with the advent of the Ant-man movie (I hope it is Pym, not Scott Lang!). I will say that marvel should not be afraid to make Pietro and Wanda of eastern European descent, any more than marvel should have been afraid to make mandarin Chinese. What, are they afraid those countries will complain? If so, tough for those countries. And if they are afraid some liberal leftist will complain, well, too tough to chew for them, also. That is why I am a conservative. But I’m drifting off-point here. I am just glad to see these Avengers additions. perhaps they may serve a purpose later on in the franchise if they do a movie without Hulk, or Thor, or Iron Man, or Cap. I mean, someone has to mind the superstore, and I am not sure how long Hawkeye and Black Widow, and Iron Patriot/War machine, for that matter, will be around. In the comics, there were always heroes jumping in and out of the team, or off on a mission, or something.

      • Studio’s make movies to make money. China is already the second largest movie market in the world and is predicted to be the largest by 2020. Tons of money comes in from European sales as well. It’s not about politics, it’s about making money. They make money by appealing to the largest amount of people possible not by offending some of their largest audiences.

        • See your point, Jack, and it is in essence probably correct. Still, as someone who only likes to take s*** when my toilet backs up, I hate to see us have to make those big changes just to accomadate someone controlling in essence our creativity.

          • Unless you’re the studio/director/producer/writer you’re not taking anything and you’re not an “us”. You’re not accommodating anyone, your creativity isn’t being controlled. You didn’t contribute anything to the movie other than ticket sales. You’re a consumer who votes with your money just like everyone else. If you don’t like the changes, don’t spend your money on the movie. It’s capitalism, supply and demand, what our country was founded on. Personally, I like the idea that the US is making money off of China, instead of the other way around for a change. You apparently want movie studios to write movies exactly how you want them. Isn’t that just them accommodating someone controlling their creativity? Sounds like you’re what you’re complaining about.

      • I agree with you, Goldilocks and I like your name also! ;) Look at it this way, I don’t get offended when a bad guy is white. They shouldn’t either. It’s a film.

    • That would be so cool. I had hoped so too, as I don’t see how he could have gotten around the gaping hole in his rib cage without the Extremis virus, and the cryptic comment about him being Iron Man. Fingers-crossed!!!

      • Gaping hole…uh-oh…darn! Knew I shouldn’t have taken so many Tums!

        • Heh. Too graphic? ^^

          Well the arc reactor is the size of his fist and right where his ribs meet sternum. That’s a lot of missing bone/ muscle/ flesh.

          Only(fingers crossed) plausible solution would be Extremis. And that would tie in really well.

    • That all seemed obvious to me.

    • I had assumed that the scene showing the shrapnel being removed from his chest DID, in fact, occur after he had used the extremis tech. He had mentioned he had worked out the problems with it in the past (essentially)and probably stabilized it for use for both removing it from Pepper and performing the surgery (I am guessing to control the fragment and/or recover from dealing with it).

  2. Rob, I really like how you and your fellow SC writers post spoiler warnings in your articles. Some writers on other sites give a spoiler warning and then right next to it, or just one paragraph down, post the spoiler.

    • Thanks Justin!

      We don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone and that’s why we shy away from covering certain things. Not sure if you noticed, but for the last three weeks we had a huge headline above comments asking readers not to spoil IM3 or Star Trek Into Darkness :)

      • Rob, would you mind removing my posts above (or editing out the ending of IM3)? When I posted that, it didn’t click that this wasn’t the IM3 discussion, and I don’t want to spoil it for the 5 people in the U.S. who apparently haven’t seen the movie yet, lol.

        • No problem! I actually left it but put a big spoiler warning :)

        • Nice job being conscientious, Gary. No joke.

        • OMG gary i just paid attention to your avatar! i just watched that whole series as originally done. i loved BOTP when i was a kid, and i couldnt believe how much it was changed to be broadcast over here.

          end of off topic rant!

      • You’re welcome, Rob.

        I definitely did notice that. And, that was a good decision.

        Sadly, some d bag posted in a thread of an article that has nothing to do with IM III on this site, and so, the Mandarin twist was spoiled for me. Note that I am not blaming anyone at SR since you all do your collective best to remove spoilers on the threads.

        • Ugh. That’s the worst. Our man Paul Young had literally put “Mandarin” on auto-mod so we could try to prevent as many as possible but too many I guess :(

          • Yeah, I really think that if someone is driven to post spoilers, it’s almost impossible to prevent that person from doing so. It’s unfortunate that someone would get joy from posting spoilers, but that’s just the way it is.

