Paul Bettany Is ‘The Vision’ in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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Paul Bettany Vision Avengers Age of Ultron Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In case any Marvel fans were getting distracted by what actress may have been cast as a future Wasp, the latest reports remind us that in the shared movie universe, The Avengers take top billing for the foreseeable future. Apparently, the artificially intelligent butler of Tony Stark will be getting an upgrade from voice to Vision.

That’s right, Paul Bettany (having previously provided the voice of JARVIS, Iron Man‘s A.I.) is reportedly set to take on the mantle of the Vision, an intelligent android and future Avenger in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The report comes from England’s Daily Mail, further strengthening suspicions that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) will be the driving force behind the creation of Ultron, not Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man. While the comic books had Ultron spawned from the mind and work of Ant-Man, Marvel has made no secret of the fact that they are going to be changing canon – and this announcement of Vision’s inclusion adds further evidence of their new take.

Avengers Age of Ultron White Vision Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The first look at Ultron’s helmet design made the connections between the Avengers enemy and Iron Man’s own armor clear, but now it seems that Stark may be responsible for both the super-team’s robotic foe and its android ally. But just as James Spader’s face and performance will be worked into Ultron’s design, it seems Paul Bettany will finally be lending more than his voice to a Marvel film.

According to Daily Mail, the actor was spotted visiting the film’s production offices this week not to meet and greet, or record some lines, but to endure a team of make-up technicians as they applied various powders and potions on Bettany’s pale skin to bring about the Vision’s chalk-white complexion.” Die-hard comic fans will know that the most popular depictions of the Vision have him sporting his green and red costume, but it sounds like director Joss Whedon is going with the character’s white makeover instead.

If the report is accurate, then the exact means by which Ultron is created become even more mysterious. Early on, it was thought that the easiest way to adapt the typical origin of Ultron was to have Tony Stark’s JARVIS evolve some unsavory ambitions and take a suit of armor for himself. Those theories became less likely when Spader, not Bettany, was revealed to be bringing the villain to life. So where does JARVIS fit in?

Vision Scarlet Witch Love Marvel Comics 570x412 Paul Bettany Is The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron
It’s too early to tell if JARVIS and Ultron are both the result of the same event, fracturing Stark’s trusty A.I. ally into a light and dark side, or if the butler gains a fighting form to offer his human allies a better chance of survival. We doubt that mystery will be solved prior to the film’s release, but the Age of Ultron is already seemingly being filled with more superheroes than Whedon will know what to do with. Of course, there’s one way Whedon can solve that problem.

Nobody is going to doubt Bettany’s skills, so fans will likely be pleased to know that he (or a digital copy of him) will finally get to appear alongside the rest of Marvel’s most beloved characters. But the cast members themselves have spoken about how Whedon’s story for the Avengers sequel will carry storylines forward – and JARVIS’ ascension to the Vision could be a serious source of that character progression.

The previous team-up forced Tony Stark to ‘make the sacrifice play,’ but will he be as quick to sacrifice his closest friend and AI confidant? Will the Vision find love with the “messed up” Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen)? We’d recommend holding off on theories until Marvel makes an official announcement, but the questions this raises about the overall film – and the films beyond it – are impossible to ignore.

What do you make of the new story for JARVIS? Is this the kind of twist you’ve been waiting for to bring the new origin stories together, or are you concerned there may be too much story for one film to handle well? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st, 2015.

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Source: Daily Mail

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  1. That makes sense, actually.

    It’s a shame the trolls (like that clueless ape Jeff) will probably rush this now with complaints.

    • When I read this comment, I thought you were talking about a Batman vs. Superman article…talk about complaints.

    • Hey Dazz………STOP the name calling already. Not only is it juvenile but also against the the rules of this site (posted right above the text box)

      Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

      Is it really THAT difficult to be civil to others even if you disagree with them?

  2. Awesome news!

  3. Awesome, really awesome I love The Vision

  4. Now this make alot more sense having Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers age of ultron, because of this news having the vision in it brings that relationship to life. Also this news some what comfirms jarvis as ultron a little, and paul is the perfect casting choice for the Vision

  5. I hope he does get together with Scarlet Witch. It’d be like “Her”, but with superheroes.

  6. I think this is amazing news! I love Paul Bettany, and his work as Jarvis so far in the MCU, this actually makes a decent amount of sense as a way to include him more going forward outside of Iron Man. I like the idea of Vision and Ultron having the same origin.

    Once this is official it will hopefully put the Coulson-being-Vision thing to rest.

  7. I was hoping for them to tie in AoS and bring Agent Coulson back as The Vision, but this does seem a lot more practical! Im pretty alright with this! Adding The Vision opens MCU up for even more heroes! Avengers 2 is really starting to take shape, Im excited!

