Kevin Feige Talks Hulk in ‘Avengers 2′ and Introducing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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hulk avengers 2 age ultron Kevin Feige Talks Hulk in Avengers 2 and Introducing Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor: The Dark World bows in UK theaters this week, but we’ve already started to look ahead further down the road that leads to The Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has dropped big hints about how “Phase 2″ Marvel films like the Thor sequel and next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy will also lay the foundation for a storyline where Thanos – last seen showing off his impressive dental work in the Avengers mid-credits scene – becomes the main adversary, when Avengers 3 arrives in 2018.

Iron Man 3 brought us up on to speed on Tony Stark following his near-death in Avengers, while Thor: The Dark World and next spring’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier will shed light on how, respectively, the God of Thunder, Steve Rogers and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (no, not those ones) have been spending their time since they stopped an extraterrestrial army from conquering Earth. What, then about Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk – besides him being forced to play therapist for Tony, that is?

Feige has spoken with many a news outlet (us included), while promoting Thor: The Dark World these past few weeks. When he spoke to the French site Reviewer. fr, Feige offered the following response, when asked if another Hulk movie was part of Marvel’s current plans (which extend to the conclusion of “Phase 4″ of the studio’s Cinematic Universe in 2021):

We have been discussing after Avengers what that would be, what that would look like. It’s really Mark [Ruffalo's] portrayal of Bruce Banner, in the way Joss Whedon brought him to life in Avengers that worked. It’s even why you ask me that question.  Which is good, we wanted that to happen, we wanted people to come out of Avengers saying The Hulk was their favorite character or at least one of their favorite. The fact that it did happen was awesome. So, you know, all of the effort related to Hulk right know is going to Age of Ultron. It’s exciting, because he hasn’t been in any other film, so you can expect to have a lot of Bruce Banner and Hulk in Age of Ultron. Where we go after that ? We’ll see. It will be a little while before we figure that out but, we do think there’s plenty of opportunities with the Ruffalo Banner.

guardians galaxy ant man marvel movies 570x294 Kevin Feige Talks Hulk in Avengers 2 and Introducing Guardians of the Galaxy

There were once rumors that pointed to Avengers: Age of Ultron concluding on a note that would setup a solo Hulk movie based around either the famous “World War Hulk” and/or “Planet Hulk” comic book storylines (with Hulk winding up in space), but Joss Whedon has denied that such a development will take place in “Phase 3″ of the MCU – and, at this stage, there’s little reason to think there’s room for that, anyway. Regardless, part of the appeal of Hulk in Avengers was not just Ruffalo’s performance (and Whendon’s interpretation of the character), but how starting anew gave the director more freedom to leave his stamp on the character – and distinguish his Banner from previous versions.

Filmmakers James Gunn (Super) and Edgar Wright (The World’s End) get to enjoy a similar freedom with their upcoming new additions to the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, respectively. Feige spoke to in particular about Guardians, which carries the risk of being based on a more niche and lesser-known Marvel comic property – as far as the potential box office reception is concerned – but Feige says has been all the more refreshing to make, because it’s not saddled by pre-set expectations (unlike the other “Phase 2″ movies).

Here is what the Marvel boss offered, on that subject:

Guardians of the Galaxy, we just finished filming that like a week ago. It is really a very special movie for us at Marvel. We love those characters, we believe in that storyline. Nobody’s ever heard of it, which is in some ways liberating. The way many people had never heard of Iron Man before the first Iron Man movie. So we’re excited to find ourselves sort in the same creative state of mind we were on Iron Man 1. Which is to say : ‘How do we best introduce those characters that most people don’t know, and bring them to a big audience ?’ What James Gunn has done, both in his script and directing the cast… The cast that has been assembled is one that we’re very proud of.






Feige also mentioned (re: Guardians of the Galaxy):

The footage looks incredible. People who stay after the credits in Thor : The Dark World will see the initial glimpse of that world.


Thor: The Dark World opens in U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed thereafter by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31st, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.


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  1. I still say Hulk will also be involved with ANT-MAN. Double dose of HULK SMASH in 2015!

    • Ill doubt it, i cant see edgar wright wanting to add a character to a fipl that already has to flesh our lang and pym. Not to mention make a completely unkown character with a ridiculous name likeable and memorable. The hulk would take away from that chance.

