‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Features New Character Origin; No Ant-Man?

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Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Logo The Avengers: Age of Ultron Features New Character Origin; No Ant Man?

When The Avengers broke worldwide box office records, it was only a matter of days before Disney’s leadership confirmed a sequel. The Avengers 2 got an official summer 2015 release date with the specific note that the film was untitled, leading us to believe that like all of the non-Iron Man films, future Avengers films would utilize specific subtitles instead of embracing a numbering scheme.

At the end of Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con 2013 panel, after footage was shown for the Thor and Captain America sequels, along with Guardians of the Galaxy, Joss Whedon came on stage and announced the title of the next project he’s writing and directing: The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In chatting with Marvel.com today, Joss Whedon revealed some key points about the title and story Age of Ultron. The most important note is that despite the title, the film is not based on the “Age of Ultron” Marvel Comics miniseries from earlier this year.

“We’re doing our own version of the origin story for Ultron. In the origin story, there was Hank Pym, so a lot of people assumed that he will be in the mix. He’s not. We’re basically taking the things from the comics for the movies that we need and can use. A lot of stuff has to fall by the wayside.”

What’s interesting about the first appearance of Ultron in the late ’60s is that part of mysterious introduction had the character using a brainwashed Edwin Jarvis – Tony Stark’s butler – in his plans against The Avengers. In the films, Jarvis (voiced by Paul Bettany) takes the form of Stark’s assistant AI who has an integral role in his workshop and helping Stark command his Iron Legion of additional armored suits in battle.

Age of Ultron Art Marvel Comicsjpg The Avengers: Age of Ultron Features New Character Origin; No Ant Man?

In the comics, genius scientist Henry Pym (Ant-Man) is responsible for the creation of Ultron, but if Pym is not part of the plan then Whedon isn’t joking about crafting their own Ultron origin story. The simple theory then is that Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is perhaps responsible for the creation of Ultron and that Jarvis – in a twist on the Marvel Comics origin – may go rogue.

“We’re crafting our own version of it where his origin comes more directly from The Avengers we already know about. It’s a little bit darker than the other film because Ultron is in the house. There’s a science fiction theme that wasn’t there in the other one. Ultron is definitely something that evolves, so we’re going to get together a couple of different iterations. Nothing can be translated exactly as it was from the comics; particularly Ultron.”

The origin of Ultron stemming from the original Avengers roster adds more credence to the idea that Stark may be involved and such a plot would offer the needed motivator to get Stark back into the Iron Man armor after the events of Iron Man 3. As for there being no Hank Pym in the story, it would be odd for Marvel to not take advantage of their highest profile and most successful brand to help launch one of their riskiest in Ant-Man, a film that happens to come out just months after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t be surprised to meet Ant-Man, whether its Hank Pym or another incarnation of the character, in The Avengers 2.

Fun Fact: In Marvel Comics, Ultron is the creator of Vision, the eventual android Avenger and love interest of Scarlet Witch.


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Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Marvel (via CBM)

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  1. No big deal. Either Tony Stark or Bruce Banner would easily be able to design and create Ultron.

    • I feel like since they are not doing the typical origin story, they will tie Ultron to Ant-Man once the Ant-Man movie is made and Ultron is defeated in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

      • Right on.

        It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

        I still don’t think Ant Man is worth a whole , stand alone flick.

        Why bother not even having a connection to Henry Pym in The Age Of Ultron?

        Seems like a wasted opportunity.

        • Ya it does seem a little odd. I was pretty happy for an Ant-man movie for the main consideration that it would open up Ultron and Vision, but it appears the source material isn’t what they are going for.

    • would you feel the same if Superman’s home planet in MOS was Proxima Centauri??

      It is not a big change is it??
      (or changed Supes’ last name from El to Ob)??

      I need to give credit where it is due!! I cant remember his name but he made this exact point on the 2nd page of comments…. GOOD POINT DUDE!!
      so much so I used it as well!
      The name change is mine but it makes the same point!!

      • Kal-Ob ??

      • The argument you make ( or that you have adopted ) doesn’t equal out.

        Granted, “we” KNOW the history and storylines of the Avengers comics.

        But Superman is a whole different phenomenon.

        Even those folks who no nothing of comics still know who Superman is (Kal-El/Clark Kent) and where he comes from ( Krypton, Smallville ).

        Superman is ingrained in the popular consciousness.

