‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Comic-Con 2014 Trailer Description

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Avengers 2 comic con header The Avengers: Age of Ultron Comic Con 2014 Trailer Description

In one of the most highly-anticipated panels of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, the cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, including new recruits Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, took to the stage during Marvel’s Hall H presentation to discuss what fans can expect to see in the sequel to the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time. It wasn’t all talk, however: attendees also got a look at the very first teaser footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The trailer began with the familiar heroes (including War Machine) dressed in casual all hanging out at Avengers Tower and attempting to lift Thor’s hammer… without much success. Only Captain America is able to move it (slightly) and Thor’s concerned facial expression is priceless until he smiles when Rogers gives up. The exercise is interrupted by the appearance of Ultron, in a broken down, almost skeletal form with silver armor plating haphazardly forming his upper hunched torso. He proclaims, “There’s only one path to peace: your extinction.” The heroes all stand up facing him and Thor picks up his hammer.

This opening was followed by a montage of action shots of selected quotes from the movie, including Tony Stark saying that what happens in the movie is “the end of the path I started us on.” The trailer then offered a first look at the movie’s version of the Hulkbuster armor in action in multiple scenes, and Ultron delivered the excellent line “There are no strings on me.” The trailer concluded with Tony standing in a wasteland with the rest of the Avengers lying on the ground looking a lot worse for wear. Captain America’s shield was broken in half. They were seemingly dead. Perhaps the aftermath of that Comic-Con exclusive poster?

The excitement didn’t end with the trailer, however. The moderator then asked how the heroes battle such a threat like Ultron and RDJ made the quip that “we have a Thanos.” Josh Brolin, who was recently confirmed to be playing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, came on stage wearing a plastic Infinity Gauntlet and Downey Jr. gave him a pink rose. Which he put in his mouth and chewed.

Much of the footage featured scenes of The Avengers using their abilities in locations around the world. There was a large emphasis on Iron Man suiting up in the larger Hulkbuster suit which forms around the main suit and him fighting Hulk. Hulk throws a car at the Hulkbuster in one shot and as the car hits him, Hulk punches it into him further. A scene later in the sizzle reel highlighted the mechanisms on the Hulkbuster arms that seem to lock into place to give Iron Man more strength as he and the Hulk punch each other and lock fists.

Olsen accidentally used the word “mutant” when referring to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but after being booed by the audience she quickly corrected this to “mutated people,” since the rights issues prevent Marvel from using the twins’ X-Men background.

Want to know more about what’s to come in The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Check out Screen Rant’s interview with Vision himself, Paul Bettany, and stay tuned throughout the rest of the convention (and beyond) for more news about your most anticipated upcoming movies.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is out in theaters on May 1st, 2015.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it hit the internet, I hope we see some Quicksilver action.


  2. Like I said on another site’s live blog, the only part of the trailer description that was new to me was the “Stark in a wasteland looking at the bruised and beaten bodies of his fellow Avengers” part, otherwise, I already read the description on Monday or Tuesday (only THAT description had way more footage apparently).

    Can’t wait to hear Thanos next week though in Guardians, got my 2D screening tickets set for midday next Thursday.

  3. Whoa, the Olsen girl got booed? Could you clarify? Like actual angry boos? That’s far too intense.

    • Like teasing booed I guess :)
      She’s teasing the audience too

    • She said “mutant” and because the audience booed due to mutants being in Fox films (X-Men), she corrected herself and said “mutated people”.

      It’d be like mentioning that epic Batman V Superman teaser at a Marvel Studios panel, which you can watch here:

      • Wow, the people close to the person recording, or the person who was recording, seemed to be getting WAY too excited, especially when Superman was shown. His reaction was like they were revealing that Superman was going to be in the movie.

        • Honestly? I can’t stop watching it and every time I do, I feel genuinely excited. Similar to hearing Godzilla’s roar and then seeing him fully in the trailers for that film earlier this year, which I kept playing on repeat and every time I did, I’d have a tear of excitement trying to escape my eye.

          I wouldn’t have screamed so much but I’d have definitely said the “Oh s***” part when Superman was shown hovering above Batman.

