‘The Avengers 2′: Mark Ruffalo Teases a ‘Hulk Surprise’ and More

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Hulk Entertainment Weekly cover The Avengers 2: Mark Ruffalo Teases a Hulk Surprise and More

Not to be outdone by this year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past when it comes to having a massive cast, Marvel Studios’ second big team-up movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron includes not only the heroes of the previous film, but also super-powered newcomers Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision alongside new villains Ultron and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

Yesterday Total Film teased a new interview with The Avengers: Age of Ultron star Mark Ruffalo with an extract in which he talked about the big green guy’s expanded role and more complex character arc in the sequel. Now that the full interview has been published in the latest issue of Total Film, more details about Ruffalo’s experiences on set have emerged (via CBM) and it seems that those experiences included getting told off for using social media a little bit too enthusiastically. The actor was asked if he’d ever been told off for tweeting/Instagramming from the Avengers: Age of Ultron set, and he replied:

“All the time! I’m the green sheep of the Marvel family. But I think they’re starting to catch on – I think all of us are starting to catch on – that you can’t hurt a movie by doing that stuff. You really can’t. It just makes people buy into it more. It makes them part of it, they’re invested in it. It’s not that precious for God’s sake.”

Despite his casual approach to sharing photos with fans, Ruffalo has yet to post anything too revealing on his Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Aside from promoting his other projects and environmental causes, Ruffalo’s “leaks” mainly consist of silly photos of himself and other cast members, or the motion-capture get-up shown below.

Ruffalo was aided in his motion-capture performance as the Hulk by Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis, whom he met on the set of 13 Going On 30. The actor echoes some of Serkis’ previous sentiments regarding the evolution of the technology over the last few years, comparing it to “digital puppetry,” and adds that Serkis has helped to “[create] a place that’s so actor-friendly and puts the actor front and centre of that technology.” That doesn’t mean, however, that Ruffalo is quite comfortable wearing the tight mo-cap leotard all day.

Both Bruce Banner and his counterpart ended up being somewhat sidelined in The Avengers due to the sheer amount of big personalities and powerful superheroes in the movie, so it’s gratifying to hear that he’s shuffled closer to the center for the sequel. One of the Hulk’s most memorable moments during the last team-up was when he interrupted one of Loki’s speeches by picking him up and smashing him repeatedly against the floor, and Ruffalo teases that The Avengers: Age of Ultron features “a Hulk surprise that is equally delightful.”

According to director Joss Whedon, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is now halfway through filming. Those who are ever eager to learn more about the upcoming movie should keep an eye on Ruffalo’s social media feeds in case he posts anything intriguing. Or, you know, just photos of himself wearing wigs.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron is out in theaters on May 1, 2015.

Source: Total Film (via CBM)

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  1. Over 500 words for a four word real quote from the actor?

    • Oh, man… I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you were being forced to read this article at gunpoint. Personally, I found it enjoyable and informative.

      • Thank you

      • If backlink advertising is something you find informative, then i guess i’ll take your comment for what is worth.

        • No, yea. You make good point. Screw the site that you navigated to with the express purpose of reading this specific article. How dare they report on movie news and then make comments about that news in the article.


      • @Jeremy – You’re right. This article had nothing to do with The Hulk, The Avengers 2 or Mark Ruffalo. We got you good sucker!


    • I’m super tickled that you actually calculated the word count. No one ever appreciates my word counts.

      In fairness to Mark Ruffalo, though, 92 of those words were his.

      • +1

      • You are right, my comment was not clear enough. a NEW four word quote from the actor.

        • Um. This interview was only published today. It doesn’t get much newer than that.

    • Welcome to Screen Rant – where the authors make every article informative and engaging, unlike a majority of other sites that just say “Here’s a quote and here a picture. Discuss!”

      • +1

    • I was thinking the same thing. This ‘article’ is a rehashing of all the other Hulk/Avengers articles we’ve seen up til now, with 90% previously used material from other ‘articles’ on this site…

  2. I’m guessing in Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne will use Kal-El’s super-senses against him, which would render him defense-less even without using Kryptonite.

    Nice to see Marvel trying to keep up with the most recognized comic book characters on the planet.

    It’s cute.