      • I don’t see it that way. The fact that ANT-MAN is a completely unknown character with a ridiculous name and opening just two weeks after Batman/Superman to me points directly to Hulk being attached to that movie.

        I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t.

        • “points directly to Hulk being attached to that movie”

          That’s quite the reach. Just from a release date no less. This would mean Marvel is going to be spending big bucks(X2) to CGI Hulk for TWO full length movies is 2015…. I don’t think so. If Hulk was going to be in anyone’s movie it will be Iron Man 4, as they are setting a relationship between Stark and Banner. I think even that is a stretch.

          I think you’re going to be very surprised, friend, because he won’t be in Ant-man.

          • I don’t think it’s that much of a reach at all, is this a shared universe or not?

            Or is it only shared universe when it’s time for the team up movie?

            • Yeah you’re reaching, really far… I agree with dude above. I doubt they’ll dish out the mill or so on 2 CGI hulks.

              If he were to show up in any film, it would be an Iron Man / Hulk team up film.

              • Except at the moment, there isn’t going to be an IM4 and who’s to say they won’t spend their time using CGI work concurrently for two movies?

                Did they not make Pirates 2 and 3 and LOTR 2 and 3 at the same time? Lots of CGI in those movies.

                • “There isn’t going to be an IM4?” Who told you that? According to a rather recent interview, the execs at Marvel are very much keen on the idea of making at least one or two more IM movies.

                  • I for one would love to see an Iron Man/Hulk team-up.

              • Hang on… so it’s a reach to say one Marvel character won’t appear in another Marvel movie because of the CGI cost?

                I’m the one who’s reaching? Mmmkay…

                • Sadly Dazz and Nicholas are probably right, the amount of time, money and people needed to bring a CGI Hulk together is staggering. Logic would dictate they could reuse allot of what was done in the Avengers for the Hulk (model, animation rig and textures) but that rarely seems the case… I could go into greater detail, but without an in-depth knowledge of CG as a point of reference, it would all sound like gibberish.

                  • Ummm… pretty sure Dazz is contesting Nicholas

                • @ Dr. Mindbender. He “could” be in the ant-man movie, but I doubt it. Marvel doesn’t have to win at the box office here. WB/DC does have to win.

                  For one thing, they have the actors signed for a specified number of movies for each contract. They won’t arbitrarily write a character in for that reason. They’ll save his appearances for other movies, or possible solo Hulk movies. This isn’t like the comics where it’s only a matter of paper and ink.

                  Another thing is that they’ve had scripts and have been planning the movie for many years with the same director. Obviously they’ll make changes to make it fit with the MCU and focusing on Hank Pym instead of Scott Lang. Adding the Hulk to the script is by no means a minor change.

                  What I do fully expect Marvel to do is to add an Ant-Man tease to Avengers, which will be a huge movie. I think they are planning on riding that “wave.” Also, I think Marvel may be upstaging DC somewhat. Superman/Batman will have a huge opening, but MOS fell to number 2 the very next week. IF the sequel manages to hold on to the number one spot for two weeks, and is then upstaged by “Ant-man,” that will get noticed and appear in hundreds of headline quips. It’s DC’s game to loose. If Antman manages to do as well or better, Marvel wins. If it doesn’t, well “It was Ant-man going against the big two.” Either way they win because it would appear to be a completely lopsided competition to begin with. Not so if they add the Hulk. That would make it an even “fight” and in that case, Marvel would have to do better than MOS2. So, if they play to win, they could lose. If they stick with an Ant-man movie, they’ll most likely surpass expectations.

                  • “Marvel doesn’t have to win at the box office here. WB/DC does have to win.”


                    “Superman/Batman will have a huge opening, but MOS fell to number 2 the very next week.”

                    Double what? That’s like saying: I really like watermelons, but oranges grow on trees.

                    • Hulk will probably not be in the movie just because AntMan will get accidentally stepped on… :)

                    • I did use a lot of words, didn’t I, Dr. M? Sorry about that.

                    • @ Nostelg-O

                      So is it a shared universe or not? Even with all those words, you never addressed that.

                    • What i meant to say was that this will be a solo Hulk movie because ant man will be stepped on! :)

                    • “What?” Well, yeah. Haven’t you noticed Marvel has the upper hand over DC right now?

                      “Double what? That’s like saying: I really like watermelons, but oranges grow on trees.” Not quite. More like: I really like oranges but they’re not easy to harvest since they grow on trees. It’s perfectly logical to base expectations about a sequel’s viability on the numbers of the first installment. That’s probably why DC decided to throw Batman into the mix.

