Scarlett Johansson Praises ‘Dark’ and ‘Cerebral’ Script for ‘The Avengers 2′

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Scarlett johansson Avengers 2 Script Scarlett Johansson Praises Dark and Cerebral Script for The Avengers 2

It won’t be easy for Joss Whedon to top the success of The Avengers with the film’s 2015 sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But if he’s going to do it, it’s going to start with a great script.

Fortunately, early indications are that the fan favorite writer-director has delivered (at least if you listen to one of the stars of the movie). In a recent interview, Scarlett Johansson (a.k.a. Black Widow) praised the script, calling it “dark” and “cerebral.”

Speaking with Parade Magazine (via, Johansson said the script for the sequel “feels like the next installment” as opposed to a rehashing.

“I think the script is dark and it’s dry, it’s got this amazing one-liner, glass-cutting sense of humor. Obviously the script is very cerebral. It doesn’t lose that exciting comic book aspect that people enjoyed in the first film, but it’s smart and it feels like the next installment. It doesn’t feel like a rehashing, it feels like these characters are moving forward, plotlines are moving forward. It’s deep and I think that’s why people really respond to the Marvel universe, because the films are fun and exciting and have all that flashy stuff, but there’s a gravity to them. People can expect that gravity this time around.”

While the word “dark” is often thrown around for comic book movies (it’s almost become a shorthand way of giving them more credibility), there’s some nuance to Johansson’s comments that’s interesting. It doesn’t sound like Whedon’s script is “dark” just for the sake of being serious, but rather because it advances the characters in an organic way.

Joss Whedon Avengers Age of Ultron Scarlett Johansson Praises Dark and Cerebral Script for The Avengers 2

We know that the events of the first film impacted our heroes significantly and we’ve already seen how for some of them in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. Whether they realized it or not, when the Avengers assembled, they stepped into something bigger than they could have planned. As Whedon explained last year, the creation of the team is not the happy ending.

“It is the beginning of something that is complex and difficult, and now I get to dig a little deeper. And maybe, while I’m digging, just twist that knife. And that’s exciting for me.”

Good sequels have a way of upping the stakes. Perhaps the greatest example is The Empire Strikes Back. By the end, Luke learns his father is his archenemy and gets his own hand cut off. Plus, Han Solo ends up frozen in carbonite. Now that’s dark.

By crafting a script that truly tests The Avengers, Whedon will give audiences more than just a bunch of action setpieces, but a story that allows us to make more meaningful connections with the characters. And in this writer’s opinion, that’s what it will take to top the first film.

What do you think of ScarJo’s comments? Does a “dark” and “cerebral” script sound good to you for Avengers 2?


The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Parade (via

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  1. These are some really good descriptive words. I really like these descriptive words. I hope other people appreciate and enjoy these excellent descriptive words.

    • I much prefer Adverbs, like “Dark” eating or “Cerebral” pillow fighting

  2. Oh my god, Scarjo is so hot. But on topic, I am so stoked for this movie, lol. It’ll be interesting to see how it fairs box office wise, more or less than Avengers 1. Really curious.

    • The year of 2015 as whole has me interested box office wise. I really think Avengers and BatvSupes will out perform Episode 7. And pending on how the two superhero titans are received by the audience will determine who wins betweem them. But Avengers 2 I think will break its own Marvel record, barely though.

      • *between

      • I think Batman vs Superman will beat out Avengers just barely. I don’t think many people understand the true power of the Superman and Batman logo combined.

        • So true. Never thought of it that way. As long as they don’t shoot the movie with a cellphone camera, they should make a lot of money.

        • True. WB won’t have a tough time marketing

          • All that is needed is to mention Batman and there is an instant 1 billion plus Supes wow! I can’t wait to see BvS murder the box office

            • I think a real clincher here though, will be the fact that there’s so many blockbusters coming out in quick succession, that it’ll be tough for the repeat viewings to boost the sales.

              It does seem that they’ve set these two films at good dates for about a month and a half of repeat viewings though.

            • yes. but they not mention batsy in sequel they introduced him. and not only introduced batman going to be central character in sequel and this dccu! sequel will cross 1.5 billion. i am sure. and then jl. jl will cross probably avengers 1 and 2.

              • “jl will cross probably avengers 1 and 2.”

