Avengers 2: James Spader on Ultron; Scarjo Talks ‘Taking it to the Streets’

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James Spader Talks Age of Ultron Avengers 2: James Spader on Ultron; Scarjo Talks Taking it to the Streets

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is undoubtedly one of the more highly-anticipated sequels of all time. The official title for the upcoming sequel was announced at San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer, along with a teaser trailer that has finally been released on the internet. While the trailer only revealed the title for the superhero epic, the villain mentioned in the title – to be played by James Spader – was all fans needed to know to get excited.

A month ago, Marvel revealed that veteran film and television actor, James Spader, would be playing the role of Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In a recent interview promoting his new series, The Blacklist, Spader shared some information about the preparation for the role of Ultron.

Courtesy of Inquirer (via CBM), Spader said:

“I have spoken to Joss Whedon about it, and yes, actually, just this weekend I went in for them to take very extensive photographs, head scans, body scans, and all kinds of things in preparation for figuring out how the hell I’m gonna fit in this Ultron character!”

This seems like something of a confirmation that James Spader won’t just be providing the voice work for the evil sentient robot Ultron, but that he’ll also be physically acting out the part. Does that mean there will be extensive use of CGI/motion capture or practical effects?

Age of Ultron 10 Art Marvel Comics Avengers 2: James Spader on Ultron; Scarjo Talks Taking it to the Streets

Presumably, there will be some amount of CGI, but Spader’s comment about “figuring out how the hell” he’s going to “fit” inside Ultron may indicate that he’ll be wearing some kind of physical suit for at least part of the film (a la Iron Man).

Spader also talked to The Independent about his excitement about joining the sequel:

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun and it’s incredibly nostalgic for me. When I was a kid my best friend had trunks of comics and I didn’t have any so I used to love going for sleepovers at his house. Also, I have three sons and two of them have a great interest in comics so they’re excited I’m playing the role.”

A couple weeks back, Whedon revealed his reasons for choosing Spader to play Ultron and it’s good to know that not only has he found a fantastic actor to play the part, but that Spader also seems very excited about it. Spader has never played a character with such a built-in fanbase, so it’ll be interesting to see his interpretation of the famous comic villain.

avengers age ultron black widow Avengers 2: James Spader on Ultron; Scarjo Talks Taking it to the Streets

Spader isn’t the only Avengers star to provide some information on the the sequel. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow in the Marvel Universe, provided some vague comments about the production of the film to Interview Magazine.

“We’ll be shooting that in January. I think we’re taking it to the streets this time, I think we’re going overseas.”

Taking it to the streets? It’s not as though the Avengers didn’t “take it to the streets” in the first film, so we wonder what she means by that. As for her other comments – we’ve known for a while that production would be going overseas, but this may be the first time we’ve heard that January will be the start date.

Along with Hawkeye, Black Widow didn’t receive as much screen time as the other Avengers in the first outing. With a very large and talented cast, it’s hard for everyone to get an even amount of screen time. Hopefully, we’ll see Black Widow in a larger role this time around, as Whedon is known for writing strong female characters.

Are you looking forward to Age of Ultron, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron is scheduled to hit theaters May 1st, 2015. We’ll keep you updated on all things Marvel when it becomes available.

Source: Inquirer & The Independent [via Comic Book Movie]; Interview Magazine [via NY Daily News]

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  1. I hope they use as much practical effects as they can.

  2. I wasn’t a very big fan of The Avengers (cue the fan-boy rage), but I must say, Age of Ultron sounds like it’s shaping up to be quite special. I think the biggest problem with the first film was that it was an origin story and, in my opinion, the story heavily suffered because of this. Also there were a few lines of dialogue that made me cringe, for example; the scene when Iron Man says “I’m bringing the party to you” and Black Widow retorts with “I don’t see how that’s a party” – that line in particular made me throw up a little in my mouth and I had to leave the theater to wash up. I will probably enjoy the sequel with my expectations lowered.

    • I loved that line it was very Buffy without being Buffy the whole point was to show she was trying to act calm when a big ass alien flying snake monster was trying to kill them when she only had a gun to help her .

    • Don’t worry about hating avengers, it is the thing hipsters would do. Stick to your guns and never back peddle. That would make you pathetic.