        • Dang that’s the worst. Stuff like that has happened to me before with other topics. But I agree, kudos to Rob for the spoiler warnings! :)

          • Yeah, TZ, it’s really annoying. I find it really pathetic that someone would take joy in posting spoilers, especially in a thread of a different movie.

      • I noticed your headline asking people not to post IM3 spoilers. Very much appreciated!

    • SR not SC

    • That is one of the big reasons why ScreenRant gained my attention, and kept it, for as long as it has. I always tell people that this is the site to go to if they want information without having things, unexpectedly, spoiled for them.

      Go Screen Rant, go Screen Rant, go!!

      • +1

      • Go NY Go Ny Go!! 90s Knicks song

        • Ninja, ninja, RAP. Ninja, ninja, RAP.

  3. Some things should be saved for the trailers or until we actually see the movie. I’m actually worried about this Quicksilver & Scarlett Witch stuff; I just can’t picture an effective way of adding them to the team.

  4. Maybe Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver don’t agree with more than just what was mentioned in the article?

    After all, US citizens feel their country can do no wrong and is the pinnacle of everything and SW/Q could both remind them that there’s a whole world that exists outside of US borders and that they should be heroes for the world and not just one nation?

    That could be a point of contention, especially with Captain America (“You represent the kind of blue eyed, blonde haired goody two shoes hero America likes to pretend it is but in reality, you as well as your country are just as dark and twisted as the rest of the world” could be a sample line).

    Avengers 2 has the chance to prove why SHIELD is under no international jurisdictions or laws and build away from the seemingly US-contained group we saw in the first movie. That could open the doors to other international characters (Black Panther etc).

    • Dazz, that wrong comment about US citizens was completely unnecessary. I am a proud American, but I know that my country can, and has done things wrong.

      • Completely unnecessary?

        I have American friends and I’m in love with a military brat (USAF).

        I’m just promoting an idea based on thoughts and feelings outside of the US since Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are being introduced to the team and the article mentions some bones of contention that could be possible.

        As you’ll notice if you actually read all of my comment, you’ll see the “like the rest of the world” part instead of doing like a lot of people tend to do and only read the first line before commenting.

        I ended by also saying that it would be a nice way of opening up the Avengers world to show those potential team members who originate OUTSIDE of America.

        Again, learn to read every word before hitting that reply button.

        • Yeah, I think that it was completely unnecessary. And, you try to justify the line, but I don’t buy it. It’s not like you wrote, SW and Quicksilver could think…. It’s clear to me that your post would have conveyed your opinion without the need for that sentence.

          Did I accuse you of hating Americans and America from across the pond? Nope. Is what you wrote a big deal? No. Do I think that the sentence was completely unnecessary and poorly written if you meant to convey something else? Yep.

          For the record, I did read your post. It’s not like I just read that part and then immediately wrote a reply.

          As for your last sentence, don’t be obnoxious.

          • justin you completely missed the point. he was quoting/creating a possible line in TA2 that could be spoken by one of those characters. i didn’t feel he was slamming america. i live here and i didnt take offense. and if he WAS slamming america, well he certainly has that right as a free thinking individual, but the fact that he put it in quotes (” “) should have been a clue.
            i thought you were a lawyer.

            • Dazz didn’t put it in quotes. The only think in quotes was after America and up to world.

              And, note my follow-up reply. I didn’t accuse him of slamming America. I specifically focused on the sloppy line about what every American supposedly thinks. That’s it. And, I wasn’t the only one who called him on it.

              Sure, and I have the right to challenge his and you opinion as a free-thinking individual.

              I am an attorney. And, I destroyed your argument.

              • @ Justin Poppiti

                If you were a real attorney, then you would know you can’t be the one to validate your own argument.

                Dazz was just being speculative, there is nothing offensive or incorrect about anything that he posted.

                • Unlike most of the people on here, I post under my real name. So, if you don’t believe that I am an attorney, Google me. Why don’t you post under your real name?

                  That’s just your opinion. And, I disagree with it. Compare and contrast what Dazz wrote to what Acathia wrote. I think that her post was much better constructed and more persuasive.

                  I don’t care whether that’s Dazz’s opinion or it’s what he thinks that the characters should say. It’s just incorrect that all Americans think the same about everything. Just like I wouldn’t claim to know what all of you Brits think. Get it, now?