        Ask the typical chick on the street who Henry Pymm is. Ask her who Ant Man is.

        This is why I , personally, think the title – “The Age Of Ultron” is kind of weak.

        • His argument falls apart when you consider that Pym was revealed to be the one who built Ultron in a flashback after Ultron was already established (something like 3 or 4 issues later).

          • Right on. Take away the “flashback” and you have different possibilities for the emergence of Ultron AND it’s motives.

            Especially it’s motives as they relate to The Vision. ( And I believe we all presume the Vision WILL make his appearance in Avengers 2. )

            • I wouldn’t presume anything at this point.

    • It’s not a big deal to you. But, to me, and others, it is.

  2. After the Mandarin thing, everything is possible.

    • Hmmm well nothing follows the comics entirely, but as long as they don’t “Mandarin” the character all will be wonderful.
      But for the love of Starlin they better not mess up THANOS!!! One way I can seem them doing that is not including the idea that he is in love with Mistress Death, for some fear of it being “too dark”.

      By the way in my opinion Age of Ultron, the comic was pretty horrid!

      • “One way I can seem them doing that is not including the idea that he is in love with Mistress Death”

        Too late for that, they already made a reference to Thanos loving Death in the first Avengers, so it’s too late to not go that route.

        • No it’s not. Death could just be death. Just standard death, destruction and chaos caused by a massive battle. Not the entity. That line could have just been a nod to the fans while showing off the Mad Titan.

          • Ya I am afraid it will just be a nod to Mistress Death.
            I hope they go into the abstract entities. I mean they most likely will never do Living Tribunal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, In-Betweener, etc.. but they already surprised me with having one of the Elders of the Universe in a movie so ya never know.
            But yes I personally will be very disappointed if Mistress Death never comes into play.

          • He’s not going to literally be in love with the personage of Death, he’ll be obsessed with killing everything off. Fine with me, certain things that work great in comics don’t work that well when trying to do a realist film.

            • A realistic film about a purble alien fighting a norse god, a dude in a robot suit, a huge green thing, a dude wearing a flag and some humans with guns… Yeah, including death would deffinitly ruin everything ;)

    • Why is it so necessary to step a universe away from the source material?

  3. Even though Pym did not create Ultron in this movie, I am still super pumped that we are getting Ultron in a movie!!!

    • I know right Luton was always a bad€< it’s great to finally have him brought to the movie

  4. No Hank Pym, So most likely his first appearance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be in Ant-Man, unless they have a post-credits scene with him in it. Either way, the movie still will be good without him, the show must go on, at least we get to see Ultron.

    • The only excuse for no Ant-Man is a giant anteater got him!
      With all the rewrites, a giant anteater might just be possible.
      I can see it: Ant-man versus the Giant Anteater.
      That’s what my uncle was, a giant ant eat—wait, let’s not go there…

  5. Nononono! Pym is a definite must for Ultron! Will be surely disappointed if Stark ends up building Ultron. You can’t give him all the glory! Not only would Pym building Ultron be loyal to the comics, it will also build much needed hype for Ant-man, since the normal viewing public see him as a lame superhero. If they introduce Pym in Avengers 2, which of course millions will definitely see, they will also see and be intrigued by Pym and realize there is more to him and in turn go see the Ant-man movie. Not including Pym AT ALL with Ultron IMO is a huge mistake and the wrong way to go about this.

    • No Pym is NOT a definite must for Ultron. Move on

      • I think the reason people are upset about Ultron not being created by Hank in the MCU is because Ultron IS Hanks thing. Ultron has Pyms brainwaves, and the story between Pym and Ultron is pretty much a man fighting himself. It just makes me wonder how they’ll introduce Pym in the MCU (if they ever will).

      • I’m just saying they don’t NEED to exclude Pym. All that would do is disappoint fans and take away potential hype for Antman. I think it’d be a bad move because the general public aren’t interested in Antman. Make him create Ultron and provide some character depth BEFORE his standalone, then people will be more inclined to see what happens to him. I’m just saying.

        • You actually… kind of have a point.

          I’m a big comic fan, but I don’t know much about Ant-Man and Ultron, nor do I really care to read the Ant-Man stories. I’m just not interested in an Ant-Man movie, but the idea of there being a lot of back story with him and creating this big villain sounded kind of cool. Now (once again) I’m just not very interested in an Ant-Man movie. I’ll definitely be seeing Age of Ultron though.

