‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ To Introduce New Superheroes?

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Marvel cast of thousands The Avengers: Age of Ultron To Introduce New Superheroes?

[This article contains potential SPOILERS for a character cameo in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.]


With Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch all being introduced to Earth’s finest superhero team in Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron, writer and director Joss Whedon has quite a challenge on his hands when it comes to careful management of all the characters’ screen time and story arcs. Everyone wants their favorite comic book character to join the Avengers, but too many new additions could end up weighing down the Quinjet.

There are also, of course, plenty of demands from comic book fans who want to see their favorite superhero get their own standalone movie – whether it’s Captain Marvel, Black Panther or even Squirrel Girl. Messages from Marvel on how likely these characters are to appear have been very mixed, with studio president Kevin Feige promising that Marvel is paying attention to the “groundswell” of fan enthusiasm, but also that current franchise commitments make it difficult to find room for new introductions.

Now an intriguing new report has emerged, suggesting that Marvel might actually have been secretly planning to introduce Captain Marvel – along with other characters – in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Badass Digest claims that previous drafts of the script featured an ending (or possibly a post-credits scene) in which Captain America assembles a new team of Avengers, with a mix of old and new faces. The report states that, despite the final make-up of the team varying between drafts, one character that has always been featured is Carol Danvers – named as Ms. Marvel in the script.

Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy Character Carol Danvers Captain Marvel The Avengers: Age of Ultron To Introduce New Superheroes?

This would be a logical move to set up Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel as a central player in Phase Three, which will begin with the release of Ant-Man in 2015. Before Carol Danvers fans get too excited about seeing her as early as next summer, however, there’s a second part to the report. While Badass Digest‘s sources give their assurances that the character definitely is coming and may well be part of the team in The Avengers 3, the studio is also apparently getting cold feet with regards to the idea of just dropping her fully-formed into the ending of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Is this good news or bad news? Well, if Marvel has decided against simply throwing Carol Danvers into the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it could be because the studio is instead making plans for a standalone movie, to release as one of the as-yet unannounced titles in the five Marvel release dates currently locked down for 2017 and 2018. Our current best guess for the release date of The Avengers 3 is May 2018, so there’s definitely potential for Captain Marvel to sneak in before then.

Black Panther Movie Development The Avengers: Age of Ultron To Introduce New Superheroes?

This would certainly be a smart move for Marvel to placate growing dissatisfaction over the lack of superhero movies led by anyone other than white dudes, which has indirectly led to the studio having a really disproportionate number of lead actors called Chris. It may well be the case that public pressure has pushed Captain Marvel over the edge from getting a simple cameo role to getting her own movie. We can dream, can’t we?

Unfortunately for Black Panther fans who were hoping to see him pop up in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Badass Digest claims that the character will not appear in the movie despite Ultron travelling to Wakanda in order to obtain Vibranium. Perhaps Marvel is saving him for another day as well.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for release on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. Guys no way this is true at least not for aou mayb avengers 3 if they did this now avengers 3 woukd have the orignals a new team and the guardians that makes fr one crowded film

    • Given that the “end-game” is Thanos and looking at The Infinity War as a possible storyline/most likely storyline; crowded is what is should be going for. Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet and the “stones” represent a threat so great that in the comics it took almost every super-hero that was in Marvel at that time *Plus Galactus working beside the heroes* to fight him…and they still lost…the story pretty much ended with the Gauntlet having a catch-22.

      • there is no end game. it’s not like they are going to stop after phase 3.

        • Rhuen is, if I’m not mistaken, quoting the Joss regarding Phase 3 since the Joss said that The Joss will be saving Thanos till “the endgame” which is The Joss’ Avengers Part 3.

          The Joss.

          • Yup, he did say that, but even so it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the MCU. We’ve already heard they’ve got plans until 2028, but they haven’t pushed Avengers 3 to 2028. That would put it 10 years after Age of Ultron and I seriously doubt that.

