The Last Airbender Updates

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the last airbender header The Last Airbender Updates

Frank Marshall, producer for M.Night Shyamalan’s adaptation of The Last Airbender, has given some updates on the status of the project via his Twitter account.

On Twitter, Marshall said the following on Sunday:

“For those of you wondering about LAST AIRBENDER, all is well in post and we r working on a trailer for Xmas…”

When exactly in December and what movie it’ll be attached to, we don’t yet know. However, if they keep to that timing, both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar are opening on Christmas day and a week before, respectively.

Both of those films will be major holiday blockbusters and both would fit well for the target audience for The Last Airbender. My guess goes to James Cameron’s Avatar, which conveniently shares the name which M.Night and crew chose to drop from their film’s title, as to avoid confusion with Cameron’s little project.

I can’t wait to see more from this movie. I loved the cartoon series (that’s Avatar: The Last Airbender) and I have hopes that this will turn around Shyamalan’s career and break the trend of his last few disappointing films. It’s important that we finally see him take on something that’s not his own original work and I’m excited by his claims that he’ll be following the source material closely.

Marshall also tweeted recently that post-production is being done in Philadelphia, M.Night’s home town, where they also filmed the movie in the largest set ever built on the east coast.

What did you think of the teaser trailer and is this a film franchise you’re looking forward to?

The Last Airbender opens July 2, 2010.

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  1. I am looking forward to this with great anticipation. I watched the entire animated series with my son. We loved it. I think its probably the best series of it’s kind I’ve ever seen, and I’m not big on cartoons. But the story was so good, the adventure exciting, and the character were so humorous and likeable. I think this will be a great movie and I hope they tell the whole story eventually.

  2. please make a avatar season 4!!! I love avatar and i would hate it if the season stoped. Thankyou creator of avatar. PLZ make a new season. PLZ dont let your fans down man. You gotta make a new season!!! Everyone loves this show and people will be sad if it just stopped. In fact i am even sad. PLZ make a new season just think about much people will be happy. THink about it. PLZ

  3. As much as almost any Avatar fan would love for them to make Book 4: Air, it won’t & to some degree shouldn’t happen. The only way to make a book 4 feasable would be to do it as more of a prequal to the entire series. Being that the Air Nomads were destroyed there is no point in doing another “season” of the show. Avatar was truly an inspiring saga and I’m glad the creators are keeping it that way. There have been talks about a couple short animated films to tie up a couple loose ends regarding Zuko’s mother, but other than that don’t hold your breathe.
    On the topic at hand I sincerely hope MNS doesn’t ruin this with one of his “twists.” The entire series will make great live action movies…as long as it’s not compeltely transformed into something else. The whole lvoe of this show was based on the stories within the stories and the characters themselves…I’m all for new creative direction, but hopefuly they don’t take the whole feel and vibe of the show away. Can’t wait for this to come out though!

  4. Thanks for the update finally! I didn’t know the release date had been changed from July to before Christmas. Last I heard from other sources it was coming out in July near Eclipse.

  5. oops misread it.

  6. By the way (sorry for the multiple posts) I think James Cameron should have changed the name of his ‘original’ film seeing as Aang is the Avatar.

  7. Well I am not a fan of this series,
    But it looks intruiging as a film.
    Count me IN!

  8. Shyamalan=Predictable. No interest in this film, or any other future Shyamalan film, either.

  9. It’s disgusting how The Last Airbender discriminated against Asian American actors.

    …Especially given the late actor Mako (who played Uncle Iroh in the animated series) spent his entire career fighting against casting discrimination and creating more opportunities for Asian Americans in Hollywood. After all of his work speaking out against stuff like this, it still happens–and to add insult to injury, it’s happening to Avatar, part of his legacy!

    For more information, visit

  10. jedifreac-I went to the website and it is clearly confused about the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you look at the characters of Saka and Karara you will notice that the only thing Asian about them could be their names. If the creators of the series were so upset by the casting then perhaps they should have made the members of the water tribe, Katara and Saka characters Asian. They clearly are not. Jackson Rathbone is Saka.

    But please think about this: A world without considering the race of a person means not considering their race at all, including not pointing out what they are not.

  11. Realistically if you look at all 4 nations the water tribe has more of a native american/eskimo feel, the fire nation has an imperialistic chinese feel to them, the earth nation almost has a south pacific inlfuence/but still asian feel to them and the air nomads (being that they weren’t really a big part of the series) had the obvious monk feel to them which spans across all races…the fact that MNS didn’t follow the feel of the show is dissapointing, but hopefully the film will be good and hold true to Avatar.