        • Particularly considering how lame that teaser was. It was nothing but Batman and Superman staring at each other. Unless you’re so blindly loyal to those characters that just seeing them on the screen at the same time gets you excited there’s nothing in the trailer to even suggest that Dawn of Justice is going to improve of the flaws of the terrible Man of Steel. But hey, I guess some people just care more about seeing their two favorite characters fight each other than about quality filmmaking.

          • You’re one of THOSE kinds of people, aren’t you?

            You’re honestly saying that the idea of two people squaring up to one another like that is “lame”?

            *shakes head*

            I dunno, I guess because I loved how in ECW back in the mid 90s, Sabu and Taz spent a whole year threatening each other and having staredowns before they actually – finally – came to blows inside the ring, I’ve become a fan of that kind of teasing before the big fight while you’re more of a “meh, it’s been 5 seconds and no punches have been traded yet, BOOOORIIING” kinda guy. Right?

            Did you not get goosebumps when you first saw that Godzilla teaser? I did and that’s how I felt watching this teaser too.

            And yes, I prefer quality film-making and this was made by a true film-maker who genuinely cares about giving people who love comic book movies a certain warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside their guts. Before my second viewing of MOS, I thought Snyder was a hack with no good films under his belt but then I saw MOS that second time, realised how layered it was and now this teaser has got me wishing it was 2016 so I could see the movie already.

            Not many films give me that feeling at all. That’s how I know this is gonna be special.

            • Says the person who’s in love with the crappy Man of Steel movie.

              • For the record, even if it wasn’t a Superman movie, it still would have been great, imagery wise, and story wise.

            • Dazz, I got to say, I agree with you in a lot of things, but this is not one of them. I admit, I am a bit of marvel fanboy myself,but Dc didn’t exactly “deliver” this comic con. I understand your excitement but this just looks like a staring contest. I would like some actual footage from the movie itself.

              • I agree as well that Dazz is dumb.

              • Considering this movie is two years away I would say we got a lot more than what Marvel gave us about Avengers last Comic Con.

            • You mentioned Sabu and Taz face-off in ECW, what about The Undertaker and Triple H face-off at Raw 2.21.11, not a single word spoken, not a single punch, that was EPIC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By5R4qdcQZA

              And speaking of epic found one Batman and Superman face-off clip that may soon be deleted https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=d1c5d4abceeae1bc&id=D1C5D4ABCEEAE1BC%21116&ithint=video,mp4&authkey=!AHMRalkdz39qq5o

          • It was straight from the panels of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. I can’t take people like you seriously that complain about these things when obviously you aren’t a fan of source material.

            • I am not a fan of source material just think it was a good story, the idea of Superman becoming government puppet kind of meh as well as other characteristic of the character. But i was excited like i’ve never been during Comic-Con announcements.
              Quan Chi is just a troll and DC hater from one forum, he simply can’t enjoy both stuff.

        • yeah. it’s kinda like how i reacted when i first saw doc ock in action in a clip, but i was 10 back then and didn’t know better.

        • haha I know right? it’s like he just found out there was going to be a batman v superman movie.

      • that was cooool! thank you

        • You’re welcome. SR can’t show it since it’s an unofficial video so someone had to provide it to the rest of the SR family.

          • already been removed :(

            • That’s a shame, hopefully someone who downloaded it can re-upload, it was amazing.

      • lmao, holy sh*t they removed that video fast!

    • Nope.
      Tthe boos were from calling them mutants, when everyone in the audience knows they aren’t allowed to call them mutants due to Fox having the X-Men license. They weren’t really booing Olsen herself.

    • It sounds like the boo’s are directed to Fox owning the rights to other properties, and not directly at her.

    • It was more of an “ooo” than a “boo.”

      • Maybe we all heard it wrong and they were actually saying “You” as a cheer of support for her casting?

        • Screenrant had one thing wron in te article….she didnt correct herself after the booeeing but straight after she almost said the M word…it was more like muta…and then she corrected herself and then the boooeeeing followed so it was more directed at Fox it seemed because she cant even say the word mutant on the panel i guess.

      • I’m pretty sure they were yelling “Booooo-urns.”