                    • @bfg666
                      Not to completely derail this discussion, but I’m not entirely sure about that. Every indication they’ve given so far is that they’ve been working on MoS2 since before MoS was released. Which gives me a small glimmer of hope that MAYBE they know what they’re doing.

                    • “Haven’t you noticed Marvel has the upper hand over DC right now?”

                      No. I haven’t. In recent BO success? Real fans don’t care about that. You could easily say that DC has the upper hand because over-all they have more quality films than Marvel, if you want to go by RT… which Marvel fanboys like to reference quite frequently. If you want to tally up some rankings, say sh*t like “look at the scoreboard” then fine… let’s take a look at that scoreboard… shall we? 2 out of the top 3 highest rated comic book movies are DC movies, with DC occupying the #1 spot with the Dark Knight. If anything… it’s Marvel that needs to catch up, quality wise.

                      “That’s probably why DC decided to throw Batman into the mix.”

                      I’m pretty sure it has more to do with the founding members of Justice League than anything else.

                      If Batman wasn’t in the DCCU sequel there would be something terribly, terribly wrong.

                      I swear sometimes you Marvelites make statements that insist you are nothing more than bandwangon fans of this entire genre.

                    • They’ve actually been thinking of a Batman/Superman team-up since at least the mid-90′s but the mitigated success of MoS, coupled with Batman’s popularity and the Avengers’ raid on the box-office might have prompted them to push it forward. Also, they badly need to catch up with Marvel and making Bats vs. Supes now is a good way to jumpstart the Justice League movie. That doesn’t mean they didn’t start working on MoS2 while MoS was still in production. They could have started fleshing out a solo sequel then decided later on to add Bats in.

                    • @Dr. Mindbender: Yes you have, unless you’re deluding yourself. You might be reluctant to admit it but the fact is Marvel has the upper hand on 4 counts: box office, number of movies, number of heroes and clear long-term vision of their shared universe. DC are only now getting their sh*t together and making their first baby steps towards a shared universe while they should have rolled up their sleeves and gotten to it ages ago – at the first signs of Marvel doing it, that is.

                      Now to these 4 very real and objective counts, you’re opposing only one entirely subjective count: quality. How does one quantify quality? How does one compare the artistic value of two very different tones? The answer is simple: it’s entirely up to one’s point of view. I know some people who like Avengers much more than the Dark Knight trilogy and who’s to say their opinion is better than yours?

                      As for your second remark, please refer to my comment just above. Also, don’t spew out “Marvelite” like it’s an insult! It only makes you look like a fool. Firstly, you don’t know me and you have no idea of my taste. Secondly, whether anyone likes both companies, none, or favors one over the other, it’s AGAIN only a purely subjective matter, which is neither quantifiable nor opposable to another person’s taste.

                      Now please tell me who’s making “statements that insist you are nothing more than bandwangon fans,” again?

                    • Erratum: “who’s to say their opinion is better than yours?” should obviously read “who’s to say your opinion is better than theirs?” Effin’ no edit button!

                    • @”big666″

                      If you can’t handle an antagonistic post in response to your antagonistic post, then don’t make an antagonistic post.

                    • Oh, I can handle it just fine. You, on the other hand… You seem to like projecting your very own failures on others when you’re out of arguments.

                    • ^^^Yeah,uh-huh. I love it when someone else declares that they have “won an argument” and I’m “out of arguments” as if that makes it so.
                      You claim that Marvel is on top then finish your rant with “it’s all subjective.”
                      That’s f(rick)ing brilliant. I say Marvel has catch-up to do with DC, because while the Marvel machine can turn out formula family friendly movies DC has already broken the mold with films such as: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, A History of Violence, and A Road to Perdition.
                      Show me that kind of risk taking and diversity over at MARVEL/DISNEY. Until you can, it looks like Marvel has some catching up to do.
                      It is all about perspective, and personally my perspective is those who share the “DC has catch up to do” perspective are a bunch of ‘tards talking out of their @$$eS. The real comic fans here pray that DC stays away from “formulas” because there is NOTHING compelling about a formula.

                    • Where did I say anything about winning the argument? There’s no winning, this is not a contest. I’m only trying to help you see clearly, which currently you don’t, blinded that you are by your cumbersome DC bias.