      • HA!

      • I never said I hated the film, just that I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. I will give credit where credit is due though and say that I loved the character interaction in the film. In my opinion some of the best scenes were the ones with Tony bickering with Steve and Thor, hilarious. But no, I just thought the story was weak and so was the villain… it was standard ‘I’m going to take over the world (New York) to prove how evil I am’ stuff and it got boring. I would have liked to have seen Loki really kick some ass, he is a GOD after all. The film would have benefited greatly in my opinion, if they went for a more personal revenge story rather than world domination. It sounds like this is the direction Joss Whedon is taking with Age of Ultron and that excites me.

        • What direction would that be? Also they are not Gods, just perceived as and Loki has never been a hands on type of villain.

          From all indications of AoU it is going to be your typical non-sentient being taking over.

          At least with the Pym angle you had the ‘daddy issues’ to portray however I dont really see them going as deep with Stark and or this angle on Ultron.

          Which Im fine with all of it quite honestly. It does not need to be this big thought provoking movie. I enjoyed The Avengers for what it was. A comic book movie. It had all the things a comic book has without trying to be too serious or coming off as too childish.

          It found that fine line and was very entertaining.

          And in closing it was a personal revenge story. Loki wanted to destroy Thors adopted world.

          • Agreed, Loki’s the god of Mischief, he’s always been more of a manipulator, even in the comics. Also, his motives are more complex than simply taking over the world, people just need to look below the surface to see that.

    • It was a fun summer escape, not at all an “origin story” in my opinion, as all of the characters pretty much all had their origin stories told in the series of standalone films leading up to this movie. I guess you missed those. They had titles such as Captain America: The First Avenger. Avengers was exactly what it was supposed to be and then some, a superhero team up movie. I feel it was very well done, especially considering both what it was trying to accomplish, and that it was never done before on this scale. BRAVO, Joss Whedon! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!!

      • By ‘origin story’ I think he just meant that they had to use a lot of time to actually assemble the Avengers. There was all the requisite infighting and conflict before them finally uniting in time for the big battle. It may have been necessary, but it did drag a bit in some respects so I understand what he’s saying. But now that Whedon doesn’t have to put the basic blocks in place any more, I’m absolutely confident he’ll be able to cut loose on AoU and make it spectacular! Really looking forward to this one.

        • ¿Make it spectacular? ¿Do you think The Avengers wasn´t spectacular enough?

          By the way I don´t like personal revenges stories. What kind of heroes fight enemies that only are a threat for them? Or if they are a threat to others is because of them? The Avengers exist to protect the world not to protect themselves. In fact that´s the only thing I´m not very convinced about this sequel.

          • @FilmGuy
            Don’t listen to anyone. Stand by your opinion (as someone else already said) The Avengers was good but it’s not all that great. Everyone overrated the film. I liked it but there were better films that year. There are still better comic book movies. Yeah, I like The Avengers but don’t think it’s the greatest film in the world. Hang me for it.

            • Your perfectly entitled to your opinion, more power to you. However, in MY opinion, Avengers is the best comic book movie ever made. It’s like a comic book come to life, which is awesome.

              • That’s cool. I’ve read very few comic books in my life (Watchmen, Batman: Hush and Brian Azzarello’s Joker to name a few) so my perspective is coming from a film-making one and The Avengers had a lot of “lazy moments” in terms of its structure. I can’t see the film from a fan-boy’s perspective and chances are they won’t see it from mine, but I am currently in my 7th year of studying film and language and The Avengers is a very flawed movie. Fun? I guess. The greatest CBM ever made? Possibly. The greatest movie ever made? Far from it. If you want to see how a real movie is made watch Goodfellas or No Country for Old Men.

                • Here’s the official list:

                  Top 10 Comic Book Movies

                  10. Watchmen
                  09. Man of Steel
                  08. The Incredible Hulk
                  07. 300
                  06. Batman Begins
                  05. Spider-Man 2
                  04. Kick-Ass
                  03. Sin City
                  02. The Dark Knight
                  01. Iron Man

  3. I know this movie is going to be awesome.

    • Agreed. Glad to see Quicksilver, Ultron, Scarlet Witch, but want Goliath (Pym) and Wasp as well!

