‘The Avengers 2′: Whedon & Feige on Ultron’s Army & Hulkbuster Armor [Updated]

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Ultrons holding Earth The Avengers 2:  Whedon & Feige on Ultrons Army & Hulkbuster Armor [Updated]

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man just started production and their Guardians of the Galaxy has become the highest-grossing film of the summer at the domestic box office. However, fans are now starting to gear up for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, next year’s highly-anticipated sequel to the 2012 phenomenon.

Director Joss Whedon recently wrapped up principle photography and is busy putting the final product together. In an interview with Empire (hat tip to ComicBookMovie), both Whedon and Kevin Feige took the opportunity to tease moviegoers with what’s in store for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The Marvel boss explained why Ultron (James Spader) was chosen to be the adversary in the follow-up:

Ultron was the villain Joss wanted, from midway through production on the first film, to have serious repercussions for The Avengers. We unveiled a poster here which is nothing but Ultron after Ultron after Ultron clawing at [and] beginning to defeat all of our Avengers. That’s what a lot of this movie is about.

Whedon added that the new villain has “a touch of the apocalypse in him,” hinting at some serious repercussions for the team this time around. The main takeaway from the sizzle reel shown at SDCC 2014 was how much darker the tone was when compared to the predecessor.

The Avengers 2 Ultron Captain America Iron Man Official The Avengers 2:  Whedon & Feige on Ultrons Army & Hulkbuster Armor [Updated]

It’s true that the franchise’s trademark brand of humor will be in full effect (see: the Avengers trying to lift Thor’s hammer at a party), but Whedon has always been interested in going a different route – teasing the possibility of death early on.

In a recent episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, one of the topics our editors covered was whether or not the “Earth-bound” enemies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were becoming obsolete due to the rising presence of Thanos and other cosmic elements (read: Infinity Stones). As noted in that discussion, Ultron seems like he is poised to be one of the scariest foes encountered in the MCU, threatening to destroy the world long before the Mad Titan arrives with his gauntlet.

With words like “apocalypse” and “defeat” being tossed around to describe the battle, it would certainly seem like the stakes will be plenty high in this round for Captain America, Iron Man, and the gang. Fans concerned that the filmmakers are just biding time before a potential Avengers/Guardians crossover should have those fears put to rest now.

Renner Hawkeye Costume SHIELD Logo The Avengers 2:  Whedon & Feige on Ultrons Army & Hulkbuster Armor [Updated]

One hero that will be combating Ultron and his army of killer robots is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), who is looking forward to having his role expanded in the sequel. While we’ll have to wait and see how big a part the archer plays in the film, one thing we do know is that he’ll be sporting some new duds as he helps save the world.

In the new issue of Empire, there’s a new image of Jeremy Renner on set, wearing his redesigned costume while working with Whedon for what looks like an action sequence of some kind. [UPDATE: The official version of that Hawkeye image has been made available – you can check it out, below.]

Hawkeye The Avengers 2 outfit 620x370 The Avengers 2:  Whedon & Feige on Ultrons Army & Hulkbuster Armor [Updated]


The linked picture plays in line with previous set photos of Hawkeye in action, highlighting the long sleeves that he’ll be sporting in the sequel. Fans have already seen how Whedon is embracing the classic comics costume in this go-around (namely, the color scheme), but thanks to the new photo, one is able to get a great look at it up close and view the details of Hawkeye’s suit.


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  1. Joss, please sign on for Avengers 3!

    • Run tell that brother!!!

    • Oh, god no.

      • What the hell?

    • Yes, please!

    • Fingers crossed I want Whedon back for Avengers 3 also

  2. Sounds cool, just what they needed after everyone’s attention turned towards Thanos. Looking forward to seeing and hearing how Spader performs as Ultron (after only hearing a brief line in between geeky nerdgasms drowning out the rest of the audio).

    Just wondering how they plan to stop the Ultron army being a recreation of the Chitauri army in the first one.

    Also, RIP Sir Richard Attenborough.

