Paul Bettany Is ‘The Vision’ in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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Paul Bettany Vision Avengers Age of Ultron Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In case any Marvel fans were getting distracted by what actress may have been cast as a future Wasp, the latest reports remind us that in the shared movie universe, The Avengers take top billing for the foreseeable future. Apparently, the artificially intelligent butler of Tony Stark will be getting an upgrade from voice to Vision.

That’s right, Paul Bettany (having previously provided the voice of JARVIS, Iron Man‘s A.I.) is reportedly set to take on the mantle of the Vision, an intelligent android and future Avenger in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The report comes from England’s Daily Mail, further strengthening suspicions that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) will be the driving force behind the creation of Ultron, not Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man. While the comic books had Ultron spawned from the mind and work of Ant-Man, Marvel has made no secret of the fact that they are going to be changing canon – and this announcement of Vision’s inclusion adds further evidence of their new take.

Avengers Age of Ultron White Vision Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The first look at Ultron’s helmet design made the connections between the Avengers enemy and Iron Man’s own armor clear, but now it seems that Stark may be responsible for both the super-team’s robotic foe and its android ally. But just as James Spader’s face and performance will be worked into Ultron’s design, it seems Paul Bettany will finally be lending more than his voice to a Marvel film.

According to Daily Mail, the actor was spotted visiting the film’s production offices this week not to meet and greet, or record some lines, but to endure a team of make-up technicians as they applied various powders and potions on Bettany’s pale skin to bring about the Vision’s chalk-white complexion.” Die-hard comic fans will know that the most popular depictions of the Vision have him sporting his green and red costume, but it sounds like director Joss Whedon is going with the character’s white makeover instead.

If the report is accurate, then the exact means by which Ultron is created become even more mysterious. Early on, it was thought that the easiest way to adapt the typical origin of Ultron was to have Tony Stark’s JARVIS evolve some unsavory ambitions and take a suit of armor for himself. Those theories became less likely when Spader, not Bettany, was revealed to be bringing the villain to life. So where does JARVIS fit in?

Vision Scarlet Witch Love Marvel Comics 570x412 Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron
It’s too early to tell if JARVIS and Ultron are both the result of the same event, fracturing Stark’s trusty A.I. ally into a light and dark side, or if the butler gains a fighting form to offer his human allies a better chance of survival. We doubt that mystery will be solved prior to the film’s release, but the Age of Ultron is already seemingly being filled with more superheroes than Whedon will know what to do with. Of course, there’s one way Whedon can solve that problem.

Nobody is going to doubt Bettany’s skills, so fans will likely be pleased to know that he (or a digital copy of him) will finally get to appear alongside the rest of Marvel’s most beloved characters. But the cast members themselves have spoken about how Whedon’s story for the Avengers sequel will carry storylines forward – and JARVIS’ ascension to the Vision could be a serious source of that character progression.

The previous team-up forced Tony Stark to ‘make the sacrifice play,’ but will he be as quick to sacrifice his closest friend and AI confidant? Will the Vision find love with the “messed up” Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen)? We’d recommend holding off on theories until Marvel makes an official announcement, but the questions this raises about the overall film – and the films beyond it – are impossible to ignore.

What do you make of the new story for JARVIS? Is this the kind of twist you’ve been waiting for to bring the new origin stories together, or are you concerned there may be too much story for one film to handle well? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st, 2015.

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Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Hell yes the Vision. Pretty relieved they are not going to use Vin Diesel for this character, I would have hated that. Paul works well for the physical design of this character and obviously the voice is spot on. I’m guessing it’s going to be one of those redemption stories where Vision is Ultron’s main henchmen and then just before the Avenger’s get smoked he will switch sides and turn the tide against Ultron.

    • HE STILL MIGHT…nobody knows in what capacity the vision will appear yet! And THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED NEWS as of this minute!!!