    • I envy your gift of prescience, still, must be boring knowing something is going to be good, takes away the surprise.


  4. Taking it to the streets can mean to tell everyone.

    Perhaps she means revealing production information
    withheld the last time, she herself reveals shooting in
    January and going oversea like she’s allowed to say it.

    If doubt she meant take to the streets, being on a rampage,
    the first Avengers was that level of violence and destruction.

    • overseas*

    • I think with “the streets”, she means that there are no aliens involved, pretty down to earth with a man made villain.

      • This.

      • Possibly so. Good interpretation, Scapegoat.

    • What if “Takin’ it to the Streets” means that Michael McDonald will be involved?

      Doobie Brothers reference! Someone had to do it. But, Scape’s speculation is very sound reasoning.

      • And Avengers could fight the worst possible crime ever: Bootlegging!

        Hey, hey, hey!

      • :D The song title is the exact wording she used.

        I still lean toward her using variation of “take to the street”
        and the production not being so secretive this time around.

    • It was ALREADY revealed that they were shooting overseas months ago, so she didn’t really reveal anything….. Also in the article she didn’t reveal anything what so ever, saying they’re “taking it to the streets” can mean many different things in it’s own context.

  5. Sounds like he may wear a suit like that guy did when he played Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen with blue LED lights to give off a natural glow to the surroundings and other actors instead of it being added in post.

    In other words, I think Ultron will give off a sort of orange glow as part of the costume and Spader will wear something that can do that as he acts on set instead of it all being CGI and then recording studio voiceover work.

  6. I think Spader willows this role I think Ultron is like the Khan Or the Darth Vader for the avengers it’s sweet that they’re using him as the bad guy for the movie

  7. Are you looking forward to Age of Ultron, Screen Rant readers?

    Uh, YEAH. ;)

  8. I’m actually hoping that Black Widow and Hawkeye get more time together as a duo. From what I’ve read Widow is supposed to be getting some time to shine in CA: TWS, so that would leave Renner’s Hawkeye to appear again solely in The Avengers (unless you count his brief cameo in Thor). Still though, Widow and Hawkeye will be the only two non-super powered Avengers again, so it seems fitting that they’d work together in the field.

    • I think Falcon is gonna join The Avengers. I mean he’s supposed to become Caps partner/sidekick/good friend. Would he just be like well he has enough help, Ill just sit back and watch the fun lol. I hope not at least haha.

      • I agree that Falcon joining the team is a definite possibility. Whedon has already said that Hawkeye will have a much more to do this time around and that both he and Black Widow have “key” roles.

      • what about Warmachine/Iron Patriot.. where will he be when Ultron takes over?

        I hope he has a small cameo

  9. I personally think casting Spader is a really awesome choice (hence why nobody created unnecessary negative fuzz about it in the internet, right?). I’ve watched his acting chops in various clips (from various movies he starred in, and recently The Blacklist), and damn, his mannerism gave off this eerie and chilling vibe and I really think it’d be very excellent for Ultron. Plus, I’m also glad they are doing the mocap thing, considering Spader has this distinct and unique body language that will be such a waste to not be incorporated in Ultron’s movements. Definitely excited to hear more about this sequel XD

    • Spader should be OK. I have seen no one griping, and certainly not me either.

  10. This should be good. Spader is a great choice. I think he is one of those actors who deserves a lot more credit for what he does. He is the best thing about The Black List.

  11. “I think we’re going overseas” translates to me to read “I think we’re going to spend some quality time in Wakanda with a certain Panther God.”


  12. I would think that all Johansson was suggesting was, assuming her quote was transcribed correctly and that her “taking it to the streets” line was indeed spoken in the same breath as the “going overseas” part, that the script and therefore filming is going to get the actors out and about more than the first Avengers film did, even if that only means shooting internationally instead of Stateside.

    I feel like the author of this article for Screen Rant was waaay overthinking the quote, and trying waaay to hard to come up with something to write about it. Usually this site’s pretty good, but every so often one of the writers will just go weirdly off the rails when writing about an off-the-cuff quote from an actor or filmmaker and trying desperately to magically extract Amazing Breaking Movie News from it.

  13. I want Black Panther, Iron Patriot (War Machine would be even more awesome), Falcon and more Hawkeye in Age of Ultron.