‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Image Highlights Hawkeye’s New Costume

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Hawkeye in The Avengers Avengers: Age of Ultron Image Highlights Hawkeyes New Costume

Standing next to a god of thunder in a big red cape, a billionaire in a bright red and gold metal suit, and a guy who literally wears the stars and stripes as a uniform, the Avengers’ sharp-eyed sniper Clint Barton doesn’t look all that flashy in his smart-but-utilitarian outfits. Along with fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye demonstrated slightly more reserved fashion tastes than the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 2012 hit The Avengers.

The team will soon be reassembling in the next upcoming Marvel Studios title, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which they will face off against malevolent AI Ultron and recruit a few new faces to the cause, including Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Since one of these characters is a robot and another has shocking peroxide-blond hair with dark roots, it’s time for Hawkeye to step up his game a little if he doesn’t want to end up at the bottom of the style ranks.

We got a good look at the latest costume redesigns in the first set of official stills from The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which included a first look at Hawkeye’s winter jacket. In that image, the expert marksman was busy fleeing from an explosion in a snowy forest, but a new behind-the-scenes image published in the latest issue of Empire reveals a more detailed look at Hawkeye’s new duds.


Hawkeye The Avengers 2 outfit 570x379 Avengers: Age of Ultron Image Highlights Hawkeyes New Costume

The costume design in The Avengers: Age of Ultron is courtesy of Marvel regular Alexandra Byrne, who won an Oscar in 2008 for her work on Elizabeth: The Golden Age and also designed the costumes for Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and The Avengers. It doesn’t look like much has changed for Hawkeye from the waist down, but his new jacket looks better suited to colder climates while maintaining the same color scheme as the outfit he wore during the battle in New York. It also looks more tailored and slightly less bulky than the jacket he wore in his brief Thor appearance.

The Marvel movies have to be somewhat careful about alienating mainstream audiences with costumes that would look a little too ridiculous when lifted off the page and put into a live-action setting. For example, Scarlet Witch will not be wearing her rather revealing leotard and cape from the comics, and Quicksilver has traded in his clingy one-piece outfit for a slightly more practical blue running top and dark pants.

In Hawkeye’s case, his jacket is somewhat reminiscent of Bobby Drake’s futuristic freedom-fighting winter wear from X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s a shame that a Marvel/Fox superhero crossover is so unlikely to happen; it would be interesting to see these two superhero teams on the same catwalk.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives in theaters on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Empire

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  1. “Oh hey! Let’s take a look at Hawkeye’s new- OH MY GOD THATS THE BIGGEST WALKING DEAD AD I HAVE EVER SEEN”

    • Ha, that got to me as well. I like the outfit. I would like to see the swashbuckling pirate boots on at least one comic book film character in live action.

  2. Blue and purple costume just exactly like the early comics. That is what I want. Looks fine. Just do it.

    • I’d like you to explain why he needs that specific costume in terms of the world of the MCU. Not in terms of respecting other stories in other mediums or other versions of the Hawkeye/Clint Barton character, but in terms of the laws, characteristics, aesthetics and other elements of the movie universe. If you can satisfy me that there is such a narrative or thematic reason for Hawkeye to wear his comics suit, and not just to slavishly follow an earlier rendition of the character, I’ll concede your point. Not everything in the canon is good and worth following, the comics are littered with dud story arcs, so you need a good, character- or story-driven reason to add such a loud and over the top element.

      The movies of the MCU are telling their own story, taking inspiration from the characters. His costumes have done just that, blending elements of his 616 and Ultimate suits. His costume makes sense for his role in SHIELD as a marksman and spy. If you want that changed, there needs to be a reason for it that makes sense in the context of the film universe.

  3. Muted palete boring!

  4. where is the mask god-emmet!!??

  5. Omg I love it! Now what about the vision?

  6. If only he wore a mask like his classic look. Or a cool sunglass like his Ultimates look

  7. A definite improvement of his costume from A1 to A2. I still don’t know how he will survive Ultron, but he it is a comic book movie so… Still Whedon made it sound as if someone might which raises the question of who it will be.

    • The actual Avengers will babysit and protect him from Ultron’s stinky fingers.

      • I think Hawkeye’s first appearance in the comics was him facing off vs Iron Man, so he isn’t a pushover. Still, Ultron is not not IM. Ultron isn’t known for pulling punches.

        • At the least I think his arrows need an upgrade. Vibranium tipped?

          • Nothing but good editing, Renner’s contracts and an insistence that it’s a comic book movie can save the guy. There’s an army of Ultrons and I’ll give him 20 arrows max. What’s stopping the 21st Ultron from giving him a fatal Dirty Sanchez? The real Avengers. I’m just not sure why they felt the need to have this guy in here except that he’s easy to portray in live-action.

            …or you, know, for an easy death. Ignoring the rumors of him showing up in Cap 3, of course.