        • Dammit, I should’ve seen that one coming considering how often that line was used during live wrestling commentary/reviews we did over the years.

        • I was saying “Boo-Urns”…

          • LOL, I’m glad it doesn’t make my name permanent… I would be stuck as Mole Man. I loved that Simpsons moment. :-D

    • Just saw the panel and it was amazing!

      But to answer your question she got booed in a fun and joking way.

    • Probably bood because of the fact they can’t use mutants, not her directly

    • Not really booed, more ” you got in trouble with teacher” noises due to the fact that, as the article alludes to, I guess they are not supposed to mention their mutant backgrounds. Which is stupid anyway. Take a look for yourself, here is the panel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy_c6ze7V_c

  4. I thought Cap could lift Thor’s hammer. (and by thought… I mean I know he has in the comics.)

    • Having him do it in the film would just complicate things. I do like the tip of the hat to it that they’re including though.

      • Actually, I think he probably was faking it. To get it to move, even a little, already means he can move it. I think he realized this and then stopped actually trying and pretended like he couldn’t move it more so to not hurt Thor’s feelings…

    • I kept hoping for a scene in the first movie where Thor would get tackled or something and drop the hammer, then Cap would run by, scoop it up and casually toss it to him saying “You might need this” (or something light hearted) without ever even realizing this was an accomplishment on his part. Then The scene would end with Thor just looking incredulously as Cap jogged away.

      • That’s… actually not a bad idea. If that’s how they had touched on the subject in Age of Ultron instead of what they’re going with, I’d have been fine with it.

      • A million times this^. The fight between Iron Man and Thor that Cap breaks up would have been perfect. They all get knocked back, Cap stands first and picks up Thor’s hammer and hands it to him. Immediate reason for Thor to trust/listen to Cap, and a great character moment that could’ve helped establish Cap even earlier on as the natural leader of the Avengers. Definitely wanted this in the first one, hope to see it used as more than a sight-gag in the second one.

      • Hahah that would’ve been cool. Nice thought

    • What if Thor was holding the hammer and Hulk picked up Thor?

      • Then by the transitive property hulk picked up the hammer

  5. I wonder how long till we can see this OFFICIALLY online…? Hmmm… ;)

  6. Looks like this movie is the downfall of Tony Stark. This is one mess his money, influence and snarkiness won’t get him out off.

    • Which could be his way out of the films until Avengers 3. Unless they make IM4 in between.

      Pretty sure I speculated this ages ago when they first said he’d accidentally create Ultron.

  7. Iron Man is left standing, but not Thor? A god?! And Hulk? Who has beaten a god?!

    • Ultron may have purposely kept Stark alive so he would take the rap for all the death and destruction his creation caused.

      • if I had to guess I’d say that’s a Scarlet Witch induced dream sequence. Stark’s nightmare of what his creation can do, etc.

        makes zero sense for that to actually be a genuine moment that happens in the film. preposterous that Thor & Hulk die before Stark.

        • I said to someone as the footage was described live from the floor that it was probably a dream sequence with Stark having a nightmare about what his tech has done to the world and the people he cares about and he wakes up having a crisis of faith, full of self doubt and guilt and deciding to quit until he’s eventually talked out of it to head SHIELD.

          • exactly. we already know there’s a 40′s flashback with Peggy, so it seems logical that Scarlet Witch is messing with their heads some. would allow them to have some amazing footage for trailers that, in the film itself, would just be dreams.

            if they do have it so that Stark survives while the others die (they’ll be resurrected or whatever but I mean if they die first in battle) I will be so pissed. Thor & Hulk easily the most powerful of the Avengers. should be the last ones standing in any battle.

            • I dunno, I wouldn’t even say she’s to blame though it is possible. I was just thinking of it as a long-lasting effect of his PTSD from IM3 more than anything.

