Mark Ruffalo Talks ‘The Avengers 2′ Casting Issues & Cameos

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Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner Avengers Green Eyes Mark Ruffalo Talks The Avengers 2 Casting Issues & Cameos

Despite the record-level success of Iron Man 3 in its first few weeks since release, some of the latest headlines surrounding the theatrical return of the Armored Avenger haven’t been so positive, focusing on the reality that Robert Downey Jr. is not signed for any further appearances. With reports pointing towards a $70-80 million payout for his appearance in The Avengers and similarly high number numbers expected for the Iron Man threequel, the notoriously money-cautious Marvel Studios faces quite a financial challenge in signing RDJ for an extended contract, along with other key players who’ve yet to sign for The Avengers 2.

According to one of the actors involved, the situation may be slightly overblown even though it is evident that one day, Marvel Studios will have to recast the Tony Stark character.

Speaking with Moviefone while promoting Now You See Me, Mark Ruffalo touched on the topic of the reports about contract negotiations and issues Marvel is facing for The Avengers sequel, playing unaware of the situation.

“I haven’t caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet.”

He also joked about there being no need for fans to panic about their heroes being recast but did say cautiously that actors are usually the last ones to find out about these sorts of changes.

“I think so. I’d be really sad if they did. I can’t imagine that. That would be bad. ‘That would not be good,’ as Joss Whedon would say… I’d love to come back as The Hulk. I don’t foresee not coming back as The Hulk.”

This next little bit enters spoiler territory for Iron Man 3 so for those who didn’t contribute to the film’s near-one-billion-dollar worldwide box office haul, you may not want to read ahead.








avengers trailer118 570x306 Mark Ruffalo Talks The Avengers 2 Casting Issues & Cameos

Rumors over the last year pointed towards post-credit ‘button’ scenes at the end of Iron Man 3 possibly teasing Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy – and while Marvel Studios did have their own idea at one point as to what to do at the end – the end result was something that oddly favored fun over teasing or marketing other Phase Two features. According to Ruffalo, it may have been Robert Downey Jr.’s idea:

“We were doing the Academy Awards and Robert [Downey Jr.] said, ‘Hey, what do you think about coming and doing a cameo In Iron Man?’ So he pitched the idea of the theme and I said, ‘I would love to do that.’ So, ten days later, I’m on a plane to L.A. and we’re shooting that scene. It was a lot of fun. It was written, but we improvised a little bit and Shane gave us some adjustments. I haven’t seen it yet, though. Robert thought it would be a good cap to all of the rest of the Iron Man story.”

He also said that he’s still signed on for five more films, meaning his cameo appearance in IM3 may not have counted as one of those options.

With Iron Man 3 poised the cross the billion dollar mark this week, should Marvel Studios have taken advantage of the opportunity to tease this fall’s Thor sequel or next year’s ambitious and risky Guardians of the Galaxy?

Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: Moviefone

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  1. Yeah, I think they should’ve teased Thor or Guardians instead of having Banner. Seriously, the Banner/Stark post-credits button was the only part of the movie I didn’t like.

    Then again, I’m still not totally sold on Ruffalo as Banner either and much preferred Norton in the role.

    • Yeah, Ruffalo hasn’t really sold me like Norton has so far.

      Then again, I’ve only seen Ruffalo’s Banner twice and one of them was incredibly brief. We’ll see

      • mark is my favorite banner. i think he was really good and this hulk is my favorite too XD

        • No love for Eric Bana’s Banner? Say that five times fast.

          • i enjoyed all of the actors that portrayed banner but mark is my favorite.

            • But Norton was the most Bruce-like.

              • Might have been Norton’s profile but I thought Norton was Norton, couldn’t see him as Banner. Bill Bixby was a much better Banner than Norton.

                Did like Bana as Banner but now that I’ve seen Ruffalo’s Banner I quite like him in the role, and the CG Hulk has certainly improved since TIH.

                • Well, ask yourself this: how much of Robert Downey Jr. himself is put into his portrayal of Tony Stark? Quite a bit IMO, and that natural feeling of watching him play a slightly different version of himself just seems right.

                  Maybe thats why I miss Edward Norton, I’m not sure

    • agreed was hoping for a guardians tease but we didint get it =(

      • Me too. With all the talk about the space armour being in one of the posters & the fact that iron man is now with the guardins in the comics, I was hoping. :)

      • That was my biggest let down

    • Ha, well, there were other things I didn’t like. Still, I agree with your thoughts on the end of credits scene. I think that it should of actually help launch phase II.

