Joss Whedon: Black Widow is ‘A Huge Part’ of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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avengers age ultron black widow Joss Whedon: Black Widow is A Huge Part of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon got a whole lot right with his The Avengers screenplay, not least of which was to provide moviegoers with much richer portrayals of two previously-established Marvel Cinematic Universe players: Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). That Joss would manage to do justice by the latter came as little surprise, given that he has a history of crafting well-rounded (read: strong) female characters – and has publicly committed to continuing that practice in the future.

Case in point: the Marvel sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, will introduce Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch into the mix, and Whedon has indicated that we can expect her to be another interesting and well-crafted addition to the cast (with a proper and believable costume to reflect that). Black Widows fans do not need to worry about the character being sidelined, though, as Joss has gone on record to say that she’s an important player in the next mission for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Here is what Whedon offered to the crowd at Nerd HQ during the 2013 Comic-Con last weekend (via MTV), with respect to Natasha’s relevance to the storyline for Age of Ultron - and why he enjoys writing the dangerous S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as much as he does:

“Natasha is a huge part of the sequel because you do want to concentrate on the people who don’t have their own franchises. Although [she's] in ‘Cap 2,’ [and] she’s great. She was the most fun for me because she’s not a hero, you know, and it’s something that I read—and I feel bad that I can’t remember who wrote the book—but it’s in one of the books explaining, ‘These guys are heroes, you are a spy. It’s a different thing—it’s a different skill set—and you don’t have their moral high ground or any of that good stuff.’ And that just makes her so interesting to me. So yeah, the stuff I’ve got going on with her in the second one is killer.”

Marvel won’t be making a Black Widow standalone film anytime soon (sorry to say). However, audiences will get to learn more about her complicated history and ambiguous moral code – as Whedon referenced in the quote above – in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is where Natasha teams with Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) on a variety of world-saving missions. There’s a good chance that her storyline in that film will tie-in closely to Natasha’s arc in Age of Ultron, based on the past reports about how the Captain America sequel has an important Phase 2 role (i.e. directly sets up events in Age of Ultron, like the first Captain America movie did for the original Avengers installment).

avengers hawkeye black widow Joss Whedon: Black Widow is A Huge Part of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Black Widow and Hawkeye in ‘The Avengers’

Similarly, Whedon has promised that Natasha’s S.H.I.E.LD. comrade-in-arms – her “bro-friend” if you like – Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) will get to have more time to interact with his fellow Avengers in Age of Ultron (since he won’t have to spend part of the film under Loki’s control, like what happened in the first installment). There’s a decent chance that Black Widow and Hawkeye may even have their own subplot in the Avengers sequel, given their long-established connection.

Not to mention, that duo will be among the few important human players – who are not assisted by a mechanical super-suit (a la Iron Man) – in a world where there are more and more dysfunctional super-powered individuals showing up by the day – meaning, there are certain tasks that only the aforementioned deadly, but professional-minded, assassins should be trusted to carry out.

Are you excited to hear that Black Widow will play an important role in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Let us know in the comments section!


Thor: The Dark World opens in U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: MTV

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  1. Scarlett is hot, so I am fine with having more screen time.

    • @WMX

      I agree she is one of the hottest women on the planet and deserves as much screen time as possible.

      • Completely agree. That woman is blessed.

  2. Never really cared about BW in the first movie… never really cared for her character in the comics either, so I’m not impressed or excited about this news. I mean, she kicks butts, shoots guns and walks around in a skin-tight leather-thingie suit… I don’t think she’s even a great role model for youngs girls and women, so far at least. Maybe I’ll change my mind down the line, but for now, she’s probably my least favourite character in the MCU.

    • Agreed, she is annoying and has nothing special about her. It was like Catwoman in the dark knight rises, the movie did not ned her and I certainly would be happy if they took away her screen time and showed Tony stark or Hawkeye doing their cool things, plus Renner is hot and so is Robert Downey Jr.

      I think Joss Wheldon is too obsessed with his Strong tough girl ossession thing and needs to let it go.This is blockbuster francise stuff not Buffy.

      And yes she is a bad role model for young girls, she has no lady like qualities about her apart from looking feminine.