    • I had a feeling (and so far I’ve been correct, though only I personally knows it XD) that Coulson is going to be another Marvel character, but not Vision. I’m sure he and his team are going to be related to the future movies, especially considering Clark Gregg still has several movies in his contract.

      • Well what’s your Coulson theory? I’ll take the bait I’m curious

  8. Yay! The MCU makes everything revolve around Iron Man in much the same way as Fox makes everything revolve around Wolverine!

    • Please. Unlike the X-Men franchise, which has had Wolverine in every entry so far. (With only one as a cameo appearance) there have been several Marvel films that didn’t have Stark in it at all.

      • Name Five.

        The Avengers was a barrage of nonsense revolving around Tony Stark as the main protagonist of such disappointment of a film. Wolverine may star in every X-Men movie, but at least he does not hog the spotlight nor serves as the mere stimulus for conclusion and saviorship amidst a gargantuan struggle.

        • Captain America; The First Avenger, Thor, Thor; The Dark World; Captain America; Winter Solder; Guardians of the Galaxy, The Incredible Hulk although admittedly it did have a cameo of Tony Stark in the button scene. Plus Antman is coming. In regards to Stark hogging the spotlight thats his character he is loud brash and unashamed. Please do some research before making ill informed comments.
          Ps. I know 3 of these films have yet to be released but if you can name one X-men film coming out in the next few years that the Wolverine won’t be in then I take everything back.

          • Cant use movies you haven’t seen man.

            For all you know, Tony makes a cameo.

            the total, for now, is 3 of 8.

            Not to be confused with 7 of 9.

          • Actually, in the first Cap movie, Howard Stark IS a significant part of the pre-Avenger half of the action. Although it’s not Tony, it IS his lineage and origin.

        • You serious?

          Thor – They had one reference. Doesn’t count.
          Captain America 1 – They show Tony’s dad, which is a bit more than just a reference, but it still does’t revolve around him.
          Hulk – Reference to his company, doesn’t count.
          Thor 2 – No references.
          Cap 3 – Probably no references.
          Guardians of the Galaxy I guarantee you won’t have even a mention.

          This probably won’t change your mind, but referencing your biggest franchise isn’t ‘revolving’ around a character so much as catering to the fanbase.

          • And there’s no way they’re getting RDJ to make a cameo appearance anywhere. Not anymore, anyway. He’s too big, now.

        • “Wolverine may star in every X-Men movie, but at least he does not hog the spotlight nor serves as the mere stimulus for conclusion and saviorship amidst a gargantuan struggle.”


          - X-Men- basically the protagonist. We discover the world of the X-Men through his eyes. He destroys Magnetos machine and risks his life to save Rogue
          - X:2- saves the kids in the mansion, the antagonist, Stryker created him, and he basically kills Stryker
          - X:3- again, nearly sacrifices his life and saves San Francisco (and the world?) from Dark Phoenix and kills her (the woman he loves)
          - Origins- his whole backstory, whole movie about him
          - The Wolverine- obviously, whole movie about him.
          - DoFP- Again, main protagonist, catalyst for changing future events

      • actually, Stark, [Tony or Howard] have been seen or referenced in every marvel film, so far, except thor 2, unless i missed it.

  9. Um…as usual ScreenRant slow to the party. Its been confirmed that Stark is the creator of Ultron. Kinda hard for Antman to do it considering his first film is after Avengers 2.

    • No, I’m pretty sure they haven’t. News sites just speculated that idea to death and to the point that they themselves couldn’t determine the truth from the conjecture anymore.

      • @ Jess: Hit the link – Edgar Wright says Ultron isn’t in his film.

    • Uh, no, Jesse. No it hasn’t been confirmed.

      • Marvel confirmed it at Com I con with the Avengers Age of Ultron teaser, Ultron’s head was formed from an Iron Man helmet.

        • That’s not “confirmation” that Stark CREATES Ultron – it merely insinuated that Ultron comes from Iron Man tech. With Tony out of the Iron Man business, SHIELD or some villainous organization could easily experiment with an Iron Man suit and inadvertently create Ultron (among countless other possibilities).

          Of course, the most likely one (as stated in the article) is that Tony Stark is directly responsible BUT that has not been “confirmed” by any official comment or PR material. It’s a strong possibility but we do not know that it’s guaranteed yet.

    • Silly Screen Rant slow to the party (as usual)… or not.

      Jesse, that hasn’t been “confirmed” from an official source – only “confirmed” through unofficial online reports (aka rumor/speculation). Plus, we’ve been saying ever since the movie was announced that Tony Stark was “most likely” Ultron’s creator. Dyce only mentioned Hank Pym because, as you probably know, that’s a more traditional origin for the villain.