                See, I’m more reserved on this. There’s not much ground if any to say that they will be “failures” – i.e. not crossing a large threshold of money – but there’s a massive, important difference between Marvel and DC’s perceived MU;

                DC have been putting out Superman movies for decades. More recently, Chris Nolan’s awesome Batman trilogy made it embedded within modern pop culture (EVERYONE has heard of Heath Ledger’s Joker, it’s like Darth Vader being Luke’s father). But with the idea of a JL film, they’ve already rebooted Superman, and I’ll be VERY surprised if BMvsSM takes place in the same universe as the Dark Knight trilogy. They’re very likely to crap on the Green Lantern considering how big a flop it was. Fresh starts to recent franchises tend to result in less draw for filmgoers – see The Amazing Spiderman.

                Marvel on the other hand started out completely fresh. They had only one film Avengers-related, the Hulk, which half-flopped but they dealt with it efficiently, and even kept it within the MU timeline. That somehow gives their films far more credibility than DC’s constant dropping and changing of franchise films. How many times have DC reinvented Superman, or Batman now? It gets tiring. On the flipside, Marvel crafted and created multiple strong characters in individual films over a period of time, and I believe it acted as a net; you may have only seen the Hulk, and become a fan of that, or Iron Man (as sales suggest, Marvel’s Superman equivalent), or Thor, or Captain America. All those individual films, brought together was the biggest pull of Avengers. You knew how awesome each of them were, you’d seen them before, but TOGETHER… wow. You knew it advance, that would be something. You get people only interested in one of the characters, as well as all, which increases sales.

                So far, DC have only really got Superman and Batman to draw people in. I wouldn’t have thought many would remember the Green Lantern film, besides it sucked. They don’t have multiple strong characters, and (I know this is verging on creating a Marvel vs DC argument, but here goes:) a lot of the ‘supporting’ characters are very cheesy. You’ll have a far harder time making ‘Aquaman’ look cool and believable than say Hawkeye.

                Notice as well how Marvel have, so far, steered well clear of the whole magic taboo. By making their films grounded in realism, they presume to draw more filmgoers in – and it’s a theory that seems to work. Noone in a Marvel film can fly without a suit with jet engines or a Thor’s Hammer. Those powers are based in items, making it easier for Joe Bloggs to understand and believe. DC, the heroes (minus Batman and PERHAPS Wonder Woman) all have powers, Force-style. I’m not saying DC heroes have shittons of magic, because they don’t, but try explaining that to someone who doesn’t know how the character works. I bet most kids think that Superman flies with magic, and don’t know that Wonder Woman has an invisible jet etc. Which further reinforces my point – people aren’t familiar with DC yet.

                I’m not making a DC vs Marvel argument, merely trying to point out that JL will in all probability be a far harder sell than Avengers. I also think that the JL movie will be further off than most think – 2016 would be too soon to fill in the blanks listed above, and thus I will eat my hat if it makes as much as you guys think it will. Obviously it will also depend on what other films come out at the same time.

        • You’re going against your own franchise Deadpool.

        • You may be right but the momentum the two pictures have suggest otherwise.

          MOS split opinion down the middle. Avengers is almost universally praised and cited as the best comicbook movie ever.

          Only comic geeks will flock to Batman vs Superman while everyday movie goers will harken back to the fun of the Avengers and go to the sequel in tsunami type numbers.

          • I super doubt that.

          • @ OldDarth

            Don’t underestimate Superman/Batman. Batman is without question the most recognizable name in CBM, and it’s crossover appeal was proven by both TDK and TDKR crossing the billion mark.
            Now you throw in Ben Affleck and you have people who wouldn’t normally pay attention or rush out to see a CBM interested.
            My family alone has proven that. This past Christmas my mother, father and aunt were asking about the movie and when it’s coming out and not since taking me as a kid to see Tim Burton’s Batman has any of them gone to a theater to see a CBM.
            That will change with Superman/Batman.

          • Ever hear of “The Dark Knight”?

      • They may outperform Star Wars, but just to point out some branding… Batman and Superman are two strong brands, no doubt. Avengers is a brand gaining steam… But you say “Episode 7″ and the response is not “of what, Fast and Furious?”

        Star Wars is basically the be all end all of cinema branding. Every movie has a Star Wars reference, steals something from Star Wars, and/or has Skywalker Sound, THX, and/or ILM involvement.

        Anyone that witnessed the midnight showing of Phantom Menace probably knows what I’m talking about. It’s a whole ‘nother level.