                      Getting personal is usually the last resort of people who are out of arguments, and it’s precisely what you did… twice (thrice if I count your latest mumbo-jumbo), the latter without even caring to expose the tiniest hint of an argument. Should what I said come as a surprise, then?

                      Also, you need to stop twisting my words to your liking right now if you want to be taken seriously. You know all too well the two notions of Marvel’s upper hand and subjectivity, in what you so kindly called my “rant”, are completely unrelated. Trying to parallel them to make me look irrational is purely you being manipulative and it only reinforces my claim that you’re out of arguments, especially when your last intervention is so completely off-topic.

                      Yes, off-topic. We’re talking superheroes here. V for Vendetta, A History of Violence and Road to Perdition clearly have nothing to do with this discussion. Similarly, citing Watchmen is irrelevant because though it was published by DC, it’s actually not part of the DCverse. The undisputable fact is, Marvel have been developing a shared cinematic universe for the past six years with 8 movies so far, while DC are still to release their second one. Therefore, the catching up is on DC’s part. End of story. You could expose as many irrelevant arguments as you want, you won’t be able to change that simple fact.

                • I believe on an article posted here earlier in the year, there was an interview where the cost of doing the Hulk was brought up; how he may only appear in Avengers movies for the near future because of it.

                  I could be wrong on that…. maybe

                  Yes, of course, it’s a shared universe but to date only second tier players like Fury or Widow are in other peoples movies. What I mean is, no Iron Man in Cap movies, no Cap in Thor movies, etc. All the “A-Lister’s” come together for The Avengers. Hulk is an A-Lister. He would get his own movie again before sharing one with Ant-Man.

                  • Again, originally you seemed to think that this was more or less a sure thing. Which I doubt.

                    • as much as it pains me [i'm joking] i have to agree with Dr M. i see the point of calling The Hulk and “A-lister”, but his solo movies havent worked out as well as marvel would like, and, even though he is a headliner, he works better paired with someone.imo. IM4 would be ideal, but since that is likely not to happen before 2020, maybe, i don’t think it’s too far a stretch to have him be in another film. even if it’s a cameo [mostly Banner, with 1 set-piece featuring "The Big Guy"] marvel would do well to keep that under wraps. i know MR was signed on to 6 pics after TA, and i hope the button after IM3 didn’t count as one

                  • “Hulk is an A-Lister. He would get his own movie again before sharing one with Ant-Man.”

                    Oh really? Funny how we haven’t heard one word about that A-lister movie, even though Ruffalo has signed for multiple pictures.

                    He’s bound to pop up in someone else’s movie… and ANT-MAN makes the most sense.

                    • Time will prove me right. Hulk will not share the spot light with Ant-Man

                    • Either way, this is all sterile speculation for now.

                    • Why would they put hulk in an ant man movie? He would just overshadow Ant Man.

                    • Overshadow? You mean step on. Actually, I said that jokingly but it would make a nice cameo: A giant green foot from above suddenly slams down in front of the camera, apparently squashing Ant-Man. After a couple scary seconds, zoom out on the Hulk who loses balance and falls as Ant-Man grows into Giant Man under his foot. The Hulk gets mad and the two have a titanic showdown.

                    • Or, ANT-MAN goes into Giant-Man form and steps on the Hulk…

                      Hulk makes more sense to this film then you guys would like to admit, methinks.

        • In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a more reachiest reach in all my time on this planet.
          Basically zero of this makes sense.

          • It’s a reach to have Hulk be a part of ANT-MAN huh?

            A reach. For a Marvel character to appear in a Marvel movie.

            That is one pathetic shared universe.

            • You talk like you’re unfamiliar with how their shared universe works. Like you’re speculating on how your own shared universe would be.

            • Dr…. You have 0 credibility remaining as you continue to dig deeper rather than admit defeat. You reached. Any logical person can see that.

              • Dr. Digdeeper

              • Dig deeper? Admit defeat?

                Proclaiming yourself to be the winner doesn’t make it so.

                I think a key element to Avengers 2 will be that Hulk gets kicked off of the team, and that is a story line that will get continued in ANT-MAN.

                ^^^ Explain how this is a reach.

                Mark Ruffalo has signed for 6 pictures. Since there are absolutely no plans for another Hulk movie, this means Ruffalo will be popping up in the other properties.