        • Only problem with that is that Edgar’s Ant-Man is Scott Lang, so I don’t think Pym (unless we get Yellow Jacket or Goliath) isn’t going to be in the MCU.

          Also means no Janet either, more than likely

          • Scott Lang exactly.

    • Ant-Man is a lame super-hero no matter what. Ultron was created to give Pym a reason to even exist on the Avengers anymore, as no-one really cared about him. Then he beat his wife, which is just another example of Ant-Man needing some event to make him even justifiable in the Marvel Universe. I’m not planning on seeing a movie about Pym Ant-Man. I only want to see a movie about the new Ant-man. The criminal one.

      • You are thinking of the Ultimates version. Please read the ORIGINAL version before commenting further.

        Ant-Man an awesome character (as is his alter ego Giant-Man)

        • No, I’m thinking of mainstream Ant-Man in both instances. For Hank Pym beating his wife: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-90t7EN8j7z8/UJqNWBzN1yI/AAAAAAAAGX8/gYBviXo1bMI/s1600/hank_pym_slap-570×486.jpg

          As for the criminal part I’m referring to Scott Lang Ant-man also from mainstream canon: http://marvel.wikia.com/Scott_Lang_%28Earth-616%29

          • Dude, you need to do some more digging because looks are deceiving (and I am WELL aware of that particular cell, thanks ;))

            And you might be disappointed in your “criminal” version of Ant-Man. Lang might end up being an agent of SHIELD in the end. And even in the comics he stole the suit to help his daughter so there were good intentions.

            Lang though has always been a shallow, one dimensional character which is why Pym ultimately continues to be the hero. So why someone would want Lang over Pym escapes logic.

            Do you really know these characters or are you just reading the crap on Wiki and calling it good?

        • Well said, mongoose.

        • Isn’t the MCU based on many of the portrayals within the Ultimates?

          • Yes, much of it revolves around the Ultimates versions but not entirely. Even if they used the Ultimates version of Ant-man I highly doubt the wife beating part would make the cut.

    • i don’t know if this will make sense but what if hank pym has a small cameo in avengers 2, he meets stark and helps him update jarvis somehow in the process of updating an error occurs and ultron is created..
      hank pym’s introduction to the mcu could be solved and pym could still be ultron’s creator.

    • You know where it’s attt, pattt! I am with you all the way! We need Ultron, yes! But we need Pym as well…he offers so much potential: genius scientist, founding Avengers member in the comics, Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Goliath, YellowJacket, a new psychological angle to explore, connections to Wasp…you cannot do without him. Stay the course and return to the source, Marvel! Does anyone have the address for Marvel’s main guys in charge of these movies (please post) so we can put our suggestions right on their desks between their coffee cups and morning doughnuts?

  6. I imagine this is going to piss off a lot of fans but I’m fine with it. I do hope Marvel is smart about this and will make a Ant-Man cameo or something. I’m just afraid Ultron will turn out to be a cruel sick joke like Mandarin. But Joss Whedon clearly has more respect for the comics and the fans than Shane Black does.

    • Whedon won’t do the same thing Black did, Black took a foolish, foolish wish, but, it works because if you really think about it, SHEILD has betyrayed the Avengers in the first film with coulsons death, and setting up a fake mandrian, killian actually made the idealization of terrorism having a false face, even more plausible to the statement where Fiege or Whedon said “see where loyalities lye in TA2″.

      Makes Beautiful sense. so beautiful.

    • the mandarin twist was awesome. ant man should never be made. because he’s lame.

      • Your personal Opinion about Ant-Man.

      • I respect your opinion but I assume you are not a comic book fan and are just basing him off his name…

        • Ant Man and Aquaman will be the best superhero films ever made. They’re awesome characters and they deserve more respect than what they actually get.

          • I agree and can’t wait for people to see how right we are. Aquaman controls the friggin ocean and all it’s creatures…That’s like 80% of this world..

            • More like 72% ;)

              • Yeah, with his aquatic powers he could even probably come into your home and control the water in your bathtub! Make a tsunami in there or something. measured it, Mongoose is correct, 72%, not 80%…(some splashed out…).

                • Oh, and with all the rewrites, check the birdbath, Aquaman may have been there, too (or it could be Triton or the Sub-Mariner…)

        • At least he is only bashing the idea of an Antman movie. Unlike Antman, who likes to bash other things.

          • Oooooohhhhhhh! Nice.