        • What I Find pretty hillarious is that 2015 is the year of Disney, there is just ONE WB movie thats riding on the aspect of bat-mania, which is fine. Batman is meh to me, and DISNEY, so many Disney films out in 15. It’s fan-freaking-tastic! you got Star Wars, Ant-Man, AoU, and other films by the mouse house.

          No matter how I see it, Disney will still win, you got universals Jurassic World, but still, Disney hands down will win alot next year. No matter how it will go at the box office, disney has cornered the market for 2015.

    • ScarJo….I’ve dated her…she’s nothing.

      Seriously, tho, am really looking forward to this film, especially with the addition of Ultron, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch characters. Hope they are very similar to the comics, although some differences are already starting to appear. Wish Pym was creating Ultron in this, and really want to see Pym/Goliath and Wasp ASAP, Avengers #2 would be fantastic, but if i must settle for Avengers #3, well, what else can i do but wait. Sure others out there feel the same way. A little darker would be OK, I guess.

      • Has Marvel completely squashed the idea that Pym creates Ultron?

        They’ve said Ant-Man will not appear in Avengers 2, but since Paul Rudd will be Scott Lang, Pym can still be the creator of Ultron.


        • I don’t know if you’ve seen the Comic-Con teaser yet, but it’s clear that Ultron in the MCU is gonna be created by Tony Stark. Also, just in case you didn’t know, Hank Pym is played by Michael Douglas

          • Ultron won’t be created by Stark. Whedon has addressed the origin being the govs answer to the avengers.

            • So the MCU Ultron is basically Master Mold now? Just replace mutant for avengers… And the rest of humanity as collateral?

    • Hey man, back off, Scarlett is mine, I claimed her whilst watching Lost in Translation!

  3. Can’t wait!! Anyone else think that we’ll eventually see Black Widow as a double Agent and betraying the team down the line? I think they are putting her in films like Iron Man 2, Captain America 2, and Avengers 2 and then eventually a “twist” that she is a double Agent.

    • I think it could work and I’d love to see it.

    • Mmm, don’t think so, but interesting thought, tho. In the early comics, she actually was kind of a Russian agent bad-guy at first, but later became a girl-friend for Hawkeye, who actually was originally an Iron Man foe himself. Later when the Avengers team was Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, and Wasp, Black Widow was a valued ally of the Avengers team. During all the various incarnations of the team line-up, this was the group I probably enjoyed the dynamics of the most.

  4. Hell yeah, it sounds good! Major character death, I can feel it. I’m already scared.

    • I’m actually freaking excited to see someone get killed off, hopefully it’s someone pivotal and that we fall in love with during the movie so that it actually carries some weight. Don’t kill me but Coulson’s death didn’t really make me upset so I was bored at that part but this sounds fun so I’m all in I don’t even need news for this movie.

      • It’ll be Hawkeye most likely. Guys like Captain America and Iron Man won’t die until Thanos lays the smackdown on earth.

        • Oh Hawkeye could be cool twist, because I would expect it more from Black Widow

        • Actually, I can see them killing off Captain America. They are introducing the Winter Soldier already so that might be what they are setting up for.

      • While I don’t want to see anyone killed off, there are those I could without more so than others. If I had to split some of the main characters down the middle and make a keeper and throwaway list (a very very hard task indeed), I guess I would probably keep Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and while guessing sight unseen, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. My throwaway list (sorry, guys and gals, maybe sacrifice list is a better term??) would probably include Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Agent Hill, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and War machine/Iron Patriot. Additions I would add would be Goliath and Wasp ASAP, and maybe later down the line Vision and Black Panther, possibly. Villains I would like to see include Kang, Skrulls, Whirlwind, and I could probably drone on with others, but you get the general idea.

        • pff, they could never kill of the hulk. after all, HULK IS THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS

        • I don’t think that they’ll kill off Hawkeye. Given how upset Jeremy Renner was at playing Loki’s mindless minion for half the film, Joss Whedon promised him justice and vowed that Hawkeye will have a greater role. So I highly doubt that Whedon (a crowd pleaser) will piss off Renner and kill off his character.

      • As long as Black Widow survives. I wouldn’t mind seeing Hawkeye perish, but if BW goes, I’m wrecked.

    • Don’t be scared. Just remember Coulsons “death.”

      • Fury had to “move heaven and earth” to make it happen. How many times can heaven and earth be moved?

  5. it’s gonna be interesting!!