            • uh what ??? NO ONE knows anything about this movie – just cause they say Peggy Carter will be in it doesn’t mean anything as to when or how – why do you make any assumptions it’s a 40s flashback ???
              it could be a current time scene where for a moment Peggy Carter is restored to her youthful appearance (thru Scarlet Witch’s magic or something like that or possible (but not likely yet) – Cap is actually transported in time
              or may be they just show her again as an old lady when Cap goes to visit her to find out about Baron Von Strucker

              also – it’s very easy for Hulk and Thor to die or lose otherwise before Iron Man
              1 – however it happens – may be Iron Man is not there at the time and he shows up afterwards
              2 – it could be Scarlet Witch, Vision or one of the Infinity stones that play a factor into taking them down

              with Scarlet Witch being part of this film – ANYTHING is possible – ANYTHING -
              I implore fellow readers – please stop assuming you know anything unless it’s confirmed by one of the main sources or until the movie is actually released – it’s fine having guesses and theories, etc – but try not to make assumptions based on ZERO FACTS or without any logical thinking

        • I would guess it is a dream sequence, but not one created by the Scarlet Witch. I’m pretty sure that’s not one of her abilities

          • Scarlet Witch has chaos magic, which seems to mean she can do whatever the plot needs her to. I mean, she magicked herself pregnant one time (with twins!), I’m pretty sure she could give people weird dreams if she felt like it.

            • that was exactly my point. she can do whatever they need her to, and I’m pretty sure Whedon or Olsen said she was gonna mess with their heads.

              either way, I’m sure that’s gonna be a dream sequence, which is why it’s in the trailer. it’s super dramatic and draws the viewer in but during the film it’ll just be a dream.

    • Why not? He held his own against Thor, didn’t he ?

  8. Ha I was so right aboit them trying to lift the hammer lol I love it can’t wait

  9. Did they announced any of their future films for phase 3 like Black Panther and was there any news on Doctor Strange like who’s playing him?

    • Nope, panel was just Ant-Man and Avengers 2. Feige said at the start he just wanted to focus on those two movies.

      • EXACTLY as I predicted a few days ago – that they would NOT announce more than 1 or 2 films at most
        plus I even called it WHEN GotG 2 would come out towards the later part of Phase 3 — likely in 2017.

        • Pretty cool, man. Don’t you just love being right, even if it’s a wild yet logical guess? Welcome to the club, brother.

        • and according to a comments on twitter about the footage shown:
          AGE OF ULTRON footage: Final shot, Stark finds all the Avengers’ … bodies!

          — and I called that EXACTLY – that one or MORE characters would be killed and more than likely brought back to life via Scarlet Witch or other method.

          who knows may be it’s a dream sequence, mind control or something – but clearly from what was shown they want it to look like all the Avengers are killed – and that’s EXACTLY what I thought would happen

          and by the end of the movie at least one of them will be dead and/ or presumed dead – like in Empire Strikes Back and Wrath of Kahn – to eventually return to life in one of the sequels

          so … I guess Benedict Cumberbach is cast as Doctor Strange then huh ?? or wait or is that Jared Leto or Joaquin Phoenix … oh no that’s right it’s going to be Johnny Depp – everyone was SOOOOO POSITIVE based on some rumors — that no one of course has an actual source for

          • Since you want to keep bragging so much I thought I would go check things you’ve written cause you just sound so awesome that you are right about sooo much. BUT WAIT…WERE YOU?

            You were bragging about being right about Marvel announcing 1 movie yet your words from a thread were, “I think they’ll only announce TWO-maybe 3 of these films and all the rest will remain mysteries.” Yet in another place you wrote you wrote, “EXACTLY as I predicted a few days ago. That they would not announce more than 1 or 2 films at most.”

            I think your definition of the word “EXACTLY” might be different than others.

            Also, bragging about guessing GotG 2 would be near end of phase 3? There are literally at least 5 other people who guessed this.

            As for you bragging about knowing Avengers would be dying in this movie…Movie isn’t even out yet! So you can’t say, “and I called that EXACTLY. That 1 or MORE characters would be killed. …” I’ve seen other people post ideas that an Avenger could die and that Dr. Strange and/or SW could bring back a fallen avenger. You aren’t the only one to have this prediction.

            I also noticed you stated that Lynda Carter was “half-Mexican” This is incorrect. Her mother is of Spanish and Mexican descent and her father is Irish, German, and English.