                ^^^ Explain how this is a reach.

                • #1 is a reach in being pure speculation, wishful thinking based on nothing factual.

                  #2 makes sense and you’re probably right on this one.

                  • Speculating about a very plausible plot line does not constitute a “reach.”

                    If I said the teaser in Avengers 2 will be a hint at Spiderman joining the team… that would be a reach.

                    Please tell me you understand the difference.

        • So Ant-Man is a ridiculous name, but Batman isn´t?

          • Ohh, Batman’s a ridiculous name. But he’s become widely-known enough for his bada$$ery to overcome the ridiculous name. Ant-Man though? Nobody knows of him, and he’s coming into light in a much more cynical age, as opposed to the 50′s when Batman first went mainstream. And Batman was already famous from comics too. So Ant-Man has a lot more obstacles to get its just-as-ridiculous name past.

            • On the other hand, if they’re making a freakin’ talking raccoon appealing to the general public like it seems to be the case, they’ll probably succeed with the formic-loving egghead.

      • agree with Trey

    • Im hoping NO Hulk in Ant-man. I would rather have them focus on his character as he is not as popularized. Plus they can do a little focus on wasp too.

    • This will not happen…for good reason.

  2. Really can’t wait to see that post-credits tease- will lose my sht.

  3. I always have time for hulk! :)

  4. There better be a shot of Thor sucker punching Hulk in Avengers 2!!!!!
    That would be Hillarious and fitting.

    • yes it would sir. we all laughed our you know whats off when The Hulk sucker punched Thor so they should show that especially since what goes around comes around

  5. Sorry why cant we have a decent stand alone Hulk movie? Hulk sad

  6. Feige – “The footage looks incredible” – Nuff Said!

  7. Edward Norton > Ruffles…. both in Bruce wayne and the HULK.

    The new hulk looks like a stupid fluffy child’s toy.

    • I meant Bruce Banner..

    • I didn’t really fancy Ed’s Hulk, or the iteration they made him out to be. He just looked like a d-head AS the hulk, not a hero, a monster.

      Whedon’s Hulk actually LOOKS like Ruffalo, where Norton’s Hulk did not.
      It appealed to me because Whedon’s Hulk looked like a mix between the both HULKS that came before it, it was a very nice balance.

      • Ruffalo’s Hulk looks better than Norton’s Hulk but Norton’s Banner was better than Ruffalo’s Banner.

        I also don’t know who people can say Hulk was their fave character from the movie when every time I watch it, he doesn’t seem to actually do much. Maybe it’s a reflection on how bad the movie is that a minor character steals the spotlight for many people?

        • Agreed.

          A lot of people say Norton was just playing himself, but so was Ruffalo. Seriously. I could believe Norton was a scientist, Ruffalo not so much. A man who looks a bit chubby and is in below-average clothes does not equal a Bruce Banner who has been on the run all his life.

          I still can’t comprehend the fact that Banner can control the Hulk THAT much, to the point where he can transform within 3 seconds. It doesn’t give enough time to see how painful the transformation is: his muscles are enlarged, his bones grow to abnormal length, etc. So yeah, I laughed when Scarlett mentioned that Ruffalo’s Hulk had “the most painful transformation”. All I saw was Mark Ruffalo being inflated by green helium.

          That’s how I see the new Hulk: he’s a Mark Ruffalo balloon pumped with steam that hasn’t been released from anger management.

          • Norton was the Better Banner, but I really liked his Hulk as well. His personality was great. And having Lou do the Hulk’s voice was genius! It sounded fantastic.

            In the Avengers when Hulk said “Puny god.” I couldn’t even find it funny because of how terrible Ruffalo’s voice sounded on Hulk. If they bring back Lou to do the Hulk’s voice, and give the Hulk more character, and lines, then I’d pretty much want to see him in every Marvel film.

            • Yeah, I loved Norton’s Hulk as well

        • personally i thought Eric Bana played the transformation the best but the cgi sucked back then

          • I did really like Bana’s transformation. It felt like every cell in his body was exploding with anger as he grew.

            Norton’s transformation looked absolutely painful. Listening to his bones dislocate, grow, and then reset as the muscle grew around them was disgusting and very satisfying.

            Ruffalo’s first transformation was done well. The look in his eyes when he glanced back and Black Widow…he looked terrified for what was about to happen. The sounds of him growing were great. Unfortunately, I agree that his second transformation was ridiculous.