        • Haha yes I am. I was hoping someone would have transcended the borders of these sites and catch that.

  8. Do you think Jeremy Renner knows He’s the weakest character in the Avengers roster? So much so that his character was practically written out of most of the film. I say give him the mask but Tech it up a bit. Also if Loki has his Hat why wouldn’t Thor have His? I mean someone went out of their way to make it look awesome for the two seconds it appeared in the first Thor movie.

    All in all I agree with simplesimon, very boring design, then again design wont matter much to a character who will blend into the background.

    • I agree for once just have Thor wear his helmet at least once in battle. Also just for me make him say when he throws his hammer and retrieves it saying ” Mjolnir to me!”

      Also for hawkeye make him wear sunglasses like his Ultimate counterpart.

  9. All the people who hate on Hawkeye and think that he’s just there to be there need to stop deep throating Tony Stark and realize that there is more to the Avengers than a couple of overpowered dudes throwing punches. Each Avenger has a deeper story line that the movies are diving into; Captain America is the man out of time, Natasha is trying to outrun her past, Bruce is constantly holding back and internalizing the most powerful thing on the planet, ect. The thing that’s awesome about Hawkeye is he’s a super spy that has nothing outstandingly special about him but still finds a way to hold his own amongst Demi-gods and metal men. His current comic arc (which is probably the best series marvel is currently publishing) focuses on how he’s constantly overshadowed by superhumans but still manages to get s*** done. If Joss Whedon hadn’t just written him off in the first one and if he would have gotten the same badass treatment that Black Widow has gotten than no one would be calling him stupid or pointless.

    Plus his attitude and interaction with the other avengers(in the comics and the animated shows) are hilarious

    • That. This is the guy who becomes Cap’s best friend. Remember before this he was SHIELD’s go to guy for the really black Black Ops stuff. He’s the ultimate badass. Yet now his world, just like everyone else, has to contend with gods, both of tech, biological and literal. Yet he’s the guy who through sheer determination will not be left behind with Humanity. He has yet to be done Justice. But I have faith that maybe in Cap 3, or IM4 (yes it’ll happen) he’ll get a chance to shine. Maybe a Hawkeye/HULK teamup ;)

    • Actually Hawkeye’s story is fish out of the water, as he has no place nor purpose with the Avengers.

      He shoots arrows and wears purple dress-vests.

      • You really do hate Hawkeye just bceause his surround by Gods, Monster, people in metal suits ad the rest. And FYI he hit Loki with an arrow.

  10. Stop these damn ads. I can’t even scroll down!!!

  11. Generally speaking, they should get rid of Hawkeye, Iron Man and Thor.

    There’s just no plausible way for him to survive this robocalypse, as has been pointed out on multiple occasions already. You might argue that, going by that logic, Black Widow should bite the dust as well. I’d venture a guess that Hulk somehow gets her out of harm’s way, given that the rumors about their budding romance turn out to be true.

    Iron Man is the creator of all this world-threatening mayhem. Maybe, during that scene at the beginning where they’re all partying together to celebrate their victory over Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (that has been somewhat confirmed, right?), Ultron should already do us all a big favor and dispose of Pepper … and boom, Tony’s not only burdened with post-Avengers PTSD but overcome with unspeakable guilt over a huge emotional loss. This could easily usher in a desperate self-sacrificial arc for Iron Man who discovers the means to defeat or, even better, just incapacitate Ultron by sending him off-planet. The procedure, however, forces him to push a button, or something, that is heavily guarded by a bunch of Ultron robots … and farewell to the metal man who mocked the god of thunder’s drapes. That would also give Rhodey the chance to shine by taking the mantle. Tony could easily be shown in flashbacks or video sequences in Avengers 3.

    And then there’s Thor himself. Have him resort to the same efficient strategy that let him take out several Chitauri by means of thunder in the first team-up. But maybe Ultron figures out that separating him from Mjöllnir weakens him to a certain extent, which provides the robot with the opportunity to kill him. Interestingly, this could disrupt all of Loki’s plans by obligating him to reclaim Thor’s soul from Hel in Thor 3 / Loki.

    Why not throw Fury in there as well, just for the ‘heck’ of it?

    • I can agree that Stark’s death would be quite poignant and appropriate for RDJ’s growing weariness, even if depressing as hell. But in all honesty I’m not sure we’re quite there just yet. Maybe Avengers 3 if it comes soon enough. Additionally I think it’s too soon after Stark’s Avengers 1 near-sacrifice to put him through that all over again. And Pepper was already in danger in the IM3 i.e. the last Ironman flick. I’d rather not re-tread those same grounds so soon.