  2. It’s nice to hear about a casting choice that doesn’t make me want to shoot myself in the face for once. G#1.

  3. Not to be big headed but I called this months ago. So happy, great casting choice.

    • Haha turns out my comment is in the link provided to the James Spader article article.

  4. I’m happy about the news, and positively looking forward to how the whole Ultron situation eventually plays out in its MCU incarnation.

    A shame you have to give a hat top to those scum at the Daily Mail for this news item. Those worthless tools don’t even deserve a kick in the nuts.

  5. What pale skin? The Vision is an android with a green/yellow suit and a red face. At least that’s the Vision I read during the 70s. Also, The Vision was created by Ultron, who was created by Hank Pym. Why couldn’t they do it like that? I’m sick of Tony Stark.

    • There was a brief period where he was turned white but later returned to the iconic colors. Everyone else got their colors, why not Vision?!

      I guess I can only hope the Ultron version will be white but when he turns good he will choose to go with the red/green/yellow color scheme.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking. Why not have it be Pym’s creation gone haywire? Even though Ant-Man won’t come out until after Avengers 2, Avengers 2 could still say that it was Pym’s creation — therefore bumping up the notoriety of Pym’s genius and giving a nod to the upcoming Ant-Man movie. Easy. Just reference it being Pym’s creation. Doesn’t have to be from Stark at all. Ugh. Come on Disney.

      • Maybe they are gonna do that and have been misleading us from the start on purpose, but if stark is the creator of ultron why is that so bad? this is not the 616 universe, its a separate universe where things happen differently so stop getting grumpy over something thats not a big deal. It makes sense for tony to create ultron anyway, the general public doesnt know ant man so it does nothing for the story to say he made ultron, and if they included him in the movie the people that dont know him will just see him as ‘the idiot who made the bad guy’

  6. I saw All Hail The King today, and I believe Justin Hammer will play a major role in AOU.

    • Really? I hope that’s sarcasm.

      • I hope it’s true! MORE HAMMER! MORE SAM ROCKWELL!

        • Hey, don’t get me wrong, I want more Rockwell too! He’s my favorite actor! But drawing the conclusion that he’ll have a big role in AoU based on a cameo in All Hail the King is ridiculous.

  7. Awesome news!

    My only concern is The Vision, ,QuickSilver, ScarletWitch….that’s a lot more characters they have to squeeze in around RDJ’s screen time…..just saying.

    • In RDJ’s screen time?
      I hope you DO realise the film is called The Avengers, not Iron Man 4 (or 5).
      It’s not all about Iron Man, and I hope he will not steal the show again, like he did in The Avengers.

      • Yes rdj screen time. The mans a f**king diva. He made more than double what everyone else maed on avengers. Also what we know of the story so far its all about stark…..he’s no longer iron man……he upstages on of the greatest creators in marvel universe to create ultron one of the avengers greatest foes and now may give birth to fan favorite vision? Disney and marvel are determined to keep rdj to get more iron man…but they are destroying over 50 years of established story lines to make that happen.

        While many people seem to assume alls happy on the disney front rdj wants a lot more money to return as their flagship hero. And by the trends we will see rdjmakeing bak on this film…..I feel bad for the new comers the way this movie is shaping up with now over 10 characters a rumored 3 villians how can we say that each character gets screen time.

  8. In the 80s the US government kidnapped Vision and destroyed him, Pym recreated him chalk white without Wonderman’s mind. Vision became emotionless, and cold without Simon Williams brain waves, without Wonderman’s brain waves he no longer loved SW.

    • @Becton_D,Y! I’m wonder if they hint Simon Williams in A2?

  9. While Bettany’s casting was good news (and somewhat predicted), they are going with the boring assed white version that was only due to a complex plot rwist and later the original look was brought back (and stayed)? ARG, what the hell?!

    Vision needs to be yellow and green with a red face dammit! White, who make these stupid decisions?! So frustrating.