        • Or maybe it’s just one of those movies that you just don’t get. And people who like that movie arnt wrong but just expressing a different opinion to yours. Because the world of movies isn’t automatically broken down into the two categories of movies which Dazz likes, which are good and movies which Dazz doesn’t like, which are bad.

          Most people are of the opinion that The Avengers was a good movie and Mark had a stand out performance as The Hulk. Who in no way is a minor character in The Avengers.

          • ‘Nuff said.

    • Kevin it seems like you’re totally referring to the animation and rendering team, not the actors themselves in any way other than association. Is that what you mean?

  8. If there’s room for desert, there has to be room for HULK! It would be cool if the Hulk came in only towards the end when everything seemed hopeless. Not trying to cut down his screen time. Just want him to make a dramatic entrance is all.

  9. i feel for Ruffalo, because of the previous Hulk movies he won’t get a standalone for awhile, unless they ride his popularity and push back a Dr.Stange or Black Panther.

    The Avengers2 would be a goodtime to give him screen time, but really how much could he get without it becoming a Man Of Steel smashfest

    • He probably won’t because of Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. I think they should cut them cause it would be to much Avengers and there orgin stories are different.

  10. 2 more days until that Guardians button scene…

    • how do you know that bro

      • …Because Thor the Dark World premiers on the 30th and the button scene at the end along with it. I’m guessing.

      • he knows t because Feige said so! KF said that there are 2 button scenes, one mid credits (I think I heard that was the GOTG scene, I’m sure I heard that it had the collector in the GOTG button) and the 2nd one is just another schwarma type scene…

  11. Hulk works best as a spice, not a main-course….

    • I definitely feel that way about Thor.

    • I definitely feel that way about Hulk (as well). He’s the nuke of the lot when conventional weapons are much more interesting, cleaner and exciting to watch.

  12. How Good is that!! it´s a fact now. GOTG yes!!… So if Thor2 turns out to be not so likeable for my taste(I have a feeling),then I wouldn´t have waste my time after all…


    • Of course there’s always the possibility that it fails to deliver but Thor 2 looks far more likeable than the first one.

  13. Why do I get the impression that people will watch Thor 2 just for its post-movie scenes?

    It’s sad if it’s true.

  14. I can’t wait to see Thor, they shot a huge chunk of it down the road at my university campus. Only two days to go until I get to see my university get invaded by dark elves. And as always I will definitely be sticking around for the post credits scenes. :D

    As for Hulk, I highly doubt he will show up in Ant-Man. Especially since we’ll be seeing him a few months before in Age of Ultron. Marvel would never do that unless he has at least some relevance to the story, as Banner or Hulk. Don’t get me wrong, it would be pretty cool for him to just show up suddenly and surprise everybody but it would be ridiculously convenient, not to mention lazy. It would just be Marvel playing their trump card, bringing in their strongest character. It would kind of make the idea of any other solo movie pointless, their whole point is to put the title character in a challenging, life threatening situation that will make them a better hero once they’ve managed to defeat their enemy. It would basically just make the moral of every solo movies story be ‘Next time I’ll just call the Hulk’

    Yeah, to sum that all up. Hulk should just get his own movie. Simple.

  15. They’ve done enough Hulk movies, if he’s gonna be in a movie, it’s gotta be with Iron Man or something. I’d much rather see Black Panther, Ms Marvel, and Dr Strange first.

  16. Oh no, please use CG version from The incredible Hulk 2008, the avengers was awesome but the cg hulk looked like a green stretch armstrong & moved like something from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
    The avengers Hulk looked far too friendly & far too controllable.
    Mark Ruffalo was poor choice as bruce banner. He & The Avengers Hulk took a backseat to Thor, IronMan, Loki, Captain America.
    He came before hawkeye & black widow.

    I went in not liking The Avengers Hulk & I was amazed by what he did.
    The Avengers Hulk had a great performance, did amazing things, The Avengers Hulk was even funny but & all that covered up how toy like he looked & wasted on a CG version that looked 2steps better than the 2003 Hulk.
    I love The Avengers & i’d buy the movie 10times over, but not for the avengers Hulk.
    Joss Whedon did an absolute amazing job making The Avengers, but it’s Hulk was poor, Mark Ruffalo, wasn’t great & The Avengers 2 Hulk will be the same to me if used again.