                  • No one should feel obligated to post here or on any other site under their real name.  Especially under some vague accusation that to not do so is somehow cowardly.  I for one love visiting screenrant and getting involved in friendly discussions that can sometimes turn to heated debates, but God forbid it started spilling over into other facets of my life.  I have better things to do with my time than to all of a sudden find that  I am getting e-mails and Facebook messages from someone who disagreed with something I said on a movie news website.

                    • I didn’t ask you.

                      Nevertheless, I basically agree, except if some starts taking s^^t about someone else or is trolling. If someone is doing that, then I think that the person is cowardly to not post under his real name.

                  • Touché

                  • Who says I’m not posting under my real name? I’m a doctor who works for a terrorist organization known as Cobra. Google me.

                    But if I had to guess… I would put my money on you are a teenager aged 14-19 who took the name off of a local lawyers billboard and claims to be them.

                    The statement: “I’m an attorney. And I just destroyed your argument.” Gives you away as a big fat phoney. Lawyers aren’t allowed grammar mistakes. You would have learned that had you actually attended law school.

                    • Okay, I’m changing my age guess. You may not be a teenager, but the last thing you come off as is an attorney.

                    • I did. If you had guts, you’d post under your real name when you talk s^^t about me. But, you’re a coward.

                      How much money do you have? I’d bet you that you’re wrong.

                      Oh, I didn’t put in a comma. Wow, that must mean that I’m not an attorney.

                      No, you are the one who comes across as a teenager with such ridiculous comments about lawyers not being allowed to make grammar mistakes. That’s absurd. Have you ever read a complaint? I’ve seen grammar mistake in almost every complaint I’ve ever read.

                      Whether you like it or not, I did go to law school, and I am an attorney. Get over it.

                    • ^s

        • That was F**KED up Dazz…. But that is why we PROUD AMERICANS think *COUGH KNOW COUGH* we are the BEST and I will NEVER THINK OTHERWISE!
          That does not mean I think we do no wrong.. WE Probably DO MORE wrong than most but that is BECAUSE MOST countries believe we are the worlds police force and cry when we dont help but B**CH when we do help!
          I SAY F*** EM ALL and when the world is burning we can sit back and watch.

          THAT really got my blood Boiling Dazz!! I wonder why we think that way when other piles of dirt talk garbage the way they do

    • US citizens feel that way? Tell me, what other amazing facts do you have up there in fantasy land?

    • Ignorance at its finest, folks!

    • I definately wouldn’t say all Americans, but Dazz has a point. The Ultimates did a good job of showing the conflict caused when the USA has a team of supers and uses them in international conflicts. I know in the MCU the Avengers arnt a US team, but the battle of New York was globally televised and The Avengers was lead by a superhero dressed as an American flag. And it seems likely that Cap, under SHEILD, will be doing some international espionage in Cap 2, also while wearing his American flag uniform. Perhaps Quicksliver and Scarlet Witch get their powers through genetic manipulation through the efforts of a foreign nation in creating their own team of supers but decide to join the Avengers instead, a global team, fighting for Earth. That could cause conflict between SHEILD and whatever nation is involved. Would be a good way for Cap to look at his 1940s values in today’s world etc.

      But there is a certain amount of “Murica, F**k yeah!” In comics. The Justice League of America for example. Which is why I’ve always favoured Marvel over DC. May be a small thing, the name, but “The Earths Mightiest” was always more inclusive. The world, rightly or wrongly, seeing America with its own team of supers in a world of international conflicts, would make a great movie, in my opinion.

      Plus the whole “Truth, Justice and the American way” thing. Other countries value truth and justice too, you know.

      • I specifically focused on what Dazz wrongly wrote about all Americans.

        As for your post, I think that you crafted it in a better way than Dazz did.

        As for the Super Man line, I read on some website that it originated from the 50s tv show, not the comics.

        Do you have a problem with Captain America? If so, do you have a problem with Captain Britain? ;)

  5. Wait a second…Isn’t Ant-Man and Wasp also going to be in the Avengers 2? If they are then that means that there will be two sets of duo marvel characters in the Avengers 2, was well as the rest of the Avengers cast ;) .

    • Antman is coming after avengers 2

    • Ant-Man doesn’t have a movie until After Avengers 2 in Phase 3, no word on a cameo of Hank Pym in a movie before that. As for Wasp, there are no tentative plans for her.

      • True, but I still think that Ant Man can be in Avengers 2 to build anticipation for the Ant Man movie. I think that many of the mainstream Marvel movie fans don’t know much at all about Ant Man. So, I think that it’s be a smart move to have Ant Man in the Avengers 2.