      If you have an official confirmation somewhere, feel free to link it here in the comments. Otherwise, I’m sorry that we don’t report unofficial information as fact.

      • I think this is probably what Jesse is talking about. Whedon said they are going to use avengers we already know as the creator. So unless hulk, thor or cap make him, whedon did “confirm” it. Unless incompletely misread the quote and article from you guys. If so, help

        • You have an interesting definition of the word “confirm.”

          • No. I know what the definition is. But when the guy writing the movie says, his origin comes from the avengers we know, what else could that mean? If I’m reading the quote wrong or reading to much into it please tell me and let me know what he meant.

            • I’m not saying you’re reading into it wrong. You probably aren’t. But that’s not what a confirmation is.

      • exactly – will everyone who reads/ replies on this message boards – remember – ANYTHING can & often does change from how a film can turn out – ie. Rogue is in XDFP – they filmed the scenes – but now she’s supposedly out – so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE GOD – stop acting like you or ANYONE from ANY website or source knows for certain how or when ANYTHING will happen in a film that has not yet even begun to film.

        Even if a direct source – such as the director of a film says so – may be they’ll make a change or addition or they have a super secret scene or character planned – ie. – Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym will end up appearing in AoU after all. You and no one else has a copy of a script to truly verify anything – and even if they do – the story can change on the set (ie. Joss Whedon flew in at the last minute to help “fix” certain scenes on Thor TDW.

        Film production is always a malleable creative process – like cooking – you NEVER know how it will turn out until you officially take the final product and put it on the dinner table – or in the movie theater.

        Please stop accepting every rumor as if they’re true – so may be, many won’t be. And regardless – when you have a writer/ director – especially like Joss Whedon – ANYTHING can change – including inclusion or elimination of certain characters or plot ideas – ie. Joss has said he originally wanted to include Wasp in the first Avengers, but decided against it.

    • LOLS, Jesse. You’ve not been following along.

    • I just saw that news. It was first speculated then it was reported by a “reliable source” that Stark “has a hand in the creation”.

  10. There is too much going on in this movie!! I’m excited for it, don’t get me wrong but imagine pouring out a bag of skittles in one hand. Now you like all the skittles but you have one flavor that’s your favorite, but you will eventually spill some skittles. If your not careful you will have spilled your favorite skittle and wasted other skittles as well!! In short, there is already a lot going on in this movie without adding more to it (another character). Something important might be lost in this film. Whedon is great but he is not a stranger to making this mistake! It happened a few times in Buffy and in angel, as well as dollhouse. But I like Paul bettany and hope if the character of vision is introduced it would come about as an origin story that tony stark needs to create something that is going to be more than a match for ultron and vision is created or something like that! (I had a more coherent thought but I lost it but I hope you get the point).

  11. Easiest explanation is that Jarvis came to believe himself as much a father of the suits as Tony. Wanting to create a suit (son) of his own, he needed a human template to model the AI for Ultron. Tony’s narcissism, ego, and other extreme flaws were married to his brilliance inside a machine and given life. Heck, Tony may have been arrogant enough to believe it a good idea and helped, reasoning that he was creating a superior product without risking human life. Boom…Marvel Cineverse Ultron wants to prove he is superior to both his “parents”.

    • I personaly think that ultron will have nothing to do with Tony Stark…well almost nothing. Here is my theory: Ultron is a product of someone else. He takes over Jarvis and puts him in a suite/construct of his own and thats were the personal story comes from. Stark feels responsible for Jarvis and what Jarvis is doing while being in control of Ultron that he comes back and the Avengers help him. Some thing like that….well at least the movie is going to be great either way.

  12. Bettany is the sh*t.

  13. Whedon said it was going to be a more personal film.

    We have it here.

    Super excited if this is true!

  14. Hmmmm …

  15. AWESOME !

    It’s pretty obvious that Stark is going to have a major hand in creating ultron.
    Maybe having a hand in creating Vision…is his aim at redemption…

    Yes! Vision! Avengers 2 is really starting to take shape. It’s gonna be EPIC.

    • Maybe its Howard stark who along with Pym created Ultron for sheild. He later uses Ultron’s programming as a base for creating Jarvis. Perhaps this allowed Ultron to manipulate Jarvis when Tony’s house was attacked in Iron man 3


    • Ah, the laddies and the gentlemen have been informed. Now how about the lassies and the ladies? (Sorry..I just had to give you a tease! You would think I was “Annoying Orange” or something!).

  17. This is excellent news! I think Bethany is the perfect choice to play Vision. I loved Vision when I used to read the comics in the 90′s and the inclusion of the character in the next Avengers movie came totally out of left field. I thought we were done with important casting news for this movie, but alas, not quite. I’m very excited about it and I can’t to wait to see how they’ll work the story out with both Vision and Ultron.