      • Dude, because all females need to be “lady-like”? That’s such b*******.

        And like or not CBMs need more more female characters, it’s a ridiculous sausage-fest, the whole lot of them.

        Black Widow is obviously not a “role-model”, she’s never been. That’s the point. She’s a spy, and assassin, not a hero. That’s what makes her different.

        Yes, more Black Widow, bring it on. Hopefully Scarlet Witch will get a big role too and Marvel adds more female heroes into the mix by Phase 3.

        I love all the guys in The Avengers, I seriously do, they are amazing, but c’mon, I want to see more than super smart brilliant and super strong white men.

        • Agreed. I think it’s shame and a blight on the comic-book genre, if I can call that, that there hasn’t been and there doesn’t appear to be a plan for a female superhero movie.

          • I’m pretty sure that Ms. Marvel will be in the next Phase.

            BW is more interesting as her story unfolds. She is the female Winter Soldier. I think Cap 2 will do wonders for her.

        • “She’s a spy, and assassin, not a hero. That’s what makes her different.”

          She sure is… She is also boring, incredibly enough…

      • Are…. are you being serious?
        So what? Instead of being empowered female @$$ kickers, Catwoman and Black Widow’s places should be in the kitchen making the guys some sandwiches?

        • If she could be empowered, female, ass-kicking and, i dont know, 3 dimensional, that would be cool. Seriously is that our standard for great female characters? that they arent stay at home moms? That they kick ass? Flawless? Seems like just another way to fit women into a comfortable box.

          • I agree with neco. I guess my problem with the character is that she seems to somewhat be defined by “she kicks a$$ just like a man”. As though the only way for a woman to prove herself is to be compared to what a man could do…

            I’m not fond of the character, but the scene where Loki is captured and she tricks him and outwits him is a good and positive example of “superheroism” (although she doesn’t actually have super-powers) to me. I guess I find it more compelling to see a hero outsmart someone else at their own game than just bashing through the bad guys… man OR woman. But, heh, that’s just me ;-) I must have something for the brainy type ;-)

            • Everything about Black Widow is subtle. You need have a close eye on her reactions and words, because she hides almost everything about herself. That’s why looks “blank” most of the time, because she’s holding everything back.

              Never expect big emotional speeches or huge reactions from her, even when she was freaking the hell out of her mind because she was attacked by the Hulk, it was quiet. She sat down and kept out of sight, not wanting anyone to see how afraid she is.

              And when she finally reacted (because she heard that Clint was there), spoke in her communicator, hew voice immediately steadied and she hid everything all over again.

              And no, she’s not a “positive example of superheroism”, she’s the example of a very flawed anti-hero, someone who was used and abused and she still chose the right side in the end, but she won’t ever be like the heroes, and she knows that, but she still fights the good fight.

              She’s willing to go out to fight an invasion, she’s a spy, she’s not meant to fight on the front-line, not meant to be out in the open, she’s supposed to be cloak and daggers, hiding in the shadows and gathering information. And yet, there was nobody else to fight, so she went and fought, because it was the right thing to do. She has too much blood and death in her past that might never be absolved, but she still fights the good fight.

              That’s Black Widow.

              • Yeah, so I can see, based on what you write here, how someone could care about her as a character. But this kind of subtlety kinda also requires some beforehand investment in her, a willingness to look deeper into her motivations. Which, for me at least, is completely shot at the get-go, because there is nothing about her to catch my interrest. And all this about her being used/abused, those are informed qualities, something we are being told to just take and run with for the expediency of the plot.
                Now that scene you mention, when she was attacked by the Hulk had completelly escaped my mind, and thinking back, yeah, it does actually try to do something to flesh her out as a character. However, to me it was simply too little too late, when it occured in the movie, because I had already dismissed her for being a dull waste of space.

                And yes Mary-jay, thats exactly what I meant, there is this stigma that anything associated with feminity is bad, or at least less than what you expect out of a man. So the only way to have woman be equal to man in a story like this is to have her be a typical male archetype, i.e. the strong silent guy.