          • +1

            • Uhh, yeah… depending on which version you’re referring to.

          • In one version, didn’t Steve Rogers clobber Hank Pym for clobbering Janet? And then Steve and Jan had a date or fling or something briefly?

    • Age of Ultron, now appearing, featuring a Rock “Em, Sock “Em Robot….!

    • I’m not such much an Antman fan,but Hank/Jan are so center @ Ultron–>Vision–> Wonder Man/Grim Reaper–> Quicksilver(The Inhumans)/Scarlet Witch (married to the Vision)–> & Hank feeling inadequate. Just like that…BOOM!!! :-(

  7. This is going to be very interesting, and all of these people pissed off, are not seeing Marvels vision. I’m looking forward to this. I re-watched Iron Man 3, with this exact idea in mind, and it completely, completely makes sense.

    The movie is going to be as good, if not better than the first.

    People are going to be pissed Stark is the centerfold, but I’m welcoming it because He’s not going to have any more solo films, and eventually, after TA3, RDJ will be saying goodbye to the “party scene“.

    • Agree with you wholly. People are just too focused on the ‘negative part’ and did not see the purpose behind whatever decision Marvel made in IM3. I’m sure it was there for a reason, and that’s why I watched the movie without hyping my expectation too much.

    • Marvels vision; “Hey! If we have RDJ… I mean Tony, create Ultron we can save money not hiring some other dude to be Hank! Yay for money! :D”

  8. Doesn’t bother me. The Antman film took too long to get off the ground and Avengers 2 was penned by Whedon some time ago too. Too much reworking would need to be done just to make it so Hank can be the creator… and it’s not worth it. And the idea proposed in this article could be quite intriguing as well.

    And weren’t there designs shown in one of the movies of something resembling Ultron? Could be the creation is based on an idea spawned by someone later to be reveal Hank Pym. So Joss saying Hank isn’t involved in Avengers 2 would still hold true. But there’s 2 years to go til this is more than just speculation.

  9. An evil robot is still going to be an evil robot at the end of the day, I suppose.

  10. Can’t say I’m not disappointed with that news. I think a huge part of what makes Hank Pym an interesting character is his guilt over creating Ultron and his subsequent quest for redemption.

    • Edgar will make something worth it, trust in a man who has devoted um… almost a decade of work on Ant-Man. He won’t mess it up. Ant-Man is going to be very awesome, and people need to remember, The MCU is NOT the comics, and the comics are not the MCU. There are some similarities, but some things can be changed, and if people aren’t happy with those changes, they’re not seeing the bigger, overall picture. Optimism.

      • No, Wright is dedicated to bringing the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man to the silver screen, NOT Hank Pym.

    • Ultron is pretty much all Hank Pym is… that and beating Janet I suppose. The guy is just a wreak of a super-hero. Let him fade into obscurity. I want an Ant-Man movie about the new one, the Criminal Ant-Man.

      • Edgar has stated it’s going to be about both Pym AND Lang so don’t you stress about it being all about Hank.

        Edgar, who has devoted 9 years to an Ant-Man script is going to make something very awesome. Don’t doubt that, if you’re a fan of his work.

      • There was so much more to Pym before the breakup between janet and him, and much more than Ultron. Read the early issues of Avengers where Pym was Giant-Man and Goliath, and you will get the flavor of who he needs to be and why. If the source material is not too important, maybe you won’t mind if they change the lineup by leaving out Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye, and putting in a bunch of pikers! Or, on the other hand, how about Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, & Wasp as the team? Would you guys who really want to change anything miss the first team?

        • Just remember: So many liberties were taken with the X-Men brand that after X-2, everything fell apart and drifted aimlessly away.

  11. Fanboy nerd rage in 5….4….3….2….1….

    • I’m just kidding by the way. I think that Marvel has a plan and if it makes for a better movie I am down.

      • They do… read up homie! I’m very optimistic about what Marvel has planned. Everything looks amazing.

  12. i would rather have ant man than Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch

    • Not always going to get what you want, sir.

    • I want Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch, but also Wasp and Goliath!

  13. No biggie, still can’t wait for this… should be epic.

  14. I am a little irritated at this because the regret of Ultron is a big part of what shapes Ant-Man and what makes him an interesting character. I’m also sick of seeing Tony at the center of everything. But Ultron is Ultron I suppose.