            I am thinking that the MCU will be a dynamic thing that keeps evolving and changing. So we’ll probably see characters come and go. And thing may end, but it will also open a door to new beginnings. Not reboots. That’s not what I’m thinking. But new characters. New teams. New battles.

    • They could do all kinds of crap with Avengers 3. What If…? Avengers 3 was a two parter? It worked for the last Harrison Potter and will work for the Starvation Games.

  2. I just can’t wait till we have a Secret Avengers team with Widow and Hawkeye, a supernatural team with Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch and Iron Fist. A space team (Guardians) and the core team with the big three and Hulk.

    So far we have close to 40 heroes cast or rumored. (Depending on who you count.)

    Cast: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor. Black Widow & Hawkeye. Ant-Man, Vision, Falcon. Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, Quicksilver, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy. Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Mockingbird, Deathlok and the Warriors 3.

    Casting: Dr Strange, Jessica Jones.

    Rumored/Announced: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Wasp, Ms Marvel. Black Bolt and the Inhumans and Black Panther.

    Spread out over I believe 9 films? What do you guys predict?

  3. I am hoping for Hank Pym as Goliath (or Giant-Man) and Janet Van Dyne as Wasp in Avengers #2 or Avengers #3. I am kind of hoping Black Panther gets his first outing in Captain America #3. If it worked in Cap #2 to bring in Falcon, well, why not?

    • Hate it to rain on your parade, friend, but Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne are going to fill those shoes. I fear you’re only hope for the classic characters anymore is via flashback, One-Shot or an Agent Carter-style series.


    From what I heard around the time of Comic Con, both Falcon and Captain Marvel join the team in the final moments, alongside Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. We’re gonna see them as a homage to Cap’s Kooky Quartet.

    It MIGHT be this team that ends up appearing in Captain America 3, since the directors said fans are gonna flip out when they find out who is in the cast.

  5. Ms. Marvel to appear at the end of A2:AoU? With her powers? That would imply no origin story… so is Marvel seriously not doing origin stories anymore? Clearly, I’m still stuck on the Doctor Strange rumours…

    I’d honestly be kind of disappointed if they didn’t do Ms. Marvel’s origin story… the build up of the Kree in AoS and GotG… no Mar-Vell… so what? her powers are just the product of Terrigen Mists or something?… but they wouldn’t have even established the Inhumans yet or anything… I’m so confused

    • *SPOILERS*
      1- It’s not just Doctor Strange rumors. Feige said they are done telling the “origin story” as a format. They’ll introduce characters fully fleshed out, and give back story as needed.
      2- AoS is my bet where the Kree stuff will be established, including the Terrigen Mists, connecting it to Skye and her background (father in particular). Coulson will likely be connected to that as well. And Raina of course.
      They don’t need an elaborate origin story for everything. They can just summarize the more important stuff in the opening few minutes, and fill in the gaps as the movie progresses. That’s why Guardians worked so well. They introduce the characters with little back story, and then give you snippets as needed, and as it was relevant to the narrative as it unfolded.

      • I think the only way a format like that is even remotely appropriate is when the origin is not central to the character itself. For example, you can’t do a Superman movie without looking into the particulars of his Kryptonian origin or Smallville upbringing. Thor is another example; if you don’t establish Asgard you can’t explain Thor. Or even Captain America, whose time-displacement has become part of his “origin” and is central to the stories that he’s involved in. It works for characters like Black Widow and Iron Man since who they are NOW is more important than how they became who they are. I think that MS. MARVEL falls in the former and her origin story, unlike those of the other characters, is significant to any story she’s involved in. You gotta explain which shade of alien you are affiliated with. This isn’t true for someone like Thanos or DC’s Orion, who are less about what they do and more about the fact that they simply are.