  10. According to Latino Review, Ms Marvel will be the final major casting announcement, I doubt it given this guys track record when it comes to rumours but you never know, interesting none the less but they should hold her off for a while until the sequel this movie is getting pretty packed and I would much rather just end it with the characters we have at the moment though thats just me.

  11. Does anybody think the robotic arm helper that is always in Tony’s lab being told by Tony that he is and idiot and a dummy (wearing dunce cap) could have something to do with Ultron? The robot arm seems to have some AI outside Jarvis but obviously has operational issues. It was the only thing Tony hauled away in his trailer and was able to save from his wrecked Malibu house. Does Tony build a bigger better robot helper from this original belittled tech and that tech, once mobile, turns the tables?

  12. Bettany’s voice does not seem right to me for the Vision.
    I wonder if they will run it through a synthesizer so there is a difference from Jarvis?

  13. I think this quote, found here on screen rant, is probably what Jesse is talkin about. Whedon says they are using avengers we already know. So unless he meant hulk, cap or thor. He “confirmed” ultron comes from stark. Unless I just totally misread that quote. If so, help.

  14. Honestly, I don’t think Stark is going to be the creator of Ultron. He’s only going to be into the actual Avengers 2 movie and I don’t think that with all that’s going on, they’ll have time to show a Stark origin. Also, remember that just yesterday, they officially said that Winter Soldier is going to be very crucial to Avengers 2. As far as I know, Stark won’t have anything to do with that movie. However, Winter Soldier is going into the darker parts of SHIELD, and the whole idea of striking fear and world policing. I think Ultron will be a product of some sort of system or weapon they created that will become sentient and aware a la Skynet. He may though go and adapt one of Stark’s suits that perhaps SHIELD collected and make that into his body. He may then subvertly use Starks resources for his own, and with Tony with his guard down after the end of IM 3, it’s the perfect time. Ultron, to create his own eyes and ears until he’s ready to reveal himself, corrupts and enslaves JARVIS’ programing to do his bidding. Thus Ultron creates his Vision. Vision will probably be like Hawkeye was in the first Avengers and be evil for most of the movie until he regains his “humanity” at the climax, which will probably be a fusion of Ultron’s ability to gain awareness, sentience, and independence, and JARVIS’ overall mental and moral personality.

    This is my speculation anyway.

    • @ Irene
      This Idea of the Plot Makes a lot of Sense. :)

    • Im going to go with most of what you said and the idea that Ultron is accidentally / purposely developed from the AI on board the War Machines armour and Hank Pym is working with the military/Shield to develop this….. With this in mind, Stark has to upgrade Jarvis to fight Ultron…..

    • I think Hank Pym and Howard Stark made the first generation AI that Tony uses to make JARVIS. If they want to tie in Pym with Ultron, that is probably the only way they could do it.

      • Potentially if using the source material at its core but as we have seen with Mandarin etc those Disney boys don’t always play by the comic book rules….. Pym could just be yet another blessed scientist within the doors of army / shield that is trying to improve War Machine as the army feel that Stark is becoming too powerful / unhinged from his mental illness…. War Machine could be commandeered to take down Iron Man due to Tony’s erratic behavior….

    • Joss is that you? It’s us the nerds!

      That theory is pretty much exactly what the plot should/will be!

      • I just came up with it….. good brain. Perhaps Hollywood should be giving me a call haha

  15. I love these ideas that Joss Whedon has. He was a comic book writer for X-men, and I honestly think he loves Marvel. He is making his own version of the comics, but still pulling from the source material. He hasn’t made new characters, he is making the version of the character that will compliment the MCU. I just wish they would move it up to three Marvel/Disney movies a year (not counting Big Hero 6) that are live action. There is a realism to these characters, other than to DC/WB universe. I love Superman more than the next, but like everyone knows it’s almost hell taking him on as a director. He is invincible (other than Kryptonite). Which is why I think Marvel is more relatable to fans, and does so much better as a complete roster. Trust in Whedon/Fiege/Disney/Marvel.