    • For me, that scene was the best part of the movie, TBH. The rest wasn’t bad per se, definitely better than IM2, but I wasn’t wow’d. The end credit scene left me with a good feeling though.

      • I haven’t seen that stance on this site before. A fresh opinion. Not bad.

        • I version of the movie last night and it sucks!! OF course it was not sub-titled yet so that could be part of it!
          but the 3 extra scenes in chinese were very lame from the standpoint that the chinese even co produced it??? they should be PI$$ED because to me it added absolutely NOTHING TO THE FILM, I did not need the words to see that it was a sham on marvels part just to get it released over there! they made a boat load of $$ so that part payed off for them but china got ripped

          • DAMN keyboard, that should say^^^^ I saw the chinese version^^^^^^

            sorry i need to proof read b4 i post

    • I don’t think it would’ve suited the Iron Man franchise to have a GoG tease at the end. As fantastical as they may be, the Hulk and Iron Man movies have been strictly driven by science and technology developed by humans on Earth. So, it makes sense that Banner (and Fury in the past) would show up in Stark’s world rather than throwing in other-worldly beings or technology.

      On the other hand, the Captain America and Thor movies were not confined to Earth; Thor for obvious reasons and Captain America with the introduction of the Tesseract cube. A GoG or Thor teaser would make more sense stylistically at the end of one of those movies.

      • That’s definitely a fair post. It still would have been awesome to see Tony in the space suit going to meet the GotG.

      • Makes sense, but Iron Man 2 did have the Thor teaser as its post credit scene :)

      • Yea but you gotta remember stark recicieved an s.o.s. from starlord in the comics…wud of been perfect intro

        • Exactly!!!! That would have been fantastic. The only reason why I could see why that scene didnt happen is that RDJ hasn’t signed a new contract yet. So, maybe was fearful of posting some people off by having him go meet Star Lord and then he doesn’t even make a cameo in the GotG.

    • Ruffalo’s role as the Hulk was fantastic – as was the rest of the Avengers cast! One of my favorite movies, just plain fun! I for one hope that Marvel does not mess with the casting and resigns everyone. Looking forward to the sequel!

    • I don’t mind the end credits,what I mind is the 2 hours of heinous b******* we were made to suffer through before….Garbage..

  2. It was a neat little scene, but it seemed like they disregarded the obligatory tease for the next film. They should stick with the mid-credits for teasing the next step and then the post credits for having fun.

    • I like your idea a lot. It really pissed me off waiting till the damn credits ended to see the scene.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Ruffalo as an actor and his acting style fits more with my preference of what I think Banner should be like. The motion capture and other tech that allowed him to portray both the man and the monster has sold me and I admit I’m more looking forward to where the character can go from here with him.

    As far as the post-credits scene for IM3, Itmade sense to me. You have Stark narrratuing and to bring you full circle having him talking to Banner was great. Made sense for the characters and to give a nice cap to Stark’s story.

    • Couldn’t agree more

  4. very much enjoy Ruffalo’s interpretation of Hulk and Banner. The only disappointment in the Avenger for me was the absence of Betty Ross, which I think would’ve given him much more of a story there. Anyways, Ruffalo’s calm, (purposely calm) performance as Banner is actually superior to Norton’s, while Norton on the other hand, show’s more of an interior hatred of the Hulk and the willpower to suppress him. Ruffalo keeps his cool, but seems as if he doesn’t really care about his green self, even makes jokes about the Hulk throughout. But because he has that pristine calmness that is CRUCIAL to playing Banner, he sold me. Norton struggled with that in the Incredible Hulk.
    I still wish Norton hadn’t been as difficult as he was during the negotiations, but I gladly accept that Ruffalo is and will be the Hulk. fingers crossed that Marvel supports and stand alone movie in the future, although what could it possibly be about? If the army tries to stop Hulk now, SHIELD would just show up to take care of it, or the Avengers for that matter, so that beats Gen. Ross as an Antagonist. hmmmm. what to do…

    • That was well-written.

    • Uhhhhh that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be for a long time, take into fact that this character wasn’t rebooted; Ruffalo’s version also witnessed the events of Incredible Hulk. Banner, for an insanely long time, longed for a cure and was always on the run from the military. Always tense, always on edge.