  15. With Antman, Wasp, Ironman, Widow, Hawkeye, and Cap together the Avengers seems a bit too street level for a superhero team. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver are the perfect duo for the group.

    • -3

      For not including Thor, for already bending the implication of ‘streetlevel’, and for suggesting a solution that wouldn’t really fix the suggested problem.

      • A street-level hero relies entirely on natural skill or intelligence to get by, through training their body to peak physical perfection and/or use of gadgets and tactics. Why would I include Thor?

        • Ok, sorry still some things about reading english where I don’t read the…context(?) the right way.

          I mention Thor, and should have said Hulk, because they largely keep the Avengers from being ‘street level’ and from what I’ve seen of Wasp she isn’t exactly what you call street level with wings and ‘blasts’ (I believe she has) and arguably Ant-man is above street level depending on how they have him change size.

        • See when I think Street-level I think of someone who battle’s primarily traditional criminal, or low-level super-hero threats. I think of guy’s like the Punisher, Dare-Devil, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage as “Street-level”. Their main schtick is keeping the streets safe for the average person. I don’t think of Iron Man, or really any of the Avengers as “street level”, because they face International threats in most of their adventures. I think of Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow as more falling into the “super spy” category as most of their stories revolve around espionage. I think of Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Hulk as international super-heros, because their primary stories usually revolve around government, and big business conspiracies, and interstellar threats. Cap also can fit into this category to a lesser extent as he is one of the primary avengers, however I still consider him more of a “Super-Spy.”

    • I’d like to see Cap, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, and Wasp. Even though I did not care much for Thor in the comics, strangely I kind of like him in the movies. I could live without the movie versions of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hulk if I had to if the movie was just too crowded.

  16. well it was already infered in IM3 that his suit would eventually be sentient at some point..it already went that way 2 or 3 times in the comic book especially the last story arc when he was fighting the Mandarin..and then the whole story line where his suit fought him “Predator style” on that isand in the Matt Fraction storyline-so for the movies they’d have to tie in other storylines,and overlap them in Avengers storylines- i mean the addition of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver happened in the comics like over 40 years ago so to do films based on there origins of the team and progressions they d really have to sum up and tie stories together more.. I do agree though not having Antman or Wasp in there in some capacity is ridiculous..

  17. It can’t be a coincidence that they’re introducing Ultron and Ant Man around the same time, and yet they aren’t related? This just seems like a really odd decision. It also seems like an excuse to make this into Iron Man 5.

  18. No Whedon, it doesn’t have to do anything. I don’t get why all of a sudden they want to stray drastically from canon when it isn’t needed, you can easily drop the name Hank Pym and have him not be Ant-Man for that film. It’s that simple.

    I don’t even read comics involving Avengers and I still think it would’ve been better and safer to just use Hank Pym. It’s not that freaking hard.

    That’s one thing IM3 did wrong. It wasn’t a minor change; it was a major change formed into toilet humor. Gee, that’s something people want to see in an Iron Man movie. That twist was so unnecessary that I think it was a waste of Ben Kingsley, a brilliant actor as is who will always be miles ahead of Guy Pearce.

    God only knows where this will go. Maybe the child sidekick of Tony Stark will build him out of junk before he starts preparing for a big pod race!

    • Gotta agree with Ultimate ACW here. If you stray from the canon, you’ll get shot with a cannon!

  19. Not to sold on this, pym created ultron. You cant have tony stark create every
    single problem. Unfortunately there is not enough time in the movie to show pym creating ultron with all the other characters being introduced.

    • Pym could have already developed Ultron by the beginning of the movie.

  20. I really like the idea of Jarvis going rogue.

  21. Lame. I don’t like this news but I will play along with it.

  22. Ant-man is getting shafted because of his name, he was a founding member of the avengers and created ULTRON, that is his what makes up part of him. Now there are going to give there biggest star the oppertunity to make a villain (that is assuming that Tony Stark is the creator) Even though I don’t think a narcasistic jokster will have any emotion just witty comments about creating a monster. Atleast pym would of added some regret and strong emotional ties with Ultron. Oh well I will wait for Edgar Wrights Ant-man since he is the only man interested in giving him a role.

    • Bruce Banner spent a LONG time looking for a cure for the Hulk, meaning something like Ultron would be the last thing on his mind.

      Which means it is going to be Tony as the spotlight character…again.

      • Since they pay Downey Jr. all the money and he’s the big star I guess it makes sense to center most of the story lines around him.