                • Yea because she totally has a franchise of her own to develop her character… Jeez think!! that’s exactly why she needed the screen time to develop her more! all the other guys already had a movie to themselves so they were already developed. Scarlett did a great job in the role and she was amazing in the winter soldier.

            • @mary Jay: don’t know if you actually watched The Avengers, but I’d say the way she got information out of Loki was exactly the type of thing you’re referring to. She didn’t bash it out of him, she used her interrogation skills. She may not be a scientist, but she’s smart (it sure wasn’t her boobs that persuaded Banner to help SHIELD)

              I completely agree with scyllaya as well. The way Black Widow was written was very nuanced, and kudos to Scarlet Johansson for pulling it off. She may not be a very good actress, and she may only have had one good scene in IM2, but she was pretty great in The Avengers.

              • @The Avenger:

                concerning your first paragraph, I agree with you, and that’s what I wrote in my comment. I thought it was a good and positive example of “superheroism” (my exact words, actually ;-)) I had forgotten about that scene at first, when I wrote my first comment, and rectify my opinion when I posted my second comment. I’m still not fond of the character, but I can see there are positive aspects about her. Maybe my comment was a bit confusing, since I first said I didn’t like the character, then went on to say there is good about her.

                And for the record, I would never permit myself to pass criticism or judgment on something I haven’t seen, so of course I saw the movie. Otherwise, I would never have made any comment about it. I know there are people on SR and other sites that make comments about things they have not themselves seen or read, but I could never do something like that. I make my own opinions based on what I saw and read :-)

      • wow you’re sexist. She was badass in the movies and how is she not a good role model? She was smart and intelligent and held her own with Gods and aliens. She was portrayed as a strong female hero and she deserved the screentime. She was something a young girl could look up to. Did you see her flash her boobs on screen? How was she portrayed as more sexy than thor or hawkeye who for part of the movie shows more skin than black widow. Check your eyes or watch the avengers again because you were probably watching the wrong movie.

    • +1

    • First of all b**** she’s a great role model and she can careless about yo ass u just jealous cuz she got things going on for her and you can’t stand the attention she deserves b****

  3. Forget Black Widow. Bring on She-Hulk! lol

  4. Scarlett Johansson your very sexy, yes I have a fantasy of sex with you …but I think I seen enough of her in the Avengers, honestly I think she`s useless

    • Your useless fat ass b****

  5. All I know is people keep saying they want She-Hulk and that is dumb. I don’t want a repeat of Hulk in female form.

    Do newer and different female hero’s like Mockingbird and Crystal

    • Calm down, Clay. It was an obvious joke from the ‘lol’ indicator.
      People on this site finds the littlest things to complain about.
      90% of the commenters on here are complaining, and whining like 12 year olds because their version of events isn’t being accounted for.

      That’s why I come on here anytime I need a laugh.

      • He has a point about bringing in other heroines.

    • Well by the time she hit the Avengers the She-Hulk was anything but the Hulk in female form.

      So if they would do it as a ‘savage’ green female that gets stronger as they get angrier then I would agree.

      However that is not the She-Hulk.

  6. Hopefully they focus on her espionage and field work aspects for Shield rather than her curves and Mexican wrestling moves.

  7. Pretty stoked about this movie. I don’t even care that they changed up Ultron a bit. It’s just my opinion but Ant-Man always came across as lame. I’ll check out the Antman movie because I don’t want to miss any of the overall storyline and I’ll just hope that I’m surprised.

  8. If a character won’t gross enough money to have their own movie why force the audience to watch more screen time of that character…?

    • It’s not about whether she would be able to gross enough money. Hollywood just doesn’t make movie about women.

      If it’s a super-hero film, than it has to be lead by a smart and strong white man. Name me one superhero movie that doesn’t have a white male superhero as its lead.

      Maybe there is 1-2 against the dozen others.

      So while studios may not give a chance to the kick-ass ladies, at least there are screenwriters/directors like Joss, who will give them the screen-time they need and deserve.