        • Hate to say it, but the best movies are usually the ones that give us an origin story. Even Avengers was in a way an origin story. They told a story of how these characters decided to team up (after most of them had very popular movies of their own that told their origin stories). The best Spiderman was the first one. The best Iron Man was definitely the first one. Captain America was surprisingly good for being set during WW2. I will be more than a little depressed if superheroes just start showing up out of nowhere with their powers and personalities on screen with no origin tales. How will they continue to appeal to the mass audiences that haven’t spent years collecting and reading comic books? Who cares about Doctor Strange if you don’t know his story??!?!? He’s just some weirdo with magic if they don’t give him his origin story.

          • Your right! Green lantern worked out really well *sigh* (btw I still stand by RR)…. If the story is good the movie will work weather back story or not.

            • See that’s the trick (and I remember getting into a racism-debate with one of the fellow Ranters here regarding this): you can’t just use an umbrella term like “a good story” and call it a day. A good execution for a story really depends on expectations and pay-offs. To be less abstract about it, it really matters whether the story is serious or not. What I deem “good” is not necessarily what others will see to be “good” and the whole definition becomes extremely complex for something like movies.

              Cap Am TWS is a GOOD movie, but is it because of the actions? the plot? the themes? the character-arcs? It certainly didn’t have Whedon-esque dialogue so it can’t be dialogue.

              I personally prefer superhero films that try to be a little intelligent than the rest, even if it’s funny-intellligent. GL was retarded, but that doesn’t invalidate origin stories. Neither does 10 good example of good origin stories validate them: Batman Begins kicked all kinds of records for me but that doesn’t mean The Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie. I guess I’m trying to say that I agree with you, but we can’t use the term “good” like that for an argument, since it brings up the very controversial question of “what is good?”

          • Sadly, that seems to be the way the genre is going. First BvS, now Phase 3. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind what they did in The Incredible Hulk, and I’m certainly no fan of the way they’re promoting GOTHAM as an Origin-Series so far back in Batman’s past, but there is some appeal in an origin story that you can’t just ignore.

            Even The Dark Knight Returns is, to an extent, an origin story to “Old Batman.” The point is that you approach the story with a fresh take so that newer audiences can immerse themselves. It’s a little difficult to do that in a monthly serial format like comics though.

          • Well wouldn’t that depend on what you consider an origin story?

            Personally I would n’t consider GotG an origin story, since the only character’s origin we get even a glimps of is Star lord. I suppose you could argue that the story is the origin of the team, which wouldn’t be the same thing. Avenger’s wasn’t really an origin story either so right there 2 of Marvel’s 4 best movies prove that origins are not always the best way to go. GotG proves you don’t even need to explain much of anything about the characters.

            I can’t stand origin stories, because hero origins break down into 1 of 5 basic categories, so we’ve seen it already. What I do think works better is what Marvel is planning with future movies and that’s to tell the important information as needed. Why do we need to have movies waste 30min-2hrs to tell us “created by magic, science, space radiation, military…. Or whatever the 5th one is I can’t remember”. Then using that to play out “the Heroes journey” which is one of the most basic story structures ever invented. Seems like a waste of everyone’s time and money after they’ve done that several times already with iron man, Thor and Cap.

        • @Nave Kent

          Of course they couldn’t do a Superman movie without looking into the particulars of his Kryptonian origin and Smallville upbringing. BUT there are many ways to do that.

          Imagine a Superman movie that begins with his recue of Lois Lane in the helicopter. The first time we see him, is the first time she sees him too. So we’d experience him through her eyes. The mystery of who he is. They could tell his story through her attempts to investigate his origin. Her interview with him. Her first visit to the Fortress.

          I’m not saying it would be a movie all about her then. I’m just saying there could be other ways to reveal the background of a character and it might even be a more exciting way to get pieces of a puzzle like that because it offers a different perspective and it maintains a little mystery which is necessarily a bad thing either.

          The same sort of thing could be done with Captain America. Imagine his movie had opened with somebody finding his frozen body. It would still be a movie that dealt with his time-displacement. And let’s say he was experiencing memory loss after all those years in the ice. Then they could tell his background as the memories started to flash back.