    • Good thing I know Downey is signed for Avengers #3, what with all the straying from canon lately, or I would get worried that Stark would build Ultron, and Ultron would sanction Stark with extreme prejudice, so Downey could retire from the part. Now that would be a scary, grundies-wetting thought! Don’t go there!

      • Oh, no, I can see it now: Iron Man replaced by the Tin Woodsman, Cap replaced by Dudley Do-Right, Hulk replaced by the Jolly Green Giant or Little Green Sprout, and Thor replaced by hagar The Horrible! Straying from canon? Saving a buck? It could happen!
        What next, Nick Fury replaced by Popeye? (Hmmm…one eye…could it be the second coming of Cyclops?)!

  23. Not too pleased about this. Ultron is Pym’s big thing. I’m not pissed or anything but I don’t see any reason for them to not include him and change the origin story. It’s not really necessary. He’s already not making Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch mutants. I just don’t see a reason for all these changes. Kinda letting us die-hard fans down.

  24. I can dig it. Ant-Man is trash anyway. He’s just one event after another. A list of bad things Hank Pym does: Accidently creates a divise that makes him the size of an ant, creates Ultron, beats his wife. Good things he’s done:… convinced the Avenger’s to let him join? Does that even count? I mean if that counted then Norman Osborn would be a good guy.

    • You just haven’t read the early comics when he was Giant-Man and Goliath! You’d change your mind quickly.

  25. kinda destroys the whole point of Ultron!

    • How so? He’s still an Avenger’s villian, he still has a very personal attachment to one of the Avengers. Seems everything about Ultron is still in tact.

      • and bingo was it name-o

      • Destroys the villian’s original motivations, reasons for being and doing what he does. Ultron was a product of PYM’s brain patterns, not Stark’s.

        Basing him on what I assume will be a corrupt version of Jarvis removes all of the reasoning and logic behind the villain, leaving nothing but an empty husk that only looks like Ultron.

        • +1 This isn’t the same ultron of the comics. If they did ultron unlimited story arc that would be amazing. But Pym was the heart of that story so it’s not happening.

        • Jarvis is a creation of Tony. The corrupted Jarvis could develop a hate for Tony pretty much similar to the hate Ultron feels for Pym. Not only that but Jarvis has shown to pretty much be Tony’s life-line. Example: Tony would have been screwed at the end of IM3 without Jarvis piloting all of Tony’s extra suits for him.

          • Yes TONY…….Pym has a completely different personality from Stark and Stark’s personality (especially the MSU version) does not relate well imho to giving Ultron the proper basis for its existence. And who will it become focused on, Pepper Potts? /rolls eyes.

        • Yep, Mongoose grabs the cobra right where it counts. Agreed, indeed!

  26. I hope they have obi-wan not be darth’s mentor in the next star wars too.

  27. Hank isn’t going to be the centerfold Ant-Man in the Ant-Man film. They’re going to flash-forward to Scott Lang.

    60s Hank
    present Scotty.

    problem solved….

    • No it’s not “problem solved”. More like “canon completely ruined”

      This is Mandarin 2.0 imho.

      • How can it be “canon ruined” if the 616-Universe and the MCU are two different universes? I’m confused.

        • Because these characters in the films are based on the comics. Even though they take more from the ultimate universe.

          • Even though Marvel have put the movie universe as existing on one version of Earth, the animated shows are set on another, the original comic books are Earth-616, Ultimate universe is a different Earth….

            • Yeah I know. Thanks for the redundancy.

          • They call MCU “Earth-199999″ for a reason. I always look at the movies as an alternate universe in comparison to Earth-616 and even the Ultimates (Earth-1610).

            That way if things are different it’s not “ruining canon” for me, it’s just different from the way it’s in the mainstream continuity.

            They’re parallel universes, that’s why they’re mostly similar in some ways and very different in others.

            So I never get this “canon is ruined” thing, because this is a different world. They could’ve gone with the Natasha Stark (Earth-3490) (just an example) story and canon would be still very much intact.

            I think comparing all the details is just setting yourself up for disappointment. I don’t see people arguing about how Ultimates ruined the canon for 616. They accept that they both exist besides one another.

            MCU is just another universe that is lined up next to the other alternate marvel universes. Similar, but different at the same time. We gotta accept that, otherwise you’re just gonna be disappointed over and over again.