      • ‘Name me one superhero movie that doesn’t have a white male superhero as its lead.’
        Here’s some:
        Blade 2
        Catwoman (although that bombed due to being rubbish, not cos it had a female lead)
        Blade 3 as well – but they did included a bunch of new characters who were all white

        Not against Joss bringing in more screen time for the female characters especially those without solo franchises, but only if it works with the story
        It’s annoying when women get elevated status simply cos they are women ‘in a mans world’ and when that happens its obvious (probably cos its a somewhat outdated idea)

        • Okay, the Blade trilogy is one movie. So you’ve only mentioned 3 movies and only 1 with a female lead. Definitely too many, we’re drowning in female characters.

          • I wasn’t saying that there are to many superhero movies with female leads, where’d you see that?
            Was simply pointing out that the non-white man lead superhero film has been done to varying degrees of success

            Trouble is that sometimes people are trying to hard to throw women a bone these days that it distracts from the overall quality of the product (e.g. bridesmaids movie after the hangover)
            Wonder Woman for example could be brilliant but they need to hit the right notes in the right way, which is difficult and part of the reason why it hasn’t been done yet

            IMO Black Widow the character can’t carry a solo film (but that’s my opinion)
            but, as I said before I’m for giving her character more time as long as it is for a better reason than ‘just cos she is a woman’

            Final point
            Blade TRIlogy is 3 films count them

            • *spawn

            • “throw women a bone”? Are you kidding me??? Half of Earth’s population are women and believe it or not about half of comic book fans are women as well.

              You honestly think that there is nothing wrong with the fact that more than 95% of comic book movies are about white men?

              There were two female leads, Catwoman and Elektra, but neither of them are actually well-established heroes, in fact they showed up as villain in the first movies.

              Then ther’s the Blade trilogy and Hancock as non-white male leads and that’s it!

              Every other movie is either lead by a white man or is an assemble movie (Avengers, X-Men), and of course the teams are made up mostly from white men.

              You really think giving screentime to women and non-white characters is “throwing a bone”? Get your ignorance out of here.

              • No I don’t honestly think that there is nothing wrong with it
                I DID NOT SAY THAT, nor was that the point I was trying to make

                No I don’t think that giving more screen time is ‘throwing them a bone’ if you had actually read and understood what I was saying then you would have realised that, rather than taking a word or phrase out of context to suit your needs

                Unfortunately the majority of the more successful or well established comic book characters that these CBM roles are based on happen to be white males, so the film universes will reflect that
                Marvel is trying to give its other characters a chance, but in the right way and at the right time
                What do you want them to do a whole phase of female lead films just to even the score? Regardless of whether those characters fit in with the rest of the MCU or whether they are even characters that would be well served by a solo film just cos white men have had a couple of phases lets just give the females a phase to keep people quiet about how unfair it is

                Also reasons why there are fewer female leads in this genre, is not entirely sexism either, it may be a factor but it is not as though the studio has a sign saying ‘no female superheroes here!’

                I also have noticed the overall lack of diversity in the genre and don’t think it is right at all

                But increasing the diversity has to be done on the merit of the characters and the story not just for the sake of increasing diversity
                Before you misunderstand again, I am not saying that the non-white male characters are not good enough as characters or as stories (in fact I have long been hoping for films like Black Panther or Wonder Woman, due to the story and characters being good, not cos they are black or female)

                Final point
                The only way to make it truly fair is to judge all by the same yard stick
                For me that is story and character quality (if the character is good AND has a good story to tell then by all means tell it)
                dont make it all about gender or race (if that is your guiding star then you’re actually no better than those you seek to condemn as it is you that keeps bringing the issue up)

          • They may not be superheroes but consider them as well since they seem to have immortality when being whooped…

            Men in Black
            Tomb Raider (Jolie and upcoming reboot)
            300 Rise of an Empire (haven’t seen it obviously but it looks like Eva Green is a major role)

            • That doesn’t make sense, that means Bourne, Indiana Jones and basically any action movie is about superhero’s.


              I meant comic-book superhero’s, there are a lot of female heroes but not a single movie. And when I say “not a single move” I mean since the re-emergence of the comic-book genre in movies. Lets be honest, Thor is great and popular but he isn’t, arguably, as revered Wonder Woman.

              It must be established that its not Marvels fault, DC have had ample amounts of time and, I guess, own the rights to the seminal female character of any comic-book ever but have done nothing with it.