          That actually reminds me of the Bourne Identity. His origin couldn’t be more central to the story but at the same time it’s a mystery and it worked very well.

          Another movie that’s a good example of another way is Highlander. You could probably re-arrange all the scenes to tell a chronological story of the events, but I think that wouldn’t have worked as well.

          So there are other ways. We don’t always need to be explained how somebody became who they are up front before we can follow them.

          I’m actually excited about this change.

      • I agree…..no origin story any more…..boring….let’s have little of that and more dramatic developments

  6. I’m really curious to see how they pull off Wasp. & tbh I was expecting a lot of ‘It’s too crowded,’ or ‘Where are the solo movies?’ from fans.

    • Honestly, people only freak out and make those comments with other movie studios, they seem to give Disney and Marvel Studios a free pass when it comes to lots of characters in the same film.

      • I guess that is true but in this case I don’t think that really applies. We’re talking about an end (possibly credits) scene where crowding wouldn’t matter considering all those heroes would pretty much be cameos.

        • They might get 20 minutes screen time or a post-credit scene, we don’t actually know about that. What I do know is that if any other Studio was doing it, there’d be a lot of whining.

          • The way it’s been described I doubt the scene would be longer than a minute actually- it was stated that the scene wouldn’t actually contain any action so I doubt we’ll have 20 minutes of icebreakers as everyone gets to know each other (although I could be wrong as that’s just my opinion and that might actually be pretty funny to see).

            I agree though that if another studio was doing this a lot more people would be whining (I like to think I wouldn’t be one of those people though) which isn’t too good. I can understand people being worried because of overcrowding but in situations like this, where it seems like the scene will be one big cameo/foreshadowing, I reckon the more the merrier.

            • A3 is the one that will be overcrowded old team plus this new team plus the guardians

              • True, maybe it would work better if it was split in two (of course that’s assuming Avengers 3 is the Infinity Gauntlet pay-off). Hopefully Marvel Studios is up for the challenge, I’m sure it’s possible to somehow handle that many characters well.

              • Overcrowd, sure, but people are still gonna pay billions of dollars to see it done.

      • I think it’s a testament to the amount of audience goodwill Marvel has accrued. Marvel films consistently have a number of important characters, and also consistently do well with the general audience. Avengers, Guardians, even Winter Soldier were all team-up movies that managed to be balanced and very entertaining. Audiences know that Marvel has a good track record with this type of thing, so they have faith that they’ll be able to do it again. Other studios have only done that with limited success.

        A necessary exception is the X-Men franchise. The only installments that I remember there being a lot of overcrowding complaints about were The Last Stand and especially Origins: Wolverine, which had many other issues, as well.

        • I think it depends on the perceptions of characters as well. Take BvS for instance. In Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, you’re talking three of the most well know comic book characters, each with a huge followings. People are not going to be happy if WW gets the old Hawkeye treatment. The general public remembers characters like Auquaman, Hawkman and Firestorm from the Super Friends cartoons that ran for over 10 years during the 70s and 80s. Most people aren’t as familiar with Capt. Marvel, Black Panther, Hawkeye or the Inhumans. Marvel can get away with introducing those characters in minor roles like they did with Black Widow in IM2 or the Falcon in Winter Soldier. When the general movie going public see names like WW and Aquaman they think major characters, when they see names like Capt. Marvel and Black Panther they think side characters. So whereas one movie seems stuffed the other doesn’t because most people don’t expect much from side characters.

          • True enough. I don’t really consider Black Widow or Falcon’s introductions to be as minor characters, though. Definitely supporting characters, but they had significant parts to play in the proceedings. Hawkeye was definitely a minor character in Thor and The Avengers, though.

            While Wonder Woman is definitely a major character that deserves major screentime, I think Aquaman and those guys could be acceptable introduced as minor characters, with hints and suggestions as to their significance, before being expanded upon in future films. I don’t know many people outside the comic book fan world that takes Aquaman very seriously. I do agree that Captain Marvel and Black Panther, even less known to the public than Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, probably need some kind of soft introduction. Then again, the Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t, so what do I know?