            I also think its ironic you bash on people for their ideas or theories. Even telling one person, “…but try not to make assumptions based on zero facts or without any logical thinking. “ However, you say things like, “At some point the Avengers will get sent to an alternate dimension and/or encounter Kang and by then the science members are definitely going to step up to the plate.” What evidence is there that of your assumption that the Avengers will be sent to another dimension? “…zero facts…”


    • Right?! Im dying over here

  11. Nice theories, Dazz.

    • Thanks, Anton.

      Not sure whether it’s my natural tendency towards logic or my creative side as a writer or possibly both but I tend to theorise the most logical way that certain things could happen based on very little info and sometimes, I’m amazed at how accurate I was, others I like that they surprised me with something good that I’d never thought of and then there are times I wish they’d at least gone with my theory because what they did was as terrible as the kind of ideas you see on message boards that you read and think “where the hell did you get THAT idea from?” while facepalming at the sheer mindlessness of the suggestion.

      I think I love speculating on what “may” happen more than most because with a lot of films (these Marvel ones, for example), it’s my main source of excitement. Others can get excited really easily about something but for me, my main reaction is usually “cool, ok” until I see a trailer.

  12. I have been searching online all day and have yet to find any uploaded footage.Dang it!SOMEONE PLEASE UPLOAD THE TEASED FOOTAGE NOW!!

    • They’ll probably release it officially in a few months.

      Not sure about the epic Batman V Superman one but hopefully that will officially release too.

  13. When us the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer coming out

    • November? That sounds about right.

      • Was Paul Bettany on the Panel?

      • actually I’ld guess the 1st teaser (may be the same as this comic con footage or with new little bits) – will debut with the start date of Agents of Shield – what better way to bolster your premiere ratings than with the Avengers?

        and then Trailer 1 – comes around Jan with the premiere of Agent Carter

        and then Trailer 2 – about a month give or take before Avengers 2 release date — which conveniently coincides with the return of Agents of Shield.

        and around Feb with the Superbowl – they will likely NOT include a commercial – same as I called it earlier this year – for the same reason – WHY spend all that money when they don’t need to and instead can save the trailer releases to highlight their own TV shows?

        what they MIGHT include for a Super Bowl commercial – is a NETFLIX commercial for Daredevil
        or again they’ll premiere a new commercial for Daredevil on Jimmy Kimmel soon AFTER the Superbowl

  14. why not just release it? Its going to be online soon if it isn’t already…the teaser for mocking jay trailer is already pretty easy to find.

    • Where can I find it?

  15. What if during the climax, Thanos crash lands onto the battlefield and defeats Ultron!

    What villain could they possibly face in Avengers 3 that would cause Thanos and The Avengers team up?

    • uh what ??? why would you think the Avengers and Thanos would team up ???

      more than likely what COULD happen (and may be I’ll be wrong) – is that Avengers 3 will either be:
      the Masters of Evil – with Thanos as their puppet master with or without their knowledge
      including may be the return of the Red Skull who was actually transported somewhere at the end of Cap 1 and eventually found by Thanos and then indirectly or may be directly guided/ controlled to do his bidding

      • I’m not totally serious bro. It’s just because Downey Jr, when asked how do you battle Ultron he replied, “we have a Thanos”…like “we have a Hulk.” Sooo yea.
        And it’s not incredibly far fetched, Thanos has teamed up with the good guys before.

  16. Josh Brolin showed up on stage with inf. gauntlet? my goodness, too much nerdgasm.

  17. Look at Josh Brolin? He is so into it, it’s almost hilarious. Nice!!

  18. Wow. Some people on here really like to pat themselves on the back
    Also, apparently its cool to say that you already saw this days ago.

  19. Final scene of the movie is Scarlet Witch letting go of Tony Stark’s arm and saying , “And that is what will happen if you build Ultron.”

    • And then in the post-credits scene, we just see Joss Whedon and Kevin Fiege laughing their butts off saying, ‘Your faces! LOL!’