            I rather enjoy this alternate universe in its own context than comparing it to Earth-616 every step of the way.

            • Sorry but erasing Pym from the equation entirely is not just some minor “detail” to be swept under the rug and forgotten.

              And while I fully comprehend that there will be differences between the two, they are supposedly trying to bring the Marvel stories to life so drastic changes like this are NOT what I want to see. I would like to the the stories I read about as a kid brought to life and not butchered because they felt Pym was unnecessary.

              • Thats just it. HE IS UNNECESSARY!. Just because you think he isn’t doesn’t make it so. The movie will still be awesome without Pym. You really need to get over your small-minded thinking dude.

                • Unnecessary? According to YOU maybe but many of us would disagree (and I’m not the only one in case you hadn’t noticed…and there are a lot of others out there beyond SR who agree).

                  You want to talk unnecessary, how about Black Widow and Hawkeye who could have been removed our replaced with just about anyone but yet THEY were in TA1 and will be in TA2?

                  And I’m not being small minded, its you with your worship of Whedon who can supposedly do no wrong that needs to stop being such a sheep and have a backbone.

                  • Last I checked, Ultron has several different origins. But you and those of your ilk alone get to decide which origin is used because… hey.. you know better than Marvel. And because you personally don’t like it, the rest of us who will at least give Whedon and Marvel the benefit of the doubt (they deserve at least that, no?) are somehow sheep and Whedon worshipers? Seriously dude?

                    You keep trying to make comparisons to what Whedon & company are doing with stuff that is not even in the ball park of similarity. Oh and for the record – the Mandarin twist in IM3 was AWESOME. Taking an out-dated race-exploited character and changing him for the times was not only needed, but I applaud it also. Get over your frickin self.

                    I tell you what – you stay home, stand in the corner of your room and punch a wall or something (isn’t that what you all do when you don’t get your way?) while the rest of us go and enjoy the movie for what it is – a CINEMATIC representation of comic books.

                    • Yes, seriously. You obviously can’t manage to think for yourself and just blindly accept whatever you are given and like it. Sorry but I am not one to bend over and take it and have my OWN opinion. Thought that was allowed, especially here.

                      And yes, Ultron has had several different origins but they are all updates on the last version or some minor variation. This is none of those and erases a great character completely which I take issue with. If they don’t intend on removing Pym from the comic canon and turning it all over to Stark/IM then they shouldn’t be doing it in the MSU (not that they CAN’T…..only shouldn’t…..imho)

                      You may not like Pym or Ant-Man but MANY of us do and have wanted to see this character on the big screen JUST as much as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. so removing him is a HUGE let down. Do you not comprehend that???

                      As for it being a “CINEMATIC representation of comic books”…if they stray too far from the stories they themselves have established, it eventually stops being a representation and instead becomes something separate from the comics. Please tell us why we can’t have both a cinematic version AND one that remains a fairly true adaption? Seems Marvel used to strive to do that but with the horrible treatment of The Mandarin, any faith I may have had is waning.

    • No Langs need apply.

  28. Anyone who’s okay with this news…were you mad/upset about the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3? Because if you were, you have no reason to not feel the same way about this. It’s the same concept of drastically changing the main point of a villain from comic book to movie. I just feel like all I saw was hate with the Mandarin change up, yet with this news it seems like a lot of people are good with it.

    And for the record, I liked the Mandarin twist, and Iron Man 3 as a whole. I’m fine with super hero movies changing details about characters, as long as it’s not something completely stupid. This has been common in these movies for a long time, even in the 80s with the Tim Burton Batman movie (Joker killing Bruce Wayne’s parents). Sure, there might not be any reason to change things, but it’s nice switching things up once in a while. Let’s see what they have in store for Ultron.

    • Didn’t like the mandarin twist and I don’t like this either.

      Guess I’m consistent at least. ;)

      • Always said Mongoose was one of the smartest guys here!
        With you all the way on both the Pym angle and the mandarin mess as well!

    • I actually liked the Mandarin twist because it did make some sense. There was no way to explain the powers of his 10 rings, or fully showcase them with justice in one film. Unless they made the Mandarin a recurring villain, they had to do something like that. Plus I found it humorous.

      I’m not for this Ultron rewrite because it doesn’t make sense. Antman diehards will be angry, people will be uninterested with an Antman movie because they don’t even know who he is. Introduce him as the man who created Ultron in a summer blockbuster and people will be lining up to see what happens to him. I thought Antman had a fighting chance at being a big film when I heard Ultron was the headlining villain, but if they omit it I think it’d be doomed to fail (or not fail, just not do as good as Marvel would hope).