      Had Norton returned, he probably would’ve had that calmness Ruffalo has now. Ruffalo has it easy, to be honest

      • Totally agree. I guess it’s just hard to picture Ruffalo in the place of Norton during the Incredible Hulk movie. But god could you imagine a Red Hulk in a future movie. Very sexy

      • I wouldn’t say ‘easy’ especially when he was struck badly with the negative comments from fanbase of Ed before he even started in the movie. Plus, you need to remember this, Ed chose to walk out (because he didn’t want to be in the universe) and Ruffalo is a good friend of Ed and Ed trusted the role to him. Plus, Ruffalo was already on the top-list for the Incredible Hulk movie before Marvel decided to give the role to Ed

    • While I didnt mind watching Ed Norton as the Hulk, I personally enjoyed Ruffalo a lil better I think more bc of his interaction with not only Tony but the entire Avengers cast. I think that interaction made him a lil better. Given the chance I think Ed Norton would ve done just as well and I would ve been just as pleased. However (not trying to get off topic), I think the weakest link (in this case) was Captain America and like Cole was speaking of Betty Ross increasing The Hulk’s story, Cap really lacked in character, storytime and leadership he is known for. Almost like they didn t know what to do with him.

    • Gen. “thunderbolt” Ross is the Red Hulk, that would be great….2 Hulks,
      You cant beat that!!

  5. Oh, so I can now blame RDJ for what I think is a crappy end of credits scene. Good to know.

    • I’m sure thatn would just break RDJ’s heart, ya know? Just totally ruin his whole world…

      • It absolutely would!! I’m sure that he would be devastated, haha.

  6. I’m honestly more pissed off at the fact that they played the Mandarin down from what he was built up to be in the previews, let alone what he is in the comics. Other than that, IM3 was a pretty awesome movie and I think they portrayed the aftermath for Stark and his actions in New York very well. IE: the struggle and psychological effects that battle had on him.

    As far as Mark\Banner go, he is definitely my favorite one out of the three options we’ve had. The first hulk movie…just doesn’t count. Plain and simple. The second movie with Norton, I thought it was good but too dark to focused on the serious grundgy part of the hulk; kinda the side of the character you would expect to see in the world war hulk serious. I thought with the avengers they really captured exactly what the hulk has come to be in the comics as a whole.

    As far as recasting RDJ or any of the other actors..I can’t imagine anyone else in those roles. Iron man for example, they’ve played around with the idea as to who else could play the role other than RDJ and they came up with people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Norman Reedus. SMH…Marvel just made $623 million total…they really can’t afford to get bent this time (given the momentum and popularity of the franchise) and just give the actors\actresses a raise? comon man.

    • Actually, I could see Colin Farrell play Tony Stark. But that’s probably just me :-P

      • Hahaha, MJ, have you been puffing the Mary Jane today?!!!

        • Eeee… no, it was a simple suggestion. I actually don’t see it as farfetched as some other suggestions about casting that I’ve read about.

          Everybody voices his or her opinion on this thread, I don’t see the need to start laughing at someone or imply he or she is high just because you don’t see it the same way others do.

          Please stay respectful.

          • Hahaha, it was a joke and a play on your name. I wasn’t being serious. Sheesh.

  7. I enjoyed the button scene, I thought it was fun. I would have preferred an additional scene where some reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy could have been made, but I trust Marvel that they know what they’re doing.

    Mark is my favorite David Banner. I didn’t care for him at first, but he has grown on me. Norton was good too, but was such a jerk during the filming of The Incredible Hulk, I understand why Marvel didn’t want him back.

    • Lol David Banner?

      • Haha

  8. The post credit scene in IM3 wasn’t what one would expect from a Marvel movie but it was still entertaining In its own way. I think The Thor squeal will have a better post credit scene which will have something in common with the next Marvel film GOTG. perhaps Thanos breaking into the Odin vault and taking the infinity glove and giving us a sinister ass laugh. That would be sick!

    • That would be sick and I think it will happen but I think thats a lil premature right now. I think Marvel wants the audience to experience who Thanos is and what his obsession is all about. I think we will see that at the post credit scenes after Thor 3 just before Avengers 3!

  9. So far I’ve been able to keep the two Banner performances separated. Both are enjoyable in their own rights and, for me, neither takes away from the other. If we were to see a new Hulk film or any of the characters from his universe, I wonder if Marvel would recast or bring William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson and/or Liv Tyler back.