            No matter how you slice it, it’s a great time to be a superhero fan.

  7. Rocket Raccoon and his sidekick the talking tree … and now Squirrel Girl? Seriously? Really?

    Hell, why stop there? How ’bout Aardvark Man? Or, maybe Marvel can buy the rights to Mr. Potatohead and make him a superhero, too.

    WTF? Marvel has jumped the shark.

    • You do realise the article wasn’t saying Squirrel Girl would be included, right? Nothing suggests she’ll get her own film/be part of one, the article simply said some fans might want her to get one. And besides, Marvel did such a good job with Rocket and Groot I’m sure they could make Squirrel Girl awesome as well.

      • I’ve seen the image of Squirrel Girl. Really…a woman with a squirrel tail? What are her powers…hurling acorns at the bad guys? Remember these movies have to appeal to a wide audience. Not everyone is a die-hard Marvel comic book fan. Marvel got lucky with Guardians of the Galaxy; it may not be so with SG. The audience can only take so much.

        • Remember squirell girl took down thanos.
          Thanos is afraid of sqiurells seriosly

        • They did a successful movie about a bird man which won golden globes so why not?

    • Where is this suddenly coming from that A3 may not be the infinity storyline all of a sudden whedon confirmed that when the FIRST one wrapped

      • Was it? Everyone assumed that Thanos would be the villain in Avengers 2 and he isn’t so couldn’t the same occur for Avengers 3 (although personally I do believe he’ll be the villain). If you have a link I would appreciate it though.

        • When else would it be no one has signed for an avengers 4

          • And there not gonna tease thanos in the first avengers and have an all new team fight him w/o the originals

            • Too true, to fight Thanos they’re gonna need as many heroes as they can get. However I don’t think it’s been announced that Avengers 3 will have Thanos yet. Those acting contracts mean that Marvel could have some of the big players sit out Avengers 3 for Avengers 4 (the contracts don’t specify which movies, simply the amount). I agree that the best guess we have right now is that it will be Thanos but let’s not jump to conclusions yet.

          • The thing is that they didn’t sign on for specific movies, they signed on for a specific number of movies. I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen, but Marvel could say “You guys sit this one out and we’ll see you for the next one”. I doubt they will, but it’s possible. If they did a movie with Cap and a bunch of new characters, they’d only need to extend Evans for one more movie and still have Hensworth and RDJ under contract for the 4th Avengers. In a way, it would make sense to introduce the new team in AV3, have them integrate with originals in AV4 and then move forward without the originals in AV5. It would also save Marvel the hassle of resigning everyone for a 4th movie.

      • I’m telling you MARVEL, Jeanette McCurdy as Squirrel Girl! This would be a great character to just have as a running gag that pops up here and there in TV and movies for some tongue in cheek. Come on internet, make it happen!

        • Please, no. The movies, and especially Agents of SHIELD, have more than enough silly comedy without her.

      • I’ve seen the image of Squirrel Girl. Really…a woman with a squirrel tail? What are her powers…hurling acorns at the bad guys? Remember these movies have to appeal to a wide audience. Not everyone is a die-hard Marvel comic book fan. Marvel got lucky with Guardians of the Galaxy; it may not be so with SG. The audience can only take so much.