    • I like that idea with regard to Batman v Superman. It reminds me of the fight in the sewers in Hush, if you’ve read it.

      Notice how I didn’t take your trollbait?

      No, YOU’RE cute.

    • Nice to see yet another d*ckhead who pathetically tries to oppose Marvel and DC. Fail!

    • Whats cute is that iron man 3 made almost double man of steels gross in the box office even the amazing spiderman made more than man of steel so you dont need to keep up when your already trashing your competition lol

      • Well what do you know? Fanbois will be fanbois… But you’re not fair either: the tone and style of MoS is so different from Marvel’s outings that it was bound to be less appealing to the masses. In this regard, I wouldn’t exactly call it competition. It would be like comparing, say, beer and wine.

  3. first comment was right. 4 words don’t tell much of anything and not informative at all.
    i dont think he meant to be critical of film. i cant stand it when these extreme marvel fans
    will react negatively to any perceived slight to marvel. while marvel is the lion of the comic
    jungle they still can and need to improve their movies so they dont end up with messes like
    xmen,ff and spiderman whose domestics figures are paltry in comparion to avengers and im3.

    • …I just want to point out that xmen, ff, and spiderman aren’t made by marvel. Not only that, but no one has been defending Marvel (nor attacking, except for one guy). We’ve been defending screenrant.

  4. All I care is that Thor gets even and sucker punches the Hulk out of the blue. That would be hilarious!!!!!

    • Na! Its only funny when hulk does it to thor. Because Thor deserved that for playing tough guy with hulk. I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed watching the sons of Odin getting their butts kicked and their egos checked by the hulk.

      • Thor deserved it mostly for being an arrogant prick up to that point. Sadly, it’s unlikely to happen again since his character seems to have grown somewhat. Then again, their egos might not be that checked: noticed how after being repeatedly squashed on the floor, Loki doesn’t have even the smallest scratch?

        • Well he is supposedly a “god”, even though I’ve never believed in all that jazz. And I think I did see a few scratches on him afterwards. But based on the noise that came out of him after being smashed, I’d say he learned his lesson.

  5. …so on to the topic at hand…will we be getting a smart Hulk this time out?[in my best m mccoughngy[sp] “it be cooler if we did…”

    • I kinda agree with you. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Hulk in the Avengers; everything he was and did. But, after he got his anger under control, they did talk to him like the Forrest Gump of the team. In the recent animated series, Hulk talks like a reasonable, civil, almost educated person which would be nice. Nice to hear him keep and hold a conversation. If Bruce banner’s face is recognizable in Hulk, then so should Banner’s speech also. IMO

      • cap only said hulk, smash. since he had not had any interaction with him prior, he probably wasnt even sure if he would understand him or not. but i agree, i would like to see some conversations with the hulk. please be better than TA:EMH hulk talking. i don’t like the way that guy does the voice. the “leave me alone” from TIH was awesome. that’s how he should sound. i wasnt thrilled with how “puny god” sounded in TA. hopefully it will improve.

  6. hahahahahahahahaha Mark Ruffalo in a wig. heh heh hmmmm uhm…Hulk surprise…
    Wig. Hulk surprise. Surprise Hulk wig. Hulk in wig. AH, SHE-HULK?!
    Does Marvel Know I’ll become their servant.

    • Loving your train of thought.




    Bruce Banner turns into the Little Green Sprout on steroids.

  8. As a Hulk fan for 40yrs – I am so glad that he’s finally arrived on the big screen – after so many misses – I love what Marvel are doing with him & in Mark Ruffalo – They’ve got an actor who has the Bill Bixby feel to Banner.
    One day I’m sure Spider-Man will join the Marvel/Disney Universe and also get it right on the Big Screen.

    • I strongly doubt Sony will be willing to part with their cash cow any time soon.

  9. Wow, I just wasted a few minutes of my life on this pathetic and extremely worthless article.

  10. hello one day i hope that the people write the hulk that thay shoulh show the hulk real poweri was born in the 60′s and saw the hulk on tv in the 60s has well in the 90′s in the 70′s the was send to a planet and destroyed it. its is in one of the 1970 comic books some the comic sould be based on the comicbook from the 70′s