  20. Cinema Blend has a more detailed account of the Comic Con AofU trailer. For the dead bodies, it was HUNDREDS of people laying dead at Tony’s feet along with the maybe dead Avengers. My money says Cap and Thor will pull through; they have sequels and they’re a lock for Avengers 3. Hawkeye, Black Widow and the Hulk, not so much. Even the Twins are not a guarantee. Tony will DEFINITELY be taking the fall for this tragedy.

    • if it’s HUNDREDS of bodies at Tony’s feet then it’s most definitely a dream sequence. they’re not gonna get genocidal just yet; that’s Thanos’ thing.

      • Whedon may surprise everyone. He did say there’s going to be “death, death and death”. The Scarlet Witch may be messing with their minds, but I think one of her powers is seeing the future. I know a lot of Tony Stark fans don’t want to be held responsible for anything deadly (especially for a long period of time), but that might be the change Whedon may go for.

      • Not to mention that Cap’s shield cannot be broken or at least it is not supposed to be broken. It is not just the physical properties of the shield that prevent it from happening, it is also symbolically linked to Cap’s unbreakable spirit. To break the shield is to break Cap…which has never been done.

        Although I can see Marvel ignoring both as it would be easier to explain and easier to “understand”. Cap’s shield is a unique item in the universe as it was made by accident using vibranium and proto-adamantium….with potentially other unknown elements as it has never been duplicated.

  21. I seriously cant believe that the footage has not leaked yet, even a dodgey video from a subpar phone camera, nothing. It’s insane. I’m dying to see it!

    I suspect, given that Captain America 1 was the last film before Avengers and they gave a trailer for Avengers after the credits, they will do a similar thing and release this footage (or something/part of it) after the credits of the theatrical cut of GoTG (reportedly no after credits scenes in the premiere showings) being the final film before Age of Ultron. At least I hope so

    • I think they’re saving that footage as a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy.

      • Nope. James Gunn said on his Twitter that that wouldn’t be the case.

  22. The shield is broken? Hmmm…merits a trip to Wakanda…

    • That’s what i was thinking! If that isn’t a dream sequence then I can see T’challa showing up in Cap 3 to help fix his shield and then getting his solo film

  23. 2 years in a row batman owned comic con

  24. No…Batman did not own comic con…Superman did.

  25. Regarding Hulk been killed off /unconsious in the scene where Strak stands over them he can’t be killed unless it’s banner himself peoole forget that but looking forward to this one :-)

    • I agree Hulk cannot be killed (unless he was sent out of the earth’s atmosphere) It will be interesting to see how gets on in the movie when all of the robots attack him the more pissed off he gets the stronger he becomes maybe banner can’t control him and he just has enough of the ultron’s and goes on a huge rampage

  26. what if Ultron hacks into starks ironman suit and uses it to kill/knock out the bodies?(idk who stark was standing over) haven’t seen the teaser trailer or anything but just a opinion…

  27. if batman wears the armor zod wore in man of steel he can beat up superman, iron man and ultron. just saying

  28. am i the only one that is worried that the general audience is going to be confused about quicksilver and scarlet witch? also, why did they boo on the mutants? Geez, marvel fans don’t even like their own property.

    • but other than that. i want more of this s*** please!

    • Because mutant belongs to another studio. At this point Marvel fans seem to be divided into three groups. I’m not fond of the division that is building between Marvel properties. Something similar happened during the AOS panel too.

    • How exactly general audience is going to be confused? Most of them watch movies without knowing characters to begin with. And fans know that QS from DOFP and Avengers are different ones unless there are some extremely stupid which is doubtful.

      And yes Marvel fanatics(not fans) that boo on Ashley because of that just shows their level of intelligence, those ******* don’t deserve what movie people gave them and will give.

    • They didn’t boo her for saying mutants, they booed (jokingly) because she DIDN’T say mutants. She started to say mutants and then elongated it and changed mid way through to “mutated people” to which the crowd booed, again in a joking sense.

      Watch the video it is quite clearly in jest

  29. I agree Hulk cannot be killed (unless he was sent out of the earth’s atmosphere) It will be interesting to see how gets on in the movie when all of the robots attack him the more pissed off he gets the stronger he becomes maybe banner can’t control him and he just has enough of the ultron’s and goes on a huge rampage