    • Totally agree on the Ultron army thing, been thinking about since they showed they started speculating about the Ultron army. But I doubt whedon will be as dumb just give us another big army battle where in the end they all shut down when Ultron is taken down. I will be seriously disappointed if that happens.

      • Maybe they will all be Ultrons. You know all them speak when Ultron speaks, kinda like one finishes the sentences of the other. But I kinda hope there is no mass defeat of the robots like the chitauri army. But if it is like that, i have no problem.

        • See, my problem isn’t the idea that they could all drop dead at the same time, mine is that it’ll be another army to fight.

          I’d like it if they formed in different areas so Thor was fighting them in San Fran, Cap in NY and maybe Stark vs Hulk in LA.

  3. Can’t wait for this thing. They better release the trailer soon from what I hear it was epic. Did anyone catch the storyboard video on YouTube. If you weren’t at comic-con and you see what the trailer was like look up age of ultron storyboard trailer on google. As for the Hulkbuster it looks sick. I hope no avenger dies in this one, but I could see Tony Stark sacrificing himself because he feels guilty about making Ultron.

    • It’d be almost poetic if Stark sacrificed himself by taking on an enraged and brainwashed Hulk, getting killed in the process and causing Don Cheadle to headline Iron Man 4 while Hulk gets imprisoned/sent off Earth for killing Tony (maybe self-imposed exile out of guilt once he reverts to his usual form and has a moment when he realises what he’s done?).

      • Honestly I just can’t see them killing tony off. He’s such a bankable character (iron man 3 making over 1bil). Not to mention the fact that I just can’t imagine the avengers without him, he’s the most complex character and my personal favorite. As for plantet hulk, seeing that on the big screen would be epic. Plus I really don’t want to see another hulk movie of him running away from the military the entire time.

        • I guess they could be sneaky and lie to the people who follow film shoots religiously by only ever showing the Iron Man armour and not revealing that it’s Cheadle wearing it until the trailer drops. Either that or recast him (which I doubt will happen so soon but they confirmed it’s an inevitability). Or maybe show Stark but it turns out he’s somehow uploaded his personality into the computer to stop it going rogue like it did with Ultron so that even if he’s dead, he can still control it.

          Planet Hulk? I hope it doesn’t happen but even if it doesn’t, the exile works without leading to Planet Hulk.

          • Probably shouldn’t ruin the speculation with this – but it is doubtful that they will be killing Tony since RDJ is signed for Avengers 2 and 3.

            • Yep, that info’s known but in what capacity will he be in Avengers 3? Will he be SHIELD Director coming out of superhero retirement to help against Thanos?

        • Totally agreed.

  4. Think most people know the Hulk Leaves earth for something at the end of A2. Does he vanish himself? or Is he going to look for something or someone? Does he kill someone ? I keep thinking that some how Dr. Strange and Wasp are involved.

    • I guessed a few weeks back that Banner would throw himself onto a space ship as a self-sacrifice if he was gonna go off-planet for any reason during the course of this film.

      Guess we should wait and see, intriguing though nonetheless.

    • It’s only a rumor at this point.

    • Dr. Strange and Wasp? That seems like a fairly random combination.

    • I don’t care as long as they get his ass off earth and onto Planet Hulk!

  5. I imagine that because the Ultron AI can exist in the cloud, the major difference between the Chitauri and Utron’s drones will be a global presence. The Avengers barely won against a bottle-necked invasion, fought in the span of a few square miles. Imagine how much different the battle from the first movie would have been if it were spread all over the world- I think that, along with intellectually superior leadership, should make for a very different, and far more difficult fight than the battle for New York.

    • That’s the thing, though. I’m not thinking implications or reasoning behind why, I’m thinking purely in visuals. They fought an army before, they’re doing it again now. You’re right, this time it might show them as being more in danger than against the Chitauri but you can guarantee some will watch it and say “boo, they just copied the fight from the first one, lazy writing”.