        • Fanboys tend to forget how unspeakably dumb some of the comics are. Guardians had a lot going for it, and in that universe a sentient, plant-like species and a genetically engineered raccoon are very plausible. Squirrel Girl, on the other hand, is supposed to come from the same world as Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. She doesn’t fit, nor should she.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squirrel_Girl

          Following her defeat of Doctor Doom,[7] an ongoing joke depicts Squirrel Girl repeatedly attaining victory over various villains, some of whom are considered to be more powerful than she is. Typically, these victories occur off-panel, though some, like her battles with Deadpool,[13] MODOK,[11] and Wolverine,[17] are shown. Her victories often result from her opponent’s overconfidence, weakness from an earlier fight, or creative use of her powers. For example, her defeat of Bi-Beast: While visiting squirrel friends in Central Park, Squirrel Girl came across the Thing fighting Bi-Beast. She told the squirrels to retrieve the smelliest garbage they could find and place it around the combatants, resulting in everyone having to hold their noses. Bi-Beast had two heads, and two noses, and had to use both hands to hold his noses, leaving himself defenseless, allowing the Thing to knock him out.[12]

          Squirrel Girl’s defeat of Thanos is an ambiguous one. Uatu, the Watcher, was present at the battle and claimed Squirrel Girl defeated the genuine Thanos and not a clone or copy.[11] Thanos has since claimed he has perfected a means of creating clones of himself that could fool even “the most cosmic of beings.” Adding to the ambiguity is the fact the reveal comes from the mind of a clone whose memory had been altered.[21]

    • Unfortunately, Aardvark Man is owned by Fox. That’d be sweet though.

  8. My perfect after credit scene for AOU. Captain & tony stark talking about defeating ultron’s army
    Tony: with ultron dead, things should be going back to normal, at least for now
    Captain: yeah, everything except my shield (referring to his broken shield)
    Tony: nothing a little vibranium can’t fix & I know just the place to get it from.
    Scene cuts to a surviving robot from ultrons army running through wakanda & all of a sudden a black
    Claw cuts through him. Scene ends.

    • Not bad, but I think that the way AoU will end is that it will ask more questions as to SHIELD’s origins in the 1980s with Hank Pym, perhaps regarding a retrospective look into what Ultron evolved from, Tony talking about where he had taken notes from or how his dad was involved with it, etc. (who knows if we’re lucky we might even get Douglas to make an appearance in AoU, setting up an “end” to that generation of Avengers and opening up the possibility/need for Ant-Man) and then a further question regarding Scarlet Witch around how she will be controlling this new dimension that’s suddenly possible for everyone — magic. Thor and Witch may even talk about visiting Stephen Strange or something.

      Whichever the case, I’m willing to bet we’ll be getting one more post-credits scene involving Thanos. The three universe that are up for exploration once AoU wraps up are Marvel’s space, Marvel’s magic, and Marvel’s superheroes in the 70s and 80s. Things ought to hint towards that.

  9. As long as black panther is played by a white guy!

  10. Post credit scene that intros Carol Danvers as an Air Force rep involved with the alien Kree body we saw on Agents of Shield. Then perhaps she appears on the show maybe in between that and her next appearance when her powers are revealed. Or she is introduced on AOS on TV and then appears in the post credits scene and we then discover that she has powers.

  11. if they are going to introduce wakanda to the mcu, they better make it look awesome like what they did with asgard, because it will piss me off if they just it out to be a generic place. Marvel please do not disappoint me

  12. I came across folks talking about Gillian Jacobs for Carol Danvers. Dunno her work really, but she looks the part and something about her has me shaking my head no for any other actresses suggested for the role. All EXCEPT… Emily Blunt. She beats out every one and anything in my eyes. :)

  13. I would be major league pissed if they introduce Carol Danvers without an origin story in which Mar-Vell plays a major role. Having said that I think they could have a final scene in Avengers 2 with Ironman, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow exiting the team leaving just Cap, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision and then a post-credits scene having Cap meet Carol Danvers.