      I agree with Hawkeye – just let him go… – but what’s with Thor’s demise? With Ironman I can see multiple reasons to go that route but not so much with Thor. Also he’s not exactly an earnest character who we’ve really emotionally attached to beyond just being fun to watch; his death would be less tragic heartbreak and more “Dangit, wtf? Now no more fun Shakespeare talk or badass lightning bolts.” And finally, like others have said, he and Hulk are always going to be some of the last ones standing. Just wouldn’t seem right offing him, especially not by the likes of the same threat that takes out effin’ Hawkeye.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right about Thor. I was just spitballing there because I’d really love to see him be brought back by Loki and The Warriors Three.

        I stand by my wish to off both Pepper and Tony, though. Actually killing her (without any resurrection) would take it the necessary step further. Maybe Tony should just fail to neutralize Ultron and still be done in? Put Cap in the limelight instead only for his death in Avengers 3 to have that much bigger of an impact.

  12. Why is this character even part of the Avengers? I still laugh out loud when I see Hawkeye slinging his bow and arrows during the invasion scene in Avengers. Super Powered beings and high tech weapons all around him and this guy is using a weapon from the days of Merlin and Robin Hood lol.

  13. Hawkeye serves the purpose of being an extremely talented non super powered team member. Ya gotta have a regular guy in it. Just like Widow. And I think Hawkeye is far mor valuable then Nick fury

  14. Neat…. looks almost like the last costume, which of course, looks nothing like any costume except, Neo from The Matrix….. again

  15. I actually believe that hawkeye will ultimately play a major part in defeating ultron & his army. I mean compared to a god, a super soldier, a guy in a super powered tech suit & a green monster, i can see why he stands out as the weaker one. But i also think that people think this due to the fact that, we didnt really get to see him in much action like we have seen the other avengers. I mean in the first avengers he was litterally under loki’s spell for most of the damn movie. So what if just like a lot of people underestimate his skills, ultron & his army underestimate him as well & he ends up coming out of nowhere & making a big impact. Maybe he can save one of the main avengers right when we it looks like they will be killed or i dare say even kill ultron himself. I mean i know iron man will be the one who creates ultron so it would make sense for him to finish what he started but he already saved the day in the first one. I honestly want either thor or hawkeye,to be the one who kills ultron.

    • I agree with you! I think the exact same way about it and I think he will save the life of one of the Avengers at anytime. I’ll give a shot to Hawkeye.

      • Yeah I wouldn’t have a problem wit that one bit. It would actually be cool to se the non powers guy earn his stripes & save the day!

    • Tbh Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger and I would love for him to be the one who takes down Ultron. I was really unhappy with his role in Avengers 1 because the fans didn’t really get to learn what kind of person Clint is. He deserves more screen time.

  16. I’m just glad to see some purple in there somewhere. There are too many comic book characters in movies that don’t look ANYTHING like what they are supposed to look like. Too much to ask for a mask (like Hawkeye should have), but at least there is purple. It’s a step.

  17. I think it’d be sweet if Hawkeye got to wear his mask eventually. Maybe Tony makes him a mask to help with targeting so it’s actually functional and not just for cosmetic reasons. Definitely not necessary,but would be a great nod to his iconic comic look.

  18. It’s ok, not very hero-like though. Screams ‘Look at me and forget me in the next few seconds!’ to me

  19. I have a question for all the Hawkeye haters…….

    Does Batman belong in the Justice League?? He is a guy in a suit with zero powers and just a lot of gadgets, great fighting ability and a sheer will to be there.

    This is in no way a Batman hate post, since I think he deserves to be anywhere he wants to be, but he is basically Hawkeye with gadgets instead of a bow. Hawkeye is a great hand to hand fighter (not Cap, but close) and the most talented marksman in the (Marvel) world.

    It baffles my mind that people still write off this guy who has been doing things in the comics for years which shows he belongs.

    • I’m not a “hawkeye hater,” but I see their point. So, I’ll have to answer your question with another question: Would Batman bring only a bow and some arrows to an all out alien invasion war?

      • No, and neither did Hawkeye. Was that his weapon of choice? It always is. He was also their tactician on the roof calling out where the enemy was. That’s something else he has always done well, being a field lieutenant who can find the enemy weaknesses and exploit them.

        I really don’t get why its always about the power that people bring to a fight. I will try to use a real life example, not sure if everyone will get this one or not since not everyone is a football fan, but…..

        Wes Welker, he is a wide receiver known for going over the middle and making short receptions with big YAC numbers. The guy is 5’9″ and 180 lbs if lucky. No way he should be able to be successful doing what he does, but he is. Why? Because of his grit, willingness to put it all on the line and determination. He has guys all around him 6′ plus that are faster, stronger and more athletic who don’t do half of what he does. He also has guys that are 250+ lbs that hit like freight trains beating him up every other play, but he still goes out there and does what he does because he loves it and wants to be great.

        Hawkeye is the Avenger’s Wes Welker lol

      • No, he would try to fight them head on. Which is even more stupid.
        Say what you will about Hawkeye being outmatched but atleast he’s smart enough to attack from a distance.

    • AMEN