        • I dont know if he will be a very prominent role in Avengers 2, but I could definitely see a small cameo, or in the very least a button scene introducing Ant-Man.

          • Yeah, a prominent role might be a bit much. But, if he’s not in it at all, I am going to be disappointed.

            • @Justin J. Poppiti, Yeah ,I agree and have been saying that too that if Ant-Man isn’t in Avengers 2, at least in just the form of Henry Pym, then that would not be a smart move on Marvel’s part. I like Ant-Man but just the name itself turns many people away, they need to lead into Ant-Man in some way. Ant-Man and Wasp(at least Wasp) would have been in Avengers but Edgar Wright messed that up by taking too long to make the movie.

            • I’d like it if they showed him as a scientist on the fringes of the action in Avengers 2, then he actually goes ‘super-hero’ later in his own movie. :) I guess we’ll see.

              • I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

  6. I wouldn’t mind these guys being in. Just explain it in a way that makes sense for the MCU. Extremis is a good lead in to be honest.
    Some one posted that idea the other day.


    As for iron man of course he didn’t blow up every suit he has. Pepper even says “how am I suppose to complain about your suits now? ” just cuz he blew up the house call suits doesn’t mean every suit was gone. He still has his place in New York and I’m sure there’s suits there.

    • Suits in NY… Point well made, did Stark Tower even get a mention in IM3? I was really disappointed with ‘The Mandarin’ I thought Ben Kingsley could of owned that role and made it fit

      • @ Keller 23

        No not to my knowledge. Stark tower never got a nod In IM3. I saw it three times and never heard a preset day nod. Plenty of New York nods but none to the tower itself.

        Agreed about the mandarin but not really reading iron man comics as a kid it didn’t bother me too mch. My knowledge of iron man mythos is very limited to research I’ve done before the films came out and of course te films themselves.

        Growing up I read everything else. Lol
        Cap Thor spiderman
        Hulk xmen superman batman justice league avengers daredevil to name a few but never got into iron man for some realsn

  7. I would like to know how they r gonna grow these new characters they are adding. I guess I dont mind the addition of QuickSilver or Scarlet Witch but I think it would feel more like the Avengers if they added AntMan and Wasp instead. I think Mandarin will return as the villain in A2 and I still think Fin Fang Foom will either b in control of him or simply in alliance with him. One thing we wont hear for awhile is who the villain will be. Remember, Joss Whedon finished his script after seeing IM3 so he would know how to finish the A2 script. He also is the “overseer” of phase two and we know the Thor and Cap plots simply cant get n the way of A2 s plot.

  8. I have mentioned this in the comments of another article, but does anyone recall that Quicksilver, though not referred to by name, had a cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a young teen imprisoned on the island?

    • Yes,I remember he was strapped down in one of cells. But because this is gonna be an Avengers movie, I doubt therell be any type of connection with Wolverine : Origins.

      • I am well aware that the X-Men films are not in the same continuity of the MCU and was never suggesting they are, I was more concerned about a rights issue between the studios.

        • There are no rights issues with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch because they have both been a part of X-Men and Avengers series. Kevin Feige confirmed this. Interestingly, Bryan Singer confirmed Quicksilver in Days of Future PAst the day before Joss confirmed Pietro on Jimmy Fallon. So we will have two different versions of the character in two different franchises played by two separate actors. My money is definitely on Whedon’s interpretation.

    • I have a feeling that was there (along with Cyclops and Emma Frost) as part of the original plan for X-Men: First Class which was thrown out the window when Bryan Singer was brought aboard – he had his own, radically different, story ideas as we saw in First Class.

    • I recall nothing from Wolverine. I think I was too bored for any of it to sink in.

      Good spot though!

  9. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would be awesome lead in. I hope they have some vague winks to the comic books by mentioning them that their siblings of a dangerous man. Maybe not necessarily that but some easter eggs may be interesting. I think both characters can truly bring a fresh perspective on the proceedings.

    I hope Iron Man return will be more whelming than his latest feature. If RDJ return give him something to do other than the same shtick again.

    There is a rumor going around that Jeremy Rennar has been fired etc from his role of Hawkeye. Hopefully this is false and Jeremy can play the cocky role while RDJ get something else to do

    • Joss Whedon is directing it. I think there is a good chance of easter eggs and comic book references. He hasnt disappointed me yet anyway

    • I know that they cant be mutants in the MCU, but can Marvel even HINT at them being the offspring of Magneto? I wonder if that would break any contractual obligations they have. Even mentioning his likeness may result in lawsuits up the rear.