      • I can see that, and I’ve no doubt that such arguments will be made. To those detractors, I would answer that the Avengers will always assemble to fight an army, and the armies they face will always be portrayed as drone-like, and inhuman, lest the heroes themselves seem unheroic.

        Each of the main Avengers has faces such an enemy in their solo adventures; Iron Man faced Hammer drones, Thor Dark Elves, Captain America Hydra and Shield, and Hulk the US Army. I think what will really define these upcoming movies is not so much how the flaws of the heroes are explored, but rather how the strengths and merits of the villains measure against the flaws of the heroes.

        Perhaps Ultron’s logic will not only be superior; perhaps its intentions and motivations are more pure than those of the heroes. Perhaps Ultron is undeniably morally superior to the Avengers, and they seek to destroy him anyway. What an interesting story that would be…

  6. Whoa, that ultron looks badass! Can’t wait to see him!
    (@ dazz, thanks for helping against the anonymous stickinthemud. Really appreciate that you get that my humor is harmless dumb comedy and satire. That guy had the audacity to call me a punk of all things!
    I tried replying but the button disappeared. So thanks.)

    • You’re welcome. I’ve seen enough malicious trolls and annoyances over the years to be able to identify them and you’re definitely not one.

      • If that guy wants to see a real troll, he needs to find rolan. Rolan’s older comments should teach him what an actual troll is like.

  7. anyone else scared that adding:

    1. scarlet witch, quicksilver bad then going good
    2. ultron origin story
    3. vision turning bad to good guy in one film
    4. hulk getting mad at stark and then possibly coming around to the good side

    is going to make a really s***** movie in 2.5hrs?
    i think the movie needs to be 3 hours!

    • Honestly, I’m used to British shows packing so much into episodes that they can tell in 6 episodes what it takes US networks 22 episodes to tell so I’m not worried in the least.

      Good writers can cram things in and make it feel natural without adding to the running time.

  8. I heard the trailer suggested the rumors of Banner and Black Widow being romantically involved were true. In which case, I’m guessing that Banner is led to believe she dies somehow, and that’s why he goes crazy and Stark has to stop him.

  9. I really miss the mask on hawkeye. May not be needed but he just seems generic.

    • Hawkeye’s mask like the one he wore on 616 universe?

      A trained assassin wearing purple mask like that? Yeah, it’s really stealthy outfit…

  10. For me its not that interesting a fight between Hulk and Hulkbuster. there are better things.

    By the way, Where is the talk on Ultron´s Army?
    I thought Feige and Whedon had hinted a reason to why there are legions of Ultrons in that poster.

  11. It definitely wasn’t ultron controlling the hulkbuster. I saw the trailer at SDCC and you can see Iron Man getting into the suit. Such a bad ass scene!

  12. “It makes sense because there’s no one who can really go up against Hulk” what? thor can if we ever get to see a real thor, with super strength.

  13. How about tossing in Whirlwind and Kang in Avengers #3 for the baddies, and Wasp (Jan Van Dyne) and Goliath (Hank Pym) for the good guys? I bet no one would find fault with those additions. How would we get Hank and Jan into the current age at their young fighting prime? Well, Kang could do a time-travel trick, or if Doc Strange popped by, he does know a bit about magic….!

  14. Despite Ultron’s “Earth-bound” origins, he’s definitely not obsolete when it comes to the cosmic side of the Marvel universe. Anyone who’s read Annihilation: Conquest knows that when Ultron was exiled to outer space and joined with the Phalanx, he was definitely a force to be reckoned with against Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Ronan the Accuser, and the then-unofficial Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Now, I don’t know who owns the film rights to the Phalanx (with some of Marvel’s cosmic stuff belonging to Fox because of FF), but after Avengers 2, I think it would be cool to see Ultron pop up unexpectedly on the other side of the universe to duke it out with the MCU’s cosmic heroes. Perhaps merge the first Annihilation and Conquest into a film adaption with Ultron as the primary antagonist? I could be wrong, but my guess is that Fox owns Annihilus because he comes from the Negative Zone, which is FF territory. So if Marvel does plan to adapt the Annihilation story, I think Ultron would be the next best thing to use for it.