        • As opposed to men getting elevated status just cause they are men? A “mans world”, really? How sexist!

          • You know nothing Jerry snow
            I’ m not sexist and shan’t be wasting my time explaining myself since I don’t actually need to
            I happen to be an equal opportunity offender
            But sure if it makes you feel better, you go ahead and think what you like about what i have said and why
            makes no difference to me

            • If you don’t care about his idiotic comment, you shouldn’t respond to it. Ignoring losers, who must throw around accusations all the time (racist, sexist, etc.) is the only way of shutting them up.

              • Thats a very good point

                • I did like the “You know nothing Jerry Snow.” line though. Haha

        • Here are more:

          -Barbed Wire
          -Red Sonja
          -Fantastic Four (as each of the 4 are equal)
          -Tank girl
          -Transformers (auto-bots are the hero’s and started as comic)
          -Ninja Turtles (also started as comic and April is the heroine)
          -T.V. show Heroes was based on “the cheerleader”

          And don’t forget that there are many movies/shows not comic related that feature women as the heroine. HOWEVER…MEN DEFINATELY HAVE MORE..

          Charlies Angels
          tomb raider
          The Bionic woman
          The Closer
          Ally McBeal
          Parks and Recreation
          Murder She Wrtoe
          The Good Wife
          Veronica Mars
          Wonder Woman

          In the end though most of the above female led movies have not been well received. It seems male superhero movies have faired much better in the long run. Whether those movies bombed because that is the nature of the beast, cultural sexism, or just bad acting/writing is up for debate.

          • WE were talking abut comic book movies, but nevermind. You want to prove that sexism in the industry is over? Good luck with that.

            You names a dozen movies/shows, great. Now how many are on the others side? Led by white men… let’s see… hundreds? thousands?

            • Try reading a persons full post before you comment. I did put in capital letters MEN DEFINATELY HAVE MORE. So I definitely was not proving sexism is over.

              I just keep hearing people say that there are no movies or shows about female hero’s so I was just showing that there are more than you think. Obviously less than deserve.

              I agree with JL Avenger. It comes down to character, story, writing, and acting. Personally of all the female comic hero films/shows and female hero movies we have all mentioned, none were good in my opinion.

              Barb Wire
              Tank Girl
              Lara Croft Tomb Raider
              Red Sonja (was decent)
              Supergirl (was decent)
              Wonder Woman
              Fantastic Four (since Invisible Woman helps lead the team)

              Same can be said of many male led comic movies. Lots were not good.

              G.I. Joe
              Ghost Rider
              Green Lantern
              Green Hornet
              Batman Forever
              Batman and Robin
              Wolverine Origins
              X-Men 3
              Jonah Hex
              The Crow sequels
              Flash (show)

              There are a lot of female comic characters that I do want to see on screen. Ms. Marvel, Wasp, Crystal, Silver Sable, Dagger (from cloak and dagger), Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, etc…

      • Do you have a problem with white men, sounds like you do.

        • I have a problem with lack of diversity in comic-book movies.

      • Here is another list based off comics that do not have a white man as a lead:

        -Barbed Wire
        -Red Sonja
        -Fantastic Four (as each of the 4 are equal)
        -Tank girl
        -Transformers (auto-bots are the hero’s and started as comic)
        -Ninja Turtles (also started as comic and April is the heroine)
        -T.V. show Heroes was based on “the cheerleader”

        And don’t forget that there are many movies/shows not comic related that feature women as the heroine. HOWEVER…MEN DEFINATELY HAVE MORE..

        Charlies Angels
        tomb raider
        The Bionic woman
        The Closer
        Ally McBeal
        Parks and Recreation
        Murder She Wrtoe
        The Good Wife
        Veronica Mars
        Wonder Woman

        In the end though most of the above female led movies have not been well received. It seems male superhero movies have faired much better in the long run. Whether those movies bombed because that is the nature of the beast, cultural sexism, or just bad acting/writing is up for debate.

  9. This is why I’m happy about reading this:


    team movies:
    ratio of male heroes to female heroes in avengers: 5:1
    ratio of male heroes to female heroes in guardians of the galaxy: 4:1

    male-headlined movies:
    iron man
    iron man 2
    iron man 3
    captain america
    captain america 2: the winter soldier
    thor 2: the dark world
    the incredible hulk

    female-headlined movies:

    See the problem here guys?