  10. In the article it mentions that Scarlett Witch and Quick Silver will be british. I wonder if theyll have any connection to the events in Thor : The Dark Wold. I remember in the trailer, there was a scene where a ship or contraption invaded a part of London. That would be cool if they are hinted at, maybe even in the post credits.

    • Oh yeah good call. Thor needs more connections then iron man three had which was none. I think it would be cool to see them in a post credits scene approached by jeremey renner and nick fury.

      I also still wanna see that runoured iron man scene where he takes the space suit into space and meets up with star lord.

      • Avenger, that scene would be amazing!!

    • That’s true, and could be.

  11. By the time avengers 2 comes out cgi could be good enough to see him use bleeding edge armor aka extremis 2.0

    • CGI’s already good enough to do that… the real question is, would bleeding edge/extremis be something audience members would want to see Tony Stark use?
      Personally, I’m so glad Stark didn’t take the Extremis virus in the movie. What’s always been special to me about the character is that he’s a normal human being, but uses his mind as a superpower.

      Giving him all sorts of weird bio-tech powers and abilities could (and would) alienate a lot of the viewers.

      • i was of the opinion that the trackers he injected himself to call the armor to him was kind of a nod in that direction, but they didn’t want to turn him into a full on cyborg like in the extremis comic book/
        the promotional art that was 1st released for im3 had him running with 2 pieces of armor on him, and it made it seem like he was doing the extremis thing

  12. Jude Law can make a great casting QUICKSILVER role That’s who I was thinking ? Other Castings Matt Damon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Garret Hedlund, and Shia Labeouf
    Jennifer Lopez may also play The Scarlet Witch. Other castings to the SCARLET WITCH are Penelope Cruz, Sofía Vergara, Keira Knightley, Kristin Kreuk

    • Someone British in their early twenties is what the one report said – that’s why they mentioned Saoirse Ronan who will be 20 by the time the film starts shooting. Think, younger, lesser-known names.

    • @DannyLovesMovies, I could see Garret Hudland as Quicksilver but Jennifer Lopez(much like Jessica Alba) is not a very good actress and looks VERY Latina, they both try to portray themselves as Caucasian(even though Jessica is half)in movies but it doesn’t work.

    • No J-Lo and definitely no Shia in Avengers. Don’t want to hear him scream CAPTAIN AMERICA for 2 plus hours.

  13. For all those who don’t think they shouldn’t be Avengers please keep in mind that, aside from Ant Man and Wasp, they are among the first to be brought into the group (even before Black Panther)

    • Right you are, Mongoose, good point. A one who harkens back to reading the older comics in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up, I well remember the dynamics between team-members when the team was cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, and Wasp (with an occasional Black Widow appearence). Cap of course was leader, and there were some fracticious times occasionally between Hawkeye, Goliath, and Quicksilver, when those 3 started arguing (much as Torch and Thing did in FF, and had to be pulled apart by Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm). In the Avengers’ case, it was usually Cap, SW, and Wasp who cooled the others down. Still, there was some good dynamics between all of them both on and off the battlefield, and these were some of the best times for the team (not to take anything away from characters like Iron man and Thor). I realize this is not the 60s or 70s, but I hope marvel will especially let those times be their guide in designing the future Avengers team.

      • While some of those original stories might feel dated because of their relevance to the times, stories can be used but updated. Group dynamics however never go out of style if they were done well.

        It’s unfortunate some think that just because a comic is old(er) must mean it’s junk. Some of the best stories imho are those first ones, when the writers weren’t struggling for “new” ideas to keep things fresh.

      • Locks, you’re like the resident comic book historian on this site. We’ve had our run-ins, but I like when you riff on the Silver Age of comics, ya geriatric :)

        • Hee-hee, thanks (I think). I may be 55 years young (holy smokes, a relic or ancient artifact??), but I still think of myself as about 25 years old on rocket fuel!

          • Incidently, anyone wondering (caring??) where I got the moniker “Goldilocks”, it’s because I have blond curly hair, and a gal I know dubbed me with that nickname a long time ago (just don’t confuse me with the female character in Peanuts who has “naturally curly hair” that knows Charlie Brown!!).

          • No problem

  14. I think a good way to introduce Scarlett Witch and Quick Silver into the Avengers 2 is to in the beginning show them watching the battle of New York and then flying to America to try to find any connection to sheild. Then while trying to find a connection they save some peoples’ lives displaying their powers. Then they could be approached by sheild and meet the rest of the team.