  12. i dont have a good feeling bout this.

  13. Why does it need to stop? Because it annoys you? Sorry, but Hollywood has gotten a free pass for quite a long time now with their discriminatory practices.

    BTW, no one is stating that Sokka and Katara are Asian, their real life counterparts are Inuits. And really, pale as snow Rathbone and Peltz are Sokka and Katara? Next someone is gonna tell me ‘It’s only a tan!’ when considering their skin color.

    And the original creators can’t pick a side. They’re in a contract that prevents them from stating any criticisms towards the film (praises are ok though). Although their hasn;t been a statement of praise from Mike or Bryan since the conceptualizing stage when Shyamalan stated he would ‘stay true to the spirit of the original’. Haha.

  14. I’m so tired of the complaints about the race/ethnicities of the cast members. All of the “Why aren’t the characters Asian?!” needs to stop. I really wish one of the originators would address it.

  15. It should stop because this a story for children. One that shouldn’t involve the political unpleasantness of race. There is no need to make race a factor in the live action film of “Avatar” if it was never one in the first place. “Avatar” is a fictional story. “Real life counterparts” are easily negligible.

  16. If the casting was wrong then m night would have said something but obviously he didn’t so therefore that means there’s nothing wrong with the casting. None of the characters look Asian. None of you have the power to change it so everyone shut up about it!

  17. Its not even Asian, the idea of the avatar was derived from India, get your facts straight

  18. Thank you Hunter.

  19. I don’t know why all the racist fuss about this film. Get over it. The races in film are MADE UP, there’s no Asia in Avatar’s world, so there are no Asians. Stop it already, get over it, it doesn’t matter anyway. My biggest concern about the movie is that the guy who plays Uncle Iroh isn’t fat :)


  21. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at ignorance.
    Yeah, the word Avatar comes from India, but I guess everything else that was in the show wasn’t Asian right? I don’t know if you’re just blind or purposefully ignorant but I guess you’re entitled to that. It is the internet.

    And seriously, if the best argument you can make is “Shut Up!”…*snicker*.

  22. The 4 nations in Avatar are inspired soley from Asian culture, Water Tribe from the Eskimo/ Inuit people, The Fire Nation on the Japanese, the Earth Kingdom appears to be China, and the Air Nomads upon the Buddhist or Shaolin Monks. Shouldn’t a world inspired by Asians have an Asian cast to represent it in a life action film, reguardless of weather it’s fictional or not? The architecture and religion are Asian, and the writing on posters in the series is Asian. Why should we expect the characters “look” Asian based upon a ignorant, westernized idea of what “asian” looks like?

  23. @almasy919
    Hillarious mate :D

    @Avatar Riku
    I totally agree if they are doing a movie that is kinda based on asians (not being racist) then they should have an asian cast or people that actually look asian. Not like the failure that dragonball z was where they had some white boy play goku [ HATED THAT! >:( ] hopefully they realise the mistakes of others and do the right thing.

    Anywho I can’t wait for the movie looks mean lol

  24. I no the nations are based on Asian culture, I would like to see at least one Asian actor star in number 2 but u guys think u have the power to change m nights or someone elses minds which you don’t. Just deal with cast and wait for #2. I think m night knows what he’s doing

  25. and the earth nation is apparently going to be mostly Asians and other cultures so most likely toph will be Asian. But I will agree they should have had the water tribe (and katara and sokka) Inuit or at least the same race all together.

  26. how is shut up an argument and I’m just speaking out cuz I’m really annoyed by everyone whining because there are no Asians in the movie. I’m not being racist but look what happened to dragonball, we don’t want this to end up like that. So just sit back and wait for the movie to come out before judging it.

  27. lol you guys are funny, all of this over a movie that has already been made, i think that if you feel so deeply about the whole race thing then you should make your own avatar movie and be content with that, and if you dont want to do that then just watch this one and just relax. lol ignorance is a pity and for you to be getting affended about someone not puttin an all asian or predominately asian cast in their movie is a pity…

    i think that the movie will b good, especially if they get toff right…

    o yea, and hunter really good argument, wit the shut up about it thing… lol nice come back :p

  28. o yea, and way to bring it back at the end hunter, i 100% agree wit that, i dont think anyone wants this to turn out like the dbz movie.. lol

  29. This movie could be amazing… let’s hope it is, because IF it is, most of these issues with casting go away I think.

    I have high hopes for this, will M.Night let me down?