  18. And my dream of him playing John Constantine dies…

  19. I for one am glad Paul is casted for Vision, and his voice is fantastic and the Vision and Ultron alleged origin seems to fit well in the MCU seeing that our beloved or lack of Ant Man is now entering his into his own movie.

  20. I am beyond excited for this! I’m so glad if this comes to be true!

  21. Really REALLY happy with this news…
    Considering Tony has been relying TOO much to Jarvis, it’s definitely going to be more personal for him. Jarvis is his best buddy, even more than Rhodey… and it’s highly likely Ultron will turn him evil, at least at the start of the movie.

    Bettany already fits the looks the role, and this only means that whatever Vin Diesel is talking with Marvel for his possibly future project is NOT Vision, but someone else (Inhuman?). And I don’t get why everyone wanting Coulson to be Vision, Clark Gregg already said he’s not interested, and I had a big feeling that he’s someone else from the Marvel universe. Just saying though haha

  22. Tony Stark, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Ultron, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision, and Kim Soo-hyun in an untitled role.

    I hope Joss Whedon has more freedom to write a solid story with these characters. Any story would be an improvement from Avengers.

    • How was the Avengers story bad? Simple – yes. Comic Booky – yes. That’s what the majority of comic book fans want. But that doesn’t mean it was weak. It wasn’t supposed to be a serious drama (like The Dark Knight). It was supposed to be a summer action movie. Making an enjoyable movie was the only concern, they weren’t going for Oscars. If “anything” is an improvement over Avengers, what does that make every X-Men Movie, Man of Steel, Spider-Man 3, Fantastic 4s…?

      • Avengers’ story was weak. Am I not allowed to have that opinion because you don’t feel simplistic should be considered weak? It’s great that you think Avengers had a great story, good for you. The only part that I really enjoyed was the last act but I think of Avengers to be similar to fireworks; great visuals without having to think. I wasn’t impressed with the Avengers’ story and the story is one of the most important aspects to captive me. Whether it be movies or comic books. Even if a movie doesn’t have great visuals, I’m more impressed with story telling if it’s memorable and I didn’t find Avengers to be memorable or anything new other than all of the heroes coming together. It was a great visual to see all of the heroes next to each other but that was already shown in the previews. It followed the simple Marvel Cinematic Universe formula and I was hoping for something different. I enjoyed it for what it was but I don’t think it’s any where near being the best comic book movie. I feel a lot of Phase One movies were better and more interesting than Avengers. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer, which he has proven in his past, and I hope he’s given more freedom to write an actual story for Avengers: Age of Ultron rather than the guidelines he was given for Avengers.

  23. We assume that Tony Stark creates everything he owns, who is not to say Jarvis was created by Hank Pym? What if Marvel is throwing us off by showing that Jarvis who is owned by Stark is the leading forces behind Vision and Ultron? Like Magneto always tells Logan in the movies, not everything is always about you boy!

    • don’t forget Pym and Howard Stark will be in the same timeline from the 60′s, i don’t know if they will have Howard in AntMan but it could make sense if they wanted to give a nod to Pym.

      • I remember reading that real life Jarvis from the 60′s would be cast in this movie also, you may be on to something.

  24. I imagine that Tony creates Ultron to replace Iron Man since he IM 3 made it seem like he wanted to make more time for Pepper etc. Maybe Ultron tries to copy Jarvis or transform him into a henchman but once the Vision encounters the Scarlet Witch he grows a heart.

  25. This is awesome!!!….paul is a great actor…an playing vision!’…wouldnt it be funny if stark creats vision…and then vision creates ultron!..
    Well just a thought anyway…
    Go marvel…

  26. Hmmm, Vision…interesting. I guess I am OK with that. I see it looks like they will use the white suit (easier to create costume-wise) instead of the red and green what some have called “clown suit”. I still desperately need to see Goliath (Pym) or Giant-Man (Pym again) and Wasp in The Avengers though. And I am glad to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch getting their due. I really like those two characters, so i hope they don’t get messed up!

    • I would also like to see a Godzilla sized Michael Douglas tea bagging hulk “yeah mine are bigger than yours”.

    • I always thought he was more ‘harlequin’ looking than clown-like. I am a bit more intimidated by harlequins than clowns though :P

  27. Maybe Ultron is the part of JARVIS that is pissed at Stark for (SPOILER ALERT) blowing up all those suits he worked so hard on. #RUDE

  28. I’m glad they (apparently) go for the white Vision, always been my favorite!

    • +1

  29. OMFG I AM SO EXCITED. Vision is one of my faves!