    There I go dreaming again…

    • Seems likely since the Ultimate FF gain their powers via a Negative Zone portal and it’s likely the new film is following that origin.

  15. Age of Ultron really needs to be at least 2 hours and 30 minutes
    Hopefully the run time will be around 2:45
    The Avengers was 2 hours and 22 minutes
    So another 20-30 minutes would be perfect!!!!

    Joss Whedon is totally amping up the screen time for these characters:

    -Nick Fury (No solo movies and giving the Avengers secrets about Hydra)

    -Maria Hill (No solo movies, one of the FOUR women, and giving Iron Man secrets about Hydra directly by working for Stark Industries)

    -Hawkeye (No solo movies, got jipped with screen time for the real Hawkeye in The Avengers, and a new suit)

    -Black Widow (No solo movies and one of the FOUR women)

    -The Hulk (No solo movies and big part of the plot ie. Hulk-buster fight)

    -Iron Man (No more solo movies, creates Ultron, hints about Ant-Man, and connections with War Machine)

    -Ultron (Titular villain)

    -Baron Von Strucker (New villain and repercussion of Hydra infiltrating Shield)

    -Madam Hydra/Viper (New villain, one of the FOUR women, and repercussion of Hydra infiltrating Shield)
    *played by Kim Soo Hyun

    -Scarlett Witch (New Avenger, one of the FOUR women, and turns from bad to good)

    -Quiksilver (New Avenger and turns from bad to good)

    -Captain America (New suit, broken shield, possibly looking in Wakanda for
    more Vibranium to make a new shield, and hinting Black Panther for a cameo in Captain America 3)

    -Thor (New suit, more powerful than in Thor: The Dark World, and could possibly be the first tragic death of the Avengers to make the script darker. IF Thor gets fried by Ultron, he could start out in Hel at the beginning of Thor 3, only to get busted out by Loki or Odin cuz they need Thor’s help to take out Surtur. Surtur would be hired by Thanos to destroy Asgard and bring him back the Tesseract and the Infinity Gauntlet within Odin’s vault, just as he hired Loki and then Ronan)

    Shorter screen time will go to these characters:

    -Stan Lee (Confirmed a cameo)

    -Erik Selvig (Confirmed at least a cameo and connections with Thor)

    -War Machine (maybe one or two scenes by himself otherwise with Iron Man)

    -Peggy Carter (Captain America thinks about memories and connections with Agent Carter)

    -Falcon (Maybe a cameo to help fight a billion copies of Ultron)

    -Pepper Potts (Maybe a cameo to help fight a billion copies of Ultron as Rescue)

    -Thanos (maybe a cameo during the credits, hopefully going to Surtur to help start hype for Thor 3. If not, maybe a clip for Ant-Man, Captain America 3, or Doctor Strange)

    -MODOK (maybe a cameo during the credits, could cause Captain America problems in the third installment in May 2016)
    *played by Andy Serkis

  16. After seeing Cap America – The Winter Soldier – It shows MARVEL can & will produce great movies without getting over-whelmed by the THANOS story – We now have that cosmic universe in place for future films.
    Avengers 2 Can go it alone with Utron – whilst we can all relax knowing THANOS & Co will be back !

  17. Nice try guys, never trust what the directors say for Marvel movies in my book. It’s gonna be amazing, but it’s not gonna be like an ‘apocalypse’ for the Avengers- I remember how they bigged up Iron Man 3 to be this dark epic, which would be a more brooding adventure than usual, but it was probably the funniest of the Iron Man series and to say it would ‘push Tony Stark to his limits’ he spent a surprisingly little amunt of time in his armour.

    No, I won’t be fooled into expecting Avengers 2 to be a Dark Knight-like movie

    • In all fairness, they did say they were “going back to the cave” so to speak, i.e. less time in the suit.

      I do agree they tried to make it darker though, which it was not.