    • Which is an EXCELLENT reason why they should use Pym…..because with Pym comes Van Dyne and Wasp. Instead of giving a lame character like BW MORE screen time, bring in more female leads. They are adding Scarlet Witch but I think 3 females is a better number.

      • Gotta agree. Pym/Jan all the way for a variety of reasons: Pym makes Ultron, could eventually lead to Vision, another female super-lead in Wasp, we need Giant-Man/Goliath, with Pym you get not just muscle with Goliath and unique power with Ant-Man, but another scientist as well, so brain…can’t lose if done right. You also don’t aggravate legions of old-school fan-boys, not something wise to do when you are trying to make a huge tent-pole movie. The fans new to Avengers may not care where Ultron comes from, but the established ones who are the base of the movie following and who helped you, Marvel, to be boosted to the top, do care. While playing fantasy football with the characters, not a good idea to remember what established them in the first place.

      • They are getting their own movie, that’s already a done deal. Why cram their origin-story into the Avengers and make it quick and sloppy, when they get their own movie?

        Besides, I know Wasp is Ant-Man’s partner, but the movie and the comics are still headlined as ‘Ant-Man’ and not “Wasp”, even if they’re equals.

        • The thing is we are getting an “Ant-man” movie, not a Pym/Ant-Man movie. Huge difference. The Lang version also has no real ties to Van Dyne which pretty much eliminates her (unless you want to make HER Starks new love interest or worst yet, make Potts Wasp).

          • Mongoose, I often agree with you, but sometimes you seem to talk out of line. :-P

            The truth is we DON’T KNOW YET anything about Wright’s movie. The only thing we know is that Pym will be in it (comment from Wright) and that “he’ll get his spotlight” (comment from Feige). Other than that, we know NOTHING. The rest is just rumors, unconfirmed and coming from years ago, before Wright reworked his script “to make it fit more with the MCU” (comment from Wright). Maybe Lang won’t even be in it in the end (which I hope…)

            Please stop talking as though it was a done deal, because quite frankly, it’s a bit unnerving. Maybe it’s your way to prepare for the worst for the Ant-Man movie… fine by me. We could be disappointed, or we could be surprised. In any case, we just plain don’t know much yet.

            To make it short: you’re breaking my heart, man…! ;-)

    • Yeah but you are looking at MCU only. If your argument is for lack of women heroes in movies(which I agree with) then look at the universal picture. STILL THERE ARE MORE MALES IN THESE MOVIES BUT MORE THAN YOU ARE PAINTING A PICTURE OF BY ONLY USING AVENGERS DATA

      X-Men- 3 main males and 3 main females
      X-Men 2- 6 main males and 4 main females
      X-Men last stand- 8 male heroes and 4 female
      X-Men First Class- 5 male heroes and 3 female
      Daredevil- 1 male and 1 female

  10. She’s in Cap 2 so why would he give her a big role in Avengersa 2? I don’t know about this idea.

  11. A Wonder Woman movie would be awesome, I’d give it to Snyder as well because I’d want it to look exactly like Man of Steel.

  12. She was dull in the first one, and quite out of place.

    • But her scene with Loki is, for me at least, one of the best parts of the entire movie. She tricked the ultimate trickster, he didnt see it coming and she beat him. Even Thor can’t do that and he had his entire life to try.

  13. I think she is a useless character. I did not care for her in Ironman 2 or the Avengers. If you switched actresses or killed the character nobody would care. Her and Hawkeye should only be background characters. Learn your place. The only reason she is getting more screen time is because her and her agents bitched about it. That will be the downfall of the franchise. The actors. All wanting the screen time and money. Just be happy you are allowed to act for a living and sit down shut up. It is outrages how much money they make. She’s not even that good of an actress. Acts the same in every movie. The only reason guys like her is because of T&A.

    • Lots of people would care. I’ve met quite a few people for whom she was their favorite Avenger. Ironman 2 kept her pretty 2 dimensional but in the Avengers we finally got some good writing with her, and it was awesome.