  15. If Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t going to be mutants, then they might as well leave those two out. Them being mutants are very important to the Marvel Universe, especially Scarlet Witch. I know Joss Whedon fans are gonna defend this idea unfortunately, but he’s making a big mistake.

    • @War Clown, Mutants can be alluded to in the MCU but they’d just not be able to call them “mutants”. They can call them a whole new term or name that Marvel would have to come up with. Inhumans or Genacians or whatever that sounds better and makes sense.

      • Inhumans sounds nice…dont ya think, considering the possibility that (if memory serves) they were brought up as a potential project?

        • Yes, now there is a movie I would not mind seeing…one featuring The Inhumans. There could be some potential for a good flick there.

        • @Darren J Seeley, I’ve just seen a rumor that Marvel Studios version of “mutants” will be called “META-HUMANS” or just Metas for short.

  16. For Avengers 2, it must be personal—you get the best performances that way. It’d be great to see Tony and Bruce together again.

  17. I definitely like the idea of them being villains more than actual team members.

  18. I think the best way to introduce them is as part of The Masters of Vil, recruited by Baron Zemo (sort of like how they started of as part of the brotherhood of evil mutants). I remember Whedon saying that in A2 the Avengers aren’t assembling to save the world but to save themselves. This alludes to the villains being the MoE even more because they are more personal threat than Thanos. As for Tony suiting up again maybe Baron Zemo who wants to disassemble the strategicaly Avengers jumps banner and uses an extremely strong sedative to take out their heavy hitter and keeps him in captivity this would be a good way for Tony to reassemble the Avengers, to look for their friend who’s been missing for quiet along time. .

    • @Spiderflan, Yeah, Masters of Evil sounds VERY personal because most of the villains were personal villains of just about each hero within the Avengers. The only thing is that name is too campy. I could imagine them not having a name at all or lightly calling themselves Masters of Evolution. But I could also imagine Hawkeye or Iron Man mocking them by calling them Masters of Evil as a joke.

  19. Come on, man. Keep them Eastern European. Why is that so hard?

    • I think we are going to see them as villains. I think their actions in aiding an actual well known villain will ultimately lead to some sort of tragedy and having SW and Q disband to join the Avengers.

    • AMEN! A great connection to Chthon,Modred,the Darkhold,The High Evolutionary and Bova :D

  20. It would actually be interesting if we see Mandarin teaming up with SW and Q and maybe a newer villain. SW and Q end up believing that by aiding those villains they are doing good. This leads to some disaster or tragedy…SW falls in love with Vision. These events cause the SW and Q to join Avengers. Would love to see Vision!

  21. I wonder if they’ll give Scarlet Witch a more practical headpiece for her costume? Even in the comics it looked cumbersome. I’m thinking it would look even sillier in live action

  22. I’m still down for seeing Mandarin as the primary villain in Avengers 2. Ya know the one everyone keeps asking for. I have yet to see IM3 so I’m not really sure what the arguments are about but I liked the fact that Loki ended up popping up as the main villain after being the villain in the first Thor.

  23. im all for adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch but how will they introduce mutants if their owned by another studio?? i hope they take the rights back so we can see the likes of Wolverine and Magneto in the future marvel movies are they just gonna ignore the fact that their mutants?? i dont understand how they are going to do this

  24. RUMOR—————!!!The Inhumans will be from the Terrigan mists only. “META-Humans” will be Marvel Studios’ version of people born with mutations;homo-superior/mutants.

    • If it’s true then Ha! Fox! Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

  25. So if Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren’t going to be mutants in Avengers 2 (provided that they actually will be in the movie) then what the hell are they going to be? Are they even going to be related? It just seems like an unnecessary change. I understand the reasoning for some changes (personally I loved the Mandarin twist in IM3), but some decisions just baffle me. by the way, I don’t think the Wasp character would translate weel to live action. She would look like a little Tinkerbell flying around shooting energy blasts from her hands. Hey, that’s even better, get Tinkerbell to do it since it is Disney. BRILLIANT!!! And Peter Pan can have a cameo.

  26. The last of the original Avengers have yet to have a movie. Why is the Ant-Man movie coming in so late, even after Avengers 2? I hope he and the Wasp are introduced in Avengers 2 before Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Is Ant-Man going to be played by Patrick Wilson or Nathan Fillion?

    So if QS and SW are not mutants and not Eastern Europeans then they probably come from another world. I don’t know how else they will possess powers unless they are extra-terrestrial or some deity gave them their powers.