  6. Wow! When I heard dark, it actually immediately got me interested finally something to strike back agains Batman vs Superman (I’m more excited for that bit too many rumors not enough news). I like that the MCU is taking a darker tone, hopefully we see someone die because Avengers was so phony the first time around a mix between the tone of Man of Steel and Avengers 1 would be amazing. Not excited about the comedy though it just makes me sigh. Overall I’m super excited for this more than any other marvel movie.

  7. Couldn’t be more excited for this. My hooes are that the script makes for an intelligent film. With Ultron, the story has to organically go darker and I’m hoping this theme is taken too lightly so as fill the ‘jokes/family humor’ quota.
    I’m kind of nervous though. I want this to feel like The Avengers of comics lore so bad, in which The Avengers run the show and SHIELD assists them, not the other way around. The script needs to move Iron-Man, Cap, and Thor into their destined leadership roles. Too much Sam Jackson calling the shots imo.
    But mostly I’m hoping Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver really get to shine! Hopefully Johnson and Olsen aren’t under utilized.

    • *hopes

      • Damn phone keypad!

  8. BatsVSupes is going to demolish any other film next year. That goes without saying. I don’t even read articles about it, im just waiting patiently really.

  9. The way the movies have progressed gives me great confidence.

    Agents of Shield and the fact it is still on air tells me something completely different. That there is someone in the Marvel team who just does not get it.

    I am hoping that we get the same progression we have seen in the films so far and not something ridiculously dumb like AOS.

    Time will tell.

  10. Wow, she really knows how to define things good.

    Now I need her more <3

  11. just kill iron man off already

    • Sorry kiddo. RDJ has been contracted for Age of Ultron and Avengers 3. Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has also said that an Iron Man 4 is already in the works.

  12. It sounds great.

  13. Bye-bye, Captain America!

  14. Joss Whedon, as a writer, has shown from his TV shows that he doesn’t like to rehash the same things. If one season finalé of Buffy has an all-out fight fest, the next one would be a more contained, personal finalé rather than trying to out-do the previous one. This, I feel, could bode well for a sequel to such an action-packed first film…

  15. Wonder if this film will top Titanic for #2 spot. Can’t wait for next year’s biggest films to come around.

  16. Hopefully its got more to it than the first film, and its not just a weak villain vs undeveloped protagonists again.

    • You were supposed to watch the individual superhero movies first.

  17. Darker tone? I’m glad marvel is trying to be more like DC this should be a good movie now.

  18. i don’t think scarlete jo even watches these marvel movies otherwise she wouldn’t have called the marvel movies ‘deep and cerebral’ =.= refer to the ‘gravity’ part of the quote if you have trouble with my point (or think i just read the title and assumed i knew what she was going to say).

    i say kill off hawk eye, since he’s the least developed character and the cheapest actor to axe (doubt many watch the movies b/c of renner (i like him but thats probably a sad fact)).

  19. what about gritty? we need gritty. less dark, more gritty.

    • Grounded? Realistic? Batman? ;)

  20. Or i can see the Avengers banning The Hulk from earth after nearly destroying the planet for going after Ultron causing a death to one of them (Eyehawk perhaps), a final plot for the movie to expand the universe a bit more? Dat would be both exiting & terrifying for die hard Hulk fans not knowing if Hulk would come back for revenge (a couple of years of suspense a la Han Solo Carbonite in Star Wars)…

  21. Some great things going on. After reading comments of who to kill off I was reminded that they still have Capt3 to do so they won’t kill off Capt America. RDJ is contracted for Avengers3 so he also stays and of course he is currently the face of Marvel. Thor also will get a trilogy end so he stays. And if they kill off Black Widow they will enrage a lot of people since she is the only female and her double agent storyline hasn’t been explored which I could easily see in Avengers2. Likelihood is Quicksilver over Scarlet Witch due to the Doctor Steange solo movie that would need her. And Hawkeye is the most under utilized hero so I doubt anyone would miss him, plus he like Coulson would fuel the others fire. Hawkeye beimg killed off also makes an open space for Black Panther who could be a surprise factor as they will be shooting something in Africa. Hopefully more than just a sound stage and post production site.

    • Who says Cap3 or IM4 can not be set prior to the events of A2?

    • I’d just like to reiterate that Hawkeye has a very slim chance of dying due to Whedon respecting Renner’s wishes in having a bigger part in Age of Ultron.

      • So Hawkeye having a bigger part and dying are mutually exclusive events in AoU then?

    • You’re assuming that there WILL BE a Captain America 3.
      I’m speculating no as Cap will die in Avengers 2.