  14. This whole Black Panther thing is pissing me off marvel needs to make a black panther movie asap and they shouldn’t introduce him in CAP3 as a supporting character no An origin story with Wakanda and everything when I heard AoU was shooting in africa I was excited but there’s still no news on him if they dare show Ultron going to wakanda and not make a black panther movie in the next 3yrs I am never going to the cinema to watch a marvel movie ever like seriously Marvel a GoTG movie and a doctor strange movie b4 black panther and it seems like they still make black panther easter eggs to f with us I am angry as hell about this

  15. Don`t mess with the Trinity of Chris!!!!

  16. By the time Avengers 3 comes around and the teams will “allegedly” team up to defeat Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, there would have been lots of deaths on both sides. One or two Guardians will die, two or three current Avengers will die or leave the team or be forced to leave the team. One thing about Marvel is that they know how to work an “overcrowded movie. Everyone gets good screen time. Despite Jeremy Renner’s complaints about Avengers 1, he still had a pivotal role in the plot and some good action sequences too.

    Plus, Avengers is supposed to tie all previous, stand-alone movies together as the end of each phase so the plot is gonna be pretty standard but have lots of action throughout. So even if there are 30 heroes total, Marvel will make it work.

  17. Come on! Ultron travels to Wakanda and yet there’s no appearance of Black Panther? What’s his excuse gonna be for that?

  18. Great Lakes Avengers.

    I don’t know why, but I think a movie with some C list superheroes protecting Milwaukee could be hilarious, sad (enough of them die), and just smart enough to poke fun at the MCU.

    Plus, you could get Squirrel Girl, a cameo from Hawkeye and they could go to court to try and get Deadpool in it, since he was a sorta member of the GLA for a bit.

    • The movie Mystery Men, blueprint for what a Great Lakes Avengers movie should be like.

  19. I don’t think that including new characters (or a future team member change) necessarily means killing off current Avengers. All of the current Avengers have plenty of loose ends to tie up (with really the exception of The Hulk)….. Steve Rogers will have his Bucky Saga/SHIELD v HYDRA issues to work through (apparently along with BW and Hawkeye, and possibly Falcon)…. Thor at some point will have to deal with Loki as Odin, possibly Surtur, and Ragnarok…. Stark will probably have to deal with the after effects of Ultron, probably trying to rebuild SHIELD, and dealing with the government, and a possible forray into the Guardians realm (maybe helping them come in to A3)

    All this being said, it wouldn’t necessarily be the death of core member that can change the team around, just members dealing with their own story arcs that can leave them unavailable.

    I may be wrong (but I hope I’m not), but I can’t see Disney/Marvel killing off franchise characters, when they could just recast (James Bond style…. Or Mark Ruffalo style) and continue the franchise.

  20. There are a lot of Chris’s…so, let’s play into this with some fantasy casting:

    Chris Rock as T’Challa (Black Panther)
    Chris Gorham as Doctor Stephen Strange
    Chris O’Dowd as Richard Rider (Nova) – his character in Thor 2 was named Richard…it’s a tough sell to think he’s in high school, but it if Andrew Garfield can do it…

    • No, Chris Brown for Black Panther

  21. I would like no love an ultimate Thor, and please NO Jane Foster… And please much much more of Thor ,, he is the best ,,

  22. Squirrel Girl in a Pixar movie!!

  23. Please no Squirrel Girl. We want to keep Marvel movies bad ass and not screw them up with crappy characters.

    Ms. Marvel definitely.

  24. Squirrel Girl should show up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  25. Even a short spot of Black Panther and Storm. I mean come on, he is going to Wakanda…

  26. When Ultron travels to Wakanda, we might not see him as Black panther. But we can most certainly hope to see Prince T’Challa.

  27. Let’s see hank Pym as Giant-Man or Goliath, Wasp (Janet V. D. in tow), and go from there.

  28. Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Vision, Moon Knight…….any winners there for a team?

  29. My one and only gripe with this film so far, star lord i dont see or hear anything about him being in this age of ultron film. Yet star lord is part of the age of ultron if you read up on starlord, this will be a mistake not to add him into avengers since he comes back into the past to stop ultron in the comics. Needs sorting..

    • Despite its title, the movie isn’t based on that comic story. This will be the first time the team battles Ultron and Star-Lord wasn’t part of that.

      Also, the movies don’t have to follow the storylines of comics that closely.