  17. I can’t wait for all of these movies. They are all going to be super badass!!! These writers and directors know exactly what they want this far into the whole series. I doubt we have anything to worry about here. The movies like Cap and Thor most likely will not make the money Ironman and Avengers made but I think they will do better than their first go rounds. We can all be excited about these flicks because they are going to rock!

  18. I can’t wait for all of these movies. They are all going to be super awesome!!!! These writers and directors know exactly what they want this far into the whole series. I doubt we have anything to worry about here. The movies like Cap and Thor most likely will not make the money Ironman and Avengers made but I think they will do better than their first go rounds. We can all be excited about these flicks because they are going to rock!

  19. I would like to see Christopher Walkin play Lex Luther. It would be the best movie ev wer.

  20. Screenshot of The Hulk looks like Dexter 8)

  21. I would like to see Christopher Walken play Lex Luther. It would be the best movie ev wer.

  22. They’ve finished shooting the movie and so far haven’t promoted it at all. Sounds like it’ll be straight to dvd.

    • “Finished shooting” doesn’t mean “ready for release,” you know… There are months of post-prod ’til then.

  23. Hulk should be incorporated in every Thor movie because the two are nearly on par in terms of combative strength and Hulk would fit right in the mythological worlds that Thor adventures in.

  24. I swear to god if they make another IM movie before a Hulk sequel my head will explode

    • Be sure to film it if it does

  25. I find it funny that even though the Hulk had a more popular comic book over the years then his Avengers teammates they can never seem to find the right balance for him on film.

    • Good point. I guess it goes to show movies and comic books are not the same. Two very different mediums.

  26. I’d love to see a lead up to Planet Hulk that went on to World War Hulk. I enjoyed those comics immensely. They have to be smart about it though. I think Ruffalo did an okay job but as far as honing in on the nature of Bruce Banner he was pretty off base. He was way too stable and controlled. Banner is a genius but he’s also incredibly complex and to see him insta transform like that in avengers was a bit over the top and out of character for the banner/hulk transformation process. I think Hulk does work best when he is supported by other strong characters but I still think he can hold a film if the story is there. Ang lee’s hulk was very artsy, and the first reboot was fun but a tad simplistic. I’d love to see they develop from here into something amazing. Still, we shall see.

    • I completely agree with you. If they get an interesting storyline a solo Hulk movie could work. They had it halfway right with “The Incredible Hulk” and the fight at the end between Abomination and himself was a great comic book style battle royale IMO. They even setup a villain (The Leader) for a follow up and had one other in the movie who could become a villain at a later date (I’m speaking of Dr Samson of course.

      I think the reason they haven’t completely worked so far isn’t totally the fault of the hulk storyline but possibly the fact that the villains story in both films weren’t very memorable. I think if they bring the leader into the next hulk movie with the right actor it would make things a lot more interesting.

      I would like to see a Hulk movie sometime soon (in Phase 3 if possible) with the leader finding a way to breakout Abomination and use him to complete his plan of creating a hulk-like army.

      One more thing. The article above is the first I’ve heard of Phase 4. Could somebody else enlighten me on this please? Are they planning a 4th Avengers movie? or are they going another way?

    • If they ever do a PH/WWH storyline, it won’t be until after Phase 3, and PH will be relatively old by then, so hold your hopes in check.

      Banner’s complexity was addressed in Norton’s TIH. There’s no second reboot: Ruffalo’s stint in Avengers is supposed to be the sequel to TIH, only with a different actor. Remember, we see Banner at first trying to control his transformation. So after the Hulk’s rampage through the Helicarrier, it’s likely he stays away to achieve it. When he returns, he can transform at will (this is reminiscent of something Whedon had already done with the Oz character in Buffy) so since he doesn’t fight it, the transformation is less painful and much quicker. I’m not that familiar with the comics but I seem to remember a time when comics-Banner finally had managed to tame the beast and could transform at will too.

  27. very interested in another solo hulk film – hope they work it out

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  29. I would love to see hulk in a cameo appearance in ant man but thats about it. The thing about batman in the superman movie is that batman has stolen a lot of the attention. People r looking at the man of steel movie like its batman featuring superman. Id like to see ant man get his story told and the movie be about him with him drawing the most interest. And also u can look at it this way, ruffalo can be in the movie without transforming. They can use him strictly as bruce banner in sort of a scientific team up with hank pym.