      • Uhh Chris Evans signed a 6 film deal as Captain America. Do the math. He’s in the First Avenger, the Avengers, the Winter Soldier, and Age of Ultron. So if you think extremely carefully here, he still has 2 more films to fulfill. And to answer your other question: sure. Hawkeye could be killed off in Avengers 3. I have major doubts he’ll die in AoU. But if he’s not killed, then there’s still someone else who’s gonna die as Whedon has teased. Now if you think about it, all of the guys who have their standalone films still have contracts to fulfill so Whedon can’t kill them off even if he wanted to. So that narrows it down to Black Widow, Nick Fury, or the Maximoff twins. (I doubt Coulson will die a second time so take your pick from that list.)

        • Just because you sign a six film with a studio does NOT mean you will appear in 6 movies. It means you are contractually obligated to do all 6 of the movies, only if they want you to. They don’t have to make 6 movies with him.

  22. Very Cerebral haha, I’m sure this will rival Shutter Island and The Usual Suspects…. What a joke…. Its a comic book movie so the kids better understand it. And dark?? Im sure it will be when Captain America gets bumped off….

  23. This is just great. Now they can’t even LIE correctly. So…..

    It’s supposed to be both “dark,” AND have a “glass-cutting sense of HUMOR,” all in the same sentence, all for the SAME MOVIE?

    Bring on the Mikey Bay lies. At least he just lies boldface to you and says deal with it, instead of contradicting himself in the SAME SENTENCE.

    • Have you ever heard of black comedy, things can be darker then the knight sky and depressing as all heck(like dc movies) and still have a sense of humor. One of the best examples I can think of is always sunny. One of the best comedy’s on tv and the main characters are just as horribly deprived as any breaking bad or game of thrones characters.

  24. somebody is gonna die…but now that Couslon has been revived does it lose weight

    BlackWidow i think will betray Hawkeye cause of the red in her ledger, so Hawkeye might get whacked

    • I’m tired of hollywood thinking that “dark” equals killing someone off. The reason why the Dark Knight worked so well was because in a sense the bad guy won at the end of the movie. I’m hoping that Whedon realizes that he can have the characters go through quite a bit of pain without taking their lives. After all, this is what we as human beings do everyday.

    • What the heck does that mean Daredevil “She has red in her ledger” I keep hearing that all the time and I never understood what it means.And why does my name, email, and website keep disappearing every time when I reply to someone it’s getting tiresome.

  25. While you certainly can’t think about either for too without thinking of the other, I think there ample stage for both Marvel and DC. My true hope, deep down, would be they get the stones to put them all in the same movie, or at least representatives. That’d be amazing.

  26. While you certainly can’t think about either for too long, without thinking of the other, I think there is ample stage for both Marvel and DC. My true hope, deep down, would be they get the stones to put them all in the same movie, or at least representatives. That’d be amazing.

    *note to screenrant, and edit button would save space

  27. *an

    see lol

  28. One thing bothering me is the fact that she said the script is dark, dry, has this one liner……I m tired that they keep throwing humor at us and not how id expect it. Thor I can see taunt foes left right and center…..and yet three times I have yet to see that thor. Loki is comedic king in thor 2 and avengers….hell even hulk had the greatest one liner in the entire movie unvierse by saying….”puny god”.scarjo trying to make a joke in middle of new new york scene not funny….infact I hope they kill off black widow due to the lifeless monotone performance she gives.

    In thor it was kat denings charater who was literallly a comdic element taken to the extreme. Not all comic movie need to make us roll on the floor laughing to be a hit. A death will still make a hit either scarjo or someone else. Thea tone of this universe is s**t happens and we all laugh around and almost die but its cool. Sorry for expecting more from a movie that will make 1 billion dollars.

    • I personally found Black Widow’s line when describing the Chitauri Leviathan amusing. Kat Denning’s Darcy character was also hilarious, and not over the top.

    • Humor is a staple of both Marvel comics and their films. It’s something that makes Marvel who they are. Action and comedy with darkness mixed in everywhere. It’s their brand and hey, if it keeps the money rolling it, they’ll stick to it. I mean if not for their humor, would Loki or Stark be as lovable as they are to the fans? It’s a part of the MCU experience. And they seem to take an important leaf from William Shakespeare’s book: after conveying something heavy and dark, throw in some humor to lighten things up.

      • *rolling in

        • Finally someone who gets it.

          ^This +1000.

          • Marvelite through and through here. Just gotta make sure everyone else is on the same page as we Marvelites are.

  29. Me Like !