    As for the button scene, I look at it as a courtesy. Marvel and the directors of the films don’t have to do them at all. Instead, they toss us a bonus scene and I appreciate them all. The IM3 button brought a sense of continuation and I bought the idea that Stark would open up to Banner (and perhaps exploit the established comradery). Banner’s his equal and a guy who can serve as Stark’s sounding board.

  10. People shouldn’t bash on the Iron Man 3 post credits scene as much as they do. Yea it wasn’t as wanted as other things we wanted to see, but if you think about it. Iron Man 3 is the beginning of Phase 2 and the other Marvel films will probably have some very interesting post credits. Plus it confirms that Bruce Banner/Hulk will return for Avengers 2. They have plenty of time to have better post credits like Thor 2, Captain America 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • To me, the end credits scene seemed to be more of a bookend to Phase I.

  11. I was also slightly disapointed by the post-credit scene. Not that it wasn’t funny or good, but I was still hoping for an actual teaser leading to the next movie of Phase 2, which I believe is Thor: The Dark World. Or at least some cameo of someone involved in TDW, or something linked to the story. You know, give me some meat while I wait for the next movie! ;-)

    • Bingo.

  12. Join this site now

  13. I hope everybody comes back

    • Me too. I don’t think there is as much discord amongst the cast as is being reported.

      • Lets hope so man, i’m hoping Ruffalo’s reaction to the whole thing means that its all inaccurate i love them all in the roles so much. But i’ve been thinking that since a lot of the cast members have big contacts like Ruffalo’s 5 or 6 picture contract maybe they can all come back anyone here know how many movies everyone has?

  14. The problem with people complaining about the end-credit, is they set their expectation TOO high. That also happened to me at first, until I realized that Kevin Peige had said that “The end credit had become too predictable”. So I ended up enjoying that scene more than I supposed to, because:
    1. It rounds up the movie nicely, that I don’t think it’s actually an end-credit scene but an actual part of the movie
    2. It caught me off guard, made me realize that ‘expectation causes disappointment’
    3. It’s obviously hinting the connection to The Avengers (remember that they drove off screen together?) and what to expect in The Avengers 2 (meaning they will still be buddies)… reminding us that Tony is indeed still part of the universe.

    So yeah, perhaps that’s just me, but I prefer to see things in a POSITIVE way instead of bashing and nitpicking which won’t take me anywhere

    • I don’t see the point in bring positive for positive’s sake either. I don’t think I am nitpicking when I have legitimate qualms with the choice. Did it ruin the movie for me? No, other parts did. Hahaha. Oh snap.

  15. so it was RDJ’s fault we didn’t get our first look at Star Lord?

  16. I have been thinking after seeing both IM3 and Avengers. Though the end scene credits seemed subtle, I think it points toward Avengers 2. Notice how Tony is telling Bruce his encounter with The Mandarin as well as everything else (how his life has changed, etc). Everything turned out fine in his life but the only real reason for telling this story I think is bc of The Mandarin. I recently ran into an article from before IM3 was released and potential spoilers were being released (most were true). 1 thing I noticed was that this person stated that The Mandarin would survive the events in IM3 and it was stated he would be back (but he was not sure if he would return in A2). So it makes me wonder if this was the reason for this end scene. Basically making me think the “real” Mandarin will be the villain in A2. Throw in the statement Joss Whedon stated after seeing IM3 “what am I going to do now?”, speaking of what he is supposed to do with the villain since his blatant mistreatment. Just a thought.

  17. End scene after-credits w/Downey and Ruffalo was a waste of time. For my money, I’d rather tease the next film.
    As for salary, pay Downey what he wants. If not for him, most of the current crop of movies would not be here as the success they are, and we might not be here either!

    • And how much of what you paid was probably just for that minute and some odd seconds of footage? Two, maybe three cents…I think you got everything you deserved.

  18. i dont see how they could set up a button scene for another marvel film, thor doesnt have anthing connected to IM3 and Gaurdians takes place in a possible future. i could see maybe a scene where stark sends out his deep space suit sans pilot into space and somehow showing it far in the future floating and the gaurdians find it with some message about the chitauri or something about the cube… i dunno.

  19. I don’t know why so many people want a “teaser” when everyone already knows all the information the teaser would be presenting. I liked this one precisely because it was unexpected, and it shows Tony and Bruce are still friends.

    And I want to smack everyone who complains about being forced to sit through the credits. Show a little respect to the people who actually made the movie, huh?