      “Be happy you are allowed to act for a living and sit down shut up.” What an ignorant attitude. So actors should never want anything? Should never push for better characterization of the characters they are playing? Hoping for more screen time is against the rules? Yes, many actors make obscene amounts of money but that doesn’t mean wanting good roles and work makes them bad people.

      Frankly, I think if you look through Scarlett’s film catalogue she’s a great actress. People just get distracted by the fact that yes, she’s hot. But she also has a good range, too, when she’s given good material. Frankly too many superhero movies are “sausage-fests” as they say, anyway, and I like a little more diversity. Sure, lets get more women in there, or at least give them good stories. Just because BW doesn’t have superpowers doesn’t mean she isn’t interesting.

  14. So Black Widow will have a bigger role, as will Hawkeye and the new Scarlet Witch…what about the guy that was the most popular in the first Avengers? I haven’t heard squat about the Hulk and Banner having a larger role. I would think that if you have a talent like Ruffalo you would use him for more than a few scenes. Black Widow will have been in 3 movies before Avengers 2 while Hulk was in one…does that make sense to anyone but Whedon??? And I am not counting the Norton and Bana movies since that was very early in the MCU.

    • Just a side note: The 2003 Hulk movie isn’t part of the MCU, so you can just ignore that one.

  15. *uckin WHY ???

    How can you introduce 2 new big characters which stories you can’t fully tell yet have zero try to make a new story(because they must come up with their version)?
    So in Avengers 2 Wanda and Pietro will be That Guy and That Girl? Omg That Duo!
    They will appear just like That and dissappear the same way. *meantime in theaters: Who the f**k were they?* Sure, the reality warper can’t have a bigger role then a spy or bad Green Arrow rip off. Obviously Iron man will (again) have the biggest role, Cap has 2nd movie incoming, Banner is not interested enough at this point you can’t tell anything new he needs solo movie for this, Thor has 2nd coming already. So yes, i understand that this is perfect chance to develop some minority that won’t have solo movie at all. But they’re adding far more interesting and completely unseen characters that must have bigger roles(yet no news about that).
    I really hope bigger role doesn’t value as bigger screen time.

  16. I can’t stand her. Simply can’t stand her. The character is cliche and Scarlett…well she’s just bad. Disappointing to hear that she’ll have a bigger role in this one.

  17. Joss is lying quicksilver and scarlet witch are cover stories because he’s casting wasp and pym…I’m calling it (misdirection)

    • Well, not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to have Pym and Jan in Avengers 2, but I would find it very mean and disrespectful towards the fans of SW and QS to tell them their favourite heroes will come to life on the big screen only as a cover-up for two others. If it were the other way around (Pym and Jan announced only to be replaced by SW and QS) I would be so pissed I might never go see a Marvel movie again, or buy any comics for the rest of my life, and sell my blu-rays on eBay.

      And this is coming from a HUGE Pym fan, and someone who really doesn’t give a crap about SW or QS, so you can’t accuse me of not being fair ;-)

  18. Give Scarlett Johannson as much screen time as possible. She’s hot and her inclusion definitely contributed to Avengers’ success.

  19. A Black Widoe solo flick was rumored years ago but I’d rather see a Captain/Ms. Marvel solo flick but at this point how many movies can they shove into Phase 3? Seven seems questionable and even six is pushing it with all the obligatory 2nd and 3rd sequels that need to be done.

  20. I agree also, but they have to be without a doubt extremely heedful. It’s supposed to be an Avengers sequel not a Black Widow film (not there’s anything wrong with that) but if it’s an Avengers film, let it be an Avengers film, not a Black Widow film. If it’s a Black Widow film them let it be a Black Widow film, you know what I mean !?

  21. I agree also, but they have to be without a doubt extremely heedful. It’s supposed to be an Avengers sequel not a Black Widow film (not there’s anything wrong with that) but if it’s an Avengers film, let it be an Avengers film, not a Black Widow film. If it’s a Black Widow film then let it be a Black Widow film, you know what I mean !?