  16. Vision with a posh British accent ? Why not?

    But please don’t make the Vision/ ScarletWitch relationship into a romance. That idea might work in the comic books. But in a live action movie it’s just silly.


    • Every film needs class, that is what us Brits bring to the party….. No Loki this time so Jarvis will have to fill in….. :)

  17. I like it.
    Should work.
    Cant think of a single other thing to say.
    Carry on.

  18. Amazing news. Kinda want him to be in his original colors tho. They can tone them down a bit to make it look better for film, but would still like the original colors. But I understand why, I mean why is a robot green and yellow? But still, they could just make the green and yellow darker/shady so ot wont be bright.

  19. Good news! Wow thats too many people already!

    plus if one gets optimistic, we´ll have three afroamerican heroes joining the roster as well… war machine, falcon and maybe even deathlok.

  20. I’m sorry Andrew, but I just don’t buy this rumor. I call it a rumor because it hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel, and yet you wrote the article to lead on readers that he is. You are merely reporting what has been reported by a random source, and no matter how “reliable” they are, they are most certainly not the official Marvel. Also Bettany has never even SEEN any of the Marvel films. He claims they are not his thing. Thus either they have offered him an enourmous paycheck, or he’s had a serious change of heart. I know he’s played JARVIS, but remember that’s only voice acting, he never worked with a single cast member or even been to a premiere. sounds like a rumor, I feel bad for all the people above me who believed such ridiculous talk.

    • Well, actually, Variety, is usually pretty reliable and they were the ones who really gave it more credence over the group that broke it, which was that tabloid-ish Daily Mail. At this point everyone has run with it.

  21. If Bettany signed some new deal then I can see this happening. If not I doubt he is going to do another movie for what he was getting paid for voice work.

  22. This movie is getting to crowded! Its turning into Batman vs Superman.

    • I could kiss you reed! That’s my thought exactly.

      As it stands we have hall fury black widow hawkeye hulk thor capt iron man war machine quicksilver scarlet witc

      Ultron and von whatshisname and now the korean villian and now vision?

      I’m at 14 chars and also people are saying ms marvel may appear?

      And people say dc with 2 new heroes we need a story bout we got twopossibly 4 in avengers 2……this ain’t crowed at all. Hey maybe falcon and dethlock should show up add the number to 17 characters or may be antman and wasp will show up and coulson makeing it 20!

      But hey this is marvel they will screw over peeps to pay rd and scarjo mad money to make others pissed

  23. OMG OMG! This really made my morning. Excellent hero, excellent actor! Stoked!

  24. It looks to me like Vision is Tony Stark’s attempt at an AI upgrade gone right, whilst Ultron is the result of the AI upgrade gone bad.

  25. I would be incredibly happy about this.

    If Ultron is really based on JARVIS’ technology, then it makes sense to me for Bettany to play Vision. Before Spader was confirmed I was thinking that maybe Bettany will be Ultron too, but I’m more than happy with Spader.

    Anyway, he’s a great actor and it would be amazing to see his face and not just his voice. :D

    It would be excellent, a great casting for Vision.

  26. IF you were English and lived here as I do you would know that the Daily Mail is the worst paper in the world for exclusives…. Pretty much every story on their pages is made up and their journalists are possibly the worst in history….

    • As a fellow Brit, I can confirm this is sadly true. I’ll wait for other (official) sources before I get my hopes up

    • Don’t get your hopes up people. Every word this guy said is 100% truth!

    • so your saying Trevor Slattery works at the Daily Mail?

    • This has also been published on Latino Review that has been typically quite on the money when it comes to Marvel

  27. Age Of Ultron : Bad robot versus good robot, based on the same operating system, hilarity ensues…

  28. Just keep throwing in more Iron Men in various forms.

    This is creativity at it’s best.

  29. Cool