    • I think that you are in the running for the wurst post of the month. Obviously, we dont know all of the information the teaser would be presenting. Unless you read a spoiler, did you KNOW that Nick Fury would appear at the end credits of Iron Man I? Did you KNOW that Tony Stark would appear at the end of the Hulk!? I doubt it.

      And, don’t start that Internet tough guy nonsense. No one think that you’re going to slap anyone. Also, if it weren’t for the end of credits scene, the vast majority of the movie patrons would not have stayed through the credits.

      • we kinda do since this exact scene was talked about!! I knew about it a month ago!

        • Re-read what he wrote. What you wrote has nothing to do with what he wrote.

  20. While I think it wasn’t worth waiting after credits, it was a nice scene that actually made sense in a whole context of the movie.
    I would like to see those after credits scenes in mid-credits, like Thanos scene in The Avengers. Waiting through all the credits is a bit much, especially if it doesn’t tease any of the upcoming movies.

  21. I love how no one has mentioned the Iron Man Stealth Armor suit tease. For me that confirms “Secret Avengers” come 2015 IMO

    • Well, you mentioned it ;) Good post.

    • So one off the cuff comment confirms the subtitle of a movie two years from now that’s probably only just now through it’s first draft or so, and with little other credible evidence or support than a few happenstance details? Sure…..

  22. The extra ending scene was ok and funny. I wish Marvel would teased something about the next Thor or even Cap movie.

  23. bottomline as a whole im3 wasnt wat marvel hyped it to be its made alot of money thus far an thats cuz of hype period the mandarin was a joke an the post credit was subpar to say the least so fans should be mad

    • Your grasp of the English language is a joke.

      • Your attempt at belittling common criticism for a subpar movie is even funnier.

  24. Phase II is only introducing one new property: “Guardians of the Galaxy,” so I wouldn’t expect a stinger teasing that movie until “Winter Soldier” at the earliest. The problem with the story-related stingers is that they aren’t guaranteed to fit into the final product. The Hulk stinger hinted at the formation of the Avengers, but it seemed to implicate that General Ross was to be part of the team in some capacity. Obviously that didn’t happen, so Marvel had to retcon the scene with “The Consultant” short to make it fit with “The Avengers”. That is why I enjoyed the stinger in Iron Man 3; it was a continuation of The Avengers that didn’t risk creating problems in the future. Instead, we got character development for both Banner and Tony: Bruce didn’t just run off and hide like he wanted to early in “The Avengers,” while Tony actually opened up to another human being about his problems.

    • Winter Soldier is after GoTG, professor.

      • No it isn’t.

  25. Marvel hire me I’m cheap I’ll work for $10 Million cash!

  26. I loved the post credit button with Ruffalo. No need for teasers on the other movies. We’ll all be there. I thought Tony confessing the whole story to Banner was funny.

  27. Like everyone else – I waited with my son through the very long end-titles…only to be left a little let-down by the end scene. There was nothing to get excited about.

    That was over two weeks ago now – and now I kind of feel OK about it. Tony Stark walked into the end scene of The Incredible Hulk…now Bruce Banner is in the Iron Man end scene…Now Phase 2 will begin. I’m pretty sure That future films will be full steam ahead now…and mabey we needed a little something different for IM3…after The Avengers….before the world get’s fed-up with it all.

    Now I want to see more & more Hulk in future projects.

    There’s still never been a proper exciting stylish Banner/Hulk change…The old TV show managed to do it with the brilliant Bill Bixby…It’s got to be scary…with the eyes changing 1st !!!

  28. I feel the post credit scene gives us a deeper (well not deeper) but gives us a better look at the Stark/Banner relationship developed in The Avengers, they’re best buds now.

    Honestly, I loved it. I loved the relationship that they built in the film because it shows that Stark and Banner both are still only human, and they both related to each other. I guess you could say that was a geek out moment when stark and banner are on the helicarrier, taking about how they’re imperfections/Arc Reqctor/Hulk were they’re saving grace.

    I’m anticipating the relationship between the two to grow a lot more, and fully welcoming it with wide open arms.

    Love them two together, best on Screen chemistry since Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the Leathal Weapon series (ah, see what I did there?) lol

  29. The truth is that it is these big block busters that help fuel the rest of their career.

    Remember when Michael Keaton gave up Batman. How career went down the toilet overnight.

    Actors should not see these films as a leg up career wise but that thing that continues to propel their career.

    The current Trek cast should keep that in mind also.