  22. I’m a woman and I like to see female leads, but not the way Black Widow was done. She is boring and not like a typical female I can relate to. She is reseved and emotionally shut in….very rare that any of my famle friends are like that.Plus she behaves like a man, very off-putting and hard to relate to. I’m not saying she should be making sanwiches or be in the kitchen. They should have replaces her with Black Panther if they wanted to show a hero that could outsmart Loki.

    My favouritely done female lead is Invisible girl from fastastic four. She still retained feminity and was very relatable and did not come across as such a b**** and still was useful, then again Jessica Alba has a knack of being feminine. Black widow and catwoman seemed really bitchy, and it was hard to like them even when Catwoman preveted an apple from being stolen from that boy.

    Also regarding comic books, even though a lot of females read comic books…majority of them were written by men. Even Wonder woman was written by a man with a BDSM fetish.

    I am hoping for Wasp since she is a more relatable character and you never get the feeling she is trying to be a man or being bitchy.

  23. Really don’t care too see much more of her or hawk eye, the actors are just boring and take away from the amazingness of the other avengers. I’d rather see more superheroes like the black panther, antman, and doctor strange come into the movie universe.

  24. Really don’t care too see much more of her or hawk eye, the actors are just boring and take away from the film. I’d rather see more superheroes like the black panther, antman, and doctor strange come into the movie universe.

  25. No doubt, whatever all us fans and non-fans alike write, Joss W is not going to change his mind on whatever plans he has for the next Avengers movie. I’m getting a little nervous about it already, just from what I have read. I do like the casting of James Spader as Ultron, I’m a bit of an Older fan and kinda dig 80′s actors. But, no Ant-Man & Wasp yet and dipping into the X-men for new characters, and now more Black Widow, I just don’t know? Black Widow may have her place in the hearts of marvel comic fans but her character in a movie like the avengers was something I was not looking forward to seeing. Even if Scarlett Johansson is cute. I’d rather see more of the Big Four not more Black Widow. Isn’t she going to be a co-lead in Captain America 2 already? Isn’t that screen time enough? Unless of course her character dies? Then that will make it worth while. Otherwise, I think it’s going to take away from what could be another awesome movie. I never found her character that interesting, plus isn’t she a SHIELD agent? I thought this was an Avengers movie? superheroes fighting super villains, not some hot girl shooting little hands guns while jumping around with great looking hair in high heels. What is that about? Signed, very worried fan. X-men Days Of Future Past is going to be way better than this movie I’ll predict!!! :)

  26. YES!

  27. I want Black Widow and Captain America get intimate

  28. Black Widow and Captain Maerica love please. Show some love Marvel. This duo are the greatest

  29. Wow. There is so much anti-feminism in these comments “hot body, no lady like characteristics, not a good role model for girls.” & clearly many of you don’t study film.

    Black Widow is an All Star character. As some have said, her character is hidden, this is why she may come off “boring” or “bland” she has her own internal struggle which is very much written in -if you can’t see that then that is just on you.

    Joss Whedon is a Creator/Writer/Director/Artist who does love strong female characters and he did well to add her in, into a so far very male dominated genre. She is a perfect role model. The World isn’t Black or White it’s ALL Grey, which we’ll see in Age Of Ultron. Natasha is strong, balanced, professional, she does have feminine characteristics, but she also make tough decisions other “self righteous” characters can’t decide upon because she understands the bigger picture and is willing to do what needs to be done. If that isn’t a strong independent woman who can decide for herself even in hard situations -I don’t think this is the type of role model you appreciate. Maybe a 1950s Housewife is more your “ideal” for a girl’s role models -at lest in some of these peoples minds.

    Black Widow I must say along with Bruce Banner and Loki were the most well written in this film. Only Black Widow was subtle and had little screen time because the movie had a bigger picture & it wasn’t about her although she makes her references on her past -which these seeds are the hints that they are going to go into her backstory in the future (I mean on Agent Carter they are already doing a Pre-Black Widow Training Program backstory).

    Besides all this and what more could be written. Black Widow was the one who saved The Avengers & The World, she figured out Loki’s plan to release the Hulk & also was the one to close the portal above New York. Ironman just shoved a bomb through it. As well as in Captain America 2 -She figured it all out.