      • I’d say wait until we see the movie or at least learn more of the plot before we all cry that the sky is falling. I imagine that they’ll introduce Ant Man in A2. It would be hard to introduce a character in a movie, have him be the cause of the villain, and also have him not be a throw away character…there’s only so much development you can put into a two hour movie, and with all the characters that are already involved with the Avengers I would think that Whedon doesn’t want to water down a character for the sake of comic book purity.

        • I feel introducing him and having him be the cause would not be watering him down at all. Giving him recognition (at LEAST) for creating Ultron I feel like it will pave the way for a very exciting standalone film. Introducing him in that manner would familiarize him to a much wider audience and allows Marvel to do several things.

          1) Bring the focus AWAY from Tony Stark and more on his ensemble.
          2) Hype the Antman movie after people are curious about the consequences of Pym’s involvement with Ultron.
          3) Allow more character development rather than backstory or introduction. Allows more action in the film because the audience will already know who he is.

          That is IMO the best way to look at it. It’s all opinion, of course.

          • I loved the Mandarin twist and think those who didn’t may or may not have a screw loose.

            As for this….

            Disappointment set in at the start of the article but by the end of it, I shrugged and thought “bring it on then”.

            And if people get mad at the finished product (spoiler alert: they won’t) because of the change then hey, maybe I’ll start seeing others joining me in thinking that Whedon really isn’t very good as a writer or creator.

            • Yeah because you know everyone’s opinion on everything. The twist sucked in IM3 and it’s the weakest film in the trilogy just like the dark knight rises was the weakest.

              • Cyborg, you’re correct.

      • Sticking with an already-proven winning formula (Pym-Ultron) makes sense to me as well. It is like the Hostess Twinkie: everyone liked the taste, nothing wrong with it, but then they had to go and change the formula, size, shape, etc., and suddenly the thrill wa gone..it was not quite the Twinkie we remembered anymore….

  29. When I heard this title I debated on pulling a perry cox and doing a backflip!!!!! I didn’t though no now would be able to handle that.

    Anyway I think it’s great that they’re using a villain that has always had such a massive destructive impact on the team itself I am suprised to hear that Pym (not yet ant-man) won’t be appearing at all in the film, I was talking with my friend earlier and I started thinking that what they would end up doing is just introduce hank Pym and have him create ultron and then have him become antman after the avengers 2 in his own movie to try and redeem himself by being a superhero. I wonder how they’ll alter it im sure they’ll do a good job they’ve got the right people so far. I would say that out of all the characters that could create ultron for the movie I’d say stark is the most likely, I wouldn’t be suprised is SHIELD began utilizing a new form if the extremis formula to try and fight Ultron and Tony’s angry about that and all the other heroes are angry at Tony for building Ultron. I wonder who they’ll get to play or voice ultron, the meetings Marvel has been having with Vin Diesel make me think that he may be up for the role and even though when I first heard the phrase Vin Diesel cast as Ultron I think to myself what the hell? I then think that he would be good for it whether he’d be voicing the character or playing it in a live action mo-cap suit, with diesel I always felt he had very good range but he just never got a good chance to use it, he can obviously pull off some sweet action scenes but I remember the first thing I saw him in as a kid was actually the pacifier and I still think he showed some new range in that, and in iron giant though his voice was obviously edited it was great, so I bet diesel would be great if he is involved with the character. As for hank Pym I have a feeling they might get Aaron Eckhart I heard marvel may be trying to talk to him and I think he definitely looks the part and can play it well, I’m not sure how expensive he would be though but after watching him in Dark Knight I notice that he can portray a lot of emotional distress and pain that Pym most likely feels, as for the villain in Ant-Man I bet it’s Radio Active man. I cant wait for more marvel movies I’m enjoying phase 2 so far :)

    • Well Diesel did voice the Iron Giant so maybe he’d be a good voice for Ultron.

    • “I was talking with my friend earlier and I started thinking that what they would end up doing is just introduce hank Pym and have him create ultron and then have him become antman after the avengers 2 in his own movie to try and redeem himself by being a superhero”

      I take it you came to that conclusion after reading my post saying that exact same thing earlier this year then?

      • No, I said that before you, dazz.

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